Sabrina - Chapter 5

Chapter 5. My first and so far only fully original post.

Oh, and the formatting got messed up. Somehow all the punctuation except for commas and periods were replaced by question marks. I’ll edit it clean sometime.

Sabrina found herself walking down a path towards a rollercoaster ride at a giant amusement park, Dave and her mother holding her hands and walking by her side. They were talking together of what they were going to do next, and she was thinking about getting some ice-cream when all of a sudden, she realised she was peeing herself and a large wet spot was spreading across the front of her pants. She gasped, instinctively shaking her hands free and covering herself, but the wet spot kept on growing larger and larger till her whole pair of pants was soaked.

When she looked up again, both Dave and her mom was gone, and she was alone in the middle of a huge throng of people, all of whom were staring at her and pointing.

“Dave? DAVE! MOM!” she screamed, terrified. She ran towards the rollercoaster ride, crying in panic.

Abruptly, she found herself on the tracks, and the coaster was coming directly at her, looming larger and larger, she screamed and turned to run only to see another one coming directly right at her from the other end…

She woke up with a shriek, screaming “Mommy! Dave! Mommy!” at the top of her lungs. She found herself in the dark, blind, unable to see anything, and screamed again, a long, shrill shriek of utmost terror.

Light flooded her room as her door opened and her parents rushed into her room, her father quickly picking her up and cradling her. She clung on to him, sobbing into his shoulder, her shoulders quivering with fright.

“Hey, hey, my little princess…don’t be afraid…tell daddy what happened, don’t cry…” he said into her ear, even as he sat down on the edge of her bed. Sabrina merely shook her head, still sobbing furiously, and grabbing on tightly to him when he moved to set her down.

Just then, the phone rang. Sabrina’s mother picked it up. “Hello?”

?Mrs Lecarr? Is everything all right?? David?s voice came over the line.

?Yes, everything?s fine. ?Brina just had another nightmare, that?s all. I?m sorry; did her screams wake you up??

?Yeah, along with about half the neighbourhood, I think! Can I talk to her??

?Sure.? She passed the phone to her daughter, mouthing ?David? at her husband.

??Brina? Are you alright??

?Dave, I?m scared?can you come here?? Sabrina sobbed into the phone.

?Now? Ok, I guess?be there in five!? the phone clicked off. Sabrina reburied her face in her father?s shoulder, still sobbing hysterically. In the meantime, Sabrina?s mom examined the nightlight.

?Wonder why it?s not working?huh, the bulb blew. Bad timing, I guess.? She commented.

Just then, they heard a key turning in the lock of the front door. Footsteps were hear coming up the stairs, turning at the top as Dave, dressed in just shorts and a sleeveless shirt, entered the room.

?Hi, Mr and Mrs Lecarr. Sabrina?? He moved over to where she was huddled in her father?s arms and gently asked her ??Brina, are you alright??

?David!? She lifted up her face and jumped off her father?s lap into his arms. Automatically, he stroked her hair, trying to calm and soothe her, murmuring reassurances as her sobs kept coming uncontrollably.

Sabrina?s parents quietly left the room and Dave heard them go down the stairs. He sat down on her bed and rocked her, keeping up a flow of soft, encouraging words into her ear. After awhile, Sabrina?s sobs eased and she was resting, still crying a little, her head on his shoulder.

?So you had another nightmare? Was it the trucks again??

?N?No, it was?I was at the funfair, and?? slowly, she told David about the nightmare. Once again, she realised it sounded quite silly when she said it out loud, in the waking world, but it terrified her when she was sleeping? Dave simply listened, holding her tightly to him as she hesitantly described what had happened to her.

??and then, I woke up but it was dark, and I couldn?t see anything, so I screamed and my daddy came in.?

?Well, ?Brina, it was only a bad dream, and I?m here now so you?re safe, aren?t you? You silly girl, you should know that me, or your mommy, will never have left you like that!?

?I know, but?it all seemed so real at the time!? She yawned, and rested her head on his shoulder again.

