Running in the Snow

…for lack of a better name.

Hi, first post here. I’ve been lurking for some time and it looks like this site is one of the few that won’t send me packing for having nasty content or minors in my stories (PG-13 fetish boards are an oxymoron, yet they exist.)

I’ve got a few stories out on the web already, usually under “Zeke” or “Vearenyr” so I might be reposting those with some corrections if I have the time to read over them again. I’m usually at a lack for spare time so stories take forever and are frequently unfinished. This one is done however, but I’m not sure whether to post it here or in the “completed stories” board. If critique is in this board, then I’ll post here because I surely need it.

Anyway, enough of that crap, on to the story.

Running in the Snow

“Katie! Why haven’t you gotten out of bed?”

“It’s a snow day, Mommy, I don’t have school.”

“That doesn’t mean you can lie around in bed all day. Come on, get up, it’s almost nine o’clock.”

“Josh was gonna do laundry today right?” Katie sat up an looked around.

“Yes, why?” Her mother looked puzzled.

“When’s he gonna be back?”

“Not until this evening at least.”

“Huh? But why?” Katie looked up at her mother suddenly.

“He just called me a minute ago. The laundromat is packed and he’s got several loads to do. After that, he’s taking his car to the shop to have it serviced and when that’s done, he needs to pick up several things at the store. Also, he said that someone had a wreck on the bridge just after he went through. The police have closed it until further notice. They said they hope it’ll be open again by mid-afternoon.”

“Aw man.” Katie pouted, slumping back into her pile of pillows.

“What does Josh have to do with you getting out of bed? Get up, get dressed, and come have some breakfast before it’s lunch time.” Her mother put a hand on her hips.

“'Cause I don’t any underwear.”

“You what?”

“It’s all in the laundry.”

“How come you didn’t say anything sooner?”

“I forgot, plus I thought Josh would be back by now.” Katie shrugged sheepishly.

“Oh my goodness, Katie! What am I gonna do with you?” Her mother rolled her eyes and threw her hands in the air."

“Let me stay in bed until Josh gets back?” The little girl queried hopefully.

“Not a chance young lady. You still have chores to do. Wait, what are you wearing now?”

Katie threw the covers back. “Just these pajama bottoms.”

“Well you’ll have to wear that for now. Are you absolutely sure you don’t have anything else?”

“I checked last night, I couldn’t find a thing. I tore the whole room apart trying to find some.”

“I see that, and that’s what I want you to take care of after breakfast.”

“What’s that?”

“Your room Katie, it’s a wreck. I want you to clean it.” Her mother sounded a little frustrated.


After breakfast, Katie began sorting through the piles that dominated her bedroom. Thirty minutes of cleaning had made a difference, but still left a great deal to do. Her mother was just down the hall, digging through wardrobes and boxes of her own stuff.

“Good job Katie.” Her mother stopped as she was passing the door, carrying a box of old clothes.

“Thanks. I still haven’t found anything to wear though.”

“I guess you’ll have to stay in your room all day then. I won’t let you out of there in your pajamas.”

Katie gasped and looked up, only to see her mother grinning widely. “Ohhh!” She fumed. “Go away!”

“Don’t worry honey, I found you something to wear!” Her mother called from down the hall.

Katie Jumped up. “Really!? Where?”

“Right here!” Her mother popped around the corner, still grinning, and tossed a package into the room. Katie tried to catch it, but it went tumbling against the wall. She stopped when she went to pick it up.

“Really?” She asked quietly, turning to her mother with a solemn expression.

“Of course not silly. Eleven year-olds don’t need to wear diapers.” Her mother laughed.

And that’s what they were, the bright pink and blue package read ‘Baby Diapers’ on the front, and had several pictures of diapered babies playing happily.

“Aw.” Katie sighed. “I really thought you found something to wear.”

