Sam’s Return Part 1-2

Sam’s Return

Part 1

Little Jamie Peacock was having the best party ever. His mummy and daddy had laid on the very best in snacks ‘n’ food ‘n’ sweets ‘n’ sodas and… well everything a party for six year-olds needs.

He had all his 1st and 2nd grade chums from school, about twenty of them in total, playing the best games, having the best music and great entertainment, all hosted in the Peacock’s huge back garden.

Jamie’s mummy, Samantha, and his daddy, George, loved their little boy and because he was doing so well at school, and becoming a ‘big boy’, they wanted to make this event, his sixth birthday celebration, one he’d always remember.

The range of noisy kids seemed to be having a fantastic time. Lots of laughter and screaming, food and prizes (it had been arranged by the Peacocks that everyone would win a prize), so no one would be going home empty-handed. There was enough going on to keep any kid happy.

Samantha and George couldn’t keep up with all the comings and goings as new kids arrived and some were picked up by their parents. It wasn’t that late but some parents get worried if their child is still hyper and excitable after 5pm, they see it as the indication of a hectic and troubled night ahead for themselves. They want to see their little darlings all calm and settled well before bedtime.

Anyway, the kids were all dressed up and both boys and girls looked wonderful in their party outfits. Of course, being in their Summery best didn’t stop any of them charging about or sliding around on the lush lawns. The Peacock’s back garden was made for children to have fun and it was good to see their son had so many friends to enjoy it with. The magician had the kids spellbound as he produced a fantastic selection of animals from seemingly nowhere. Meanwhile, balloon man, the bouncy castle and array of fun games held others captive.

Through the crowd Mr Peacock noticed one young person was sat alone who didn’t seem to be getting involved with all the merriment. At first he could just see the head and thought it was a very sweet, shy, good-looking boy because his blond hair was cut short and very boyish. But then, as the sea of kids parted slightly he noticed the pretty pink satin party dress she was wearing. The nervy looking child glanced sideways at him before averting her eyes in a bashful manner that George thought looked really quite endearing.

She was certainly dressed for a party; her satin pink frock with the large pink bows, lacy sleeves and her sweet little pink ankle socks and matching pink patent leather shoes, showed that her parents cared for their daughter. However, her clothing wasn’t very current; in fact, her outfit looked more like a child (or baby) would wear in the 1960’s. Another point was that because of her very short hair, her sex was very confusing. She could have been a beautiful effeminate boy or a handsome little tomboy but whichever he or she was, they were definitely very pretty indeed.

She sat down on the lawn and her dress revealed a surprise to the on-looking adult. Under all the silky satin and intricate lacework she was wearing quite a bulky diaper and plastic pants. The plastic was, like her dress, incredibly shiny, the slightly opaque material showing a full white fabric diaper pinned tightly in place. As far as Mr Peacock had noticed, she was the only six year-old attending the party still needing such protection.

However, Mr Peacock thought she looked adorable. There was something very charming about someone that age still in diapers, it made them still a child and not desperate to grow up. However, he wondered if her shyness was because of this juvenile piece of clothing and maybe felt a little too inhibited to join in with the rest of the kids.

He remembered his own, long journey through potty training. He’d been in diapers until her age and it had caused him a great deal of grief from his family and school friends. Thankfully, those genes hadn’t been passed on and his son Jamie who had been toilet-trained before his second birthday. Their four year-old daughter Adele though was still struggling with her potty training and although could avoid daytime accidents, she was fully protected at night.

However, he felt sorry for this timid, sweet young girl who gave the impression of being scared to do anything more than sit on her own. The other kids appeared to be ignoring her or perhaps were just more involved in having fun, whatever the reason George thought he should go over and try to get her engaged in the party.

“Uh hello,” George opened his friendly banter, “I’m Jamie’s dad… are you enjoying the party?”

The young girl wriggled uncomfortably under this adult’s gaze. George was thrilled to hear the slight rustle of her plastic pants as she did so.

“Are you in Jamie’s class?”

Again she awkwardly wriggled; she didn’t seem to notice that in doing so it revealed more of her diaper.

