Sabrina - Chapter 4

Chapter 4.

This is the last of the non-original chapters. OH YES, if there has been any controversy over me using another author’s work, please spare me. I went through most of the arguments in TBN (its buried on a backthread somewhere where I asked if anyone minded). I have tried to contact the original author a number of times (in the past) but no replies. And the story has been up without any complaints for several years.


Sabrina shot up in bed, crying as she screamed. She had been sitting at a table in class, wearing nothing but a diaper while doing a test that seemed to feature mainly elephants and fish talking in words she didn’t understand when out of nowhere, she found herself at a four-way intersection with monster trucks bearing down from all directions, all aiming to crush her…

Her door burst open and a familiar figure burst in, rushing over to her bed and sweeping her up in a comforting embrace. She squeezed her head against that familiar shoulder and wept into it while the person’s hands carried her and tried to calm her. Within the protection of the arms, her trembling finally stopped and her crying abated, leaving her red-eyed. She lifted her head and looked into David’s concerned face.

“Hey, are you all right?”


“That must have been quite a nightmare, huh? Want to tell me about it?”

Held in Dave’s reassuring arms, she slowly related what seemed now to be an utterly ridiculous dream. When she finished, Dave was silent for awhile, simply holding her and rocking her. She leaned her head on his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of comfort it gave her, knowing it made her look childish like a baby but not caring.

Dave finally set her down on the bed beside him. “Now, are you wet?” He asked gently.

At those words, the thick feeling and dampness between her legs registered, and she began to cry again as she realised that she was really wearing a diaper and, worse still, had wet it. Dave held her close again, whispering “There, there, don’t cry again. You’ll cry yourself sick this way. There’s nothing wrong about wearing a diaper…”

After awhile, she tentatively asked him “Can you take it off now?”

“How about we go down and eat breakfast first? I’ll take it off just before you go shower.”

“Shower? So early in the morning?”

“Don’t you remember? I’m supposed to bring you to the amusement park today!” And, she’d better get the pee off before she develops a rash…

“Oh right! Yeah!”

“Well,” and, in the kitchen, Dave opened a bag from the bakery, “Here’s breakfast! Enjoy!”

“Ooooh, chocolate-frosted donuts!” Sabrina dove into the bag and picked one out, biting a huge chunk out of it and closing her eyes in bliss. As she took a sip of the hot chocolate Dave gave her, she felt it warming her all the way down to her toes…

Her eyes flew open and she pulled down her pants, staring at the diaper. Indeed, she was feeling warmth from down there, and the diaper was swelling. She was peeing herself, and she didn’t even feel it!

Dave saw her action and leaned over the table, observing the diaper swelling. “Wow,” he commented, taking another bite from his sugar donut, “I guess it?s lucky that we didn’t remove the diaper before breakfast, huh?”

Sabrina began to cry softly, and David sighed. Not again… He put down his sugar donut and gently hugged Sabrina.

“Hey, it’s all right, don’t cry…” Once again, she buried her face into his shoulder, still crying even as the flow stopped. David picked her up to carry her, but when he touched her bottom, found that it was wet.

“Uh oh, 'Brina, your diaper leaked…” Sabrina cried harder even as he picked her up and headed upstairs. Putting her down on the changing pad, he stripped off her pants and untaped her diaper, quickly rolling it up. He then made her stand up and helped her unbutton her shirt, before carrying her to the washroom and putting her into the bathtub.

“Why don’t you take a shower now?” He suggested, walking out of the bathroom. He heard the faucet go on before he went to pack some things into his backpack for the outing. Firstly, he grabbed the usual stuff - umbrellas, caps, bottles of water, his digital camera. He thought for awhile, then reached inside Sabrina’s drawer and took out a pair of her jeans and a set of underwear. His eyes went to the bag of diapers and, acting on impulse, he grabbed three and stuffed them at the bottom of his bag.

He dug around a little and found a pink Barbie backpack hanging from a hook. He began to pack it for Sabrina, placing in a cap, an umbrella, and a small bottle of water. Just then, Sabrina came out of the shower, her towel wrapped around her waist. She opened her cupboard and frowned. She was sure she had two pairs of jeans left, not one…oh well. The other must be in the wash.

