Ruth and Bill. Update 12/12/15 Chps 1-6

Like a lot of men, Bill thought he was different. He was wrong.


‘What?’ said Bill, blinking up at his wife Ruth, who was sitting up in bed, wide awake. ‘What time is it?’

‘It’s time to get up, but look at this!’ Ruth said, shifting herself to one side of the bed.

The big wet circle on the bottom sheet spread out from Bill’s hips. Bill felt a flush of fear suffuse his body. This couldn’t be happening to him. He stared at the disaster.

‘Don’t just lie there, Bill, give me a hand, please,’ said Ruth, getting out of bed and dragging the upper bedclothes off the mattress.

Bill stood mutely in his sodden pyjamas. He didn’t know what to say.

‘Sorry, Ruth,’ he said, searching her face for a sign of forgiveness.

‘Sorry won’t help, Bill. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. Here, put this in the washing machine, please. I’ll ring Jane and we’ll try to get you sorted out,’ Ruth said.

‘I don’t need sorting out,’ Bill protested. ‘It was just a one-off. I’m sure of it.’

Ruth looked steadily at her husband.

‘We’ve got to get on top of this, Bill,’ she said. ‘And I don’t want any more “Not me, I’m different”, OK? You’re just a man, Bill, like any other man. You read the papers, Bill.’

‘I try not to,’ replied Bill as he gathered up the wet sheet.

Ruth rolled her eyes.

‘You can toss your pj’s in too,’ she said. ‘Top and bottom. The back of your top is all wet.’

Bill glanced back at Ruth as he left the room. It’s OK for her, he thought. The New Woman. Three months of bliss - no more work, playing golf, lounging around the house… OK, a few chores, but they were easy enough. Like doing the washing. Bill had that down pat. Clothes in, powder in, spin the dials, set and forget. Even hanging things out was a cinch. Plenty of pegs to hand, start at the far end. It just needed planning.

The rise of women in management had reached a kind of tipping point a few years ago, then a small tidal wave of young women seemed to fill any available positions. It was the same with politics. Men seemed to have had a mass change of heart, or got smart, more like it, Bill used to tell himself. Why not leave it to the women? They think they know everything anyway. Life was to short to spend organising halfwits for little return. The fun had gone out of it.

Even socially, things had changed. One of Bill’s mates at work had been sacked for telling a blonde joke. You had to be kidding. The poor guy’s boss overheard him, and she went ballistic, quoting the new Workplace Behaviour Rules at him before telling him he had done his dash. Even the other guy, the one who laughed, only hung on by the skin of his teeth. He was put on three month’s probation, and was demoted from area manager to merchandiser. He did the work trainees used to do. He lasted about a week, then told the bitch to stick it. That was the end of him.

Bill didn’t agree with the new rules, or the elevation of women’s sport and all the rest of it. He had given notice, at the urging of Ruth, actually, but he was glad to be home for a while. He thought he’d wait it out until enough guys got pissed off with the way things were going and redressed the balance of things.

The trouble is, they never did.

Bill had been home now for almost four months. It had been mostly good. He had a few gripes. The new management at the golf club had restricted men to two days a week, and the championship games were now all-female. Or all New Women, to be correct. That was a bummer, but complaining was a banning offence, and caddying for one of the big swinging New Women at least got him onto the course on Saturdays. The bar was women only, at least for alcohol now, but one good effect of the sugary Elixir he was on was that he lost his taste for beer and scotch.

The Elixir was supposed to help men adjust to their new roles. As an ‘Authorised Provider’ Jane dispensed the stuff. Bill would have quietly spat out his doses, but he had to be swabbed once a month, a bit like a racehorse, he thought, and if your saliva showed you weren’t taking your dose, you were sent for ‘Adjustment’. One of Bill’s old golfing four had been ‘readjusted’, and now he was practically scared of his own shadow. He’d given up golf, and his wife now used his clubs. When Bill asked her how he was getting on, the guy’s wife had laughed, and said ‘As well as could be expected.’ Bill didn’t want to ask any more. To tell the truth, he was feeling a bit intimidated by some of these bossy New Women himself. Roll on the revolution, he told himself.

‘Jane can see us at 10:30,’ Ruth called from the kitchen. ‘You’ve got time to do the dishes and clean things up around here. I’ll come back and pick you up.’

Not driving was another jolt to the system. At least the Elixir stopped him from getting to upset about it, Bill thought. What was the point? It was rare to see a man driving these days, unless he was delivering something somewhere. The way these women drove made Bill feel a lot better as a passenger anyway. At least that was his excuse to himself for feeling so frightened of the other cars hurtling around the roads these days.

Bill finished in the laundry and went, naked as he often was now walking around the house, into the bathroom to have a shower. I pissed the bed, he thought angrily. He’d heard of it happening to other guys, but hoped it was a sort of urban myth. Like the stories of men having to give up their credit cards and bank accounts to their wives. You heard stories.

‘What the hell?’ said Bill as he stood in front of the toilet.

There was a sticker on the cistern showing the silhouette of a guy pissing, in a red circle with a bar through it. Next to it was a green square with a man sitting on the toilet. There was a big green tick over the image. Underneath the pictures, it said Male Hygiene Is Your Business.

Bill had his piss, then went to look for Ruth. She was packing her briefcase and was getting ready to leave.

‘What’s that bullshit on the toilet?’ he asked.

