Sabrina - Chapter 1

Well I posted this story up on another forum (, but I’ve kinda abandoned that forum. ANYWAY I’ll post it up here so my erstwhile fans (which I think is not a very good idea, cause the regularity and frequency of my updates is like !@#$) can take a look AND i’ll be reminded about it’s existence once in awhile. I seriously haven’t thought about it in over a year.

Some things about this story:

  1. IT’S NOT MY IDEA. It’s a REWRITE of another author’s story which I liked, but which the author abandoned. And now i’ve abandoned it…pffft.

  2. It’s my first ABDL story I ‘wrote’ so the writing style may be a bit crude.

  3. I don’t expect any comments; it’s just for your reading pleasure.

  4. I’m not American, so apologies if i get anything wrong, or insult anyone or anything somehow.

Aaaanyway. on to the story.

“Hurry Up!”, said Sabrina’s mom.

“Yes, I’m almost done…”

Sabrina came out of the hotel room’s bathroom, hurriedly picking up her backpack and leaving the room. Her mom closed the door while her dad started picking up the luggage and heading towards the elevator.

“I’ve never missed a flight and i’ll be damned if i miss this one”, Said Sabrina’s dad.

“We’ll be fine,” Said Sabrina, “I know it. Relax, you always worry when we have to meet a schedule…”

“And you assume too much, Sabrina…” her dad replied affectionately.

Sabrina smiled and followed her parents into the elevator, which merrily whirred them to the hotel lobby. Blond, blue-eyed, rather pretty or cute depending on who you asked, and of average height for her age, she was your typical 10 year old girl. She had two parents, she lived in a residential neighboorhood in the suburbs of Paris, she had lots of girlfriends and went to school like a normal kid. Sabrina’s life was perfectly normal, and it seemed like it would stay that way, up until the phone call that came in late one night at her house. The person on the phone, Sabrina gathered from the few seconds she got to talk to him, was not french. She later learned he was American, and that he was a high-level executive for her dad’s multinational trading firm which, besides having a number of lucrative export/import contracts, had exclusive rights to exporting certain french goods, even one with a grape grower in the Champagne reigon of France. Her father had been promoted, but that promotion meant moving overseas to take charge as the Logistics Manager for the American market. Sabrina wasn’t pleased at all about this, but she tried her best not to show it. She knew better than to act like a spoiled child, and she also knew this promotion meant a lot to her father. So, she’d packed her bags and said goodbye to her friends, and here she was now, on her way to the United States, to a small city near Tampa Florida, called Tarpon springs.

Dave was not your typical 14-year old teenager. Although he was popular in his own way, in his own areas, he did not really enjoy playing sports much. He watched the English Premier League and followed football just like most of his schoolmates, but it was mainly to have something to talk about to his friends than out of any real interest. Just about the only sports he cared about was swimming, at which he was pretty decent and had taken some lifesaving courses, and the occasional game of bowling. His main obession was computers. He was naturally talented at some games, mainly those that relied on reflexes and strategy such as Warcraft and Counterstrike, but didn’t really care for them. What he did like to do was to learn foreign languages and cultures. He had mastered verbal French and Spanish, was passable at basic german, and had even started learning mandrin chinese. Despite all the hours he spent locked to computers, he somehow managed to retain his perfect eyesight. Another of his interests was in performing magic tricks and illusions, and he had grown quite proficient in them. He had even met David Copperfield once, at a US magician’s convention and seminar that he had attended in Florida city when he was eleven, going with a group of about forty-odd other magic nuts under the supervision of some parents. He had made a bit of money from his amateur shows at parties, which he was good at. Sleight-of-hand was his forte. His parents were pretty normal - his father was a pharmacist, his mother a teacher at a grade school (not the one he was attending, and he regularly thanked his lucky stars for that). He was also one of those extremely lucky people who seemed to gain a well-defined and muscled body with a minimum of effort, and was also the proud possessor of an iron six-pack. He lived in a small city near Tampa Florida, called Tarpon Springs, around the suburbs of the city, just opposite the public pool.

Sabrina was about to fall asleep as the Taxi mini-van pulled up in front of her house, wincing as the glare from one of the other house’s spotlights. She got out and began pulling bags from the trunk as her dad paid the cabbie, including a rather generous tip for the driver’s aid in unloading. They unlocked the front gate and shifted their bags to the door of the dimly-lit house, before her mom found the keys and opened the door to the house.

