Roomies (updated with epilogue)


Rina entered her dorm kitchen with her arms full of grocery bags. She had just had a productive shopping trip in preparation for her new roommate that would be arriving that evening. Classes didn’t start for another week, but Rina and her two friends she had roomed with during her freshman year had already moved in a couple days ago. All that was left was to wait for their fourth and final roomie. Rina felt more excited to meet her new potential friend than her other roommates. It wasn’t that she didn’t get along with the other two, but at the same time they didn’t feel like the close friends she was longing for in a roommate. So many stories from movies and from adults she listened to dictated that a roommate would become a lifelong friend. Rina wanted to feel that same deep seeded connection and be able to share those same college dorm stories.

One of the four bedroom doors opened and closed loudly. “Hey, thanks for getting groceries Rina!” Ashley said as she came into view of the cramped kitchen and greeted her roommate.

Ashley always looked like she just rolled out of bed; her wavy blond hair was tangled in places, her clothes loose fitting and informal, and a gaunt face complete with dark circles beneath her eyes. But her attitude simultaneously always contrasted that image. The woman’s chipper demeanor never seemed to falter unless she was without her coffee. As an engineering student who cared about her grades, she needed it. Ashley could be heard clacking away on her keyboard writing reports and research papers at nearly any time of day and any part of the week last semester.

“No problem.” Rina said as she finished putting away the last item. “Have you seen Mariah? She should be here to greet the new roomie when she gets here.”

“Haven’t talked to her in a couple days,” the blonde woman responded. “You know she’s not so social.”

“Still, I just want to make a good impression on our new roommate. If we all make friends and establish some mutual respect early, we won’t have another slob on our hands like last semester. I’ll knock on her door later.”

Ashley leaned on the kitchen counter and rested her head on her open palm. “Look at you. Going all mama bear again.” She grinned. “You spoil us, you know? Always cleaning up all the messes, cooking dinner for everyone a couple days a week, and you never ask for anything in return…” Her voice trailed off as she realized she may have come off as ungrateful, that she may appear to take her friend for granted.

“Just call me Supermommy.” Rina flexed in jest. “But seriously, I like providing for you guys. I get this…” She paused. “… satisfaction from helping you all, I guess. Must be my maternal instinct.”

“Must be.”

A high pitched beep rang through the small dorm living space, same as it always did when the electronic door lock disarmed. This time, however, Rina hoped it would be the new arrival. It had to be this time. Earlier she thought the new arrival had come, but it was simply her other roommate Mariah returning from an afternoon out. Rina had busied herself with Webflix in the meantime, but at last it was the point of the day she had been waiting for! Rina rushed out of her room to find a dolly stacked high with boxes stuck in the door with a young woman grunting and struggling to get it through the door.

“Oh let me help with that!” Rina went to open the door and helped the struggling girl by holding the door open with one leg and pulling the dolly along with her hands. The giant stack of boxes was drawn inside followed by a very short woman with colorful hair who draped herself over the heap of her belongings.

Huff Huff Thanks. Whew. Huff Life’s rough for the short people of the world. Huff” The mystery girl wheezed.

“Anytime… You’re the new girl right?” Rina paced over to try to see the other girl’s face.

Relieving herself of the pile, the woman straightened up. “Oh yeah, I’m Emilia. Thanks again for the muscle. You work out?” Emilia joked as she looked the other woman up and down a bit, while Rina did the same.

Emilia was indeed short like she said. Besides that, her whole head was a display of color; from her eye shadow to her chestnut hair with rainbow highlights. An extra-large hoody clung to her body like a comfy cape, going down nearly to her knees. If any attitude were to be inspired by her appearance, Rina would describe the girl as a very laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of person. But that was just from appearances.

“Hah, no.” Rina averted her eyes quickly so as not to stare. “I just work really, you know? I’m Rina. Need any help moving in?”

“Well nice to meet you Rina. Yeah if you could help me get these boxes into my room I can take it from there thanks. Just let me get out my key…” Emilia fished in her large hoody pockets for her keys.

The girls guided the dolly into the last vacant room quickly together. Rina went with her new roommate for two more trips to her car in the garage beneath the dorms for the rest of the furniture and dorm essentials . Emilia excused herself to unpack in private after thanking Rina for the help again. Later, after Rina prepared a celebratory dinner, the four women talked around the inconveniently small dining table getting to know each other. The senior women explained to their new tenant the rules of the dorm, shared responsibilities, expected behavior, and what they did together as a group. It seemed Rina’s hunch was correct as Emilia quickly accepted the rules and had no objections or even questions. Ashley and Mariah excused themselves from the room early in the night, leaving Rina and Emilia alone. The two talked on extensively, getting to know one another. Even having only known each other for a short time, the two seemed to be shaping up as good friends. Rina mused that she may get her wish after all.

“So you’re a freshman huh?”

“Yup. I’m the fresh meat.” Emilia replied proudly. “Youngest in my graduating class too, so that doesn’t help. Plus I’m a shrimp.”

In typical fashion, Rina refuted. “Aww noooo, come on you’re not that short.” It was a stretch of a lie. Both knew Emilia could easily pass for a high school student.

“It doesn’t bother me, seriously. Only when I have to reach things that are high up it gets slightly inconvenient. It’s a good thing I have a grown up around who will cook for me and take care of me, huh?” Laughing at her own joke, Emilia reached over and pushed Rina’s shoulder playfully. “Really though, thanks for dinner it was great.”

Waving her off, Rina did her best to be modest. “I cook all the time. I was just saying something like this to Ashley earlier. You’ll learn soon enough that I’m kind of the mama bear around here.”

“Cool… I still feel like I should repay you though.” Emilia leaned in a little bit to whisper, “Do you, uh, keep off the grass here?”

“If I understand your meaning, no?”

Her colorful face brightened up even more as Emilia grabbed Rina’s hand and led her towards her room, “Come on then!” She said excitedly. Apparently she didn’t want to bother inviting the other girls.

The new girl’s room was a mess to say the least. It seemed like she had unpacked some essentials like her computer, clothes that were hung in the closet, and bed sheets. There were some framed posters leaned up against a wall, towels and coats draped over the lone chair, and half open boxes stacked on the floor and dresser. It couldn’t be helped though, as Rina knew it took her almost three days to get completely unpacked herself.