?Well, it?s still in the middle of the night, so why don?t you close your eyes for awhile, hmm??

Sabrina did so and after a short while, David felt her breathing deepen and her muscles go limp. When he went to put her down, however, she stirred and opened her eyes a little, clutching on to him.

?Don?t leave, please?? she entreated. Dave smiled gently at her.

?Don?t worry, I won?t. Sleep now, ?Brina.? She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder again, closing her eyes.

He smelt a whiff of strong ammonia, and felt the diaper at Sabrina?s butt. Yep, it was wet, very wet. Still carrying her, he moved over to her cupboard and extracted a fresh diaper, the baby wipes and powder. Using his foot, he prodded the changing mat open and gently laid her down. When he straightened up, Sabrina?s eyes flew open again and she clutched his arm. ?Don?t go!? she cried, ?you promised!?

?I?m not going anywhere, ?Brina! I just have to change your diaper before it leaks, that?s all!?

?Oh?? she relaxed her grip, and closed her eyes again.

He pulled down her pants and untaped the wet diaper, sliding it out from under her bum. Grabbing a wet wipe, he cleaned her up, powdered her and quickly got a new diaper on her. Not a moment too soon, as it seemed, for when he turned over to pick her up again a wet stain was spreading across the front of the diaper. He rolled up the old one, tying it in a plastic bag and throwing it into her room?s trash can, before picking her up gently and transferring her to the bed. He tucked her into bed, putting the huge penguin she had won at the funfair next to her and leaning her head against it. He gave a small smile and backed out of the room, turning off the light and closing the door quietly behind him.

Sabrina?s parents were sitting at the kitchen table, her father turning a shallow glass of wine in his hands. He went over and joined them.

?I managed to get her down to sleep, but I think you?d better get her another nightlight in case she wakes up later.?

?We have some of those glowsticks, we?ll put one in her room. Dave, can we talk to you for awhile?? Mrs Lecarr asked him, her face serious.

?Well sure, why not?? He sat down on a chair opposite them.

?Well?? Sabrina?s father began hesitantly, ?We?d like to thank you for taking care of her, first of all??

?Oh, it?s no problem at all, Mr Lecarr.?

?It means a great deal to us, you know. Sabrina?s our only child and, well?? He hesitated, looking at his wife, who rolled her eyes and continued for him.

?I can no longer give birth. Sabrina?s birth damaged my womb, so we cannot have any more children. As a result, Sabrina is very dear to us.?

?I know, Mrs Lecarr, and I?ve taken good care of her??

?We know that, and we can also see that she really likes you. And trusts you, too; she never grew this close with any of our relations ? in fact, we think she?s seeing you as kind of an older brother rather than a friend, or maybe even?I don?t know, her knight-errant?? Sabrina?s mother?s mouth quirked upwards into a wry smile

?You really think so?? He asked, surprised.

?We know so. Now, we just want to ask you: how do you see her??

Awkward confusion, flashed across Dave?s face. ?I?Well?To me, I guess Sabrina?s like the younger sister I never had. I do have an elder brother, but he?s eight years older and studying at CalTech, but no other siblings. I guess?? he shrugged.

Mr Lecarr unexpectedly smiled. ?Well, that?s good, I guess. At least she isn?t lonesome here?? He got up from the table. ?Well, I?m going back to bed first. I still have to wake up at six-thirty tomorrow. Night, David; Isabel, don?t sleep too late, ok??

?Goodnight, dear.? After Mr Lecarr had gone upstairs, she turned to face David again.

?Sabrina?s still?wetting herself at night, right??

?Yes, she is, and sometimes during the daytime, too??


?I mean, I don?t think she knows when she has to go until it?s too late, especially when she gets caught up in something interesting. She had accidents while we were out bowling and yesterday, at the park, she wet herself on the rollercoaster. I brought changes of clothes for her both times, but yesterday somehow her underwear went missing and I put her into a diaper instead. She wet them quite a lot.?

