Sally's second chance


The silence in the dim lit hospital room was only disturbed by the noise of the breathing machine. The single bed was occupied by an older female patient. Her name was Sally and she was about to lose her fight against the serious disease.

Sally was a successful scientist and her work got famous; she focused on cancer research. By the irony of fate, her own research subject caught her up. At a regular check the gynecologist revealed a small lump on her breast. According to the biopsy it was a carcinome. At first Sally was shocked but after a surgery everything seemed alright.

Two years later Sally was plagued by headaches and the MRI revealed several metastases in her brain and bones. Unfortunately it was too late for any surgery and Sally’s condition worsened rapidly. The tumors interrupted all connections between her brain and rest of her body. Now she was paralyzed and the breathing machine and numerous tubes were the only way to keep her alive.

Despite her serious condition her mind still was clear but she felt like she was dreaming and disconnected from the real world. She knew she would die soon and the dreams will be over. That thought made her worried. She desperately wanted to continue her work.

All of sudden she heard a voice in her mind:
“Sally, I know about your worries. Would you like to get a second chance?”
“Who are you?”
“It doesn’t matter. People have been giving me different names for ages but I’m able to help you if you really want to.”
“Are you … God? Sorry but I’m a scientist and I don’t believe in God.”
“It doesn’t matter if you believe or not. I ask you again; would you like to get the second chance?”
“How do I get the second chance?”
“Your mind will be exchanged against somebody else’s one.”
“No, that’s unacceptable. A family loses their beloved one and I’ll become a surrogate.”
“What if you helped the family in that way?”
“Sorry, I don’t understand you.”
“I know that’s an experiment even for me. You don’t have anything to lose and neither has the family you are worried about.”

Sally was confused. She was taken aback by the mysterious entity. She definitely didn’t believe in God but she didn’t have any explanation for the voice. However the offer was quite attractive even if she didn’t understand how she could help.

“Well, I accept your offer whoever you are. What would happen?”
“I know a family you could help and your mind would be exchanged against a family member. Do you take the risk?”
“I don’t have anything to lose; that’s still better than death.”
“Well, Sally. Maybe you reconsider your worldview. Get prepared for your second life.”
“Thanks …”

There was no reply anymore. Sally was thrilled about the upcoming events.


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Part 1:

Sally opened her eyes; it was a big surprise after being isolated in her dreams only. Anyway that wasn’t the last or the biggest surprise. She felt her body even if she realized something was wrong. The body was much smaller than an adult; she could guess she was a child about 3 or 4 years old.

Her clothing matched her size and age; she was wearing a beautiful pajama but she felt a thick package between her legs. The diaper wasn’t that surprising; many children needed diapers at night time.

She lifted her head and looked around the room. To her surprise she hardly was able to keep her head up. The next attempt revealed even more of her weak muscles. She could move her limbs but she didn’t have any strength.

The room was nice but its equipment didn’t match her age; there was a changing table on the opposite side and a stroller next to her bed. She also couldn’t see any toys for a girl her age. Instead there were plushies all around. Two plushies were sitting on the bed.

Sally’s mind was working quickly; she put two and two together. The room apparently belonged to a disabled child. The little girl wasn’t able to use her limbs. Sally relaxed and waited but she did another attempt. What about her vocal cords? She almost tried to speak when she noticed the baby monitor. Speaking wouldn’t be a good idea. She turned her head away and tried to whisper. As expected, the vocal cords were functional.

At that moment Sally realized what the mysterious entity did and why. The mind of the poor toddler moved into her wrecked body. Her mind was quite able to revive her limp body and enable her to become a healthy girl later. However Sally had to face several problems. The first one was her new identity. The mysterious entity didn’t tell her anything about her name and family. She also didn’t have any idea of her supposed condition. A disabled child probably wasn’t able to speak.

Meanwhile Sally felt the pressure in her bladder. She tried to clench the muscles but her effort was vain; the bladder muscles were as weak as all other ones and she peed in the diaper. The package between her legs got heavy and soaked.

Sally sighed only and tried to think of her options. She had to find a way to recover from her condition without shocking her family. It really was a difficult task. However her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. A middle-aged woman entered the room and she had to be Sally’s mother … oops, not Sally’s. First of all Sally had to find out her new name.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” the woman smiled at her child. To Sally’s disappointment she didn’t call her by name.

Sally didn’t know how to react. What would a disabled child do? She couldn’t speak and the only appropriate response was a wide smile at the woman. Nevertheless this reaction also was surprising:

“Did you smile? Your mom is very happy. This is your first smile.” the woman leaned down and kissed Sally’s forehead.

“Let’s get out of the nasty wet diapee,” she reached between Sally’s legs and lifted the small girl on her arms then. Sally instinctively put her tiny arms around the neck of her new mother and noticed an amazement in her eyes.

“Sweetheart, what’s going on with you? Is it a miracle?”

Sally was taken aback. The poor girl probably was more disabled than she was able to imagine. Even the slightest responses were a total surprise for her mother. She wasn’t able to guess how to react. As she was put onto the changing table, she relaxed and let her new mother change the soaked diaper and put the day clothes on her. However it also was slightly unexpected:

“I’m surprised by you sweetheart even if you probably don’t understand me. Thank God you are getting better. Your mom is thankful for every smile and she would pray for you every day. Let’s go to breakfast now.”

The new mom put Sally into the stroller and wheeled her out of the room and to the kitchen. A man, a girl about 10 and a small boy about 5 were sitting at the table already.

“Tell good morning to our little Susy. She was in a very good mood today and she even smiled at me.”

Well, the first goal has been reached. Her name was Susy. Now she needed the names of her new siblings and hoped she’d learn them soon. Susy instinctively smiled and almost opened her mouth to say good morning.

The small boy jumped off his chair and ran over to the stroller. He hugged Susy and kissed her forehead. However he stopped and stared at her. Susy also looked at him. Their eyes met and the boy felt something was wrong. Sally was able to pretend the disabled condition and avoid speaking but she wasn’t able to pretend the void look.

“Hey, Charlie, sit down and eat now. You can be with Susie later,” the mother called him back and wheeled Susy to the table next to her older sister.

“Annie, would you feed Susy?”
“Of course mom,”

Ann turned to Susy and tied a bib around her neck. Susy let her do it without any fuss and waited patiently until Ann fed her. Ann also wondered a bit about Susy’s behavior but she shrugged only and fed her sister.

After breakfast dad took Ann to school and Charlie to the kindergarten. Susy was alone with her new mother. She got curious about the schedule; the upcoming day probably was quite boring.