Emilia was rummaging through her dresser when Rina’s attention finally returned to her. Her new roommate produced a small pipe and baggie filled with what could only be marijuana. Making sure the pipe was relatively clean, Emilia packed some of the light green herb into the bowl and handed the pipe to her new friend. “Just try to blow the smoke out of the window so my room doesn’t stink up.”

“Thanks, I will.” Rina graciously accepted the offering and proceeded to smoke.

The two passed the pipe between each other fairly and talked for minutes in between. The weed helped them to relax more and more as they sat across from one another. Rina was offered the comfortable small clearing on the bed that wasn’t covered with boxes or clothes while Emilia sat on a short, fat box in front of the window that was nearly stuffed to the point of not being able to close. The short girl threatened to trip over it a couple times as she stood periodically to accept the pipe and smoke.

The poor girl did indeed end up tripping after she cleaned the piece and offered to pack the bowl again. Items came flying out of the box as it was roughly tipped up onto its side. Emilia fell with the contents of the box, still having enough coordination to catch herself without injury.

Seeing that she was unharmed and not too upset, Rina didn’t fuss over the other woman. “Whoa there. Think you’ve had enough…?” Her attention and voice trailed off as Rina slowly began to realize what had fallen out of the box. They looked like large diapers, though she couldn’t tell for sure before Emilia began frantically sweeping the things back into the box and away from view.

“Uh, yeah. I think I’ve had enough. Let’s call it a night.” Emilia admitted hastily as she tried to hide her shame.

A hand rested gently on the young woman’s shoulder, and Emilia looked back to see Rina smiling down at her sympathetically. “You know you can tell me anything right? We’re going to be roommates for a whole year at least. I promise never to make fun of you for anything.”

A blush crept across Emilia’s face as she seemed to consider the option.

“Were those… diapers?” Rina pressed. Immediately she regretted asking, realizing how insensitive it was to inquire about such a personal thing. But she did not get a chance to rescind her question.

“I…” Emilia began. “I’ll tell you. I need some more weed though.” She needed to loosen up more.

The room was awkwardly quiet as Emilia packed the pipe again and Rina did her best to not make the situation any more embarrassing for her new friend than it already was.

After taking a huge hit, Emilia visibly relaxed and sank onto her makeshift box-chair. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this.” She laughed a bit. Her voice was hushed, even though Rina’s room served as a noise buffer between hers and the others. “You promise not to tell the others? I don’t know if I trust them yet.”

Rina challenged the thought, giving Emilia the option to back out if she were too nervous. “And you trust me?”




The awkward silence was broken at last as the freshman student gained up the courage to blurt out, “I’m a bedwetter. I wear diapers to bed”

“… That’s it?” Rina asked a little insensitively, expecting to hear a tragic story about a medical issue. “That’s so cute!” Her hands went to clamp over her mouth as she realized that was probably an unkind thing to say.

Emilia smiled and looked away from her roommate at the comment. “Yeah,” She fidgeted with the cuffs of her sweatshirt as she talked, “You think I’m cute now, you should see me when I tuck myself in.” The offer didn’t come off as serious, simply as a way of downplaying the level of awkwardness that came with discussing the subject with someone she had just met that day.

“I bet.”

Another pause filled the room.

Daring to ask, Rina broke the silence. “Can I see them?” She surprised herself at the sudden and random question.

“Um, why?” Emilia was hesitant, but didn’t seem entirely opposed to the idea.

Throwing her hands up with a shrug, Rina offered a lame excuse. “I’m just curious I guess. Plus I’m not sure I believe when you say they’re cute.” She teased.

“Oh ho! Well prepare to be proven wrong then sister!” The response came, playing along.

Emilia left her seat and carefully removed the top layer of stuff that concealed the stacks of diapers below. Her taller roommate peered over to get a better look into the box. There must have been at least 20 from what Rina could see. Cute designs were on the covers, reminding her of baby diapers, but these were much larger and better sized for a small adult. Like Emilia.

“They ARE cute!” Rina reached down to pick one up. “May I?”

Embarrassed slightly, Emilia relented with a shy nod.

Rina spent a relatively silent minute staring at the garment, turning it over in her hands and feeling it. She was planning to be a social worker for kids someday in the future, and her past jobs made her no stranger to diapers. This one made all the others seem alien though. Realizing she was weirdly obsessing over the disposable underwear, Rina broke her focus and made a joke holding the diaper up to her new friend’s waist.

“Yeah I can totally see it; you would look super cute in these!”

Shyly laughing along, Emilia responded. “Heh, if you think they’re so cute, you should wear one.”

“Oh I don’t think I should do that. I’m much better at diapering children than myself.” Rina clarified with a stutter a moment later, “Not that I would know what that’s like!”

“Suuuure, suuuuure.” Emilia teased back. “Whatever you say.”

“I didn’t know they put little patterns on the front like this. Where do you get these?” Rina asked.

A vague answer was submitted by Emilia. “Oh, I, uh, special order them online. If I’m going to wet my pants I might as well be adorable while I do it, right?”

“True!” A glance at the clock prompted Rina to announce, “Getting kind of late. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for bed?” She laughed as she gestured at the diaper.

Her face flushed as Emilia cast her eyes downward. “I’m not actually a kid you know…”

“Oh my god, Emilia I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to make fun of you. I was just teasing- I say stupid shit when I’m high. It won’t happen again.” The older girl thrust the diaper back to her friend, suddenly feeling very offensive just by holding it so casually.

“Call me Emi.” She responded, ignoring the apology and throwing the diaper back with the rest in their neat stacks. “Let’s just finish this bowl and call it a night.”

The two went back to more normal conversation as they left the topic of diapers and smoked the rest of the weed Emi had supplied.

“Thanks again for sharing your bud, Emi.” Rina said as she was exiting the room.

“Anytime.” Emi said cheerfully. She shyly added. “Thanks for… you know.”


In the following days, Rina and Emi grew ever closer as friends. It was the first time Emi had ever lived on her own, and Rina was happy to help the girl in whatever ways she could. They took Rina’s car together and ran plenty of errands shopping for all the essentials. School supplies, food, and toiletries filled the back of the two door car as the day wore on. Another day Rina showed Emi around the campus and helped her to find where her classes would be once school started on Monday in preparation. On Friday they toured all the best restaurants within walking distance of the campus in the afternoon. The sophomore girl relished being able to spend time with her roommate like this. It was what she imagined having a little sister would be like.