?I see, I see?it?s probably still the stress from the car crash. Poor girl,? and she sighed, ?She?s been through a lot since we came to America??

Just then, a fearful cry was heard from upstairs, followed by someone screaming David?s name.

?You?d better go,? Mrs Lecarr said. ?Get her down for some milk; that always helps her sleep.?

Dave nodded and sprinted up the stairs into Sabrina?s room.

Sabrina was huddling against the head of the bed, curled up in a foetal position, her eyes wide with terror. When David entered and flicked on the light, she gave a sob of relief and practically flew at him, into his arms.

?Where did you go?? She sobbed.

?Shh, ?Brina, I just went to talk to your parents?it?s alright?did you have another nightmare??

?No?but I just closed my eyes and when I opened them, you weren?t here, and it was dark and I was scared!? her crying had quickly died down to just tears as she buried her face in his shoulder.

?I?m sorry, ?Brina?look, let?s go get you some milk, alright?? Lifting her up, he carried her down to the kitchen, where Mrs Lecarr met them with a glass of warm milk.

?Here, ?Brina,? she handed the milk to Sabrina. ?Drink up, and go back to bed, ok, princess??

?Can David sleep with me tonight?? She asked innocently, drinking the milk and missing both her mother?s and Dave?s startled looks. Dave shrugged silently, and Mrs Lecarr rolled her eyes and smiled.

?Sure, princess. Dave, you?d better tell your parents.?

?I?ll just leave them an SMS; they?ll read it in the morning.?

?Thanks, mummy.? Sabrina handed the cup back to her mother and wiped the milk moustache away with a tissue. Resting her head on David?s shoulders, she gave a small sigh and closed her eyes. In another several minutes, she was deeply asleep, worn out from the crying.

Dave carried her up to her bed, gently tucking her in once again. Mrs Lecarr lent him a sleeping bag and unrolled it on the floor beside Sabrina?s bed. He cracked a glowstick, filling the dark room with a soft green light, and looked at Sabrina?s peaceful face for awhile. Timidly, he bent over and brushed his lips against her cheek. Goodnight, ?Brina. Sweet dreams?

Sabrina slowly woke up, her mind gently surfacing from the darkness of sleep. She blinked sleepily as the morning sunlight hit her eyes, and moved a bit in bed. As she did, her diaper shifted and she realised that ? miraculously ? she was dry!

Not believing it, she pulled off her pants and stared at the diaper. The fade-away prints smiled back at her. Excited, she got up and ran downstairs, not even bothering to put on her pants.

?Dad, Mom? David?? She ran around the whole house searching, but it was empty. Just as she was becoming frightened, a note pinned to the board caught her eye.

?Sabrina, I?m going out for awhile to get some breakfast cereal. Don?t worry; watch some TV first, ok? I?ll change you when I get back. Love, David?

She looked at the clock and relaxed. It was 9.30 already, so her parents would have gone, and David was just buying some food! She got herself some water and sat down to watch cartoons.

Engrossed in the programme, which she didn?t understand but liked anyway, she didn?t hear the front door open or close. So, when Dave walked in, she jumped up, startled.

?Heya, ?Brina?wait, where?s your pants??

?Look, David, I?m dry, I?m?? She lifted up her shirt to show David her dry diaper, but to her shock, she saw the designs faded. The diaper was warm and wet now, and she gasped in horror.

?Oh no, I wet it while I was watching TV?? she began to cry a little, as she realised that she hadn?t even felt it till she got up?

?Oh, ?Brina?? And David walked over and hugged her before she could burst into full tears. ?Do you want me to change you out of that now?? He asked.

?It?s ok, Dave. I think I?ll stay in this for awhile,? she said, to his great surprise.

?Well, your choice. C?mon, there’s cereal now. Do you like Koko Krunch or Frosted Flakes??

?Koko Krunch!? Wriggling out of his arms, she ran into the kitchen. Chuckling, he followed.

She was already filling the bowl by the time he got there. He grabbed a bowl for himself and shook some in, taking the milk and pouring it on once Sabrina had done it with hers. They both tucked into the breakfast cereal.