‘It’s not bullshit, Bill, as you so crudely out it. It came in the mail.’ Ruth said. ‘They’re taking the urinals out of hotels and clubs, too, if you hadn’t noticed. Standing to pee is filthy, at home as well as anywhere else. I hope you sat down just then.’

Bill felt as if he should say something in his defence, but what was the use?

‘No,’ he said. ‘I just read it.’

‘For heaven’s sake, Bill,’ Ruth said. ‘Hygiene. And after you’ve wet the bed, too. I want you sitting from now on. For everything. Is that understood?’

That was the problem. Ruth, like most women now, seemed to think she was in charge. Her command and expectation of obedience in this case was only a little thing, but it was symptomatic of a lot more.

‘Bill?’ she prompted him. ‘Hullo?’

‘Yeah, OK,’ said Bill. ‘But I’m…’

‘But nothing, Bill, you’re sitting from now on. Look at me and tell me that you will sit to use the toilet, please?’

Bill took a deep breath. He knew this routine.

‘I will sit to use the toiket from now on, Ruth,’ he said.

‘That’s better,’ said Ruth. ‘I’ll be back at 10. Dishes. Bye, honey.’

Ruth blew him a kiss. Bill felt a bit better, and smiled back at her.

‘Bye,’ he said.

Sitting to piss wasn’t such a big deal, he thought.

To be continued.

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Another new story WOW thanks very muc SallyKat. Inspiration must have come knocking.

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Ruth and Bill Chapter 2

10 o’clock came around soon enough. Bill had finished the dishes, tidied the kitchen, made the bed and put some clothes on by the time Ruth returned to take him to the doctor.

‘I don’t want to go,’ said Bill, standing his ground as Ruth tried to lead him to the front door.

‘Bill, do you want me to get cross?’ asked Ruth, holding the front door open and grasping Bill’s reluctant arm with the other.

‘No,’ said Bill grumpily.

‘Well, come on then. It’s for your own good,’ Ruth said as they headed to her car.

For my own good, thought Bill. How many times had he heard that since things had changed. Every time men lost something to these powerful women, it was ‘for our own good’.

‘Have you got clean undies on?’ asked Ruth as she held the passenger door open for Bill.

‘Of course,’ said Bill. ‘Is there going to be a physical?’

‘There may be,’ said Ruth. ‘Last time I looked at your underwear, there was a damp patch, that’s all.’

‘That’s normal,’ said Bill. ‘Just drips, you know?’

Ruth was silent for a moment.

‘Well, from now on, I want you wiping as well as sitting to pee, OK? If that doesn’t help, I might put you in pants with a liner,’ said Ruth.

‘Those things!’ said Bill.

He had seen the ads.

‘I don’t need them!’ he said hotly.

‘Valerie has put John in them. He was ‘dripping’ too. So there’s no reason you shouldn’t have them if you have the same problem,’ replied Ruth matter-of-factly. ‘John’s wetting at night too, by the way.’

Bill thought of his friend John, who had cut a recent phone conversation with Bill short ‘because Val doesn’t like me spending too long on the phone’. John was turning into a wuss, Bill had decided.

‘So what?’ said Bill. ‘And anyway, you probably drip a bit into your panties too, sometimes,’ he added, feeling proud that he was still able to stand up to his wife.

Ruth hit the brakes hard, and pulled over to the side of the road. She turned to Bill and glared at him. Bill felt his bravado evaporate, and felt a tightening in his stomach.

‘Bill, you do not ever say that sort of thing about women,’ Ruth said angrily. ‘Any woman, and especially to me. You are in no position to talk about women’s personal matters like that. You are right out of order. I want an apology, and some respect.’

‘I’m sorry, Ruth,’ he said, feeling quite frightened. ‘I really am. I apologise.’

‘That’s better. Just remember, if you’d said something like that to anyone in public, you’d probably be heading for Adjustment. Think about that, and try to be a little bit grown up.’ said Ruth, releasing the brake and turning back onto the bitumen.

Bill sat quietly. He wondered if there was something in the Elixir that made him so timid when Ruth got angry. Ruth was right, too. There had been one or two times lately when he had peed slightly in his pants, when he was very tired, or when he was surprised, or a long way from a bathroom. He thought Ruth hadn’t noticed. After all, he did most of the laundry. Was she checking the dirty laundry, he wondered. He certainly couldn’t ask her that. He decided that he would have to be careful it didn’t happen again.

It had been a couple of months at least since Ruth had taken Bill to Jane’s clinic.

Ruth spoke to the receptionist, and they walked into the waiting room. There were two other couples there, the men sitting quietly while the women talked. The two women smiled and nodded at Ruth, and Bill averted his eyes and sat next to her. Bill glanced at the other men. One of them looked quite emotional, or unhappy at least, and was holding his wife’s hand.

A door opened and a pretty nurse strode in.

‘Sue Thomas and Andy,’ she said, looking at one of the couples.

The wife of the hand-holding man stood up, but the man stayed put. He began to cry.

‘Andy, don’t be silly,’ she told him. ‘We’ve talked about this, remember? Lots of men wear them now. It’s quite normal.’

Andy looked quickly around the room as he followed his wife through the door. Bill thought he looked utterly ashamed.

The door shut behind the couple, and Bill looked up and around the room. On the wall, there was the usual poster extolling the virtues of the Elixir. ‘Elixir makes your man a happy man’ it said, under a beaming picture of a slightly chubby-faced man looking up at his rather handsome-looking wife.