They stayed in the kitchen and mommy did the dishes She kept talking to Susy:

“Sweetheart, you surprised me this morning. I don’t know what happened but hopefully you get better; a bit at least. I’ll pray for you and our Lord will help us.

Your smile has to be a miracle. I don’t remember any single smile since you were born. Many times I prayed for a glimmer of emotion and today you showed me it. I don’t know what happened and I’ll ask our Lord on Sunday. Hopefully he shows me his endless mercy.

I know that you don’t understand any single word but I’m sure you feel my love and the love of the whole family.”

Susy kept listening and she desperately wanted to reveal her real condition but she couldn’t do it; the poor woman wouldn’t be able to understand what happened and her response was unpredictable. However there still was a good chance. If the family was religious, they could accept a miracle but Susy couldn’t reveal her identity. She could train her muscles and speak but she hardly could reveal her knowledge and education level. It would be unacceptable even for a miracle.

A tear appeared in Susy’s eye but she had to wink and hide it quickly. The tear would reveal that she understood her mommy. Fortunately mommy didn’t notice the tear and didn’t notice the non-void look; she apparently didn’t expect it.

Susy quickly composed herself and started thinking of her plans while watching her new mommy. She hoped to learn even more about her new family.


Part 2:

While mommy was finishing the dishes, Susy felt the growing pressure in her guts. She realized she would have to poop soon and the only option is using the diaper. She wasn’t able to stand up or remove the diaper and she wasn’t supposed to ask her mommy. She instinctively pushed and the rear of her diaper expanded. Her bladder also voided itself.

“We can go for a walk outside; it’s a sunny day and I know you like walks,” mommy finished the dishes and turned to Susy. “As soon as I change you, we can leave.”

Susy tried to guess the appropriate response. A disabled child wouldn’t mind a messy diaper and she stayed calm; she smiled only. Mommy smiled back and kissed her forehead:

“Sweetheart, smile at me as often as you want to. This is a big encouragement for your mom.”
Their eyes met and this time mommy realized the non-void look of her daughter. However she wasn’t able to accept it. Susy’s eyes followed her and she diverted her look:
“Susy, do you understand what I’m saying? Is it an illusion only that your look changed?” she was talking but looking away from Susy.

Susy got amused and grinned while her mom couldn’t see her and she realized that her task would be more difficult than she expected. Maybe she should plan the first tiny step just like a small baby would do.

Mommy composed herself and turned back to Susy: “Let’s get clean sweetheart.” she wheeled Susy to her room and put her onto the changing table. The cleaning took longer because of the mess and Susy kept looking away not to raise any suspicion. In either way her calm behavior was unusual; mommy was used to fussing and protests.

As soon as Susy was changed, her mom put her to the stroller and wheeled her out of the house. Now Susy could see the surroundings. They apparently lived in a family house in a suburb. The street was framed by two rows of houses and mom wheeled her to a small square with the church and several stores. She stopped and sat down on a bench. An older lady joined them:

“Good morning, Cassie. How’s our little Susy doing?”
“Thanks, Mrs. Coldwell. She surprised me today a lot.”
“How so?”
“She smiled at me for the first time and hugged me while I was holding her.”
“That’s a mystery. She never showed any sign of emotion up to now.”

Mrs. Coldwell leaned towards Susy and looked in her eyes. She instantly noticed the change but she also wasn’t sure what happened.

“Cassie, Susy doesn’t have her void look anymore. A major change has occurred.”

Cassie looked at her daughter and she noticed the same. Susy got confused. They revealed a change.
“Mrs. Coldwell, I don’t know what happened; it’s been a sudden change, overnight literally.”
“You should take her to a medical check.”
“I’ll do it but let’s have a prayer for her now,” Cassie stood up and headed towards the church, followed by Mrs. Coldwell.

Both women sat down on the church bench and Susy was sitting in the stroller next to them. Cassie started a prayer for her daughter and Mrs. Coldwell joined her. Susy listened to the prayer carefully and she felt a strong emotion to her new mother. She also remembered the last words of the mysterious voice:
‘Maybe you reconsider your worldview.’

All of sudden the mysterious voice spoke to her: “Are you about to reconsider it?”
Susy instinctively nodded and smiled. Neither of the women noticed it but she heard another response:
“Okay, I’ll help you but be careful not to hurt your new family. Take small steps only.”

Mrs. Coldwell and Cassie finished their prayers and stood up. At that moment Susy felt a pressure in her bladder; it got filled up quickly because of the cold air in the church. Seconds later she was peeing herself.

‘The steps really would be small,’ she told to herself silently. She didn’t have any control of her muscles. However she could speak and her mind was clear. Training the muscles would be slow but speaking and thinking was another issue. Susy needed an idea how to start.

Back on the square Cassie checked Susy’s diaper. Susy felt a bit embarrassed by the public diaper check but she was able to control herself. After that mommy pulled out a baby bottle and offered it to her daughter. Susy made an attempt to grab the bottle but her hands were clumsy. On the other hand, Cassie smiled at her and stroked her hair:

“My little one, I’m surprised by your behavior; maybe a miracle has happened.”

Susy realized that the advance was sufficient for the first day. Cassie considered even the slightest advance a miracle and Susy didn’t want her getting shocked.

When Susy finished her bottle, Cassie took her to a grocery store to purchase some food. Susy relaxed and dozed off for awhile; the morning was a challenge for her. She woke up when they arrived at home and Cassie started cooking.

At lunch Cassie fed Susy and she again was taken aback by her behavior; Susy kept looking at her, didn’t make any mess and her bib stayed clean; it was too difficult to pretend the disabled child in that way. Of course she wanted to eat up everything and looking at Cassie was instinctive.

After lunch Cassie took Susy back to her room: “Now it’s time for exercise; let’s check your diapee first,”

To her surprise Susy realized her diaper was heavy and wet; she had to pee during her nap. She really had a hard way ahead.

When Cassie changed the little girl, she put her onto the bed and started the exercise:
“Okay, let’s lift your left arm now,” Cassie grabbed Susy’s left arm but she felt the muscle tension; Susy instinctively did what Cassie told her. Cassie stared at her in utter shock:
“You … you understand me?”

This time Susy realized she made another mistake. Her reaction was instinctive and she revealed she understood exactly what Cassie told her. However she still didn’t want to shock the poor woman so she turned her head towards Cassie and smiled.

“Our Lord answered to my prayers,” tears appeared in Cassie’s eyes before she continued the exercise.