George smiled and shook his head knowing how being the only one in diapers felt. However, he thought he’d made some kind of connection with this awkward little girl on that level at least.

George noticed the small colourful party bag at her side, which at least meant, like all the other kids, she’d actually won a prize. The bag contained candy, a wrapped piece of Jamie’s birthday cake, a little toy, a puzzle, crayons and a book. The children would normally only collect them when they were leaving as they wouldn’t want to carry them around if they were playing.

“Ah, I see you’ve got your goody-bag are you about to go?”

A huge sigh left the little girl’s chest and her face scrunched up as if she was about to cry.

“Mummy is going to be cross,” she sniffled in a way that only a child can do.

George was immediately concerned.

“Why is that sweetheart?”

“Mummy said I had to be back before 5, and, and…” She tried to hold back the tears. “It’s nearly that now and I can’t find my friend.”

“Ohh don’t cry. Did someone bring you and now they’ve gone off without you?”

The huge tear drop that fell to the ground was all the answer George needed.

“Well sweetheart why don’t I take you home and explain to mummy just what’s happened?”

Her face seemed to have a grateful look as she picked herself up off the lawn, grabbed her bag and reached to hold George’s hand.

“I’ll just tell my wife what we’re doing and then…”

But the little girl had increased her grip and was leading Mr Peacock from the garden and out to his car in the drive.

He didn’t get chance to tell his wife, or anyone else for that matter, what he was doing as the girl climbed in and buckled herself in the rear seat.

George took the driver’s position and turned on the ignition.

“OK sweetheart where are we going?”

“Thank you mister… I live near the Shires.”

George knew the Shires were the latest big development near Snickerty Wood. There was uproar at the time of planning because some protesters thought the woods themselves would be cut down to make way for the houses. In the end their fears were unjustified. However, he briefly thought that was a long way for a young girl to have travelled but remembered she’d come with someone else.

“What’s your address honey?” Mr Peacock asked as he put the car into gear.

“Mummy and me have just moved there so, er, I don’t know the number… but… I know the way once we get there.”

“Are you sure?” He looked in the rear-view mirror so he could see his passenger’s reaction.

She could see him looking so nodded.

He looked at the digital display on the car’s clock, 16.45, he reckoned it would take him about twenty minutes to get there and hoped her mother wouldn’t be too angry with her little girl.

They pulled away and headed towards Snickerty Wood.

As he drove he engaged his young passenger in conversation.

“What’s your name?”

“Sam,” was the one word answer.

“Oh, as in Samantha? Mrs Peacock’s name is Samantha…” He trailed off but glad he’d made another connection with this little girl.

“Sam.” She insisted was her name.

“Oh, er, OK, Sam.”

Mr Peacock knew how precious some kids were about their name. Jamie hated being called James and when he was always corrected them - ‘JAMIE’ - he would insist, although his father wondered how long that would last before he demanded the more grown-up version of his name.

“Do you like your new school?”

“Hu huh.”

He could see her gazing out of the window now distracted by the buildings as they passed by.

“What’s your favourite thing to do?”

“Painting.” She responded excitedly. “I like painting flowers and my mummy has put my latest one up on the wall… she says it’s very good.”

She looked happy about that and George, happy he’d now engaged Sam, continued asking about school.

“Are you in the same class as Jamie?”

She bobbed her head from side to side as if listening to some internal music and played with the lacy frills on the hem of her satin dress.

“My painting is of my house, er, and my cat and, er, the woods and er…”

The conversation continued but George was only able to elicit one or two word answers from this shy little girl.

She seemed to run out of her enthusiasm for chatting though it didn’t matter as they were nearly at the Shires but unfortunately roadworks were delaying them slightly and it was already 5pm.

As they waited in the line of traffic Mr Peacock turned to look at his passenger belted into the rear seat. She was pulling at the hem of her dress, which revealed more of her protection. He could make out, now he was closer, her diaper was thick and fluffy, and could even see the two large pink pins that held it all together through the shiny plastic. He also noticed there was a small chain around the waistband and a silver lock at the front. It looked a little more substantial than something designed only for decoration.