Next to it there was a new poster that Bill hadn’t seen before. It showed a similarly striking wife looking down with satisfaction at a man half curled up on a bed. The man was wearing a pyjama top and what looked like large, thick white underpants. Under the image it said ‘Your man will sleep better and so will you. Rest easy with him in fully washable Confi-Pants. Solutions for night and daywear.’

Bill’s eyes widened as he realised what the Confi-Pants were. He looked urgently at Ruth. To his horror, she seemed to be looking at the poster too. She put her hand on Bill’s thigh and smiled at him.

He was about to say something when another door opened and the tall figure of Jane appeared.

‘Hi Ruth,’ said Jane. ‘Good to see you. Do come in, please.’

‘Hi Bill,’ Jane added as Ruth led the way through the door.

To be continued.

Short, but more soon.

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Confipants seem nice :slight_smile:

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Ruth and Bill Chapter 3

Bill sat silently while Ruth and Jane talked.

‘How’s he been?’ Jane asked.

Bill was used to women talking about himi front of him. Ruth gave Jane a rundown on recent events. Bill cringed as Ruth detailed his bedwetting, and even described the damp patches on his underwear. At last, the doctor turned to Bill. He felt as if he had only just become visible.

‘Well, Bill,’ she said. ‘We have been having a few problems, haven’t we?’

Bill nodded. He felt both embarrassed and annoyed, but he knew now was not the time to vent his feelings, if there ever was a suitable time.

‘You’re not alone, Bill,’ Jane continued. ‘Lots of men experience a lessening of bladder control. It’s quite normal and not a big issue. There are some excellent products to help you, and you know you have Ruth’s support, and of course my support, too. The main thing, though, is that you accept what’s happening. There’s no shame in it at all. In fact, lots of my patients are men just like you, and they are very grateful for the help available. I think you will be too, Bill.’

Ruth looked at Bill with an expression of compassion. Bill felt the tears welling up in his eyes.

‘Oh, Bill,’ said Jane. ‘I’m sure it’s not easy for you to accept help with this, but you do need help honey. Can you stand up, please?’

Bill stood uncertainly. Jane got up from her chair. She put on a pair of latex gloves, which made Bill wonder what she was going to do next. Jane reached down and put her hand to Bill’s crotch.

‘Look, Bill,’ she said.

Bill looked down at his tan chinos. There was a wet patch between his legs, extending in a little half moon halfway up his fly and for a few inches down each inner thigh the material was dark and wet. Bill’s heart missed a beat. When did that happpen, he thought. He looked desperately at Jane as she withdrew her hand and stood facing him.

‘I didn’t, I mean, I didn’t know that…’ he stammered.

‘it’s OK, Bill,’ said Jane kindly. ‘As I said, you are very far from alone. Most men now are experiencing exactly what you are going through. It’s a part of the big changes you are going through. Women understand, and we can help.’

‘Why?’ asked Bill, trying hard to control his emotions.

He had heard vague stories about men needing diapers. It wasn’t going to happen to him, he had thought. He was different. Sure, he ahd a few little trickles from time to time, and OK, he had wet the bed. But that was a one off. Like last time, he thought, then remembered that ‘last time’ was years ago, when he was in his early teens.

‘Because there are a lot of changes going on,’ said Jane. ‘Changes in the way we live, and changes in our own behaviour, Bill. In women’s behaviour, and in men’s. It’s all for the better. you know that we don’t have an army now, and the ladies who run things get together regularly to make sure that the world continues to be a peacefiul place. You men are much happier now. You’re being properly cared for, and part of that care is what I’m talking about now. You want to be properly looked after, don’t you Bill? Having your needs met, and living a happy, comfortable life?’

Bill couldn’t argue with that.

‘Yes,’ he said.

He flexed his thigh muscles. He could feel now that he had wet his pants. Here, of all places, he thought miserably. He could feel his bottom lip trembling, and he began to cry. Then he felt Ruth’s arms ambracing him, and Jane or no Jane, he buried his head in her soft breasts.

The room was quiet except for Bill’s gentle sobbing.

‘It’s alright, Bill,’ Jane cooed, nodding at Ruth as she carefully took Bill’s arm and led him to the low padded table at one side of the consulting room. She left Bill standing in front of the table while she opened a cupboard and withdrew an odd, bowl shaped plastic container. Bill stared at it, It looked like a big dog bowl with a profiled top.

‘Bill, I’m going to take your wet pants off, OK?’ said Jane, as she unbuttoned Bill’s pants at the waist.

Ruth was standing next to Bill, stroking his hair.

‘It’s alright, baby,’ she told him. ‘Jane is just helping you.’

Bill stood stiffly as Jane pulled his pants down, exposing his wet underpants. He tried to stifle his sobs.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said through his tears.

‘Shh, Bill,’ said Jane. ‘There’s no need to be sorry. This is all very natural, and you’re being a very good boy about it.’

Bill felt like a child as Jane took of his shoes and pulled each leg of his pants over his feet. Jane’s fingers worked his underpants down his legs and took those off too. Bill felt himself blushing as Jane squatted in front of him. She would be looking straight at his bare genitals, he thought.

‘That wasn’t so bad, was it?’ said Jane as she stood up. ‘Now, I want you to just pop yourself on here and have a wee. Can you do that for me?’

Jane indicated the dog bowl-like container on the floor. Bill responded in a daze. The light pressure of Jane’s hands as she guided him onto the bowl. Bill looked at Ruth for support. She smiled lovingly back at him.