The idea of Emi being her little sister had been firmly embedded in Rina’s mind ever since the night they shared a few days ago. Something changed in her that night, and Rina found it difficult to keep her mind from wandering to the image of her new friend wearing diapers. Most of the time she had to force herself to think of other things. Rina began to question herself at times, these new feelings confusing her.

“Am I a pedophile? Why do I want to see her like that? Will this ever go away? Do I love her? Am I sick? Is this going to screw up my career someday?” She would ask herself over and over again, creating a vicious cycle of self-doubt.

Finally, like a regular curious person, Rina resorted to searching online the answer to her problems. To her genuine surprise, she found that other people actually had the same feelings and desires. An entire online community was built around these people who like to wear diapers and diaper others. Rina was beyond relieved to find she was not alone. She was not entirely confident that she identified with the strange group yet, but its existence served to help validate her feelings. Still, the problem persisted in her attraction to her roommate, who apparently only wore diapers to keep her bed dry. At least, that’s what Rina thought until a particular picture caught her eye. It was a generic crotch-shot type picture, one of a million others, but the diaper worn in the picture featured the same designs as Emi’s. The wheels began to turn in Rina’s head as she put the evidence together concluding that Emi must have lied, not wanting to admit that she enjoyed wearing diapers for pleasure. Rina could abide that lie. She certainly wouldn’t ever tell anyone about this newfound part of herself to anyone in the future.

Now that she had this tentative connection with her roommate though, Rina wanted to share it with her. That presented another conflict. Did she really want to connect with Emi, or did she just want to see her in diapers to fulfil her own perverted desires? Endless scenarios played over and over in her head, trying to conceive some way to solve her dilemma. Should she just confront Emi’s lie? Should she share her strange feelings? What if Emi actually didn’t enjoy wearing diapers? In the end, the college student just bottled up her feelings on the subject.

“Something on your mind?” Emi asked at breakfast near the end of the week, pulling Rina out of her thoughts.

“Yeah, just thinking about what we can do today.” She quickly recovered with a lie. It was Saturday, the last night they would have to celebrate the end of their summer as late as they pleased. School started on Monday and they would resume the drudgery of homework, exams, and projects. It instilled a feeling finality in Rina that resonated with where her thoughts had been the past few days. She decided that she simply had to say something to Emi tonight. But how?

Before Rina could continue, Emi suggested, “Let’s go see a movie! What’s out right now?” She pulled out her smartphone and began searching local theaters. “I’ve heard Farseer is good.”

“Alright I’ll ask Mariah and Ashley if they want to go too.” The older woman responded, standing to go knock on her roommates’ doors.

She was stopped by a gentle tug at her wrist. “Um, how about just you and me go?” Emi offered slowly. “I don’t think the others like me very much.” She trailed off, though the excuse didn’t sound genuine.

Rina took the bait and reassured Emi. “Oooh no way! I know for a fact they do not hate you.” Lowering her voice, Rina continued. “But okay, just you and me.”

The two dressed themselves for the August afternoon and set out for the theater. Her mind and eyes wandering, Rina couldn’t help but glance over at her friend whenever she had the chance. She loved the way Emi’s hair lit up in the sunlight, the way she smiled as her favorite songs came on the radio, and how her clothes wrapped around her body. Rina’s eyes lingered on the white shorts Emi was wearing and briefly wondered if she was wearing a diaper. That actually sounded like a great solution to missing sections of movies because of bathroom breaks. The thought made her laugh out loud.

“What’s so funny?” Emi demanded, looking over at Rina like she was crazy.


“Nothing huh? Since when is nothing so funny?” The shorter girl pressed, not buying the lame excuse.

Unable to come up with a clever lie, Rina let go her inhibitions and told the truth. “I, uh, was actually wondering if you were wearing a diaper just now. It sounded like a cool idea in my head. You’d never have to get up for the bathroom during the movie, hehe…” Her weak laughter trailed off.

The awkwardness didn’t seem to faze Emi in the slightest. Her reaction actually greatly shocked her friend. “You know I was actually thinking about wearing one earlier, but decided it’s not the right weather for that. You would totally see my ass bulging out from a mile away!”

“Wait really??” Rina asked incredulously at the implication.

“PFFT hah! NO!” Emi laughed at her friend for falling so easily for the lie. “I can’t believe you thought I’d wear a big ass diaper in public just so I don’t have to use the bathroom for a movie! But hey you sounded pretty interested. Maybe you’d like to try one next time we go to a movie? Don’t be shyyy” Emi ribbed Rina a little bit as they continued to drive.

Rina could only hide her blush and laugh along.

The movie theater was inside the local mall on the other side of town. Once the movie was over, the two women shopped around a bit. They showed each other their favorite clothing stores, trying on different outfits and modelling for each other. Rina did her best to restrain herself from suggesting childish looking clothing to Emi. Preventing herself from being outted was at the forefront of the woman’s mind. Even still she couldn’t help from eyeing her roommate a little too closely every now and then. It was a good thing, Rina reasoned with herself, that she intended to talk to Emi tonight. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could suppress these feelings. Never before had she felt like this about someone, and so fast. A plan began formulating in Rina’s mind.

Moving on from the clothing departments, their next stops were the gadget stores. They played with fancy new phones, tablets, wacky looking alarm clocks, and comfy neck-pillows. After that they looked in some furniture departments, getting comfortable with each other on the fluffy beds, relaxing sofas, and expensive massage chairs. All the while Rina found herself looking over at Emi, to make sure she was smiling. As their last stop at the mall the women agreed to get an early dinner before they left.

“Excited for school? I just realized this is kind of a big step for you. First day of college, wow!” Rina asked while they waited for their food.

Eyes rolling back into her head a bit, Emi exasperated, "Ugh! I’m a little scared I guess. It’s not that much harder than high school is it?

“No, it’s not. Don’t overthink it.” Rina advised. “Just don’t treat it like it’s a breeze. You’ll be hating it along with the rest of us soon enough.”

“Oh how encouraging!” Her sarcastic retort exclaimed, “Aren’t these supposed to be the best years of my young life?”

“Hah. You must watch a lot of movies.” Rina replied dryly. “It’s basically high school but some of us get to live on our own. It does get a little lonely though.”