“I’m sorry sweetie.” Her mother apologized, seeing that her joke was less than a success. “I was just messing with you. Look, I’ll see if there’s anything for you to wear in this all my old boxes.”

“Okay Mommy.”

“You keep cleaning your room, there’s probably something buried under all that stuff.”

“I doubt it, I’ve already gone through most of this stuff.” Katie gestured around.

“Well if you do a good job, I’ll bake some cookies later.”

Katie smiled approval and her mother left to keep organizing her own stuff.

Before Katie returned to her cleaning, she saw a group of her friends all playing in the yard. Knocking on the window, she got the attention of Charlotte, one of her close friends. Charlotte waved and beckoned for her to come out, Katie only shook her head and shrugged. Charlotte waved again and returned to the rest of the kids. Katie resumed her less interesting task of cleaning up her room.

“Mommy?” Katie called as her mother passed.


“Can I go outside and play with my friends?”

“I’d love to let you, but you only have your jeans to wear, and those are too rough to be worn without underwear.”

“Man, this stinks.” Katie kicked a doll under the bed.

“You can stay inside for one day at least. How about you read a book or something?”

Katie said nothing as her mother left. The next forty minutes dragged on very slowly as she finished putting everything away. When she was done, she sat down on the bed to sulk.

Eventually her mother poked her head in the door.

“Looks good. I’ll bake a batch of cookies in a few minutes. Why don’t you spend your time reading instead of sitting there with your arms crossed?”

“Eh…” Katie gazed toward the window.

“Suit yourself.” Her mother shrugged and walked away.

Katie remained quietly unhappy for a few minutes. Then her gaze drifted longingly to the window where she could see her group of friends building a snowman together. Oh how she wished to play outside with them. She looked around the room for something, anything, maybe even just an idea.

Her gaze settled on the package that her mother had tossed in earlier.

A couple minutes later Katie shuffled slowly into the kitchen.

“Mommy, can I go outside now?” She asked sheepishly.

Her mother Turned around to see Katie standing in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but a shirt and a diaper.

“Oh my goodness!” She exclaimed. “Katie, you know that was a joke, right? I didn’t really mean for you to wear a diaper.”

“I know, I really want to go outside and play, but there’s nothing else to wear.” Katie said seriously.

“Katie dear, if you really want to go play that badly, I’m sure I can find something for you to wear instead of this.” Her mother was crouching in front of her.

“It’s okay, I’d rather just go and play instead of trying to find something.” Katie didn’t bat an eye as she looked into her mother’s face.

There was silence for a few moments.

“Alright Katie, if it’s okay with you, you can go play. But if you want, I’ll go try and find something for you to wear.” Her mother rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Thanks Mommy, but I’ll be fine with this.” Katie forced a smile.

“Okay then, go ahead and get dressed.”

Katie shuffled off, crinkling as she went. The diaper fit her surprisingly well, yet the bulk between her legs either made her waddle slightly or it cause her rear end to twist dramatically with each step.

Katie was still questioning why she’d put the diaper on, why she’d told her mother, and why she wasn’t horrifically embarrassed about the whole thing. Nevertheless, she was wearing it; no point turning back now, right? Of course not! Over her diaper, she slid her jeans; and over her shirt, a sweater. Next came her snow pants which really were insulated overalls. After putting her boots on, she donned her coat, scarf, hat and gloves. Finally, she could go outside and play.

She hesitated at the door to the mud room. This was it, this was the last thing separating her from playing with her friends while wearing a diaper. As she opened the door, she felt the cold on her face, but the rest of her body was snug and warm. The bulk of her diaper was constantly noticeable, but any odd movement it caused was covered up by trudging through the snow in winter clothing. Crinkling, waddling, extra padding around the rear, it was all undetectable. If ever there was a time for wearing a diaper and no one finding out, this was it.

“Hi Katie!” Shouted a couple of the kids.

“We’re about to start hide and seek, wanna play?” Todd asked.

“Sure.” Katie replied happily, and ran to join them.