?So, ?Brina, you want to do anything today? I was thinking we?d go swimming in the morning till lunch and shower there. Then, we?ll go to this new Japanese fastfood at the mall, walk around a bit, then come back and I can start teaching you English until your parents get back around dinnertime. How?s that sound??

?Great!? Sabrina was excited at the prospect of spending an entire day out with David. After they finished her cereal and put the bowls in the sink, Dave went back to his house to grab a few things while she ran upstairs and packed her own bag.

Now what should I bring? Lemme see?

She took a patterned short skirt and a t-shirt out, folding it and packing it into her bag. Shampoo, soap, hairbrush, change of underwear?

She stopped and stared at the panties she was holding in her hand, before looking at the wet diaper she had on. What should she wear, panties or diapers? On one hand, she didn?t want to wet herself in public; on the other hand, she was afraid people would laugh at her if she wore the Pampers.

But if you wet yourself, they?d laugh even more, won?t they? a little inner voice said.

I?m ten years old! She thought back at it. I won?t wet myself!

Then what do you call what happened while you were watching TV? the little voice replied

That was an accident! Big girls don?t wear diapers!

You know you want to?

No I don?t! She thought back angrily. Still, just to be on the safe side, she packed an extra set of panties. Just in case.

David came into her room, bag slung over his shoulder. He headed straight for the bag of Pampers, extracted four, and put three into his bag.


?What?? he looked at Sabrina, who was glaring at him angrily.

?I?m not a baby; you don?t need to bring diapers for me!?

He sighed. ?Sabrina, this is just in case. We?re not going to have this argument again, are we? Remember the funfair??

?But four?!?

?Oh, fine.? He took two diapers out of his bag and returned them to the package. ?I?m keeping one, just in case. The other one,? he unzipped Sabrina?s bag and stuffed it at the bottom, ?you keep.? He noticed the two sets of panties in there. ?Just in case, huh??

She bit her lip and flushed.

?Well, better safe than sorry. Now, do you want me to change you out of that diaper here, or are you going to swim with it on?

?David!? she exclaimed, shocked.

?Just kidding! Come on, let?s get you out of that nappy, huh??

Hold on?? she concentrated, and Dave saw the diaper expand a little as she wet it. ?Alright, done!? she said after awhile and lay down on the changing mat. Shaking his head bemusedly, Dave took off the diaper and wiped the area clean.

?Right, now change into your pool stuff and we can go!?

They spent two hours at the pool, swimming, playing, and laughing. Dave even met several of his French class classmates and the two joined them tossing a ball around the water. They enjoyed themselves tremendously, but soon left to shower and find some lunch.

On their way to the showers, David noticed that??Sabrina, are you wetting yourself?? He asked quietly.

Sabrina grew wide eyed in horror as she realised the ?water? dripping down her legs from her suit was not the cool swimming pool water, but felt warm?

?Oh no, I think I am!? Mortified, she looked around. Is anyone looking??

?I don?t think so, and anyway, we just came out of the pool so no one would think twice of it. It?ll all wash away, anyway. How come you don?t know you were peeing??

?I?I?I did! I just?well?err?see you later!? She stammered, before hastily ducking into the female toilet. Dave stared after her, a worried frown on his face, before entering the Men?s changing room.

Sabrina locked the stall door behind her and leaned against the wall. What?s happening to me? she wondered. I don?t even know when I have to go pee any more!

Maybe you really should get Dave to diaper you? the part of her from the morning said.

No, I?m not a baby! she thought back fiercely.

You like it, the way he gently cleans you up, then powders you, and then slips on a soft diaper?and even the diaper, the way its soft when its dry and warm when its wet, the ease of just being able to go without a toilet?

Shut up! I do not! I do NOT! She firmly turned on the shower spigot and stripped, washing the chlorine and pee off her skin and vigorously scrubbing her head with conditioner.

