Sabrina - Chapter 3

Chapter 3.

Sabrina woke up with a start, screaming for her mother and, curiously, David. One of the cars from the accident had hit her and she was bleeding, she could feel the warm blood pumping out…She reached for David, but he wasn’t there…

Then, memory flooded back, and she remembered she was safe…but why then did she still feel a warm wet feeling? Slowly she looked down and saw a large wet spot on the bedsheets and her PJs. She began to cry again.

Just then, the door burst open and her mother rushed in. “Princess? What’s wrong?”

“Mummy, i had a bad dream and I…erm…I…”

“You had a what?” Just then, the smell hit her.

“Oh, did you have an accident, princess?” Sabrina nodded, crying even more now.

“Come on, thats all right. Its probably the stress of yesterday. Come on, lets get you out of those wet PJs. Go take a shower, i’ll take care of the sheets, then we can have breakfast, ok? David’s also coming over, he wants to show you the local entertainment center…”

Sabrina managed to stop her crying, heading into the bathroom to wash her face and strip off her cold, wet clothing. Whats wrong with me recently? she wondered. I seem to have been crying a lot since i came to America…

Dave was thinking about Sabrina, lying in bed, bathed in the morning sun shining in through his window. She’s cute, fun, but still quite young. I really enjoyed being like a big brother, i suppose, last night…huh, i never knew what i was missing until then. Which reminds me; i’m supposed to go over for breakfast. He got up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and hit the showers.

He went over to Sabrina’s house and rang the doorbell. Mrs Lecarr opened it, smiling at him. “Good morning, David. You caught me doing the laundry. by the way, have you seen the local newspapers yet?”

Dave groaned as he stepped over the doorway, taking off his sandals. “Oh no…don’t tell me they put the story in there…”

“Not only that, David.” She took the paper and tossed it to him. “You made the front page.”

Dave stared at the picture of him in the midst of the flying tackle, side-by side with the picture of the cars crashing and the woman flying out, with them lying on the floor a few meters away. The headline was HIGH-SPEED CRASH KILLS FOUR. More importantly, the subtext read [b]Heroism of local boy saves girl from death crash[/i]. Despite the poor quality, the person was easily recognisable as him.

“Oh, no…” He smacked his forehead as Mrs Lecarr laughed kindly. It was then he caught the faint smell of ammonia and saw the sheets with a large wet spot on them lying on the floor.

“Oh, did Sabrina have another accident, Mrs Lecarr?”

“Yes, last night. Poor thing, she woke up soaked. She’s in the shower and should be out in a minute. She’s quite distraught about the whole issue, you know, she’s never had an accident before and she was quite upset.”

“Thats all right. I used to wet the bed too till I was about twelve because of a car accident…”

“You did?” Mrs Lecarr stopped, and turned to look at him. “What did your parents do?”

“Well…ok, I know this sounds weird but it worked…they put me back in diapers at night.” Dave flushed furiously.

“Did it work?”

“It did! I didn’t stop wetting immediately, of course, but trust me, waking up in a wet Pamper was much better than waking up in a wet bed! In fact, the wet Pamper felt kinda nice…”

“That’s interesting. Should i try that for Sabrina? I know she’s quite slim, and the size sixes or maybe the size fives should fit her. I also won’t have to do the laundry every morning if this keeps up. I seriously don’t have time with all those paperwork we have to do just to live here. I think, though, that the main problem would be getting 'Brina to wear them.”

“I think i can persuade her to, Mrs Lecarr. I could try.”

“You would? Well, then, i think we can do that…oh, that reminds me. My husband’s new boss is hosting a large party tonight to welcome him. Would you mind watching 'Brina till we get back? It’d also give you the chance to try her out in Pampers. We’ll pay you, of course…how does twenty an hour sound?”

“Thats a bit too much, Mrs Lecarr. Seriously. five or six’s the going rate, but i’d be glad to do it for free…”

“Nonsense. I’ll pay you eight an hour, then. Growing teens like you always need money.”

Just then, Sabrina appeared at the top of the staircase, dressed in a baby-blue bathrobe that was just her size. “Mom, have you seen my pink Powerpuff t-shirt…” She noticed David and the pile of wet sheets, gasped, turned and ran back into her room, crying.

“Oh dear.” Mrs Lecarr began to move, but David had already began to run up to Sabrina’s room. She watched the boy knock on the door, talking to her, before enterting the room and closing it behind him. She smiled slightly and shrugged, going back to the laundry.