The exercise showed Susy her real condition but it was a great opportunity to train the weak muscles with Cassie’s help. She tried to cooperate as much as she was able to.

As Susy finished her exercise, Cassie put her back to the stroller and wheeled her to the living room:
“You like listening to music, sweetheart. I can play some CDs for you while I do the dishes and Ann and Charlie come back home.”

Susy spotted a big collection of CDs and she would like to listen to some classics but she didn’t want to shock Cassie even more and let her choose some child songs instead. When Cassie left, Susa felt a bit tired and her eyes closed for about half an hour when she heard the door opening and Charlie ran over to her. He hugged her and stroked her hair:

“Hi my little sis; I’m glad to be with you again,” Susy almost answered him but she decided to wait. He was the best choice for her plan but they needed to be alone.

“Ann, Charlie; a miracle has happened,” Cassie entered the living room “Our little Susy is able to understand me.”

Susy winked at Charlie and he winked back. He guessed that his sister was hiding a secret.


Part 3:

Susy and Charlie were sitting on the porch. Charlie asked mom to wheel Susy there and she also brought a baby bottle for Susy, a cup of juice for Charlie and some snacks:
“Have fun, children,” she left.

“Hey, sis; do you have any secret? I’ve seen your look and I’m curious. Unfortunately you can’t speak and tell me.”
Susy smiled only and kept looking at him.
“Susy, I love your smile but I wish we could talk together. It’s just like my toy superman. I spoke to him even if he didn’t answer me.”

Susy shook her head and grinned. Charlie stared at her: “Okay, you understand me but why did you shake your head? Did I say anything wrong? Do you think my superman answers me? I imagine he does.”
Susy grinned once more and Charlie got confused: “Well I imagine that you answer me,” he stood up and leaned to her so their cheeks touched.

“What should you say?” his voice sounded like a conspiratorial whisper.
Susy looked around to check the surroundings. Nobody else was around and Charlie was the right person to reveal her abilities.
“Could you give me the juice please?” she whispered back.
“W … what? I imagined you would answer me but you did it indeed.”
“Charlie, it’s our secret. Don’t tell anyone please.”

Charlie was shocked; he sat back on his chair when Susy pointed at the bottle.
“Oh, sorry,” he grabbed the bottle and put the nipple to her mouth.
“Take the nipple away, I can drink without it.”

He obeyed and Susy could drink the juice. After that he grabbed a snack and put it to her mouth. Susy lifted her right arm clumsily and held the snack.

“Sis, I don’t recognize you. How could you change?” Charlie shook his head while eating his snack. “It is like in a fairy tale; you are a different Susy.”
Susy grinned only; it was too early to reveal the truth and the little boy hardly would cope with it. He still wanted his little sis.
“You might be different but I still love my little sis,” Charlie smiled at her. He didn’t think of the change at all; his mind accepted fairy tales and miracles.
“Don’t forget our secret Charlie. Nobody should know I can speak. Not yet.”
“Okay sis,” he smiled again and kissed her forehead.

At that moment Ann appeared on the porch and she noticed the baby bottle.
“Why did you take the nipple away, Charlie?”
“It isn’t necessary, sis. Susy can drink from the bottle and she can hold her snack. I don’t know what happened; as if she was a different Susy.”

Susy turned her head and looked at Ann. Ann also noticed the look and realized that something happened indeed.
“Well, can I join you; I’d like to have a snack as well and Susy won’t mind it.”
Susy shook her head and Ann stroked her hair. “You really understand me but how is it possible? You look like a different Susy.”

Ann sat down to them and continued:
“I don’t know but I can swear I heard Charlie talking to you as if you answered him. He has a rich fantasy and imagination but I’m not sure. Your behavior changed overnight. All of sudden your look is not void, you smile at us, hug mom and you can drink and eat. What else do you have up your sleeve?”

Tell her Susy; she can keep the secret,” Charlie smiled at his sisters.
“Well then,” Susy whispered again: “I can speak and I can do much more but don’t ask me how and why please.”
“Why? We want to know everything about our little Susy,” Ann was confused.
“That’s the exact reason. You love your little Susy and try to imagine she got cured by a miracle.”
“Okay, that’s an exciting secret,” Charlie replied and Ann nodded.

Of course Susy couldn’t reveal her identity to the children. Maybe she could do it to their parents. The children loved their little sister and a miracle would be more acceptable than an unfamiliar old woman in a toddler body.

“Hey children, get prepared for the dinner,” mom’s voice interrupted their talk. Ann stood up and turned to Susy:
“Okay, different Susy. Mom is busy but I should take you inside and check your diaper.” she wheeled Susy to her room. Ann wasn’t strong enough to lift Susy onto the changing table but Susy tried to help her and lie down on the bed.

“Susy, you really are getting better. You’ve never tried to help me,” Ann pulled down Susy’s tights and undid the wet diaper. Susy stayed calm while her sister was cleaning her and putting a clean diaper onto her crotch.
“Let me try on my own,” Susy struggled to sit up and Ann helped her a bit: “That’s good. I will train hard and my muscles get stronger.”

While wheeling Susy to the kitchen Ann realized something strange. Susy’s vocabulary wasn’t the vocabulary of a three years old toddler and it wasn’t even her one. For an unknown reason Susy had an adult mind.

At dinner Susy didn’t need too much assistance even if her fingers were clumsy and weak. Mom and dad kept watching her and they seemed to be happy. Charlie had to struggle and not reveal the secret. Mom noticed it easily and teased him:

“Hey Charlie; what would you like to hide? You aren’t good at it.”
“No mom, I don’t have anything to hide,” however he looked away and blushed.
“Okay; you needn’t tell me if it isn’t something bad or dangerous,” mom didn’t want to insist.

Charlie felt a big relief and continued eating. Ann smiled only and Susy also smiled at him. However Susy knew the secret would be revealed soon. The parents would find out her condition but she wasn’t sure what to say.

After dinner the family moved into the living room and the children could watch TV for awhile. A child show was running; Susy wasn’t interested in it but she felt the pleasant and loving atmosphere. Charlie seemed to be fascinated and Ann also kept watching.

When the show was over, Cassie sent Charlie and Ann to bed; they left and Cassie turned to Susy:
“Sweetheart; I don’t know what is going on but you understand me. Charlie is hiding something. I’m quite sure it is related to you. However I don’t want to push him to reveal it. What do you think, Bob?”