The food came, steaming hot, served squarely in front of the guests at the restaurant. Their host asked if there were any issues and promised to check in with them again soon before leaving. Emi ventured to continue the conversation while they ate.

“So, lonely, huh? You got a boyfriend to take care of that?” The short girl teased, cocking her eyebrows up and down a bit.

Laughing along, Rina shrugged. “Not since junior year of high school. I guess I haven’t really been thinking about dating anyone lately. Before I would always just meet people and it would sort of… happen.” Her gaze lingered ever so slightly on Emi as she paused before going back to her food.

“Letting the chips fall where they may. I can respect that.”

“What about you then? You’re cute and bubbly; you must have somebody wrapped around your finger.”

“Wrapped around my finger? Please, you give me too much credit!” Emi waved off the comment. “I’ve actually never been in a serious relationship before. I don’t want to get tied down. Besides, it’s fun enough just being flirty with whomever I please.” With a loud crunch, Emi bit a french fry in half, smiling coyly over at Rina.

Frantically trying to discern if that smile meant anything, Rina wracked her mind. It made her want Emi all the more. Unsure of how to respond she pretended to busy herself with her phone. Surely that comment couldn’t have meant anything else, she reasoned with herself. Only that night would tell. The rest of the lunch went by with the occasional small talk and the two roommates agreed to head back to the dorms and prepare for a night of fun.

“Welp, I’m going to turn in early.” Ashley announced as she gathered up the trash that belonged to her and dumped it in the kitchen garbage. “When you get to be a junior like me and Mariah, partying starts catching up with you faster. Goodnight!”

Mariah also stood up and excused herself. “Ugh, true. I’ll take that as a cue to leave too.”

“Alright, thanks again for buying us beer, Mariah!” Emi called from her slumped position on the couch. “You guys are making me feel right at home.” She added, somewhat shyly.

Rina also chimed in. “Yeah thanks, Mariah. Glad you turned 21 over the summer!” She raised her drink at her roommate.

The older women said their goodnights and retreated to their respective rooms, leaving Rina and Emi alone to finish their drinks in the common area. The table was littered with empty beer bottles and trash from their night of games, movies, and music. The two sipped at their drinks for an awkward moment, not knowing what to say. Rina was struggling to formulate an appropriate way to approach Emi about her feelings. Before she could find the words, Emi spoke.

Slapping her hands on her thighs, she announced, “Alcohol is great and all, but I prefer weed. Want to join me?” As Emi lurched upwards to stand, she lost her balance a bit and teetered, taking a couple extra steps to keep her balance.

“Are you sure you can even make it back to your room?” Rina laughed as she reached out to help steady her new friend stay balanced from where she sat on the couch.

Putting a hand to her own mouth, Emi let out a fake gasp. “Oh no, you’re right! Little Emi has had too much to drink!” Her words oozed with sarcasm. “You’ll have to carry me back…” The short woman exaggerated a fainting spell as she draped herself, back first, over Rina’s lap with a smile.

“Okay princess,” Grunting a bit as she hoisted the smaller girl, Rina cradled her roommate in her arms. “Mama will get you alllllll tucked in,” she dared to add. Rina sincerely hoped she was sending Emi all the right messages.

It was a short distance from the couch to Emi’s room, but Rina had had her own share of alcohol herself, and stumbled a bit as she carried her roommate to the bed. Perhaps it was more than coincidence, perhaps not, but either way Rina found herself losing her balance as she lowered Emi and gently fell onto the bed, their faces inches apart from each other.

All was silent for a tense moment as the two stared into each other’s eyes. Exhaling ever so lightly, Rina moved in for a kiss.

All of her hopes and fears dissolved in that moment as Rina’s and Emi’s lips met. Rina’s eyes closed shut and she let passion take over. Emi responded in kind and made no objection to Rina’s forward actions. Their lips touched, opened, and closed over and over as the kiss slowly grew more and more intimate. Hands wandered over their bodies, exploring one another, gently groping, squeezing, touching, and rubbing. Nothing could be heard in the room save for the light sounds of kissing and the quickened breathing of the two women.

At last, Emi released herself from Rina’s embrace. “Wow…” Was all she could say as she stared into her roommate’s eyes, the body still heavy on top of her.

Rina sat up, still straddling the younger woman, peering down at her. “Yeah… wow.” She echoed.

“I secretly hoped you were a lesbian.” Emi admitted with a coy smile.

Blushing, Rina corrected the woman. “You’re actually the first woman I’ve ever been that close with. I think I might be bisexual… Are you gay?”

Emi laughed and responded sarcastically “Oh, did the rainbow hair give me away?”

“I didn’t want to make assumptions.” Rina’s blush deepened as she tried to defend herself.

“You’re right, you’re right. It’s good to not make generalizations like that.” The small girl reassured. “But yeah, I’m gay.”

There was a pause before Rina broke the silence again.

“Sooooo when do we get to do this again?” She asked, smiling a bit while not trying to sound too excited.

Laughing at her roommate a bit, Emi struggled to sit up and push Rina off of her body. “Down girl,” she teased. “Why don’t we smoke first and talk about this a little?”

Nodding in agreement, Rina stayed sat on the bed as she let Emi up. She couldn’t help but feel a little alone as she felt the intimate heat of Emi’s body being close to her leave and vanish. Despite the situation falling from climax, Rina’s mind still buzzed as she tried to think of an appropriate time and way to talk to Emi about the diapers. It was, after all, the initial thing that sparked her attraction towards the woman. That thought gave her an idea.

“So what made you like me?” Rina asked while Emi began packing the pipe.

It was Emi’s turn to be flustered a bit as she answered. “Uh, that’s a loaded question for you.” Her response began. “You’re tall, beautiful, fun…”

Rina felt the second hand embarrassment from the girl even though she couldn’t see her face. Feeling bad about asking, Rina opened her mouth to change the subject, but Emi spoke first.

“What about you?”

“You’re friendly, flirty, and cute…” Her smile widened as the words poured from her mouth unbidden. Rina immediately cursed herself for not being forward. It wasn’t a lie per se, but it wasn’t truthful either. It had been the diapers that made her truly begin noticing her roommate in the way that led her to the feelings she felt now.