“Sabrina? Sabrina?” David knocked on the door. “I’m coming in…”

“Go away!” A muffled voice issued.

He went in nevertheless, and saw a LOT of stuffed animals scatterred around the room. He saw a huddled, shaking lump under the covers, and he went over and shook it.


“Go away! You’re just going to make fun of me…” said Sabrina, crying into her pillow.

“Why would I do that?”

“Because I…I wet the bed like a baby…”

“What kind of a friend would I be if i did that?” David sat down on the edge of her bed, pulling off the covers and revealing a her red, tear-streaked face. Pulling her upright, he held her in his arms as the storm of weeping passed, murmuring “there, there, it’s all right, its ok, shh…”

When she finally began to pull away, he released her and looked at her red eyes. “You seem to be crying into my shoulder a lot, you know.” he teased.

“Yeah.” She smiled back and began to turn away to get herself composed, but turned back. “Erm…Dave?”


“Thanks for…everything.”

“No problem, Brina. Thats what friends are for…” He sang. Sabrina chuckled and went into the bathroom to change. She put light-blue jeans and a pink t-shirt with ‘Powerpuff Girls’ printed on the front, before she began combing her hair into a ponytail. She emerged and pirouetted in front of David. “How do I look?” she asked.

“Great! C’mon, lets get going! Oh, and bring some socks, we’re probably going bowling later.”

“Bowling?” Sabrina tried out the unfamiliar english word. “I’ve never gone bowling before…”

“You haven’t? Well, you’ll love it!”

“Ok, whatever you say! What time will we be back by?”

“Oh, five at latest. By the way, i’ll be babysitting you tonight as your parents are going out. We can stop by rent-a-show and grab a movie or two to watch, if you’d like?”

“You are? Great! I want to watch Finding Nemo and Ice Age!”

“Sure! Now, lets get moving!”

As they headed out of the house, Mrs Lecarr passed him two twenty dollar bills. “For Sabrina’s lunch and whatever you want to do.” Switching to english, she then quietly asked him “Did you tell her about the…”

“Nope, not yet. I’ll tell her tonight.” Switching back to french and raising his voice, he continued "Oh, and if you need to contact me, here’s “my handphone number…oh crap.” He was patting his pockets, searching for his handphone. “Must have left it in Sabrina’s room. Hey, Brina!” He called. “Wait for me! I left something in your room!”

“Right!” She called back as he dashed back upstairs again.

Back in the room, David found his phone lying on the bed and scooped it into his pocket. As he was about to leave, however, he hesitated. If Brina had an accident yesterday and while she was sleeping, would she have one while we are out? I’d better take some precautions… He walked over to Sabrina’s cupboard and took out a pair of panties and another set of jeans, folding them and stowing them at the bottom of his bag. Just in case, he thought.

He ran down the stairs, with a shouted “Bye, Mrs Lecarr!”, out of the door, and almost bowled Sabrina over.


“It’s ok, you didn’t even touch me,” she replied.

“Ok, we’ll be taking the bus there. The bus stop is down the road that way, across the street. We’ll also probably be starting the same school after summer, and thats where we take the bus from. Come on!” He started to walk, before breaking into a run. “Race ya!”

“Hey! Not fair!” she cried, before dashing off after him.

They arrived opposite the bus stop, panting, and grinning at each other. Sabrina was fast for a girl, and had actually managed to arrive on par with David.

“How id you…manage to run…so fast?” Dave panted.

“Dunno. I’ve always…been able to.”

“Lucky. You should sign up for the track team in August, they’d be sure to accept you!” He glanced down the street and saw the yellow bus in the distance. “Hey, the bus is almost here! come on!” He began to run across the street, but realised that sabrina was standing on the sidewalk, hugging herself. Puzzled, he crossed back.

“Sabrina, what’s wrong?”

“I’m scared…after yesterday…”

“Aww, its all right…” He pulled her into a brief hug before grabbing her hand. “Come on, I’ll hold your hand as we cross.”

Together they crossed the road, with Sabrina trembling all the way. When they made it across, she clung on to Dave’s hand and huddled against his side. He put a comforting hand around her shoulder and flagged down the bus. It squeaked to a stop in front of them, and they boarded.

They moved all the way to the back, ignoring the puzzled stares of certain passengers who seemed to find them familiar. Sabrina, this being her first time on an American bus and having heard all sorts of stories about child molesters and black gangsters terrorising little girls all her life, kept her hand tightly squeezed around Dave’s.