He remembered as a kid, when he was having trouble wetting the bed, his parents had insisted that he wear protection and at night he’d often wriggle out of it. He thought he was a big boy at six years-old and hated having to wear a diaper. There solution was to put him in lockable protection so only they could have access and he’d have to wait until they decided when he needed a change. He hated what his young mind thought as a harsh judgment but he stayed in this plastic prison for over a year.

Sam didn’t appear to be aware she was showing off her underwear to an adult and sweetly asked what Mr Peacock’s favourite colour was.

“Blue.” He quickly answered.

“Mine’s pink.” She responded.

“Well, I can see that,” he said indicating her satin dress. “Your dress is very nice and really suits you.”

She giggled and wriggled in pleasure and embarrassment.

“Mummy makes all my clothes… she made me this one special… she says I’m her ‘Little Princess’.”

With that she dug into her goody bag and pulled out a bag of Tiny Tots candy.

Mr Peacock noticed the name on the wrapping in the rear view mirror and wondered, although it was appropriate, when his wife had added more packets of candy to the goodie-bag. He shook his head at the thought of the complaints they’d get from some parents if their child developed diabetes from too much sugar.

Meanwhile, Sam sorted out four small round blue heart-shaped pieces and offered them to Mr Peacock.

“No thanks sweetie… I’m not hung…”

He noticed that Sam’s face changed from a happy smile to a look of complete sadness. He realised that the offer was one of friendship and refusal was like refusing to be friends.

“On second thoughts Sam, they look lovely… and they’re blue… my favourite colour… yeah!”

“I’m having the pink and red ones.” She said gleefully and shovelled them into her mouth.

Mr Peacock did the same with his just as the traffic began to move again.

Once through the roadworks they were into the Shires.

“Where to now sweetie?”

George was sucking on the mouthful of candy.

“Down towards the wood.”

George knew this part of the road well. He and his wife, like a lot of young couples, would come down to the car park at the edge of the woods to make out. Happy memories floated into his mind as he started down the single track road that led there.

“Sweetie, are you sure this is the way, I think it’s just a car park down…”

He knew in less than fifty yards the lane swung to the left and they’d be in the parking lot but Sam called out to take the next right.

“But there isn’t a road to the…”

He was wrong. There on the right was a little rutted track leading off into another bit of the wood. He’d seen this dense, overgrown area before but had never noticed the track before.

“I live at the end of here.” Sam said enthusiastically. “I hope mummy won’t be too upset.”

To be continued…

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:o what another brilliant story can’t wait 4 next part and too see if Sam is a boy or girl hehehe? :angel:

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brilliant story looking forward to read read the next part

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Thanks for the encouragement. :wink:

I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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I have to say I am really liking this story so far.Sam is such cute character,can’t wait read more

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Part 2

As he pulled up outside a sweet little cottage George wondered how come he didn’t know about this place. He’d lived around here all his life but hadn’t noticed any of this before. He felt a bit weird as he got out of the car, opened the rear door and helped Sam out.

“Would you like me to speak with your mummy?”

“Oh yes please,” she screamed excitedly, her diapers and satin dress rustling as she ran to the front door.

For some reason George’s heart was racing and he was having problems getting his breath.

Sam ran back, grabbed his hand and almost dragged him into the cottage.

“Mummy, mummy, mummy… I’m home.”

There was a moments silence before a far off concerned voice called back a muffled reply; “Where have you been Samuel?”

A woman wearing rubber gloves as if she’d just been washing up entered the room.

She was early thirties, buxom, blonde and very, very pretty. George, who was already having trouble breathing, could hardly get his breath he was so captivated with her beauty.

Forgetting her earlier question she noticed the visitor and tentatively questioned Sam.

“And who is this nice gentleman?”

Before she could reply George gathered his wits together.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m George Peacock, Jamie’s father…” He reached out his hand.

Removing her wet rubber gloves Sam’s mother showed no sign of recognition.

"You know, where the birthday party… for my son… Jamie… er, "

Even though she was shaking his hand none of this was making sense at all.

“Sammmm,” she drew out the name, “have you got something to tell me?”