As Bill sat on the plastic bowl, Jane reached down and tucked his penis behind a small raised protion of the bowl in front of him. The curved flange around the rim made it quite comfortable to sit on. In his sitting position, with his knees bent up in front of him, Bill found himself almost automatically peeing. He listened to the splashing of his urine into the bowl. It wasn’t long before the stream stopped.

‘Good boy, Bill!’ said Jane.

Bill actually felt a rush of pleasure at the compliment. He had been feeling threatened by the doctor, and scared of what was going to happen next, but now he remembered what he was doing. He remembered too, quite clearly, his mother’s approval last time he had used the potty. That’s what it was, he thought, happy that he had reminded himself of the word. It was a potty. An adult one, but still a potty.

‘Good boy, Billie.’ his mother had said. ‘I’m very proud of you.’

Ruth rufffled his hair as he stood up.

‘Good boy, Bill, I’m very proud of you,’ she said, smiling at him then suddenly kissing him.

Bill felt wonderful.

‘Now, Bill, up we get,’ said Jane, helping him onto the padded bench.

Bill complied with a grin. He had been feeling embarrassed and shameful about wetting his pants, but it was different now. He felt quite proud of having won approval from the two women.

‘I’m just going to have a good look at you, Bill,’ said Jane.

She pulled Bill’s shoirt up to his chest, and began a routine of squeezing and pressing his stomach. Then she produced a stethoscope, and listened to his heart. After a minute, she picked up a jar, and opened it. She dipped her fingers in the jar, and applied some cool cream to Bill’s privates.

‘This is just part of your treatment,’ she reassured Bill as he started at the touch of her fingers. Jane wiped the cream around his penis and scrotum, and smeared it around his groin and lower tummy. The she turned him over, and Bill twitched again as she applied it to the soft flesh of his buttocks.

Bill looked at Ruth, who was still smiling, and held his hand. Bill felt reassured. He really was being looked after.

Next came the oral swab Bill had every time he visited the clinic. It only took a moment, and Jane entered the result on an iPad on her desk.

‘All good,’ she said, ‘And that’s it, Bill. Down you pop,’

As Bill climbed off the table, Jane held out some puffy-looking white underpants.

‘Don’t worry, Billie,’ she said. ‘These are perfectly comfortable. They’ll stop the cream getting on your clothes, and if you have another accident, they’ll stop you getting a wet patch. As I said, most men wear these now.’

Bill put one leg into the pants as Jane held the waist open for him. Ruth squeezed his hand as he put his other leg in. Jane pulled the pants up past his waist. Bill felt the elasticated waist pressing slightly on his torso, and more elastic around the legholes lightly gripping his thighs. Tentatively, he put one hand to his crotch. He could just feel his genitalia beneath the material. His fingers slid around a little. The material seemed to be in layers, with a slippery layer somewhere in between.

‘They feel a little different, Bill,’ explained Jane. ‘That’s because of they way they’re made to help you stay comfortable. Most men really like them.’

‘Do you wear these?’ asked Bill.

He wondered as soon as he said it if it was a silly question. But did women wear them?

Jane laughed pleasantly and smiled at Bill.

‘No, honey, we’re women. But men need them, and that’s why you are wearing them,’ she said.

‘Do girls wear them?’ Bill continued.

‘No, honey, but little boys do. There’s no need to worry. I live with a boy, a man, who wears them all the time. And he wets his bed just like you. So you needn’t worry. And it’s a lot better than wettting your pants, isn’t it?’ Jane said.

They were warm and comfortable. And Bill felt relieved at not having to worry about his little trickles any more. Jane was right. He did need looking after, and she and Ruth were doing just that.

‘What about my pants?’ Bill asked suddenly. He couldn’t go home in his new underpants.

‘Just see Annie on your way out,’ said Jane. ‘She’ll have something for you. I’ll put these in a bag for the wash,’ she added, folding Bill’s wet chinos and placing them in a plastic bag which she handed to Ruth.

‘I do the washing!’ said Bill proudly.

‘I’m sure you do,’ said Jane with a smile. ‘You’re a very clever boy.’

Bill beamed with pride. To think he had not wanted to come here today, he thought. Now, not only did he feel much better about his occasional accidents, but he had had nothing but compliments from Jane since he had arrived.

‘You’re nice,’ he said, grinning thankfully at Jane.

‘So are you, honeybunch,’ replied Jane.

‘Thanks so much, Jane,’ said Ruth, taking Bill’s hand as she turned to the door.

‘Glad to help,’ said Jane. ‘Annie will have your things. Can I have a quick word, Ruth?’

Ruth ushered Bill through the door.

‘Just wait in the waiting room, honey. I won’t be long,’ she said, and turned back to Jane, who reached around Ruth and gently closed the door.

Bill looked around the now empty waiting room. He looked again at the posters. He wasn’t sure if he should be proud or ashamed that he was now like one of the men in the posters, happily looking up at his wife in his puffy panties. At least he didn’t need those big thick ones at night. Bill decided that he would not wet the bed again.

Before leaving the clinic, Ruth took Bill into a side room where Annie, a pretty young nurse, greeted Bill with a smile and helped him into some new pants. They were a bit like track pants but tighter, and just pulled up. Bill was glad not to have to go outside in just his underpants. Annie left Bill’s shirt loose outside the stretchy pants. Bill looked down at his crotch. It looked different now, a little bit pufffy, he thought, but at least it was dry.

Bill led the way out, followed by Ruth who carried a large carton. Once they were outside, Bill noticed another couple walking towards the clinic. The man was dressed in the same stretchy pants as he had on, and he felt pleased to know that he was still like everyone else.