Returning with the small glass pipe, Emi offered it to her friend to smoke first. The two spent another hour talking softly, cuddling each other after they were done smoking. Rina sat on the bed with her back against the wall, holding Emi who sat similarly between Rina’s splayed legs. They talked about past lovers, their families, their favorite books, and they flirted. Time flew by as the two embraced each other, not wanting the night to end, and soon their fatigue caught up with them. She couldn’t be sure, but Rina thought Emi had fallen asleep in her arms. Having to shake her friend awake confirmed that. This would be her last chance of the night to ask Emi what she had wanted to. Would it ruin the evening? Only one way she could be sure.

“Emi?” Rina patted the girl’s leg lightly. “It’s late, you fell asleep.”

“Mmmmnnn.” Emi protested, choosing to roll over and snuggle herself into Rina’s body instead of waking.

It was a bit of cuteness overload, but Rina knew she had to rouse the girl. She wouldn’t say it explicitly, but she knew Emi would have to get a diaper on soon or risk wetting the bed, which seemed to be likely after the alcohol they drank earlier.

“Come on now. Up up.” The older woman urged again. This time Emi responded, albeit slowly.

Groaning and stretching, Emi lifted herself up. “Okay,” She paused as memories of earlier seemed to come back to her. She leaned in and gave Rina a small peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you in the morning?”

Rina smiled at the small gesture. She stood up from the bed, but turned back to look Emi in the eyes. It was the moment of truth. Emi appeared confused at first, but said nothing as Rina gently took her hands in her own and leaned in to whisper gently into the other woman’s ear.

“Do you want some help getting ready for bed?”

Emi’s face flared red at the suggestion, though she made no response, only to avert her eyes downward.

“Just say no if you’re not comfortable.”

“I… I don’t know.” Emi managed at last.

Rina placed her open palm on Emi’s cheek and lifted her head to have their eyes meet. “Do you trust me?”

The younger woman nodded slowly.

Containing her smile, Rina helped Emi off the bed and gave her a gentle push towards the closet. “Alright, go get one of your diapers for me.”

Hesitant at first, Emi did as she was told and dug through her drawers for the hidden stash inside. Struggling to maintain eye contact, Emi returned shortly and shakily handed her roommate a diaper. Standing there, not entirely sure what to do next, Emi awaited further instruction.

Without words, Rina left the diaper on the bed and bent down and reached for the other girl’s shorts, never breaking eye contact. The whole process was extremely intimate, and Rina had no intentions of making Emi uncomfortable in any way. She wanted to know the very second she ought to back down, though if Emi ever did want it to stop, she never showed it. In a tense minute, Rina had her roommate naked from the waist down, shoes and all.

“Up we go!” Rina said quietly but excitedly as she lifted the tiny girl onto the bed with ease.

Grabbing the diaper, Rina turned it over in her hands, looking it over for a brief moment before slowly opening it completely. She couldn’t help but glean a small amount of satisfaction from teasing out the anticipation so clear on Emi’s face. The process felt so strange but so familiar as the older student lifted Emi by the ankles and slid the now open diaper under her bottom.

“Do you have baby powder?” Rina asked softly before continuing.

Moving to sit up, Emi found herself stopped by Rina and pushed lightly back down onto the bed. She looked up in confusion at Rina.

Insisting, Rina explained. “No, I’ll get it.” She smiled down at the half naked girl. “Just tell me where it is.”

“Bottom dresser drawer, behind my jeans.” Emi answered, breaking her brief silence.

Rina went to the dresser and began to rummage and move the jeans to find her prize. To her surprise, she found more than she was looking for. A few colorful pacifiers and a bottle were stashed alongside the baby powder along the back of the dresser drawer. Smiling at her discover, Rina grabbed one of the pacifiers along with the powder before closing the dresser compartment. The pacifier definitely appeared to be larger than a normal one meant for a baby, or so Rina assumed without a side by side comparison. The revelation washed over Rina as she realized the significance of the surprise discovery; there was now not a single doubt whether Emi enjoyed wearing diapers or not.

Sauntering back over to the bed where her roommate lay, Rina held up the pacifier accusingly and spoke softly down at the smaller woman, “Well, well, well… what do we have here?”

Emi diverted her eyes and shifted uncomfortably. Though she blushed, she also bit her lip and tried to fight back a shy smile.

Rina found it hard to believe how easily she was slipping into this new role of being so sexually confident and in charge. She had never done anything like this before, yet here she was feeling this strong, natural connection with this other person. Bending down and pressing her face close to Emi’s, Rina hovered the pacifier above her lips and looked her roommate in the eyes.

“Do you want this?” Rina’s tone was not teasing, but friendly and casual. She wanted Emi’s decisions to not be pressured.

Opting to remain silent, Emi slowly raised her head and accepted the pacifier into her mouth, giving it a token suckle. She returned Rina’s gaze and went back to awaiting the final steps of her diapering.

Strangely satisfied that her roommate accepted the pacifier, Rina stood back up to full height and returned her attention to the still undone diaper. Untwisting the powder, her senses were greeted with the familiar scent that awakened so many shreds of memories. Sprinkling a bit onto Emi’s exposed crotch, Rina slowly rubbed the powder in, occasionally glancing back to her roommates face to catch glimpses of pleasure and embarrassment combined. Emi’s face betrayed one last emotion of disappointment as Rina finally moved her hand away, though she still remained quiet.

Finishing up, Rina pulled the front of the diaper into place. She undid the first of the four tapes and stuck it into place gently. As the last tape was sealed, Rina surveyed her work. Not yet satisfied, she ripped off a couple of tapes and was pleased to find they stuck just as well as the first time after she adjusted them.

Staring down at the petite woman, Rina breathed out a barely audible but happy sigh. “You’re so adorable…” She reached down to stroke Emi’s face and brush some of her rainbow hair aside.

Finally venturing to speak, Emi removed her pacifier and sat up. “So, you’re okay with this?” She said as she glanced down at her diaper and pacifier in hand.

“I think we have a lot to talk about.” Rina paused briefly then smiled. “… But yes. I have a lot of thinking to do.”

“Well… thank you.” Emi smiled shyly and put the pacifier back into her mouth. Cloth and plastic rustled as she pulled herself into place beneath the covers.

“Anytime,” Rina said sincerely as she backed out of the room and turned out the light.

