Samantha's Suprise

Samantha’s Surprise
By BubbleGum

Chapter 1

Samantha Devoe was your average teenager. At the age of 15, she loved soccer, chatting it up on many social networking sites, and she also loved hanging out with friends. Just finishing her first year of high school, the 4"9 jaw dropper with long brown hair, Green eyes, and a noticeable smile, was a straight A student. But deep down, her interests stemmed deeper than just boys and going to the mall. When she was not hanging with friends, and not knee deep in homework. She could be found on the internet looking at pictures of girls she wished she could be. Girls who shared the same interest in her, That of wearing diapers and acting like a baby.

Samantha always had the temptation to try on diapers, and carry out her activities of baby fun. She would buy soothers, and bottles. She even confided in friends, who supported her from the get go. Some of them even agreed that it would be fun to be a baby for a while, to see what it was like.

Samantha’s “sweet sixteen” was fast approaching, and she began thinking about themes for her birthday party. Little did she know, her mother had plans of her own. Danielle worked hard to care for Samantha, the single mother of one worked as a graphic designer for a popular advertising firm. Danielle had seen changes in Samantha’s attitude. She had began being more secretive with her, and she began looking into this further. She went onto Samantha’s computer and found that she had been looking at stories and pictures of girls who liked to be treated as if they were an infant, a baby, someone who needed to be cared for. She wanted to know what it was like to wear diapers, and use them like a baby would. She wanted to know what it was like to sleep in a crib, bounce in a jolly jumper, and even interact with babies. Danielle was an open-minded person, so it didn’t take her long to come up with a plan to ease her daughter, Samantha into the role of a baby.

“Sammie, would you come in here a sec, Baby” Danielle called to Samantha from her bedroom, who was in her own room at the time. As Samantha walked into the room, she saw her mother look at her with the most loving eyes, that only a mother would be able to deliver to her only daughter. “Yeah mom, Did you need anything?” Samantha said, with a smile. She noticed there were shopping bags, upon shopping bags laying on her mothers floor. She was beginning to wonder what her mother was up to, seeing as her birthday was in three weeks. “Samantha, there is something we need to talk about, its about your birthday.” Danielle began. “I’ve been noticing a big change in you, honey. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind right now, but I would like to think that you could come to me, about anything at all” Samantha was beginning to wonder if her mother knew about her secret. She was becoming uncomfortable, fidgeting with her hands in her pockets.

“Sam, your birthday is coming up soon. And I was trying to think of a theme for your party, so we could have your friends over to celebrate. I did come up with an Idea, and It would only happen if you want it to” Danielle paused so she could observe a reaction from her daughter who was awestruck by this point. “My proposal is to have a Baby Party, Sam. Now, I know this might come to a shock to you baby, but I am okay with you wanting to explore this opportunity. I know you’ve been feeling this way for a while. Sammie, I want to help you with this process, and I want you to be comfortable with this. I have ordered some supplies and furniture that might be of interest to your party.” with that, Danielle emptied the contents of the bags, onto the bed. To Samantha’s amazement, she saw at least four packages of Abena Abri-Form X diapers on the bed. There were soothers, bottles, inflatable teething rings…Everything a baby would want and need, it was on that bed. Samantha finally mustered enough courage to speak to her mother. “Mommy, how did you know. Why would you do this for me, I’ve not been the best daughter lately”. Her mother just smiled, and took her daughter by the hand and brought her around to the side of the bed by the supplies… She reached down and picked up a changing pad and laid it on the bed. Samantha had a nervous, yet excited look on her face. She was about to be put in diapers for the first time since she was a real baby. Danielle proceeded to remove her daughters track pants. She took extra time to take her daughters panties off, as this would be a new experience for both. This would be the first time Danielle had diapered her daughter since she was two or three. She then proceeded to take a diaper out of the package and unfold it. Danielle placed the diaper under Samantha’s waiting bum. Once the diaper was placed under her daughters’ rear, she proceeded to place baby powder on her daughters groin, rubbing it into her sensitive area’s. Samantha seemed to enjoy the treatment as her mother taped the diaper up and patted her diapers diaper between her legs. “Now sweetie, I want you to be happy about this. If you have to use the bathroom, go in your diaper, If you feel you can’t go, then I bought something to help make you wet for the first little bit.” Samantha felt like she was on cloud nine. She loved being in a diaper, and she was going to love being a baby for the time being. “Samantha, I have pulled you out of school for the last two weeks of school, so you can get used to your summer as a baby…” Danielle Explained.