Ruth put the carton on the passenger seat, and got Bill into the back seat.

‘You were very good in there, Bill, apart from one little cry. I think you deserve an ice cream. How about that?’ asked Ruth as she clicked his seat belt around him.

‘Yes please!’ said Bill.

To be continued.

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Another awesome chapter. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks SallyKat

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Ruth and Bill Chapter 4

Bill sat in the back seat, licking his icecream.

The golf club wasn’t far from their home, and Ruth said that she wanted to call in to sign some card or something for Saturday. She had started playing regularly, and while Bill had at first been upset that he could no longer play, he soon realised that there was nothing to be done about it. Last Saturday, he had stayed at home alone for a few hours while Ruth played her round. He had felt a bit lonely, as he was in the habit of spending his Saturdays socialising, but as Ruth explained, the other men were at home too while the women played, so Bill was content to amuse himself with his computer games or to watch TV.

When they reached the carpark, Ruth left to go to the clubhouse. Bill sat in the back seat, with nothing much to do.

He had finished the last of his icecream, and was sitting back in the seat when there was a tap on the window. Bill looked up to see Erica Smith, the wife of one of his old golfing partners. He wound the window down.

‘Hi Bill!’ said Erica.

‘Hi Erica,’ replied Bill.

He saw that Tom, his golfing buddy, was standing next to Erica. He didn’t look happy.

‘Here’s Bill,’ Erica said. ‘Say hi, darling.’

Tom hardly glanced at Bill.

‘Hi,’ he said, then tried to pull away from Erica. Bill saw that Erica had him firmly by the hand.

‘Tom, behave!’ said Erica. ‘Do you want another smacking?’

‘I’m sorry, Bill,’ said Erica, turning back to him. ‘We went to the golf club and he didn’t want to leave. I didn’t see Ruth. Is she inside?’

‘Yes,’ said Bill. ‘She’s signing something.’

‘Oh, good,’ said Erica. ‘That will be for the four on Saturday.’

‘I don’t know,’ said Bill.

‘Tom! Stop that!’ said Erica, tugging again at Tom’s arm as he tried to pull away from her.

‘I’d better go,’ said Erica. ‘I hope you’re better behaved than this one,’ she added over her shoulder as she dragged Tom further into the carpark.

Bill watched them go. Erica looked tall and strong in her designer jeans next to Tom, who like Bill had lost a lot of condition and was getting a little chubby. Tom was wearing a brightly coloured top and the same tight pants Bill had on now. Bill was surprised to see how full and bulky Tom’s pants looked. He looked as though he was diapered.

Bill sat and thought. He was wearing padded underpants, too, he thought. Not a diaper, but still padded pants. If that hadn’t been common now, as Jane and Ruth had told him, he would have felt childish. Bill moved a little in the seat, and his pants felt different. He pressed his fingers behind to his groin. He was definitely wet. He wondered when that had happened. He wondered what Ruth would say. He had to tell her. He knew that.

Ruth arrived a few minutes later, and got into the car.

‘Are you OK, honey?’ she asked, turning in her seat to Bill.

‘Yep,’ said Bill. ‘I saw Erica and Tom.’

‘Did you honey?’ said Ruth. ‘That was nice.’

‘I think Tom had a, you know, one of those thick things on,’ said Bill. ‘I saw it.’

Ruth was quiet for a moment.

‘Yes, Erica mentioned that. He wets a lot at night, Bill, and he’s been wetting in the daytime too,’ said Ruth.

Bill’s heart beat a little faster. He had to tell her.

‘Ruth, I’m a bit wet, I think,’ said Bill.

He wished he didn’t have to say that straight after what Ruth had said about Tom.

Ruth didn’t answer immediately.

‘That’s alright, Bill,’ she said, looking a little concerned. ‘I’ll change you when we get home.’

‘I can do it,’ said Bill defensively. ‘They only pull on.’

‘Of course they do, honey,’ said Ruth. ‘Sorry. Now, I have to pick up a few groceries on the way home, and that’s it.’

Bill sat back again, and they drove off. It seemed odd to see Erica telling Tom she was going to smack him again. Tom, who not long ago had been having a beer with Bill after a round of golf, telling his sexist jokes and laughing about Erica complaining about the time he spent in the golf club. Now, it looked as though she was definitely in charge, and Tom was wearing a diaper.

‘She said she would spank him,’ Bill said as they drove along.

‘Who said that?’ asked Ruth, surprised.

‘Erica,’ said Bill. ‘She said she would smack Tom again if he didn’t behave.’

‘Well, honey, he was probably being naughty,’ said Ruth.

She wasn’t quite sure how to handle this, she realised. She’d discussed the matter of discipline with Jane during the last few visits, and had a long conversation with the community services adviser Jane had suggested she call. The CSAs were a part of the government’s transition strategy. While the Elixir made men more accepting and docile, it also simplified their thinking to some extent, and sometimes the men would become frustrated, not understanding the reason they couldn’t have what they wanted at that moment, for example. Bill had been pretty good so far, but the adviser had warned Ruth that he could become self-willed and rebellious despite the Elixir. It was quite normal, and was best treated on the spot with a harsh word, a firm smack or corner time, or in more serious cases, a proper spanking. If the bad behaviour continued, there were available training sessions which the men could be enrolled in. It was also likely that Bill’s bladder control would deteriorate further, and diapers 24/7 were a common outcome.