The door closed with a quiet click as Rina checked over her shoulder guiltily to see if her other roommates were about to see her exit Emi’s room late at night. Coast clear, Rina crept back to her room and into her own bed where she settled with a deep exhale. Her head was swimming with new thoughts and sensations. Her heart flittered from emotional high to emotional high as she raced through every memory of her past week with Emi. It seemed now like all her stress and worry had paid off as her hopes were actualized in this new, strange way. Rina undressed and put herself to bed, riding her good emotions into a peaceful sleep, anxious to get the full story from Emi the next day.

Author’s notes

This is my first story. This won’t have any chronological continuations, but I do plan to write more cute, funny, and sexy shorts with Rina and Emi again someday. Please let me know how you like it and any critiques you may have. Thanks.

Re: Roomies

Thanks for this. I really needed a story like this to brighten my day. I love how you just focus on two characters even thought you have four. I can’t do that and my stories suffer.

Re: Roomies

I love this, I’d love to see more. For a first attempt this is very well written, have you written any non-abdl stories? You seem to have some experience writing.

Re: Roomies

Thank you both for the nice comments. This is my first story, abdl and non-abdl. I read a lot so I guess much of the style from some of my favorite authors has rubbed off on me. I plan to write a follow-up on this particular story very soon. Still mulling over whether I want to make it a very short story or an epilogue to this bit.

Thanks again for all who took the time to read this.

Re: Roomies

I loved this story! Please make more! ;D

Re: Roomies

Please, more. I love the story and the character’s are amazing.

Re: Roomies

I could dig a sequel.

Re: Roomies

Author’s notes

So here’s the epilogue. Turned out to be way longer than I intended. In terms of length it would probably be better off as chapter two or part two, but stylistically I wrote this as an epilogue, complete with time skip. Thanks everyone for waiting patiently for this to come, even though it’s not as soon as I made it sound like it would be.

This isn’t the end of Rina and Emi’s adventure. I plan to write more about these two in the future, but I’m moving on to other projects right now. In the future I will likely stick to short single stories, with possible epilogues, rather than longer chapter based stories. It is easier for me to write that way. Thanks again to everyone who has read this or commented with encouraging words and feedback. I’m glad to be giving back to this community.

Until next time, enjoy!

Roomies: Epilogue
by Ulthernon

“Let’s talk tonight in your room?” Rina had typed out on her phone before sending it to Emi. She stared at the unsent message a while, then added, “Nothing bad, I promise, just want to get your opinion on something.” And it was sent.

It had been nearly twelve weeks since Emi had moved into the dorm, and only a week less since Rina had shared that night with Emi and awakened a flood of new feelings. Rina had discovered her bisexual attraction and it had changed her outlook while attending college. Apparently the old saying that college was a time of experimentation turned out to be true, for her. And while Rina began noticing women now as much as men, her feelings stayed with her new close friend and roommate, Emilia.

Emi had explained everything, with a little coaxing, the morning after Rina had first diapered her. The two had laid in bed together and talked softly to avoid any prying ears. Though Rina had been buzzing with questions, she let Emi have a chance to explain as much as she could without being interrupted. She had already known from a bit of her own research, anyway.

Recently, Rina had been frequenting the forums and community boards more ever before. Since their secret relationship had began, Rina had accepted that she enjoyed the act of diapering Emi as much as Emi enjoyed being diapered. She had spun through cycles of doubt and disgust with her newfound feelings, but Emi had helped to be an emotional crutch for her when those thoughts arose. She had been assured that there was nothing wrong with the feelings she had, which had led Rina to join those fetish communities. The people there made her feel accepted, but more curious than anything. Threads and posts she scanned had Rina shyly curious to push her new boundaries into more unexplored territories. That was the reason she wanted to talk to Emi that night.

A sharp synth noise followed by rhythmic vibration emitted from Rina’s phone. Flipping her phone open, Rina read Emi’s reply aloud. “K”

“I’m heading out!” Ashley called loudly while exiting her room in a rush.

Rina jumped at the sudden noise, nearly dropping her phone before stashing it guiltily into her pocket. Quickly composing herself she watched Ashley go for the front door and called out, “When are you going to be back?”

Ashley looked to be in a hurry but stayed in the open doorway to the flat and turned back to her roommate. “Oh, didn’t I tell you? I must have forgotten to say. I won’t be back until Tuesday, I’m driving back home for Thanksgiving after class.”

As the implication clicked in Rina’s mind, she struggled to contain her excitement at the announcement. Mariah had also left for Thanksgiving weekend the day before. It meant that Rina and Emi would have the dorm to themselves for five nights and four days.

“Oh! You’re leaving too? Straight after class? Won’t you need to come get some things from your room?” Rina asked politely.

“You say that as if I’ll be doing anything but homework,” Ashley said in an exhausted tone as she pointed to her backpack, though she still smiled. “And don’t worry, I won’t be barging in on you and Emi going at it later.” She winked a knowing wink.

The words took Rina by surprise and she stiffened, her face flushing slightly. She couldn’t find anything to say.

Ashley did, however and quickly continued. “You guys are super obvious about it, and super adorable. You kids have fun!” She said, letting the heavy door close and lock. Rina was left stunned and standing there.

Though she was smiling.

“Oof, I’m stuffed!” Emi announced, patting her stomach and letting her arms fall lazily to the side.

Rina smiled over at Emi. “Glad you liked it so much.” She paused a moment before suggesting, “Hey, why don’t you go lie down on your bed? I’ll be there in a minute.”

The implication of what would come next was not lost on Emi. “But it’s only 7:00.” She protested meekly.

“March.” Rina countered sternly, but still had a coy and playful smile.

Relenting, Emi did as she was told and excused herself from the table, walking to her room with effort.

Cleaning the kitchen after worcestershire Wednesdays was never easy, and that particular night was no exception. Burnt meat and juices clung to the pans in the sink, the stove was stained with blotches of fat that had leapt from the pan, and the two girl’s plates were crusted with leftover bits. Rina dutifully cleaned up everything though, like she always did. It was like her parents always said, “A truly good cook always cleans up after herself!”

Rina also intentionally took her time that night while cleaning up the kitchen. She knew Emi especially looked forward to the nights she could diaper her. Drawing out the cleaning would serve to tease Emi with some built up anticipation, like Rina often enjoyed doing. This night would be even better though, because Rina knew their other two roommates were gone for the Thanksgiving holiday, but she had a sneaking suspicion that Emi did not know that. There was a little something Rina wanted to try to have some fun. For both herself, and Emi.