“I have also reached out to your friends, who know about you liking to be babied, and we are gonna have a baby party for your birthday. Your friend’s will be babied for the night while at your party. We will set up two inflatable pools in the backyard for you to play in. We also have the trampoline. But I also bought stuff like a crib and a playpen for you. And I thought it would be fun to get a jolly jumper for you too, seeing as you wanted to know what it would be like to bounce in one. Baby, I want you to be happy, and if that means becoming my baby girl for the summer, I am more than happy to let you explore your feelings.”

Samantha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was going to get the chance to experience life as a baby for the summer, and she was even getting more excited for her birthday coming up. This was going to be the best one yet. She was interested to see how her friends would react to the treatment they would receive during the night of the party. “Now Samantha, I know this is new for you, as It is for myself. So I just want you to know that I will do what I can to make this experience the best for you. I also bought you this, honey. It will help make diaper changes a lot easier on you and I” Danielle then pulled a onesie out of the bag. It was a large onesie with a playful pink colour on it. Samantha was excited to be able to wear the onesie, as it would make her feel more babyish. Her mother told her that she should probably get some sleep. “Baby, I want you to drink this bottle while you’re laying in bed. I put something in there to help make you pee and poop, so Im sure by the time you wake up, your diaper will be wet and messy. But don’t worry, Ill take care of my baby.” Danielle explained. She also told samantha that she was going to go set up the spare room and make it into the nursery for her. Complete with the crib, rocking chair, changing table and toys. The Jolly jumper and the playpen will be put in the living room, and the high chair will go in the kitchen.

Samantha Began drinking the bottle. Settling in to her new role as the baby of the house. She sucked the baby bottle dry and began to drift off to sleep. Danielle just smiled, put a soother in her daughters mouth and Patted the crotch of her diaper. She was happy to have her baby girl back.

Samantha had slept for a good four hours, and by the time she awoke, it was about 7:00 in the evening. She noticed her soother was still in her mouth, and decided to keep it in, while she got up to find her mother. She began to get out of bed, and felt a feeling that no baby would be able to ignore. The feeling of a full diaper. She tried to get up, but lost her balance. She ended out landing on her bed, bouncing her diaper against the sheets about two times, before she settled. She was liking the feeling of the wet and messy diaper, but wanted to be changed. She crinkled her way to find her mother who was in the kitchen, fixing supper for the two of them.

“Oh, Sammie. You’re awake! How did my baby girl sleep?” Danielle asked with understanding ears. “Mommy, I had a great sleep. And whatever you put in the bottle worked. I have a full diaper mommy!” she said, as she looked into the living room where her Playpen was set up by the tv, and the Jolly Jumper hanging in the doorway of the living room leading to the entrance to their house. “I know you must be hungry, So I made us some Hamburger helper.” Danielle knew that Samantha would probably prefer not to have baby food, so she decided on keeping with regular food for the time being. “Once you finish supper, I will change your diaper, and put you in your playpen to rest”. Suppertime was pretty much uneventful, except for a few “mmm, this is good.” and a few shifts in position for Samantha, who was still trying to get used to her diaper(Which was getting quite itchy by this point).

Once dinner was over, Danielle took her daughter into her new nursery and lifted her daughter onto the changing table and produced a new diaper from under the table. “So Honey, are you really liking this? Do you enjoy the baby treatment?” Samantha just nodded and smiled as Danielle continued cleaning her daughters diaper area off, taking extra care to put baby powder onto the sensitive areas to avoid diaper rash. Once the diaper was taped into place, and the onesie was again put on Samantha and snapped at the crotch, Samantha was Carried into the living room and placed in the playpen. She was again given a bottle, but without any special dose of anything to make her wet or mess. Again, in less than five minutes, The bottle was empty, and Samantha was soon fast asleep. Probably dreaming about her birthday to come.

So this is really my second attempt at a story. I will try and continue the Kathleen story. But I really wanted to try with this first. As always, You guys are great and I hope you will provide me with constructive criticism to make this a better story.



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Samantha’s Suprise
Chater 2
By BubbleGum

It was about 3:00 in the morning, until Samantha awoke. This time, she realized she had been taken from her playpen, and placed in her new crib. She had woken up with the need to poop. Knowing that she was to try and use her diaper for its intended purpose, she popped her soother in her mouth and got down on all fours and began to push. It took a moment for anything to happen. But soon, Samantha found herself pooping in her diaper. Pushing so hard, that it even made her pee. Once she was finished, she had down on her bum to examine how it felt to sit in a messy diaper, once again.