Susy only nodded and smiled at Cassie and Bob. He walked over, knelt down and looked Susy in her eyes:
“Susy, I also don’t know what is going on but I don’t believe in miracles. Something serious has happened and your mind has changed overnight. I’m a scientist and I can’t imagine that quick change. If it wasn’t crazy, I’d say you are not Susy. I thought that the transfer of a mind into another body belongs in the sci-fi novels but don’t tell me it happened indeed.”

The wide-eyed look and tears in her eyes revealed him the truth but he almost collapsed as well.


Part 4:

Susy and Bob kept staring at each other in utter shock but Cassie reacted instantly:

“Hey, stop both of you. We probably need some time to accept the reality even if I’m shocked as well. Susy, whoever you are, you still can stay the little Susy in our family. Ann and Charlie love their sister.”

Bob nodded and returned to his chair. Susy also calmed down a bit. She already admitted her different identity. Now it was the right moment to reveal a part of the reality:

“Mrs. Cassie, Mr. Bob, I really am a different person. I don’t know if you want to know my real identity and maybe it is not important. I’m an adult and I desperately wanted to live when my body was destroyed by cancer. Some mysterious voice offered me a mind exchange.”
“What? A mysterious voice?” Cassie stared at Susy. She was religious but that kind of miracle was too much for her.
“Yeah and I heard the same voice in the church today.”

There was silence in the room; nobody knew what to say. All of sudden Ann and Charlie opened the door and ran to Susy:

“Good night, sis,” they hugged her and kissed her forehead.
Tears appeared in Susy’s eyes and she hugged her siblings clumsily. She suddenly wanted to be the little sister and start her new life here.

When Ann and Charlie left, Susy tried to wipe her tears:
“Sorry, I’m tired and I need some time to think of everything that happened. To be honest I didn’t want to take away a family member.”
“I know; it wasn’t your wish Susy; you only wished for a life, for a second chance. I’m sure it was God’s will and we accept it definitely. Accept it as well and be the little Susy for us. I’m sure you are intelligent enough to handle it.”

Susy nodded; of course she was intelligent even if she had to face a big surprise. She turned into a small toddler and she was dependent on Cassie and Bob. On the other hand the role didn’t seem to be that bad; a careless life with a loving family.
“Yeah, I am but …it’s that hard. All of sudden I found myself in a family I’ve never seen.”
“Sweetheart; we all help you,” Cassie walked over to Susy and lifted her in her arms. Susy hugged her as tightly as was able to. Cassie felt the soaked garment between Susy’s legs.

“Well, our new Susy needs a warm bath and a clean diaper. After that she goes to bed,”
“I know, Mrs. … mom?” Susy looked at Cassie.
“Of course mom; you are our little Susy though,” Cassie smiled and kissed Susy’s forehead but tears appeared in her eyes.

The bath was pleasant for Susy and she relaxed in the warm water. Cassie cleaned her thoroughly, put a clean diaper on her, dressed her in pajamas and wheeled her to the bed.
“Good night sweetheart,” she kissed Susy and left. Susy was tired after the challenging day and her eyes closed almost instantly.

Cassie and Bob sat down in the living room and they needed almost half an hour and a drink until they were able to talk about Susy.

“What would we do? I’d like to accept a miraculous recovery but we have somebody else in Susy’s body,” Cassie started the discussion.
“I think she is taken aback by it too. Try to imagine her condition. All of sudden she is a diapered toddler in a family she’s never seen. To be honest I’m curious where the mind of our Susy ended.”
“Does it matter? I’m afraid her mind was void.”
“Okay, what do you suggest then?”
“Let’s try to train her muscles and make her into a happy and healthy toddler first. It shouldn’t be too hard.”
“Right but what then?”
“Her mind is adult but we don’t know anything else. In my opinion you should homeschool her. It helps her for sure.”
“Okay, I’ll ask her tomorrow.”

The next morning Susy opened her eyes when Charlie leaned down to her:
“Morning, bro. We can speak now; mom and dad know about it.”
“Morning, sis. How did you sleep?”
“Thanks, good but my diaper seems to be soaked,” Susy reached down to her crotch.
“So is mine,” Charlie laughed.
“What? Are you wearing diapers?”
“Yeah, I do; I still wet the bed.” he said without any sign of embarrassment.

“Hey, Charlie, what are you doing here? Hurry up to the bathroom,” Cassie interrupted the talk. “I’ll change Susy quickly and you should wash your hands and teeth.”

“Okay mom,” Charlie grinned at Susy and ran out of the room.

“Good morning sweetheart, let’s start a new nice day.”
“Morning mom,” Susy smiled and stretched her arms towards Cassie. Cassie lifted her and put her down onto the changing table.
“Your diapee is heavy and soaked. Mommy changes you into a clean one,” Cassie stopped when she realized Susy’s real mind. “Sorry; your mind is adult.”
“No problem for me; to be honest that sounds nice,” Susy smiled at Cassie; she somehow liked the role of a little girl even if the diapers still were a bit embarrassing.

“Susy, we should talk about your plans,” Cassie turned to Susy while cleaning her diaper area. “Your mind is adult but your body is weak.”
“Yeah, I should start training my muscles. We did some exercise yesterday but I could train harder.”

The breakfast was the first opportunity for training. Susy tried to hold her cup and drink on her own while Ann was feeding her. The cup was a bit heavy but Susy didn’t give up. While drinking she realized she was peeing in her diaper. To her surprise it wasn’t embarrassing at all and she ignored it simply.

“Thanks, Annie; it’s nice for you to feed me and help mom. I wish I could repay it to you.”
“You’re welcome sis. I don’t know how you can repay it but it would be nice too.”
Susy grinned; it was too early to reveal how she could help Ann.”

As Ann and Charlie left, Cassie turned to Susy:
“Should we go to the priest now?”
“That’s a good idea; maybe he gives us some good advice.” Susy was surprised by the change of her own attitude.
“Well, I’ll do the dishes and change you before we go,” Cassie turned away and started collecting the plates and cups.
“Mom, could you give me a cup to train my fingers? I’ll lift it and bring it to my lips repeatedly.”
“Okay, sweetheart,” Cassie filled a cup with water and passed it to Susy. Susy focused on her hands and fingers and kept training until Cassie finished the dishes.

“Let’s change you and go,” the smell spread across the kitchen and Susy realized she had messed her diaper while training. She sighed but she tried to cope with her fate.
“Don’t worry sweetheart,” Cassie noticed the sigh and stroked Susy’s hair. “You might get toilet trained easily.”