“David, can you look away for a moment?” She asked.

“Why? Nothing I haven’t seen yet!”

“David!” Sabrina blushed, but he had a point. She timidly dropped her towel and slid on her underwear and jeans as fast as she could. Shrugging on a pink t-shirt, she tied her hair back into a ponytail before grabbing her bag and striking a pose, looking over her shoulder and batting her eyelashes coyly.

“How do I look?”

“Great!” Dave got up, grabbed his own backpack and opened the door, and found himself face to face with a rather surprised Mr Lecarr who was standing with one fist upraised to knock.

“Oh hi, Dave. Well then, since both of you appear ready, shall we go?” He asked.

“What happened to Mom?” Sabrina inquired.

“Oh, she’s just feeling tired. I thought I?d just spare her some trouble. Oh, and by the way, thanks for buying in the donuts, Dave. I’ll settle with you when you get back today, ok?”

“No problem!” The two children followed Mr Lecarr out of the room, but Dave didn’t notice that Sabrina’s spare underwear had fallen out of his bag and lay on the floor…

In the car, Sabrina abruptly complained she was thirsty.

“Here,” David dug a bottle of Pepsi out of his bag and tossed it to her. “I was going to save these for later, but you can drink it now.”

“Thanks!” Tilting back her head, she took several long swallows of the black liquid as David stared. Her belly distended slightly as she managed to drain the bottle to the dregs - all out one go. Sabrina burped. “Excuse me!”

“Wow…that’s a lot of soda! You must have been really thirsty.”

“Yep!” She said the word in English, instead of the French they had been conversing in.

“Hey, do you want me to teach you some English just to pass the time?”

“Why not?”

“For one thing,” Mr Lecarr broke in, “We’re already here!”

Startled, they looked out of the windows and found that they, indeed, were outside an amusement park. Over the walls that surrounded the park, they could see people screaming their way around a giant roller-coaster, down a vertical water drop, sitting on a freefall chair as it dropped the passengers from 50 meters in the air. Sabrina was thrilled. Unlike most other girls, she found rollercoaster rides and other adrenalin-pumping activities to be exhilaratingly fun. She jumped out of the car with David and ran to the ticket queue, as her father yelled out after them. “Be back here by 6! I’ll be waiting here, so don’t be late! Have fun, and watch out for pickpockets! Oh, Dave, try not to let her out of your sight.” They turned and waved as the car moved off, then went to buy the tickets from an automated machine.

The machine spat out a blue ticket and a red one with a mechanised “Have a nice day at Tampa Gardens!” David passed the blue one to her.

“Wait, why is yours red?”

“According to the park rules, I have to pay adult price because I’m above twelve. You’re ten, so you’re still child price.” He explained as they were queuing up to enter. Their tickets were fed through the machine and they were waved through by the harried attendants, who were kept busy as line seemed to stretch on forever behind them.

Sabrina immediately rushed over and gaped at a gigantic roller coaster which, for some unknown reason, was named The Cyclone. Despite the long queue, she told Dave “I want to do this one first!”

“You sure? Look at the queue!”

“Yeah, so we’d better start queuing while it?s early than in the afternoon when everyone gets here!” She retorted. Giving in, they joined the queue.

The queue was tremendously long, stretching all the way around two corners. It took them about three-quarters of an hour before it was almost their turn. However…

“Dave, I have to pee!”

“Can’t you hold it? We’re next, and unless you want to forfeit our place and re-queue, there’s no way you can get to the bathroom in time…look, the toilet’s right there. Just hold it for several more minutes, 'kay?”

“I’ll try…” Sabrina thought fiercely I will! I won’t wet myself in public!