“Yes mummy. You said if I could find a replacement… I’d be free… I, er, I found someone…”

In a coy way she swayed from side to side, her shiny satin dress shimmering in the different changes of light. At the same time she scooted the toe of her shiny pink leather shoe coquettishly across the carpet.

Meanwhile, her shiny protection, hanging provocatively just below her hemline was only adding to the image of a beautiful bashful toddler. She looked both cute and worried.

George wasn’t taking too much notice of the exchange between mother and daughter as his stomach was suddenly racked with pain, his head throbbed and he felt as weak as a kitten. He fell to the floor holding his chest and sides, unable to decide which hurt most. It was as if he was about to explode and it didn’t help that the room itself began to whirl in the most dramatic fashion.

“So,” Sam’s mother continued, “you want to leave? I see you’ve already administered Tiny Tots”

“Yes mummy, about five minutes ago, he got the special blue ones, er, it’s his favourite colour…”

Sam wasn’t sure what her next move should be but went ahead anyway.

“It’s time… and I’ve followed your rules… I’ve brought another baby to take my place.”

“Well Sammy, I don’t know what to say. I thought you liked being mummy’s little poppet. Mummy’s special little sweetheart, I thought you liked all the pretty clothes I make for you. I…”

“Yes mummy, it’s all very nice but I want, er, I want to be, er,” her little voice softened to a nervous whisper, “grown up again.”

Her mother looked at her with resignation on her face.

“Well Samuel, I had hoped we’d be together for ever.”

Then mummy suddenly had another idea.

“What about you now having a little sister… wouldn’t that be nice?”

She said with some enthusiasm and hope.

“Someone to play with, someone you can dress up and go out together…?”

Sam started crying and filling her diaper.

“But mummy, you said if I ever found a replacement you’d let me go…”

The tears streamed down her face as she thought her mummy wasn’t going to keep to her side of the bargain.

Whilst this discussion continued George’s body began to change. He shrunk. His clothes fell from him as his body reduced through the age groups and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He was in so much pain and modification he heard himself making a noise but no coherent words could be heard.

Mummy looked down at the pile of clothes and saw the sweet naked one year-old crying at her feet unable to tell her how much he was hurting.

“OK Samuel, if you’re sure. A promise is a promise and I think we should always keep those.”

She ruffled Sam’s short blond hair.

“Let’s get your new baby sister into her crib and then we’ll get you sorted…”

She picked up the squirming baby George and carried him over to the changing table.

“I think Georgie is a lovely girl’s name… do you want to diaper her?” She added as a sort of afterthought.

Mummy looked down at her new baby; those unfocused big eyes looking wide and terrified, a thumb already between his lips, and little chubby legs thrusting the air as if trying to get away… but all to no avail.

“Look at her little pee-pee… such a shame… oh well, we’ll keep that hidden away from now on so she won’t have to worry about it anymore.”

She cleaned Georgie up, covered her in powder and slipped the pouting and confused infant into a thick fluffy white diaper. She pinned her firmly in place and easily held her as she tried to wriggle free.

“Now now Georgie.” Mummy said in mock reproach as she held her baby up to inspect the diaper was properly in place. “We’ll have none of that… be a good little girl like Samuel’s been… and we’ll have a wonderful time together.”

George’s mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening as Sam helpfully slid a pair of plastic pants like the ones she was wearing over the newly fitted bulky diaper.

Mummy pulled a pink onesie over the baby’s head and snapped that into place. ‘Mummy’s Little Princess’ it said in sparkly letters across the front but George (now to be forever called Georgie) couldn’t understand and, as she was lifted up, her head waggled uncontrollably from side to side. She tried to speak again but all that came out were spit bubbles and murmurs.

“OK, I’ll just put her down in the crib for now and then I’ll attend to you.”

Sam had cheered up immensely now she knew freedom wasn’t far away.

Mummy was keeping her promise and Sam couldn’t wait to be grown up again - it had been many, many years since she was… well… she only had a brief notion of who she was or how old she might have been before she became part of mummy’s life.