The cleaning took a longer time due to the big mess in the diaper and Susy calmed down slowly. She started enjoying the care and a crazy idea hit her; what if she stayed in diapers? That thought made her blush; Cassie noticed the blush but she kept silent.

On the way to the church Cassie asked Susy more: “Susy, what would you like to do when you train your muscles? You could go to the kindergarten with Charlie but I don’t think it would be a good idea. What about homeschooling? Your mind is adult and you might be able to get schooled.”

“Thanks for the offer but I’m afraid I could homeschool you rather than you would do it. I am a cancer researcher.”
“Well but you should stay in the role and play a spectacle better.”
“Right, I have a lot of time left after all. I can repeat the school as quickly as possible.”
“Okay, we have got a plan now,” Cassie smiled at her little girl.


Part 5:

The priest was shocked when Cassie told him what had happened:
"Father; you won’t believe me but a miracle happened. Our little Susy has got the mind of somebody else.”
“What are you saying? Miracles happen but a mind exchange isn’t possible.”
“Father, it has happened indeed,” Susy interjected.

The priest stared at her wide-eyed. Of course he knew about her condition and that change shocked him.

“Would you like to tell me your mind moved into Susy’s brain?”
“Yeah Father. I heard a mysterious voice and this voice provided me with the offer. I heard the same voice here in the church yesterday. Was it God’s voice? I don’t know but I feel it was.”

The priest needed a minute or two to compose himself. He believed in God and in miracles but he never imagined he would face a real miracle.

“Susy, I believe it was God’s voice; accept His will and your family would do the same. However we all have to be careful. Our community is quite religious and they could consider you a witch instead of accepting the miracle. The miraculous cure of little Susy would be fine but stay at it for now. Try to be the lovely three years old toddler. Who are you, or who were you before the change?”
“I was a famous cancer researcher.”
“Be careful and don’t reveal your professional knowledge. I’d recommend you to be slow and pretend homeschooling.”
“Father, we talked about it before we arrived at the church,” Cassie smiled at the priest.
“That’s a good idea and I will support you as much as I’m able to. I think that your mom brings you to me and you can read or talk with me. At home you stay a nice toddler.”
“We also can talk when I’m alone with her,” Cassie added.
“Thanks, Father,” Susy smiled; she liked the plan, “Mom, let’s go home now. I could try to read and train my fingers in that way.”

Cassie thanked the priest as well and she wheeled Susy out of the church. In the park they again encountered Mrs. Coldwell and the old lady smiled at Susy:
“Sweetheart, how are you doing?”
“Mrs. Coldwell, a miracle happened. Our little Susy can speak,” Cassie announced the news. She hoped that Susy wouldn’t reveal more. Mrs. Coldwell was a nice lady but she also was famous for spreading gossip.
“Really?” the old lady leaned down to the little girl “Tell me something. How is it possible?”
“I don’t know, Mrs. Coldwell. It was a miracle and God’s will.” Susy was aware of her new role. Even if her vocabulary wasn’t that of a toddler, she didn’t say anything suspicious.
“Oh dear; you really can speak and you are a nice and polite girl, Susy.”
“Thanks, Mrs. Coldwell.”
“I have to go to the church and say a prayer for you.”

“It’s nice; we’ve just been there,” Cassie answered “Excuse us, we have a lot of work ahead now. Susy will train her weak muscles.” She turned away and headed for home. Mrs. Coldwell hurried up to the church indeed but she couldn’t wait to tell the news to all her friends.

At home Cassie dressed Susy into home wear and checked her diaper: “Sorry sweetheart; I had to do it. You aren’t too wet yet.”
“No problem mom; anyway I can tell you when I need a change.”
“Okay Susy but wouldn’t you prefer potty training?”
“I don’t know; my legs are too weak to walk to the toilet and my bladder muscles also are weak to hold my pee until then.”

Cassie shrugged and wheeled Susy into the living room. There were many books on the shelves and Susy looked at the titles.
“Could you give me some novel on a medical subject?”
“I’m not sure sweetheart but we have some criminal novels on medical subjects.”
“They will do, thanks.”

Cassie passed a book to Susy and Susy opened it. Her fingers still were clumsy but she could browse the pages. Cassie left for the kitchen and came back with a plastic cup.

“Here you have some juice. You might be thirsty.”
“Thanks mom; I wish I could have some coffee but it wouldn’t be appropriate for my tiny body.”
“I don’t know but you could try it out; I’ll make a small and not too strong one.”

Susy drank the juice and returned to the book. Cassie made a small cup of coffee and brought it to Susy.
The familiar smell and taste reminded Susy of her former life. She drank lots of coffee at work when she had to work long until late evening.
“Thanks again; I like the smell and taste very much,” Susy smiled at Cassie and started reading the book while Cassie left to cook lunch.

The book really was interesting and Susy lost track of time while reading. Her mood improved when she could do something appropriate for her mind. Meanwhile the juice and coffee passed her body and her bladder filled up. She noticed the urge and felt the pee hitting the diaper but didn’t mind it and continued reading. The warm hug of the diaper was somehow pleasant. However Susy realized the diaper got full and heavy.

Five minutes later the coffee made her guts move. In her former life it often happened; the morning coffee was a reliable way to empty her bowels. Susy again didn’t fight the urge and relaxed; anyway the change was necessary already:
“Mommy, I need a change,” she called Cassie.

Cassie walked over to her and noticed the smell:
“Sweetheart, what happened. You pooped after breakfast though. Are you sick?”
“No mom; the coffee did it.”
“It was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have given it to you.”
“Why? The coffee was great and it’s worth a messy diaper.”
“Okay, as you wish but only one cup and not in the afternoon. You wouldn’t sleep otherwise.”

On the changing table Susy lay down, relaxed and spread her legs to ease the change. While Cassie was cleaning the mess, she closed her eyes and smiled.
“Hey Susy; you like the diaper changes, don’t you?” Cassie asked her; she had ignored the blush earlier but now she was sure.
“Y … yeah, I do; it is that lovely and pleasant.” Susy blushed again.
“Okay, don’t worry about it; mommy does it for you with pleasure,” Cassie stroked Susy’s hair, finished the change and wheeled Susy back to the living room.
“Read a bit more until I finish lunch.”

At lunch Susy continued her attempts to use her hands and eat on her own. This time she was a bit less clumsy but she made a mess anyway when the food fell from the spoon.
“Hey, shouldn’t I feed you sweetheart?” Cassie teased Susy.
“No mom; I do it on my own,” Susy smiled only; she really wanted to train her arms and hands.