Ruth found the concept weirdly attractive, and was quite interested to see how long it would be before the potty and diapers in the carton Jane had given her would be part of Bill’s life. In the carton was a big packet of pullups, so there would be no problem with changing him when they got home.

In the back seat, Bill stretched out his arms and yawned. At the same time, he experienced a pleasurable sensation in his groin. He closed his eyes, and only when he had stopped stretching and sat up again, he realised that he had just soaked his pants with a long, steady pee.

Then he felt another sensation. he wasn’t feeling unhappy, just mildly shocked, but his eyes began to water, and he caught his breath. He remember the feeling from long ago. He needed Ruth’s attention, now. A moment later, he could hear himself crying loudly. He couldn’t stop.

What is happening to me, he wondered, then gave himself up to his tears.

To be continued.

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Thank you for the update. I look forward to reading your stories when something new is added.

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An enjoyable read- looking forward to more. ^^

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This hits all of my favorite themes SallyKAT. Please continue. Also, I’d be happy to commission a long term story of this nature. Your one of my longtime favorites. If anyone knows of other stories with similar themes please let me know.
-Role reversal, Female dominated world, emasculation, humiliation, embarrassment, age regression, diapers-
Jennifer Loraine - Who wears the pants
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Re: Ruth and Bill. Chapters 1 - 4

charlie22, I have read most of the stories on your list and enjoyed them too. I’m just sorry mine aren’t finished yet!

Sam and Jess seems to have disappeared, sadly, but Peter’s Girl is still there, at Valkyrie I think. I haven’t read The New World or I’ve Got One At Home Just Like Him - I’ll look for them.

Each of the other stories is excellent, and each has some especially delicious bits!


Re: Ruth and Bill. Chapters 1 - 4

Ruth and Bill Chapter 5

Arriving home, Ruth helped Bill out of the car. It wasn’t hard for Ruth to guess what the problem was, especially after her chat with Jane at the clinic. Daytime wetting was likely to become prevalent, Jane had said, as boys’ bodies became more acclimatised to the Elixir. Ruth just hadn’t expected the development to happen so suddenly. Neither, apparently, had poor Bill, she thought as she tried to calm him down and led him into the house.

‘It’s OK, honey,’ she told him. ‘What happened is quite normal. Jane explained it. She looks after Tom, as you know, and she said he was having daytime accidents too. It’s not a big deal, just part of the way the Elixir works. The bonus is that it’s keeping you happy.’

‘I was happy before, and I wasn’t wetting my pants,’ Bill told her, wiping his eyes then pulling at the front of his soaked pants. ‘And I didn’t cry so much before, either.’

‘Don’t worry, honey,’ Ruth assured him. ‘And you weren’t really very happy before, were you? Remember all the stress at work? All that worry about your figures?’

Bill wasn’t sure he did remember much about that. He remembered when he used to go into the city centre all the time. He wasn’t even quite sure any more what he used to do there. Every time he thought of it, he felt uncomfortable. He was happy now, he knew that too. He liked being at home, and he liked Ruth looking after him. He had lots of nice things to do at home. Ruth had got things for him to do - games and fun videos to watch.

Bill stopped worrying about his wet pants for a moment, and looked at Ruth. He was so lucky to have her really. And he liked the Elixir, too. Every time he had his dose, it made him feel better. Ruth was right. Wet pants weren’t a big deal. It was like when he wet the bed. Lots of men did that - the ads on TV showed that. No-one minded, and like the men in the ads, he had someone to look after him if he woke up wet.

‘Lets go inside and get you changed,’ said Ruth, glad Bill seemed to be cheering up. ‘It’s time for your Elixir, too,’ she added. ‘You’ve moved up to strawberry now. Doesn’t that sound nice?’

Bill nodded. The orange Elixir he’d been having was good, and Ruth had said next time they saw Jane he’d be getting a new flavour. He followed Ruth into the house, looking forward to the new flavour.

In the kitchen, Ruth put the carton she had been given at the clinic on the bench, and opened it to take out the bottle of reddish Elixir.

‘You can have some now,’ she told Bill, ‘Then we’ll deal with your pants, OK.’

That sounded good to Bill. He was eager to try the strawberry Elixir, and he took the glass of rosy looking liquid from Ruth and enjoyed the smooth, velvety feel of the liquid in his mouth. As usual, he felt the pleasant tingling sensation sensation on his tongue as he tasted the fresh, strawberry flavour. Within a few seconds of swallowing his first mouthful, he began to feel on top of the world.

‘How does that taste?’ asked Ruth, watching Bill as he emptied the glass.

‘Great,’ said Bill.

‘Jane said it would,’ said Ruth. ‘Now, you hop into the bedroom and take of your pants, then have a quick shower and we’ll get you dressed again.’

Bill did as he was told. He stripped off his soaked pants and and top and went to the bathroom. In the shower, he began soaping himself, enjoying the feeling of the warm water on his soapy skin. It wasn’t until he was rinsing off the soap that he noticed that his pubic hair had gone. His first reaction was to giggle at how funny his dick and balls looked with no hair. They felt different too. He wasn’t sure what it meant. Ruth would know, he thought, then his mind began to drift to other things, as it always did after he had had his Elixir. He looked up as Ruth came into the room.

‘Look!’ he said, giggling as he showed her his denuded crotch.

‘I know, sweetie,’ Ruth replied.

Jane had told him that the Elixir would stop him worrying about the effects of the depilatory cream. He was probably going to need daytime protection soon, she had said, and loss of his pubic hair was essential for proper hygiene.