Just then the coaster screeched to a halt and disgorged twenty laughing passengers. Eagerly, Sabrina got onto the coaster, Dave sliding in beside her after stowing their things in a basket provided by the ride attendants. The ride started as the bars locked securely, and the coaster began its long ride up to the first of many peaks…

At the top, the coaster slowed…almost stopped…then began to accelerate as the front cars pulled the ones at the rear over the hump. Sabrina, shocked by the sudden drop, involuntarily began to pee. She screamed and shouted like everyone else throughout the rest of the ride and loops, but when the cars halted she was crying. Dave turned to see why and saw the big wet spot on her pants.

“Sabrina! I thought you said you could hold it!” He exclaimed, shocked. He helped Sabrina out of the coaster, ran over to his bag and extracted his jacket, tying it around Sabrina’s waist to hide the huge wet spot. By this time, however, everyone in the crowd was whispering and pointing at her. Sabrina rushed into his arms, crying all the while…

“I’m really sorry about this,” Dave told a ride attendant who was cleaning the mess with rubber gloves, paper towels and a spray flask of Dettol.

“It’s ok. We get them five times a day…though normally the children are way younger. How old is she, anyway?”

“Ten. Where’s the nearest handicapped toilet?”

“Oh, on the other side of that toilet building.” Dave carried Sabrina and the two backpacks into the unoccupied toilet and gently placed her on the toilet seat.

“Sabrina…are you alright?” He gently asked her. She just clung on to him tightly, crying into his shoulder. He let her cry, holding her until her sobs quietened down slightly before disentangling her.

“Take off those wet things,” Dave told her.

“Why? It?s not like I have anything to change into…”

“Well, that?s not true.” David, after rummaging around a little, took out her pair of jeans from his pack. Shaking them out, he commented “I thought you may have an accident like this…so I grabbed a pair of jeans from the cupboard.”

“You WHAT?” Sabrina began to cry again as she realised that Dave had actually brought along a change for her like some little toddler or kid. Dave sighed, and began to dig around for her panties. “Oh…shit. Sabrina, I think the underwear I packed for you dropped out…”

“But…but what am I going to put on, then?” By this time, she was holding her soiled clothing in one hand.

“I’ve…well…got these…” He took a diaper out of the bag. Sabrina took one look at it, jumped up and shrieked:

“No way! I’m not a baby; I’m not going to wear diapers!”

“'Brina, calm down, please, everyone outside can hear you!”

“I’m not wearing diapers! I can control myself, I’M NOT A BABY!” Although her voice was lower, she was still yelling.

“Sabrina, calm down! Just take them as underwear…”

“I’m not wearing them I’m not wearing them I’m not wearing them!!!” she yelled

Losing patience, Dave snapped “Sabrina! If you’re not a baby, stop acting like one!” Shocked, Sabrina ceased her yelling.

“Right. We have two choices, then. Either we call your father and declare it?s an emergency to get him to send us home, or you can put those on under your pants and we can spend the rest of the day here having fun. Your call!”

Sabrina hesitated. She had been looking forward to the excursion, and now it was going to be cut short…

“…OK. I’ll wear the diapers.” She softly said.


“I said I?ll wear them!” She was flushing now, and crying a little.

“Alright then.” David lifted her onto the changing table. He first wiped off all the remaining pee before gently spreading some powder over her diaper area. Lifting up her legs and butt, he slid the unfolded diaper under it before carefully lowering them. Adjusting the fit slightly, he then pulled the front of the diaper up between her legs and secured it tightly with the tabs. He then slid the fresh pair of pants over her diaper and lifted her down.

"That’s a good girl…"He whispered into her ear as he gave her a hug. He then let her go, and Sabrina went to check herself in the mirror while Dave tied the soiled clothing up into a plastic bag.

“It?s so noticeable! I’m not going out in this!” she yelled and sat down firmly on the toilet seat cover. Dave looked over and sighed in exasperation.

“'Brina, it’s already ten-thirty. If you want to do anything else today, you can’t stay in here forever. Also, we need to eat, and we can’t very well do that in the toilet!”

“But everyone will laugh at me!” Sabrina moaned.

“If they do, they’ll hear about it from me!” David promised. “Besides, we can always pretend that you’re just ill or something. It’ll all work out. Trust me!”

Sabrina thought about it, then finally stood up. She picked up her backpack, grabbed hold of Dave’s hand, took a deep breath and stepped out of the toilet.