After lunch Cassie wheeled Susy to her bed to do the afternoon exercises; however Susy was tired. After eating and browsing the book her arms hurt a bit from the big strain.
“Mommy, I can do the exercise with my legs but my arms are too tired. I will train hard.”
Cassie nodded and focused on Susy’s legs. Susy did her best and she felt the legs getting a bit stronger.

Anyway, Susy was exhausted and her eyes closed before the exercise was over. Cassie smiled only and covered her little girl.


Found another gem story, feels surreal, but I love it.

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Part 6:

Susy really trained hard and she was able to use her hands in a week. She managed to read the criminal novel and she also visited the priest two times. They discussed the miracle and Susy changed her former opinion on religion.

Meanwhile Mrs. Coldwell spread the news and Cassie had to answer numerous questions about what had happened. Susy was willing to talk and she learned how to speak properly. She accepted the role of a little girl and Charlie was enthusiastic about having a talkative sister. Ann also liked her and she took care of her to help mom. It was much easier because of Susys’s cooperation.

On Saturday Susy opened her eyes when she heard raindrops hitting the window. A rainy day was about to start. There was no clock in her room so she didn’t have any idea about actual time. She listened to the sounds in the house but there was silence all around.

The diaper between her legs was wet and heavy and she loved that feeling. The little girl smiled, reached down, pressed her hands against the diaper and relaxed. Her eyes closed again.

She was awakened by Charlie and Ann: “Good morning, sis.”
“Morning, how did you sleep?”
“Good, sis,” Charlie answered first.
“The rain made me sleep sound,” Ann added “However we have to stay at home; I’d like to meet my friends outside but the weather betrayed me.”
“Can we have some fun here?” Susy turned to Ann.
“I think yes; we can play games or … oh, can you play ludo at least?”
“If you teach me,” Susy grinned. Of course she could play ludo and much more but she wanted to stay in her role.
“Okay, let’s get ready for the day. Our bedwetter is clean already and it’s your turn now.”
Charlie blushed a little at the comment but Ann stroked his hair to calm him down.

Susy sat up; she was strong enough to do it already even if her legs were unsteady. She pulled the pajama top over her head and lied back down. Ann pulled down her pajama bottom and revealed the soaked garment.

“Well, let’s clean you and put a new diaper on you,” she untaped the diaper and started cleaning her little sister. Susy smiled and closed her eyes.
“Hey sis; don’t tell me you like this.”
Susy didn’t say anything but her smile and closed eyes answered the question. Ann laughed shortly.
“No problem sis. It isn’t a big deal.”

After the diaper change and dressing Susy Ann helped her into the stroller; Susy was able to put on the T-shirt and skirt and Ann had to help her with her tights only. Susy also was able to stand up with Ann’s support and sit down in the stroller.
“Wow sis; you will be able to walk soon,” Ann encouraged her and Susy nodded.

In the kitchen they sat down at the table and Susy was able to eat on her own without any help; she also didn’t need any bib. After breakfast Cassie sent her husband and the children to the living room while she was doing dishes.

“Hey, Ann; would you like a game of chess?” Bob asked her.
“Of course dad,” Ann nodded and hurried up to get the game. She liked chess and she played with her father often.

Charlie switched on the TV and watched a children show. Susy turned to Ann:
“Hey sis, could you wheel me to the table; I’d like to watch you playing.”
“Are you interested in chess? Do you have any idea how complicated it is?”

Susy almost grinned but she had to control herself; she could play chess but she needed to stay in her role.
“Could you explain to me how to play?” She made puppy eyes at Ann and Ann smiled only.
“Of course sis.”
Bob took the lector role and he explained the rules to Susy. She kept listening even if she was quite amused.
“Okay, I’ll watch you and try to understand.”

Bob and Ann started the game and Susy kept watching them. Of course she didn’t need to learn the rules but she closely watched their style. She was sure she would be able to defeat any of them.

The smell revealed her diaper condition; she totally ignored it while watching the game and Charlie also wasn’t aware of it. Bob and Ann were focused on the game and Cassie was the only one who noticed it when she finished the dishes and walked over to the living room.

“Sweetheart; your diapee is full; don’t you feel it?” She looked at Susy but she noticed her focus on the game.
Susy didn’t react and she watched the game until it was finished.

“Okay mom. I can’t wait to try it out.
“I think you would do it better in a clean diaper,” mom teased her a little.
“Well, but hurry up please.”

Cassie nodded and wheeled Susy to the bathroom to clean her thoroughly. When they returned, Susy turned to Ann:

“Sis, would you like to try out a game with me?”
“Did you remember all the rules?”
“I think yes but correct me if I make a mistake.”

Susy and Ann started the game. Susy did her best to pretend a beginner level and she even made a mistake on purpose; however her moves got instinctive soon. Another mistake was necessary to let Ann win.

“Sis, you seem to be a genius; you almost defeated me.” Ann was taken aback by Susy’s performance.

Bob was watching the game and he noticed what happened. Despite the mistakes Susy was a good player and he was sure the game was a spectacle. He also understood the reason why Susy behaved in that way. Ann hardly would be able not to tell her friends about a miraculous chess player and the speaking Susy was a miracle anyway. Any further abilities would be suspicious.

Charlie interrupted them when the children show was over: “Let’s play Ludo.”
“Okay, bro,” Ann nodded, “I will explain to Susy how to play; it is simple though.”
Of course Ludo rules were much simpler and they could play easily. The result didn’t depend on their abilities and Susy could relax at the game; all three were having fun. Anyway Susy noticed that Charlie was an intelligent boy; he knew the numbers and was able to add two rolls.

“Charlie, would you go to school already?” she asked him when they finished the game.
“You are quite smart and you could learn quickly.”
“Sis,” he looked around, grinned and whispered to her ear: “Kindergarten is much better. There is a lot of fun there; I like to be a little boy. Be my mate.”

Susy smiled at her brother and she suddenly realized she liked it too. The loving care of the whole family was quite pleasant.
“Bro, I’ll be the little girl,” she grinned back and hugged him.

Bob and Ann were watching them but they didn’t get closer and listen to the conversation. Instead, Ann took Bob at hand and pulled him to the kitchen.

“Daddy, we have two little conspirators here. I’d like to know what they were whispering about.”
“Be patient; we will learn it soon. Charlie is smart but he still is a little boy; I don’t know if he is mature enough to start schooling.”

Bob kept thinking of Susy and her future; he had to talk with her but he needed a good opportunity to be alone.


I just found your story the other day and I find it interesting. I look forward to see what happens next.