“Okay, here’s how we’re gonna do it. It’ll be like tag, except you hide first.” Sam explained.

“That’s how we always play.” Pointed out one of the girls.

“I know, I’m just sayin’. Anyway, this snowman will be base, and instead of tagging, you have to hit someone with a snowball. Sound good?” Sam waited for a response.

A generally affirmative overlap of voices came next. Sam grinned widely.

“In that case. . .” He looked across the small gathering. “NOT IT!”

“Not it!” “Not it.” “Not it!”
“Not it.” “Not it.” “Not it!”
Everyone nearly shouted at once. Nearly.

“Well Jessica, looks like you’re it.” Charlotte announced.

“Aw come on, you didn’t give me a chance.”

“That’s the point.” Todd said sarcastically.

Jessica stared at him for a second and closed her eyes. “One one-thousand, two one-thousand . . .”

Everyone bolted, some quickly diving into nearby hiding spots, others opting for greater distance between them and ‘It.’ Katie made quickly for the woods, dashing several yards into the trees. Quickly she spotted a massive, overturned stump, and ducked into a small space on the other side. For a few seconds, she could hear the other kids running about frantically. Suddenly she heard footsteps that were very close.

“Hi Katie, mind if I join you?” Charlotte smiled as she squeezed herself into the space beside Katie.

“Yes I mind. Go find you own spot.” Katie tried to push her friend away.

“Ready or not; here I come!” The distant announcement rang through the woods.

“Too late now.” Charlotte giggled.

“Fine, just don’t give me away.” Katie said in a huff.

For the next couple minutes, there was complete silence. No footsteps or voices or anything could be heard.
“Oh man, I hate it when this happens.” Charlotte whispered.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be able to hear her coming.”

“No, I mean when you’re hiding and you suddenly need to pee really badly.” Charlotte was now shifting her position.

“Oh for crying out loud.” Katie rolled her eyes.

“Don’t act like this never happened to you.”

Katie had to admit, suddenly needing to pee in the middle of hide-and-seek was a common problem. It struck her as ironic that she would be wearing a diaper, yet Charlotte was the one who needed to pee. She almost told Charlotte about the diaper, but then decided against it. After all, she knew she wouldn’t even consider using it if she was the one who had to pee. On top of that, Charlotte was known for accidentally letting secrets slip out.

“Oh man, I don’t think I can hold it much longer.” The desperate girl was wincing and holding herself.

“Then go.” Katie said bluntly.

Her friend gave her an odd look.

“To the bathroom.” Katie elaborated, rolling her eyes.

Charlotte peeked over the stump. Seeing no one, she hurried through the woods toward Katie’s house. Katie moved to watch and suddenly her stomach gurgled loudly. Something had shifted drastically inside her.

“Time out!” She heard Charlotte yell, holding her hands up in a ‘T’ shape.

From her hiding spot, Katie could see Jessica approach Charlotte and the two of them spoke briefly. The latter was prancing frantically while Jessica pointed around and waved her arms. Finally, Jessica shrugged and Charlotte took off sprinting toward the house.

“Okay, that’s it! No more time-outs!” Jessica yelled at the hiding children.

Katie’s belly gurgled and bubbled as she watched. She knew what it meant and was about to call her own time-out when Jessica made the announcement that shattered her plans. Quickly, Katie squeezed into her hiding spot once again and hoped the round would be over soon.

Unfortunately it wasn’t. She could hear Jessica crunching through the snow nearby. Her belly continued to gurgle more and more rapidly until the pressure suddenly shifted downwards. All at once she knew she had to go, but it wasn’t just poop, it was much worse. The all too familiar burning sensation was pinpointed at her rear; she knew she couldn’t hold it for long.

“Come on, come on, go away already.” Katie mumbled to herself. She had shifted to sitting on her heel in hopes of holding the pressure inside. Her stomach kept gurgling as she heard Jessica’s footsteps subside.

