Rules on underage characters

Are there any guidelines as to what exactly is allowed when it comes to underage characters in stories on this forum? Is mentioning of any sort of abuse allowed as long as it serves a meaningful purpose to the story? Would I be allowed to mention prior abuse towards a character in a story and it not get the whole story taken down? Would I get flagged for mentioning the child was a product of an incestant relationship but was taken from said parents at birth? I’m asking all this as it pertains to a story I am currently working on but am checking to see what is and isn’t allowed in the circumstances that I’ve described. I know Incest is banned as a trope but I’m not describing the actual incest here I’m just making note of the fact that the child was born through a incessant relationship and was taken from the parents at birth. One last thing, am I allowed to write in a scene that describes abuse as a sort of flashback type thing as long as it’s not gratuitous?

None of this sounds like anything I haven’t seen here in other stories. Abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual) is especially common here. I can think of two stories that are still online (the admins are aware of them, they’ve been brought up before) with scenes of 12-year-olds getting groped (both stories frame this in a bad light, one during and the other in the following chapters after portraying it positively as it was happening).

You kind of need to play it by the ear when it comes to minors as characters.

As alluded to above, this is an area where we can’t provide a checklist of exactly what features are allowed and what aren’t. The problem is that for any such list, there’s a way to lawyer a technical circumvention that really shouldn’t be allowed, and if the list keeps getting amended to prevent this it will grow into a monstrosity that can keep stories we want from getting written and shared.

We’re reasonable people if you are trying to keep it acceptable. Also, if you are really unsure, you can ask the staff to review it prior to posting.

There really have been very few stories we have nixed here when you consider how long we’ve been around (some of us have reached mythical status where someone says they’ve seen us and others scoff about our existence :wink: ). There were two particularly awful ones we took out that come to mind. One involved a 14 year old who basically gets abused by her entire extended family for her 14th birthday party, and the other was a rewrite and extension of an old story whose author was no longer around. On the latter, the abuse was extreme.

Both stories portrayed abuse as acceptable and even enjoyable … both physical and sexual abuse. Both stories had abuse as their main point. There wasn’t much plot outside of shoving in as many abuse scenes as possible. Our decision at the time and I believe still would be today that these were simply unacceptable. Not only did we remove those stories, but we removed the writer of one of them from this site when she continued to ignore us and posted more of the story we had removed.

If your story does not focus on abuse of a minor, portraying it as a good thing, there’s very little chance of it being unacceptable. From what you say here, it does not sound at all as though that would be the case. As far as underage characters … lol. We used to be BUILT upon the premise of underage characters. The original board from which the original writers of this forum came together (going way back to 2003 here) had been made for the author of Ashley’s Diaper Adventures because his story kept getting removed everywhere else.

Like that Purged_User? :wink: (I keed, I keed)

OP- from what you’ve posted here, it sounds like your story would be fine. My story Bad Seed has a gnarly flash back of the male character being physically and emotionally abused as a child, but it was not shown in a positive light. It left the character with physical and emotional scars, and the abusive parent went to jail.

That’s exactly where I was going. :: Giggle ::

I believe there was a filter to prevent even posting that story’s title. It was that bad.

Most of my diapered characters are high school seniors and college freshmen, so they are at least eighteen.

Based on some old configuration files stored in git, both the title and the first few lines of the story were filters to prevent it at the server level before the board software even knew a post was being attempted.

Yeah, I managed to get away with such a portrayal because those in the know around here knew damn well I was posting it first as satire, second as proof that the anon trolls only cared about abuse if it was Dad and his daughter. If Mom and Big Sis abused the fuck out of a boy, why, they fapped cheered that on…

That explains a few things I’ve been wondering about. That seeming disconnect is something I’ve noticed more than one. Mom/sis/other female abusing male = Good. Dad/brother/other male abusing female = REEEEEEEE! NO BAD! DELETE IT NOW OR BURN IN HELL!

And Dad/Brother/other male abusing male? Meh, as long as the story is good it’s fine. Mom/sis/other female abusing female? Make sure there’s a protective cover on the mouse and keyboard because they’re going to need it if the spelling issues in the typical replies are any indicator.

That story is one I’d still like to see continued one day. Even more illuminating about the disconnect was that your story had enough groundwork laid to make the actions within at least a semblance of proportionate response and they still tried to make it out as something Vilely Awful.

I find people tend to comment on stories when fathers diaper daughters consensually and in non-sexual/abusive situations but no one bats an eye at mothers. (The Trying Policy comes to mind, although it seems to have been taken down, was that one of Elibean’s?)

It’s still up, right about… here.

That is odd. I understand the bookmark not working (it’s from the old url scheme) but it wasn’t even coming up in search engines using quotes and ‘site:’.

Try using the site’s own search. It’s amazing how often that is more likely to work…