Part 7:

On Sunday the family hurried up to the church. Ann was pushing the stroller and Susy almost felt like a star. People joined them and asked Cassie about the miracle. Mrs. Coldwell did a good job apparently; the whole town was full of rumors about Susy. The priest had to find an excuse and try to explain the miracle he hardly was able to accept.

After the worship Bob wheeled Susy to the rectory while Cassie took Ann and Charlie home. That was the opportunity to talk with Susy and the priest was a welcome partner at that talk.

“Father; I’d like to talk with Susy about her future and you could help us.” Bob turned to the priest.
“Of course I’ll help you. Susy, you’ve advanced a lot and it’s time to think of your future.”
“Yeah, Father. I have to admit my condition is a bit strange. I have a wonderful opportunity to live for the second time. Hopefully I can continue my unfinished work.”
“Of course you can but you have another important task ahead. You live in a new family and you can help that family a lot.”
“How so?”
“Your father and mother had a hard time before the change. They had to focus on you and couldn’t pay attention to Ann and Charlie to an extent that would be possible if you were a healthy toddler.”
“Yeah, I understand. What can I do now?”
“Train hard to be independent and get prepared for homeschooling.”
“It would be easy, I think.”
“I’m not that sure; you might need some training in writing and drawing.”

Susy nodded; the priest was right. Even if her mind was adult, her motor skills still were poor.
“Father, I’d like to ask you about Charlie. He seems to be too childish to start schooling. Should we wait another year?” Bob interjected.
“Daddy, Charlie likes the kindergarten and he would like to stay a little boy,” Susy smiled at Bob.
“To be honest, I expected it,” Bob replied.
“He wanted me to be his mate,” Susy added.
“I have an idea,” the priest interjected, “Register both Susy and Charlie for homeschooling. I’ll help you arrange everything.”
“Thanks Father; that’s a good idea.”

All of sudden a crazy idea hit Susy:
“Would you consider me crazy if I wanted to join Charlie in the kindergarten?”
The priest and Bob laughed at her: “Why?”
“To be honest, it was a sudden idea but I somehow like the role of a little girl. Wouldn’t it be obvious to go to kindergarten?”
“Why not? If your legs are strong enough to walk.” Bob answered.
“What about my diapers?”
“No problem; you wouldn’t be the only diapered child. As far as I know some children of Charlie’s age still wear diapers and you are even younger.”

Susy had to hide her joy; she liked the loving care and diapers belonged to that care.
“Okay then Susy. Train your legs and you go to the kindergarten with Charlie. In fall we start homeschooling; maybe Charlie will like it as well. Thanks Father,” Bob thanked the priest and left the rectory for home.

At home, Bob explained the plan to Cassie and the children. As expected, Charlie was enthusiastic:
“That will be great; you’ll find a lot of friends in the kindergarten, sis.”
“I’m sure I do. However, I have to train hard to be able to walk.”
“Wouldn’t you like to potty train? Do they accept diapers in the kindergarten?” Cassie interjected. She never thought of diapers; Charlie was a bedwetter but he didn’t need diapers there.
“Yeah mom, they do. Dad told me.”
“Okay, we can ask tomorrow. I’ll take Charlie and you to the kindergarten and ask about you.”
“Thanks mom,” Susy smiled at Cassie and Charlie hugged her tightly.

Ann pulled Bob aside and whispered to him:
“Daddy, we have two toddlers at home. What do you think about Charlie?”
“Yeh, he loves Susy and now he is enthusiastic about her. They will go to kindergarten together. I’m not sure but he might want his diapers back.”

Ann grinned only; Charlie really was a late runner and he got toilet trained a year ago only when Susy was about two. She remembered the pile of wet diapers.
“Daddy, what would we do?”
“No idea sweetheart. Maybe we should give them time.”
“I think so,” Cassie joined the talk. “Susy is intelligent enough and she helps us. However, we have to solve another issue.”
“What?” Bob turned to her.
“Could they go to the kindergarten and get homeschooling at the same time?”
“Ask the teachers tomorrow.”

Charlie let go of Cassie and turned to Susy:
“Sis, my friends Andy and his twin sister Lisa also wear diapers and the nurse changes them. You can wear diapers as well.”
“A diapered team,” Susy laughed and Charlie joined her.

On Monday Cassie led Charlie and wheeled Susy to the kindergarten. Charlie was impatient to tell Andy and Lisa about Susy. While they were talking and playing, Cassie wheeled Susy to the head teacher and asked about Susy and the homeschooling.

“Susy, do you really want to go to our kindergarten?” the older lady smiled at Susy.
“Yeah, miss,” Susy replied politely.
“Well, you can stay here to try it out; your mom has some time off.”
Susy nodded and Cassie stroked her hair: “I come later to get you and Charlie.”
“Don’t hurry up mom.”

Cassie wheeled Susy to the playroom and helped her sit down to Charlie and his friends. She returned to the head teacher and asked her about homeschooling.

“Charlie still is a little boy; he likes kindergarten and the games even if he is quite good at all activities. He would manage the first grade easily.
Cassie, homeschooling can’t last too long. Maybe Charlie could come in the afternoon and play with his friends.”
“A great idea. What about Susy?”
“To be honest, she looks smart and I can’t believe the sudden change; as if she was a different person. However I think she could be admitted and spend afternoons here. She could even stay the whole day.”
“I don’t think so; she should stay with Charlie better.”
“Wouldn’t she disturb the schooling?”
“We’ll try it out and find an appropriate solution.”

“Hey welcome. Charlie told us about you already.” Lisa turned to Susy. “Let’s play.”
Susy suddenly remembered the old times when she was a little girl and nodded. She moved to the toy kitchen and started cooking. Lisa joined her and Charlie and Andy found some toy cars.

The other children were playing as well but no one joined Lisa and Susy:
“Lisa, why are you alone? Don’t you want to play with others?”
“They are potty trained and they keep mocking us about our diapers.”
“Oh, they are mean. Diapers aren’t bad.”
“Not at all; it is warm and pleasant,” Lisa shook her head and smiled.
Susy grinned; she shared Lisa’s feelings.

“What about Charlie?” she changed the topic
“He is very nice and we are a small group. He doesn’t mind the diapers and he said he wouldn’t mind wearing diapers again. Now you can join us. You are diapered, aren’t you?”
Susy nodded and smiled at Lisa. She had a pleasant feeling; the new life was about to start in a nice way.


Good chapter. I really enjoyed it.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The concept of an adult mind in a toddlers body isn’t something that I come across a lot. Nice idea.