‘Do you remember Jane putting cream on you? It’s much better not to have all that hair. You’ll be much more comfortable, and it’s healthier too,’ Ruth said.

‘You’ve got hair,’ Bill said.

‘I’m a woman, honey,’ Ruth said. ‘Now, back to the bedroom and onto the bed please.’

Bill trotted into the bedroom.

To be continued.

Re: Ruth and Bill. Chapters 1 - 4

I hope that you have been busy with fun and exciting things Miss Sally :slight_smile:

Re: Ruth and Bill. Chapters 1 - 4

i am quite new to this site but have already become a fan of your SallyKat (except i note that sometimes stories don’t have an ending!). This story has great possibilities and i wondered if you are going to add more chapters. i certainly hope so!!!

Re: Ruth and Bill. Chapters 1 - 4

That’s quite a compliment, Babyjennie. I’ll try to live up to it. As for my stories not having an ending - that’s very well spotted, Freddie. I can only agree. I’m working to find out what’s causing it. ; )

Re: Ruth and Bill. Chapter 6

Ruth and Bill Chapter 6

‘No!’ Bill almost shouted as he saw what Ruth was spreading out on the bed next to where he lay, newly hairless and as naked as the day he was born.

‘Bill, please be grown up about this,’ Ruth replied in a steady voice.

She’d discussed the change with the doctor, and expected some resistance. Apart from anything else, the doctor had said, Bill will increasingly react to alterations in his routine. His bedtime, for example; even where Ruth sat him for his meals, and the plate and cup he used. His world is shrinking, if you like, the doctor had told Ruth, and little things in it are growing in importance, in Bill’s mind, at least, the doctor said.

Ruth watched Bill squirming on the bed. He looked as though he was about to get up.

Ruth administered a sharp slap to Bill’s pink buttock as he began to roll onto his side. It had the desired effect. Bill froze, and looked in confusion at Ruth. She had never hit him before. Ruth seized the moment, and addressed her husband sternly.

‘Bill!’ she said. ‘I said be a grown-up for a minute. this is no different from what you wear every night, except that it’s cheaper, and Jane says it will be more comfortable and more effective. So co-operate, or I’ll get really cross with you. I don’t want to do that, but I will. Now, behave yourself and lift up.’

Bill’s lower lip was trembling as his eyes remained fixed on Ruth’s impassive face.

‘Ruth, it’s,’ he began but was cut off.

‘I know what it is,’ replied Ruth. ‘It’s a better, cheaper alternative to your night-time diapers, which cost nearly two dollars each and which you are now using two or three of every night.’

It was true. Ruth put Bill in his diaper every evening at around 6pm, straight after she gave him his dinner. His bedtime was 7 o’clock now - his acceptance of that had been another little battle - and he was often wet by then and needed a change. Ruth usually got up early, and let Bill stay in bed for an hour or two longer, but he usually woke when she got up and needed another change then. It had become another routine, and although Bill told himself that he only wet his diaper because he was wearing it - an odd logic but one which seemed correct to Bill - he did the sum in his head and came up with 6 dollars per night and 35 dollars every week. Or 60 dollars per week. He wasn’t sure, and tried rethinking the sum but got even more confused. he furrowed his brow, and tried again.

‘Bill!’ shouted Ruth as she moved back from the bed.

Bill felt the problem before he realised what it was. He was peeing volubly, the urine running from his soft penis, between his thighs and onto the bedspread. He caught his breath, turned away from Ruth and tried to stop peeing, gripping his genitals with one hand as the lest of his pee trickled between his fingers and onto the bed. His emotions welled up and he slipped into the familiar territory of tearful apology to his wife.

‘Oh, for heaven’s sake, Bill,’ said Ruth crossly. ‘I know you can’t help it, but this is the second time you’ve wet like that in the last two days, isn’t it?’

Bill honestly couldn’t remember. He remembered wetting in the car yesterday, but that wasn’t it.

Ruth shook some talc generously onto Bill’s groin, patted it around his little penis and balls then manhandled Bill’s rump upwards with his sobbing assistance and tugged the thick white towelling beneath him.

‘I’ll deal with the bedspread when you’re tucked in,’ she said. ‘I know you’re upset, but I want you to stop crying and help me a bit.’

Bill did his best, biting his lip and trying to stifle the next sob. He could feel the towelling diaper tightening as Ruth produced some diaper pins and tugged the cloth tightly across his tummy. The towelling was soft and warm, but that wasn’t the point.

‘Now this material isn’t waterproof, so you’ll have to wear plastic panties too. These,’ Ruth said, producing a folded, transparent square and opening it up.

Bill looked silently at the big, plastic pants. He never thought he would have to wear something like that. He’d never even seen any posters of men in those. His thoughts swirled.

‘There,’ said Ruth. ‘Now, into bed, and I’ll change the bedspread. The rest of the bedding might be OK.’

Bill lay quietly as Ruth pulled the bedclothes up to his chin. It was clearly too late to complain about the new diaper being a baby diaper. Ruth had explained why he had to wear it, and he was in no position to argue, having just wet all over the bed. Still, the whole episode had been a shock.

‘He’ll accept it sooner or later,’ the doctor had told Ruth. ‘It shouldn’t take long with the Elixir. He may complain of feeling babyish - that’s quite common. That isn’t all bad, in fact. You said Bill doesn’t have a favourite toy yet, didn’t you? If he says anything about feeling infantile, it would be a good time to introduce something like that into the picture. It will help him settle in future. If the opportunity arises.’