They sat down in front of an old lady reading a newspaper. The old lady frowned. That boy in front of her who was murmuring in some european language - french, it sounded like - to the girl sitting beside him looked strangely familiar, but she had never met him before…

Then it hit her, and she flipped to the front page of the paper, holding up the picture and comparing it to the boy. It was a perfect fit.

The nosy man next to her looked at the newspaper and commented, rather loudly, “Hey, aren’t you the boy who saved that girl on the front page of the paper?”

Dave turned around, startled, as a storm of whispering broke out. Sabrina, confused, asked “What’s going on? Why’s everyone staring at us?”

“Er…well…to be honest…” David’s face was burning red. “Well, our picture came out in the papers today…”

“Really? Can i see?”

“I’ll borrow the paper…”

“Err, may i see that paper?” David asked the old lady sitting behind him. She smiled and handed it over.

“Oh…” Sabrina stared at the pictures. “How did they get these? And can you help me translate what it says?”

“There was a security camera, i guess. It says, basically, what a dramatic rescue it was and that four people died…”

Around them, the other passengers were smiling at them. A teen with orange and blue hair opposite them gave them a thumbs up, and various other passengers were nodding at him with respect. He smiled weakly back at all of them, his face burning. He was never happier when they got off the bus.

The day went on pretty quickly after that. People seemed to be able to recognise them wherever they went. In a small district like this, a local person appearing in the citywide - and even national newspapers, on a back page, as they soon found out - generated a lot of pride. While Dave didn’t really enjoy the attention, Sabrina basked happily in it, waving back at people who waved to them, smiling at people even she didn’t understand what they were saying. They toured the entire shopping complex, with Sabrina ooohing and aaaahing at some of the displays, and ended up with two bags of shopping. Most of the items were heavily discounted after one manager or annother had recognised Dave or Sabrina, and some had even been free - like their lunch at KFC, which the manager himself gave them for free, and the video rental. They grew kinda used to the stares after awhile, and so all in all had a pretty interesting day. To Dave’s secret relief, Sabrina didn’t have any accidents while they were shopping, although she came close twice. During dinner, Sabrina drank one and a half large cups of soda with her meal. After that, they went to the bowling alley.

Sabrina was using a seven-pound ball, and david was coaching her in how to throw. He wasn’t a bad player, scoring strikes and spares quite regularly as long as he remembered to keep his wrist steady. He was standing behind sabrina, teaching her how to swing her arms and how to aim, so she also managed to have a good time.

During their third game, David, coming back from bowling his round, noticed that Sabrina was fidgeting uncomfortably. “Sabrina? Do you need to go to the toilet?”

“I’ll go after this round!” She grabbed her ball and stood at the lane, before sheepishly looking at Dave. “Err…could you help me out?”

“Sure! See, its simple, keep the right foot out of the way, swing back your arm and roll!” She tried to do it, and got a gutter ball. David sighed.

“All right…” He went and stood behind her, placing one hand on her throwing arm. “See, just one…two…draw back and three!” This time, the ball managed to knock down several pins, and Sabrina cheered for awhile, before a look of extreme discomfort flashed across her face.

“Uh-oh, i need to go!” She ran towards the toilet, while David took his turn at the lane.

A minute later, the PA system came on, and the announcer said “Will Mr. David come to the counter?” In the background, he could hear a girl crying.

Uh-oh, don’t tell me she… grabbing his backpack, he went towards the counter.

Sabrina was indeed there, crying as a female employee tried to calm her down. Her entire front and back of her jeans was soaked with pee, which was giving off an awful smell. She threw herself at David, sobbing into his shirt, and he automatically put his arms around her.

“Oh…you had an accident?”

Sabrina’s crying intensified. “Y…Yes…i just couldn’t hold it…I’m sorry…”

“It’s ok, its alright…” David picked her up and carried her towards the toilet, gently patting her back. “Come on, lets get you changed out of that…”

“Into what?”

“Oh, i brought some spare clothes for you just in case this happened…”

She cried harder at the thought that Dave had even predicted this. “I’m not a baby!” She managed to choke out around her sobs.

“I never said you were, but yesterday and last night you had accidents. I thought i’d bring a spare just in case…”

They entered the disabled toilet, with David locking the door behind him. He unbuttonned Sabrina’s jeans and pulled them down with her underpants. Grabbing a lot of tissue, he wet it at the sink and used it to wipe her clean. He tried not to look at her crotch more than he had to, and kept his eyes averted as he helped her into her clean clothing. All throughout it, Sabrina had his arms around his neck, crying softly even as he tied up the dirty clothing and stowed it in his bag.