I like that Susie is gaining back some of her motor skills. In most cases that I’ve seen ( which is tv and books) a healthy mind put in a disabled body wouldn’t help but I don’t believe that to true. It would be more likely that it would make that person better. Like it does in this story. A mind over matter thing.

Thanks for the story so far.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I suppose that Susy’s body is intact but the muscles are untrained and weak. In this way the mind is able to train and develop the appropriate strength.

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Exactly. With time and training she could be a normal kid again. Sorta. She talks and thinks like an adult.

Realistically Susie would be able to control her bladder and bowels later as well. But it wouldn’t be a diaper story if she didn’t t enjoy them and want to hold off potty training and until she gets her legs and arms back.

Thanks again

Part 8:

Susy and Lisa kept playing until the teacher interrupted them:

“Aren’t you thirsty? Here you are some juice,” she passed them two cups of juice.”
“Thanks, miss,” Susy smiled at her and took the cup.
“Oh, you are the miraculous Susy,” the teacher teased her a little.
“If you think so?” the answer definitely was adult and the teacher was taken aback.
“Susy, you surprised me.”

Meanwhile Susy and Lisa finished the juice and the teacher leaned down to check their diapers.
“Hey, up and to the nurse; you are soaked.”
Susy waddled a bit; her legs weren’t that strong; anyway she managed to walk to the nurse and realized she could stay in the kindergarten already.

Andy joined them and the nurse lifted Lisa onto the changing table. Lisa closed her eyes and spread her legs. Susy watched her and remembered her own behavior. She could watch Lisa and noticed Lisa’s attitude.

As soon as LIsa was changed, the nurse put Susy onto the changing table and Susy also was cooperative. The nurse smiled only.

Andy was the last one and he apparently liked the change as much as the girls did. All three kids returned to the playroom and the teacher called them to a common activity. They had to draw.

Susy liked drawing and she was enthusiastic about it; however she was disappointed by the clumsiness of her fingers. She realized she had a long way ahead. Nevertheless she managed to do a simple drawing.

Lunch was an easier task for Susy; her eating skills were as good as those of her classmates. After a short afternoon nap Cassie arrived at the kindergarten and took Susy and Charlie home.

“How did you like the kindergarten, sweetheart?” Cassie asked Susy on their way home.
“It’s been great, mom,” Susy smiled at Cassie. She really was enthusiastic. After her challenging career she could enjoy a careless period of life.
“Did you find any friends?”
“Yeah, Andy and Lisa are very nice.”
“Would you like to wait until you train your legs properly?”
“Not necessary, mom. I can attend the kindergarten anyway. I’ve managed it today
and I’ll manage it until the start of homeschooling.”

“It’s great, sis,” Charlie grinned at Susy. “Andy and Lisa are still in diapers. If I was diapered like you, we would be a mob of diapered friends.”
“Charlie, are you serious? This is a crazy idea. You are potty trained already.” Cassie sighed only. She knew about Charlie’s attitude and his desires.
“Yeah mom. I will help Andy and Lisa.”
“Help? How so?”
“They feel lonely; the other children keep mocking them. We could be a small group and play together.”
“Okay but Andy and Lisa are your close friends anyway.”
“Yeah, they are but it would be even better if I shared their fate.”
Cassie nodded; she didn’t want to argue with Charlie; he was too stubborn.

At home Cassie wheeled Susy to her bedroom; Susy stood up from the stroller and headed back to the living room:
“I need to train my legs, mom.”
“Okay, don’t you need a change?”
“Not necessary, mom. The diaper can hold some more pee.”

Charlie had to pee and he hurried up to the bathroom when Cassie stopped him and lifted him onto the changing table.
“Hey, it’s time to start your diaper period,” she grinned.
“I know,” he jumped up onto the changing table but he had to hold his pee. Cassie pulled down his pants and underpants and put a clean diaper on his crotch.

As soon as he was diapered, Charlie put on his pants again and he ran to Susy.
“Hey bro; did you really want it?” Susy laughed when she noticed the package between his legs.
“Of course sis and I’ll pee in it,” Charlie replied and he relaxed the bladder muscles.
“Hey bro, what are you doing?” Ann tried to pretend surprise but she wasn’t surprised; she expected it already.
“What am I doing? Peeing in my diaper,” he laughed.
Ann sighed only; she had an extra workload ahead.

Susy and Charlie kept talking and playing together until dinner. Susy didn’t mind playing with toy cars and they had a lot of fun.

Before dinner Ann interrupted them and checked their diapers. Susy was soaked already and Charlie’s bladder was full. When Ann checked him, he relaxed the muscles and peed in the diaper; Ann felt the pee and grinned.
“Hey, you two; lie down on the bed and I’ll change you.”

Charlie and Susy lay down, Susy took Charlie at hand and spread her legs. Charlie held her tight and spread his legs as well.
Ann smiled only and commenced changing two toddlers. They really were cute.

The dinner was uneventful; both Charlie and Susy ate their portions without help. After dinner Cassie sent the children to the living room to watch TV a bit until they would go to bed.

“Hey sis; the diaper is great. I have to pee and I don’t have to hurry to the bathroom and miss the show on TV,” Charlie grinned and peed.
“Right bro,” Susy replied; she felt the pressure in her guts and pushed.The back of her diaper expanded and her bladder voided itself as well.
“We can watch it until the finish.”

As the show finished, Cassie switched off the TV and sent Susy and Charlie to the bathroom.
“Susy, you need a warm bath,”
“Yeah, mom. Can Charlie join me?”
“If you don’t make too much of a mess,” Cassie nodded even if she didn’t believe the promise Susy made.
“Of course, mom; we don’t make any mess.”
“Lie down; mommy cleans you before the bath,” Cassie pulled down Susy’s tights and untaped the messy diaper.

As soon as Susy was cleaned, she stood up naked. Charlie undressed himself as well. To her surprise Susy didn’t feel any sexual arousal; after all she was a toddler. Cassie helped them into the tub.

As expected, Susy and Charlie made a mess in the bathroom but Cassie didn’t mind it; she was used to that kind of behavior. The children had fun and didn’t worry about the mess.

After the bath both siblings were diapered and put into pajamas. Susy was tired and her eyes closed when her head touched the pillow. She was a happy toddler and wanted to use her second chance as much as possible. The loving family was the best start she could have.



Very nice. I enjoyed the entire story. Body switching isn’t something you see in an ABDL story everyday.
Cant wait to see what you decide to do next.

Maybe a sequel?


That’s nice!