She couldn’t quite remember how it happened but every now and then she’d get a flashback to a past life and wonder what had happened. In the flashbacks she was a man - he had, well something else but Sam couldn’t remember. She didn’t remember that much about anything other than mummy. Mummy was always there. She brought her up and looked after her but a couple of years ago, Sam’s flashbacks started to get more intense.

For mummy it had started in Salem many years before; a time of terrible trouble, rumour, suspicion and fear. A time when friend turned against friend, neighbour against neighbour and husband against wife. It was a time of strange medicines, bizarre incantations, promising potions and for some, a consolidation of mysterious powers.

When some unscrupulous husbands saw this mass upheaval as an opportunity for change, many wives met an unpleasant termination at the hands of the religious courts. Some however found a way to fight back. One young wife, grieving the recent loss of her baby daughter was also terrified by her husband’s fearful temper and demand for an heir. With the infant barely cold his anger at his young wife made him threaten to condemn her to the church as the harbinger of all the town’s ills.

His drunken and sneering contempt changed when he ate a special meal his timid wife prepared.

Overnight she lost a scary husband but gained an adorable baby, one to replace the one so recently lost, but one she would always love. However, the special potion mixed into the herby stew had another, unexpected element; a constituent that the new mother came to embrace as a positive… the transformed youngster was kept from the ravages of age and never developed past the age of a six year-old… so mama was always mama.

She’d found, over the years, her powers developed and was able to do many wonderful things. However, some things were beyond her powers and she had to accept the limitations that came with those she had.

Because of mummy’s experience at the hands of her violent and abusive husband she preferred girls but was only able to change men to boy babies. Still, it didn’t matter because she always treated them in such a way that they identified with being a girl eventually anyhow.

Mummy wasn’t keen on the ‘penis’ thing. She didn’t like them and always found them annoying because it led men to think they were somehow superior and entitled because of it. However, as she had no choice in the babies she nurtured over those years, she’d found a way of simply obliterating that element… and that was… by keeping it well hidden behind thick padding. Which meant the boys, as they grew up but didn’t progress much past toddler status, had no idea they were anything other than the little girl they’d been brought up to be.

During that time men had come into her life and some had stayed… unknowingly being transformed into a sweet little ‘girl’.

It’s not like she could wave a wand and somehow magically make the man’s penis disappear now is it?

However, tragedy and circumstances caught up with her and she had to take flight and hide. There were people who knew about her powers and wanted them for themselves or at least to curtail hers. The ‘forever children’, as her family of tots became known, were all captured and taken away. She barely escaped with her life but through ingenuity and manipulation of a fragment in time closed the door on her pursuers. A new life in a new time was found and the baby she’d managed to cling to throughout it all, Samuel, went with her.

Mummy slipped a pacifier into the crying mouth of her new baby. Georgie may not have wanted it but soon found nursing on the thick rubber nipple very comforting.

"Right Sammy, last chance… are you sure you want to be grown up?

Mummy wasn’t sure. Sam was the first one of her ‘daughters’ to actually request such a return.

“Yes mummy please, please, PLEASE…” Sam pleaded.

Sam didn’t know mummy by any other name. As she grew from a baby to as she was now, it had always been mummy. Mummy was nice, mummy was kind, mummy was funny and knew loads of fun games. Mummy made her lovely clothes… mummy lavished her ‘little princess’ with nothing but love. Mummy had always looked the same. Mummy’s world was her daughter. Time didn’t matter when with mummy.

Mummy stripped her daughter out of the pretty pink satin dress, slipped off her shoes and socks, unlocked the chain (a simple device to stop anyone from changing her daughter and thus discovering the truth). It was an intensely significant moment that meant freedom for Sam and when mummy pulled down her plastic pants she shivered in anticipation. Then the thing mummy had lovingly done for so many decades, and one thing she never tired of, slowly unpinned and removed her little girl’s soaked diaper.

Mummy loved dressing up her ‘babies’. She had a vast array of clothing going back many years that she liked to use and was never happier than when making some new girlishly pretty item. She never potty trained any of her ‘girls’, she just wanted to keep them happy and dependent in their snug and childish protection. Mummy loved to watch as her diapered little tots slowly grew up. She adored when they could speak but were not in the least bit worldly and treasured each moment when they were cute but not knowingly so.

