Sales Assistant Part 2

ok sorry guys for taking so long but it took me a while to be happy with this piece, but ive hit my stride i feel with this story anyway heres the link to the first part

I hope you guys enjoy this

part 2

Calmly I try and control myself. I try to take a deep discreet breath but it comes across as hyperventilating. Ohh great now she’s looking at me weird, although even her weird looks are oddly comforting. I look at her and smile and manage to calm myself. She just laughs and shakes her head. We engage in idle chitchat, you know the sort. The type of chat when you don’t have anything relevant or interesting to say but you enjoy the persons company so you use it as an excuse to be around them. We talk about music, books, games and the like. Strangely she seems rather enthusiastic about everything I like. Which gets me thinking, I start to ponder whether or not she is interested in me, it would make sense, she’s always floating in here, she never buys anything, but always hangs about talking to me until one of her harpy friends stumbles into the store and wrenches her from my grasp. That’s not really fair of me though, I’m sure her friends are fine, they just tend to interrupt my time with Alex so they’re public enemy number one in my book. And quite frankly its a rather large book, lots of stuff pisses me off as you could probably tell from reading my little memoir but alas I digress yet again.

Oh great she’s looking at me for an answer, what the hell was she saying; ok ok think. Right we were talking about…… oh yeah movies. Ok I think she wants me to ask her out. Could this be or did I say something stupid and that’s why she stopped. Think man think. Ok, no we were talking about the new twilight movie. She said she hadn’t seen it yet. Ohh cruel faith of all the movies she couldn’t of seen I had to talk about that muck. Hesitantly I ask her if she wants to see it. She grins broadly and punches me in the arm. I stand there looking at her with utter confusion. Before I have a chance to say anything, or even analyze the situation Laurence hits the floor in a blind rage. I turn and face him head on. Oh this is not good. He had the look of a bull, a bull whom was about to be castrated and knew it, a bull intent on seeking as much revenge on his castrators as possible. He had me in his cross hairs. I give Alex an apologetic look and tell her that I really have to deal with this, and if I survive to call back. She giggles then looks up at Laurence and understands that I’m in copious amounts of trouble. Suddenly Alex wraps her arms around me, giving me the most amazing hug of my short insignificant life, ohh this is bliss. She pulls back slightly, we’re still embracing but she pulls back just enough so she can look me in the eyes. I stare into her, almost able to see into her soul, but still she is my enigma. she smiles up at me. I face the hardest challenge to date, I must resist the temptation to taste her lips. I almost loose control and blast her with a kiss, but I manage to keep myself in check. While I want to kiss her, I’m not convinced that she feels the same way and if she does I don’t want our first kiss to be in this cess pool of consumerism. I resist the urge, barely, and stare contently into her complex eyes.

“If you make it through this, how about we go see a film sometime or something” She’s says with a wink and then suddenly turns and walks out of the shop. A string of conflicting emotions hit me. Embarrassment that she asked me out before I could ask her. Rage that I had to take care of this Laurence problem. Lust because she is damn hot. Happiness because now I know for sure she likes me and paranoia that she may be messing with my head, to name but a few. I don’t want her to leave but I cant help but check her out as she walks away. Ohh damn her baggy cloths that I find so enchanting, I was hoping to get a glimpse of an outline to indicate whether or not she had a padded rear. Ohh well the view is nice anyway, and I guess in the long run if she likes me it doesn’t matter if she wears nappies or not. With her hug and the promise of a date if I get through this she gave me the greatest gift of all; confidence. That of ten men. I was like Hercules, if he was really confident, well i guess he probably was confident, like being able to kick ass would make you confident wouldn’t it? Anyway that’s not really the point, I had bigger fish to fry, or perhaps batter or maybe even grill if I so choose . I could tackle this Laurence problem with my new sense of survival to see Alex again.

I glance back over towards him and he just points and beckons me with his finger. What a J hole. That’s jerk hole for those of you not used to my ability to make up insults as I go along, but I feel this aptly describes my feelings for him at the moment. I walk up to him and he as good as throws me into the back. I have no idea why he is so pissed at me, and I start thinking about what he could have found out about. Millions of my sackable offences flash through my brain but surely he couldn’t have found out about those. And if he had he wouldn’t be this angry, unless head office got involved. He starts screaming at me, stopping me from pondering what I’ve been found out about. He’s roaring at me that the woman from earlier had reported him to customer services and it was my fault because I apparently farted which made her get sick after she left the shop. I cant help but crack up laughing, completely blowing laurence off guard. He shuts up and glowers at me. I keep laughing, almost breaking my water bottle in the process, they really need to make those things stronger. He looks at me and I can see his anger slowly dissipating as the hilarity of the situation sets in. Soon the two of us are in hysterics. This lasted for way longer than it should have, toilet humour, what can I say. It’s awesome. After we calm down he pats me on the back telling me he will handle it. He trudges back upstairs and I head back to the shop floor still chuckling and I’m pleasantly surprised to see the virgins for life are back, with shopping bags, hopefully it was a successful mission, although they don’t look confident, but do they ever?.