When they stepped in and switched on the hallway light, the first thing that hit Sabrina was the smell. The place smelled like it hadn’t been aired out for a month! But she was too tired to say anything, instead simply dragging her bag up to a room on the second floor, dumping it on the ground and falling asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.

Meanwhile, Dave wasn’t sleeping, as usual during the summer holidays. He was reading an engrossing novel, the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. He knew the plot twist after reading two of the author’s other three books, but the information the book postulated was astounding. Enthralled, he read on, until He heard a car arriving and voices outside and poked his head through his window to check it out. He first saw two people carrying some luggage towards the pool. Then he noticed a third, smaller person behind them. “This must be the new family my mom was talking about earlier,” David thought. He caught a glimpse of Sabrina in the house’s security spolights and admired her sleek blonde hair. He guessed her to be 9 or 10. He considered popping down to introduce himself, but figured he’d let them all rest for the night and deal with the jet-lag before he went over. Suprising himself with a yawn, Dave put his book down on the bedside table and turned the light off for the night.

Sabrina woke up slowly. Judging by the light outside, she guessed it to be late morning. She could hear in the far distance the laughter of children splashing around in the pool. She got up and went downstairs. Some of the luggage had been opened and clothes were spread out everywhere in the living room. “Mom”, she yelled, but no answer came. She then saw a note on the kitchen counter. She picked it up and read it:

“Sabrina, Me and your dad have gone out to rent a car and get some food for later. Your key is on the kitchen board with some money, lock the door if you go out. We’ll be back by 5pm, in the meanwhile we left you a McDonalds Happy Meal in the fridge for breakfast. The Mcdonald’s is just down the road, so you can buy food from there if you’re hungry. Don’t stray too far… Love, Mom.”

Sabrina looked around the kitchen for the “board”, and found it. It was a piece of cardboard pinned to the wall, where her key rested on a nail. She took it and put it in her pocket. She went back upstairs, took a shower, changed, and came back down. She was about to start eating when the doorbell rang.

“I wonder who this could be, maybe mom and dad came back earlier…”, Sabrina thought.

She opened the door and found herself face to face with a brown haired, broad shouldered boy with a friendly face who was about one head taller than she was. She guessed him to be 13 or 14, and quite cute. Sabrina started to panic, since she hardly knew any English besides “Hello”, so that’s what she decided to say:


“Hi, I’m David, your neighboor, but call me Dave. Nice to meet you!” Said the boy as he extended his hand towards Sabrina. She hadn’t understood a word of what he had said, but she’d guessed he wanted to shake her hand, so that’s what she did…

“Erm… Sabrina,” She said, pointing towards her chest.

“Dave.” he said, pointing towards his own chest. “Err…do you speak english?”

Sabrina stared at the boy - Dave, she gathered - understanding absolutely nothing he had said. She asked in french “Do you speak french?”

“Oh! well, I speak french rather fluently. Just don’t ask me to read it!” Davud said with a smile. In french.

Sabrina looked at him and started laughing.

“Thank god, i was about to close the door, i don’t speak english at all!” Said Sabrina, blushing. “The two of us standing there and gesturing like idiots…”

“Yes, I know.” the boy said, chuckling a little. “Anyway, let me just repeat what i said earlier. I’m David, your neighboor, but call me Dave. Nice to meet you! Can i come in?”

“Sure!” said Sabrina. “I was just about to eat…”

“Actually, That’s what i came here for. I wanted to invite you over to the pool. There’s a barbecue party going on, just me and my cousins who are visiting for the day. I thought that maybe you could come and eat there, and also swim a bit, since i saw your parents leave in the morning…”

Sabrina suddenly realised the boy was carrying a small backpack with a towel poking out from it and wearing what looked like swim shorts. “Oh sure, let me go get in my bathing suit,” she said, turning back into the house and bounding up the staircase.

“Maybe you should leave a note to your parents, so they don’t start worrying if they come back and find the house empty and throw a fit.” Dave called up.

“Yeah, knowing them, they’d probably call up the Embassy and create an international ruckus…” replied Sabrina.

Five minutes later, the two of them were heading towards the pool with their towels in hand, chatting merrily in fast-spoken French.

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A few spelling and grammer errors but an interesting start. Please bring more.