She gained a great deal of diaper satisfaction from the fact that in their reality they never got past the age of a pre-schooler and so looked to mummy for all their needs.

However, over the past couple of years Sam had proved different from the others. Her flashbacks had gotten more intense and although she was still only a little girl she asked mummy many questions. Mummy never lied to her children, mainly because they never asked anything too searching but Samuel was different. So, when she asked why she was having these ‘visions’ of a past life mummy tried to explain.

None of the explanation sounded possible but Sam asked if there was a way out of being a little girl. Mummy had explained the only way to change her life… was to bring in a new one. For over a year Sam had searched for the right person and it was only by luck and a vague connection she had when first seeing George Peacock, that she thought it might just be possible.

There was something in that moment when George noticed her shiny protection; an understanding, an association, a spark which Sam immediately picked up on even if George was completely unaware. It was as if it had all been cleverly arranged and…

“I’m going to miss my little sweetheart.” Mummy said in a loving whisper.

She leaned forward and kissed her daughter’s naked tummy. Then noticing his tiny, scrunched up, unused penis and tiny balls, kissed those to lift the final part of the spell - the last barrier to Sam’s return.

Sam wriggled under such tenderness, a tenderness he had always experienced since the very beginning but now…

Mummy cleaned him up and like Georgie moments earlier, powdered thoroughly before slipping another clean and pristine fluffy diaper into place.

Sam looked worried.

“Do I have to wear a diaper when I’m grown up?” Sam’s sad sulky lip returned.

“Only to begin with sweetheart, only while you are assimilating back… but only you will know that’s what you are wearing until the adjustment is complete.”

Sam looked a little bit relieved.

“However, when you get to your new family I will be leaving a few hints around so you won’t forget completely about us… albeit in an unknowing kind of way.” She added with a resigned smile.

“You can never return… so, once there, you are there for good.”

Sam wasn’t sure what all that meant… how could he forget mummy?

“For a few years diapers are going to be a major part of your life.” Mummy continued. “It will keep you focused on what you have to do.”

Mummy finished with a pair of plastic pants pulled up around his waist and gently eased him to his feet.

Mummy never tired of seeing her little ‘girls’ wear their protection. To her it meant sweet childishness, innocence and complete dependency, all of which, over the years, she enjoyed from her many ‘daughters’. To mummy, nothing said LOVE more than changing a diaper and replacing it with a pristine fluffy white one, a pair of protecting plastic pants and loads of loving kisses and hugs. Her little girl was going to be a man, it was a big change but the glassy protection was like her seal of… approval?

Mummy kissed Sam on both cheeks, on the forehead and softly on the lips and to his surprise he began to grow. Some kind of warming magical fluid seemed to flow through his body. He could feel his limbs expanding, firmness taking root, hair beginning to grow and strangely his genitals forcing themselves against his tight padding.

It was the first time ever he’d been aware he even had genitals.

In just a couple of minutes he was back to being the man he had been before his transformation. He hadn’t aged. He stood in the middle of the room marvelling at what he’d become. Meanwhile, Georgie saw the change from her spot in the crib but didn’t understand what had happened as she filled the first of many diapers.

Sam looked down at his male body. All he was wearing was an extremely tight-fitting piece of plastic protection.

“OK,” mummy said, “the final component… put on George’s clothes.”

Sam seemed reluctant but as mummy pointed out, if he didn’t he’d probably have to wear only his protection or the little pink dress as they had no grown up clothes for a man other than those lying on the floor.

Slowly he shuffled into George’s casual wear. It felt weird and unfamiliar and nothing like what he was used to. However, once he had everything on he looked the very part of a trendy young twentysomething go-getter.

“From now on,” mummy explained, “you are George Peacock. His wife, his kids, his business, his memories… his attitude… everything is now yours.”

Sam looked in the mirror.

“But I don’t look a bit like him.”

His mummy smiled.

“Don’t worry, that’s all part of the assimilation. To everyone who sees you, they will be seeing George Peacock. No one will know any different because their perception will be altered and because of that… you will have time to fully become George.”