By the time she had brushed her hair and tied it back into a ponytail, Dave was waiting impatiently outside the door.

?Finally, what took you so long?? he grumbled when she finally appeared. ?Now, seriously, do you want to put a diaper on first before leaving??

?No!? she snapped. ?I don?t need them! I?m not a baby, stop treating me like one!?

?Fine, fine, your call?lets hurry up and go. Did you use the toilet??

?Stop treating me like a baby!? She almost screamed.

?Fine, be that way, but you better not wet yourself!?

They fell into an angry silence.

Sabrina stalked out, fuming inside. I?m ten years old, and he?s just five years older than I am! And he always treats me like a baby? She stopped at the kerb as a car zoomed past?

A sudden wave of fear rushed at her as her mind recognized where she was. She was standing where the car accident had taken place, four days ago?

In her minds eye, she saw the two cars, coming towards her, and this time, when she looked around, there was no one to save her?

?Dave!? she shrieked, forgetting she had been furious at him just awhile ago. ?David!?

David had walked on after the car had passed, but turned back to look at her when he heard her screaming. She was standing on the pavement next to the road, quivering palpably and breathing heavily with fear. Frowning, he called out ?What?s wrong, Sabrina? Hurry up!?

?Dave!? she began to cry and he ran over to her. She clung on to him in a death grip as he gently stroked her hair.

??Brina, don?t cry, there?s nothing to be afraid of?? he looked around, puzzled, and finally realised what caused her fear.

?I?m?I?m scared, David!? All of a sudden, she seemed to be much younger.

?It?s alright, it?s ok?look, I?ll even carry you cross the road, ok?? As he lifted her, she automatically swinging her legs to hug him tightly and buried her face in his shoulder. He carried her cross the road and some distance further on before putting her down again.

She still clung on to him tightly, whimpering ?No, don?t leave me, Dave, I?m sorry, I won?t do it again, don?t leave me here??

?Ok, I won?t.? He saw a small wet spot on her panties as her skirt lifted up, and commented, ?Sabrina, I think you wet yourself a little??

She merely buried her face deeper into his shoulder.

?Never mind, it didn?t touch the skirt. No one else will know. Come on, let?s get going??

?Carry me, please, David?? she pleaded, lifting her tear-stained face to stare at him wide-eyed, and his last traces of his irritation melted away.

?Sure, princess.? He lifted her up and carried her to the bus stop. When the bus arrived, he paid for two tickets and quickly found a seat.

??Brina?? When he turned his face to look at her, she was sleeping, tired. He smiled wryly.

No wonder she argued so much just now. She was probably tired after the swim and last night, but didn?t want to admit it. I just hope she stays dry until we get there?

Fifteen minutes later, they alighted at the mall. He immediately headed for the toilet, locked the door, and laid her on the changing table. Pulling down her panties, he extracted the diaper from her bag and put it onto her, taping it up firmly before he pulled her underwear up again. She stirred a little as he picked her up, but fell asleep again on his shoulder.

He found a bench bookstore and sat down, arranging Sabrina on his lap. Grabbing a book, he leaned back against a wall and started reading, absently stroking her hair at the same time.

After about an hour and a half, he felt her stir, and looked down into her open eyes.

?Hey, sleepyhead,? he teased her. She smiled back at him. ?How long have you been awake??

?Only a few minutes.? She paused, and shyly said ?Thanks for carrying me, David. I?m sorry for yelling at you just now??

?That?s all right. You were just tired, and cranky, and who would blame you after last night??

She blushed. ?Oh, right. Sorry for making you come over, David. It was just a stupid nightmare? but every time I fall asleep I get them, and I?m always so frightened afterwards??

?Did you get one this time??

?No.? She smiled up at him. ?I think it?s because my bed this time is a lot nicer.?

It was his turn to flush, and he quickly put her down, helping her to stand. When she sat down, she gave a little gasp and looked down at her front quickly.

?I peed myself while sleeping! David, did you??