Silently she thanked everything she could think of as she crept from her spot and peered around. There was no way Jessica would let her go even if she called a time out. In her panic, she could only think that her diaper might somehow be found out if she tried to get out of being ‘It.’ Worse still was that she knew Jessica was easily the fastest runner out of them all, chances are she might even tackle her instead of just tagging her. A violent shock was the last thing she needed right now.

As quickly and as quietly as she could possibly manage in her current condition, she stole through the woods toward her house. Just as she neared the edge of the woods, she heard Jessica shout her name. Clenching as hard as she could, Katie snaked her way around a row of bushes and through a cluster of cedar trees. On the other side, she found the door to their old tool shed slightly ajar. Yanking it open, she jumped inside and shut the door, being careful not to slam it and possibly give her position away.

For a few seconds, the urgency of her mad dash allowed her relief from the burning pressure, but now it returned with renewed force. Outside she could hear Jessica stomping around, furiously trying to find her. She held her breath and clutched her middle as she leaned against the door.



Not even a footstep.


Katie nearly screamed as she stumbled forward. Jessica had thrown a snowball against the shed door in anger. The shock caused Katie to lose her focus for just a second. A few droplets squeezed their way out of her. She whimpered softly as she felt her control giving way. Quivering, she held on for a few more desperate seconds; then she relaxed.

Immediately a torrent of diarrhea gushed out of her. She could feel large clumps squeezing through as the runny mess poured into her diaper. Gas bubbled and her diaper sagged as the slop spread to each end of the garment. When it finally stopped, Katie found herself crying. Why did this have to happen to her?

Now all she wanted to do was get changed; to be rid of the awfulness against her. Drying her tears, she slowly opened the shed door and took a few steps toward the house. Her objective was interrupted as a snowball hit her in the back of the head.

“You’re it!” Jessica yelled triumphantly.

Katie froze with panic. Could she try and get inside now? It would surely take some time to clean up, then everyone would say she just bailed out of being ‘It.’ On the other hand, did she even have a choice? Could she really take even a single second more of feeling that mess smearing itself against her bottom?

“Aw man!” Katie exclaimed, brushing the snow off. She couldn’t risk it; she had to pretend that nothing was out of the ordinary.

Most of the other kids had already shown up, and Charlotte had just returned from the bathroom. It took only a minute to gather the whole group by the snowman in the front yard.

“Okay everyone, Katie is it.” Jessica announced. “Same rules as before, count to one hundred, use snowballs to tag. And no time-outs this time!”

“What?” Charlotte shrugged as Jessica stared at her. “I had to go, sue me.”

“Okay, then.” Katie covered her eyes and started counting. “One one-thousand, two one-thousand . . .”

She could hear footsteps running in all directions as she counted. Barely a minute into her counting, she felt more pressure. Since she had no chance to make it to the bathroom this time, she barely resisted. Several more large clumps piled into the already soiled diaper, weighing it down further. The worst part was that with her snug jeans and other winter clothes, there was no room for anything to sag. It was all constantly pressed against her.

“Ready or not; here I come!” Katie yelled, turning around.

Hoping against hope that she’d find someone quickly, Katie hurried toward the back yard. With each step, sticky poop oozed back and forth between her legs. There was nothing to be done except keep walking as it worked its was into every possible space in her diaper.

She first checked near the house, then around the car, then as she reached the back yard; she peeked into the shed. Finding nothing, she suddenly remembered to make a snowball. Katie made her way to the patch of cedar trees where most of the snow was undisturbed. She grimaced when she bent to scoop up snow because the movement had squeezed the mess toward the front of her diaper.

Snowball in hand, she looked around the trees and started walking along the row of bushes by the woods’ edge. As she came to the midway point, she felt she had to pee. This she just let go as she ruled that there was no point bothering to hold it now. She bent slightly as the warm trickle hissed into her awaiting diaper. The front of her diaper was now warm and most, but the back had cooled, causing it to be even more uncomfortable.