"I want to go home…"She whimpered.

“You sure? We still haven’t finished that game…”

“Yes, i want to go home…”

“All right, then. I’ll call your mother to come and pick us, ok?”

He flipped open his handphone and punched in Sabrina’s house number. After a couple of rings, someone picked it up. “Hello? Mrs Lecarr? Its David here. No, we’re fine, but can you come and pick us up? Sabrina had…well…an accident again…” He listened a bit. “Yeah, i think that the stuff is rather needed. No, i changed her into a set of clean clothing I brought along just in case…” He fell silent again. “So ten minutes, then? Right, see you there…”

He closed the line and turned back to Sabrina, who was still crying while sitting on the toilet seat. He moved over and lifted her up, settling her across his lap and rocking her while she was disraught. To his surprise, she fell asleep after several minutes, her head across his shoulder. Smiling with surprised delight, he stood up, grabbed his backpack and shopping, and walked out of the alley.

Sabrina was still sleeping peacefully when her mother arrived. David, whose arms were getting slightly tired by now, gratefully stowed the bags in the trunk before sliding into the car and settling Sabrina on his lap. Her head was lying against his side, and she had a peaceful expression.

“Dave, thanks for your foresight. I think the crash affected her more than it seems…”

“Yeah. Did you buy the things?”

“Yes, they’re in the boot. I’ll leave the package and the rest of the things in my room, and you can tell her when you think its appropriate.”

“Uh, should we put one on her now? Cos she’s asleep and might wet…”

“I don’t think she needs one now. She just went, for one, and for another, she only seems to wet when she had a nightmare. She looks quite peaceful now.” In the rearview mirror, Mrs Lecarr studied the protective way David cradled Sabrina and decided there might be something more than ‘just friendship’ forming between the two. It wasn’t the boyfriend-girlfriend thing, she figured, but more of a kind of sibling bond forming between the two. Well, that was all to the best, considering they were going to the same school when the new term began. She smiled and continued driving.

Sabrina stirred and open her eyes when she felt a little tugging motion at her feet. She groggily opened her eyes and realised that she was being carried by someone who was stepping over the doorstep of her house’s garage door and taking off her shoes. She liked the feeling of being carried and enjoyed it for awhile before memory came flooding back. She felt like crying again, but suppressed it and lifted her head to see who was the one carrying her.

A familiar face looked back at her, David’s. He grinned and asked her “Had a nice nap?”

“Yes.” Instead of squirming to try and get loose, to David’s surprise she instead rested her head back against his shoulder. “Can you carry me up to my room?” She whispered into his ear.

“Sure, just let me unload my backpack first.” setting her down on the couch, he shook off his backpack and opened it, releasing a strong smell of pee.

“Phew! At least it didn’t actually get on my bag!” David commented, pinching his nose with one hand and grabbing the bag that held Sabrina’s wet clothes with the other. Sabrina bit her lip and looked away as David went to soak them in detergent. After awhile, she realised she needed to pee again, got up and went to the toilet.

David was waiting for her when she emerged. “Well, looks like you made it this time!” He teased her.

She turned red, replying, “That was just an accident, Dave, I can make it to the toilet most of the time!”

Just then, Mrs Lecarr came down the stairs again. She spoke to David softly in english, “I got some wipes, powder, cream, a changing mat and the Pampers size sixes. They’re in my room.” Switching back to french, she continued, “Right, then, I’m going off now! David, her bedtime is at ten, but get her ready by nine. Help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge, and i’ve called a pizza for your dinners. Make sure she brushes her teeth before bed, please. See you tommorrow, princess!”

“Err, Mrs Lecarr…” David tenatively ventured. “Erm…well…how do i put this…”

“Yes, David? Don’t worry, speak bluntly. I don’t have any sensibilities at all to be offended.”

“Well…its just that you know…Sabrina’s a girl, and I’m a guy, and well…if i want to change her diaper i’ll have to touch her…sensitive areas…” His ears were slightly red. Mrs Lecarr chuckled.

“Don’t worry about that. I trust you not to take advantage of her. You’re her best friend, not some neighbourhood child molester or a Wonderland clubber, so I don’t have any problems. Does that answer your question?”

“Yes, Mrs Lecarr, thanks!” Relieved, David went back into the house as Mrs Lecarr locked the garage door and drove off.