The dishes being done, Rina dried off her hands and made her way to Emi’s door. She gave herself time a deep breath then quietly stole her way into the room, putting on her game face. “Knock-knock.” Rina announced as a courtesy before letting herself in.

Emi seemed sad, Rina could tell right away, as the two locked eyes. “I think I figured it out.” She said sadly. “You’re leaving for Thanksgiving aren’t you?”

Doing her best not to laugh at Emi’s completely wrong guess, Rina rushed to the other woman’s side and pulled her close. “Ooooh no! Of course not! I would have told you sooner if I was.” Rubbing Emi’s back, she reassured her roommate. “I’m all yours for the long weekend.” Feeling a bit frisky, she moved her mouth to Emi’s ear and whispered seductively, “… and you’re all mine

Emi was visibly relieved to hear the good news, and visibly excited at the flirtation. She anxiously chewed her lip and demanded, “So what is it then? What did you want to talk about?”

“First things first.” Rina made a motion for Emi to lie down.

Emi obeyed while Rina gathered up supplies and began diapering her roommate like clockwork. She took a bit more time in this instance to speak to Emi while she prepared her for bed, and to teasingly rub her partner in all the right ways.

“So I was thinking…” Rina steeled herself, thinking of the best choice words. She continued slowly, “… that since you seem to enjoy this-” Hey eyes flicked down to Emi’s diaper area, “-so much, and since we seem to do this almost every night of the week.” Rina paused for effect, finishing sealing the smaller girl into the thick diaper. “That we should move these into my room.” Her head gestured towards where the rest of the diapers and babyish items were stashed in Emi’s drawer.

Emi’s face wore a look of confusion as she tried to process what exactly Rina meant. It dawned on her finally, the full implication of what her roommate was suggesting. She blushed just thinking about it, but her face did not betray exactly how she felt about the suggestion. “So… I would have to come to your room every night?”


“To get… diapered by you?”


“What do I do when I have to go back to my room?” Emi whined indignantly.

Smiling mischievously, Rina put one leg up onto the bed and leaned down close to Emi’s face. “You’ll just have to be careful.” Her hand slowly reached down and began rubbing Emi’s diaper, gently. Rina continued, “Besides,” she quickened her motions slightly, “I think you like it.” Emi gasped at Rina’s touch, and her hips began to thrust to the rhythm of Rina’s motion. “Remember the time I caught you up on the counter, reaching for the top shelf?” All Emi could do was follow Rina’s lead and quietly moan with pleasure.

Rina did not stop her story or her rubbing. “It was late at night, you were up on the counter trying to reach for the top shelf.” Rina paused again, staring lovingly into Emi’s face as she was brought to higher and higher states of arousal. “And your little diaper butt was poking out.” Just before Emi seemed about to reach climax, Rina stopped, relishing in the frustrated and disappointed look on her roommate’s face, and relishing it further knowing that Emi was enjoying it just as much. “You and I both know you have no problem wearing outside the room.”

The room was quiet as Rina anxiously but stoically held her breath for Emi’s response. The other woman gave no indication of a yes or no, her face showing the inner struggle at the proposition.

Fearing she had gone too far, Rina backpedaled and took on a more serious tone. “I’m not telling you. It’s just an offer, something I was curious about trying…” She assured as her voice trailed off. Rina removed herself from the bed and gave Emi space to think. “Think about it.”

“It’s a lot to think about,” Emi admitted at last, “but it does sound fun…” though her tone did not mimic the expression. “I never been this open and trusting with another person about this. What you’re saying is you’ll have complete control over this aspect of my life. That’s huge.” She let the words sink in.

Nodding empathetically, Rina agreed. “You’re right. I just wanted to tell you that I wanted to try this. If you want this too, box up all of your diapers and other baby things and bring them to my room.” Rina punctuated her offer with a playful tap on Emi’s nose, and a more than playful caress of her cheek.

Retreating to her own room, Rina began to unwind from the anxiety built up during the conversation. She always had no problem being assertive and somewhat dominant with Emi when she wanted to be, but it was mostly an act in the end. The feelings she got from their play, knowing boundaries, reading Emi’s face and body, and making all the decisions were all still new experiences, but she was learning every day and the feelings had been becoming more and more natural. Rina no longer delved into spirals of self hate and self loathing as she did before. Even if she was getting ahead of herself asking such a major request from Emi, this journey of self discovery had left Rina hopeful, if anything.

An hour later, there was a barely audible knock at Rina’s door.

Barely able to contain her excitement, Rina crept up to the closed door. Making Emi nervously wait outside the door, Rina waited a few moments knowing that there was no risk of anybody wandering out into the dorm and seeing Emi’s diapered state. Her head was already swimming from the power trip she was having. Opening the door, standing there was the short rainbow-haired woman that changed her life. She wore a black tee shirt that stopped just below where Rina presumed the diaper could be seen. Next to her roommate on the ground was a large cardboard box that Rina assumed held the diapers and age play things Emi enjoyed.

Simply standing there, wearing a barely visible blush, Emi flitted from nervously twiddling the hem of her short shirt, looking up at Rina, and averting her eyes to the floor. She was silent a moment before impatiently demanding in a hoarse whisper, “I’m standing out here half naked with a diaper on trying to be sexy for you, are you going to let me in or wait for Ashley to come out here and find me like this?”

Rina was impressed with the daring Emi was displaying with her current state of dress. She had to shake her head a bit and gain her senses before letting her roommate in, along with the box.

“That’s everything.” Emi said plainly as she watched Rina begin rifling through the contents.

Inside the box were some of the clothes Emi had shown Rina weeks before, a baggie of pacifiers, two baby bottles, a container of baby powder, and of course diapers. But as Rina found the diapers, her gaze lingered as though something was amiss. “Everything?” She echoed back at Emi suspiciously.

“Yes?” Emi replied, sounding a bit offended at the accusation. Crossing her arms indignantly, Emi took on a defiant pose, but quickly abandoned it to tug her shirt down as it had ridden up slightly.

“I’ll be right back.” The taller woman announced ominously before quietly letting herself out of the room. Not even having a chance to reply, Emi was left behind to wait.