The rest of the day until lunch went rather quickly. They went on virtually every single ride they could, excepting the wet rides as they didn’t have any changes of clothes. No one noticed, or no one cared, about Sabrina’s diaper and so she soon forgot about it until she needed to go, then she simply flooded her diaper. When she had first done that, Dave had been cued off by her sudden stopping and squatting ‘to rest’, and had given her a quick grin. They had fajitas for lunch, and were munching on them when Sabrina got a funny look on her face. She put down her fajita.


“Hmmm?” He licked some of the sauce off his finger.

“I need to…do a BM…” She whispered. Dave almost dropped his own fajita in shock.

“My god, I forgot about that. Can you just do it in your diaper?”

“Eww!” Sabrina was grossed out by the idea. “Are you crazy? That’s disgusting!”

“Well, unless you are going to use the public toilets, which should be extremely filthy by this time of the day, I think you have to do it in the diaper…”


“It’s no big deal. Just do it and I’ll change you. It looks quite swelled-up by now, you know.” True enough, the outline of the diaper was much more visible under her pants, and Sabrina gasped.

“You mean…I’ve been going around all day with my diapers for the whole park to see?”

“Ah, that?s alright.” He took a bite out of his fajita. Sabrina quickly finished her own, but decided to try and see if she could try and hold it in…

No such luck. Soon, she was forced to squat and do it in her diaper. Dave noticed her doing it and sat down beside her, putting an arm around her shoulders to give comfort. When she was done, she was softly crying.

“I just pooped and peed my diaper like a baby…”

“Aww, 'Brina, you’re not a baby. Come on, and I?ll get you changed out of that dirty diaper…” He stood up and walked her towards the toilets. On the way there, however, some crazy skateboarders came out of nowhere and one knocked into Sabrina, causing her to fall over and land on her bum.

“Sorry!” The skateboarder yelled behind him. Sabrina was sitting on the floor and crying, and Dave hurriedly picked her up.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“No, but…the poop got smeared around and it feels disgusting! Can I PLEASE get changed now?!”

Dave carried her to the disabled toilet. Locking the door, he opened the changing table, which was thankfully rather clean. Placing Sabrina down on it, he quickly pulled down her pants and untaped her diaper.

“Phew! That stinks!” Rolling up the dirtied diaper, he quickly deposited it in a trash can. He grabbed a lot of toilet paper and used it to clean off all the smeared poop from Sabrina’s bum, throwing the soiled tissues into the toilet bowl and flushing quickly. Overhead, the air-freshening unit sprayed a burst of lavender perfume into the room that quickly drowned out all other smells. Dave put a fresh diaper on her and pulled her pants up before lifting her down from the table and into his arms. She was crying, so he held her there and rocked her soothingly until she stopped and raised her head.

“Thanks, Dave. You can put me down now.”

“Right.” He carefully released her and scrubbed his hands with soap as Sabrina used some water to remove the redness from her eyes. Composed now, they walked out back into the park.

During the rest of the day, they bought a lot of snacks and drinks. Sabrina enjoyed herself immensely, and Dave, although he had been there many times before, took pleasure in her enjoyment. After awhile, Sabrina had soaked the diaper again and Dave had to change her. Although she was still slightly embarrassed by the diapers, she didn’t put up any resistance, instead simply getting a quick change and continuing to run around the park. They moved to other areas of the park, sitting on coasters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, and played the typical store games. Sabrina managed to throw a ring around the neck of the centre bottle at the bottle toss game, earning herself a humongous stuffed penguin. Dave only got a small grinning monkey from the water gun game, which he gave to a little girl who had been crying as she didn’t manage to win anything. The mother gave them a grateful look, and as they walked away, they heard her say “Now, Nicole, you have a toy too, so stop whining that Brandon has one. Now, does either of your diapers need to be changed?”

Dave looked at Sabrina and grinned.