?Yes, I did. Looks like it was just as well I did that, huh? I didn?t bring a change of clothes for myself, you know. Now that you?re awake, if you don?t want it on, I can take it off you.?

?No, I might as well. Just in case I?well?don?t make it to the toilet in time.? She stood up and stretched. David marked his place in the book and went to pay for it. It was a really good book, and since there was a 20% storewide discount, he might as well buy it.

?Hungry?? He asked Sabrina outside the bookstore.

?Absolutely! Where?s that Japanese restaurant you mentioned??

?Right there?have you eaten Japanese cooking before??

?Of course.? She studied the menu. ?Err?maybe I?ll take the Agedashi Tofu and the Wasabi?what?s so funny?? She demanded when David started laughing.

?You want fried tofu with spicy horse radish??

?Oh!? She flushed red to the roots of her hair. ?Well?err?maybe I?ll let you order??

?Two Yakiniku beef sets, we?ll be eating it here.? He told the girl behind the counter. She nodded, rang up their total, gave them their sodas and told them to take a seat.

?So, ?Brina, how?re you finding America so far?? He asked her.

?It?s?very different from France, you know? For one, I can?t really understand anything, and water is so much cheaper here but the wine much more expensive…and there?s a whole lot of new things that I?ve never seen before, too! But overall, I think I like it.?

?That?s cool. Tell me, what did you do in France??

?Well, I went to school, and I was in the Drama Club and Track team, and I learned ballet! Oh, and I hung out with my friends ? Clarise and Trencia, they?re really cool, and we were like the best friends. We used to do everything together??

When the food arrived on two hot plates, they broke off the conversation, digging into the rice and beef. Sabrina had some trouble handling the chopsticks provided, so she sheepishly got David to request for a spoon and fork for her.

Soon, the lunch was nothing more than a pleasant memory and they were walking around the mall. They picked up some outfits for Sabrina, which David paid for, and spent some time at the games arcade. Sabrina wet herself again while playing as the soda caught up with her, but didn?t really care. The diaper still felt quite dry to her, so it could probably still hold another wetting.

It turned 4 soon, and they bussed back to Sabrina?s house. Dave took off her wet diaper and cleaned her up before he sat down and began teaching Sabrina some common English words and phrases. As a joke, he decided to start off with the one that she might need to use the most:

?I?m wet, I need to be changed.?

She dutifully repeated the words after him, and when he explained what it meant she blushed furiously and whacked him with a cushion.

Around two hours later, in which David sent her to the toilet the moment he noticed her legs starting to shake, they heard the garage door open and a car park. Soon, Mrs Lecarr appeared at the door.

?Hi kids, did you have a good day??

?Mommy!? Sabrina ran over and hugged her. ?Yes, we did, and David?s teaching me how to speak English now!?

?Well, that?s nice to hear, princess?? Mr Lecarr entered, shutting the door behind him

?Hi daddy! Oh, and we also went swimming, and we went to the mall, and I got myself some new things to wear! Come and see!? She grabbed her mother?s hand and dragged her upstairs to her room.

?How was she today?? Mr Lecarr asked.

?She was good. A little cranky in the morning, but she took a little nap after the swim, so she?s much more rested now. I think you should get her to sleep earlier tonight, though. Oh, and here,? he handed over several receipts, ?We went shopping, and I paid for the things first, but now I?m running short of cash??

?Oh, well?hmmm?so that?ll be forty-four dollars for the shopping, make it fifty including lunch. Plus, you sat her for?since eight-thirty, and its six-thirty now so that?s ten hours ? sixty dollars. Here.? He passed him two fifties and a twenty. ?Keep the change, call that the breakfast money or something.?

?Thanks, Mr Lecarr!?

?Thank YOU, David. Did she?wet herself today??

?Well?yes, she did, quite a lot of times. I put her in a diaper while she was sleeping and she stayed in it throughout the afternoon till we got back. She almost wet herself here, but I managed to get her to go before she did. Oh, and she hasn?t?well?gone no.2 yet, if you know what I mean, so you?d better remind her if she has to go or she might end up doing it in her underwear.?