When she finished, she began to straighten herself but stopped. Staring closely for a moment, she realized that what she was see was, in fact, a boot. Underneath one of the bushes, she could barely see a brown boot next to a small pile of leaves. As she got closer, she could make out the shape of the person attached to the boot. Leaning down, Katie drew back her arm and threw the snowball under the bush, striking the person in the knee.

“Come out of there, I got you!” Katie commanded.

Various grumblings were heard as the defeated emerged from their hiding place.

“Alright, I’m it.” Todd admitted.

“Okay everyone, you can come out now.!” They began yelling as the made their way to the front yard.

Katie waited anxiously while the children gathered around the snowman. Was it just because she was in a hurry, or was everyone taking their sweet time? Finally they were all there and Katie started walking toward her front door.

“Where are you going Katie?” Todd asked. “I’m it now.”

“I gotta use the bathroom, you guys go on without me.” She called over her shoulder.

“Hang on a sec, I gotta go too.” Sam dashed after her. “Don’t worry guys, I’ll only take a sec.”

Katie and Sam stomped some of the snow off outside and entered the mud room. They quickly took their boots off before entering the kitchen.

“You can go first.” Katie said. “I’m gonna be a little while.”

“Okay, thanks.” Sam fortunately didn’t suspect a thing.

“Excuse me Mrs. White, may I use your restroom?” He greeted Katie’s mother as the stood in the kitchen.

“Yes you may, Sam.” She replied with a smile. Without a word, he hurried down the hall and around the corner.

Katie’s mother instantly noticed that something was wrong. Katie herself was on the verge of tears.

“What’s the matter honey?” She asked, drying her hands.

Katie only sniffled and glanced down the hall after Sam. Her mother nodded understanding and just waited. In a minute, Sam returned and thanked Katie’s mother. Katie continued to remain silent until she heard the mud room door shut.

“Can you tell me now?” Her mother approached.

Katie only cried for a minute, while her mother waited patiently.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She prodded as the sobs quieted.

“No, I’m . . . I.” Katie sniffled and then looked her mother in the eyes. “I didn’t make it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I . . . I . . . I pooped in my pants, Mommy.” She hung her head.

“Oh my goodness Katie, how?” Her mother was already pulling off her gloves and hat.

“I was hiding and I had diarrhea. I couldn’t get back in time.”
“Well let’s get you cleaned up right away, go to the bathroom, I’ll be there in a second.”

Katie obeyed and her mother finished pulling things out of the oven. Katie only stood in the center of the bathroom and didn’t move.

“Okay honey, start taking everything off. Anything that’s dirty, put in the hamper, anything that’s still clean, toss over there in a pile. I’m going to get you some clean stuff to wear.” She hurried away to Katie’s room.

Katie unwound her scarf and tossed it aside, followed by her coat. Next she removed her sweater and then slid her pants down. Finding everything clean, she threw it all in a pile until she was wearing only a pink top and a very messy diaper.

“I’m sorry honey.” Her mother returned a minute later. “I’m having a hard time finding anything for you to wear.”

She eye’d the little girl for a minute, then the pile of clothes.

“It seems only one item got dirty, that’s good at least. But what can you wear in place of it?”

Katie said nothing for a minute. “Can’t I just wear another um . . . diaper?”

“Well, I uh . . . guess you can. If that’s what you want, that is . . . I didn’t think you’d want to wear another one.” Katie’s mother was really quite flabbergasted.

“I don’t really want to wear it; but I’d rather wear a clean one than the one I have now.”

“Katie, if you don’t want to wear it, you don’t have to. I’ll find something else, don’t worry. It’ll just take me a few minutes.”

“It’s okay Mommy, I just want to be clean. It doesn’t bother me to wear a diaper again.” She smiled to reassure her mother.

“Are you sure Katie?” Her mother gave a skeptical look.