Back in Emi’s room, Rina immediately went to the dresser. She searched it for what she assumed would be the supposedly missing diapers. The number of diapers in the box seemed somewhat lower than what Rina had expected, based on the last time she had seen them. Her hunch was right, as she discovered a small stack of diapers stashed in the corner of their usual drawer. Grabbing the stack, Rina could only imagine the look Emi would have when she marched back into the room holding the diapers and waving them around accusingly. Now armed with the proper leverage, Rina returned to her own room with the diapers in hand.

“What are these?” Rina demanded patronizingly, but a little louder than Emi would have liked.

“Rina, I, uhm…” Emi stumbled over her words. “They’re… they were just for when it would be too obvious for me to come to your room. Ashley and Mariah are going to notice eventually if I’m in and out of there every night!” She reasoned.

Ignoring the points her roommate made, Rina got straight to her point. “You lied to me. Do you know what happens to little girls who lie?” She asked, planting her hands on the shorter girl’s waist, staring down into her eyes.

“Rina,” was all Emi could say in protest as she squirmed in the larger woman’s grasp. She gasped in surprise when she felt herself being roughly guided to the bed, and to her excitement and dismay, being bent over.

“Hold still, little girl.” Rina said, once again bringing her voice to levels that made Emi nervous of discovery. “You need to be punished.” Tapping the other girl’s butt, giving it a playful swat, Rina made her intentions known while Emi wriggled and writhed trying to escape the humiliating punishment.

“W-wait!” Emi cried in desperation. “I’m sorry! Please don’t do this!” She begged.

Having had enough fun, Rina released the poor girl. “Psyche!” She exclaimed loudly. Still seeing the look of confusion on Emi’s face, she quickly explained. “I was messing with you!”

“Keep your voice down!” Emi hissed angrily. “You risked Ashley seeing or hearing us just for a little joke?”

“Ashley left for vacation this afternoon. She won’t be back until the same day as Mariah.”

Bewildered, Emi simply stared back at Rina incredulously. “So, we have the place to ourselves?” She asked, excitement tangible on the tip of her tongue.

“Yup.” Rina confirmed flatly. “And since I’m on diaper duty…” She patted the stack that had been hidden. “Lay down. You’re punishment isn’t over.”

Face dropping from pure joy to fear, Emi squeaked out, “What? You said you were kidding-”

“-About the spanking.” Rina finished.

Five minutes later, the girls emerged from the room. Emi’s pace was slow and shy, despite knowing that their other roommates were gone for the next few days. Her shirt no longer covered her diaper, or rather diapers now. She appeared to be wearing three diapers at once, forcing her thighs far apart and giving her a pronounced waddle. She held Rina’s hand, being led into the common room, her slightly raised arm gave a better peek of her diapers and just a bit of midriff. Emi was deposited onto the couch in front of the television with a loud crinkle.

Turning on the television, Rina stood and flipped through the channels until she found something appropriate for children. “I’m going to fix you a bottle, you watch your cartoons okay?” The question was rhetorical, as Rina patted Emi’s head and went over to the microwave without awaiting an answer.

The two snuggled on the couch while waiting for the bottle to warm. They had never before had the luxury of enjoying each other’s company while in their most comfortable and intimate state. Well, perhaps comfortable for Rina. Emi on the other hand was very fidgety and kept tugging on the hem of her shirt in a futile effort to cover the massive bulk of her diapers.

“No more fussing with your shirt,” Rina chastised as she returned with the warm bottle, lightly smacking Emi’s hands away. “You’ll ruin your shirt.” Patting her lap, Rina summed Emi to lay her head down and accept the bottle.

“Speaking of rules, I think now is a good time to lay those down.” Taking the pacifier out of Emi’s mouth, Rina awaited the other girl to lay in place before continuing. She pressed the bottle to Emi’s lips and spoke firmly. “I am your caretaker for the next four days. I will feed you, wake you up, put you to bed, take care of you, and dress you, right down to your diapers.” The point was accentuated as Rina made a show of tugging at the front of Emi’s innermost diaper, causing her to blush as she suckled the bottle.

Continuing, Rina spoke again. “After those four days, I will still be in complete control,” her words lingered on the alliteration, “-of your diapers. You will come to my room every night and ask me to diaper you.” The plain mention of diapers and being diapered caused Emi to turn crimson, but still she obediently drank from the bottle and listened. “If you want any of your little toys,” Rina dangled the pacifier as an example, “you will also have to ask me for it.”

Feeling brave enough, Rina pushed her limits one last time as she gave the final rule. “Oh, and I have class pretty early in the mornings next semester, so I’m going to try to start getting used to that as soon as possible. You’ll need to come get diapered around nine every night, because your bed time is now ten.” She let the words slip away from her mouth, unable to take them back even if she wanted. Rina’s body tensed as she waited to gauge Emi’s reaction.

“Ten?!” Emi shouted almost at once, pushing the bottle aside.

“Do you want to make it nine thirty?” Rina threatened, keeping her cool.

She was pleased to see Emi rest her body and accept the bottle again in resignation.

“Good. Don’t disobey me and I won’t have to take you out like this!” Rina jokingly threatened as she pulled up Emi’s shirt, revealing her triple diapers and their cute prints in all their glory for no one to see.

Now finished with her bottle, Emi retorted, “You wouldn’t dare!”

Silencing her friend, Rina replaced the bottle with the pacifier once again. “I won’t, I won’t” She shifted Emi out of her lap and pulled the other girl in for an embrace. Whispering into Emi’s ear, Rina threatened, “But don’t get used to telling me what do any time soon. It’s a looooong holiday weekend, little girl.” Rina snuck her hand under the other woman’s shirt and gently rubbed her back.

Sighing happily, Emi pressed her body close to Rina’s, feeling her heartbeat as she lay her head on the woman’s chest. Her thick diapers crinkled loudly as Emi wiggled about in order to get comfortable. She wasn’t used to wearing three diapers at once. It felt as though some strange barrier around her waist dictated and where her legs could and could not go. Finally, with a little help from Rina, Emi found herself swaddled in her lover’s arms, held close and having her butt be periodically pat to remind her of her puffy plastic underwear.

An overwhelming feeling of comfort, pleasure, and love surged through Emi as she enjoyed the intimate feeling of being held so close in such a state. She felt herself moving unbidden and looked up into Rina’s eyes.

“I love you.” Emi said, no hint of cutesy antics or casualness. The statement was factual and serious.

Unsure of whether she actually felt the same or not, Rina knew she felt something so she responded in kind. “I love you too.”