?We?re going out to this delightful French caf? we found for dinner, so I guess we?d better diaper her just in case.? He sighed, resignedly. ?Oh well. We?ll be bringing her out tomorrow, too, so you can have a day to yourself at least. We?re thinking of bringing her to Water World.?

?Fine, then. Do you want me to watch her on Monday??

?Probably, the furniture is coming and I?m pretty sure Isabel wouldn?t want her underfoot. I?ll be working, so if maybe she could go over to your place??

?Sure! Well, bye Mr Lecarr, see you on Monday! Bye ?Brina!? he called up the stairs.

The door to her room opened and she flew down to hug him. ?Thanks for taking care of me today,? she whispered. He ruffled her hair, hugged her back, and strolled back to his own house.

He sat down at his computer and logged in to the game which he loved, World of Warcraft. However, no sooner had he logged in than his handphone rang.


?David, can you come over again? Sabrina?s shouting that she doesn?t want her father or me to diaper her, just you. We?re too busy to argue, so could you come over and help us out?? Mrs Lecarr?s voice came over the phone.

?Sure!? He halted his character in a safe place and went next door, up to Sabrina?s room. ?No, I don?t want you to!? he heard being shouted through the door.

??Brina, I could hear you from downstairs!? he said as he opened the door. Her father had a diaper in one hand, the powder in the other, but Sabrina was standing defiantly with her arms folded, refusing to have it put on. Her father glanced at him, thrust the diaper into his hand and walked out fuming.

??Brina, you should really wear this, you know. You?re going out with your parents, and there may not be a toilet nearby…?

?I know, but can you diaper me?? She asked. ?I don?t want my daddy to do it!?

?Have you, well, gone no. 2 yet??

?Number 2?? she asked, puzzled.

?You know?pooped??

?No, I don?t need to. Can you diaper me now, I want to finish getting dressed!? she asked impatiently.

?Sure, lie down, but why don?t you want your dad to do it? Or your mom??

?It?s?it?s embarrassing, that?s why!? She lay down and pulled off her skirt and underpants, and Dave liberally sprinkled powder over her, spreading it around.

?They?re your parents, ?Brina! They changed you a million times when you were a baby! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!? lifting up her legs, he placed the diaper under her bum and lowered them.

?I want you to diaper me!? she stubbornly insisted.

?Well, I am, but you should let your daddy do it, too,? He pulled the front of the diaper up and secured the tabs tightly. ?There, all done. Put on your panties, and enjoy yourself tonight!? he turned around to leave.

?Dave?can you come and tuck me in tonight?? Sabrina timidly asked.

?Why?? he looked at Sabrina, puzzled.

?Well?please?? She made puppy eyes at him, and he gave in.?

?Cheater. Fine, I?ll come over later, alright! Enjoy yourself with your parents! And don?t be afraid to ask them for a diaper change if you need one, okay??

?I don?t want to, I?ll just wait for you to come over and change me.?

?Promise me, ?Brina, or I won?t come tonight.?

?Oh fine! I will, ok? Thanks for diapering me, Dave!?

?No problem, see you later!? He walked out of the room and back to his own house, continuing his game.

After awhile, he heard his mom come home. ?Hi mom!? He called down.

?Hey, David! Dinner will be ready in about an hour!?

?Alright, mom! Thanks!?

About two hours later, after he had his dinner and was typing out an essay for biology class, his phone rang again.


?Dave?? Mrs Lecarr?s voice sounded over the phone, sounding annoyed. In the background, he heard crying. ?Sabrina pooped in her diaper and is complaining that it feels disgusting, but she doesn?t want me to change her so she?s crying. Can you talk to her for awhile??

?Sure!? he waited till he heard a soft ?David?? over the phone.

?Hey, hey, ?Brina, what?s wrong??

?I pooped in my diaper and it feels icky! Can you come over and change me?? she cried.

?Sabrina, don?t be ridiculous. I?m at home! Why don?t you let your mommy change you??