“Yes, I’d rather be clean now instead of trying to find something else; really.”

“Alright, if you say so.” Her mother left for a few seconds, returning with a clean diaper in hand. “Here you go, if you need anything else, just ask.”

Katie suddenly looked very shy. “Mommy.” She mumbled, scuffing at the floor.

“Yes dear?”

“I don’t know how to change a diaper.”

“Oh, I uh . . . you want me to . . .?” Her mother wasn’t sure if she was reading this correctly as a request.

“Will you please change me?”

“Of course sweetie, I’m here to help.”

Without another word, Katie handed the diaper back to her mother and lay down on the floor. For a second, her mother didn’t move, it had been a long time since she’d changed any diapers. After she collected herself, she moved into action. Grabbing an old towel from the cupboard, she laid it down next to the little girl; Katie moved on top of it. Next she grabbed a few washcloths and set them in the sink with the hot water running.

“I don’t still have any wipes, she those will have to do.” She said aloud, mostly to herself.

Next, she knelt down beside her daughter and peeled back the tapes on her diaper.

“I’m not sick or anything.” Katie began as she lifted for her mother. “I think something I ate just didn’t settle well.”

“I tried to make it back to the house, but we were playing hide-and-seek. Charlotte already called one time-out, and Jessica tagged me right after I had my uh . . . accident.” Her mother was using the diaper itself to scrape as much of the mess from Katie’s backside as she could. She had to use all of her will not to gag on the awful smell that came when she removed the diaper. But her daughter had just gone through a potentially traumatizing event, so she said nothing, allowing Katie to tell the full story while she changed her.

“And the only thing I could do was play along. I didn’t want anyone to find out what happened, she said I had to count and then try and find someone. While I was counting, I had another small accident and then later, I had to pee, so I just went. I didn’t even try to hold it.”

At this point, her mother couldn’t even think of anything to say if she wanted. Instead, she began wiping away the last of the mess with the warm, damp washcloths.

“Are you mad at me?” Katie had been staring at the ceiling, but now looked over at her mother.

“Of course not, why would I be?” With the cleaning finished, her mother grabbed the fresh diaper.

“'Cause I’m not supposed to wet my pants on purpose, right?”

“Well this is a special situation, so let me ask you something: did any of the other kids find out?”

“Uh, no.” Katie shrugged.

“Then you did the right thing. Now are you sure you want another diaper?” She help up the garment in question.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Katie nodded.

“Then lift please.”

Katie obeyed and her mother slid the clean diaper under her bottom. As she lowered herself onto it, she could feel its soft bulk crinkle; what a difference it was from the sticky, horrible, much that she had previously been subjected to. Deftly, her mother pulled the front up between Katie’s legs and taped it securely into place.

“All done.” She announced with a smile.

Katie got up and gave her mother a hug. “Thanks Mommy.”

“Anything for my little girl.”

Katie picked up her pants and stepped into them.

“What are you gonna do now?” Her mother asked as Katie began to clothe herself again.

“I’m gonna go back outside if that’s okay.” Katie put on her coat and hat.

“Alright, have fun.” Her mother assisted by wrapping the scarf around her. “Remember, I’m here if you need anything, even another change.”

“I don’t plan on it.” Katie replied, noting her mother’s playful grin.

In the mud room, she slipped her boots on and reached for the door.

“Not before you have a cookie.” Her mother stopped her, holding out a chocolate chip cookie, fresh from the oven.

“Thank you.” Katie said with a mouthful of the tasty treat.

Turning to the door again, Katie pushed it open and leaped out into the snow where her friends were still playing. Now she could enjoy herself again, wrapped in the soft comfort of a clean diaper.

Re: Running in the Snow

A nice little story. I wonder if Katie will find diapers so convenient that she wears them often, then finds herself becoming dependent on them…

Re: Running in the Snow

I loved this. I would love to hear more about Katie.