Sabrina was in her room, taking a shower. David went to dig out the two DVDs from the bags and spent the next five minutes figuring out how to work the player. When he heard the shower stop running, he went upstairs to her room and knocked on the door, trying to find a proper way to tell Sabrina that she had to wear diapers.

“Hey 'Brina, can I come in?”

“Sure! Give me a minute!” About a minute and a half later, she unlocked the door, wearing a green t-shirt and a pair of shorts, her hair still wet.

“Err, Sabrina, I have something to tell you…”

“What is it? Oh, has the pizza arrived yet?”

“No, it hasn’t. No, its just that…Well…since you arrived in America, you’ve been having some problems, right?”

“Yep. Why?”


Sabrina interrupted him “Oh, are you going to teach me English? Thats great! When we went out, I had NO idea what everyone around me was saying, which made things really difficult…” she caught sight of the confused look on David’s face, and frowned. “I mean, aren’t you?”

“What? Oh, er…yeah! Sure!” Just then the doorbell rang. “That must be the pizza man! I’ll go get the door!”

Once outside, he mentally kicked himself for his idiocy. Oh well, he thought, I’ll tell her about it later.

After they had finished the pizza, Sabrina chose to watch Ice Age first, busily snacking on nachos and drinking the pepsi that had come with the pizza. She loved it. They had played it in English with French subtitles in the hope that Sabrina would pick up some english words, making it sound wierd to her, but she was engrossed by the french translation.

After the one and a half hour long movie, David sent her upstairs to change into her pajamas. He then went into her parent’s room and brought out the bundle of diaper stuff, placing it just out of sight behind the door. Then, he opened her door and walked in as she was pulling up her pants.

“Sabrina, I have something very important to tell you,” He said glumly. This could be the end of a beautiful friendship…

“What is it?”

“Well…you know how you’ve been having accidents recently?”

Sabrina flushed and bit her lip, giving a slow nod.

“Well…in case you don’t know, thats been three times so far, one at the mall, one last night, and one after the accident yesterday…”

She began to cry, and Dave quickly gathered her into his arms.

“It’s ok, 'brina, don’t cry, we know they were accidents…”

“Yes, but they only happen to me!”

“Come on, that’s not true. I wet the bed too, after a car accident when i was eight, all the way until i was twelve…”

Sabrina raised her tear-streaked face. “You did?”

“Yeah, and my parents found a solution for me that your parents and i think you should try tonight. Can you do that? We can take you off it once you stop wetting at night.”

Sabrina looked at him curiously. “What is it?”

“Well…trust me. So can you do that?” He raised his hand.

Sabrina hesitated, and finally slapped it. “Deal.”

“Alright, I’ll go get it. Don’t move…”

David picked up the diapers and changing stuff and pushed them into the room.

Sabrina caught sight of the diapers, and horrified, look up at Dave’s apologetic face.

“I’m not going to wear those!” She screamed. “I’m not a baby! I don’t wear those!”

“Now, 'brina, don’t throw a fit…”

“NO! I don’t want to!”

Dave sighed and walked over to her. He gently put his arms around her, and she collapsed, crying into his shirt.

“Please don’t make me…” she whimpered. “I don’t want to be a baby…”

“We’re not calling you a baby, 'brina, we’re just trying to help you.”

“By putting me back in baby diapers!” she cried.

“Its just for awhile, seriously, until you stop wetting!”

“I don’t want to!” She screamed.

David held her face away and gave her a light slap.

Sabrina was shocked. The boy who was her best friend, her protector even, had just slapped her! She began to cry again.

David pulled her close, resisting her attempts to pull away. “I’m so sorry, 'brina, but you have to calm down! Remember the deal we made?”

Sabrina was still crying, but no longer hysterically, and was just letting the tears flow as she rested her head on his chest. David lifted her and gently placed her on the changing pad. He pulled off her pants, taking the powder and sprinkling it onto her diaper area, before spreading it around. Sabrina was pleading “Please don’t diaper me…I promise i won’t have any more accidents…please…”

“I’m sorry, 'brina, but your parents said you had to…”

He pulled a pamper from the pack and unfolded it. He lifted up her ankles and butt, placing the diaper under it before lowering them, then pulling the front of the diaper up, aligning the two sides and finally taping the diaper up.

He walked over to the crying Sabrina and picked her up, gently rocking her and carrying her downstairs without her pants on, just wearing the diaper. He set her down on the couch and, without any more words, switched on the second video, coming to sit down next to her.