Sam was confused.

“Couldn’t I just go back to where I came from originally?”

Mummy noticed the hunky young man in front of her wearing a tight fitting diaper and plastic pants looking somewhat sceptical.

“Well, let’s see. That was many years ago, in a different country and different circumstances. I’m sorry sweethea… er, Samu… er, George… but it’s safer for everyone if you return as George Peacock.”

Sam shrugged. He wasn’t sure about any of this but knew that he didn’t want to return to being a little girl wearing a diaper. He’d take what was given and, surprisingly, the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of a readymade family. His wife was very pretty and the kids were adorable so… perhaps it wasn’t going to be as bad as it could be.

Having said that he could feel the tightness of his protection hugging his groin and wanted to be on his way.

George Peacock’s thoughts were already entering his head. He’d been away for, well, he had no idea how long but no doubt his family would be worried.

Mummy kissed him on the lips twice more and opened the door for him to leave. As soon as he stepped over the threshold his only consideration was to get home as soon as possible and hope that the party hadn’t ended.

He drove down the rutted little track and out onto the single road leading away from Snickerty Wood. He suddenly wondered why he was on this route; he didn’t know anyone in this area and couldn’t understand why he’d taken a drive out to his old stomping ground. Was he going nuts or something?
Anyhow, there was no time to worry about that now as he had his son’s party to supervise.

As he pulled into his drive he looked at the car’s clock display, 16.59. He shrugged as his wife came up and asked where he had been for the last ten minutes or so.

"Oh, er, " He suddenly remembered.

“A little girl was sick and her mother wasn’t due for some time so I took her home. Sorry darling I couldn’t find you but she was pretty weepy and wanted to get home.”

“Aww, that was very sweet of you. Anyway…”

Jamie came running up to his father.

“Daddy, daddy, the magician just made a huge cockatoo disappear… right in front of my eyes… I couldn’t believe it… a cockatoo. He was fantastic…”
For some reason George found the idea of a cockatoo disappearing very funny and laughed at his son’s comic delivery, even if it wasn’t intentional.

His six year-old son was pleased he’d made his daddy laugh and was excited and thrilled about how wonderful his party had been. It continued until six when all the parents arrived to take the last of their sugar-laden, hyper-kids home.

George Peacock looked over everything. It was all his and he couldn’t wait to put the kids to bed so he and his wife could then have some private time together. His cock was nudging hard up against his diaper as he thought his first adult thoughts in… well… he couldn’t remember. His firm penis had been hidden behind a diaper and plastic pants, but now he hoped that George Peacock was a horny and active lover.

The party had eventually finished at 6.30. By eight everything was packed away and by nine the kids were in bed. By ten Samantha and George set about a celebration of their own and by seven the following morning they’d made love almost constantly.

Samantha couldn’t get over this change in her husband. He’d always been a good lover and provider, now he was considerate, passionate, full of new and surprising ideas and a positive sex machine. It was like he hadn’t had sex in ages and had been secretly developing different moves to keep her moist. She’d never had such a slippery or memorable night in any of the past eight years of their marriage… and she loved it.

Back at the cottage Georgie girl was getting her morning feed. Clutched to the bosom of her loving mummy, she sucked enthusiastically on the super-sized teat and loaded her belly on the thick, vitamin filled milk.

Behind the glassy baby stare an occasional thought glimmered. A thought burst through the haze and Georgie writhed uncomfortably and tried to object to something, though wasn’t sure what. No sooner had the thought entered his head than it left and the sweet milk slipped nourishingly down her throat. She snuggled closer to mummy who rocked and patted her sopping padded bottom whilst humming a sweet soft lullaby.

Georgie looked so sweet and innocent with mummy’s titty in her mouth. Meanwhile, she looked down on her nursing infant and promised her new baby would never have any worries whilst mummy was there to look after her. Her pink onesie and thick wet diaper was the start of the love she was going to shower on her little darling. She was going to have her little girl with her forever.

