Hi, just wanted to introduce myself to the site, I’ve read the stories over the past few years and always wanted to become a contributing member of the community. I hope one day to refine my writing ability to the point where I feel I would be able to adequately contribute.

This site is absolutely amazing compared to anything to come out of either the AB/DL community or Furry community, everyone is so mature and takes intellectual viewpoints on things other than the same common drab I’ve so been accustomed to seeing on any site related to our subject area. Truely is spectacular.

Love always, Alyxandria.

Re: Salutations.

You seem nice in my opinion at least. I don’t do to well with writing or replying but I hope I will get to know you

Re: Salutations.

Well if your uncomfortable sharing any of your writing I would recommend just commentin on other peoples work.

My personal experience is that the only way I ever motivated myself was to post something. My ideas don’t make it past their infancy, apologies fir the pun, without external support.