The show soon made Sabrina forget about her diaper as she got involved in Marlin and Dory’s search for Nemo and their adventures. David watched the show too, but watched mainly her. He had seen the show before, many times, and could relate almost the whole show scene for scene if asked. Instead, he looked at his charge for the night enjoying herself in a diaper, and he smiled.

Sabrina yawned halfway through the show as a burst of sleepiness hit her. David, noticing this, gently lifted her and settled her down on his lap. She didn’t protest, absorbed in the show, even resting her head on his arm. The debacle in her room seemed forgotten as she yawned again.

Abruptly, she began to fidget in his arms. He felt her squirming, but she just stayed there, watching, until he paused the show.


“Sabrina, do you have to go pee?”

“Huh? Oh…right!” Sabrina swung herself off to run to the toilet, but stopped when she felt the thick padding between her legs and was reminded about the diaper. “I need to go! Take it off!” She demanded.

“How about you just go into the diaper?”

“No! I’m not a baby!” She shouted. She ran towards the toilet, with Dave following her. He reached the toilet just after her and walked in to untape the diaper when abruptly, she began to cry as the shaking stopped.

“Huh? 'brina?” concerned, he automatically put one hand around her shoulders and asked gently “Whats wrong?”

“I…I…I just wet my diaper!”

He looked down, and saw that the designs on the diaper indeed were fading away and a faint yellow stain showed beneath the plastic cover.

“Oh ‘brina, its’ all right, thats what the diaper’s for…”

“But I’m ten! I shouldn’t be wearing a diaper, or wetting one!”

By now, she had finished her pee, and sat down on the floor with her head between her knees, sobbing. Dave bent down and picked her up, carrying her and bouncing her like a baby.

“Shh, shh, don’t need to cry…you aren’t wet, your diaper absorbed it all, don’t cry…”

“I don’t wanna wear a diaper…”

“Hey, it saved you this once! Besides, i think that it can still hold one or two more wettings, so theres nothing to worry about there…” His words only made her cry harder and bury her head further against his shoulder.

He sat down, rocking her, as her sobs gradually eased. When he happened to glance at the clock, it read 10.30 p.m. That explained it; she was merely grouchy after being up too late.

“Hey, 'brina, lets go to bed, ok? It’s past your bedtime…” He broke off as he realised the rising and falling of her chest wasn’t due to sobs but rather to her sleeping, and laughed to himself. Gently, he carried her up and tucked her into her bed after sliding her pants over her diaper, then quietly left the sleeping girl with her teddy snuggled against her face.

He went down to the couch and kept the DVDs, before stretching out on it to wait for Mr and Mrs Lecarr to arrive. It had been a long day…and…and…

With a yawn, Dave fell asleep on the couch, caught up by the grip of dreamless sleep.

He woke up with a start at the soft sounds of someone crying out and moaning. Running upstairs, he found Sabrina wildly shaking, her face fearful and panicked. He walked over and picked her up, crooning over her and soothing her, until the fear disappeared as she drifted off into more pleasant dreams. He checked her diaper and found it soaked, almost full, and quickly changed it before it leaked. He managed to get the whole job done without her awakening, although she did drowsily smile a bit at the tickling sensation as the cold wet wipe touched her skin and the powder was spread. She didn’t stir when her legs were lifted to slide on the new diaper or when it was taped up.

He heard the front door close as he finished with her diaper and went down to greet the Lecarrs, folding up the used diaper and taking it downstairs to discard. Mrs Lecarr took one look at the wet diaper in his hand and raised an eyebrow.

“So she’s wearing and using them, then?”

“Yes, Mrs Lecarr. I just changed her into a new one after she soaked this, just in case she goes again and it leaks.”

“Ok then. Sorry for coming back so late, the reception ended a bit later than expected. Lets see, its one now, so from five to one is eight hours…which makes sixty-four dollars.”

“Oh, i dozed off just now for about two hours, so its really only five or six…”

“Never mind, that’s ok. Use it for tommorrow, when you’re taking her to the amusement park. I can’t come with you, but I can drop you guys off if you come over early enough. How about that?”

“Sure! I’ll arrive at say…nine?”

“All right. Oh, can you help us buy breakfast? We’ll pay you back, of course, but I doubt either Mr. Lecarr or I would be up by then. Take Sabrina’s keys and let yourself in.”

“No problem, Mrs Lecarr. Good night, and thanks!” David grabbed the keys dangling from a doorhook and strolled across the path to his own house.