I greet them enthusiastically with a smile, they seem to lighten up some, I guess they are not used to people being happy to see them. I make a motion for their bags, which they reluctantly hand over to me. After a quick look through I am moderately impressed with them. Its nothing fancy but by gum its not geeky. Its blending in wear. You wont get noticed at a party but that’s the point. They are not ready to be noticed at a party in a positive fashion. Blending into the background is exactly what the doctor ordered.

“Nice threads” I shrug, the boys seem happy with the compliment. This brings on an awkward silence, which is the last thing any of us want. To kill the silence trench coat blurts out an invite to the party in my direction. This hits me by surprise

I stare at them gob smacked for a few seconds, not completely sure what to do. Getting an invite is always awesome, but like I hardly know these guys, I don’t want to go to a party with them. What if its lame? Then I’m stuck with them, which granted may not be so bad but there’s definitely better things that I can do with my time, like talk to a brick wall. Plus I have some quality thinking / planning to do about Alex. I got to figure out how to get her number, I don’t want to wait un till next Friday to sort out a date with her. Also I’m in a fairly good mood about being asked out so I don’t want that feeling to evaporate because of a lame party.

So I decide to politely turn them down, and the look of sadness in their eyes is almost unbearable. Its like old yeller, they’re the loveable dog and I’m that jerk kid with the shot gun about to blow their heads off because they are “Rabid” my ass was that dog rabid he was just having a bad day. There’s a lot of pressure on dogs, they have to be happy go lucky all day every day or else Timmy, or what ever that bastards name was, will break out the trusty old shot gun and make your brain go kersplat. Now don’t get me wrong I’m an advocate of shotgun justice, specially if its all bad ass and going around a town in the old west unleashing hell on a band of jerk ass bandits. But no dog deserves that if they are just having a bad day. Wow that went on a tangent, back to the story.

This is definitely not what they wanted to hear. I think I may have crushed them, funny how your reaction to things can really feck people up. I should have made up an excuse rather than outright refusing to go. Getting rejected sucks no matter where the rejection comes from. Perhaps its not to late to make up an excuse. I think quick and tell them that I’m working out late tonight, which isn’t too big a lie. I do have plans to pump some iron, but I do that four or five nights a week, but most of the time I go out afterwards anyway. They seem to buy it, I throw in a I’ll see how I am after line and they perk right up. Their rejection some what lessened by my prior engagement.

We chat for a bit, and you can taste the excitement and apprehension in the air, and its wafting right from my geeky little chums. We talk about all sorts of things, but strangely enough we don’t talk about the party. Anytime I bring it up one of them will steer the conversation abruptly away. Its so strange, I have never seen them so giddy and talkative yet they don’t want to talk about the party, which I suspect is the whole reason that they are feeling so jovial. I glance at the clock and notice that its just about closing time, I better get these guys out of here or else I’ll never get home. We part ways and as a parting remark, I tell the boys to just be their selves and the rest will take care of itself. Well talk about deer in the head lights, the guys almost crap themselves. I laugh lightly and tell them not to worry as I shoo them out the door.

I probably could have been a bit more supportive to them, but I want to get home damn it, these abs aren’t going to shred themselves. As I think that I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my abs are far from shredded. I have neglected them for the past few weeks, concentrating on my chest and arms, and when I look at myself in my skin tight uniform I cringe. Around my belly, where a six pack was beginning to form but a few weeks ago, is a gut that is totally noticeable from the rest of my body. Man I’m so fat, I’m going to have to do a lot more cardio than I was planning on tonight. I begin to feel a bit melancholy but that doesn’t last long, as the memory of Alex asking me out bounces into my head. With that memory I resolve to drop 3 pounds by mid way next week to sort my belly out.

I glance around the shop and I’m the only one in there so I start to drop the shutter. Tony comes back out onto the floor laden with stock and gets to merchandising it. With the shutter dropped I start to cash up the tills. Since it was dead I fly through the task. I head to the back door with Tony, I quickly ask him who’s staying back with Laurence to close up fully. We only need one person to stay back with him and since me and Tony are the last ones here we need to decide between us. I suggest we flip a coin which he agrees to. I do the oldest trick in the book and declare tails I go heads he stays, which he buys, I cant believe my luck. I flip the coin and it comes up tails, so I win but legitimately without having to really doop the guy. With a smile on my face I drop the cash boxes up to Laurence, grab my bags and make a hasty exit so he doesn’t try and drag me to some stupid bar. I sign out and then I’m gone to enjoy my weekend. I have managed to get Saturday and Sunday off, a complete rarity in my line of work. I meet Tony on the shop floor, still putting stock out, he doesn’t look too happy, oh well I’m not too concerned, he’ll be fine after the extra ten minutes it takes to close the shop. He begrudgingly lifts the shutter for me to leave. I crouch under the shutter and I’m gone.

As I make to the car park I notice someone coming towards me.

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Well you definitely know how to end on a cliffhanger. Also on an unrelated note I really like where this story is going .

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Amen to tht. but I can’t wait to see where this is going

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Hopefully not such a long time to the end of the story.

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Thanks for the kind words guys.

Sorry for this part taking so long but its like the fifth rewrite i’ve done on it. But the next part is ready to be posted but i think i will leave it for a while before i post it. Give people a chance to be up to speed with the story… and give me a chance to write some more.