Samantha decided it was way to early to bug her mother, so she drifted off to sleep in her messy diaper. She had a dream that it was her birthday. She had invited her friends over for her party, and instead of having an awesome party, it turned sour. Her friends all pointed and laughed when she pooped her diaper. Poked fun at her for wanting to have her soother and bottle, And even tried kicking her while she was strapped into her jolly jumper and kicking her, while she was bouncing. She woke up screaming and crying. It was around 7 a.m.

Danielle heard the wailing cries of her daughter and rushed into the nursery and looked down at her upset daughter laying in the crib, sucking her soother. “Sammie, Baby. What’s wrong. Is my baby hungry?” Samantha just shook her head no. “Are you bothered by your messy diaper?” again, Samantha shook her head no. Still crying, she tried to tell her mom in the best baby voice she could. “b.b.bad dweam Mommy” Danielle was finally realizing that Samantha was getting into the role as baby, and needed to be consoled. “Samantha, It’s alright Mommy is here now. You will not get hurt baby, It was only a dream.” Danielle began lifting her daugter out of the crib and placed her daughter on the changing table to remove her diaper. Being extra careful to place her hand under her daughters bum, so Sam could feel her mess being pressed against her mommy’s hand. Instead of placing a new diaper under her daughters butt, she proceeded to walk her daughter into the bathroom, so she could bathe samantha.

“Now honey, let mommy do all the work. Mommy will make sure baby is all clean for the day. Don’t worry about a thing. And after your bath, we will go have some bacon and eggs… Does that sound good, Baby Girl?” Samantha always loved Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, “Yeth Mama, I wuv eggs and bacon!” Danielle washed Samantha from head to foot, making sure to wash her daughters sensative area’s to make sure there is no infection. She was just about to wash Samantha’s hair, when the doorbell rang. “Now who can that be. Especially at 8:00 in the morning. Sammie, Mommy will be right back. I am going to see who is at the door, Okay baby?”

Danielle proceeded to walk out of the bathroom, and down the hall to answer the front door. When she opened the door, she recognized the face of Samantha’s friend, Abby. “Good morning, Abby dear. I am just in the middle of bathing my baby.” Abby looked kind of eager to see her friend, and asked politely, if she could come help. “Sure Abby, you can come help me wash sammie’s hair.” With that, both walked back into the house, with Danielle closing the door behind her. They walked into the bathroom, just in time to see Samantha splashing bubbles everywhere. As soon as Abby saw Samantha, her heart melted. Seeing Samantha as she was now, was the most cutest thing she has ever saw. She knew her friend really wanted this, and was going to be there for her friend, no matter if she was a baby or not.

“Abby! I mithed you thow muth!” Samantha managed to muffle through her soother. Abby smiled, “Sammie, I didn’t know if you were coming back to school. or if you were staying home. So I wanted to come see my best friend. How do you like bein’ a baby? You look like you’re having a fun time.” Samantha smiled, “Ab, I am having an amazing time. My mommy has made this feel so special. She even bought me a whole bunch of stuff for my birfday party! She bought me two pools, A pwaypen and a jowwy jumpa!!” Abby was happy that her friend was enjoying her time, and she was looking forward to Samantha’s party, so she could experience what it is like to be a baby as well. “Sammie, the reason I came over here, is to tell you I feel the same way as you.” Samantha looked shocked. “I heard how interested you were about this, and the feelings you had about wanting to be a baby. And I think i wanna be a baby too! I even snuck some Attends diapers home without mom seeing.” with that, Abby pulled down the wasteband of her pants to expose her diaper to Danielle and Samantha. “Don’t tell anyone about this Sammie. Well, I guess they will find out at your party soon enough.”

Abby began putting shampoo in Samantha’s hair, and making sure to get every inch of her best friends hair. “Sammie, I’m glad you are enjoying this! I wish I had a mommy who was so supportive as yours.” Danielle Just blushed, and replied “Well, Abby. How about you and Samantha have a sleep over this weekend. You can come here tomorrow night, seeing as it will be friday, and stay until monday morning. You can be Sammie’s baby sister. How does that sound?” Samantha Spoke up, “Yeah, Abby! wanna be a baby wif me for da weekend? It would be fun!”

Abby Agreed and said she would tell her mother she was sleeping over for the weekend. With that, Abby took a cup of water and carefully rinsed samantha’s hair. Making sure she didnt get any water in her mouth, which was currently being worked by the soother in her mouth. By this point it was almost 9, and Abby had to be in school by 10 for her first class. All three said their goodbye’s, and Danielle got Samantha ready for the day.