?I don?t want her to! I want you!?

?Sabrina, remember what you promised me? You still want me to see you tonight, right??


?Good, so let your mommy change you, alright? You?ll feel much better afterwards, trust me! Ok??


?That?s a good girl. Now, let me talk to your mom?? he waited awhile, then heard a ?hello??

?Ok, Mrs Lecarr, she agreed to let you change her. I?d suggest you do it with her lying down, that?s how I normally do it.?

?Thank you, David. Talk to her, keep her distracted while I clean her up, alright?? She passed the phone back to her daughter, before digging a fresh diaper out.

?So, ?Brina, how was dinner??

?Good! It?s a lot like my favourite restaurant back in France, and the waiter was like the one back at home, too! We?re shopping now, my Daddy?s looking at golf clubs while my mom and I are looking for some new shoes. What are you doing??

?Homework, nothing much else. So tell me, bought anything yet??

?Not yet, I saw this really cute pair of pink slip-ons that had flowers and everything, but my mom thought it was too flashy so we didn?t get it. I also saw a really cute black and white shirt with something like ?Say my name, baby!? on it, but my mom didn?t want to buy it.?

?Wait, it had WHAT printed on it??

?Did I say it correctly? What?s it mean??

?Err?nothing, nothing.? In the background, he heard the sound of ripping tapes. ?Hey, I think your mom finished the diaper change. Feel better now??

?A lot!? He heard her standing up. ?My mom wants to talk to you now, so see you later, ok??


?David?? Mrs Lecarr?s voice came over the phone. ?Whew, thanks a lot for getting that over with ? Wash your hands, Sabrina! Anyway, that?s the first time I changed her diapers in five years and the first time ever I did in America!?

?Five years??

?Oh, she was a really slow potty trainer. We finally got her trained at five, which is about the same time she stopped wetting at night.?

?Really?well, that?s interesting.?

?Anyway, I think I?d better go, Sabrina?s bugging me to leave already. Thanks again, David, and bye!? She hung up, and Dave went back to doing his work.

About an hour later, just as he was thinking of sleeping, his handphone rang yet again. He picked it up.

?Hey, David!? The caller this time was one of his friends from school. ?The girls are having an impromptu excursion to Water World tomorrow, wanna go??

?Water World? Whatever for??

?Who knows, maybe they?re feeling bored or something. Anyway, you going? I, Jed, Henry, Ray and Al are confirmed.?

?Well, why not? It?s not like I have anything else to do, anyway??

?Right, we?re meeting there at around eleven, so see ya there! I got to call up the rest, so we?ll talk tomorrow, kay??

?Right, bye ? ?His friend had hung up on him. Just then, he heard a car drive down the empty road and pull into Sabrina?s house. He got up, stretched, and went down to meet Sabrina.

He found her lying down at the back of the car, asleep with her head on her arm. To avoid waking her, he carefully picked her up and cradled her into her room, meeting her parents on the way. She stirred when he put her down on the bed but settled back almost immediately, so he dug out her nightgown from her cupboard. He checked her diaper, which was partially wet, and decided to change her so it wouldn?t leak. Somehow, he managed to take off her skirt and shirt and put her into the gown as well as change the diaper without her waking up. Once he was done, he sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her face, before leaning over and gently brushing his lips against her forehead. He stood and walked silently out of the room, turning the nightlight on and closing the door gently. After he bade goodnight to Sabrina?s parents, he crossed back to his own room, turned off the light and fell into bed.

Surprisingly enough (to him), he fell asleep within instants of his head hitting the pillow, going to sleep with a smile on his face and peace in his heart.

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love this story. a bit naughty but still well written good stuff casper :wink: :wink: :wink:

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i like it really well done at the first but got a bit well diffrent but you held it together but one thigng “?” i was seeing these here more then most but really if there are more of yours please send me them :slight_smile:

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by the way if there are more chapters of these please send me the link to adn thaks but if you haven’t please tell me why you didn’t i really think its great!! ;D