She babbled in infant talk telling her bundle of joy all the things she could expect and the clothes mummy had already made and the new items she would create for her. She couldn’t wait to see her little sweetie-pie in the pink satin onesie she’d just made for her. Mummy also promised her little cherub that she’d never grow old and always be her little diaper-clad princess.

At 7.32am in the Peacock household Jamie gave out a short cry of distress. Although both were completely exhausted mummy and daddy hurried to see what had upset their birthday boy. The smell was an immediate indication of what was wrong. For the first time since he was two Jamie had messed his bed. The poor lad was beside himself with grief that such a thing could have happened now he was six and a big boy. It was something totally unexpected but his parents weren’t angry they just tried to placate their son’s turmoil as they helped him out of his soiled PJs.

Throughout the day he and his sister repeatedly wet and messed themselves. Samantha wondered if they’d eaten something bad but a call around to the mothers of the party guests revealed no other kids suffering such effects. After the third change it was decided both should wear diapers to bed.

Jamie was resolute he wouldn’t but his father reasoned with him that if he could get through that first night without having an accident, they’d forget all about him being diapered ever again.

After a long sulky period Jamie eventually had no choice but to agree. However, the following morning both brother and sister woke up to full diapers.

George realised that somewhere at the back of his mind he’d been warned about diapers but couldn’t remember quite what it was - probably that he’d have to buy more. Thankfully, because Adele was still in diapers it was easy to put Jamie in the same ones. They may have been tight to begin with but they were certainly efficient in their job of stopping messy and sodden beds at night and fouled clothing during the day. Mr and Mrs Peacock praised the god who invented diapers and leak-proof rubber pants.

Whether either child wanted to wear them was not the point, both now needed them constantly and, George had to admit, after he and his wife had been out to purchase a whole new range of items, both kids looked cute when running around the house wearing only their protection. He also couldn’t help but feel a degree of personal pleasure that their padded little bottoms made them still look like babies and, after all, the new George had never experienced them as babies.

Even Samantha didn’t appear to mind that her children had taken this step back. She also enjoyed the chance of having her little ones back. Their padded bottoms, as her husband had pointed out, made them look so damned adorable.

Six weeks later, and on a superb summery day, a decision was made to go for a picnic in Snickerty Woods. With the kids well-padded and the diaper bag packed The Peacocks drove down the lane to the parking area. George knew that for some reason he’d been down this road recently although he wasn’t sure why. Meanwhile, his wife was gently nudging him about a ‘special’ time they’d been down it together… and that, she whispered lovingly in her husband’s ear, had resulted in James.

Samantha was glowing; she had some other news to break to the family but thought to wait until they were all settled down with their picnic. She couldn’t think of a nicer place to tell them she was pregnant than at a sun-dappled, leafy spot in the woods.

Still just before George turned left to enter the parking lot he looked to his right, not too sure what he expected to see but there was nothing just the overgrown and dense bit of woodland there had always been.

A huge body-jolting shiver ran down his back but that was soon replaced by a smile as his wife looked at him desirously and the kids, who no longer appeared to worry about being tightly encased in fluffy diapers, all joyfully scampered after him as he led their way to a favourite sunny picnic spot.

Re: Sam’s Return Part 1-2

When I first clicked on this story, I thought maybe it was a sequel of some sort but finding out that it instead was a story of witch craft and revenge made it worth the read. I know I have read stories in the past where witch craft is used to turn boys into bed wetters or worse. This story though was done in a way that I felt was very clever and got straight to the point. I do have to say that I felt bad for George as he didn’t deserve what he got, but I also couldn’t help feeling bad for Sam as well. Too bad there wasn’t a way that Sam couldn’t have helped George escape the witch in the end and make her pay for all she has done wrong. Then again, stories I guess don’t always have a happy ending and this is one of them.

Re: Sam’s Return Part 1-2

Hi Zachary10

I like to think both Sam and Georgie are enjoying their new lives. Perhaps, sometime in the future, Georgie will find a way back but with all the love mommy has to give, all the sweet things they will do together, he may be very very happy with how things stand. :smiley:

Re: Sam’s Return Part 1-2

This is a beautiful and wonderful story to read that uplift the spirit. Les Lea thank you for sharing another wonderful story