Ruth had been surprised at the doctor’s words.

‘And,’ the doctor had gone on, ‘Psychologically, that sort of interaction might be good for you too. It will bring you closer to him. It has for other women. It’s a natural expansion of our roles. you might even enjoy it.’

Jane had smiled as she said those last words, and Ruth hoped she hadn’t noticed the slight rush of pleasure that had raced through Ruth’s being.

Ruth wasn’t sure how guilty she should feel about how she was enjoying personally what after all was a well worked out social transformation aimed at ensuring the sustainability and stability of society. Ruth’s friend Erica had said a couple of things about how she felt looking after her husband which had resonated, but Ruth hadn’t felt she wanted to share her own feelings at this stage. however, she couldn’t deny the strange pleasure she got from just thinking about how dependent Bill had become. And now she had just pinned him into a baby diaper, tucked him in and was considering which soft toy would be best for him.

Ruth looked at Bill, who seemed a little out of it. He was just lying there, looking at her. Ruth stood up from where she had been sitting on the bed after getting Bill settled in for the night. She leant over him and kissed his forehead.

‘How do you feel, honey?’ she asked, noticing the silent tears were slowly coursing down Bill’s cheeks.

‘Ruth, I, I feel like, like a baby, Ruth,’ he managed before breaking into a sob again. ‘Baby pants…’ he said between sobs, and turned his face to the pillow.

Ruth watched him for a second, stroking the back of his head. What Jane had said was true. Ruth understood what a special, not to mention erotic, moment this was. She turned from Bill and picked up the big bag Jane had given her. There was something in the bottom of it. Ruth reached in and pulled out a small vacuum packed yellow object. She pulled art the seal along one side, and extracted the contents, which appeared to inflate into a fluffy yellow ball. she teased it out a bit, and realised it was a bright yellow teddy bear. A girl bear, apparently, as it was wearing a little dotted pink skirt and had red lips and big black eyes. A piece of pink paper fell from it onto the bed as it assumed its proper size. Ruth read Jane’s neat script:

‘Tell him it’s from you, with my approval, he’ll love it.’

Ruth smiled. How lucky we are, she thought, to have a doctor like Jane looking after things.

‘Honey,’ Ruth said, gently shaking Bill’s shoulder. ‘Ive got a present for you, from Jane and me.’

Bill turned slowly. Ruth saw that he’d stopped crying.

‘Here you are,’ Ruth said.

Bill’s eyes tried to focus on the yellow thing in front of him. the word ‘present’ had cheered him up. He had been thinking that he’d been reduced to being a baby. In his sleepy state, he’d been afraid that he might have to wear baby diapers all the time, and people would think he was a baby. Ruth was still grown up, spo was Erica and Jane. Bill had begun to feel quite alone in the way he was being treated. But now, a present - that derailed his unhappy thoughts. He blinked and smiled at the bright yellow object. The colour was nice, whatever it was, he thought. He dug one hand from under the bedclothes and reached out for the bear. Realisation dawned.

‘It’s a teddy,’ he said, half in pleasure and half in question.

‘Yes,’ said Ruth. ‘She’s for you. Doctor Jane thought you should have her. She’s from me too.’

Bill’s mind was filled with thoughts of how nice Jane had been to him. She was a doctor, too, so the fleeting thought that he shouldn’t have a teddy bear evaporated as soon as it appeared. His main emotion was of joy that he wasn’t alone, that despite being put in the awful pants, Ruth and Jane cared for him, and that their care was symbolised by the teddy bear. Bill squeezed it. It was so soft, he thought. A new, simpler thought took over. He wasn’t alone now.

‘Thank you,’ he said, his face glowing with happiness.

He felt himself peeing again, but he didn’t care.

‘Thank you Mommy,’ he said happliy, his eyes beginning to close as he held the bear next to his face on the pillow. ‘I mean, Ruth,’ he corrected himself sleepliy.

Ruth felt another rush of emotion course through her body, and clenched her pelvic muscles to try to hold onto it. After a moment, she bent down and kissed Bill again, and stroked the bear’s yellow coat.

‘What are you going to call her, honey?’ Ruth asked.

Bill didn’t open his eyes.

‘Doctor Jane,’ he replied. ‘Thank…’

Bill’s light voice trailed off has he fell asleep.

Re: Ruth and Bill. Update 12/12/15 Chps 1-6

Wow, a Sally Kat story with a new chapte! I really like your descent into infancy themes and you do write well, but your habit of dropping a story after a few chapters was frustrating. Please take this one to completion. Also is there any chance of revisiting any other unfinished tales?

Re: Ruth and Bill. Update 12/12/15 Chps 1-6

Thxs for the great update again, love it

Re: Ruth and Bill. Update 12/12/15 Chps 1-6

I’m trying to finish the unfinished stories I have around here.

I’ve also been thinking about various comments that I tend to write only variations on one plot - a man being infantilised by a strong woman. That’s true, but the questions for me are whether I should try to break out of that, and if what I wrote would be any good, my heart not being in it, so to speak. I’m going to give it a try, anyway. But first, I want to finish these unfinished stories.

I’m glad that there are people who do enjoy my one note sambas, anyway. I enjoy writing them, just as I enjoy, in my idle moments, fantasising about that particular plot.

Re: Ruth and Bill. Update 12/12/15 Chps 1-6

Thanks so much for another chapter Sallykat. I really look forward to your stories.