By the time the park closed at 6 pm, Sabrina’s diaper was seriously soaked and in danger of leaking. Dave quickly brought her to the disabled toilet where he changed her into the last diaper. By that time, she was yawning her head off and was also becoming slightly whiny. Dave picked her up and suggested that the ‘rest her eyes’ for awhile, which she did. In a mere five minutes, which was when Sabrina’s father pulled up, she was fast asleep.

“Tiring day?” asked Mr. Lecarr as he helped Dave stow the giant penguin in the boot.

“Absolutely, especially for her. We ate a lot of junk food today, so I don’t think she’s hungry for dinner. I’d suggest just letting her sleep…”

“And you? Do you need anything to eat?”

“Nah, I’ll just go back and fix myself a salad or something.” He slid into the back of the car as Mr Lecarr gunned the engine. Sabrina stirred, worry lines beginning to form, but he gently stroked her hair and rocked her as the car began the journey back, easing her into a gentler sleep.

Towards the end of the car trip, Sabrina was fidgeting slightly, but soon stopped as a smile spread across her face. He felt her diaper swell and concluded that she had just wet herself again. He carried her up to her room, tucked her into bed with the giant penguin and a hastily-penned note, and quietly left.

Mr. Lecarr asked him “How much did you spend today?”

“Oh, err…about seventy dollars altogether, so thirty for her and forty for me. I ate more and my ticket cost more,” he explained.

“Here.” He passed him two twenties. “Keep the change. Thanks for helping her get accustomed to America. It was quite difficult to leave all her friends back in France, you know…” He sighed.

“My pleasure. Do you need me to come by tomorrow?”

“I was just going to ask you if you could help us buy in breakfast again? We’re finalising the immigration documents tomorrow, then my wife can conscript me to go grocery shopping, but at the moment we have no food in the house.”

“No problem. Do you need me to look after her while you are away?”

“Would you? If it’s not too much trouble…”

“No, no trouble at all. So…see you tomorrow, Mr. Lecarr!” Dave walked down the staircase and let himself out, crossing over to his own house. He fixed himself a small salad with mayonnaise and raisins, before taking a shower and logging onto the internet.

One of his friends - Charlie - was online. Once he had signed in to MSN, a message popped up:

Hey, man! Long time no see! Whatcha been doing recently?

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
Hey, charl-atan! Been getting to know my new neighbour…

Oh, that girl with you in the papers?

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):

Lolz…hey, be proud of what you did, man!

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
…it?s embarrassing…bangs head on wall

Heh. So, she’s how old, thirteen? And what’s her name again?

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
Err no. Ten. And she’s named Sabrina.

What? Only ten?! You pedo! :smiley:

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
…idiot. Nah we’re just friends, I?m helping her to get used to the US of A.

pedo pedo…

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
Oh shut up.

Heh fine. Where have you been recently?

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
Well…I brought 'Brina to the theme park the whole day today, yesterday I brought her to the mall, day before they just came and I had that swimming thing with my cuzzes…

O_O You sure you aren’t pedo, going on dates with a 10-year old?

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
They weren’t dates! I was just helping her to get settled in!

Lolz. Hey, she’s quite cute you know…nudgesquared

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
Do you have anything better to say?

Hey chill man. I was just wondering if you wanted to go for that football match between our school and the Westies Monday

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):
Oh…err I?ll have to see

Oh crap GTG nazi parents. l8r.

Magicman|the hand is faster than the eye (At least mine is :P):

FAMINEHUNGERSTARVATION-whatdowedowithourlives has left the conversation.

Dave checked and answered his emails, which mainly consisted of classmates - and surprise, even his homeroom teacher - complimenting him on his newspaper appearance. By the time he was done, it was only ten but he was yawning anyway. Shucking off his clothes, he switched off the room light and tumbled onto his bed. He lay there, reflecting for awhile on what had happened that day.

Whew! Today was tiring, but I don’t recall ever having so much fun in my life! I guess it’s because of 'Brina…somehow, just by being with her, I feel…happy. It doesn’t feel like a crush, more like…heck, I just like being with her. Damn, I wish she really was my sister. And she looked so cute in the diapers, too! Oh well…there’s still tomorrow…

And he turned over and fell into a deep sleep.