Samantha was taken back to the nursery and put in a fresh diaper, and a new one piece outfit, and taken into the living room while Danielle made breakfast. Samantha was placed in the jolly jumper and left to bounce around. Samantha lost her balance at first, and began bouncing uncontrollably in the bouncer. She was able to get her feet under control and began bouncing more rhythmically. She was having fun, while watching Arthur on the television in front of her. While she was bouncing, she felt the need to pee. She began peeing in her diaper, not even bothering to slow down her bounce. If anything, the bouncing was helping make peeing easier. She emptied her bladder into the diaper and worried that the diaper might leak. She stopped bouncing and stood up to check her diaper. To Samantha’s surprise, the diaper was nowhere’s near leakage. She continued bouncing for another 20 minutes, and then Danielle came to get her for breakfast.

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Then why should I be interested in reading about her?

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Good point. Still the author belays the fact that Samantha is an average teenager when she writes the story. The story is legible and readable and there are no major spelling or grammar issues. The story is missing something and it really does not grab me the way a story should. Still it is better than a lot of first stories and it should be encouraged to be continued.

Just know that average is never interesting, but average does not where diapers. No one in a story worth reading is average.

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Crap point. Just think how many amazing stories begin with average people. In fact, it’s often what makes them great. If The Hobbit had begun with Bilbo being an extraordinary hobbit capable of unbelievable things who would change the world the story wouldn’t have half the power, would it?

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Bilbo was not the average hobbit. The average hobbit never left the Shire. Bilbo was an extraordinary hobbit in that regard.

The average teenager doesn’t have diaper fantasies.

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While normal does tend to equal boring much of the time, there is nothing wrong with a character being normal. There is a problem when authors use “normal” or “average” in lieu of further characterization and character development.

Also, in this case, this character is clearly NOT “average.” Her grades and appearance are above average, her height is below average. These are potential points of interest: does she feel additional pressure because of her looks and grades, do her peers resent her or embrace her because of it, etc.?

Please, people, do not be in such a rush to get to the diaper content that you neglect the other elements of the story. Otherwise, we’re not going to care about these character or what they are going through.

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I have yet to read this story (I might at some point but I just haven’t gotten around to it), I do have to point out one thing.

While I believe that average is a very bland term that really needs fleshing out as opposed to simply stated and dismissed (from the criticism of others I’m guessing that it actually was fleshed out), negating the value of two entire chapters of a story due to a single sentence is both idiotic and offensive.

That would be like if I just scoffed at the beginning of “A tale of two cities” because the phrase “it was the best of times; it was the worst of times” is too ambiguous and generic to thrill me.

However, more on the point of “average.” Normal and average are two terms that really can’t define anything due to their sociological nature to change so very rapidly. The average family fifty years ago was a housewife, working father, football playing son, and the pretty-girl daughter. Didn’t take long for that to change. It also used to be normal to discipline a person by spanking them, it used to be normal for people of about the age of 14-15 to smoke and believe it’s healthy for you, and it used to be abnormal to be black or gay. Point is, don’t use “Average” or “Normal” when describing a human being, it sounds like it says everything about her character but in truth it says nothing.

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I’ve defiantly read worse. Huh I can’t talk about writing style considering I don’t write but good job for just starting out. Thanks for adding the playpen man I’m a sucker for playpens. Make sure you have some kind of outline to know where you want to take the story.

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I get it. It is a good start for a first story and I remember being new as well. I did read the two chapters of story though and it was missing something, but I could not place what that was. There was no conflict. There really doesn’t need to be an antagonist for their to be conflict, but somehow the character needs to grow.

Without conflict the plot is merely a sequence of events and it is easy to get board. Next time think about conflict. Is there another character that has different goals? If not, does the experience change the main character? Show me something like that.

I am not trying pick on anyone and I really hope that I did not put you off wanting to write.

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Bilbo was a very average hobbit who thanks to remarkable circumstances then went on to do incredible things. It would be unremarkable had he not been unremarkable to begin with.

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Honestly… i really loved the story and want to know the rest o.o

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Mad necro skillz yo

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A great story thanks

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Hi folks its me BubbleGum . I had a total of ten chapters written but moved and lost them. im rewriting the story. more to come soon

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This Is honestly the first time I’ve seen an author respond to a hard necro with intent to write more, well played OP.

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I have to ask, was there any particular reason you made a new account in 2011 instead of using your original account?

EDIT: And literally moments after posting I put 2+2 together and get 88…

You were one of the victims of the jackass who was going around stalking members and sending them PMs contains a bunch of personal info obtained from other sites including Facebook. Did not realize it had been that long ago…

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I really hope this story gets finished eventually. It’s pretty good so far :smiley:
Keep up the good work

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Decent story but missing pizzaz…Something to surprise the reader…maybe it will come later :slight_smile: