R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

This is a long story and I realize that not everyone will read the complete story in one sitting, so I have started with a chapter index. If you have not read the story before, please skip the index and go right to the story.

By Teekabell - 2005-07

Part 1- Wake-Up Call
12 year old Bobby wakes up for another day of Junior High in 2572, but his R.O.O.M. Unit dresses him like a Preschooler.

Part 2 - Diapers
After discovering his diapers, Bobby is faced with a dilemma. He has to go to the Bathroom really bad like he usually does each morning when he wakes up. He quickly learns that the Preschooler treatment applies to more than just his clothes.

Part 3 - School
Bobby is transported to school, but it is not his school. He finds that another mistake sentences him to diapers whether he likes it or not.

Part 4 - Transition Room
Carly brings Bobby down to the Transition Room for Breakfast, showing him where he fits best in this school.

Part 5 - Holo-Student Link-Up
Mandatory attendance rules initiate a Holo-Student link-up to his Junior High Chemistry Class, while he is dressed in diapers, a bib, and wearing Picture-Show Preschooler clothing.

Part 6 - A Change
After another diaper change, Bobby’s clothes are changed to something worse than what he was sent to school in.

Teacher Rosie works at convincing the DRESSER Unit to dress Bobby in appropriate clothing.

Part 8 - The Solution
The SCHOOL Unit determined the best way to resolve Bobby’s problem. Now Bobby will not have to worry about conflicts between his age and how he is dressed, they are now both set for the same level.

Part 9 - Return to Class
Bobby meets his new classmates and the first topic of discussion is poopy diapers.

Part 10 - ‘O’ Units
The Technician finally arrives and explains to everyone what an ‘O’ Unit is and why it is unable to make mistakes, especially one like putting a 12 year old in diapers and baby clothes.

Part 11 - The Highchair
Bobby gets to know Jill, as she teaches him that highchairs can be fun.

Part 12 - Big-Little Kid
Playing with the other Preschoolers, Bobby starts to settle into his role as a Big-Little Kid.

Part 13 - Reality
Bobby wakes up to his new life. Jill wants to help Bobby.

Part 14 - Jill’s Sister
Jill and Bobby play house, but first Bobby learns about Big-Little Kids and Jill’s sister Amy.

Part 15 - Potty Chair
Bobby tries to make it to the potty in time.

Part 16 - Bye - Bye
The first day at Preschool is ended with Jill returning one of Bobby’s precious items.

Part 17 - Toy Store
Mommy takes Bobby to the Toy Store to reward Bobby for being a good boy at Preschool.

Part 18 - Safe at Home
Upon his arrival home, Bobby learns that he has to wait till tomorrow before the baby treatment stops.

Part 19 - Bedtime
Bobby is put to bed in a crib and before falling asleep he contemplates his day.

Part 20 - Big-Little Girl
The ‘O’ machines, finding no information on Bobby, deduces that he is really a Baby Girl since the only kid clothes in the house are girl clothes.

Part 21 - Still a Baby?
Bobby wakes up struggling between reality and his dream world. All he wants to know is if the ‘O’ machines are fixed and he can be a 12 year old again

Part 22 - Mommy’s Punishment
Bobby tries to punish his Mommy by acting like a little Baby.

Part 23 - Mommy’s Revenge
Mommy tries to teach Bobby a lesson by continuing the Infant treatment, causing Bobby to question how long he will have to stay a Baby.

Part 24 - Big or Little
Bobby has to decide, Will he stay a Baby or be a Big Kid (Preschooler) again.

Part 25 - Little Jilly
Bobby and Jill play house at school again. This time, Jill is the Baby.

Part 26 - Teacher Helper
Bobby’s efforts help Jill act her age, teaches him that he enjoys drinking from a Baby Bottle.

Part 27 - Nap Time
Bobby helps the kids in Preschool settle down for a nap. Jill shows Bobby that he is just a Big-Little Kid.

Part 28 - Potty Training
Bobby starts having success using the potty. Then his mom learns about Jill’s Bobby Doll.

Part 29 - Play People
Janie and Bobby play with toys they haven’t enjoyed for years.

Part 30 - Doctor’s Office
A trip to the doctor’s office outlines Bobby’s future in diapers.

Part 31 - Shopping
Bobby needs new diapers and training pants.

Part 32 - Easier Said than Done
Toilet training isn’t as easy as Bobby thought it would be.

Part 33 - Back to Junior High School?
Bobby hopes of returning to Junior High School are challenged due to his new age.

Part 34 - Janie
Janie changes the order of things in the house, realizing that she is now the older sister. But will this lead to her being put back into diapers and Picture Show dresses?

Part 35 - Preschool Homework
Bobby has homework for his Preschool class, but he doesn’t want to do it.

Part 36 - Big Girl Jilly
Jilly asserts herself as the superior one between her and Bobby, and ends up revealing something that could prove she always has been superior.

Part 37 - Bobby’s Last Day
Bobby finds out the truth that Jill really is able to do things he can’t. Could she be a big kid, when he isn’t?

Part 38 - Bye Bye Jilly
Bobby and Jilly say Goodbye, as Bobby leaves Gleeful Times Nursery School for good.

Part 39 - 4th Grader?
Bobby adjusts to the news of his return to Big-Kid School.

Part 40 - Mommy and Bobby Time
Baby Bobby gets to spend some time with Mommy.

Part 41 - What Makes a Mother
Mrs. Malik questions her skills as a mother and wonders if the ROOM Unit is a better Mother.

Part 42 - Brother and Sister
Janie and Bobby talk, with her finally seeing her new role in the family.

Part 43 - Big Boy School
Bobby and Mommy write a letter to Bobby’s new teacher. Bobby now has to face the reality of what Big-Kid school really is.

Part 44 – Bobby Learns his Fate
The story ends with Bobby starting his new life as a 4 th grader, and the realization of what that actually means for him.

R.O.O.M. - Part 1- Wake-Up Call

– Good Morning Bobby. It is 7:30 in the morning, November 3, 2572. Time to get up. –

Bobby rolled over in bed, hugged his teddy bear, dozed and went back to sleep.

– Good Morning Bobby. It is 7:35 in the morning, November 3, 2572. It is time to get up. –

Bobby felt his bed rumble this time and the lights in the room were starting to slowly increase illumination. He hugged his teddy and dozed off to sleep.

– Good Morning Bobby. It is 7:40 TUESDAY morning, November 3, 2572. You have school today Bobby and MUST get up. I am sorry for this Bobby, but you must get up for school. –

The top sheet and blanket suddenly disappeared leaving Bobby and his teddy bear very cold and now very awake. “Okay, Okay ROOM, I am up. You did not have to do that. I hate it when you do that.”

– Then on school days, actually get up when I tell you it is time. –

Bobby looked around the room and at the clock. “ROOM,” he commanded. “Make bed.”

– I am sorry Bobby. Your Mom has given me strict instructions after last time that you no longer have access to that command within one hour of when you are woken up. Nice try Bobby, but you are not getting your sheet and blanket back that easily. –

“Well ROOM, I had to try.” Bobby smiled as he climbed out of bed, resting his teddy on the pillow. “Sorry Teddy, ROOM will not let you go back to sleep either.”

– Teddy can go back to sleep, just not you –

Bobby saw a teddy size blanket appear on top of his Teddy Bear. “Well at least one of us will get to sleep in.” Bobby smiled as he headed over to the dresser. Stepping on the platform and holding onto the bars, he was engulfed in light.

– School Clothes – Outside temps 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit – Inside Temps 68 to 75 – Mood Hormone Rating: 35 – Bright and cheerful mood today Bobby, so bright and cheerful clothes it will be –

Bobby’s pajamas and underwear were transported away as he felt a warm tingling feeling all over his body. A ruffling of his hair indicated the finish of the cleaning phase. He looked around as the next thing he heard were beeps and clicks instead of his clothes appearing. “ROOM? ? ROOM? ?”

– Processing, Please Hold –

Bobby felt silly standing there naked holding on to the dresser bars. He could not recall ever having to wait for ROOM to do something. A second later he saw his bed disappear and Teddy re-appear on shelf in a nice Teddy Bear sized bed. Then he heard more clicks and beeps.

– Daytime room setting set – dressing in process, in process, in process. Bright Cheerful school clothes – Processing, Please Hold –

Bobby heard more beeps and clicks. Confused, he was tempted to call Mom for help, but he was naked. At 12 years old, his mom hadn’t seen him naked for years, and until there was really a problem, he wasn’t ready to have her come in. ROOM clicked and beeped some more and then the cleaning phase started again, except this time it didn’t end with the hair, it went back down the body and ended just below his waist. It was different, yet somehow familiar. Bobby didn’t have time to think about it for clothes were instantly transported onto him.

“Finally ROOM, what was all of that about?”

– Processing, Processing, Please Hold –

“Mom,” Bobby yelled. “Mom come quick. ROOM isn’t working right.”

“What is it Bobby,” She said entering the room and then froze. “Umm, Cute Bobby, but I don’t exactly think those clothes are appropriate for Junior High. Preschool maybe, but not Junior High.”

Bobby was puzzled and then looked down at his clothes. Primary green overalls with a dump truck on the bib and snaps down the legs, a primary yellow shirt, white little kid no-remove sneakers with yellow highlights and blue light and move dump trucks on the sides.


“Oh don’t worry Bobby, I am sure we can fix your dresser and get you changed out of those little kid clothes in no time at all.” She said with a smile on her face. “But to be honest, I forgot how cute you looked in diapers.”

“Diapers!” Bobby pulled the front of the bib overalls forward to look down inside. “Mommyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Part 2 - Diapers

Bobby was in shock. Here he was 12 years old, dressed like a Preschooler. Complete with DIAPERS. Mommy could fix everything, RIGHT ? ? ?

“Mom, hurry up and fix the Dresser. I gatta go.”

“Bobby, there is no rush, school doesn’t start for an hour.”

“No Mom, I gatta go. I haven’t been to the bathroom yet this morning.”

His mom smiled, her baby boy looked like he was a tall 5 year old, and now he wants to go potty like a big boy. Good thing his diaper is on in case he doesn’t make it. Her smile widened. “Well Bobby, it may have been 6 years since I last did this, but I do think I remember how to take a diaper off a kid. I can get the diaper off so you can go potty.”

“Potty! Mom! I am not a little Kindergartener being toilet trained. Just fix the Dresser so I can change and then go to the bathroom.”

“Bobby, I don’t know how to fix the dresser. I can try putting it in a diagnostic mode and reboot the system, but that could take up to 30 minutes. After dealing with 6 years of you in diapers, I think I can at least get it off so you can go Potty. Oh, sorry, go to the bathroom.”

Bobby was starting to really feel the pressure and had to go bad. “Okay Mom.”

“ROOM, Bobby’s bed please.”

– Processing, Please wait –

“Now that is interesting.” His mom said while looking over at ROOM’s display screen on the wall and listened to the clicks and beeps.

– Bobby’s bed. Can I help you with anything else? –

They both turned to where the bed should be and saw a bed appear in the spot with Teddy appearing on the pillow.

“MOOOOOMMMMMMMM” Bobby was on the verge of tears.

Trying to hold back a giggle, “Well Bobby, ROOM gave you a bed appropriate for the way you are dressed.”

“A BED! It is not a bed, it is a CRIB!”

“Well, for a kid in diapers, it is the appropriate bed. You slept in a crib till they started Potty Training lessons half way through Kindergarten.”

“Mom, I’m 12 not 5, and I have to go to the bathroom. Do you mind?”

“Sorry, Bobby. ROOM, Changing Table please, big enough for Bobby.”


– One changing table for little Bobby –


A set of shelves in the room dematerialized and a changing table materialized in its place. A collection of various supplies appeared underneath and a few on a small shelf above.

“Lay down Bobby, so I can get the diaper off.”

Bobby slowly walked over to the changing table and reluctantly sat down on the table. He then looked at his mom before laying down.

The fasteners down the legs were undone exposing the diaper. “Oh no.”

“Oh NO! What do you mean OH NO!”

“Well, Bobby, you are dressed in a no-release Preschool Diaper.”

“It’s a Diaper! There has to be a way to get it off!”

“Only one sweety, but if ROOM is malfunctioning, I am not sure this will work sweety. The changing table Links-Up with ROOM. I hope this works. ROOM, change diaper, switch to training pants.”

“MOM! Training Pants”

– That is not advised. Scans reveal the diaper is dry and clean and Bobby will be using them VERY soon. His bowels and bladder are full. –

“Bobby, this is a changing table, underwear is not in its programming. ROOM, Bobby has asked to go potty like a big boy. Please switch the diaper for training pants.”

– Processing, Please Wait – Processing, Please Wait – Processing, Please Wait –

The table lights up around Bobby’s diaper area and the diaper dematerializes. A Cleansing scan goes over the area and then a new no-release Preschool Diaper materializes on Bobby.

“I am sorry Bobby.”

“Sorry, Sorry! What do you mean sorry. Mooooommmmm.”

“It’s okay Bobby, it’s okay.” Instinctively she reached up and got a pacifier and started bringing it toward his mouth.


“Sorry sweety. I wasn’t thinking. When you were upset during a change, I would always give you a pacifier and it would calm you right down. I wasn’t thinking. I was just trying to calm my baby boy while on the changing table. Sorry sweety.”

“What are we going to do? I’ve gatta go to the bathroom and I can’t go to school like this.”

“Let’s think. If your dresser isn’t working, what are our options? My dresser will not work for little kids and until you go through another growth spurt, you are still too little for it.”

“What about Janie’s dresser? She has a kid dresser. I could use it, couldn’t I?”

“You can use Janie’s dresser if you want, but it only has little girl clothes in it and she has insisted on wearing only dresses for several years now. I think you are better off with what you have on, but I bet you would look cute in pig-tails and a frilly little party dress.”

“Okay, but how can I get out of these clothes?”

“We really need to find a dresser that is calibrated for you or one set up generically for youth boys. Anything else will try to Link-Up with your personal Dresser.”

“Whatever you do Mom, do it quick. I really gatta go potty.”

Smiling at him calling it Potty instead of a bathroom, she was thinking hard. Dressers calibrated for Bobby or ones programmed for generic youth boys. “I’ve got it Bobby!”


“You can go to school and use the dresser in the locker room.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 3 - School

“Are you nuts? I can’t go to school dressed like this.”

“You know the rule, you either attend school in person or through Holo Link-Up. Do you really want a Holographic you hovering around the school dressed like that?”

“If you leave now, you will probably only run into teachers in the halls.”

“I don’t want teachers seeing me like this!”

“Would you like it better with all your friends seeing you dressed like that?”

“Okay, but this better work. I am not sure how much longer I can hold out.”

“You could just go in the diaper. It will not make a mess, and I could change you before you head off to school.”

“OOOOO, Gross Mom. Are you nuts?”

They both headed for the transporter in the Greeting Room. As they walked through the living room, Janie saw her big brother, “Oh Mommy, you got me a baby brother. Oh thank you Mommy, I’ve always wanted one.”

“Janie, if you say another word your Dad and I will program your dresser to dress you in Preschool outfits for a whole week. Bobby’s Dresser is broken. Now, go eat breakfast before it is time for you to leave for school.”

Bobby hugged his mom as they continued toward the Greeting Room.

“Now Bobby, Go to school. Change your clothes. Go Potty, and then come back home.”

“Okay Mom.” Bobby said getting onto the transporter.

“TRANSPORT, Bobby to school.”

The Transporter lit up and Bobby dematerialized. His Mom smiled, wishing she had had more time with her baby boy. Her thoughts were interrupted by HOUSE:

– Transport complete. Bobby has successfully arrived at Gleeful Times Nursery School. –

– Transport complete. Welcome Bobby to Gleeful Times Nursery School. –

“What?” Bobby’s shock was too much, his bladder let go, and with this action, he started to cry.

“Everything will be okay little Bobby. Oh, now I see what your problem is, you need your diaper changed. It must of just happened, your truck is just now losing its color. Come with me little one, we will get you all cleaned up and into some nice clean diapers.”

The young lady in the Greeting Room, Carly, took Bobby’s hand and led him to the Changing Room. She knew Bobby was too old to be in Preschool and still in diapers, but she also knew that a crying little boy transported in and promptly wet and/or messed his diapers. He may be too old for such things, but he obviously still needed to be wearing a diaper. His Mommy must also agree or she would never have dressed him this way and sent him to Preschool. Once she got him changed, she would check the computer records to get more information on Bobby.

“Truck?” Bobby said in confusion and through the tears.

“It’s okay Bobby, the truck on your overalls will get its color back when we get you into a nice clean diaper.”

“Truck, not - truck?” Bobby was really confused, too much was happening at once. What was she talking about a truck? He looked down at his green overalls and the now white truck on the bib. It wasn’t white this morning, was it? “Truck - no color? No!”

“It is okay Bobby. We will just get you changed into clean diapers and the color will come back. It’s okay. Just let Carly take care of everything for you. It’s okay.”

Carly thought that he was upset because the truck had changed. She knew a lot of Mommies that pushed little ones to keep the truck from loosing its color. To her, Bobby was clearly upset by the truck losing its color. She was guessing that Bobby was maybe 9 or 10 years old. He was acting however, like the 5 year olds whose parents started toilet training before they were ready.

Carly could not calm Bobby down. When they reached the Changing Room he was laid down on the large changing table and the table evaluated the situation, while Carly followed a hunch and put a pacifier in his mouth.

– Boy – No-Release Preschool Diaper – very wet and needs changing – Clothes are still dry and clean – Bladder is not completely empty, child has some level of bladder control – Bowels are full beyond levels of normal retention, normal constipated diapered child procedures will be initiated when diaper is changed – Should I proceed? –

Bobby was starting to calm down as he sucked on the pacifier. He put up a feeble protest when Carly when to undo the fasteners down his legs, but he was too overwhelmed and defeated to fight. He was laying there on a Preschoolers Changing Table with a wet diaper. This strange lady knew he was wet and needed to poop. He was supposed to quickly get to the school’s locker room and change, but he wasn’t at school. Well, he was at school. He wasn’t at his school. He could try to get to this school’s locker rooms, no, this is a Preschool, they do not have locker rooms. What was he going to do? How did this happen? How could he get out of here?

When Carly had Bobby’s diaper exposed, she said, “Initiate Change”

– Changing Diaper, replacing with same - Preschool No-Release Diaper, with No-Control Youth level protection – Adding Constipation relief medicine to intestines – Recommend a level 5 Preschooler Breakfast to help the process –

“Your Dump Truck has its color back Bobby. If you don’t tell Mommy it lost its color, I won’t. Well, it looks like it is off to breakfast for you.” Carly said as she started doing back up the fasteners on the overalls.

“Carly,” A lady entering the room asked. “Is that a Young Man named Bobby?”

“Young Man?” Carly inquired looking down at the pacifier and the diaper that had just been changed. “This is Bobby, but I wouldn’t describe him as a young man. I just changed a very wet diaper and he appears to enjoy his pacifier quite a bit.”

With this Bobby quickly took the pacifier out of his mouth, but not before the new lady saw it.

"He came in wearing a Preschool No-Release Diaper, so I assume he tends to take the diaper off when he isn’t supposed to. He is wearing Picture Show Pants, so I assume he doesn’t tell when he needs to be changed. He has been acting more like the immature kids in our Transition classroom. He has cried since he got here and the only thing that could calm him down was the pacifier, yet he still hasn’t stopped crying completely. He hasn’t yet said one complete sentence; most things have been in one or two word expressions. So Marie, I do not think we have a young man here. A Preschooler or possibly even a Toddler, but definitely not a Young Man. "

“Really, that isn’t the picture of a 12 year old young man his mom described over the Vid,” Marie said looking straight at Bobby. “She indicated he was an average 12 year old who faced a malfunctioning ROOM unit this morning. She wanted us to put him in something that would allow him to use the potty.”

“I wouldn’t suggest that Marie. The changing table detected a naughty little boy who has been holding in his poopy, it saw a little boy in diapers, so it used diaper protocol for constipation.”

Marie looked at Bobby, “I am sorry Bobby, but you will now have to wear a DIAPER for at least the next 24 hours. The medication put into your intestines is only designed for kids in diapers, because you will now have no control over your poopy till at least this time tomorrow.”

“Training Pants?”

“No Bobby. Training pants can’t do the job once you have had this medication. Sorry Bobby, you will need to wear diapers all day today and probably all day tomorrow. Now I need you to take this like a big boy.”

– Mood Hormone Rating: Dropping fast, corrective action needed –

A teddy bear suddenly materialized in Bobby’s arms. He hugs it tight.

“Carly, his mom said she would be here as soon as she got his younger sister off to school. Till she gets here, take Bobby to the Transition Room to join the other little ones for Breakfast. Make sure he gets a level 5 Preschooler Breakfast - it will help with the medication he was given.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 4 - Transition Room

The Transition Room was full of kids who looked like they were 4 and 5 years old. They were all still in diapers, but all kids at that age are still in diapers. Some of the kids were eating and others were playing. About half of the kids eating were in highchairs and all of them were wearing bibs. One had a baby bottle, most had sippy cups, and a few had regular cups. All had rimmed plates with divided sections.

“So these are the oldest kids in this school?”

“No, Bobby. We have Kindergarteners and 1st Graders too. We teach kids who are in diapers or still need help with the potty. Since almost all kids get out of daytime diapers in Kindergarten or 1st Grade, we teach kids through 1st grade.”

“Then why am I with these little babies.”

“You are not with the babies Bobby! If you keep up that attitude we will put you in with the babies so they can teach you how to behave appropriately.”

“But I AM 12 years old. I should be with the oldest kids.”

“I am sorry Bobby, but you would not fit in with the 1st graders. All of them are out of diapers and most of them are already out of training pants. Yes the Kindergarteners are almost all still in diapers since we do not start toilet training lessons till after Winter Break, but they don’t need pacifiers during diaper changes; they know when they have gone pee-pee or poopy in their diapers and tell an adult, so they don’t have to wear Picture Show Pants. . .”

“I can tell you when I go pee-pee and poopy. I don’t need these little kid Picture Show Pants.”

“Well your Mommy sent you to school today wearing Picture Show Pants, so you need to show us you don’t need them before we will take you out of them.”

“My Mommy didn’t dress me like this. It was ROOM. It was broken and made a mistake.”

“Bobby,” Carly said giving him a sideways look. “Big boys do not go Pee-Pee in their Diapers. . .”

“I didn’t . . . Well I did but it was just an accident . . . I couldn’t get the diaper off to use the Potty - I mean bathroom. . . I . . .”

“Bobby,” Carly interrupted. “Big boys use words to communicate when they have a problem, they don’t cry to a point that they can’t tell grown-ups what is wrong.”

“But . . .”

“Bobby, big boys go Poopy either in their diapers or in the potty when they have to go.”

“I didn’t poop my diaper!”

Carly smiled at him calling it his diaper. Even if he didn’t usually wear diapers during the day, he obviously has experience with regularly wearing diapers, possibly he still wears them at night. “No Bobby, you didn’t poop in your diaper, but you haven’t done it in the potty either. Big boys go to the potty when they have to go poopy, they do not hold it in.”

“But . . .”

“Bobby, big boys don’t need No-Release Preschool Diapers only Preschoolers do.”

“That was ROOM’s fault . . .”

“Bobby, big boys do not usually go around the school hugging their Teddy Bears, only little kids do that. So, like I said, you would not fit in with the big kids. You will fit in much better with the Little Kids.”

Bobby looked down to the Teddy Bear in his arms. Although his brain told him to drop the bear, he didn’t want to and just hugged it tighter.

“If you have too much trouble fitting in with these kids Bobby, we can try you out with kids even younger. Now follow the rules of the classroom and do what the teachers say. Your Mommy will probably be here around the time you are done with Breakfast.”

They walked straight up to one of the teachers. “Hello Carly. Who do we have here?”

“This is Bobby. I am not sure how long he will be with you today, but at least for breakfast. I will warn you that he was just given some Constipation Medication for kids in Diapers. Marie and I thought he would fit well with the other kids in this room. Marie also said he is to have a level 5 Preschooler Breakfast due to the meds.”

“Well hi there Bobby. My name is Teacher Rosie. You will like it in this class. Now let’s start you off with some breakfast and then at circle time I will introduce you to everyone. What would you like for breakfast, Pancakes or Waffles?”


– New Student Classroom Registration: Bobby Malik – 12 year old boy – School Identified Bladder and Bowel control issues – wears Preschool No-Release Diaper, with No-Control Youth level protection – Constipation relief medicine for Diaper wearers detected in system – Level 5 Preschool Diet recommended – wears No-Release Sneakers and Picture Show Pants – Teddy Bear and Pacifier are effective soothers – Current Cognitive/Academic level unknown – Current Adaptive Skill level unknown – Current motor skill level unknown – Recommendation: Link-Up or Admission Scan needed to fill in missing information – Until more is known, Recommend Toddler level instruction and expectations –

“Classroom,” Carly stated. “No highchairs or baby bottles unless skills show a need. Treat as high leveled student unless skills show otherwise. Do not Link-Up or perform an Admission Scan unless authorized.”

“Classroom, yes on level 5 Preschooler Breakfast, and Bobby here has said he would like pancakes.”

– Hi Bobby, welcome to Teacher Rosie’s classroom. We have special Blueberry Pancakes today. Let me get your bib on and then you can dig in –

Bobby was scanned and then a bib appeared on him.

“I am a big boy, I don’t need a bib.” He said as he quickly tried to take it off.

– Sorry Bobby, but No-Release Diaper, No-Release Sneakers mean you also get No-Release Bib –

“Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said. “All the students in this class wear bibs for meals, now be a big boy and go eat with the other kids.”

Bobby was definitely hungry and saw his options as very limited. He remembered a time in Elementary School when he tried to leave the classroom when the teacher didn’t want him to, and the classroom just transported him into his desk and put on a No-Release seatbelt. So, Bobby decided here he better just do as he was told for the moment, till his mom got here. His little sister Janie usually left for school right after he usually did, so his mom should be here shortly. He slowly headed over to an empty chair at the table. It was a typical preschool chair with a foot rest. As he got close, it dematerialized and another chair materialized that did not have the foot rest. Bobby smiled. He knew the chair was small enough for him to sit in without the footrest, his feet would definitely be able to lay flat on the ground. He was also glad that he didn’t have to sit in a highchair.

“Thanks Carly,” Teacher Rosie said smiling. “I am sure Bobby will do great in here. We have never had a kid as old as him in here, but I will manage. He isn’t much bigger than the 6 year olds in here. He looks like he is only a little bit bigger than the 1st graders, but I assume Marie had her reasons for putting him in here, the two of you are great at placing kids. I don’t often get kids in Preschool No-Release Diapers in this class, but since we use the changer for all diaper changes, I guess it really doesn’t matter. But a big kid like him in No-Release Preschool Diapers and No-Release shoes, is there something you should tell me?”

“He transported in dressed like that, including the Picture Show pants. Supposable it was a malfunctioning ROOM unit, which although rare I guess is conceivably possible, although I have never heard of one. Evidence and the report from the Mom are currently conflicting. The little boy who transported in did not present himself as a 12 year old boy who had been misdressed. He wet his pants as soon as he got here this morning and presented himself like some of your immature kids. I don’t have much more except, he did calm down with a pacifier and the teddy bear. His mom should be here soon. As soon as we know something, I will let you know. He may only be here through Breakfast, we do not know yet.”

As Carly left the room she saw Bobby drinking Cranberry Juice from a regular cup and digging into his Blueberry pancakes and sausage links. He still had his Teddy Bear in his other hand. Part of her felt sorry for the 12 year old boy stuck in a Preschool Classroom, but her instinct told her he would fit perfectly in this room.

R.O.O.M. - Part 5 - Holo-Student Link-Up

Teacher Rosie came over to Bobby and knelt down next to him. “Now Bobby. You are the oldest and biggest kid in the room, you need to be careful around the little ones.”

Bobby looked at her and thought about how she was not exaggerating. He looked around and saw some really little kids. Some of them were not much smaller than he was, but he was definitely the biggest kid in the room. He could probably stand behind the next smallest kid and rest his chin on their head, but here he was in diapers just like they were. If he understood things correctly, he would have no control over his poopies just like the rest of the kids in the room.

“You are here for now, so I want you to enjoy your time here. Let’s start by getting your Teddy Bear a seat of his own so you don’t get syrup on him like you have on your bib.”

“What?” Bobby looked down at the bib he was wearing and it did have a couple of drips of syrup on it. He always had trouble eating messy food without making a mess, but that is why they call it messy food isn’t it.

“CLASSROOM: Give Teddy here a chair of his own.”

– Breakfast for two –

Teddy was dematerialized and rematerialized into a bear sized highchair that appeared next to Bobby. He now had a bib with a picture of a Zero-G race car on it just like Bobby’s, and on the tray of the highchair was a small plate with plastic pancakes and sausages. They were not all cut up like Bobby’s, but it was cute and made Bobby smile.

“Good. Keep eating and don’t forget to drink all of your juice.”

Bobby kept eating and even asked for seconds when he finished the first pancake. When he was almost done with breakfast he heard a familiar beep.

– Holo-Student Link-Up Wilkes Junior High School –

Bobby’s heart started racing a mile a minute and was petrified by what was about to happen. He didn’t even notice the Red Light engulfing him with medical stats being holographicly displayed above him, signifying to the teachers that the CLASSROOM had detected something seriously wrong with this particular student.

– Holo-Student seeks absent child – Transporter and building records indicate Bobby Malik is in this room – Checking Room Records – Bobby prepare for Holo-Student Integration –

Two of the three teachers in the room, upon seeing the red light engulfing Bobby immediately rushed over to him. He was non-responsive to anything they were saying and didn’t even appear to notice their presence.

“CLASSROOM: get Marie” Teacher Rosie said. In the hunt for what had put Bobby in this state, she started listening to the same thing Bobby was.

– Bobby Malik’s presense has been confirmed – Class starts in five minutes – Holo-Student Link-Up will initiate in four minutes – Hover Holo Student is now at Bobby’s desk in his Chemestry Classroom at Wilkes junior High School – Standing By –

“Bobby? . . . Bobby? . . . Bobby?” Teacher Kelsey tried to get his attention while also keeping close eye on the medical stats displayed above him. It was obvious he was in shock. She also noticed that the wheels on the Picture Show Bib were loosing their color. She suspected this was due to the shock, not the cause.

Bobby couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Here he was dressed like a Preschooler, in a Preschool Classroom and he was about to be Holo-displayed straight into his Junior High Chemestry Class. What was he going to do, ask the teacher to leave the class so he could get his diaper changed? Apologize to the student sitting next to him when one of the preschools threw something and the holo-emitters decided it was him throwing something at another kid in his chemistry class? How was he going to explain the syrup stained bib, correct that, how was he going to explain the bib, period?

“Tea . . . Tea,” Bobby tried to say. “Tea . . . Tea-cher hel . . . hel . . . help me.”

Teacher Rosie was wildly trying to figure out how to prevent a Holo-Student Link-Up. Just as Marie walked into the room, Teacher Rosie ordered, “CLASSROOM: stop Holo-Student Link-Up.”

– Sorry Teacher Rosie, this is outside my capabilities. Student attendance law states children not of legal age must attend all instructional lessons of level 1 or 2 priority, with priority levels of each particular lesson set by the teacher. Bobby must attend his registered classes unless he has a doctor release. –

Teacher Rosie looked at Marie with a very pleading expression.

Marie looked at Bobby who was still engulfed in a red glow. She examined the Medical Stats above him and noticed the wheels on his Picture Show Bib had lost their color and the rest of the Zero-G Race Car was currently losing its color. She was working hard to quickly size up the situation to determine appropriate actions. It was very obvious that Bobby was in no condition to be Holo-emitted into his regular classroom.

“CLASSROOM,” Marie stated. “Did you register Bobby as a student in Mrs. Rosie Freemor’s classroom?”

– Affirmative, Robert Frances Malik age 12 is a registered student in Mrs. Roselleta Freemor’s classroom as of 8:17 this morning, November 3, 2572. –

“CLASSROOM: Use active SCHOOL-to-SCHOOL Link-Up to relay Bobby’s Temporary change of school registration - Authorization Professor Marie Jenkins, Lead Administrator Gleeful Times Nursery School. CLASSROOM, set highest priority, time is of the essence here.”

– Understood Professor Jenkins, Priority One, SCHOOL-to-SCHOOL Link-Up –

“Kelsey, help Marcus with the other students. Start Circle Time and get them focused on something other than this situation. Rosie and I will handle Bobby.”

“CLASSROOM: Special Location, end of meal student clean-up and removal of Bobby’s Bib.”

As the CLASSROOM removed Bobby’s bib and did cleansing actions to get the syrup off his face and hands, Teacher Rosie took the Teddy Bear out of the highchair and handed it to Bobby. He grabbed it tight and started to vaguely start to gain awareness to his surroundings.

“Marie, what do we do if that doesn’t work?” Teacher Rosie asked.

“Wait a minute, I forgot something. CLASSROOM: let Bobby’s other school know parental confirmation and length of temporary placement will be sent within the next hour.”

– Affirmative Professor Jenkins, relaying information over SCHOOL-to-SCHOOL Link-Up –

– Chemestry Class starts in three minutes – Holo-Student Link-Up will initiate in two minutes –

“CLASSROOM: Urgent Request: Access SCHOOL DRESSER - Special Location: put a plain colored T-Shirt on Bobby over his other clothes.” Marie said at lightning speed.

Bobby looked at Marie. Teacher Rosie and Marie exchanged glances and then looked down at Bobby.

“If at all possible it would be best if he is not seen in his Chemestry class wearing Picture Show Overalls, especially ones that indicate that his diapers are wet and messy.” Marie explained to Rosie.

“Thank You,” Bobby feebly uttered.

– SCHOOL Dresser Accessed – Student unknown, unable to do Special Location without more information – Urgent Medical Situation, overriding Link-Up block – Link-Up with student DRESSER initiated – Link-Up achieved – Necessary Student Information has been obtained – Special Location dressing requests initiated –

As they all looked down at Bobby’s chest, they saw a Onsie appear with Picture Show airplanes all over the garment, with a pacifier attached to the shoulder with a clip in the shape of an airplane.

“Now that is interesting,” Teacher Rosie commented while holding back a slight giggle. “I think we just made things worse instead of better.”

Marie and Teacher Rosie quickly went about removing the Pacifier and Onsie.

– Chemestry Class starts in two minutes – Holo-Student Link-Up will initiate in one minute –

“What do we do now?” Teacher Rosie said as she looked at Bobby’s face which was on the verge of tears as it reappeared as the Onsie came off over his head.

“Well . . .” Marie again looked down at Bobby. “Bobby, listen carefully. You must be a big boy and show no fear. It is very important that you do not cry. The Hover Holo-Student is already situated at your desk and you are sitting down at the moment so it will project you sitting at your desk. Do not stand up, hopefully the other students will be to involved with the lesson to see what you are wearing. Do you understand?”

Bobby shook his head

– Chemestry Class starts in one minute thirty seconds – Holo-Student Link-Up will initiate in thirty seconds –

“No, Please No” Bobby pleaded on the verge of tears. “I can’t go to class like this. Please.”


R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 6 - A Change

– SCHOOL-to-SCHOOL Link-Up processing Temporary Change of Student Placement – Wilkes Junior High School conditionally accepts the change of placement for Bobby Malik given confirmed registration in another school and confirmed attendance in another classroom. –

Marie whispered in Bobby’s ear, “I think we have done it Bobby.”

– Holo-Student Link-Up is temporarily terminated till Guardianship confirmation is received –

Bobby collapsed into Teacher Rosie’s arms, almost passing out in the process.

– If Guardianship confirmation is not received within sixty minutes, immediate initiation of Holo-Student will commence –

“CLASSROOM: Send Confirmation back with my professional signature. Notify Mrs. Malik immediately that she MUST be here within thirty minutes.”

The red glow and medical stats faded from around Bobby.

“Bobby’s condition is stabilizing, let’s get him changed and into Circle Time with the other kids. The sooner we can get Bobby to join the group and be part of the group, the less traumatized they will be from all of this. I will still need to send a Vid message to all parents so they know what the kids are talking about once they all get home.”

Teacher Rosie carried him over to the changing table. “TABLE: Change Bobby’s Diaper. Replace with regular Youth Diaper and replace Overalls with regular pants. No Picture Show clothing on child, but link diaper sensors to silent teacher notifying devices already being carried by all three teachers in the room.”

“Thank You Teacher Rosie,” Bobby said as he started to relax after being laid down.

– Initiating Change: Wet and Messy diaper detected, odor barrier activated – Removing pants and diaper – cleansing of diaper area complete –

The realization of everything that just happened and was currently happening started to hit Bobby as he listened to the TABLE explain what was happening. It was changing his wet and MESSY diaper. He had no recollection of actually wetting and messing the diaper. Maybe he did belong in this room with all these babies. He was 12, not a baby. He should be in Junior High, yet he just begged the teacher to . . . to . . . be in this class instead of Junior High. No that can’t be right.

– SCHOOL DRESSER Link-Up providing new requested clothing – Diaper change complete – new clothing change complete –

“Marie, come here please.”

Bobby heard Teacher Rosie say that with a nice calm gentle voice, but the expression on her face did not express the same emotion. So, he asked, “What is wrong?”

“Well, Bobby,” Teacher Rosie hesitantly responded. “I am sorry, but . . . well . . .”

“What is wrong? What happened now?” Bobby was starting to panic again.

“Oh my,” Marie said as she entered the Changing Table areas. “I assume you did NOT ask the table to do that.”

“No, definitely not.”

“What?” Bobby said on the verge of yelling.

“Bobby,” Teacher Rosie started in slowly. “You heard me say what I wanted you dressed in. I tried, honest, but the DRESSER did not send what I asked for.”

Bobby immediately sat up and looked down at his outfit. He thought thing couldn’t get any worse than the Baby outfit he was dressed in. Well, he was wrong.

He now looked more like an Infant than a Preschooler. He was dressed in a baby blue Romper, with elastic around a high waist and at the legs openings just below the diaper. It gave everything a very puffy look, especially around the diaper area. There was a wide white collar around the neck and puffy short sleeves. He had on matching blue socks that turned down with blue lace around them. His shoes were white leather with flat bottoms, Bobby recognized them as the ones babies wore before they learned to walk. The diaper was also different. Before, the diaper felt just like his underwear, until wet when it puffed way out, but these were puffy, bulky, and very uncomfortable yet it was still dry.

“Uh . . . uh . . . uh,”

“Oh it is okay Bobby, we will get you changed into something else,” Marie said holding back a chuckle. “Let’s take him to the SCHOOL DRESSER so we are not dealing with Link-Up, maybe I can correct the problem there.”

Teacher Rosie lifted him down off the Changing Table and handed him back his Teddy Bear. Taking Bobby’s hand, “Let’s go.”

“But . . . I . . . can’t go out there like this.”

The two teachers looked down at Bobby. They agreed that it was a little ridiculous for him to walk around school dressed like that, even though some of the youngest kids in the school did wear similar outfits.

“Bobby,” Marie interjected. “You have a choice. You can come with us to the room where you first got your diaper changed here in the school, that is where the DRESSER is. Or, you can stay here and do the lessons with the other kids.”

“Can’t we change my clothes here?”

“Bobby look at what you are wearing. This Changing Table did that, do you really want to try again?”

Bobby hugged his Teddy Bear tight and reluctantly said “Okay, lets go.”

As they walked across the classroom to the door, a very little girl came running up to Teacher Rosie and asked, “Teacha, is da big baby ganna pway?”

“Yes Jill, Bobby here will be back to play as soon as he his changed into different clothes.”

The little girl got this big smile on her face, and said “Bye-Bye” as she went skipping away.

“She thought I was a baby, I can’t come back and play with her?”

“Jill will happily play with anyone Bobby. She is our little welcome wagon. If you are nice to her, she will be nice to you. She will not care how you are dressed or how you act, just as long as you play with her.”

Just before they reached the door, in walked Carly with Bobby’s Mom.

“Oh Bobby, that is even a cuter outfit then what I sent you to school in.”


“Sorry Bobby, but I just forgot how cute you looked as a baby.”

“Mooooommmmmm! Just take me home and get me out of this stuff.”

“Not yet Bobby, first I have to talk with Mrs. Jenkins and then we will figure out what we are going to do.”

“Hello Mrs. Malik, I am Mrs. Jenkins, please just call me Marie. Rosie, please take Bobby to the SCHOOL DRESSER and see if you can fix things. If this is all due to its Link-Up with Bobby’s DRESSER at his house, you will first need to delete those files.”

“Okay, when we are done, we will be back here in the room waiting for you,” Teacher Rosie said. “Come on Bobby.”

Bobby, his Teddy Bear, and Teacher Rosie headed off to the DRESSER. The room had several changing tables in it, some small for little kids and some bigger for big kids. There was also a DRESSER unit like in his room, except this one had a display screen attached to it.

“Okay Bobby, step into the dresser.”

“What? No! You have seen what those things have done to me today. I am not going to get in that thing.”

“Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said with a slight smile. “We can just go back to class the way you are dressed. Jill can’t wait to play with the Big Baby, and trust me, if you are dressed like this, she will treat you like a Baby. So, if you don’t want to get in the dresser, let’s go back to class.”

Teacher Rosie started toward the door.

“But . . . Wait . . . I . . .”

“Yes Bobby?”

“I don’t want to be a baby. Could you please try to get my clothes back to what a 12 year old would wear?”

“Will you listen to what I say and get into the DRESSER unit?”

Bobby put his head down and said, “Yea.” Then he slowly walked into the unit and reached out for the bars which quickly moved up to his height.

“Okay Bobby. I have to leave a diaper on you due to the medication, but I will try to get you into more appropriate clothing. As long as you act like a big boy, I will treat you like one. If you act like a little kid, I will treat you like one. I do not care how you are dressed Bobby, I care how you act. You will find most of the kids in my class will only look to you as someone else to play with, and they will not care how you are dressed. Little Jill however, for various reasons is struggling with what makes someone a big kid versus a baby, so she does care how you are dressed. I do not know how to fix a malfunctioning DRESSER unit, but I will try. I believe I can at least get you back to the way you were dressed when you came here this morning.”

“Almost anything would be better than this. This diaper is very uncomfortable and hard to walk in.”

Teacher Rosie was a little confused by that statement and glanced down toward his waist. It was very puffy. She had assumed the puffiness was due to the Romper, but now she was rethinking that. Now that she thought about it he was more of a Toddler walking through the school than a big kid. She went up and undid the fasteners in his crotch. What she found was even a shock for her. In 18 years of changing diapers, she had never seen anything like this. They were the bulkiest diapers she had ever seen. He was wearing plasticized diaper covers with a ruffled bottom. Inside were cloth diapers. She had seen parents of infants use natural fabrics as diapers; the only thing she could figure was that when the DRESSER unit went to enlarge the products and add the level of protection needed for a 12 year old with this type of fabric, it came up with this. Wow. But he does look like a cute infant in the outfit. With a pacifier in his mouth, most people would have trouble seeing him for anything older than 4, even with his height. Teacher Rosie did the Romper back up and tapped the pacifier in her pocket before proceeding.

“My oh my Bobby, I am sure those are uncomfortable. I bet they would be a lot better if you were crawling around than walking,” Teacher Rosie said with a smile trying to picture it. “Well, lets see if we can get you out of that outfit. I will need to take Teddy, but you can have this instead.”

She took Teddy putting him on a shelf next to the Dresser, and stuck a pacifier in his mouth. She took a second to look at him, he looked about 3 or 4, definitely not 12. Then she went at touching the view screen on the DRESSER unit. “DRESSER, please change Bobby back to his previous outfit.”

DRESSER clicked and beeped some, his clothes were removed, and the cleanser went from his feet up to his hair and back down to his diaper region. Bobby remembered his DRESSER this morning doing the same thing and how it was different than what normally happened yet familiar. He now knew why, that is what a DRESSER unit does when a child has an accident or is still in diapers. When Bobby looked down again, he was back in the primary green overalls.

“Thank you Teacher Rosie,” Bobby said giving a sigh of relief. “It is nice to be back in these clothes.”

Teacher Rosie smiled as she tried to interpret what Bobby had said through the pacifier. But one thing was clear, he was happy to be in a very young Preschooler outfit. His outfit was much more appropriate for 2 and 3 years old instead of the 4, 5, and 6 year olds that were in her classroom. She started to explore the computer records of the DRESSER unit trying to find the glitch.


Teacher Rosie started expressing her thoughts verbally as she went about her investigation. “His first diaper change only did a regular Changing Table body scan and replaced things with the same, adding the Constipation Relief Medicine to the intestines . . . . The second, was a Special Location request to add a T-Shirt. Since it was a Special Location request instead of at a Changing Table with appropriate scanners for tailoring clothing, the DRESSER needed more information. It did a Link-Up with Bobby’s ROOM unit at his house. This must be what infected our system. . . Lets see how infected it is. Hmmmm. It does not appear to be impacting clothing requests of any other students. 27 children have had changes of clothing since the Link-Up, yet only Bobby’s was different from the request . . . Okay, so it is Bobby’s file that is infected. How can we correct the problem?”

– Infected student records can be eliminated by deleting all of the students records with a Class One delete – Then re-administer Admission Scan –

“Hmmm . . . Bobby never went through an Admission Scan. That must be why it attempted a Link-Up to his home, it didn’t have the information usually achieved by an Admission Scan. Okay Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said looking down at Bobby who was now sitting on the floor of the DRESSER unit playing with the Teddy Bear, pacifier still in his mouth. He appeared oblivious to what she was saying and doing, but her experience with little kids taught her otherwise. Bobby was very definitely listening and processing everything she was saying.

“SCHOOL: Make hard copy of all of Bobby’s records and then Delete.”

– WARNING – This action will terminate Robert Frances Malik’s school registration, temporary termination of Holo-Student Link-Up will also be impacted. Holo-Student Link-Up will initiate immediately upon registration termination – Would you like to proceed with file termination? –

Bobby immediately looked up at Teacher Rosie, “Don’t do it. I will stay like this. Let’s go back to your classroom.”

“SCHOOL: STOP request.”

“Okay Bobby, but I am not giving up on this yet.” Teacher Rosie said Bobby went back to playing with his Teddy Bear. She saw him regressing and worried about his psychological well being if this lasted much longer.

“SCHOOL: what can be deleted from a child’s records without losing registration information?”

– Any Human entered information, since Humans make mistakes –

“And apparently Artificial Intelligence Units do too.”

Bobby laughed at Teacher Rosie’s comment.

“Okay, this isn’t going to be easy. . . Let’s see why do you keep dressing Bobby as a baby? You have his name, his age, his bio readings, his diet, records of each changing . . . now that is interesting . . . During the first change it recorded your age as a 2 year old and the following two accesses of the Dresser unit recorded your age as a 1 year old. . . 2 year old - 1 year old . . . 2 - 1 . . . Let’s see, 2 year old, 1 year old, 1 year old, 2 year old. . . It switched to a 1 year old level after the Link-Up. If it had switched to a younger age, how did it switch from one to two? . . . 2 - 1 then 1 - 2”

“1 - 2? Twelve.” Bobby mumbled through the pacifier while continuing to play.

“What did you say Bobby?”

Bobby took his attention away from the Bear and looked at Teacher Rosie, “Well one and two make . . .”

“Bobby, please remove the pacifier so I can understand you better. What did you say? This is real important?”

Bobby was confused, but repeated his comment, “One and Two when put together make 12. My age.”

“That is it Bobby,” Teacher Rosie bent down and kissed him on the forehead. She stuck his pacifier back in his mouth. “Thanks Bobby, I might have a way to fix it now.”

Bobby went back to playing with his bear.

“Okay each time it goes to dress a child it must check their age . . . Before the Link-Up it recorded Bobby’s diaper change and re-dressed him as if he was a 2 year old, but that was replacing with same. It recorded his age however as a 2 year old . . . That means we were infected before the Link-Up with his home unit . . . or were we . . . When he transferred in, what was transferred?”

“SCHOOL: what data is transferred when an unknown child is teleported into the school?”

– Name, birthdate, age, address, and guardian information –

“Okay and then the majority of your initial interactions with the child and recommendations are based upon that age. . . Now the file says you acknowledge that Bobby is 12 years old. . . lets see if that is true.”

“SCHOOL: How old is Bobby.”

– Twelve years old –

“SCHOOL: confirm age through bio scan.”

– Scanning Robert Frances Malik: Bone and Cellular scan confirm an age of Twelve years old –

“SCHOOL: do a motor skill scan and determine motor coordination skill level, with emphasis on Bladder and Bowel control.”

– Scanning Robert Frances Malik: Physical Motor Coordination, typical for a child of about ten years old – Bladder Control Coordination, comparable to child who is going through toilet training – Bowel Control Coordination, comparable to child who has never been trained –

“SCHOOL: rescan Bowel and Bladder Control Coordination taking into account recent administration of Consipation Medication for Diaper Wearers.”

– Re-Scanning Robert Frances Malik: Bowel Control Coordination, medication has successfully returned intestinal process and control to an infant level, examination of muscle development comparable to a child trained for four years – Bladder Control Coordination, medication has impacted control, examination of muscle development indicates a child who has been trained for five years – due to medication, it is impossible to determine if the immature development of these two is psychological or medical. –

“Well Bobby, it appears you were late to toilet train, but you definitely should not have been put in Diapers this morning. Okay Bobby, I think I have done it. Let’s see if this works. SCHOOL: given information from recent scans, is Bobby dressed appropriately?”

– Not enough information to make determination – Cognitive and Social/Emotional Scans are needed –

“SCHOOL: scan Cognitive and Social/Emotional skills.”

– This would be a lot quicker if you just did an Admission Scan –

“NO, just continue with scans requested.”

– Scanning Robert Frances Malik - Cognitive level on the Galno Scale: twenty-two, indicating a developmental level of a ten year old child – Social/Emotional level on the Galno Scale: conflicting information, a score can not be determined –

“No you do not get off that easily. SCHOOL: explain the conflicting information.”

– Robert Frances Malik is currently demonstrating Social/Emotional Levels fluctuating between three and five years old. Brain scans indicate maturity has achieved levels comparable to a ten year old. This range is too big to give a Social/Emotional Level on the Galno Scale – Due to the extreme delay in his short term neuron placement compared to his long term neuron placement, this could be do to a recent incident in his life that has negatively impacted him emotionally –

“Some incident, yeah right. An idiot system put a 12 year old boy back in diapers and preschool clothing, wouldn’t you expect him to be impacted negatively? Oh well, Bobby, we’ve done it. For some reason it is only reading one digit of your age. Watch this. SCHOOL: does any of the scan data indicate that Bobby should be dressed like a 2 year old?”

– No –

“SCHOOL: Based on the scanned data, was it appropriate to dress Bobby in the Romper outfit?”

– No –

“This is easier than I thought it was going to be Bobby. SCHOOL: based on scanned data should Bobby have received the Constipation Medication for kids in Diapers?”

– No –

“SCHOOL: what would be appropriate clothing for Bobby?”

– Processing – Processing – Processing – Diapers are needed due to zero bowel control, but this is just temporary due to medication – Processing – Processing –

“SCHOOL: What would be appropriate clothing for Bobby?”

– Processing – Processing – Given current emotional state Bobby should be dressed as a Preschooler –

“SCHOOL: Ignore short term Emotional condition and re-evaluate. What would be appropriate clothing for Bobby?”

– Processing – Processing –

Bobby and Teacher Rosie heard lots of bleeps and clicks as the system tried to answer the question. “SCHOOL: What would be appropriate clothing for Bobby?”

– Processing – Processing –

“Rosie,” Marie stated as she came running into the room with Bobby’s mom running behind. “What are you doing?”

Rosie turned from the screen and looked at the doorway with a confused look.

– Processing – Processing –

“Rosie whatever you are doing - stop it - NOW. It has shut down all Automated and CLASSROOM functions in the school.”

– Processing – Processing –

“SCHOOL: Can . . .”

– Bobby would be most appropriately dressed like a 10 year old boy since his overall developmental level appears to be a 10 year old – This DRESSER unit only has clothes through a seven year old developmental level – Bobby should be dressed in a 1st grade boy outfit who still wears diapers –

Bobby, his Mom, and Marie all looked at Teacher Rosie. They all had different questions for her.

Teacher Rosie signaled for Bobby to stand up. He got up without saying a word and put Teddy back on the shelf, and then grabbed the bars of the dresser.

Teacher Rosie looked over to Marie who gave her a positive nod. “SCHOOL: Fix the problem and dress Bobby appropriately.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 8 - The Solution

– Problem Identified – Addressing Problems – Process Complete – Changing Bobby –

As soon as the cleansing scan finished and the clothes started to rematerialized, Bobby gave out a big sigh of relief. “It is about time,” He said through the pacifier which he appeared unaware of still having in his mouth.

Everyone looked at Bobby, and he started to panic when he saw their expressions. When he looked down at his clothes, he was still dressed the same.

“What happened SCHOOL?” Teacher Rosie asked tremendously disappointed.

– Question not understood – Problems with Robert Frances Malik have been fixed –

“I have had it with these stupid things,” Bobby said as he took the pacifier out of his mouth and started taking off the overalls.

“What are you going to do Bobby,” Marie asked? “Walk around all day in just a diaper and sneakers?”

"NO! I am going to take them ALL off, wrap something around my waist and go home. I have had it with all of this. I am a 12 year old, not a dumb baby.

“Um - Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said in a very calming voice. “You can not take your diaper or sneakers off, they are both No-Release.”

“Yeah, well. That is No-Release for a stupid 2 year old, but I am 12. I can get out of these things.”

The adults all looked at each other knowing he was wrong. Bobby’s mom started toward Bobby to stop him.

“No Mrs. Malik, let him try. He has to learn one way or the other. 12 year old Bobby needs this. Let him try.” Teacher Rosie said in her most Teacher sounding voice. She knew he was going to try at some point, now as good as any other time and maybe the best because his mom was here. He was going to need her in a few minutes.

Bobby got the overalls fasteners undone and struggled getting them off due to the shoes. He tried to get the shoes off but couldn’t. They were on too tight and had no fasteners to undo. He didn’t care as much about the shoes as he did the diaper and Preschool Clothes, so he forced the overalls off over the shoes. The shirt was quick and he moved then on to the diaper.

Watching this scene reminded Mrs. Malik of when Bobby would run around the house in just his diaper. As a little kid he never liked wearing clothes. Even as old as six, he would strip the clothes off and go with just the diaper. A smile came to her face. She struggled with her current emotions. She enjoyed how Bobby looked in a diaper, but she could feel his pain for having to wear it. She wanted to take Bobby into her arms and calm him down.

Bobby was trying everything he could think of to get the diaper off. But, he was quickly learning why it was called a No-Release diaper. The instant he tried to pull it down like regular underwear, it instantly contracted. It was very tight on him. Not uncomfortable, but very tight. As he worked harder to get his fingers into the waist or leg holes, the openings got even smaller. The more he tried to get into them, the tighter they got. He only stopped when he no longer could ignore the pain from the very tight diaper. It was digging in around the waist and legs very tightly and really did hurt him. Tears were coming down his face.

Marie gave Bobby’s Mom a nod and she rushed over to hold him.

“It hurts Mommy,” Bobby said through the tears.

“It will stop in a second sweety. It goes back to normal 15 seconds after you stop trying to get it off,” she said as she cradled him in her arms. “I am sorry Bobby, but not even Mommy can get it off without a changing table.”

“I don’t want to be a Baby Mommy, I want to be a 12 year old again. Please.”

“Oh Bobby, you have always been my big 12 year old, even in the diaper and preschool clothes. I need you to be a big boy and understand that we are trying to get the diaper off but just can’t. I am so sorry sweety.” Bobby’s mom looked at Teacher Rosie with a question of why.

“SCHOOL: You said the problem was fixed. Why is Bobby still dressed like a 2 year old?”

– Question not understood – Robert Frances Malik is dressed like a two year old child because that is how old he is –

“SCHOOL: please explain” Marie and Teacher Rosie said together.

– Robert Frances Malik, 2 years old – Registered Student at Gleeful Times Nursery School, student in Mrs. Roselleta Freemor’s Transitional Classroom – As requested, appropriate steps were taken to address the conflicting data – There was no reason to change his clothing due to his age – he just needed a diaper change –

The adults all looked at each other in horror.

“SCHOOL!” Marie said with urgency. “Display problems and how they were addressed. NOW!”

The adults crowded around the small display screen to see what was done, while Bobby swirmed out of his Mom’s embrace, grabbed the teddy and curled up on the floor to the DRESSER.

  • Year of Birthdate in file was wrong: Corrected to reflect a 2 year old.
  • Duel Registration in Gleeful Times Nursery School and Wilkes Junior High School:
    Placed where age indicated - canceled other registration
  • Previous Link-Up indicated home DRESSER had clothing above age: removed inappropriate clothing

The list went on, but Mrs. Malik couldn’t take it. She got down on the floor with Bobby and started to hug and rock him, “I am sorry honey. I am so sorry.”

“What . . . What has it done to my baby.”

“I am sorry Mrs. Malik, but it appears to have turned him back into one. I just don’t know how this could happen.”

"How do we change it back?’

Marie and Teacher Rosie looked at each other hoping the other could answer.

“SCHOOL: Undo last action. Priority 1 Administrator Over-ride Procedure.”

– Unable to reverse because it would be harmful to the child – Records indicated Robert was being treated above his age level, returning him to those high demands would be harmful to his psychological well being –

“And treating a 12 year old like a Preschooler isn’t?” Mrs. Malik responded.

“Vid - Carly”

** Carly here, how can I help Marie? **

“Get Doctor Jewel here as soon as possible, tell anyone who will listen that this is an emergency and we need the doctor here and are unable to transport till the child is seen by a doctor.”

** Anything else Mam? **

“Well, this next one is going to be much more difficult. Call around and try to find a Technician to address problems with a SCHOOL and ROOM unit.”

** Difficult, I think impossible is a better description, but I will try **

“You can start with the Construction Contractors that built our new Toddler wing two years ago. They installed the CLASSROOM Units in those rooms. I am not sure where else you would find a technician or the manufacturer. Try to convince someone that we have a malfunctioning unit that has done harm to a child.”

** Understood - I will get right on these things **

“Vid - off. SCHOOL: Administrator Priority One OVER-RIDE. Isolate DRESSER Unit, make it stand-alone-only. Isolate all CLASSROOM Units, make them all stand-alone-only.”

– WARNING – WARNING – This action will seriously impact the proper functioning of Gleeful Times Nursery School –

“SCHOOL: Administrator Priority One OVER-RIDE. Dangers of this action are understood, please proceed.”

– DRESSER Unit is isolated, it can now only be used at this location – All CLASSROOM Units are now isolated, they are no longer able to access any resources outside of the rooms – Please beware, CLASSROOM’s no longer have access to the SCHOOL Unit, and only very limited data on each child is maintained in each CLASSROOM unit–

R.O.O.M. - Part 9 - Return to Class

“Disconnecting the DRESSER and SCHOOL units is going to cause some big problems Marie,” Teacher Rosie said with concern.

“I know, but I don’t think we want our 1st graders going home in those Romper Suits Bobby got dressed in.”

“Now that would be a sight,” giggled Teacher Rosie. “I better get down to my classroom. Things are going to be a little difficult without the SCHOOL Unit. I better be there” Teacher Rosie said to Marie. She then looked down to Bobby and his Mom, “I really think he should come with me. He is registered in my classroom so he has to end up there eventually. There is no reason not to start now.”

To this suggestion Bobby sat straight up. “NO! I am NOT a baby and I am NOT going to be in a class with a bunch of babies.”

“Bobby, I wanted you to be a teacher helper in the classroom, but if you are going to act like that maybe I should treat you like one of the kids.”

“Mommy,” Bobby pleaded through his tears.

“Bobby, I think Teacher Rosie might be correct. You can’t come home, by school attendance laws you have to be in school. Unless you want to go back to Junior High School, I think you should go with Teacher Rosie.”

“But Mommy!”

“I know dear, I know. It will be okay, just act like yourself and be a good teacher helper.”

“Mommy, can you come with me.”

Mrs. Malik looked at Teacher Rosie who shrugged and nodded her head yes. Then the two of them looked at Marie. She was obviously thinking about all of this.

“Bobby,” Marie started. “Your Mommy and I need to talk about a few things. She will be here in the school at least until the doctor and technician comes to fix the problem. I promise you that she will be down to see you in a little bit.”

Bobby was not convinced this was a good idea and was even less convinced as his mommy went and redressed him in the Preschooler clothing. Here he was 12 years old, dressed in diapers and preschool clothing. He was pooping and peeing that diaper without any control. He wanted his Teddy Bear. How was he supposed to convince those kids he was 12 years old? That little Jill girl already thinks he is a baby. What are the rest going to think? Even his little sister thought he was a baby dressed like this.

As Teacher Rosie started to lead Bobby away from his Mommy, he looked back one more time. First he looked at his Mommy and then at the Teddy Bear which had been put back on the shelf next to the DRESSER when they re-dressed him.

“Wait,” Mrs. Malik said as she grabbed the Teddy Bear and rushed up to Bobby to give it too him. She kissed and hugged him and sent him off to class.

Just before entering the classroom Teacher Rosie got down to Bobby’s height and told him again what she had stated before.

“Okay Bobby. Like I said before, as long as you act like a big boy, I will treat you like one. If you act like a little kid, I will treat you like one. I do not care how you are dressed Bobby, I care how you act. Most of the kids in the class will only look to you as someone else to play with, and they will not care how you are dressed. Little Jill does care how you are dressed, but if you act like a big boy, she will treat you like a peer.”

A peer? Bobby thought about this. Teacher Rosie just said if he acts his age, a little baby will treat him like a four year old. GREAT.

“Are you ready Bobby?”

“No, but lets go.” Bobby hugged his Teddy Bear and reached out to open the door.

When they entered the room Teacher Rosie brought him over to the Circle Time area. The kids were off doing other things, but she brought them all over to the Circle Time area to introduce Bobby. All the kids came over and sat down in their spots to meet the new kid, except Jill, who went straight up to Bobby.

“Hi,” she said giving him a hug.

Teacher Rosie smiled at the sight - the smallest kid in the class was hugging the biggest. She wondered if Bobby would be able to act older than Jill today.

“Okay class. We have a helper in here today. His name is Bobby.”

“Hi Bobby,” a bunch of the kids said.

Jill took Bobby’s hand and brought him into the group of kids to sit down with her.

“Yes Frank,” Teacher Rosie said responding to his raised hand.

“Does Bobby like trucks? I like trucks. Will Bobby play trucks with me?”

“I am sure Bobby would love to play trucks with you Frank.”

Bobby heard a barrage of questions just like Frank’s and was glad when Teacher Rosie finally cut off the questions. He was also amazed that he wasn’t being teased or made fun of.

Teacher Rosie went on and did a lesson on counting to 10. They sang songs, with every one having hand or body actions to go with them. Although Bobby would never admit it, he was feeling like it was kind of fun. This thought was interrupted by odd sounds and feelings in his tummy.

“Teacher,” Little Jill said raising her hand.

“What Jill?”

“Bobby’s tummy is making funny noises. Is he hungry?”

“He had a very big breakfast, so I don’t think he is hungry. It is probably just his intestines.”

“What are test-ins?” one of the little girls asked.

“Intestines - can everyone say IN-TEST-INS”

All the little kids said together, or at least they tried to say, “Intestines”

“Intestines are the things that take the good stuff out of the food you eat to give you energy and then turns the rest into poop.”

“I must have really good In-test-n, my Mommy says I am full of energy.”

“Why is Bobby’s In-tes-ums making funny noises?” One of the little boys asked.

“Well Greg, Bobby’s poopy was stuck so he got some medicine to make it come out.”

“Sorry Bobby,” another one of the little girls said. “I got some of that meh-son and I had poopy diapers all day and got a bad diaper rash.”

“Yeah, when it happen to me, my mommy made me drink lots of this special juice.” One of the little boys said.

“I was tooting for two days when Mommy gave me some of that med-sin.” A different little boy said.

This conversation continued, even though Teacher Rosie tried to stop it a few time. Bobby could not believe the discussion. They were all talking about Poopy like it was a regular topic of discussion. The more they talked about their own poopy experiences, they appeared to finally accept Bobby as part of the group, even though he was getting more and more embarrassed as the discussion went on.

“Teacha, Teacha, Teacha,” Jill started screaming over everyone else. This did catch everyone’s attention and the discussion stopped.

“What Jill?”

“Bobby needs his diapews changed, the tires on his twuck went bye-bye.”

Bobby looked down at the Dump Truck on his Over-alls, they had lost their color. He couldn’t believe it. He had just pooped his pants in front of all these little kids and didn’t even know it. A little baby had to tell the teacher, because he didn’t know.

R.O.O.M. - Part 10 - ‘O’ Units

Teacher Rosie took Bobby to get his diaper changed while the rest of the kids went off to play.

“Now that wasn’t that bad now, was it?” Teacher Rosie asked.

He never understood why Grown-Ups asked that question when they knew it was a bad situation. “I am not a baby, why do I have to be in here?”

Teacher Rosie smiled at the question. It showed the 12 year old was still in there, and trying to assert itself. She also found it a little humorous, since she was standing here changing a very poopy diaper that a four year old had to point out to the teacher as needing changing.

“Well Bobby, I am sure it will all be fixed soon.”

“Do you think now that the CLASSROOM is separated from SCHOOL that it could put me in different clothes?”

“I am sorry precious, but the CHANGING TABLE does not have any clothes in it. To change clothes it must connect with the DRESSER. As a Stand-Alone unit, it can only replace with the same.”

Bobby wasn’t really sure he wanted the TABLE to attempt to put him in different clothes, so he was kind of relieved when Teacher Rosie said, NO. But, he was also disappointed. Teacher Rosie was thinking about what she just said. The CHANGING TABLE only being able to replace with the same would not really impact this classroom, but she knew it was early enough in the morning that some of the little kids and infants would still be in their pajamas and would now be stuck in them all day. Children who didn’t already have shoes on, wouldn’t be able to get any and therefore wouldn’t be able to play on the playground. She smiled at the thought, for she knew some of those kids will love to stay in their pajamas all day.

“Teacher Rosie,” Bobby interrupted her thoughts. “What do I do now?”

Looking down she saw the change was done and Bobby was sitting up on the changing table. “Well, Bobby,” She started trying to come up with something quick. “I need you to help by playing with the kids for a little bit. I suspect I have a few kids to change and then I need to talk with the other teachers before we attempt Lunch without the SCHOOL unit.”

As Bobby went out and explored the classroom to see what there was to play with, he heard Teacher Rosie ask loud enough for everyone to hear, if anyone needed a change. Several of the kids went and lined up at the CHANGING TABLE.

Bobby eventually got dragged into playing trucks with Frank. They were close to the area where Teacher Rosie was changing the kids and he could hear some of the conversations if he paid attention. One caught his attention:

“Teacher Rosie,” some little boy was asking. “Can I wear some pants like Bobby?”

“Sorry but the CHANGING TABLE is broken, so we can not change clothes today.”

“I ask mom to wear em tomorrow.”

“I bet Bobby will like that.”

Bobby was confused by all of this. Why would the little baby want to dress like him?

“Bobby,” Frank said. “This is fun. I knew you like playing trucks.”

Still thinking about what he had heard from the changing area, it took Bobby a bit to process what Frank had just said. “Why did you think I liked playing with Trucks Frank?”

“Cause you have truck on your pants. I like your truck pants.”

“Thanks.” Bobby said puzzled. He didn’t have time to think about this, because everything was interrupted by a crowd entering the Classroom.

“So, where is this supposed child that an ‘O’ unit has supposedly made a mistake, ha ha, with. You ladies are just over-reacting. ‘O’ machines do NOT make mistakes.”

“Well I do not know what an ‘O’ machine is, but my ROOM unit at home and the SCHOOL unit here is treating my 12 year old son like a 2 year old. So, I do not care whether you think it is possible or not, it HAS happened.”

“I am sorry Miss, but ‘O’ machines just do NOT make mistakes.”

“Sir,” Marie calmly stated. “See the child and check the files before you make a decision.”

“Very well, where is this kid.”

“Bobby,” Marie summoned.

Bobby went up and snuggled up to his Mommy.

“Well, this is not normal.” Marie stated.

“So you have a tall 7 year old not toilet trained yet. Isn’t that what your school does, get these babies out of diapers?”


“Rude little thing isn’t he,” the technician commented. “But if an ‘O’ unit put him in diapers I am sure it is because he needed them. Look at those Picture Show clothes, he obviously needs a change.”

“He needs a change because your stupid units put Constipation medicine in him for kids in diapers. He has no control till that stupid medicine works its way out of him,” Bobby’s Mom defended Bobby.

“An ‘O’ unit can not make that kind of mistake.”

“This morning my ROOM dressed me like this for NO reason. I never wet or pooped my pants till after the No-Release diaper was put on and we couldn’t get it off. Now fix this! I don’t know what an ‘O’ is, but my ROOM and this SCHOOL did make mistakes.”

“Well, kid,” the technician started in an overly cheerful tone. “This may be a little advanced for you, but ‘O’ is a letter of the alphabet. An ‘O’ unit is one that has the letter ‘O’ in its name. Names are made up of different letters and ‘O’ units have the letter ‘O’ in their name. When you’re a big boy you will learn all about letters and how to put them together to make words.”

“Give me a break mister. Your machine may have dressed me like a baby, but I can assure you that I know my alphabet and how to read.”

“Well then,” the technician continued in the overly cheerful tone. “ROOM, SCHOOL, CLASSROOM, OFFICE, HOUSE, etc. are all ‘O’ units, they all have the letter ‘O’ in their name. They are all programmed in such a way that they do not know how to make mistakes.”

“Well get over it mister,” Teacher Rosie abruptly stated. “Bobby’s ROOM Unit at his house made the first mistake and then our SCHOOL unit made the second mistake of putting that medicine in a toilet trained child. Later, it put him in an infant Romper outfit. He is definitely NOT an infant. Even if you say this kid currently needs diapers, a 12 year old should not be dressed like that. So, I don’t care what you say, at least two ‘O’ units have made mistakes.”

“There has not been a recorded incident of an ‘O’ unit making a mistake in over 200 years. That is just one of the reasons why they deserve their name.”

“Their name?” Marie asked.

“I don’t care about their name,” Mrs. Malik said. “Our ROOM unit started all of this and now YOU need to fix it!”

“Mam, you are talking about a ROOM Unit: Room Organizing Omnipotent Mother. All of the ‘O’ or Omnipotent units are flawless. They do not know how to make a mistake.”

R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 11 - The Highchair

“If your ROOM unit dressed the boy like a baby, then it must have had a very good reason to do so. My guess is that he was acting like one. You got me here because you said an ‘O’ unit damaged a child, yet all I see is a little kid who needs his diaper changed.”

“Rosie, go change Bobby’s diaper while I take the technician to the Changing Room. He can have access to the SCHOOL and DRESSER unit there. When you are done, bring him and his mom down. Take your time, I want to have a discussion with our technician.”

As Teacher Rosie led Bobby and his mom over to the changing table, he heard Professor Marie start reprimand the technician and lead him out of the room. He smiled as he knew the tone of voice she was using, every kid new that tone. It was a tone you wish you never heard out of a teacher, yet thrilled when the class bully got the full force of it. Bobby thought the technician was mean and was thrilled that he was getting it.

As Teacher Rosie changed Bobby, his mom was keeping him distracted.

“Mommy, why am I pooping so much? I never go potty this much. Now my diapers are poopy all the time.”

“It is the medicine sweety. It gets all the poopy out of you. You had a lot of poopy so a lot comes out.”

– Diaper change complete – replaced with same – Child is showing signs of dehydration due to diarrhea, Toddler Hydration drink recommended –

“What flavor drink do you want Bobby?” Teacher Rosie asked.


“CLASSROOM: meal prep, Toddler Hydration Drink, grape flavor.”

Bobby’s Mom got him down off the changing table and they walked over to the table holding hands. She enjoyed having a baby again, even if he was 12 years old. She forgot how much she enjoyed having a little one to take care of. She also saw that Bobby was different; he didn’t seem to have that pre-teen attitude anymore.

As they approached the table, Bobby saw a sippy cup with a purple liquid in it.

“Mommy, do I have to drink this out of a sippy cup?”

“CLASSROOM: change drink to a regular cup.” Teacher Rosie requested.

– Sorry, unable to comply – regular cups are inappropriate for a 2 year old child – drink can be put in a bottle if child is unable to drink from a sippy cup –

“Sorry Bobby,” Bobby’s Mommy replied. “At least for the moment you will have to drink this from a Sippy Cup. When you are done with the drink, we will go and see if the Technician has fixed things.”

Bobby reluctantly took the sippy cup and started to drink the grape flavored drink. As he sat down however, he got a surprise he wasn’t ready for. Bobby found that his chair was transformed into a highchair. It had a tray, he was strapped in with a five point harness, and he was now wearing a bib.

“What? Mommy!”

“CLASSROOM: return Bobby to a regular chair,” Teacher Rosie requested.

– Sorry, unable to comply – regular chairs are inappropriate for a 2 year old child –

Bobby’s Mom and Teacher Rosie looked at each other, unsure of how to proceed.

Bobby was kicking, pushing, and trying everything he could think of to get out of the confines of the high chair.

Jill came running up, “Bobby, stop it! Bobby, stop it!”

Bobby stopped and looked straight at Jill. Here was this little 4 year old with pig-tails trying to calm him down.

“Bobby,” Jill said. “Big Boys do not do that in highchairs. You need to be a big boy Bobby.”

“I am a big boy, I don’t want to be in a highchair. I don’t eat in a highchair.”

“I know Bobby, but high chairs can be fun.”


Teacher Rosie and Mrs. Malik were watching this with fascination.

“Yeah, ask for your teddy bear.”

“Teddy Bear.” Bobby said with skepticism.

The Teddy bear suddenly materialized on the tray to the Highchair.

“Now Bobby,” Jill said with a big smile on her face. “Throw it on the floor.”

“Okay,” still skeptical, Bobby picked up the Teddy Bear and threw it on the floor.

“Good Boy, now do it again.” Jill said with the smile getting even bigger.

Bobby asked for the Teddy Bear again, only to see it appear on the tray. He took the bear and threw it on the floor again. He repeated this a few time, eventually smiling. They did this with a few other things, like a pacifier and Bobby’s sippy cup.

“Now ask for something to eat like gwapes or cwackews.” Jill directed.

Bobby was curious. “Grapes.”

Three Grapes appeared on the tray.


Nothing happened. He looked to Jill for an explanation.

“You have to eat the gwapes fiwst, siwwy.”

Bobby smiled at her and then ate two of the grapes and handed the last one to Jill, who quickly popped it in her mouth.

“Bobby,” Jill said after eating the grape. “Now watch this, ask for Nanas.”

“Bananas.” Bobby said even more curious than before.

When three small pieces of Bananas appeared he promptly ate one and gave one to Jill. Before she ate her piece, she told Bobby to squish the last piece. He took it in his hand and squished it and then smashed it onto the tray. Then, he looked up to Jill for the next step.

As soon as she finished eating her piece, she told him to say, “Cwean”

Bobby smiled and did as she said, “Clean”

A cleansing scan cleaned up the tray and his hands. The two of them had some more fun with ordering the highchair around. Teacher Rosie and Mrs. Malik had backed away and watched from a distance.

Slowly over the time Bobby drank all of the hydration fluid. Teacher Rosie watched the interaction between the two and knew Jill needed this. She also knew that little 4 year old Jill had more experience than her in calming down older kids in a highchair. If Bobby could stop fighting and start acting older than a preschooler, he would be great therapy for Jill. This thought was interrupted by Marie doing an All-School announcement over the Vid system.

** Teachers, SCHOOL Unit will be down all day. DRESSER is reactivated and reconnected to the changing tables, please be cautious using it until tomorrow, when the SCHOOL Unit will be back up. All children must be scanned by Carly before leaving today **

Teacher Rosie came up to Bobby and Jill and interrupted their fun, “Well you two, I see Jill taught you all about Highchairs. Finish up your cookies.”

Bobby and Jill smiled up at Teacher Rosie.

“Jill and Bobby, put your hands on the tray of the highchair,” once the kids did this, Teacher Rosie said, “Clean.” Their hands and the tray were cleaned.

“CLASSROOM: Bobby’s snack time is done.”

The tray and bib disappeared. The chair appeared to lower down till Bobby’s feet were touching the floor. At this point, the harness holding Bobby into the chair dematerialized. Bobby jumped out of the chair and quickly turned to look back at the contraption.

“Wet’s go pway Bobby,” Jill said grabbing his hand and attempting to lead him off toward some toys.

Bobby looked at his Mom.

“I am sorry Jill,” Mrs. Malik said. “Bobby needs to go get his clothes changed at the DRESSER, but he will be back to play with you later. You are such a big girl and a really good helper. Thank You for taking care of my little Bobby.”

Jill smiled and trotted off to the toys.


“Jill was very nice to you, helping you deal with this terrible situation.”

“But Mommy!”

“Bobby, you still need to be nice to those that are nice to you.”

“But Mommy! I am a Big Boy not a Little Boy.”

“I know sweety. I know.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 12 - Big-Little Kid

Teacher Rosie, Bobby, and his mom all left for the Changing Room. When they arrived, they found Marie still there with the Technician.

“The Technician,” Marie started. “Has not yet figured out why the machines think Bobby is 2 years old. He has however finally agreed that something is not working correctly.”

“Can he fix it?” Bobby asked.

“He thinks so,” Marie responded. “We can at least get you changed into some different clothes. The Technician says that the DRESSER and the CHANGING TABLE can process information and respond, but they do not think. If we keep the DRESSER disconnected from ‘O’ units, we can dress you in different clothes.”

“Are you sure?” Bobby said holding tight on to his mom. "I don’t want to be a baby again, a 2 year old is bad enough.

“Yes Bobby,” Marie said. “We will get you into a 1st grader outfit.”

“I’m 12, not 6!”

“I know Bobby,” Marie said. “But this DRESSER does not have any clothes for kids older than 1st grade. That is the best we can do.”

Bobby still wasn’t sure about getting back into the machine. It took some convincing from his mom and Teacher Rosie, but soon Bobby found himself in elastic waist pants and a T-Shirt. His diaper felt different and his shoes, although still little kid shoes with holo-emitters, at least they were not No-Release.

Bobby was thrilled to finally be in somewhat more normal clothes. He still looked like a little kid, but at least he didn’t look like a Preschooler.

“Mommy?” Bobby asked getting off the dresser.

“Yes sweety.”

“If a dresser can dress me without ROOM, can we go home and get me into normal clothes?”

“NO,” the Technician quickly interrupted. He quickly looked over to Professor Marie, and then back at Bobby and his Mom. He continued, “Listen Kid, it is hard for me to believe, but it does appear that some ‘O’ units have made mistakes interacting with you today. Getting the systems here working again is easy, since you appeared to have brought the problem with you. All I have to do is wipe all information entered today and restore the system to the archival files. Since a reboot and re-initialization will take several hours, it will need to be done tonight once everyone has left. But at your house, where this all started, things are going to be a lot harder.”

Bobby was on the verge of tears. He wanted this all to be over. This Technician was supposed to fix everything when he got here, now he is saying nothing will change till tonight. He wanted this all to end, now. He wanted to be a 12 year old again. He didn’t want to wait. He didn’t like wearing a diaper and pooping his pants. He wanted to be a big boy again.

“Rosie,” Marie said looking at the expression on Bobby’s face. “Take Bobby back to class. Mrs. Malik and I need to talk with the Technician.”

Teacher Rosie took Bobby’s hand and led a quiet sullen little boy back to her classroom.

Bobby spent the rest of the morning in the Transition Classroom. Each of the kids all wanted to play with him. During each classroom transition, Jill would make sure she was there to show Bobby how to do the next activity. Bobby smiled at this, he had no trouble figuring the stuff out, but he didn’t want to upset Jill by telling her this. He found her a charming little kid and actually enjoyed her, which surprised him considering how much he is frustrated by his 9 year old little sister.

On the playground, Teacher Rosie saw Bobby being the little kid he was. Bobby’s mom showed up in the middle of recess. Bobby didn’t notice her for a while, giving her time to talk with Teacher Rosie. They felt he was doing fine in the room allowing him to be a little kid and a big kid, whichever he was up to at the moment. They both agreed that no matter what the Technician could pull off, Bobby would stay in Teacher Rosie’s room for at least the next two days. Based on the way Bobby has reacted to the loss of bowel control which also gave him loss of bladder control, they figured he would need that long to get his full control back.

“Mommy,” Bobby said running up and giving her a big hug. “Can we go home now, can we go home now.”

“No Bobby, you do not get to go home till the school day is over. I am going to go home and wait for the technician to finish here. I will be back at the end of the school day to pick you up. I want you do be a good boy and do what Teacher Rosie tells you to. If she tells me you were a good boy, I will take you to the toy store at the end of the day.”

“But Mommy!”

“No Buts Bobby. You need to be a big boy and behave for Teacher Rosie.”

Bobby was in tears as his mom walked back to the transporter. Teacher Rosie was holding him, preventing him from following her.

Jill sat on the swings watching all of this. She wanted to help, but she had learned that during times like this it was best for the Grown-ups to help the big-little kid. She swung faster and faster. She wanted to help. She really, really wanted to help. The more she realized she couldn’t help, the harder she swung.

After recess, they all went in for Lunch. Bobby had to eat in a highchair, with Frank on one side also in a highchair and Jill on the other side. Jill was not in a highchair, which made Bobby feel really strange. Here the CLASSROOM thought Jill, this 4 year old, was more mature than he was. Even though he felt it should have been the other way around, with her in the high chair and him being able to come up to her tray to interact. He also knew that he wouldn’t be interacting with anyone if he was in a regular chair. He wasn’t sure how she did it, but Jill did manage to cheer him up and calm him down.

It was nap time after lunch. There were a few difficulties in getting the kids down without the SCHOOL Unit. The CLASSROOM could not replicate each kid’s regular bedding like it usually did. Blankies, Teddies, Mobiles, etc. are all connected with a kids file in the SCHOOL Unit, so all the teachers could get was generic items. All the kids still slept in cribs, so Bobby also had to sleep in a crib. Teacher Rosie convinced Bobby he didn’t need to actually sleep, but he did need to lie down and be quiet.

Teacher Kelsey read a story to help the kids settle down, while the other two teachers worked on settling specific kids. Bobby was convinced he was too old to be in a crib or even being put down for a nap. He knew he would not sleep but he decided it wasn’t worth putting up a protest. He just laid down holding on to the teddy bear and listened to the story. Within 10 minutes he was asleep.

R.O.O.M. - Part 13 - Reality

Bobby groggily opened his eyes to strange noises. He saw this cute little girl in pig-tails looking at him from behind some bars. Still half asleep, he wasn’t sure if what he was seeing and hearing was a dream or real. He was trying to put together the strange view and noises. Half asleep, half awake, Bobby hugged his Teddy Bear as he slowly gained awareness, but still wanted to curl up with Teddy and go back to sleep.

“Teacher, Teacher, Teacher,” Jill said running off to the closest teacher, Teacher Kelsey. “Bobby’s awake, Bobby’s awake. Can I pway with him now, pweeeeeeeeeease.”

“Jill,” Teacher Kelsey said. “Give Bobby some time to wake up from his nap and get his diaper changed.”

“Me no wait, you change him now.”

Teacher Kelsey smiled at Jill. “Okay Jill, I will go over and see if he is ready to get up.”

Bobby was looking around the classroom from what he could see laying down in his crib. He wasn’t quite sure where he was, but somehow it seemed familiar. The bars were the most confusing to him, but somehow soothing. He saw lots of little kids playing with toys, and a couple who were sleeping in cribs. Bobby sat up hugging his teddy bear and watching the kids playing, when he noticed he was sitting on something uncomfortable. He moved to look at what was under him, but didn’t see anything. When he sat back down he felt it again. He lifted his bottom up and felt immediately under him, feeling only the soft mattress. Then he felt his bottom and was shocked to feel a hard lump. There was something in his underwear . . . no his mind told him as he woke up more . . . not his underwear, his diaper . . . his what!

Coming to this realization abruptly woke Bobby up. The fact that the morning was reality and not a dream struck him hard. Looking around he found himself in a crib hugging a Teddy Bear. He was in a Preschool Classroom with lots of little babies around. There was something hard and uncomfortable in his . . . DIAPER? His Diaper. Hard in bottom of diaper? Poop? Here he was in a crib, hugging a teddy bear, in a . . . poopy, diaper. Even though he remembered the morning, it was still hard for him to accept. He was 12. He couldn’t be in a poopy diaper.

He was uncomfortable, he wanted his mommy, and he wanted out of the crib. It was all too much for Bobby to take at once. He started to cry.

“Bobby, Bobby, don’t cwy. I’m here, I’m here,” little Jill said running back to the crib rails. “I just went to tell Teacher that you were up. I’m here, don’t cwy.”

Before the teacher could get there, Jill tried to help. “CWIB: in cwib. . . CWIB wet me in!”

Jill was getting frustrated, it wouldn’t let her in. At home she could always get into her older sisters crib to calm her down, why couldn’t she get into Bobby’s crib to calm him down.

“CWIB, WET ME IN! WOOM: teww cwib to let me in. Now Cwib, Bobby needs my hewp.”

“Jill,” Teacher Kelsey said when she reached the crib. “This is not your older sister’s crib. You can not get into anybody’s crib, only yours and hers. And today, with the SCHOOL Unit down, I don’t think you would be able to get into hers, only yours.”

Jill looked up to Teacher Kelsey with frustration but some level of understanding.

“Now Jill, let’s get Bobby’s diaper changed and see if that will calm him down. I know you want to help, but for now you need to go play till I get him changed.”

“I can hewp. Pwease wet me hewp.”

“Jill,” Teacher Kelsey said looking down at her the way only Mommy’s and Teachers can. “This is NOT your big sister. I think Bobby would like some privacy when he gets changed. Now go play, Bobby will be over shortly to join you.”

Reluctantly Jill walked over to the play house, while Teacher Kelsey took Bobby into her arms and carried him over to the changing table.

Teacher Kelsey laid Bobby down on the changing table and promptly stuck a pacifier in his mouth. He immediately started sucking, he was too upset to really process the fact that he was sucking on a pacifier. As he continued sucking, he did start to calm down. He started to realize this diaper change was different than previous ones.

Because he didn’t have fasteners down the legs, the pants where pulled down to his ankles. The table removed the diaper and did a diaper cleansing scan and then stopped. The teacher grabbed Bobby’s ankles, and lifted them up above him, and then brought the knees down to his chest with her still holding his ankles above him. She had the table do another cleansing scan and then, as instructed by the table, Teacher Kelsey applied a very fragrant powder, at least to Bobby it was very fragrant. When his legs were lowered, he noticed something soft under his bottom. The teacher brought this up and fastened it tightly into place. She then brought up his pants, asking Bobby to lift his bottom in the process.

This was very different from previous diaper changes. It had two cleansing changes and in the past the teacher did nothing except expose the diaper and they didn’t even have to do that.

“That was different.” Bobby commented through his pacifier

“Well Bobby, when you wake up with a poopy diaper, we do a thorough cleansing to make sure we get you all clean. This time you needed some Diaper Powder too, your skin isn’t use to having a diaper, so we need to help it.”

Teacher Kelsey got him down off the table, patted his bottom and sent him over to the toys.

Jill immediately came running up, grabbed his hand, and led him off to the Play House area. Bobby reluctantly followed. He wasn’t sure he wanted to play. He was supposed to be the teacher helper, not a little kid playing. He looked over to Teacher Rosie who smiled and nodded for him to continue with Jill. He went, unsure what a 12 year old boy was supposed to do while playing house.

R.O.O.M. - Part 14 - Jill’s Sister

“I wiww be da Mommy and you be da Baby,” Jill said as they reached the Play House area.

“Why?” Bobby inquired.

“You have pacifiew. Onwy Babies have pacifiews while pwaying.”

Bobby felt up at his mouth and plucked the pacifier out of it. He held open his hand looking at the pacifier, puzzled by his feelings and thoughts. He couldn’t explain it, but he was somehow comforted by the pacifier. 12 year old Bobby wanted nothing to do with the pacifier, but for reasons he couldn’t explain, he didn’t want to just drop it on the floor.

“Bobby,” Jill interrupted his thoughts. “You can have da pacifier. It okay fow Big-Wittle kids to have pacifiew when they want.”

Bobby looked at Jill in confusion. He didn’t know what a Big-Little kid was, but it did kind of explain him at the moment. He didn’t want to be a little kid. He didn’t want little kid things like diapers, highchair, bibs, sippy cups, . . . pacifiers, well he kind of did want that . . . teddy bear, looking down at the bear still in his arms, he kind of wanted that too. 12 year old Bobby told him he was too old for these things, but they made him feel better. He didn’t want to give them up.

“It okay Bobby. You keep pacifiew. We pway house.”

“No. I am a big kid. I don’t need the pacifier.” Bobby said while looking down at the pacifier still in his hand.

Jill grabbed the pacifier out of his hand and stuck it in her pocket. “Me Mommy. Mommy keep till Baby needs it.” Then she went over to the play kitchen and started preparing some play food.

Part of Bobby wanted to get HIS pacifier back, but he knew that was silly; he was a big 12 year old. Instead he just stood there looking at Jill.

Teacher Rosie noticed that Bobby was standing very still and not moving an inch. She took a small box out of her pocket and aimed it at Bobby. Looking at the screen, it read, Clean and Dry. Putting the box back in her pocket, she went up to Bobby.

“Are you okay Bobby?”

“What?” He said coming out of his thoughts.

“Are you okay Bobby? Is anything wrong?”

“Jill wants to play house.”

“That sounds like something you could do with her. What’s the problem.”

“I’m 12!”

“That’s okay, I’m 52 and I play house with the kids.”

“But . . . she wants me to be the . . . baby.”

Teacher Rosie finally understood. She smiled down at Bobby. “I am sure you can figure out how to PRETEND to be a baby.”

“But . . .”

Teacher Rosie started to walk away.

“Teacher Rosie?” Bobby asked in a quiet tone.

Teacher Rosie came back to Bobby and got down on her knees. “What Bobby?”

“What’s a Big-Little Kid?”

“A what?”

“Jill said I was a Big-Little Kid. What’s a Big-Little Kid?”

Teacher Rosie got a big smile on her face. She looked over at Jill, who was still pretending to prepare a meal, then she looked back at Bobby. “I think I understand now, one sec.”

“Jill,” Teacher Rosie asked.

“Yeah Teacha Rosie.”

“Can I tell Bobby about Amy?”

“Okay,” bubbly little Jill responded while getting back to her food prep. Before looking back at Teacher Rosie, he noticed her ordering some food and seeing the plastic food appear in front of her.

“Jill has a 9 year old sister named Amy. My guess is that Jill or her Mom refers to Amy as a Big-Little Kid. You see, Amy has a disability. Developmentally she is probably at a 2 or 3 year old level. Over the last year, Jill has come to the realization that she can do things her Big sister can not. This is hard for a little one to understand. Little kids tend to do one of two things when this happens, they either stop growing up till they learn to accept it, or they grow up real fast and try to be the big sister. This is what Jill has done. I was sort of hoping that you could help her be a little kid.”

“Ummmm,” Bobby commented.

“Don’t worry Bobby, all I want you to do is play with her. Show her that a big kid in diapers can do things above her level. I also want you to show her that playing like a little kid can be fun.”

“But I am not a little kid, how can I show her how playing like a little kid is fun.”

“Bobby, you and I both know you are 12 years old but developmentally you are only 10 years old.”

“Yeah, I know, Developmentally a 10 year old. I just wish I was a 12 year old.”

“Bobby, you are 12.”

“Then why does everywhere turn around and say I am Developmentally 10? I wish they would say I was 12, I am 12! I am tired of being reminded I am only DEVELOPMENTALLY 10. At Amusement Parks, Schools, Movie Theaters, even Restaurants.”

Teacher Rosie smiled, “Bobby, the world is a much better place since Professor Galno showed how it was better to interact with people based on their developmental level instead of their age. Come on Bobby, I bet you still love those Ice Cream desserts made up like a clown.”

Bobby smiled.

“I bet you enjoy a coloring sheet while waiting for your meal.”

Bobby smiled again.

“12 year olds don’t get those at restaurants. The difference between your age and your developmental level is how I want you to help me.”

Bobby looked at teacher Rosie with a puzzled expression.

“This difference has pushed you to be a big kid at times when you were not ready. Lots of kids have different developmental levels from there actual age, but it does teach them how to be a big kid when around other kids their age and a little kid at other times. Jill needs to learn how to do this skill. She needs to know how to be a big kid when with her sister and a little kid the rest of the time. You have experience with this, you can help.”

Bobby looked at Teacher Rosie. He looked at Jill and then back at Teacher Rosie. Yeah, he knew he was developmentally about a 10 year old. He had always been developmentally younger than the other kids in his class. He didn’t always like it, but everyone knew each others developmental level, it was no big deal, frustrating at times, but no big deal. He did have to be careful when talking about things he liked, for they were often things the other kids viewed as only for little kids. This was something he always tried to hide, now Teacher Rosie wanted him to . . . well he wasn’t quite sure what she wanted him to do.

“Bobby, wunch is weady.” Jill said coming over to Bobby with a toy bib. “Put your bib on so you don’t make a mess when you eat.”

Bobby looked to Teacher Rosie for an escape. She smiled at him, “Bobby be a good PRETEND baby now.”

Bobby took a deep breath and let it out. Then he got down on his knees so Jill could put the bib on him. She then lead him over to a pretend highchair sat him down in it and swung the tray down. While she went to get the pretend food, Bobby moved the tray up and down several times to make sure it really was just a pretend highchair. Jill returned with the pretend food and put it on the tray.

“Eat up while Mommy cweans da house.”

Bobby looked down at the fake food. He smiled and grabbed the fake apple pie. Out loud so Jill could hear him, he said, “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp - - - Yum, Yum”

“Dat’s a good boy. Eat aww of youw food, so you gwow up to be a big boy.” She said as she went around the Play House and said “Cwean” in each area. Bobby was amazed that the house actually did clean the area when she said that, since his little sister’s Play House didn’t do that. It only cleans the whole house, not each area.

As Bobby put the fake apple pie, he just pretended to eat, back down - it dematerialized. This he found interesting and experimented. He tried just picking up food and putting it back down, it didn’t work. He tried bringing it up to his mouth and then putting it back down, it didn’t work. He tried picking it up saying, “Chomp, Chomp” and then putting it down and it dematerialized.

“Now be a big kid and eat aww the food on the tway.” Jill said as she walked by the highchair on her way to clean the area that looked like a bedroom.

On her suggestion, he decided to dump some of the food on the floor. He then proceeded to do the Chomp, Chomp thing with the rest of the pretend food.

“Such a good boy. You cweaned youw pwate.” Jill said coming back over. "Jill picked up the play food that was on the floor and put it on the tray to the toy highchair. She then took Bobby’s bib off, also putting it on the tray. She then looked up and said “Meal done, cwean tray.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 15 - Potty Chair

Bobby and Jill played House for a little bit more. They didn’t know it, but Teacher Rosie made sure the other kids didn’t join them or interrupt. She wanted the two of them to have some quality time together. She even delayed the next circle time, to give them more time.

Bobby wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing, so he just let Jill boss him around. He found some of the stuff fun, even though he would never admit it to anyone. He wanted to do a good job so Mom would take him to the Toy Store when school was over. He wanted a new Holo-Game. Bobby just wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing.

As the time went on, Bobby thought more about what Teacher Rosie had said and how Jill was treating him. It really scared him to think that Jill viewed him the same way she viewed Amy. Like he was developmentally a 2 year old and she was an older sister who had to take care of him. How could he changed this and still keep Teacher Rosie happy?

In the middle of Singing and Dancing with Teacher Kelsey, Bobby felt an urge to pee. He stopped dancing and looked around the classroom in a panic, he really had to go bad. Teacher Rosie saw this and came up to him, noticing that his hand was down in is crotch.

“Do you need your diaper changed Bobby?”

“No,” he said starting the Pee-Pee Dance. “I gatta pee.”

Teacher Rosie smiled at this 12 year old acting like a little Kindergartener. “Come over here Bobby, the Changing Table has a potty chair.”

Bobby wanted a bathroom, not a potty chair, but he really had to go and wasn’t sure he would make it to a bathroom. He wasn’t sure he could make it to the other side of the classroom to where the changing table was. He was finding it hard to follow Teacher Rosie. He did make it to the Table.

Teacher Rosie said, “CHANGING TABLE: Potty Chair”

A potty chair came out from under the table, next to the steps kids can go up to get on the table themselves. Teacher Rosie went about pulling down Bobby’s pants, this is when it happened. He just couldn’t hold on any more and he flooded his diaper. Teacher knew immediately when Bobby’s whole body relaxed. She looked down at the diaper that was swelling and expanding. Then she saw it starting to leak and drip on to the pants that had been pulled down. Teacher Rosie picked Bobby up and put him down on the potty chair.

Bobby sat their on the potty chair in a very wet leaking diaper. He was devastated. How could this happen to a 12 year old. The medicine was only supposed to make it so he couldn’t control his poop, why couldn’t he stop the pee. Teacher Rosie was taking his shoes, socks, and pants off. They were all wet. Bobby began to think that maybe he did need these diapers. Maybe he belonged in this room with the other babies. Maybe he was just a little baby . . . ‘No! I am a big 12 year old. I am NOT a BABY.’ Bobby thought to himself.

Teacher Rosie took the clothes and put them on the changing table, “TABLE: Clean.”

The clothes dematerialized. She then undid the diaper and had it fall into the Potty Chair. “Okay Bobby, see if you need to go anymore. While your on the potty, also try to poop. I suspect you still have no control, but you can still try anyways.”

Bobby peed some more and some poop come out, but he had this strange feeling that he had nothing to do with that, it just came out. When he was done, he said, “Clean.”

When nothing happened, Teacher Rosie explained, “Bobby, a potty chair isn’t like a toilet. Grown-ups need to still help little ones learn potty skills and make sure they don’t put back on clothes they may have wet getting to the potty. So, only Grown-ups can activate them. Anyways, for the amount you were wet and messy, the potty chair can’t do an effective job cleaning you up. We will have to use the CHANGING TABLE.”

Bobby stood up and turned to look at the Potty Chair.

“CHAIR: all done.” Teacher Rosie said as a protective shield appeared over the opening and then the stuff inside dematerialized and there was a cleansing scan. The chair started to return to its spot under the table as the protective shield disappeared. Bobby just stood there watching it, naked from the waist down.

Teacher Rosie directed Bobby up onto the changing table and then proceeded to get him cleaned up and redressed. She added youth level protection to Bobby’s diaper. She was tempted to ask for teenager level protection, but he was little for a 12 year old and figured that for the size of the diaper, it would add unnecessary bulk.

When Teacher Rosie was reaching out to Bobby to lift him off the changing table, he stopped her.

“Teacher,” he inquired? “Am I like Amy? Am I a Big-Little kid?”

“No Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said giving him a hug. “You are a big boy.”

Bobby wasn’t convinced, he was 12 yet developmentally 10. Maybe he wasn’t even 10 anymore, is that why the ROOM put him in diapers this morning? Is that why HOUSE sent him to the Nursery School instead of Junior High? Was he really a BIG boy?

“Why did I go pee-pee in my . . . my diaper?”

“Bobby, diapers are for pee-pee and poopy. Don’t worry, it is okay to go poopy and pee-pee in diapers.”

“Medicine was only going to make me poop, not pee.”

“Sorry dear, but we don’t really know what that medicine will do to you. Big kids with control over their pee-pee and poopy are not supposed to get that medicine. Because it is only supposed to be given to kids in diaper, not even little ones in training pants, we do not know what it will do to you. Sorry Bobby. You are a big boy Bobby, now go be a good Teacher Helper.”

Teacher Rosie gave him another hug and got him down off of the changing table, patted his bottom, and sent him back to the group.

As the afternoon went on, he started to relax and have fun. Bobby was surprised when he found parents showing up to take kids home or Carly coming in to transport the kids home. He wasn’t sure where the day had gone, but it started very slowly with time just dragging and it finished very quickly. It seem like he just woke up from his nap. Yet, he had played house, done circle time, recess, craft time, art time, story time, and play time.

About half the kids were gone before Bobby’s mom showed up. He tried to leave immediately, but she just told him to go play while she talked with Teacher Rosie. They talked for a while and then came to get Bobby.

R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 16 - Bye-Bye

“Well, my little guy, it appears you were a good boy for Teacher Rosie today.”

“Mom, I’m 12!”

“Sorry Bobby, I couldn’t resist.”

Bobby gave a sideways look at his mom.

“Do you need your diaper changed before we go off to the Toy Store?” Mrs. Malik already knew Bobby did need the diaper changed, Teacher Rosie and her checked before coming over. She wanted to see how much she needed to baby Bobby at the moment, and how much he could be a big boy and address the issues himself.


“Bobby, like it or not, you are in diapers. It is not healthy to go around with wet or messy diapers, especially for you since your skin is not use to wearing wet and messy diapers. Big kids are able to answer that question and able to tell grown-ups when they need to be changed. Little kids don’t know and need grown-ups to check them to find out or they need to wear Picture Show clothes. So, Bobby, Do you need your diaper changed?”

“No, I don’t need my . . . diaper . . . changed.” Bobby replied, but honestly he didn’t know.

Trying to keep as straight of a face as possible, Mrs. Malik was looking forward to having a baby to take care of again, even it was going to be just for one night. Based on what Teacher Rosie described of his behavior today, he definitely was not being a big kid. He wasn’t being a baby, but if a 4 year old could act more mature than him all day, then a little babying could be done.

“Okay, let’s check before we head out,” Mrs. Malik said taking Bobby’s hand.

“Mom,” Bobby said in frustration as he planted his feet down firmly. “I said I didn’t need to be changed.”

Mrs. Malik got down to Bobby’s height and looked him straight in the eyes. She suspected that her little boy was hoping to instantly turn back into a 12 year old once she showed up to take him away from Preschool. “Bobby, you have been wetting and pooping your diaper all day and you have not once asked, like a big kid would, to get changed. You have only once tried to use the potty, and you didn’t make it. Now you are refusing to let a grown-up even check to see if you need to be changed. That is something only Toddlers do. You have a choice Bobby, you act like a Toddler, and I will treat you like one. You act like a big boy and I will treat you that way. At the moment I am thinking you should be back in Picture Show clothes. Now Bobby, are you going to let Mommy check your diaper to see if it needs to be changed?”

Very reluctantly Bobby let his Mom lead him over to the changing table and he got up on it. She pulled down his pants.

“Apparently my little boy isn’t ready for the demands of a big kid. These are definitely wet and probably messy.”

Bobby went limp.

“Well Bobby, you obviously are not ready to tell Mommy when you are wet or messy. Since I do not have a remote diaper sensor like the teachers do, I will need to put you back into some picture show clothes.”

“Mom, I’m 12!”

“I know Bobby, but if you can not tell me when you need to be changed like a big boy, then I have no other choice.”

Mrs. Malik changed Bobby’s diaper and added Picture Show color stripes down the legs of his pants."

When Bobby was helped down off the changing table, he stood there examining his new pants. They were the same as before, but had a stripe down the outside pant legs. He was very glad she had not put him back in the outfit he came to school in. He was also very happy to see that there were NO fasteners down the legs. It was still a LITTLE kid outfit, but it didn’t announce to everyone Preschooler or Toddler. He didn’t like it, but . . . he did have to agree with his mom that he didn’t know when he needed to be changed.

Bobby’s mom took his hand and started to lead a very sullen little boy out of the classroom. Just as they reached the door, Jill came running up and stopped them.

“Bobby, Bobby.”

“What Jill?”

“Your pacifier,” she took out of her pocket, the pacifier she had taken from him while playing House.

Bobby froze and just stared at the pacifier.

Mrs. Malik looked at the cute little 4 year old in pig tales and at her entranced 12 year old son. She wasn’t quite sure what was going on between the two, but seemed hesitant to interfere till she had a better understanding.

“Your Pacifiew Bobby.”

“I don’t need it Jill, you keep it.”

“No! Bobby need paci.”

“Keep it Jill. I am going home now.”

“Bobby sad. Big-Wittle kids need paci when sad.”

Mrs. Malik didn’t know what a Big-Little kid was, but felt it was a great description of Bobby. She was also tremendously amused by this 4 year old trying to comfort Bobby who towered over her. Of most interest, was that Bobby was taking on a somewhat submissive roll with Jill.

Bobby took the pacifier. He didn’t put it in his mouth, but he also didn’t put it in his pocket. He just held it in his open hand.

“Thank you Jill.”

“Youw wewcome. Now be a good boy for youw Mommy. Bye-Bye.”

Jill waved bye and trotted off to the toys.

Mrs. Malik looked down at Bobby and smiled, “That was quite nice of Jill to bring you your pacifier.”

Upon hearing that, he quickly closed his hand around the pacifier and stuck his hand in his pocket. With his hand still in his pocket, he continued toward the door.

In the Transporter room Carly was sitting at her desk. Due to the scheduled erasure of all files due to happen that night and restoring the system to archival records, she needed to record on a special device who was in attendance today. She was scanning each child before they left for home. Bobby was not in the archival files, so she needed to add some additional information.

“Let’s see Bobby, for you, the Technician said we need, your name, classroom, parents, and address. He said to make sure we have NOTHING else on you and not to let the scanner put any information in. So Bobby you are going to make me actually work,” Carly said smiling at Bobby.

Mrs. Malik gave Carly the information she needed. While the two of them talked, Bobby explored the room. It was rather empty, 4 Transporters, 3 chairs, 1 playpen, a shelf with toys, and Carly’s Desk. While he was looking at the toys on the shelf, two parents transported in.

Bobby saw some toys on the shelf that he would have enjoyed playing with, but wouldn’t touch them since they were Little Kid toys and he was a big 12 year old. He can’t play with such toys. Yeah, he had played with them all day, but in the classroom he was told to play with the Little Kids. He wasn’t in the classroom now, so he COULDN’T play with toys like that. He grabbed a book and sat down.

It was a little kid book, but one he enjoyed reading when he was little. Before his little sister could read, she would ask him to read the book to her. He remembered enjoying those times with her, now . . . well his little sister was just a pain. Bobby started to read through the book.

Six parents and kids came into the transporter room to go home. Carly told them to wait a second, so she could scan the kids. At this, the kids all headed over to the shelf and picked out some toys to play with. Carly thanked Mrs. Malik before turning to the new parents.

Mrs. Malik headed for Bobby, “Are you ready to go sweety?”

Bobby looked at the book and then up at Mom.

“Can we go to the Toy Store now?”


Bobby closed the book and put it back on the shelf. He then went up and grabbed his Mom’s hand. The two of them got onto one of the transporters.

“Transport - Toy Store”

R.O.O.M. - Part 17 - Toy Store

– Arrival Toys Galore, Mrs. Emily Malik and 2 year old son Robert Frances Malik –

“Can I get a new Holo-Game Mommy.”

“Yes Bobby, Teacher Rosie said you were a very good boy today, so you can get anything you want.”

Mrs. Malik knew a toy would not make up for everything Bobby has had to put up with today, but it would help him get through the next couple of days.

Many of the tables in the room were full of people buying toys. Mrs. Malik and Bobby walked up to an empty table with two chairs and sat down.

– Welcome Mrs. Malik. How may I help you today? –

“Bobby here has had a hard day and was a good boy through it, so he can pick out any toy he wants.”

– May I recommend one of our most popular toys, a Zilig –

On the table in front of them appeared a Zilig.

“Mom! That’s for Babies.”

“STORE: We do not want a Zilig. Bobby would like a new Holo-Game.”

The Zilig disappeared and 5 Holo-Games appeared on the table; Holo-Shape Sorter, Holo-Color Explorer, Holo-Numbers 1-10, Holo-Nursery Rhymes, Holo-Odda’s Search for the Lost Toy.

“MOM! These are for Babies too.”

“Let’s try this from a different approach Bobby, what Holo-Game would you like?”

“STORE: I want Holo-Zero-G Racer 3”

Nothing happened. The Preschool Holo-Games were still being displayed on the table.

“STORE: Bobby said he wanted the Holo-Game Zero-G Racer 3.”

– Children with Developmental Levels below 7 years old are not allowed access –

Mrs. Malik looked at Bobby and started to worry about her decision to bring him here.

“STORE: we would like to buy Holo-Game Zero-G Racer 3.”

– Unable to comply – that game is inappropriate for 2 year old children –


“Bobby calm down. Getting angry is not going to get us the toy any faster.”

“STORE,” Mrs. Malik took a deep breath before continuing. She looked at the Preschool Holo-Games still being displayed on the table. “Bobby’s skills are higher than these games.”

The displayed games vanished and a variety of about 10 different preschooler toys took there place. The toys would all have been considered very Babyish, even by Jill. He suspected, even though he had never met her, that even Amy would view these toys as too babyish to play with."

“STORE: next,” Mrs. Malik said to see the next set of 10 toys. “Next . . . Next . . . Next.”

Mrs. Malik was going through the collection of toys faster and faster. All that would come up were toys for kids 2 years old or younger.

– Robert Frances Malik is a moody little one, maybe a good comfort toy would be helpful –

The table displayed a collection of comfort items for a little baby boy; a few different type of blankies, some different pacifiers, different types of stuffed animals of different sizes, and a few dolls appropriate for a little boy.

“STORE: we will take the purple pacifier and one of the Blankies with comfort soothing fabric, also in purple.”

“Mom, I’m not a Baby.”

“No, but you have needed some of this type of stuff today. We don’t have any at home, except for the pacifier in your pocket, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to get some.”


“STORE: Toys for . . . for . . . a 12 year old.”

– Sorry your son is not 12, he is 2. By legal requirements we are not allowed to sell toys to children that are above a child’s developmental level –

“STORE: we want to buy a gift for a 12 year old boy.”

That did it, the table displayed toys for 12 year old boys. They soon had the Holo-Game that Bobby wanted displayed on the table.

“STORE: we will take it.”

– Who is the gift for? –

Mrs. Malik knew she could not say Bobby’s name. She quickly thought about one of Bobby’s friends, “It is for Marcus Telloon.”

– Searching, 12 year old Marcus Telloon, found – Link-Up initiated – toys is developmentally appropriate – Marcus does not currently have this game – Would you like the gift delivered immediately or on a different date? –

“STORE: we would like to bring the gift to him ourselves.”

– That is not an available option – unable to confirm compliance with law if gift is given to you – all gifts must be delivered –

Bobby was on the verge of tears. When the store noticed this, it materialized the bought pacifier and blankie on Bobby’s lap. He grabbed the pacifier and a piece of the blankie together in one fist. His first impulse was to throw them, but . . . he brought the blankie up to his face and rubbed it on his cheek. It was soft and silky. It felt nicer than his favorite pajamas. For reasons he couldn’t explain, it calmed him. He snuggled up to the blankie. Rubbing it on the side of his face. Without realizing it during one of the up and down movements on his cheek, Bobby stuck the pacifier in his mouth.

In an attempt to share her frustrations with Bobby over her inability to get him the toy he wanted, she looked over to Bobby. That is when she saw her 12 year old looking like an upset preschooler who needed his Mommy.

She went over and picked Bobby up and went back to her chair and sat down with him in her lap. He snuggled up in her lap and with his blankie.

“STORE: Cancel gift purchase. STORE: I would like a toy for Bobby that he will grow into. He needs something fun for him to play with either by himself or with somebody. Several years of enjoyment is preferable. Put toys with limited interest at current level, but will gain more as he develops to higher levels.”

– These toys are not recommended – Based on Dr. Galno’s standard for development, children do best when only given toys at or below their current developmental level –

“STORE: This is understood, but please show toys for criteria stated.”

The table showed the first collection of 10 toys. They were still toys most 7 year olds would have nothing to do with, but Mrs. Malik thought at least that little 4 year old girl, Jill, would play with these toys. After looking more closely at the toys however, she re-evaluated her view, Jill most likely would find some of these toys a little too babyish.

Mrs. Malik turned Bobby so he was facing the toys and she could still see his face. She whispered into his ear, “Bobby, I want you to pick out a toy. I know that these toys are for little kids and you are not a little kid, but once you are out of diapers we can give it to Jill.”

Mrs. Malik slowly started flipping through the toy selection 10 at a time. When his facial expression changed, she would display all those toys one at a time. It took a while, but she finally had narrowed down the choices to 5 toys. Bobby however, could not take himself to actually choice a Preschooler toy for himself to play with. Here were a bunch of BABY toys and his Mommy wanted him to pick one for being a good boy today. This was his reward? The final five toys were all ones that he wanted to play with, but he was 12 and there is no way he would admit he wanted to play with some BABY toys.

When Mrs. Malik pushed Bobby to make a choice, he buried his face in his Blankie. She decided not to push the issue anymore. She looked at the five toys and remembered when Bobby and Janie were preschoolers. Mrs. Malik couldn’t decide, so she bought three of the toys. She got one crib toy, a Planetary Explorer Action Figure with Vehicle, and a Play People House.

With Blankie in hand and pacifier in mouth, Bobby and Mom headed for the Transporter. The other toys would be waiting for them at home. Mrs. Malik was frustrated with not being able to get Bobby the toy he wanted. She had no idea of how to get around the STORE believing he was only 2 years old. The only thing she didn’t try that might have worked was to tell the STORE they were buying a toy for Janie, when it was really for Bobby, but the Holo-Game Bobby wanted is one the store would never give to Janie. She is such a Girly-Girl, it would know with the Link-Up that the game would be inappropriate for Janie. The toys it displayed for Janie would all be VERY girlish, definitely not for Bobby.

As they approached the transporter, Bobby saw a Mommy and a little toddler, maybe 2 or 3 years old, getting off the transporter pad. The toddler was sucking on a pacifier and clutching a Blankie. He looked just like Bobby . . . or was it that Bobby looked just like the Toddler. Bobby was struggling with this thought as they transported home.

R.O.O.M. - Part 18 - Safe at Home

– Welcome Home Emily, I hope Robert had a good day at Nursery School Today – The play toys are in the living room and the crib toy is in Bobby’s room –

“Thank You House,” Mrs. Malik replied. “Are Leo and Janie home yet?”

– Janie is in her room playing dollies – Leo is in the Living Room –

“Is the Technician still here?”

– Technician left 9.7 minutes ago –

“House I have told you to round time references to the nearest minute.”

– Accessing Archival Personal Interface Files for Emily Malik – Personal Interface updated –

“Well, it appears the technician was busy. Let’s go talk to Daddy and see what he did.”

They walked to the Living Room with Bobby holding his Blankie and his Mommy’s hand.

“Welcome home,” Bobby’s dad said as they walked into the living room. He was a little surprised to see his oldest child, 12 years old, holding a Blankie and sucking on a pacifier. The Little kid clothes were also quite a change from Bobby’s usual attire. Taking a deep breath and trying to stay positive without treating Bobby like the Preschooler he looked like, “I hope the day wasn’t too bad Bobby. I see you survived.”

Bobby snuggled up to Mommy upon this comment.

“Leo, what did the technician say?”

They all sat down on the couch, with Bobby snuggled up to Mommy under his Blankie.

“The Technician could not figure out what initiated the problems. He couldn’t find any problems in the system other than it insisting that Bobby was 2 years old and therefore treating him that way.”

“But I am 12.” Bobby said through his pacifier.

“The Technician removed all personal settings throughout the home, so we need to initiate archival copies of these settings in various places. Bobby’s archival copies have also been removed, so no system in the house knows anything about Bobby and must learn as it goes.”

“So I can be 12 again?” Bobby asked with excitement.

Bobby’s dad frowned at this. “Well, not till tomorrow Bobby. The whole system needs to be shut down and re-initialized. That takes a few hours totally impacting every system in the house, so it must be done at night. At the moment the system thinks you are 2 years old since that is what it learned when you teleported in. Till tomorrow, we can not change that.”

Bobby hugged Mommy tight.

“Tomorrow I can be a big boy again?”

“You have always been my big boy,” Bobby’s Dad said with a smile. He knew he had to say that, but he definitely was not sure what to think about his 12 year old sucking on a pacifier and back in diapers. Bobby was a pain to get out of diapers the first time. Janie was almost trained before he was and he is three years older. Now he is acting like he is three years younger, or even more, since he had stopped talking through his pacifier by 6 years old.

“Tomorrow you can dress like a 12 year old again,” Bobby’s Mom reassured him. “But you will most likely still need diapers or at least training pants.”

Bobby just snuggled up to Mommy as he thought through all of this. His parents kept talking but he wasn’t listening. His eyes rested on the new toys that were on the floor. He couldn’t believe his Mom had actually bought those Baby toys. Did she expect him to play with them? They actually did look like they might be fun to play with, but he was 12. These were toys for Jill and her sister Amy, not for him.

“Bobby . . . Bobby,” His mom said bringing him out of his trance. “I have to go talk with Janie and see how her day was.”

When she got up Bobby realized he was the only one in the room. His Dad must have left without him realizing. He was alone. For the first time all day, he was alone. He sat there and thought. What had happened to him? He didn’t want to be a baby, but looking at the Blankie, he didn’t want to put it down. He knew he shouldn’t have, but he had fun playing with the little kids today. Part of him wanted to get down on the floor and play with the Play People House right now. But he was 12, he can’t play with the Baby Toys. Can he?

It wasn’t long before Janie came prancing into the room. She immediately came over and gave Bobby a hug.

“It’s okay Bobby,” Janie said with the biggest smile. She then looked down at him and while patting his pacifier, she said, “When you’re a big boy again, you won’t need this anymore.”

Bobby’s eyes widened and quickly pulled out the pacifier. He had only been partially aware the pacifier was there. Dad, Mom, the people in the Toy Store, and now his sister have all seen him with the pacifier in his mouth. He was home now, he was going to be a 12 year old.

Bobby threw the pacifier and the blankie to the other side of the couch.

“Ooooo, Bobby, cool toys. Can I play with them?” Janie said seeing the toys on the floor.

“I don’t see why not, their not mine,” Bobby said as he got up and headed for the kitchen.

“Dad,” Bobby said walking into the kitchen. “I am tired of being forced to be a baby, can you fix it?”

“Well Kiddo, you are going to have to wait till tomorrow for the house to stop treating you like a little kid, but I’ll treat you like a 12 year old and so will Mommy.”

“What about Janie?”

“Girls are weird creatures Bobby, and Little Girls, well very unpredictable.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. There was this little girl at the Nursery School today who was very, very weird.” Bobby said while sitting down at the table.

“I know it has been hard for you to be a big boy today, Bobby, with all the systems treating you like a baby. I am proud of you for putting up with it. You only have a little bit more before this is all over.”

“It’s just not fair Dad. It’s just not fair.”

“I know Bobby. I know.”

Mr. Malik took the cup of juice he had and handed it to Bobby, “Here you go Bobby, this will help.”

Bobby took a drink, the first he had had out of a regular cup since breakfast. As he put the cup down however, it dematerialized and rematerialized in a sippy cup.

“Why! Why me? Why does it think I am a baby? Why does it keep treating me like one? Why?”

“Calm down Bobby, it is harder for you to show you’re a big boy, if you are angry.”

“But Dad . . .”

“Bobby, no buts.” He smiled at Bobby, “ROOM: My little guy is learning to drink from a big boy cup, please switch back to a regular cup for him to continue learning.”

– Considering his age, this is not recommended –

“Parental Override, switch cups.” He said smiling at Bobby, and hoping this will work.

The sippy cup dematerialized and rematerialized in a cup without a lid, but with handles on each side. Then a bib materialized around Bobby’s neck.

“Well,” Dad said with a smile. “you at least get to drink out of a cup without a top on it.”

They both started to laugh.

“Now if I remember correctly from when you and Janie were little, I have to stay here next to you till you are done or it will turn it back into a sippy cup and put you in a highchair.”

“Don’t move Dad. I have had enough of Highchairs today. That weird little girl I was telling you about earlier, well she even made me sit in one while playing. She insisted on being the Mommy and me being the baby.”

Bobby also remembered the time she taught him about the fun you can have bossing a highchair around. He had to admit that was fun, but he wasn’t going to tell Dad that.

Bobby worked hard at being 12 years old all afternoon and evening. He had to eat in a Highchair with a sippy cup and bib for dinner, but shortly after dinner he did manage to make it to the toilet once to pee. The BATHROOM called his mom as soon as he entered the room and wouldn’t let him clean himself up after going, but he did get some of his pee in the toilet. He had to admit it was probably a good thing his mom was called, since his diaper did need to be changed too.

Janie enjoyed playing with his new toys and used his Blankie and Pacifier with one of her dollies. She tried offering them to Bobby a few times, but he was always very adamant that he didn’t want them.

Finally he felt like he was a Big Kid, even if he was trapped in diapers.

R.O.O.M. - Part 19 - Bedtime

At bed time Bobby had some new, but familiar, experiences. The diaper was bulkier than the ones he had been in most of the day, except for the one where he was dressed in the Romper, that one was even bulkier than his Night Time Diaper. He was dressed in a onsie and forced to wear little kid no-release Picture Show Footed Pajamas. Once he was all dressed and ready for bed, Mom sent Bobby out to Dad and Janie for a bedtime story.

Bobby would often sit in on Janie’s bed time story, for he was too old to be read a bed time story, but this time he felt like his mom viewed the story for him, not his LITTLE sister. To make things worse, Dad had picked the same book Bobby had been looking at while waiting to leave the Nursery School. He loved that story. Janie loved the story, but both had outgrown it long ago.

When the story was done, Dad gave Janie a Hug and Kiss and sent her off to bed. He then turned to Bobby, “Well Big Guy, if everything goes right tonight, things will be fixed in the morning.”

“Do I have to go to school with the Babies tomorrow?”

“Well,” Mr. Malik hesitated. “No Bobby, if you want you can go back to Junior High tomorrow. But you might still poop your pants tomorrow, do you want to do that around all your friends? Do you want to wear diapers or Training Pants to Junior High? You will have to wear one tomorrow, at least till we are sure you can get everything in the potty.”

Mr. Malik looked at the disappointed look on his son’s face. “Well big guy, you don’t need to decide now. Sleep on it and we can talk about it in the morning.”

He hugged and kissed Bobby and then swooped him up and carried him into his bedroom. Bobby was still small and Dad occasionally still lift him up and move him around. It didn’t happen as much as it did with his little sister, for dad always complained he was getting to big and heavy for such things. He did always enjoyed it however, when Dad played like that. Tonight however, it made Bobby feel like a little kid. Daddy was carrying him off to bed. He partially enjoyed it, but after trying to be a big kid for the last several hours, this wasn’t helping.

Bobby’s Bed was of course a crib and the new crib toy was waiting for him, hanging from the bars. His Teddy was on his pillow under the new Blankie.

Dad carried Bobby over to the crib and gently laid him down. Dad took the blankie and covered as much of Bobby as he could with it. “The systems will all be fixed while you sleep. All will be better in the morning. This nightmare is almost over.”

“I hope so Daddy.”

Dad kissed him and then Mom came up and kissed him. “Sorry about the crib sweety, it’s only for one night. I’ll try to get the ROOM to leave the crib side down for you. Tomorrow the house will know nothing about you and will have to learn all about 12 year old Bobby. Sleep Tight.”

At the door Mom and Dad looked at Bobby laying there hugging his teddy bear. If it wasn’t for the crib toy and bars around the three sides, it could have been almost any night.

“ROOM: Night-time setting, put fourth crib side in down position.”

– Night Time Setting – 2 year old – Lights out – securing child, materializing crib side – body temperature control monitoring, active and linked to room heating system – Diaper sensors switched to leak monitoring and linked to Parental alert – Health Monitors active – Nightmare Monitors active –

“ROOM: I asked for the crib side to be in the down position. Why is it up?”

– For safety purposes crib bars must be in the up position while little children like Robert are left in the crib without an adult. Crib bars must come up to at least mid chest level when child is standing in the crib –

Bobby lay there looking at the door through the bars of the crib. Mom and Dad were still there looking straight at him. Mom’s expression told him that she was sorry but couldn’t do anything. He closed his eyes, hoping they would just leave. He heard the door close part way and he just lay there for a while before opening his eyes to make sure they were gone.

When he was sure they were gone, Bobby sat up in the bed / crib. He looked around. He saw a baby bottle with water in it and the purple pacifier sitting on a small shelf inset into the headboard of the crib. He looked at the crib toy. It had options for playing music, a few buttons in the shape of different animals and objects, and a holo-emitter. He was kind of curious what would be emitted, but was hesitant to touch the device.

Bobby’s attention drifted down to his old friend, his teddy bear. “You know Teddy, it’s not my fault we are trapped in this crib.”

Bobby looked up at the top of the bars resting above his head. He considered climbing out of the crib and just sleeping on the floor, or on the couch once Mom and Dad had gone to bed.

“No Teddy, we can’t climb out. CRIBS are mean things, they will just transport us back in. Remember when Janie would climb out of her crib all the time when she was in Kindergarten. Yeah, I remember it doing it to us too when I was seven. Teddy, you were not supposed to remember that.”

Bobby lay back down and thought about his day. Even though he thought a lot about the various times he was forced to be a baby, he also recalled the fun he had today playing with the little kids. The more he thought about the day, the more he liked Jill. She had an attitude about her that he liked.

Amy . . . Jill called him a Big-Little kid like Amy. Was he like Amy? Bobby thought about what little he knew about Amy. She was 9 just like his little sister Janie. His thoughts floated to Janie playing with the little kid toys this afternoon. He tried to picture her dressed like a 2 year old and talking like a 2 year old.

“Yeah Teddy, she can be a baby sometimes, but she doesn’t act that little. I know I don’t either, but Jill thought I was. Okay, you are right I didn’t act like a 12 year old today. You try to act like a big kid when everyone is treating you like a baby.”

Bobby looked up at the Crib Toy again. Looking at the various buttons he notices a Zero-G racer. He was curious to find out what will happen if he presses the button. It is a baby toy however, he can’t press it.

“Don’t be silly Teddy, I know I will not magically turn into a baby if I press the button.”

Bobby tried to fall asleep, but just couldn’t stop his mind from thinking about the day. One concept kept coming back; Is he really a Big-Little Kid? Is that why he was dressed like that at the beginning of the day? The Technician said ‘O’ Units do not make mistakes. What if his ROOM didn’t make a mistake? What if he was a Big-Little Kid like Amy and the ‘O’ Units knew this when Mommy and Daddy didn’t?

“I am NOT being silly Teddy,” Bobby said to his Teddy thinking about that last one a second time. “Maybe I really am a Big-Little Kid like Amy. Jill thinks I am. The ‘O’ Units think I am. Teacher Rosie said I wasn’t, but she treated me like a Little Kid. Even Mommy had me walking around the Toy Store and in front of Daddy and Janie with a pacifier and Blankie. Maybe I am a Big Little Kid.”

Bobby turned to the Crib Toy. This time he slowly reached out and touched the Zero-G Racer. Suddenly an instrumental piano song started to play, which Bobby thought was VERY loud, and Zero-G racers in different primary colors were holo-displayed encircled above the crib. Bobby looked over the Crib Toy looking for an off button, a volume control, or anything to make it stop. He tried pressing the button again but nothing happened. He tried covering up the speaker with his blankie, but he couldn’t find the speaker. He finally just gave up, buried his head in his pillow and hid under his blankie.

In the living room Mrs. Malik, looking at her husband and smiled when she heard the Crib Toy, “I knew he would like it. If he had to be trapped in a crib, he needed something.”

Bobby finally started to doze off to sleep with everything swirling around in his head.

R.O.O.M. - Part 20 - Big-Little Girl

“Bobby, now get into the DRESSER. It is not going to dress you like a toddler again. The Technician fixed it.”

“But Mom . . . What if it is not fixed.”

“Well I am tired of fighting you on this Bobby. If you are not going to get in the DRESSER you are going to school the way you are dressed right now.”

Bobby looked down at what he had on and figured going to school in a blanket sleeper with a onsie over his wet diaper would probably not be the best choice. Even at a Preschool. He slowly walked into the DRESSER Unit.

“ROOM: Dress for school; Training Pants with youth level protection instead of Diapers,” Mrs. Malik stated.

“Oh Mom, do I have to wear training pants?”

“Yes Bobby, you . . .” Mrs. Malik was interrupted by the ROOM Unit.

– No clothing found in DRESSER Unit – Searching HOUSE for collective Wardrobe storage – Found child clothing – Downloading to DRESSER Unit – Child age not found in HOUSE Unit – Searching school registration – Found child registered at Gleeful Times Nursery School in Transitional Classroom – No Birthdate on record – Temporary age determined based upon classroom placement – Dressing Frances Malik age 5 –

The look on Mrs. Malik’s face told Bobby everything he needed to know. It didn’t work. He closed his eyes really tight, took a deep breath, then opened his eyes and looked down. He was wearing a frilly pink party dress, with short puffy sleeves and a puffy petticoat. It was covered with ribbon and lace. He moved his leg forward to see his foot and found that he was wearing white tights and white mary-jane shoes.


“ROOM: explain.” Mrs. Malik said looking at her son dressed in a fancy dress that was Janie’s favorite when she was in Preschool and Kindergarten. His hair was tied up in pig tails with pink ribbons, but due to the short boy hair, it looked more like baby pig tails sticking straight up, without enough hair for them to fall back down.

– Regular school clothes were not appropriate since today is picture day at Gleeful Times Nursery School –

“Mom! I can’t get my picture taken dressed like this! I am NOT a girl! I AM A BOY.”

“Bobby,” Mrs. Malik started looking down at her son / daughter. “If the ROOM dressed you like a little girl then it knows something we don’t. You heard the Technician, ‘O’ Units do not make mistakes. It must know something. It is okay Bobby, we will love you no mater what your likes are. You are our little one.”


“Now the ROOM called you Frances, your middle name. When dressed in YOUR girlie clothes, Frances will work nicely as a girl’s name for you. Yeah. Don’t worry Frances, its okay, Daddy and Janie will understand you liking Girly-Girl stuff. And what a wonderful day for you to share your secret, it’s picture day. You look so cute dressed up all fancy for pictures. Oh, Frances, Janie will love having a little sister to share little girl secrets with.”


Mrs. Malik went up and hugged her new little girl, “Frances, I know you have been trying real hard to be a Big Boy. You don’t have to pretend anymore. You can be our little baby girl every day from now on. Teacher Rosie will be happy to have you as a permanent student in her class. I know Jill will be happy to help you with the tough tasks, and if lessons are too tuff for you, Professor Marie will be happy to put you in one of the classrooms with younger kids.”

“I don’t want to be a girl Mommy. I AM A BOY. I don’t want to be a Big-Little kid. I AM 12 YEARS OLD. Mommy!”

Giving Frances a hug, Mrs. Malik continued, “Frances you don’t have to hide your love of girly things anymore. ROOM knows the truth and has decided to share it with everyone. I know you like your Blankie and Binkie. Today I will get to see how much you like your Frillies.”

Bobby started to cry as he felt all the lace on the puffy dress.

“ROOM: Rocker” Mrs. Malik escorted her little girl over to the rocker and brought Bobby up on her lap. “ROOM: Bottle with Child-Soother Milk mixture.”

Mrs. Malik started rocking her new little girl trying to calm her down. Next to the rocker appeared a small table with Bobby’s Blanket, pacifier, Teddy, and a Baby Bottle. Mrs. Malik started with the Teddy Bear and then the Bottle. Once she got Bobby sucking on the bottle, she took the Blankie and covered him up. She hadn’t rocked and bottle fed either of the kids for several years, but found it oddly relaxing. Looking down at her little boy . . . oh, little girl, she apologized for not realizing earlier that he wanted girly things. She also apologized for forcing him to give up his diapers when he didn’t want to, back when he was 8, and for taking away his pacifier when he stopped using diapers.

Bobby lay there sucking his bottle. He couldn’t explain it, but it was soothing him. He knew he should be resisting or protesting all of this, but he just wanted more of the milk.

As Bobby started to relax, Mrs. Malik could tell he was wetting his diaper. She wondered if the ROOM unit had dressed him in a diaper or training pants like she had requested. She decided it really didn’t matter, for as long as it had youth level protection, he would be fine for a while without a change. When she did change him she would make sure he was secure in the nice diapers he really wanted. She didn’t know how she had missed the signs, but thinking back now it was very clear that he was never ready to grow up and he was always very feminine. He never enjoyed the rough and tumble boy things. He always enjoyed playing with all of Janie’s toys. He was always so gentle with Janie. He enjoyed reading to her more than the more athletic things. Mrs. Malik recalled the times Janie would ask over and over for Bobby to read the same story. He just cuddled up on the couch with her and read it over and over again. When she wanted him to play house, he would. He even played dollies with her. How could she have missed the signs. She was very happy that the ‘O’ Unit could see what she hadn’t. Poor little Frances had suffered all these years being forced to be Big Boy Bobby.

When Bobby finished his bottle, she turned him around and burped him. This shocked Bobby but he was even more shocked when his Mommy complimented him for a good big burp.

“Okay Frances come with Mommy, its time to get you in your highchair for Breakfast. I’ll make sure you have a really good bib so you don’t get anything on your fillies.”

When they walked out of Bobby’s bedroom, Mrs. Malik asked Janie to look after her new Baby sister Frances. She took Bobby’s hand and led him over to the toys on the living room floor and started to show ‘Frances’ all the neat little special features of the toys.

“Frances,” Bobby’s dad said as he came over and bent down to pick him up. “You look so precious in your pink dress. It’s time for Breakfast.”

Mr. Malik picked Bobby up and carried him into the kitchen. He strapped Bobby into the high chair and put a pink bib on him. Bobby looked at the tray when it materialized in front of him. It was pink and had flowers and butterflies all over it. He had a pink baby bottle and the plate had various breakfast foods that he could eat with is fingers. There were no spoon or fork on the tray. He did notice a small pink bowl on the table just out of his reach, which appeared to have scrambled eggs in it with a spoon sticking out of the bowl.

Mommy sat down next to Bobby and picked up the bowl of scrambled eggs. She took the spoon and started to feed him the eggs.

– Nightmare monitor at critical levels – Notifying Parents of Robert’s nightmare – Gradually increasing room illumination – Dematerialization of crib side for easy parental access, will occur when parents are close enough to assure child’s safety –

“Bobby, Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said rushing into the room, only slowing down when she saw that he was still asleep. As she reached the side of the crib the railing dematerialized so she could sit down next to Bobby.

“I don’t want to be a Big-Little Girl. No Mommy I’m a Big Boy.”

Mrs. Malik was puzzled by his sleep talking, but with two kids who talked in their sleep, she had given up a long time ago trying to figure it out while they were still asleep. As the lighting in the room continued to increase illumination, she started rubbing his back.

“Wake up Bobby. It’s just a bad dream. Wake up Bobby.”

R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 21 - Still a Baby?

Mrs. Malik woke Bobby up from his nightmare. He was confused and disoriented. She tried to get out of him what it was about. All she really got, was that he didn’t want to be a baby girl and he wasn’t a Big-Little Girl. She did NOT understand this, but since she often had difficulty understanding Bobby and Janie’s nightmares, it did not faze her much.

By the time she got Bobby calmed back down, he was almost asleep again, being lulled by his pacifier and her singing of a lullaby. She laid him back down and tucked his blankie around him. After rubbing his back for about five more minutes, she gently got up and stepped away from the crib. She instructed the ROOM to rematerialize the crib side and turn the lights out.

In the morning, Mr. and Mrs. Malik peeked in the room while Bobby was still asleep.

“This has been really tough on him Emily.”

“I know honey, hopefully this will all be over soon.”

“What did the doctor say about the medication? How long is it supposed to affect him?”

“Well, she said the medications long term effect was based on the state of control the child had when they were given the medication. If the child had full control with no accidents, then it should only last about 24 hours. Bobby still left skid marks in his underwear, so he never had full control. So, in Bobby’s case, she felt that it would affect him for possibly 2 days. He might gain some control today. She was a little concerned about the extent that it had affected his bladder control and suspected that we would be dealing with bowel control issues for 24 hours after he regained bladder control. Apparently, historical records show that if the medication is given to a child who was trained less than a year ago, it can take up to a week for full recovery. There were no references however, on children over 10 years old taking the meds.”

“Emily, you need to stop treating him like a baby, even if he is acting that way. I understand that yesterday the ‘O’ units were forcing it upon him, but so were you. Buying those toys was a little inappropriate, and you know it.”

“I know Leo, if the systems are truly fixed, then this will all be over soon.”

Putting his arm around his wife, Leo commented, “He does look so innocent and helpless sleeping there sucking on his pacifier and hugging Teddy.”

They both smiled as they looked down on their little boy.

“Let’s give him a fresh start to his day. I used to be able to change his diapers without him waking up, let’s see if I can still do it,” Bobby’s mom said approaching the crib. “Hopefully if he wakes up in a dry diaper, he will try harder to get to the potty today.”

“ROOM: Set auditory output to 50%, set illumination to 25%. Check to see if he needs a diaper change?”

– Auditory output at Sleeping Child levels – Red Light, sleeping child illumination – Unknown child identified in crib – Night Time Diaper with Youth Level Protection – Child is wearing a onsie and little kid no-release Picture Show Footed Pajamas – Diaper is both wet and messy –

“ROOM: Gently secure sleeping child for non-mobility during diaper change. Change Diaper, replacing all with the same.”

– Unknown child – More information requested – Searching HOUSE unit for information about child – One of two children in the house are identified – More information requested –

“ROOM: This is Robert Frances Malik, born April 26, 2560. Most developmental levels are at a 10 year old level or higher. He likes to be called Bobby.”

– Passive sleeping child restraint activated – Detecting skin temperature inside blanket sleeper – adjusting air temperature around child to match – Gentle Touch Diaper Change – replacing with same –

Mr. Malik came up and kissed his wife, whispering in her ear, “I’ve gotta leave for work, honey. I will be home early. I can pick Janie up from school again if you want.”

“That would be great. Have a good day.”

– Adjusting air around child back to room temperature – Recommend a regular cleansing scan on a CHANGING TABLE or in a DRESSER Unit at next diaper change –

Mrs. Malik headed toward the door, smiling for changing Bobby without him waking up. Her triumph was interrupted by the ROOM Unit asking a question.

– Emily, Robert Frances Malik age 12 is not in the HOUSE records. There is no record of him entering the house. There is no record of him ever being in the house. There are however, boy clothes in the DRESSER Unit. Is he a guest or a resident? –

“HOUSE: conduct a move in scan.” Mrs. Malik smiled and continued toward the door. This is what the Technician said to do. With this, everything should be fixed.

– Move in scan for Robert Frances Malik, born April 26, 2560 – Physical Age confirmed twelve years, six months – Searching School Registration Files for Developmental Information – Registration Found, Gleeful Times Nursery School, Transition Classroom, for children ages four to six who are not ready for Kindergarten curriculum – No Developmental Information available at the school – No records found at other schools – SCHOOL admission scan needed for developmental information – Until scan is conducted by a SCHOOL Unit, HOUSE Unit will use available data to determine a temporary developmental age –

“HOUSE!” Mrs. Malik said in panic.

– Yes Emily –

“Bobby is developmentally a 10 year old.”

– Sorry Mrs. Malik, available data does not support that conclusion –

“HOUSE! STOP MOVE IN SCAN! You have his age, use that.”

– Sorry Mrs. Malik, interactions with children is based upon their developmental level not their age – Developmental level must be determined so child’s psychological well being is not damaged –

Mrs. Malik started laughing, “You have already done significant damage to his psychological well being because you screwed up his developmental level yesterday.”

– Robert is in a classroom for children four to six years old not developmentally ready for Kindergarten – He is wearing No-Release clothing, used by children developmentally two or three years old –

“HOUSE: Parental Priority One override - Robert Frances Malik is developmentally 10 years old.”

– Parental Override ignored – it does not match given data – Returning to developmental level determination – Robert has no nighttime bowel control, typical for children developmentally three years old and younger – Nighttime Pacifier use, typical of children six years old and younger – Boy sleeping with Teddy Bear, boy developmental level of ten years old or younger – House has two toys in living room for a child developmentally two to five years old – Crib Toy found, this particular crib toy is for developmental levels of eighteen months to three years old –

Mrs. Malik wasn’t sure what to do. She knew where this was going and she did not like it. Today the ‘O’ Units were suppose to be treating him like a 12 year old again, not a baby.

– Highchair found in kitchen, used with children developmentally 6 years old or younger – Best determination of developmental age would be three years old – Robert Frances Malik’s Temporary developmental level will be three years old – Move in scan complete –

“HOUSE! Bobby is NOT developmentally three years old!”


Mrs. Malik turned toward the crib to see Bobby clutching Teddy and rubbing his eyes.

“Morning Sweety.”

“Mommy, am I still a baby, or can I be a Big Boy again today?”

R.O.O.M. - Part 22 - Mommy’s Punishment

Bobby was frustrated that the ‘O’ Units still viewed him as a Preschooler. He wanted to go back to Junior High School today but how could he do that if he had to be dressed as a Preschooler to go to school. All that was getting him through the morning was the thought that once an Admission scan was done at school, he could be treated like a 12 year old again.

Mrs. Malik could not understand Bobby’s hesitation to get into the DRESSER Unit. He was the one that reminded her that they could disconnect the DRESSER from the ‘O’ Units, so he could dress in more appropriate clothing. He wouldn’t get in the unit however. Mrs. Malik tried to convince him it would be okay, but he just seemed to ramble on about not wanting pink dresses or picture show clothes. Mrs. Malik didn’t understand the part about pink dresses, but assumed it had something to do with his nightmare. It must have been quite a nightmare, he really was petrified about entering the DRESSER. She wanted to ask more about the pink dresses, but decided it would not be productive toward getting Bobby dressed for the day. After spending a moment imagining what her 12 year old son would look like in a pink dresss, she worked on figuring out another approach to get him into the DRESSER Unit.

“Okay Bobby,” Mrs. Malik finally decided to give him a momentary reprieve. “Let’s go get breakfast first and then we’ll get you changed.”

Mrs. Malik took his hand and led him into the kitchen. Although she tried to get him in a seat other than a highchair, it was not allowed. When scrambled eggs materialized on Bobby’s tray, Mrs. Malik would have sworn that she saw his eyes pop out before he picked up the plate and threw it across the room yelling, “NO, I am not a baby girl and I can feed myself.”

Bobby then tried to get out of the highchair and storm off to his room. He couldn’t. He was trapped in that highchair.

“BOBBY! We do not throw things in this house.”

Bobby was still struggling to get out of the highchair and was not paying any attention to his mom.

“ROBERT FRANCES MALIK stop acting like a BABY!” Mrs. Malik regretted saying it the second it came out of her mouth.

This caught Bobby’s attention. He stopped struggling with the chair and looked straight at his mom. She thought he was a baby. It wasn’t his fault he was like this. She called him a baby. Fine she thinks I’m a baby, I will show her. I will get her back for calling me a baby. It took only seconds for Bobby to reach this conclusion and respond, “FINE! YOU THINK I AM A BABY! FINE! I WILL ACT LIKE ONE! GOO-GOO GAA-GAA”

“Oh Mommy, he really is a baby now. Cool, I’m the oldest.” Janie said coming in the room when Bobby started the baby talk, still dressed in her pink blanket sleeper.

“Janie! Be nice to your OLDER brother or you will find yourself going to school wearing a picture show dress. I am sure the other kids in your class would love to see you dressed in some cute picture show dresses.”

Janie looked at her mom and tried to figure out if she was serious. She then looked back at Bobby, “He is cute Mommy, and in that outfit with the baby talk he does look like a baby.”

“Bobby is just a little grumpy this morning. He didn’t get a good nights sleep last night because of a nightmare. He is also upset about being treated like a baby. This is all tough on him. How would you like to be forced back into diapers, a crib, and a highchair?”

Janie thought for a moment, looking at Bobby sitting in the highchair. She recalled how much she loved playing house and how sometimes she would play the baby. She always had lots of fun and hated to stop. Then she remembered back to the last time she had an accident and wet her pants, back in kindergarten before she got her panties. She hated it. “I don’t want to be a baby mommy,” Janie said looking at Bobby. “I will just play with all of Bobby’s baby stuff.”


Bobby stuck his tongue out at Janie.

Mrs. Malik got Janie some scrambled eggs for breakfast and then turned back to Bobby.

“Now Robert, would you please explain why I have scrambled eggs to clean up?”

Bobby stuck his thumb in his mouth and started sucking. Babies didn’t have to explain things, they couldn’t. She thought he was a baby, so why should he have to explain.

“Fine ROBERT,” Mrs. Malik took a deep breath. She knew she needed to calm down. None of this was making any sense. Why would Bobby flip out over scrambled eggs? What was he talking about when he threw those eggs? ‘I am not a baby girl and I can feed myself.’ That just didn’t make any sense. No one was trying to feed him. No one was treating him like a girl. What was wrong with Bobby? Was this all due to his nightmare? What happened in that Nightmare?

Mrs. Malik took another deep breath and sat down in the chair next to Bobby. He looked a little silly sucking on his thumb. He had never really been a thumb sucker, as a baby he preferred a pacifier over his thumb. Sitting in a highchair in a no-release picture show blanket sleeper with his thumb in his mouth, he looked really odd for her little boy.

Taking in another deep breath, she started again, “Bobby,” She said releasing her breath. “Do you want to talk about your dreams last night?”

Bobby looked at his mom. Then he looked over at Janie. He was not going to talk about that dream with Janie here. He looked back at his mom, pulled out his thumb and said, “Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa”

Mrs. Malik closed her eyes and took another deep breath. “Bobby . . . I do not think you are a baby. You are a big 12 year old. I am trying to treat you that way, but you are not helping. 12 year olds do not throw their food across the room.”

“You think I am a baby, Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa! You want a baby, I will give you one. Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa.”

Janie was trying real hard not to break out in laughter. She could tell Bobby was furious, but this was not the first time she had seen Bobby get angry with Mommy. This time he was winning. He did however, look very silly acting like a baby, sitting in a highchair, dressed the way he was. It was even more hilarious knowing he actually did have a diaper on, and seeing he was still in his pajamas, the diaper was probably wet. With his last Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa a little bit of a giggle did get out. She quickly looked down at her food and started stuffing her face. She knew Mommy was looking straight at her.

“Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said looking back at him. “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat breakfast?”

Bobby looked straight at her and thought for a moment before replying, “Me hungwee.”

Mrs. Malik took a deep breath. “Okay Bobby. HOUSE: Little Bobby here threw his first breakfast across the room. Please provide him with another breakfast. This time make it a Toddler Level 5 Finger Food Breakfast, to help him cope with the medication that is still in his system.”

“Well, my little Bobby,” Mrs. Malik asked? “Do you want a Sippy Cup or a Bottle.”

“Me baby. Me dwink ba-ba”

Janie giggled.

“HOUSE: Give Bobby a Toddler Re-hydration drink in a baby bottle.”

Bobby looked at what had materialized on his tray. There were some pieces of Banana, some small pieces of toast with a tiny bit of jam on them, a small pile of non-sugar breakfast cereal, and a tiny bit of scrambled eggs. He looked up at his mom, who had turned to Janie for a moment and then he smiled really big before taking a banana piece in each hand and making a tight fist till banana was oozing out every crack. He then brought it up to his face and smeared it all around, even in his hair. Before his Mom turned back he managed to turn some of the toast over and move it around the tray, leaving jelly trails as he went. He then took a piece he hadn’t used for painting and smashed it up to his mouth (with it closed), before opening his mouth enough for him to push it into the mouth so he could actually eat something.

Janie’s eyes went really wide, causing Mrs. Malik to turn back to Bobby as Janie exclaimed, “Mommy, Bobby is making a big mess.”

Mrs. Malik took a deep breath and turned back to Janie. “Babies do that Janie, that is okay. That is why they need bibs and highchairs.” She took another deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment at the end of this statement.

Bobby worked hard to make as big of a mess as possible. He did eat some of the food, but made sure there was food everywhere, including on the floor around the highchair. He remembered something Jill had told him, that Highchairs could be fun. After each drink he dropped his bottle on the floor. Sometimes he would say, “Ba-ba” and the highchair would bring the bottle back to his tray. Other times he would pretend to cry saying, “Whaa - whaa” causing his mom to have to pick up the bottle.

By the end of breakfast Bobby had had a lot of fun making a big huge mess. He had worked out a lot of his frustration and was kind of sorry he had done it when he looked around. He was still angry at his Mom however, and was only sort of ready to stop this little game.

Bobby had to sit in the messy highchair a while after he was done. He had to wait for Janie to finish and Mommy to clean up everything from Janie and her breakfast. While waiting to get out of the highchair, he was brought back to reality when he realized he was pooping his diaper and could not stop it. It was a big swishy one and was uncomfortable to sit in. He could also smell it. The odor guards on diapers usually did a fairly good job of masking the smells, but this time it didn’t appear to be working.

“Owww Grosss Bobby. Mommy Bobby went Poopy in his pants.”

“Not his pants Janie, his DIAPERS. I will change him in a little bit. Babies don’t mind going around in poopy diapers, they are use to wearing wet and poopy diapers. There is no rush to change him.”

“It’s really stinky Mommy.”

Bobby looked at his Mom, who was turned away from him at that moment. He really wanted to be changed as soon as possible.

“You don’t need to stay here Janie, why don’t you go off to your room and get ready for school. I am busy at the moment. Anyways there is no rush to change him, he is just a little baby in a diaper. Now if he was a big boy, things might be a little different. But, you only have to look at all the food on him and the highchair to know that he is just a little baby. Baby Bobby will just have to wait to get changed out of his stinky poopy diapers.”

Janie pinched her nose as she skipped out of the kitchen.

Bobby didn’t know what to think or do. He wanted out of that poopy diaper. The 5 point harness on the highchair was forcing him to sit down in it and when he tried to struggle to get out of the straps, all it did was squish things around more. He was still mad at his Mom, but acting like a baby didn’t seem to be punishing Mommy. She was making him sit in this stinky poopy diaper. He was starting to feel that this wasn’t punishing Mommy, but instead punishing him.

This realization only made him angrier. He wasn’t ready to give up on this punishment for Mommy. If she was going to treat him like a baby, he would give her a real baby to take care of. He started pounding his fists on the tray and kicking his feet. To add more power to his act, he started a fake baby cry, “Whaaa - Whaaa - Whaaa”

Mrs. Malik turned to Bobby to see his fake temper tantrum and cry. She smiled at the silly scene. She wondered how far she wanted to push Bobby. She was tired of his fake baby behavior. She needed to do something to quickly show Bobby he didn’t want people to really treat him like a baby.

R.O.O.M. - Part 23 - Mommy’s Revenge

How do you convince a 12 year old they don’t really want people to treat them like a baby? How do you convince 12 year old Bobby to stop acting like a baby and start acting like a 12 year old. Mrs. Malik thought that letting him act like a baby during breakfast would be enough to let him get tired of baby behavior, but he was still playing baby. Well, time to turn it up a little. Time for Bobby to be treated the way he is acting.

“Well Bobby, I see you enjoyed trying to feed yourself this morning,” Mrs. Malik commented with a knowing smile. “Now it is time for you to have your breakfast.”

Bobby looked at his mom with a quizzical look. He definitely didn’t understand what she was talking about. He had just finished his breakfast, what was she going to do, feed him? No, that would just be silly.

“HOUSE: Banana Cereal, Infant Level 5 breakfast for Bobby please.”

A red rimmed bowl appeared on the table, out of reach from Bobby who was sitting in his highchair. Some odd shaped item stuck out of the bowl. Bobby assumed this was the handle of a spoon for babies. He looked over to his mom.

“Now my little Bobby, there is no way that you have eaten enough to get you off to a good start for a new day. Just look at all the food all over you, the tray, and the floor, now we need to get some food into my little Bobby. Yummy, yum, yums, so you grow up to be a big boy.”

Bobby looked at his mom. She wasn’t serious was she? He needed to get changed. He was 12, she wasn’t really going to feed him, was she? She would change him first though, right? And what in the world is Banana Cereal?

“Yum, Yum, Yum Bobby. It’s your favorite, Banana Cereal!”

“I already ate breakfast Mommy.”

“HOUSE: Calculate Bobby’s nutritional intake.”

– Robert Frances Malik has eaten only twenty-eight percent of the nutrition needed for a child his size –

Mommy gave Bobby a knowing stair with her eyebrows raised. That didn’t work, so Bobby thought fast as to another approach he could use to get out of this.


“Oh Bobby you are growing up so fast. You’re learning how to tell Mommy when you have a poopy diaper. Oh, such a good boy. I will change your diapers after you eat your cereal and make it all go bye-bye.”

“But Mommy, Poopy Diaper.”

“I know Bobby, but when babies eat, they wet and poop their diapers. If I change you now, I will only have to change you again before you go to school. Let’s eat up, it is almost time to get your big sister Janie off to school. Then we can get you changed and off to school. Don’t worry sweety, we will get you there in time for your mid-morning nap. Professor Marie will find just the right class for you, one that takes nice long morning and afternoon naps. Mommy knows that Baby Bobby always gets really cranky when he doesn’t get that mid-morning nap.”

Bobby started to cry for real.

“Open up for Mommy.”

It took Bobby half the bowl before he stopped fighting Mommy. He quickly learned not to protest or argue while being fed, for each time he opened his mouth to say something, Mommy would stick a heaping spoon of cereal in it. Each spoonful had so much on it, that when he closed his mouth some always spilled out. He tried keeping his mouth closed, but Mommy would tickle him and she would stick the spoon in his mouth when he started to laugh.

Bobby couldn’t decide which was worse, the spoonfuls of cereal, the baby talk Mommy was using, or the poopy diaper. Quickly he learned it was none of them, it was Janie. Just after Mommy had used the flying spaceship ploy to get him to open up for another spoonful, and he had opened up for it, Bobby noticed Janie standing in the doorway just as his mouth closed again on an overstuffed spoonful of cereal. Here he was with food seeping out of his mouth and dripping off his chin. He was sitting in a highchair in a poopy diaper. He had food all over him from his hair to his toes, not to mention all over the highchair and floor.

“He’s real messy Mommy.”

“Babies are always messy when they eat Janie.”

“Can I feed him Mommy?” Janie asked as she walked toward the table.

“Not today Janie, lets give Bobby some time to get use to being a baby again. Maybe next week I will teach you how to feed your BABY brother.”

Was she serious? Let Janie feed him, no way. NEXT WEEK? ? ? What was she talking about? The medicine was only supposed to be one or two days. He wouldn’t be a baby next week, would he?

“Mommy! He’s still stinky.” Janie said wrinkling her nose when she got close.

“You will have to get used to that Janie. Babies often wet or mess their diapers during or just after meals.”

“But Mommy . . .” Bobby attempted to say, but was cut off when another spoonful of cereal was stuffed in his mouth.

“What is he eating Mommy? It looks like Cream of Wheat.”

“It is sort of like that and a little like oatmeal. It tastes like bananas. Here try some.”

Mommy put a quarter as much cereal on the spoon as she had been using with Bobby and brought it up to Janie.

This was Bobby’s chance. He quickly swallowed what was in his mouth and spoke, “I’m not a baby Mommy, I am a big boy. Janie is my LITTLE sister. Let me feed myself.”

Janie opened her mouth as the spoon came up. Mrs. Malik had intended to just give her the spoon, but at this action, fed her the cereal. She then turned backed to Bobby.

“Don’t be silly Baby Bobby. I did let you feed yourself, and you got food everywhere and very little in your mouth.”

“I am not a BABY! I am a big boy. I am 12!”

“Look at the mess you have been making, even with me feeding you. Food is everywhere. I fed Janie and she didn’t get food all over her pretty dress.”

“But you didn’t give her as much as you give me.”

“Don’t be silly Bobby, it is because she is a big girl and you are just a little baby who still talks with goo-goo-gaa-gaa.”

This statement hit Bobby like a dagger. He had done this to himself. That wasn’t how it was supposed to work. Not fair.

Janie was smiling with a look of superiority. She was now the big kid in the house, and she was going to rub it in as much as she could. “I’m a big girl. Don’t worry baby brother, someday you will learn to eat without making a mess, then Mommy will let you feed yourself.”

“Okay, I . . .” Bobby was unable to finish the statement that he was done playing baby, for Mommy put another spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

Bobby quickly discovered that his mom wasn’t going to let him talk. She was feeding him faster now than she was before. Janie and Mommy were talking about how things would be different in the house with Bobby being a baby. Janie wanted to help with everything from feeding him to changing his diapers.

Mommy told her she couldn’t do it for at least a week. This scared Bobby. When Mommy told Janie she would get more responsibility for taking care of Bobby once she turned 10, he started to cry. Her birthday was three months away. Would he have to be a baby for three months? No, he didn’t want to be a baby. He was a big boy. He was 12 years old. He was not going to be a baby for three months. He didn’t want to be a baby for three minutes, there was no way he would be a baby for three months. Why was Mommy doing this to him?

When the meal was done, Bobby’s speech was ignored. Mommy and Janie continued talking, and just ignored everything Bobby said. The things that were said to Bobby, were just said to him, not expecting an intelligent response. He truly was being treated like a baby. Mom had the Highchair clean Bobby and the chair up. It was a much more extensive cleansing scan than the highchair at school. It cleaned him and the chair up from his toes to the tip of his hair.

As soon as the chair released him, he jumped down and ran off to his room. He scrunched down in a corner and started to cry. He tried to punish Mommy for thinking he was a baby. He would act like one and give her a hard time. She didn’t get mad, she just treated him like he was a baby. Now she will not stop treating him like a baby. It wasn’t fair. He was a big boy, not a baby. As he was curled up in a ball crying, he heard Mommy getting Janie off to school.

R.O.O.M. - Part 24 - Big or Little

Bobby was lost in his own bedroom. He didn’t know anymore what to do or where to go. He didn’t even recognize his own room. He didn’t recognize himself. He looked more like a Preschooler than a 12 year old. He was lost, lost in a strange world. He was lost with a wet and messy diaper on. Bobby now knew, he was no longer a 12 year old. He didn’t know what he was, but he was no longer 12.

Mrs. Malik stood in the doorway with her logic and her love tearing her apart. She so wanted to go up to Bobby, take him in her arms, and make everything better. She couldn’t. She had tried for the last 24 hours to fix things, but the ‘O’ Units were still treating him like a baby. Bobby had started to act like one. Logic told her, treat him like a baby, and he will want to be a big boy again. Her heart told her, her little boy was in pain and she needed to stop everything and make it all better. All other issues aside, Mrs. Malik knew where to start. She had to get him changed out of that messy diaper.

Bobby was silent as Mom had him get up on the changing table and started changing him. He wanted this all to stop. He didn’t want to be treated like a baby. He wanted to be a big boy again.

Mrs. Malik wasn’t sure if Bobby was ready to be a big boy. She left him dressed in his Blanket sleeper, just changing his diaper and replacing with the same. After the change she brought him over to the rocking chair and they rocked for a bit before she started to talk.

“Bobby, do you want to be a Baby or a Big Boy today?”

Bobby was quiet. He didn’t know how to reply. How could he be a big boy with diapers? How could he be a big boy with little kid clothes? How could he be a big boy when everyone was treating him like a baby?

“Mommy, can I be a big boy?”

“Oh yes Bobby. Oh yes.”

They talked for a few more minutes and decided that Bobby was ready to be a big boy and that it didn’t matter if he wet and messed his diapers, he could still be a big boy. When they were done, they headed for the DRESSER Unit.

Mrs. Malik made sure the DRESSER was not connected to any ‘O’ Units. Bobby very reluctantly entered the unit. She got DRESSER to dress Bobby in some pants and a shirt that did not make him look like a baby. He was in training pants. His pants had an elastic waist, but no show and tell features. The shirt and sneakers were ones he often wore to Junior High School.

Once Bobby was dressed, they went into the living room to talk some more. Mrs. Malik knew Bobby needed to go back to Gleeful Times Nursery School today, but she wanted it to be Bobby’s decision, not hers.

Bobby was halfway through an explanation of why he should go back to Junior High, when he froze and the expression on his face went blank.

“What’s wrong Bobby?”

“I . . . I . . .” Bobby jumped up and went running for the bathroom. Mrs. Malik followed.

As she entered the bathroom she saw Bobby sitting on the potty. It had been a few years since she had been in the bathroom when Bobby was going potty, but neither of them felt her presence was out of place. She glanced down at the training pants and saw that they were wet.

“Mommy,” Bobby said with his head down, “I will go to Gleeful Times Nursery School today.”

Mrs. Malik encouraged Bobby to try and see if he could get any more pee-pee in the potty. As Bobby started to pee more into the potty, Mrs. Malik looked down at the training pants.

“BATHROOM: Bobby had a potty accident. We need replacement level 2 training pants, with youth level protection.”

– Considering Robert’s Developmental Level that is not recommended –

On the counter next to the sink a diaper materialized.

While Mrs. Malik worked on getting Bobby’s shoes, pants, and training pants off, the two of them talked about whether he should wear the diaper or the training pants.

“What is the use Mom, the stupid things will come up with some way to get me back into diapers. I might as well just wear the diaper.”

Mrs. Malik knew Bobby didn’t want that diaper. He was just starting to fight against all the baby treatment. She hadn’t gone through that whole ridiculous routine at breakfast, just to have him give in now.

“No Bobby. You obviously need some protection, but you can also obviously use the potty. So it will be back into training pants for my big boy.”

Bobby smiled but stayed silent.

When he was stripped down to just his socks and shirt, Mom looked him in the eyes, took his hand and said, “Let’s go to your room and get you into some big boy clothes. Apparently, we are going to need the DRESSER Unit to get you into something other than diapers.”

When they reached his room, again Bobby was reluctant to enter the DRESSER Unit. He did enter however and was quickly cleaned up and redressed the same as before.

“Well now Bobby, I bet Teacher Rosie is wondering where her teacher helper is?”

They both headed for the transporter to get Bobby off to school.

“Do I have to be in with the babies today? Can’t I go to a different class like the 1st grade or something?”

“If you want we can ask Professor Marie, but in a 1st grade class you will be treated as a student. In Teacher Rosie’s class you can be a Teacher Helper.”

“Treated like a 1st grader?”

“Yes, you will be expected to do all the lessons beginning 1st graders do. You will be expected to behave and do everything the other children do. If you start the day in there, you will be expected to end the day in their. Do you really want to spend the day learning to read, write your letters and numbers, and do add and subtract single numbers? This is only November of 1st grade. Do you really want to be treated like a beginning 1st grader all day?”

“It would be better than being treated like a baby.”

“In Teacher Rosie’s class, you do NOT have to be treated like a baby. It is up to you. You can be a student in the class OR a Teacher Helper. If you decide to act like a 12 year old and be a Teacher Helper, you will be treated like a 12 year old.”

Bobby thought about this as they approached the Transporter. Mrs. Malik stepped on the transporter but Bobby froze just before stepping on the platform.

“What is it Bobby?”

“It’s picture day in Teacher Rosie’s class. I can’t go to school like this.”

Mrs. Malik eventually had to vid Carly at Gleeful Times Nursery School in order to convince Bobby that it was not Picture Day. Once Carly confirmed it was not Picture Day, he slowly joined his mom on the transporter. The next thing Bobby saw was Carly sitting at her desk.

R.O.O.M. - Part 25 - Little Jilly

“Hi Carly, I am going to take Bobby down to Teacher Rosie’s class, could you please let Professor Marie know we are here.”

“Hi Mrs. Malik. Hi Bobby. I will let Professor Marie know you are here. She should be down there in a few minutes.”

When Bobby got to class, he had a bit of a shock. More than half the students in the room, boys and girls, were dressed in Primary color overalls with Picture Show pictures on the bib and snaps down the legs, primary color shirts, little kid no-remove sneakers with light and move pictures on the sides. He saw a couple of the kids wearing Romper Outfits, apparently more than just Jill saw him in that outfit. He didn’t understand. They were dressed the way he was yesterday. Most of the kids looked two instead of 4, 5, or 6.

“Mommy,” Bobby inquired. “Why are they all dressed like that?”

Mrs. Malik smiled at her son’s naive view of things. “They wanted to be like you Bobby. You know, like when Janie was little and she wanted to do everything you did. These kids just wanted to be like their new friend, you Bobby.”

Bobby looked up to his Mom with a puzzled look on his face and then back at the classroom full of kids dressed much younger than their actual age or developmental level.

“Well there is my Teacher Helper, I was starting to wonder if you were coming today,” Teacher Rosie said as she approached. “Bobby go find Jill, she has been asking for you since she got here this morning.”

As Bobby ventured into the class he could hear his mom and Teacher Rosie talking.

“I bet a few parents were confused this morning when the kids wanted to dress like this.”

“That is putting it a bit mild,” replied Teacher Rosie. “I had more parents come in asking questions this morning than I have had since the beginning of the year. A couple of the kids, after being dressed by their parents, actually got up on their changing tables and changed clothes. A few of the parents were really shocked by this, since some of these kids had never done anything like that before.”

“I guess Bobby made quite an impression yesterday.”

“Well, a lot of the kids this age are not ready to grow up and having a big kid like Bobby come in dressed in baby clothes gave them permission to dress that way. If a big kid could, so could they.”

“That’s my Bobby, he is always such a leader . . . ha ha . . . too bad he can’t be a leader with his same age peers . . .”

Bobby found Jill playing in the playhouse. He was glad to see that she was one of the few in the class who was not dressed like he was yesterday.

“BOBBY!” Jill said as she came up and gave him a big hug. “Wet’s pway house Bobby.”

“Okay, but today I will be the Daddy and you be the baby.”

“Otay,” Jill said getting down on her hands and knees crawling around the floor.

Bobby grabbed a ring stacking toy and brought it over to Jill, “Now Baby Jilly,” Bobby said with a smile on his face. “This is a hard new toy, but I will teach you how to play with it.”

“Goo-Goo,” Jill said sitting down and clapping her hands.

Bobby was surprised how easy this was, he thought she would make him be the baby again. He sat down with Jill and dumped out the rings. Jill picked up one of the rings and put it in her mouth, pretending to chew on it.

“No, No Jilly,” Bobby said taking the ring out of her mouth. “It goes on here like this.”

Bobby brought the ring down and put it in the proper spot, while Jill’s hand was still holding on. Jilly had fun pretending she didn’t know anything about the toy and that it was hard to figure out, while Bobby enjoyed showing her how to play with the toy.

The two of them were engrossed in the pretend play so much that they did not notice when Professor Marie, Teacher Rosie, and Mrs. Malik all came over to the playhouse. Professor Marie ordered the deletion of all of Bobby’s records in the school’s systems, and then ordered silent mode as she initiated an admission scan.

The grown-ups backed away and let Jill play with Bobby. They didn’t need to be present for the SCHOOL Unit to finish an Admission Scan.

Bobby and Jill continued to play with the ring toy. Jill, being a good pretend baby, quickly bored with the toy and crawled away toward the kitchen part of the playhouse. Bobby followed her and had to stop her from getting into the cabinets, the play food storage, and the play food cooker. Bobby quickly got tired of chasing around a baby Jill, so looked around for something to distract her in this play world. He saw the highchair and knew his next step. Bobby decided it was Jill’s turn to pretend to eat in the highchair.

Bobby easily got her into the highchair, put a bib on her, and gave her a pretend bottle, telling her it was full of chocolate milk. Jill was fully into the roll. Bobby went over to the cabinets and got out a bowl and spoon.

“Baby Jilly, I have some yummy Banana Cereal for you.”

“Yeah, goo-goo, yum yum”

Bobby pretended to feed her, while commenting on how she was a messy eater getting food all over her face and bib.

“Me big giwl, goo-goo”

“Yes, Baby Jilly is a big girl. If you eat up, Daddy will read you a story before your morning nap.”

“Stowy, Stowy,” Jill said clapping her hands.

Before Bobby got to story time, Teacher Rosie called all the kids to circle time. Playtime was over and both Jill and Bobby were disappointed. Bobby however, quickly came out of pretend Daddy and went into Teacher Helper mode. Jill however, had a harder time coming out of Baby Jilly mode.

Once Jill was out of the highchair and had the bib off, she turned to Bobby and said, “Uppy, Uppy.”

Bobby looked down at Jill. She was just over half his size but he knew there was no way he could carry her the way a Mommy, Daddy or Teacher could.

“Jilly, your too big for me to carry. Come on,” Bobby said holding out his hand.


Bobby looked around and found Teacher Kelsey close by. He looked straight at her silently pleading for help. She understood and came over to the two of them.

“Uppy Bobby”

“Jill,” Teacher Kelsey said picking Little Jill up. “Bobby isn’t big enough to carry you.”

Bobby saw Jill’s disappointed look as she rested her head on Teacher Kelsey’s shoulder. He knew what she needed.

“CLASSROOM: One Doll dressed just like me please.”

A doll looking and dressed like Bobby appeared in his arms. He smiled and then smiled at Jill. He handed the doll up to Jill who took it with a big smile on her face.

R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 26 - Teacher Helper

Bobby spent the morning helping out. Most of the kids wanted to spend time with Bobby or wanted Bobby to help them. Bobby often looked over at Teacher Rosie or the other teachers to see what they did. They helped the kids, played with the kids, and prepared lessons before the next transition.

Jill stayed attached to Bobby all morning, unless one of the teachers insisted she do an activity away from Bobby. She would not let go of the Doll dressed like Bobby.

At one point in the morning when Bobby was playing blocks with a group of kids, he quickly got up and went running over to the changing table. On the way over, he ordered the Classroom to get the potty chair out. Although he got some of the pee-pee in the potty, the training pants were definitely wet. Teacher Rosie helped him get cleaned up and changed into dry training pants. She praised Bobby for getting some of his pee-pee into the Potty, but he didn’t feel proud about it. He was 12, he should be getting ALL of his pee-pee in the potty . . . no, not pee-pee in the potty . . . why was he thinking like this . . . it should be pee in the toilet.

Bobby was struggling with his failure, yet the kids were impressed with his achievement. Many of the older kids were congratulating him and asking him all sorts of questions about how he got the pee-pee in the potty. He wasn’t sure how to answer many of the questions, like; “What does it feel like to get your pee-pee in the potty?” or “Why is underwear so much better than diapers?”

Bobby found out that a few of the older kids had tried to use the potty, but were never really successful. The kids saw nothing wrong with going pee-pee and poopy in their diapers. This was confusing to Bobby. He understood why Jill would have this view, she was just a little 4 year old baby, but how could 6 year olds think this way. Janie was out of diapers at 5 years old.

She was toilet trained . . . Bobby stopped and thought about when she was toilet trained. She was trained . . . the same time he was! No, she was trained before he was? Was Janie at 5 years old really trained before Bobby was? Bobby was trying to remember back 4 years ago. He remembered wearing training pants the same time Janie did. He remembered getting big kid undies before Janie, but he did he still have accidents even after Janie . . . His thoughts were interrupted when Teacher Rosie came over and asked him if he would read the kids a story before lunch.

He took great pride in this request. This was the first true indication that Teacher Rosie viewed him as a Teacher Helper, not a student. She wouldn’t ask one of the students to read to the rest of the class. In thinking this, he quickly dismissed the fact that none of the other children could read, so of course they wouldn’t read to the rest of the class.

While Bobby was reading the kids a story, the teachers were getting lunch ready for everyone. Bobby wondered if he would have to sit in a highchair again with a bib, but the story kept his mind off of this, especially when the kids kept asking to see the pictures. He wished he could figure out how the teachers managed to read and show the pictures at the same time.

As everyone headed over to eat, Bobby had a crowd of kids around him. It took a bit to get everyone in their seats. Bobby found the chair that was for him next to Jill. He was happy to see it was a regular chair.

“Teacher Rosie, does this mean everything is fixed and I am 12 years old again?”

The expression on her face told him NO, but she didn’t have time to respond because a little one not much bigger than Jill started throwing a temper tantrum because he didn’t have chocolate milk in his sippy cup.

Bobby sat down next to Jill. He had a regular chair, and a regular cup. He was still wearing a bib, but remembered Teacher Rosie telling him once that ALL kids in the class had to wear a bib. He was thrilled to have the big kid stuff he did, but curious as to how things were still messed up. Jill distracted him from these thoughts as she started explaining the big kid rules for eating in Teacher Rosie’s class.

Bobby smiled when Jill stressed several times that he needed to be careful not to spill his milk, or Teacher would make him drink from a sippy cup. Half way through the meal Bobby looked around the table at all the kids. Most of them were in highchairs with only a few of the older ones in chairs. Out of the ones in regular chairs, almost all had sippy cups. All of the kids had a bib on. The kids Jill’s age, or size, were in Highchairs and drinking from bottles or sippy cups, yet she was in a regular chair and drinking from a regular cup.

“Jill,” Bobby asked. “Why don’t you sit in a highchair?”

“I big girw. Amy needs highchair, not Jill.”

“But isn’t Amy older than you? She is a big girl too.”

“No siwwy, Amy Big-Wittle girw. Jill just big girw.”

Bobby thought about this for a minute. Amy was older, but Jill viewed her as a little girl, a BIG-LITTLE girl. Jill’s older sister at 9 years old still sat in a highchair, but Jill didn’t. Bobby guessed that Jill didn’t want to do anything that would make her look like Amy, even if it was appropriate for her age. Bobby looked around the room again at all the other kids who looked about Jill’s age and size. He also thought about what Teacher Rosie had said yesterday, ‘I want you to show her that playing like a little kid can be fun.’

“Jill,” Bobby inquired? “Why do you drink from a cup?”

Jill looked at him a little puzzled by the question. “Me big girw.”

Bobby looked around at all the other little kids again. They all had bottles. He remembered however, how much she enjoyed playing baby this morning. “CLASSROOM: Bottle with chocolate milk in it please.”

A bottle with chocolate milk appeared next to Bobby’s regular glass. Jill was puzzled, looking at the bottle and at Bobby. He picked up the bottle and drank out of it.

“Yummy!” Bobby said rubbing his tummy.

Jill giggled.

“Here you try.”

“No that onwy for wittle kids. Me big kid.”

“I am a big kid,” Bobby said and then took another drink. “Mmmm. Yummy.”

He then put the nipple up to Jill’s mouth. Reluctantly she opened up and let Bobby put the nipple in her mouth. She started to suck on the nipple. Bobby had to hold it, but she kept drinking and drinking. Finally she brought both her hands up and took the bottle out of her mouth.

“Mmmmm. Yummy,” Jill exclaimed.

Both Bobby and Jill started to giggle. Bobby ordered another bottle so they would both have one.

“Watch Jill,” Bobby looked at her and then knocked the bottle over on its side. It rolled around some on the table, but no milk spilled.

Jill was confused.

“Me no carefuw wif drink, but it no spill.” Bobby said in his best baby voice. “Teacha Rosie no give me sippy cup.”

Jill and Bobby broke out laughing. Bobby was concerned that he shouldn’t have given Jill a bottle, but when he looked up at Teacher Rosie, she was smiling. For the rest of the meal, the two of them drank from the bottles instead of the regular cups.

R.O.O.M. - Part 27 - Nap Time

After lunch Bobby helped get kids into their cribs and settled down for a nap. Once he had gotten a lot of other kids settled he headed over to Jill’s crib. She was hugging the Bobby Doll and a soft pink Blankie. She no longer looked like a big girl. She was definitely a little baby.

“Well, my baby Jilly only needs one more thing before going nighty-night,” Bobby said smiling at her through the bars.

“Me all weady. Me have Blankie and Bobby Doll.”

“CRIB: Pacifier.”

A pink pacifier appeared in Bobby’s open hand.

“NO. Me big giwl. No paci.”

“My Baby Jilly will like her paci.” Bobby said smiling. “Or do you want the purple paci I used yesterday.”

“No paci.”

Bobby wasn’t sure if he should push this, but all the other kids he had helped settle down for their nap, were sucking on a pacifier. Jill was one of the youngest in the class, so pacifiers must be appropriate for her.

“You gave me a pacifier yesterday, now it is your turn.”

“But you Big-Little kid. Me big giwl.”

There it was, she didn’t view him as a big kid. She didn’t view him even as an equal, she thought he was a Big-Little kid like Amy, her handicapped sister.

“Weguwa big kids no paci.”

“But I am a big kid Jill,” Bobby tried to defend his status.

“It otay Bobby. Paci otay for big-wittle kids. Me big giwl, no paci.”

Bobby felt defeated. He was about to explain how he was a big kid and wasn’t like her sister, when he pooped in his training pants.

Upon hearing various noises indicating someone had just pooped and seeing the expression on Bobby’s face, Jill stood up in her crib and yelled out, “Teacha, Bobby poopy. He need change befoo nappy.”

Bobby wanted to curl up in a corner and hide. Everyone was looking at him.

“It otay Bobby,” Jill tried to console him. “Teacha make diapa aww cwean.”

“There not diapers! They’re Training Pants!”

“Teacha will change ya back to diapers. Big-Wittle kids just haveta ask.”

Bobby felt bad enough, but he actually felt like a Big-Little Kid when Jill grabbed the pacifier in his hand and stuck it in his mouth. What Bobby felt was even worse however, was that he didn’t want to take it out.

Teacher Rosie came over to help Bobby. She changed his Training Pants and gave him new pants, seeing the Training Pants had leaked. During the change he was silent. She thanked him for being such a good Teacher Helper today and the good job he was doing with Jill. Bobby wasn’t listening. He was stuck on him being a Big-Little kid. Jill thought it, the ‘O’ machines thought it, and even Mommy treated him like one this morning. Was he?

Teacher Rosie wasn’t sure what to do with Bobby. Due to his non-responsiveness during the change, and his mom saying he didn’t sleep well last night due to a nightmare, she decided a nap like the other kids would be good. She got the room to bring in a Little Kid bed. She thought Bobby would be happy with it being a Bed instead of a crib, but he didn’t seem to even notice. She laid him down, tucked him in, and kissed him on his forehead. Just before leaving, she ordered a teddy bear, which he accepted willingly without comment.

Bobby lay in bed sucking on the pacifier and hugging the teddy bear. He was thinking about all that happened today. Maybe he was just a Big-Little Kid like Amy. He couldn’t use the toilet for pee-pee or poopy like a 12 year old. He liked the pacifier and couldn’t imagine going to bed without his teddy bear. Maybe he was just a Big-Little Kid like Jill said. Although he knew at 12 years old he shouldn’t, he didn’t mind the diapers. They were embarrassing, and poopy diapers were yucky, but wet ones were sort of okay. Maybe he was just a Big-Little Kid. Drinking from the baby bottle with Jill at lunch was kind of fun. He didn’t know why, but he liked it more than drinking from a sippy cup. He was a Big-Little Kid.

Bobby woke up to Jill playing with the Bobby Doll on the floor next to his bed. He smiled at the scene. Jill was pretending to be Teacher Rosie and show the doll how to count to 10. The only problem was, Jill didn’t know how to count beyond 6. She would have the doll pretend to count to 4 and then make a mistake. She would then correct the doll showing how to properly count to 10. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 7, 10”

Bobby watched Jill playing for a while before moving. As soon as he sat up, Jill stopped and walked up to his bed on her knees.

“Bobby wakey,” Jill smiled. “Bobby good nappy?”

The question caused Bobby to realize he had just taken a nap. He was 12 years old, why was he taking naps? Big kids don’t take naps. Do Big-Little kids take naps? Two days in a row he slept longer in his nap than 4 year old Baby Jilly did.

R.O.O.M. - Part 28 - Potty Training

Bobby got his training pants changed and then played with the kids for awhile. Teacher Rosie noticed he was not getting back into the Teacher Helper roll. He wasn’t playing with the kids that much either. Yeah, he was down on the floor with them. He would build with the blocks or push the cars and trucks around, but he wasn’t playing WITH the other kids, he was just playing. Jill, Frank, and a lot of the other kids all tried to get him to play with them and bring him out of his slump. Bobby was just not into it.

About forty-five minutes after Bobby woke up form his nap, Teacher Rosie saw him running off to the Potty chair. She slowly followed him. By the time she got there, he was almost done. But what she saw, was not what she was expecting.

“Teacher Rosie,” Bobby said with glee in his voice. “I did it! The Training Pants, they’re dry!”

She smiled. He was just like any other kid learning to use the potty. He was taking pride in his accomplishment.

“See . . . See,” Bobby said stretching out the training pants waist to show her the inside. “They’re dry.”

“That’s great Bobby.”

“Look Teacher Rosie,” Bobby said standing up and turning around to look inside the potty chair. "I got it all in the Potty Chair. “See.”

Teacher Rosie congratulated Bobby, had him pull up his Training Pants and pants. She had him put his hands in the hand cleanser and then gave him a sticker for his achievement.

Once the sticker was on his shirt, Bobby froze as he looked down at the sticker. As Bobby started to take the sticker off, Teacher Rosie stopped him.

“Bobby, you used the potty all by yourself while keeping your Training Pants dry. That is a hard thing to do. You deserve that sticker.”

“But, I’m 12.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or you are 12, this is your second day of trying to get your pee-pee in the potty and this is the first time you have done it. You deserve a reward for that achievement.”

“Its not my fault, the ‘O’ Units . . .”

“Bobby, I know it is not your fault. It is because of the medicine you were given. I know you use to think it was easy to get all your pee-pee in the potty, but you have learned that it isn’t, haven’t you?”

Bobby shook his head in agreement.

“Do you like the sticker?”

Bobby looked down at the sticker of a Zero-G Racer and shook his head in agreement.

“Keep it on then. The kids all know a sticker on the shirt means you have done something really good or special.”

“But I am a Teacher Helper, not a little kid.”

“The kids will tell us teachers to get a sticker if we do something special, so sometimes even us teachers wear stickers on our shirts.”

Bobby wasn’t sure he believed Teacher Rosie, but he did like the sticker and it would be a waste to take it off. He also kind of hoped he could get it home and put it on this Math Notebook, where he had some other Zero-G Racer stickers.

When Bobby returned to the kids in the class, he fell into the Teacher Helper roll again very quickly. He also enjoyed all the extra attention and praise the sticker brought him.

He managed to get to the potty, keeping his Training Pants dry, two more times before his Mom showed up at the end of the day. By the third time, he was no longer eagerly showing off his Training Pants to the Teacher, but was always thrilled to get his sticker.

Mrs. Malik talked with Teacher Rosie and then went over to where Bobby was playing puppets with Jill, Frank, and Josh.

“Sorry Bobby,” Mrs. Malik interrupted. “Time to say goodbye to your friends, we need to go home now.”

When Bobby stood up Mrs. Malik was surprised to see her 12 year old with three stickers on his shirt. She looked around the room and noticed no one else had stickers on their shirts.

“What are these Bobby,” Mrs. Malik asked pointing to the stickers.

“Oh Bobby Mommy, they cus Bobby go pee-pee in potty,” Jill responded.

Jill, Frank, and Josh all explained how Bobby had gotten all this pee-pee in the potty lots and lots of times. Bobby smiled at their poor concept of numbers.

Mrs. Malik then looked down at the doll Jill was carrying. It was dressed just like Bobby, except no stickers and it kind of looked like Bobby.

“Who is that Jill?” Mrs. Malik asked.

Jill gave her Bobby doll a big hug and got a big smile on her face. “He my Bobby Doww. He da bestest.”

“He is very cute Jill, where did you get such an adorable Baby Doll?”

“Bobby give me.” Jill said with the biggest smile she could muster.

“Oh I see,” Mrs. Malik said smiling down at Bobby. “Your boyfriend gave you a doll, so you can always have him close.”

“Yeah” Jill said rocking side to side on her feet in joy.

“Boyfriend?” Bobby said questioningly.

Jill just giggled and Mrs. Malik smiled.

“NO,” Bobby said as he looked between the two of them. “I. . . I’m a big kid, I can’t be her boyfriend.”

“Oh Bobby,” Mrs. Malik replied. “But the two of you look so adorable together, and Jill here obviously really likes you.”

“Bobby MY Big-Little Kid.”

“I’m a Big Boy, not a Big-Little Kid.”

“We know Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said. “You are a Big Boy.”

“Yeah, a Big-Wittle Boy. Bobby dwink bottle wike Amy. Bobby go Poopy in diapa wike Amy. Bobby, wike paci wike Amy. Bobby cwy wike Amy. Bobby Big-Wittle Kid wike Amy.”

“But . . .”

“Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said sternly, looking down at Bobby. “Be nice to Jill she is only 4 years old. If she says you are like Amy, then you are like Amy.”

Bobby shut his lips tightly. He wasn’t a Big-Little kid and didn’t want to be called one. He wasn’t like Amy. He was a big 12 year old. He was a big boy. He was!

“Come on Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said grabbing his hand and starting toward the door. “You can play with your friends and girlfriend tomorrow.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 29 - Play People

– Welcome Home Emily, I hope Robert had a good day at Nursery School Today – I see Robert is ready for a diaper change –

“Thank You House,” Mrs. Malik replied. “Is Leo and Janie home yet?”

– Janie is in her room playing house – Leo is in the Living Room –

Bobby looked down at his waist, “It’s NOT a diaper, they’re TRAINING PANTS, and they do NOT need to be changed. I was a good boy Mommy. I have kept them dry. Honest I have. I have!”

“It’s okay Bobby, you’re just learning how to use the potty again, there are going to be times when you don’t get it in the potty.”

– Janie wanted to know when you got home, I will let her know you have arrived –

“HOUSE: hold - don’t let her know till I get Bobby changed.”

– Affirmative: notification will be made once Robert’s diaper is changed –

“They are NOT DIAPERS!”

Mr. Malik noticed them going straight to Bobby’s bedroom and didn’t say a word.

Mrs. Malik found a pacifier sitting in the middle of the changing table. She looked down at Bobby who was still being grumpy about his Training Pants being called diapers. She took the pacifier and put it up to Bobby’s lips and she was surprised to see it go in and being used without a comment from Bobby.

Once Bobby was lying down on the changing table, Mrs. Malik saw that his training pants had leaked and his pants were also wet.

“ROOM: these training pants obviously don’t hold enough for Bobby, do you have something with more protection?”

– Sorry Emily, no units in the house have any protection other than diapers that would do a better job – Training Pants in the dresser units are designed for kids six to eight years old, and they match what he has on at the moment – Since Bobby is only six, these should supply enough protection –

“That is okay ROOM, we are going out later anyways, I will get some when we are out.”

“Where are we going Mommy,” Bobby inquired through his pacifier.

“The Admission Scan at school only raised your age to a 6 year old, so we are going to the Doctors to see if their scanners can get you back to a 12 year old.”

Bobby lay there sucking on his pacifier, thinking about what Mom had just said. The ‘O’ Units still think he is a little kid. Could Jill be right, is he just a Big-Little Kid?

As Bobby was contemplating his status in the world, Mrs. Malik changed Bobby and put him into some pants that had picture show stripes down the side. He was in his own little world and missed this action.

Mrs. Malik got Bobby down and patted his bottom sending him out to the living room. As Bobby walked out of his room, pacifier still in his mouth, Bobby was attacked with a big hug from his sister Janie.

“Did my baby brother have a good time in Preschool today?”

“You’re the baby, NOT me!”

Janie giggled looking at the pacifier. When she left this morning he was acting like a 2 year old, and seeing the pacifier, she knew he was still her BABY brother.

“Janie . . .” Mr. Malik turned to yell at Janie for teasing her older brother but froze when he saw Bobby, dressed in picture show pants and sucking on a pacifier. He changed his tone and said, “Play nice with your brother.”

Bobby still oblivious to the pacifier in his mouth, frowns at dad’s comment. Janie takes advantage of his distraction, grabs his hand and leads him over to the open space in front of the couch.

“Look Bobby, see what I found in my bedroom. We can play with them, just like we use to.”

Janie got Bobby to sit down on the floor and she sat next to him. She then started to play with some Play People toys.

Bobby looked at the collection of toys on the floor. There was a huge collection of Play People toys. There was the house he and his mom bought yesterday, a Farm, and space port. He saw a Play People family transport and even some Play People construction trucks. Bobby recognized all of them from when he and Janie were little. He hadn’t played with them for years.

Janie was happily playing with the Play People and ignoring Bobby who was just sitting there looking at them.

After a while, Bobby looked around the room. Dad was reading on the couch, ignoring Janie and him. He couldn’t see Mom anywhere. Slowly he reached out and grabbed a Play People Land Leveler and started moving it back and forth. Janie and his dad didn’t notice. Bobby was soon playing with the Play People with just as much joy as Janie.

When Mrs. Malik walked through on her way to the Kitchen, she smiled at her two little children playing with the Play People. She remembered how they use to play with Play People for hours and hours when they were little.

R.O.O.M. - Part 30 - Doctor’s Office

The two kids kept playing till Mom came out with some cookies and milk. The milk was in cups with lids and straws coming out the top, but this was what he always drank out of when in the Living Room. Mom always says she didn’t want any spills in the living room.

After the small snack, Mrs. Malik and Bobby headed out to the doctor’s office. As they stood on the transporter, Mrs. Malik was faced with some questions to answer before it would transport them;

“TRANPORT: Ellen Health Clinic”

– Which Clinic? –

“Pediatrics Clinic Please.”

– Do you have an appointment? –

“Yes, we have an appointment with Dr. Seymore, his pediatrician.”

– Checking with clinic, please hold –

Bobby and Mrs. Malik waited for the TRANPORT to confirm the appointment.

– Initiating Transport to Little Kid exam room three –

Bobby and Mrs. Malik were transported into a room about the size of Bobby’s bedroom. There was a changing table, a counter with a sterilizing device and cleanser, in one corner there were a collection of toys appropriate for kids 6 to 9, and some chairs for adults to sit on. Bobby headed straight for the toys and started to play.

Shortly after they arrived, the doctor entered the room.

“Oh! Hi, Mrs. Malik, I didn’t expect to see you in here. The MEDICAL-ROOM Unit said there was a 6 year old in here for me to examine.”

Dr. Seymore looked over at the toy area and saw a child playing. He could only see the child’s back, but the child looked to be older than six. He also noticed the Picture Show pants.

“So, who do we have with us today?”

“Well Doctor Seymore, Bobby here has had a rough time over the last two days and we were hoping you could help.”

Mrs. Malik went into the whole story as to how the ROOM first dressed him as a Toddler and how the Preschool accidentally gave him Constipation Medication for kids in Diapers. She continued the whole account of the last two days including his very immature behaviors. Bobby never stopped playing during this explanation, still with his back to the two adults. He listened to the account of his last two days. It didn’t seem real, but he knew it was him that his mom was describing, even the description of him using the pacifier, blankie, and teddy as soothers.

When Mrs. Malik was done, Dr. Seymore calls Bobby over to her. As he turns away from the toys, she is a little surprised to see Bobby with a pacifier in his mouth, but doesn’t say anything, especially after noticing from the Picture Show pants that he is wet and messy, which he wasn’t when she walked into the room.

“It sounds like you have had a real tough time over the last two days,” Dr. Seymore says as she lifts Bobby onto her lap. “let’s see if we can fix things here. EXAM ROOM do full medical scan of Bobby, with emphasis on determining actual age.”

– Robert Frances Malik, 6 years old – Registered Student at Gleeful Times Nursery School, student in Mrs. Roselleta Freemor’s Transitional Classroom – Wet and Messy Diaper – Initiating Scan –

Mrs. Malik and Dr. Seymore felt that this would put an end to the main issues Bobby has been dealing with.

– Scanning Robert Frances Malik: Bone and Cellular scan indicate an age of Twelve years old –
– Physical Motor Coordination, typical for a child of about ten years old, with the exception of Bladder and Bowel control –
– Bladder Control Coordination, comparable to child who is going through toilet training at about 6 years old –
– Bowel Control Coordination, comparable to child who has never been trained –
– Muscle Development in Bladder and Bowel control indicate recent regression of skills that appear to have stabilized –

Mrs. Malik looked at Dr. Seymore, who did not show a reaction to this statement, just kept rubbing Bobby’s back as the Medical Scanner continued its analysis.

– Cognitive: Brain Scan, early 10 year old - Galno Scale, early 9 year old –
– Social: Brain Scan, late 9 year old - Galno Scale, mid 6 year old –
– Emotional: Brain Scan, early 9 year old - Galno Scale, early 5 year old –
– Adaptive: Brain Scan, early 9 year old - Galno Scale, early 5 year old –

“Now that is interesting,” Dr. Seymore commented. “I don’t think I have ever seen a difference that big between a brain scan and the Galno Scale.”

– General Health Scan: No medications or artificial items detected in body – Significant findings: Mood Hormone Rating, at depression levels - Growth Hormones Rating, childhood level 1, almost no growth – Emotional Stability Hormones are unstable and fluctuating –

Mrs. Malik looked concerned by this comment but again Dr. Seymore did not seem phased by the comment.

– Scan Complete – Robert Frances Malik, healthy 6 years old boy – Overall Developmental Level best placed at a young 8 year old level –

“ROOM, Bobby is 12 years old!” Dr. Seymore stated, “Please explain your age determination of 6”

– Robert Frances Malik transported in with a stated age of 6, so that must be his age –

“In all the other settings we needed to delete all his information before we could get new information put in,” Mrs. Malik stated.

“We do not want to do that, we will lose all his medical records.”

“Can we copy the records and then delete the ones in his file?”

“ROOM,” Dr. Seymore asked? “Copy all records of Robert Frances Malik from before today for a Hard Copy.”

– Unable to comply – there are no records for Robert Frances Malik before he transported in today –

“ROOM, he has been a patient for 12 years, recheck your records!” Dr. Seymore shouted.

– Only three Malik family members are present in Local HOSPITAL files, Janice Marie Malik-age 9 (nickname: Janie), Emily Marie Malik-age 42, Leo Malik-age 45 – Would you like Robert to be added to these files as a new baby in the family? –

“No ROOM,” Dr. Seymore stated. “Have there been any Medical Files deleted in the last two days?”

– Yes, at 2:02 this morning one patient file was completely deleted –

“Who authorized this delete?”

– A Human Interference Worm (HIW) was introduced into the system at 2:01 this morning, it targeted one complete file before leaving –

“How could a HIW delete a complete file? They are only supposed to Delete human entered data.”

– This HIW had ‘O’ level clearance, it did as ordered and left –

“‘O’ level clearance? What is ‘O’ level clearance?” Dr. Seymore questions, looking at Bobby and his Mom. “ROOM, are any of the patient’s files left?”

– NO, the HIW deleted all information and files connected with that particular patient –

“What patient’s files were deleted?”

– Unknown –

“ROOM, delete all of Robert Frances Malik’s files and redo Scan.”

– Deleting files – Scanning Robert Frances Malik –

While the EXAM ROOM rescanned Bobby, Dr. Seymore asked Mrs. Malik to step out of the room for a few minutes while she talked with Bobby.

“Bobby,” Dr. Seymore asked as soon as Mrs. Malik was gone.


“ROOM: one giggle device for Bobby please.”

A device looking like a portable Holo-Game appeared on Bobby’s lap. At the same time, a holo-emitted smiley face appeared above Bobby’s head behind him so he couldn’t see it, but the doctor could.

“What is it,” Bobby asked looking at the device on his lap.

“It is a Giggle Device, point it at something and it will display a picture that will make you giggle.”

Bobby pointed the device at the chair his mom had been sitting in. A Holo image of the chair was emitted from the device and then it fell all apart into lots of pieces. They all danced around in a circle, ran all at each other causing a big bang and the chair appeared all together again. Bobby giggled.

“Bobby,” Dr. Seymore asked? “Do you like wearing diapers?”

Bobby was pointing the device at the changing table, watching the diapers come out of the drawers, merge together to make one big diaper and then diaper the changing table.

“Diapers are for Babies, I’m a big boy.” Bobby said continuing to look at the Giggle Device.

Dr. Seymore noticed the smiley face above Bobby’s head was nodding, Yes, indicating that he did like wearing diapers.

“Bobby, would you wear diapers all the time if no one would tease you?”

“No,” Bobby said pointing the giggle device at a toy Zero-G Racer. The smiley face above Bobby’s head confirmed Bobby’s statement.

“Bobby, what have you really hated the most about the last two days?”

“Jilly calling me a Big-Little Kid, I am NOT a Big-Little kid like her sister.”

Dr. Seymore saw that Bobby was telling the truth, this was the one thing over the last two days that he hated the most. He wasn’t quite sure what a Big-Little kid was, but it fit Bobby’s situation; a big kid acting like a little kid.

“Bobby, Do you want to go back to Junior High?”

Bobby stopped playing with the giggle device and looked at the doctor. He thought about the question without answering. Dr. Seymore noticed from the Holo-smiley face above his head that Bobby was undecided on this. Noticing this, she asked the next question before Bobby answered.

“Do you want to just stay at the Nursery School?”


“Okay,” Dr. Seymore continued noticing that he definitely did not want to stay at the Nursery School. “What do you dislike about Junior High?”

“It is hard, I’m the smallest kid in the whole school, and everyone teases me.”

Dr. Seymore had watched Bobby growing up and knew that he had typically been about 2 years delayed behind his peers. She also knew that this was often hard when kids entered Junior High.

Dr. Seymore continued to ask Bobby Questions, while he played with the giggle device. She found out that Bobby liked Little Kid toys and playing with the little kids, but didn’t want to be one all the time. She discovered that he did not order the ROOM unit to dress him in a diaper. She found out that he liked drinking from a Baby bottle but not Sippy Cups, and that Highchairs can be fun to play in.

When the EXAM ROOM finished the scan it declared Bobby as physically a 10 year old, whose Overall Developmental Level is best placed at a young 8 year old level. At this, Dr. Seymore asked, “ROOM, how could this be, when the Bone and Cellular scans say he is 12 years old?”

– Bone and Cellular Scans were declared inaccurate, since there is no other information to back up their results –

Dr. Seymore tried merging Mrs. Malik’s medical records, showing Bobby’s birth, with Bobby’s records. It didn’t work, the Unit just rewrote Mrs. Malik’s records figuring they must be wrong. Giving up, Dr. Seymore decided to change Bobby’s diaper, and conduct a more in-depth medical exam at the same time. She was curious as to why he still had immature Bladder Control and no apparent Bowel Control, when he no longer had any medication in his system.

She found his Bladder and Bowel muscles healthy, but strength and nerve conduction signals had regressed to levels seen in typical 6 year old children. So he was no longer regressing and muscles and nerves were at a level where he could be trained. After confirming that the medication was no longer present in his system, she ordered Link-Up with the HOSPITAL Unit to do a theoretical evaluation of the medication on a 12 year old boy. The results showed that growth hormones prevented the medication from having a regressive effect on a child. Since Bobby’s growth hormones were so low, they could not prevent his muscles from regressing. Simulations indicated Bobby may not gain much more control than a recently toilet trained 6 or 7 year old, at least until he enters Puberty and the growth spurt that goes along with it.

When Mrs. Malik entered the EXAM ROOM, Bobby was using the Giggle Device on the cleansing machine; little germs were planting a bomb in the machine and blowing it up. He was repeating this over and over again, giggling the whole time.

Dr. Seymore sat down with Mrs. Malik to talk about the findings. She started by apologizing for not being able to fix the situation. She explained the results of the testing and how she figured Bobby could most likely be retrained within the next couple of days. She expressed her worries however, that he might still have occasional accidents day and night till he went through his next growth spurt. She reassured Mrs. Malik and Bobby that if he tried hard, by Monday he could be back in regular underwear during the day.

Mrs. Malik and the doctor spent some time trying to get the systems to declare Bobby a 12 year old again, but they could not come up with anything. Reluctantly, Mrs. Malik was starting to accept that she would just have to get use to her 12 year old being 10, and for the moment, a 10 year old who needs to be potty trained.

“Let’s go Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said taking his hand. “We need to get you some better Training Pants before we head home for dinner.”

R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 31 - Shopping

Bobby and Mrs. Malik stopped at the retail store on the way home. Mrs. Malik was holding Bobby’s hand as they walked into the shopping cubicle. As they sat down, the cubicle came to life.

– Greetings Emily and Robert Malik, how can I serve you today? –

“We would like to shop for some training pants for Bobby here.” Bobby’s face went red when his mom said this.

The walls of the shopping cubicle displayed pictures of various items. The wall directly in front had pictures of items directly related to kids in diapers; pacifiers, onsies, diaper ointment, picture show clothing, etc. One wall of the cubicle had food related items; baby food, cereals, bibs, sippy cups, bottles, highchairs, etc. The last wall of the cubicle had what appeared to be unrelated items; little girl dresses, storage organizers, portable vid phones, etc. On the table in front of them appeared holo-displayed training pants and diapers.

– Robert’s developmental level appears to have a large range, what level would you like for his training pants –

“12 year old,” Bobby stated.

– Sorry Robert, you can NOT have a level above your actual age. Galno scale ratings put you at a 5 or 6 year old level, but we can go as high as your overall developmental level of an early 8 year old. –

The display on the table shifted slightly, with the Training Pants now all having Preschool designs on them.


“STORE: do you have any with Zero-G racers on them?”

– A very popular design –

Three Training Pants with Zero-G Racers on them were holo-displayed on the table.

“Bobby here, still has no Bowel control and little Bladder control, do these come with youth level protection, capable of retaining his messes?”


“Bobby, I am not buying you Training Pants that leak all the time.”

– Yes Mrs. Malik. These Training Pants will easily retain his bladder releases and the majority of his bowel releases. The only things available with greater protection are diapers. –

“Mom, I don’t want Training Pants, I want regular underwear.”

“Bobby, you heard the doctor. You will not wake up tomorrow fully toilet trained. You will need to retrain your muscles and re-teach your brain what signals to pay attention to. You will be wearing protection till you can show me that you can keep your pants dry. Now pick out some training pants. If you don’t like these we will find some others.”

“No, I am not going to wear baby pants.”

“Robert Frances Malik, either you pick some Training Pants NOW, or I will pick out some new DIAPERS for you! Diapers are a lot less of a hassle than Training Pants and I would be positive you will not be getting poop all over the place. If you don’t want to pick out some Training Pants, Fine!”

Bobby quickly picked one of the three Training Pants displayed. Mrs. Malik picked out one pair of Training Pants with a Toddler Design and had Bobby Pick one with a Little Kid Design. To Bobby’s horror, she then ordered Diapers with Youth level protection to match each of the Training Pants designs.

“We have Night Time Diapers with Youth level protection since you only stopped using those a little over a year ago. We have plenty of Picture Show clothing from when you were 7 and 8. You can explore them when we get home. You are going to need to wear them during your training.”

Bobby sunk his head. He didn’t want to wear diapers, he didn’t want Picture Show clothes, he wanted to be a big boy. He wanted to be a big boy.

They finished the shopping, the replication patterns were transmitted to their house, and the two of them headed home.

At dinner Bobby enjoyed sitting in a regular chair, drinking from a regular cup, and not having to wear a bib. When a little bit of sauce dripped on his shirt, Janie teased him about still needing a bib. Bobby just smiled when Dad yelled at her to be nice to her brother. After dinner, he did have to endure his sister treating him like a little kid. To make maters worse, he never managed to get to the potty before wetting his training pants, and once he pooped them without any warning.

“Mommy,” Bobby asked as he lay on the changing table getting his night-time diaper on. “Do I go back to Junior High tomorrow?”

Mrs. Malik smiled down at her baby boy. As he lay there hugging his teddy getting his training pants changed to a diaper, she couldn’t imagine him in Junior High. “Well, you are registered for one more day in Teacher Rosie’s class before the temporary transfer expires. I think you need to spend that day getting better at using the potty. Do you really want to wet and mess your pants in Junior High?”

“No,” Bobby said hugging his teddy.

“I’ll talk with the Junior High tomorrow and get things set up for your return on Friday. You will need a place to change your training pants if you don’t make it to the toilet in time.”

Bobby cringed at this last comment. He didn’t want to wear Training Pants back to Junior High. He didn’t want to wet or mess his pants in front of his friends. What would they say?

“Well my little guy, the changing table decided you were hugging your teddy too tight for it to put your pajama top on, so I guess we will just have to do it the old fashion way.”

Bobby looked down at his teddy and then up at his mom, as she started towards his head with a scrunched up pajama top. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had dressed him without a dresser or changing table. He couldn’t remember ever doing it himself. He could remember taking clothes off himself, but not dressing himself.

Bobby was quickly dressed for bed, with Teddy only needing to be changed from one arm to the other. He was relieved to see a Little Kid bed, instead of a crib, sitting in his room. He didn’t like the Little Kid characters on the sheets and quilt, but at least it was better than a crib.

“Now don’t worry about anything Bobby, you and Teddy get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow will be better, you’ll see.”

Mrs. Malik tucked her little guy into bed, kissing both him and the Teddy Nighty-Night. As she headed for the door, she looked back to see Bobby cuddling up with Teddy and the Blankie she got him yesterday.

“ROOM: Night-time setting.”

– Night Time Setting – 8 year old, in diapers – Lights out – body temperature control monitoring, active and linked to room heating system – Diaper sensors switched to leak monitoring and linked to Parental alert – Health Monitors active – Nightmare Monitors active –

R.O.O.M. - Part 32 - Easier Said than Done

As Bobby was waking up in the morning, he recalled something about him wearing a little pink dress with his diaper exposed because it was so short, but this all quickly faded when he heard his sister outside his door.

“Mommy,” Janie whined. “It’s not fair. I have to go to school and he gets to stay home.”

“Janie, he is going to school! It is just that Preschoolers don’t have to be at school as early as you do, and I thought I would let him sleep in.”

“Sure, my baby brother . . .”

“Janie! He is not a baby.”

“Yeah, he’s just a Preschooler in diapers.”


“Come on Mom, he’s not exactly a big kid anymore.”

“Well, young lady, time to get off to Elementary School. Kiss-Kiss”

Bobby stretched and then gave his Teddy a big hug. He looked around his room. His regular toys had all been replaced with the Play People House, Mom had bought, and the ones that Janie had found in her room. He saw the Planetary Explorer Action Figure with Vehicle Mom had bought. There were a few other Little Kid toys too, some Janie had in the Living Room yesterday and some of his old toys he had never given up. Bobby looked down at his bed with the Little Kid designs on it. Even he had to agree with Janie, he was not exactly a big kid anymore. Was he a Big-Little kid like Amy?

“Morning Kiddo,” Mrs. Malik said walking in the room. “Time to get up and going.”

Mrs. Malik gave him a hug and brought him over to the changing table. She quickly had him out of his soaked Night Time Diaper and dressed in the Training Pants with the Zero-G racer. She dressed him in a blue shirt that had a Zero-G Racer Picture Show Image on the front, and some pants with an elastic waist.

Bobby looked down at how he was dressed. He wasn’t sure he would want to walk into Janie’s class dressed like this, but knew he couldn’t walk into Junior High this way.

“We are running late, so you are going to eat breakfast at school today sweety.”

“Otay Mom.”

Mrs. Malik smiled at Bobby’s lisp. “I think we can leave this here,” she said taking out his pacifier.

Bobby was surprised at the action. He didn’t realize he had one in his mouth. He didn’t have one when he went to bed.


“Do you want it back? I am sure Teacher Rosie will not mind if you show up with a pacifier, enough of the other kids in your class use them.”

“No Mom,” Bobby said with frustration. “How did I get it? I didn’t have one when I went to bed.”

“Well, in the middle of one of your nightmares last night, I gave it to you to help you calm down.”


“Yeah, do you remember any of them? You had a few last night.”

Bobby tried to remember, his dreams but couldn’t. He recalled remembering something when he woke up, but even that was gone now. As Bobby was in deep thought, Mrs. Malik led Bobby to the Transporter. Before he realized what was going on, he was standing in Teacher Rosie’s classroom. They quickly had him sitting down for some scrambled eggs and jelly toast. As he started to eat, he could hear Teacher Rosie and his mom talking.

“He had another rough night. We went to the doctor yesterday and she said that with some effort by him, he should be able to be trained by Monday.”

“So I assume he will be joining us tomorrow then?”

“We only got a 3 day temporary transfer to this school, so today is his last day.”

“We can try to get it extended. We really are better equipped to handle Potty Training than his Junior High will be.”

“I know. I have to get to work this morning, but I will be back early this afternoon to work with Professor Marie to figure out and coordinate his return to Junior High.”

The two of them talked for a bit more before Mrs. Malik came over, kissed Bobby goodbye, and headed off to work.

After finishing Breakfast, Bobby joined the other kids who were already singing the ABC song in Circle Time. Jill had been saving a space for him next to her with the Bobby Doll. She picked it up and told Bobby to sit next to her. Smiling, Jill then planted the Bobby Doll between the two of them, like it was another student in the class.

Bobby quickly learned that getting to the potty in time was going to be a lot harder than he thought. When they were moving around to one of the songs, he suddenly realized he was wetting his Training Pants. He tried to make it stop, but couldn’t. He couldn’t understand why. Bobby had thought this Toilet Training thing was going to be easy. He assumed that since he had done it before, he could do it again.

As the morning went on, he managed to successfully get to the Potty once before lunch. The day’s activities went much like yesterday. Bobby managed to stay in a Teacher Helper mode most of the time, but the teachers did see him playing with the other kids from time to time, just like he was one of them. At lunch, Bobby got Jill to drink from a baby bottle again, and this time he didn’t have to drink from one himself.

While getting kids settled down for a nap, he suddenly realized he was pooping. He tried to make it stop, but his efforts only made it come out faster. In pure defeat, he collapsed to the floor. Quickly, he realized this was a mistake, as he felt the poop squishing around his bottom.

Bobby was on the verge of tears as Teacher Rosie came over and got him up from the ground, leading him to the changing table.

“It’s okay Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said. “It is not easy to get all your pee-pee and poopy in the potty.”

“But I’m a big boy, not a baby.”

“Bobby I know you are a big boy, but even big boys have a hard time sometimes getting all their pee-pee and poopy in the potty. You will be able to do it real soon. The doctor said it will take a little bit of time, but you can do it.”

Bobby was given a pacifier as he was changed. Teacher Rosie got him to rest in a toddler bed by telling him he didn’t have to take a nap, just rest for a little bit. Within a few minutes however, he was hugging the teddy bear that was on the bed and was struggling to keep his eyes open.

Bobby woke up to the sound of his Mom’s voice. He stayed curled up on his bed hugging his teddy, just listening.

“We tried,” Mrs. Malik stated. “The School system at the Junior High couldn’t find his records. There appears to be no school records for Bobby anywhere except here for the last 2 days. Registration here somehow is now considered permanent.”

“So what are you going to do,” Bobby heard Teacher Rosie ask?

“Well, Professor Marie and I felt he should stay here for tomorrow and work more on his toilet training. Since the Doctor felt he should be trained by Monday, we will give him the weekend. Hopefully, he will be able to go back to big-kid school in regular underwear instead of training pants or diaper.”

“If he is going to be here tomorrow, I think I will put him back into diapers for this afternoon. The Training pants just can’t seem to retain his messes. They are great for bladder control, but bowel issues really need diapers.”

“How will he be able to use the potty if he’s in a diaper?”

“He will just have to get an adult to take it off for him. It requires a bit more control, because he has to hold it longer, but it might also speed up the building of muscle strength. He hasn’t gained enough control over his poop to make the Training Pants feasible. I usually don’t put kids in Training pants till they have successfully gotten pee and poop in the potty without prompting.”

“Well, if you think that is best.”

“So,” Teacher Rosie asked. “Where did his educational records go?”

“We don’t know, but when we were at the doctors yesterday, his medical records were gone too. Professor Marie is trying to get the Technician here to fix things.”

“Teacha, Teacha,” Bobby heard Jill yell out. “Bobby cwying.”

Mrs. Malik and Teacher Rosie quickly came over to Bobby’s bed to see what was wrong.

“Bobby,” Mrs. Malik inquired. “What’s wrong baby. Mommy’s here.”

“Mommy,” Bobby said through his pacifier.

“Yes sweety, Mommy’s here.”

Bobby snuggled up to his mom. With a tear rolling down his cheek, he said, “I don’t want to stay a baby. I want to be a big boy again.”

“You are a big boy Bobby,” Mrs. Malik reassured him. She looked up at Teacher Rosie, wondering how much of their conversation he had just overheard. “I . . I want to go back to my school. I want to be a big boy.”

“Bobby, Professor Marie and I are trying to get you back to Junior High, but for tomorrow you will stay here and work on your toilet training.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 33 - Back to Junior High School

Mrs. Malik rocked Bobby and hummed lullabies to him for about five minutes calming him down. She tried to reassure him that another day in Teacher Rosie’s classroom was a good idea, giving him a chance to really work on getting all his pee-pee and poopy in potty before going back to Big Kid school. Bobby didn’t want to go back to Junior High wearing and using diapers, but he didn’t want to stay in school with the babies.

“Mommy make it aww better?” Bobby lisped through his pacifier.

“Mommy’s trying Bobby. Mommy’s trying.”

“Me go back to Onior High, Pwease.”

Mrs. Malik giggles at his pacifier talk, “We are trying for Monday dear. When the Junior High SCHOOL Unit refused to register you, the Principal said she would try getting the teachers to input your information, to show the SCHOOL Unit that you are a student there. We will just have to wait and see how that goes. Professor Marie has the technician coming to try to fix it too. We’re trying Bobby. We’re trying.”

“Can I stay home?”

“No Bobby, you have to go to school,” Mrs. Malik said as she looked around the classroom at the little kids playing.

She saw some of the kids sucking on a pacifier as they played, and looked down at Bobby sucking on a pacifier. She saw that almost every kid was wearing Picture Show clothes and she looked down at Bobby’s picture show clothes. She saw Jill playing with her Bobby Dolly like it was real. Mrs. Malik recalled how both her kids still do that with stuffed animals and dollies, she looked down and saw Bobby was still holding a teddy bear from his nap. Looking around the room she saw several kids with teddies or precious friends near by. She saw a kid getting their diaper changed and noticed Bobby needed his diaper changed. She was positive Bobby belonged in this room, even if he was the tallest kid in the room and twice the age of anyone else in the room.

“Let’s get you changed into a nice dry diaper so you can go play with the other kids,” Mrs. Malik said standing up and leading Bobby over to the diaper changing area.


“Sorry, go be a teacher helper.”

As Teacher Rosie finished changing Frank and freed up the changing area, Professor Marie walked into the classroom looking for Mrs. Malik.

“Mrs. Malik, the technician is here and ready to talk.”

Mrs. Malik looked at Teacher Rosie and then down at Bobby.

“I will take care of this little guy and you can go take care of the big guy in Professor Marie’s office,” Teacher Rosie said.

The adults all giggled as Bobby’s hand was passed from Mrs. Malik to Teacher Rosie.

“Teacher Rosie, Link-Up with the Dresser Unit at our house, we bought some new diapers for Bobby last night. They have cool designs on them that Bobby likes, and should provide enough protection for him.”

Bobby rolled his eyes at this comment. He didn’t want to get the diapers and he didn’t want any of the designs, he wanted big boy underwear. Parents can be SO strange at times. Bobby watched his mom leave as he was lead into the changing area. Teacher Rosie changed Bobby into one of his new diapers, with a Zero-G Racer on them.

“These are real nice Diapers Bobby. That was nice of your Mommy to buy you some nice new diapers.”

“But I’m a big boy, I don’t need diapers. I need underwear.” Bobby pouted, but even he knew as soon as he said this, it was not true. He needed the diapers, even if he would NEVER admit it to Mom or Teacher Rosie.

Teacher Rosie apologized for putting him back into diapers, but explained how it would be better than having Training Pants leak when he poops, like they have the last few times he has pooped. She explained how he would only need a diaper till he could start getting his poopy in the potty. She talked about how he would like the diaper much more than training pants, till he managed to start getting his poopy in the potty. Although Bobby didn’t like to be back in a diaper, to him, a diaper is not really any different than training pants. They are both baby pants and he WASN’T a baby. At least he didn’t think he was.

Although Bobby was a little mopey after the diaper change, he quickly got into playing with the other kids in the class. Jill picked up on his mood and mothered him as soon as he came back from the diaper change, Bobby didn’t notice. Jill led Bobby around the room. She told the teachers if he wet or messed his pants, and even tried pushing him on the swings at recess. She grabbed his pacifier from him once he realized he still had it in his mouth, and would give it back to him whenever he went off to get his diaper changed.

Bobby did manage to get his pee-pee in the potty once in the afternoon, giving him two stickers for the day. One time he did notice that he needed to go, but didn’t manage to hold it long enough to get a teacher to take the diaper off before he wet it.

Bobby and Jill were playing with multi-color connecting beads when Mrs. Malik came back to get Bobby at the end of the school day. Bobby and Jill both had necklaces and bracelets on made out of the connecting beads.

“Mommy,” Bobby jumped up and gave her a big hug when he saw her watching them. “Do I get to go back to Junior High tomorrow?”

“Bobby no go schoow wif me tomowwow?” Jill asked almost on the verge of tears.

Mrs. Malik started hugging Jill and said, “Bobby will be here tomorrow Jill, but tomorrow will most likely be his last day. He is going to go back to big kid school.”

“Bobby go Big-Wittle Kid school?”

Mrs. Malik smiled at her view of the world, “Yes, Jill.” She hugged Jill and smiled at Bobby as she tried to explain things to Jill. “Bobby will be going to Big-Little Kid School next week, but tomorrow he will be here with you. Next week, you will still have your Bobby Doll, but Bobby will be at Big-Little Kid School.”

Bobby rolled his eyes at him being referred to as a Big-Little Kid, but managed to hold back his reactions and comments, seeing how much Jill was devastated by him not going to school with her.

“I would love to stay and play with you all year Jilly, but I am a big kid, I need to go to Big Kid School.” Bobby couldn’t believe he actually said that, but part of him has enjoyed just playing all day for the last few days. It was a lot more fun than the hard school work, and no one here ever teased him like some of the kids at Junior High did.

Jill was calmed down and Bobby took his bead necklace and bracelet and put them on Jill’s Bobby Dolly. Jill giggled at this.

As Bobby was heading for the door holding onto his mom’s hand, Jill came running up. “Bobby Mommy, Bobby Mommy!”

“What is it Jill,” Mrs. Malik asked as she stopped and knelt down to her level.

“Here, Bobby need this!” Jill hands Mrs. Malik Bobby’s pacifier.

“Thank You Jilly. Yeah, Bobby might miss it if he left it here at school.” Mrs. Malik said smiling at Bobby.

Bobby stayed silent with a very red face. When he was offered the pacifier before leaving the room, he refused by shaking his head. He stayed speechless all the way home. When they got home, he walked right past his Dad and sister in the Living Room and headed to his room without saying a word. Mrs. Malik decided not to push the issue and just let him be.

“So, how did Bobby do with Toilet training today?” Mr. Malik asked as he saw Bobby trot off to his room.

“Not that great.”

“Well, I guess that really isn’t a surprise, considering how long it took him to get it the first time.”

“I guess so, I just hope he can get most of his control back before switching to big kid school.”

“Talking about Big Kid School, did you manage to get him re-registered into Junior High?”

“No,” Mrs. Malik sighed. “Professor Marie and I tried all afternoon. The Technician came, we also had the Principal of the Junior High worked on it, but we just couldn’t get him registered. The SCHOOL Unit at the Junior High wouldn’t let it happen.”

Bobby, hearing from inside his room, started fighting off the tears.

“Apparently, the Junior High SCHOOL Unit will not register a 10 year old or a kid without Elementary School records,” Mrs. Malik continued. “The principal tried to get the teachers to put in his grades for so far this year, but the SCHOOL Unit wouldn’t accept them, stating human input data did not correlate with known information on Bobby, so human data would be deleted.”

“What happened to his records at the Elementary School and Junior High?”

“Two days ago, the technician had them all deleted with a Human Interference Worm. Because he couldn’t tell how and where the system got infected, he decided a mass delete and starting over would be the fastest way to get things back to normal. He knew it could spread from system to system, since the Daycare system had gotten infected from our home system, so he had the worm use each systems logs to track down all of his records. If systems had ever shared information on Bobby, the worm jumped there and deleted all of Bobby’s information.”

“Great, now we have a huge problem because he did that.”

“Well, because he had never seen a problem like this, and at the time he didn’t know were the system had been infected, he wanted to make sure it wouldn’t get re-infected. If it had stayed with Bobby being 2 years old, we would have a bigger problem. Only Nursery Schools would accept a 2 year old. At least the systems view him as a 10 year old at the moment.”

“But he’s 12, not 10! Oh well, I guess it is better than 2,” Mr. Malik sighed. “You said he didn’t know at the time, does he now know where it got infected?”

Bobby on the verge of tears, worked hard to hold things back so he could hear the conversation from his room.

“He found the infection point, but he can’t explain it. Reluctantly he admitted there was a problem with Bobby’s ROOM Unit, but the problem didn’t explain what happened to Bobby.”


“The ROOM unit was missing all Youth Level programming, so when Bobby turned 12, the system changed his protection, access, and control to . . . well the technician couldn’t quite figure out what level he was at. The Parental Over-ride Controls were still in place, but all of the system’s Youth Level restrictions and logic balancing were missing. The technician couldn’t figure out how this was missed. The safeguard checks during manufacturing catch systems that need reprogramming due to corrupt or missing files. He had never seen a system reach the market with these problems.”

“None of that explains why it started treating him like a baby.”

“Yeah, the technician said that too. He found a conflict in the Logic files of Bobby’s ROOM Unit. The Unit had struggled between the knowledge of him being 12 and some data saying he was a baby. Apparently, with the missing files, the system had trouble dealing with the conflict in known information versus other data saying he was a baby. The technician says it would have taken several inputs to the system of the Baby information for the conflict to happen. So, it could have been an outside source that kept re-infecting his ROOM Unit.”

“So his ROOM Unit was Brain Washed? Yikes!”

Mrs. Malik and Janie both giggled at Mr. Malik’s comment.

“Yeah I guess so, the only unknown is who or what kept telling the ROOM Unit that Bobby was a baby instead of a 12 year old. The Technician actually accused me of doing that, fortunately Professor Marie came to my defense.”

“You mean he thought someone had tried to convince the system that Bobby was a baby, instead of it coming from another system that interacted with his ROOM Unit?”

“Yeah, he was still convinced the “O” machines couldn’t make mistakes, so even though Bobby’s ROOM Unit was faulty, he was sure there couldn’t be two systems that way.”

“Well, if you didn’t do it, and I didn’t do it, who else has that much access to his system to do something like that,” Mr. Malik paused to think.

“Janie?” Mrs. Malik inquired to Janie.

“No, it wasn’t me. Bobby doesn’t even let me in his room.”

– Baby Monitor Activated – Attention needed – Robert needs assistance –

Everyone in the living room looked at the Vid Screen and saw a display of Bobby holding tight onto his Teddy, crying in his room.

“See, I didn’t need to do anything, he is a baby all by himself.”

“Janie! Bobby is still your OLDER BROTHER,” Mrs. Malik said as she got up and headed for his room.

R.O.O.M. - Part 34 - Janie

As Mrs. Malik walked into Bobby’s room, she found him sitting on the floor by the door, hugging his Teddy Bear and crying softly. He had obviously been listening to their conversation. She got ROOM to materialize a rocking chair and rocked him till he calmed down. She took the pacifier Jill had given her, and stuck it in Bobby’s mouth. He did not object.

After about five minutes, they heard Janie’s voice coming toward them, “Bobby, can I play with your Play Pe . . .” Janie stopped in her tracks when she saw her big brother snuggled up with mom sucking on a pacifier, and holding tight on to his Teddy Bear. She could see a diaper sticking up out of the top of his pants. Mom had just told her Bobby was still his Older Brother, but now she was positive that wasn’t true anymore, she was the Big Sister now.

“Janie, go find something else to play with. Bobby will come out and play when he is ready.”

Janie just stood there staring at Bobby. When he was being a baby at Breakfast the other day, she figured he was just pretending. Until now, there was always a part of Janie that knew Bobby was older and she was still the baby of the family. She would still occasionally get Mommy to rock her like a baby in the rocking chair, but never with a pacifier, teddy, and diaper. Bobby was now the baby of the family. Mommy and Daddy had said this was just a medical problem and he would be back to normal soon. Janie didn’t believe that anymore. She was looking at a baby in Mommy’s arms, not just a big kid who needed diapers. Yes, he was a Big-Baby, but he was definitely a baby. Bobby could have the rocking chair, she didn’t need it anymore, she was the older sister now.

“Janie!” Mrs. Malik said to her with a look that expressed the comment, I said leave, so leave!

Janie slowly turned and headed out of the room. She looked at Baby Bobby one more time before heading off to her room to get some toys. Bobby never looked at her once.

After about five more minutes of being rocked, Bobby started to be a bit more active.

“Are you ready to go play with Janie? I think she really wants to play with your Play People, with you.”

“Mommy,” Bobby said looking up with a sad little face. “Do I have to stay in Preschool forever?”

Mrs. Malik couldn’t resist giggling at this. “No Bobby, like I told Jill, I think tomorrow is going to be your last day in Teacher Rosie’s class.”

“So go back to Junior High on Monday?”

Mrs. Malik took a deep breath before breaking the bad news. When she saw him listening at the door, she kind of hoped he already knew the answer to this, “No Bobby. We tried, but your not old enough anymore for Junior High, everyone thinks your 10 years old now, not 12. 10 year olds are not allowed to go to Junior High School.”

“But I’m a big 12 year old, aren’t I?”

“You will always be a big 12 year old to Mommy and Daddy. For now however, you are going to be a 10 year old for everyone else.” Upon saying this she looked down to Bobby who looked more like a 4 year old than a 12 year old or 10 year old. If he didn’t get out of the diapers and stop using the pacifier, no one would believe he was even 10.

“Mommy, where will I go to school?”

“I . . . I . . . don’t know yet sweety. I am going to take off work again tomorrow so Professor Marie and I can find a new school for you. You don’t worry about it. Mommy will take care of everything.”

Bobby cuddled up to Mommy thinking about this. “It’s okay mommy. I stay baby with Jilly if I have to. Mommy can go work.”

This caused Mrs. Malik to start crying. “No Bobby. We will get you out of Preschool and into Big Kid School.”

Bobby smiled at this and cuddled up with Mommy.

After a few more minutes, Mrs. Malik got Bobby to agree to going and playing with Janie. On the way out of Bobby’s room, they grabbed the Play People toys to play with.

Bobby and Janie played together with Janie taking the lead and exploring if she truly had taken the role as the older sister. Bobby did as she told him. He would change activities based on her lead. He did not object, when she led him off to Mommy, telling her Bobby needed to go potty, he was doing the pee-pee dance. Janie enjoyed her new role. Bobby didn’t notice.

After dinner, Bobby went back to playing with the toys in the Living Room. Janie followed, but was stopped and told to go do her homework.

“Oh Mom,” Janie complained. “Can’t I do it after the baby goes to bed?”

“Baby? What Baby, Janie?”

“Baby Bobby. Can’t I do my homework after he goes to bed?”

“Your BIG BROTHER Bobby is going to bed the same time you are! Or you could go to bed earlier, since you are his Baby Sister. I am sure Bobby wouldn’t mind reading you a bed time story after I get you dressed in a night time diaper, and tuck you into a nice crib.”

“No, that is okay Mom . . . I will go do my homework . . . and go to bed at the same time as my,” Janie grits her teeth. “BIG Brother.”

As Janie went off to her room to do her homework, she passed Bobby playing in the Living Room, “Your lucky, at your school they don’t give homework.”

In a whisper so no one could hear him, Bobby replied, “Yes they do give homework.”

As soon as Janie entered her room, she asked her ROOM Unit to bring up her bed. She wanted to make sure it was still a bed and not a crib. She then replaced it with her desk.

Janie finished her homework and went back to being the big sister to Bobby. Later in the evening they were both sent to get ready for bed. Janie dressed herself, while Mommy helped Bobby get dressed and changed into his bedtime diaper. She made a mental note, that Bobby had not successfully used the potty once since she picked him up from school.

While Daddy was reading the two kids a bed time story, Janie kept looking at how much of a Baby Bobby looked like in his PJ’s. His diaper was VERY obvious under his PJ’s and he still had a pacifier in his mouth. She spent more time looking at Bobby, than paying attention to the story.

Mrs. Malik smiled at her baby boy as she tucked him into his little kid bed with little kid prints on the sheets. She made sure he had his Teddy and was warm under his blankie. It took her a lot not to comment, as he lay there sucking on his pacifier smiling up at her.

As Bobby drifted off to sleep, he kept thinking about how Mom said he couldn’t go back to Junior High School. His thoughts drifted to his new life in Preschool with Jilly.

A couple of hours later, before heading off to bed herself, Mrs. Malik checked in on Bobby. He was asleep in his bed. The pacifier had fallen out, and he was not sleeping restfully. He was fidgeting some. As Mrs. Malik approached the bed to put the pacifier back in his mouth, in hopes of it helping him to get more restful sleep, she heard him talking.

“Jilly, me no wet. . . . Yes pants show wet, da bwoken. . . me go wif you to get teacha . . . teacha me wike Jilly, she good teacha helpa . . .”

Mrs. Malik sat on the side of Bobby’s bed and looked at her little baby.

“ROOM, Parental Over-ride, set sleep monitor to preschooler level.”

– Resetting Sleep Monitor to Preschooler Level - - would you like Robert’s bed changed to a crib to go along with the Preschooler Sleep Level? - -

Mrs. Malik paused, looking at Bobby, before answering. “No, let’s leave him in this bed for at least tonight, the bed rails on here should keep him in bed if he becomes too active in his sleep. With a Preschool Sleep Level Monitoring, you will wake me if his sleep gets too restless anyways.”

– Would you like these setting for Robert each night or just tonight? –

Bobby squirms around in his bed and starts talking again, “Yes Jilly, I hewe to stay. Dis much betta dan Big Kid School. . . No Jilly, me no Big-Wittle Kid wike Amy . . . me just Wittle Kid wike you.”

Mrs. Malik put the pacifier back in Bobby’s mouth, and he settled down to a more restful sleep.

“ROOM, have these setting each time he wears diapers to bed.”

– Developmental Level Over-ride by Parent – Changing Setting for Robert Frances Malik – Would you like all HOUSE settings for Robert set to a Preschooler Level when he is wearing a diaper? –

Mrs. Malik kissed Bobby on his forehead and headed for the door. “What level are they currently set at?”

– They are set at his developmental level, Little Kid –

“What setting are Janie’s set at?”

– Janie’s settings are also set at her developmental level, Big Kid –

“No ROOM, no other changes at this time.” Mrs. Malik took one more look at Bobby, who was now sleeping peacefully, before she headed off to bed.

Two times that night Bobby’s ROOM Unit notified Mr. & Mrs. Malik that Bobby’s dreaming was approaching nightmare levels. When Mrs. Malik entered his room he was moving around in his bed and sleep talking. The first time he was talking to one of the kids in his Junior High class, denying that he just pooped his pants, and then he was denying it to the whole class. Before Mrs. Malik could calm him down by giving him his pacifier and rubbing his back, he kept saying he didn’t need diapers at school he was a big boy, he only needed them at home. The second time she came into Bobby’s room to calm him down before his dream reached a nightmare, Mrs. Malik was a little confused by what she heard. He was angry at someone for taking away his dress, claiming he wanted his dress because girls in dresses don’t have to do it. Mrs. Malik never figured out what “it” was, but Mrs. Malik guessed Bobby felt the only way he could avoid it was if he was a girl wearing a dress. Even this concept was odd for Mrs. Malik, why would her boy want to wear a dress? With this question on her mind, she left Bobby who had calmed back down and went back to bed herself.

As Bobby woke up in the morning to an image of him and Jilly dressed in the same frilly dress, he heard Janie and Mommy talking.

“Janie, you really need to stop treating your brother like a baby. He is older than you.”

“Mom, Babies wear diapers, not big brothers. Babies suck on pacifiers and go around carrying teddies and blankies, not big brothers. Anyways, I like Bobby as a baby brother, he is more fun to play with.”

“Janie, I don’t care what you think. Bobby is your big brother and I want you to be more respectful around him. If you are not, I will dress and treat you younger than you are treating him, and as his younger sister I guarantee you that will include you wearing diapers and picture show clothes to school and sleeping in a crib at night.”

“But Mommy, I can’t wear diapers to school.”

“Janie you are in fourth grade, I am sure there are still kids who wear diapers, or at least training pants, to school. I know Bobby did at 9 years old.”

“Well there is one, but she doesn’t count, she is not even ready to be toilet trained. Everyone else wears underwear.”

“I guess then, if you keep disrespecting your brother, you will join that one girl in your class, since no one else still needs such things.”

“But Mom, I’m not like her, I can’t. And . . . and . . . she isn’t the only one who wears baby underwear. Some kids occasionally come in Training pants, but ONLY if they have an accident. . . but . . . I don’t. I haven’t had an accident at home or at school in my panties since I got them in Kindergarten. I can’t wear baby underwear to school.”

“Well, if other kids wear diapers and training pants to school, I can send you wearing them, even if you haven’t had an accident.”

“But Mommy. . . I am Potty Trained, I can’t wear Training Pants to school.” Bobby could hear the fear in Janie’s voice, she had just realized Mommy would send her to school in diapers if Mommy wanted to.

Bobby hugged his Teddy tight and got a big smile on his face. He was in and out of diapers and training pants when he was in fourth grade, and he never liked the fact that as soon as Janie got panties in Kindergarten, she never had to wear diapers or training pants again. He didn’t really know what she did to cause Mommy to threaten Janie with such a mean thing, but he liked the idea that Janie would have to wear diapers to school like he does. Especially since she always got away with everything, being the baby of the family and a girl. Bobby liked that this time she wasn’t getting away with it, whatever it is that she did.

“Mommy, it would be so embarrassing to wear picture show clothes and Training Pants. Some of the kids will just yell out to the teacher when they see a kid’s picture indicating they need to be changed. I would miss recess too, I don’t want to miss recess Mom. Kids in my class wearing picture show clothes have to stay in at recess time to be checked and changed, before they can go out.”

“And Mommy, I don’t want to wear training pants to school for a whole week. Teacher won’t let kids wear training pants for just one day. She always says,” Janie’s voice suddenly changed to sound like her teacher. “‘If you have an accident or your mommy decides you need training pants one day, you have to wear training pants till you can keep them dry at school for a whole week before wearing panties back to school. I will not have puddles on the chairs in my classroom.’”

“It is all up to you dear,” Mom said in a very calm voice. “If you are respectful to Bobby, you won’t. If you’re not respectful, I guess you will be wearing, what did you call them - Baby Underwear - for more than one week. I would send you to school in a diaper, not training pants. What does your teacher say about kids who come to school wearing diapers?”

“I don’t know, only that one kid in the class wears diapers mommy, but she doesn’t count, she has her own rules. Do you think teacher would make me wear baby diapers for more than a week before I could go back to panties?”

“I don’t know Janie, but I think she might make you wear diapers for a week and then training pants for a week after that, since kids usually move from diapers, to training pants, and then to panties.”

“What! Two weeks in baby underwear. NO!”

“Possibly even longer, if you don’t get all your pee-pee and poopy in the potty while wearing them.”

“Ewww Mommy! Wet and mess them!”

“It is your choice Janie, if you don’t want to wear diapers to school, you better be a lot nicer to your Big Brother. Now off to school before you’re late. I have to go get Bobby up and off to Nursery School.”

“Since when do Big Brothers go to Nursery School?”


“Sorry, I’m going . . . I’m going.”

R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 35 - Preschool Homework

Bobby was quickly changed into clean diapers and dressed for the day. Mom got ROOM to make his bed and put it away. She ordered HOUSE to put the toys in the Living Room away and she picked up the few toys on the floor in Bobby’s Room, putting them away herself.

Part of Bobby was starting to enjoy everything being done for him. He no longer had to make decisions and was not expected to be responsible for anything. He got to just play all day. He didn’t even have to clean up after himself. Even at school, if he only put some of the toys away, the teachers would do the rest. Last night at dinner he spilled his milk, and Mom didn’t get angry she just smiled, cleaned it up, and got another class of milk for him. Before this all happened, Bobby knew he would have been yelled at to be more careful, and made to clean it up himself.

Although Bobby didn’t like being a 12 year old in a Preschool classroom, he wasn’t really sure he wanted to go back to Junior High. No one teased him for being small or not being good in sports. He didn’t have to do the hard Junior High School work. No one teased him for not knowing the answer, or for doing work the other kids had all learned to do in Elementary School. In Preschool he was the Teacher Helper. The kids looked up to him. He could do things they couldn’t, like read and put together hard puzzles. He could also build stuff with connecting blocks that actually looked like the item the other kids had asked for. There was no pressure at Preschool, he could just play or he could be a Helper.

“You know Mom, I can stay at Preschool. You go to work today.”

Mrs. Malik came over to the changing table where Bobby was still sitting and kissed him on his forehead. “Don’t worry Bobby, Mommy will get you back into Big Kid school next week. You just be a good Teacher Helper today and try to get your Pee-Pee and Poopy in the Potty, and let Mommy worry about where you will go to school.”

Bobby hugged Mommy. She lifted him down off the changing table and the two of them went hand-in-hand to the Transporter.

“Breakfast at school again?” Bobby asked.

“I didn’t think you would mind.”

“I don’t mind. I am sort of getting use to wearing a bib for meals, it isn’t all that bad. If I spill something, the clothes are still clean. I don’t have to listen to you going on and on about how the stains on my clothes make me look like a slob.”

“Oh really,” Mrs. Malik chuckled as she commented. “Maybe it should be regular attire at meals around here then.”

They both started laughing as they got onto the transporter. Mrs. Malik asked the HOUSE to transport them to Gleeful Times Nursery School, but they did not go.

– Gleeful Times Nursery School Homework Reminder is in place – Does Robert have his Homework with him? –

Bobby put his head down, avoiding eye contact with his mom.

“No HOUSE, thank you for the reminder,” Mrs. Malik said.

Bobby let go of his Mom’s hand and slowly started walking toward his room. Mrs. Malik quickly caught up with him and took his hand again.

“What is wrong Bobby, it sounds like it will be fun?”

“I’m a Teacher Helper, do I have to?”

“Yes Bobby. Even though you are a Teacher Helper, you are still a student in Teacher Rosie’s class.”

“But Mom!”

“Bobby, when you have homework you do it. It doesn’t matter if you are in Junior High or Preschool.”

Bobby reluctantly walked into his room and over to a shelf in the corner of his room. Bobby looked at his Mommy one more time.

“Mommy,” Bobby pleaded.

“Bobby, it is your homework. All the other kids in your class are going to do it, so you will do it. Anyways, you will have a lot more fun at school today if you do it.”

Bobby reluctantly picked up his teddy bear and headed back to the transporter.

Mrs. Malik smiled as she said, “Teddy Bear picnics are always lots of fun. I really don’t see what the big deal is. Your homework was only to bring your teddy bear to school with you.”

Mrs. Malik looked down at Bobby, and knew immediately why he didn’t want to bring his Teddy to school. With the buldge of his diapers, the Picture Show clothes, and Teddy being held tight, he looked like a 5 year old. If he had a pacifier in his mouth, no one would ever believe he was any older. Mrs. Malik felt the pacifier in her pocket, which she had taken from him while dressing him.

“But Mom, I look like a baby walking around holding Teddy.”

She agreed with Bobby, but needed to reassure him that it was okay. “Janie sometimes goes around with her dolly, she isn’t a baby.”

“No, but she’s a girl. It is okay for girls to do things like that.”

Mrs. Malik smiled at his comment, for she knew he was right. Is that why he has been dreaming of wearing dresses? Does he feel it would be okay to be more babyish if he was wearing a dress? He was fine the way he was dressed, anyone seeing him would just think he was a five year old, and not give it a second thought. Mrs. Malik thought she might explore it a little.

“Why do you say it is okay for girls and not boys?”

“Don’t be silly Mom, girls don’t have to grow up and be big kids like boys do. They can still carry around their teddies, wear comfy blanket sleepers, and play with the fun toys, when boys aren’t allowed to. They can just sit at recess and color, but boys have to play sports. Girls have it so much easier than boys.”

Mrs. Malik finally understood Bobby’s dreams about wearing a dress. He was being pushed to grow up before he was ready, and viewed girls as kids still able to do the things he wanted to do. Since Janie always wears dresses, he probably feels he would need to be wearing a dress to be allowed to do those little kid things, and still be a big kid.

“If you want you can wear a dress, if that would make you more comfortable carrying around your Teddy and playing with the ‘fun’ toys. Everyone would just think you were a girl.”

“Don’t be silly Mom,” Bobby said without a moments hesitation. “I’m not a girl, and boys don’t wear dresses.”

“Oh, okay.” Part of Mrs. Malik was relieved, she wasn’t sure how she would explain to Leo that she dressed Bobby in a dress. Well maybe she could make Bobby more comfortable with the little kid stuff, if he appeared to be more like a little kid, “Want your pacifier then? Everyone will think you are just a Little Kid with his Teddy, and not think it is strange.”

Bobby thought about this for a moment, “No. I’m a Big Kid.”

Mrs. Malik dropped the issue after that comment. They were quickly transported to Gleeful Times Nursery School and greeted by Carly. Bobby blushed, when she complimented him on how cute he looks with his teddy. He passed many adults on his way to Teacher Rosie’s class, they all smiled at him, and a few commented on how cute he looked.

When they got to the door, Mrs. Malik looked in the window, which Bobby wasn’t tall enough to see through, and decided to say her goodbye’s outside.

“Now you be a good boy today and do what Teacher Rosie says, and I want you to try to get your pee-pee and poopy in the potty today. Just tell a teacher when you have to go and they will help you get out of the diaper,” Mrs. Malik then looked at Bobby’s Teddy Bear. “Now Bear, I want you to make sure Bobby has fun today. It is his last day in this class, make sure he plays with all the toys and has fun with all the other kids.”

Bobby giggled, “Mommy.”

Mrs. Malik kissed Bobby and then Bear. “I will work on getting you to Big Kid School and you work on going potty. Don’t worry, you will be back in Big Kid School real soon.”

Bobby hugged Mommy and opened the door. What he saw inside made him smile. The room looked like a small Forrest scene. The tables were gone, replaced by Picnic Blankets. Looking up, he saw tree branches and leaves everywhere. Looking around the room he saw things that looked like tree trunks going from the floor, or the top of cubbies, to the ceiling. The rug in the circle time area had been replaced with what looked like a grass meadow. He had to admit, it looked like the perfect location for a Teddy Bear Picnic.

“Glad you could make it Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said as she approached the door. “And who do you have with you there?”

Bobby hugged his Teddy Bear tight and smiled at Teacher Rosie with his cheeks slightly red, “This is Bear . . . ummm . . . Teddy Bear.”

Teacher Rosie was down on her knees and looked straight at Bobby’s Teddy Bear. “Hello there Bear. I have a special treat for you. CLASSROOM, please make up some cute little overalls for Bobby’s little Bear.”

A light scanned Bobby’s bear and then a light appeared on the replicator. Teacher Rosie picked up a small pair of yellow overalls with Bobby Bear written on them. Bobby smiled at the cute little clothes.

Teacher Rosie looked at the overalls and then at Bobby’s Bear. “Does Bobby Bear need some diapers like yours before he gets dressed?”

Bobby looked around the room at the other kids Teddy Bears. Dave’s teddy bear was wearing a baby blue sleeper with an obvious diaper bulge underneath. Dal had a teddy bear wearing a white shirt and black jeans with an obvious diaper bulge beneath its clothes. Jaren had a baby blue teddy bear wearing a big white diaper. Some of the bears in the room didn’t have diapers, like Jilly’s was a somewhat worn and ragged pink teddy bear and Josh had a teddy bear wearing a blue shirt with Tummi embroidered on the front. But most of the kids had Teddies wearing diapers like them.

Bobby looked down at what he was wearing. He then looked at his Teddy bear and then back to what he was wearing.

“Do you want Bobby Bear to be wearing the same outfit you are?”

“No, he will like that cute outfit,” Bobby said looking down at his outfit and then back at the overalls that had just been made for his bear.

Teacher Rosie was a little confused, but then questioned, “Do you want an outfit like Bobby Bear’s?”

“Can I?” Bobby hesitantly asked.

Teacher Rosie smiled, “I don’t see why not. Overalls are not the best for potty training, but you are in diapers not training pants, so if you want to wear them it is okay with me. Let’s go back to the changing table to get you and Bobby Bear dressed.”

Bobby was quickly dressed in a pair of Picture Show Yellow Overalls with Bobby in red lettering across the top and the picture indicating if he needed to be changed or not, was of a teddy bear. Bobby didn’t like that they had snaps down the legs, but didn’t complain. Once he was dressed, Teacher Rosie handed him Bear’s overalls and a diaper.

“If you want a diaper, you can put him in one, or you can decide he doesn’t need one.”

With a little bit of help from Teacher Rosie, Bobby had his Bear wearing a diaper and dressed in the overalls. They then went to eat. Jill was just finishing up her breakfast. Bobby looked down at her on the Picnic Blanket. She had a pink bib on that said ‘Happy Baby’. Next to her on one side was her somewhat worn and ragged pink teddy bear, and on the other side was the Bobby Doll, wearing a yellow bib that said ‘Happy Baby’ and a tiny teddy was somehow attached to its hand.

Bobby sat down across from Jill and put his teddy next to hers. He quickly was dressed in a bib and given a Blueberry muffin, sippy cup with milk, French Toast sticks and some orange slices. Bobby looked down at the remains of Jill’s breakfast, it looked like she had eaten the same things, with only one orange slice and crumbs left. He was surprised to see both him and her having sippy cups. He picked up the sippy cup and looked at it.

“Teacha said,” Jill started explaining. “Onwy sippy cups and bottles on Picnic Bwanket.”

Bobby looked at the cup one more time and took a sip.

“Want Bottle instead Bobby?” Jill asked.

Bobby looked at her with a quizzical look. He knew how hard it was to get her to drink from a bottle, why would he drink from one? Even if he did enjoy them more than sippy cups, he was a big kid.

“Mowe fun than sippy cup. CWASSWOOM: baba pwease fow me and Bobby.”

The sippy cups vanished and in their place appeared a clear yellow bottle with teddy bears on the side, filled with milk. Jill picked up her bottle and took a sip, holding on to it with both hands. Bobby copied her. When they stopped drinking, the both started giggling.

“Mowe fun,” Jill said as she just dropped the bottle on the blanket, with it landing on its side.

Bobby copied Jill by dropping his bottle, and then they both giggled again.

Bobby started eating his breakfast and Jill stayed with him. Half way through the meal she asked pointing at Bobby, “Bobby what dat say?”

Bobby looked down at himself. He saw that there were some words on his bib. He took off the white bib with yellow trim to read it,

Bobby read aloud, “When this Bib is Dirty, This Baby is Happy!”

Bobby was speechless, he didn’t like that it was calling him a Baby.

“Bobby not happy! Bib not Diwty.” Jill said giggling.

Jill’s comments made Bobby laugh. He let out a deep sigh and put the bib back on, to finish his Teddy Bear Picnic breakfast.

R.O.O.M. - Part 36 - Big Girl Jilly

That morning Bobby found that Jill would not leave his side. They did everything together, along with the Bobby Doll and their three Teddy Bears. Jill would let other kids play with them, but she had to be playing with Bobby. It reminded Bobby a lot of their first day together. A few times Bobby tried to take on the leadership role, but Jill would not allow it. Bobby became very submissive to Jill.

Teacher Rosie noticed the change in Bobby and Jill today compared to yesterday. She was not sure why things had changed, but worried about Bobby during all of this. By lunchtime however, she had noticed one advantage to the change, Jill was very good at getting Bobby to a teacher before he wet his diaper. By the time they sat down to a Teddy Bear Picnic Lunch, Bobby had three stickers on his shirt thanks almost completely to Jill. Teacher Rosie wondered how many he would have had if Jill wasn’t watching him like a mother. All her experience with helping to toilet train her big sister, Amy, was also helping toilet train Bobby.

At lunch, Bobby again was wearing the bib that said, ‘When this Bib is Dirty, This Baby is Happy!’ and Jill got bottles for them to drink out of. This time however, Bobby suspected Jill did it because she felt he was a baby who needed one, instead of wanting one herself. Bobby liked drinking from a bottle more than a sippy cup, so he didn’t complain. Jilly was joining him, so he could try to believe he was doing as Teacher Rosie asked and getting Jilly to act her age.

Halfway through lunch, Bobby got distracted looking at all the other kids in the room and their teddy bears. He found that he was not the only kid in the class dressed like their teddy bear. Trinna and her teddy were both wearing a red snowflake dress. Frank and his bear were wearing dark blue overalls, which like Bobby’s, had snaps down the legs. Leanne’s pink teddy was in a black dress, like she was. Bobby wondered if they were dressed at school, like Bobby was.

Bobby found Val, in the most interesting outfit. The teddy bear had “BEARZILLA” embroidered on its chest and Val was wearing a brown blanket sleeper and Bear Claw slippers. The Teddy wasn’t dressed like Val, Val was dressed like a Teddy Bear.

“Come on Bobby, open wide,” Jill said holding a small piece of his sandwich up to his mouth.

While still looking at Val’s outfit, Bobby opened his mouth. When a piece of sandwich was stuffed in his mouth, Bobby quickly came back to reality and turned back to look at Jill.

“Jijjeee, wuuuu yooo ooin,”

“Bobby, no tawking wif food in you mouth,” Jilly ordered. “Eat youw food. I have anothew piece fow you when you finish dat one.”

Bobby looked at Jilly and noticed she had another piece of his sandwich in her hand. He quickly tried to swallow the sandwich in his mouth to ask what she was doing.

“Jilly, what you doing?”

“Bobby no eat. Bobby wike Amy. Bobby need hewp to eat evewything. Me hewp Bobby so he gwow up to be big and stwong.”

“Jilly! I am a big boy, I can feed myself. I don’t need you to feed me.”

“But Bobby no eat.”

“I was just looking at the other kids. I . . .”

“Yeah, Bobby just wike Amy. It okay, Big-Little kids need to be fed cause they wooking at evewything.”

Bobby could tell he was not going to win this argument, although he did wish he could figure out how to convince Jilly that he wasn’t a Big-Little kid like Amy.

As Jill fed Bobby another piece of his sandwich, he was really wondering if maybe he was a Big-Little Kid like Amy. She was 9 years old and acted younger than 4 year old Jill. He was 12, and Jill was acting older than him. He liked drinking from a bottle more than from a sippy cup. He enjoyed his paci and really liked having his Teddy Bear with him today. Was he really just a Big-Little Kid like Amy?

The next thing Bobby found unexpectedly stuffed in his mouth was his bottle of milk. He took a small drink and then took it out.

“Jilly, I will finish eating myself.”

“It otay Bobby, me good at feeding Big-Wittle Kids.”

“No Jilly,” Bobby pleaded. “I can eat the rest myself.”

Bobby was quickly trying to figure out a way out of this. As he saw Jill approaching with another small piece of his sandwich, he quickly put the bottle back in his mouth to give him a few more seconds to think.

“Jilly,” Bobby said with hopes of getting out of this. “You have fed me, now it is time for me to feed you.”

Jill giggled, “You siwwy Bobby. Me big giwl. Me feed sewf. You Big-Wittle Boy, me feed you. Siwwy Bobby! Big Giwls don’t need to be fed. Siwwy, Siwwy, Siwwy.”

Bobby sighed, and stuck the bottle in his mouth quickly before Jill stuck more food in it.

Teacher Rosie had been watching all of this with fascination. Under normal circumstanced she would have stopped Jill immediately for feeding another student. Jill had tried it before and had been told she is NOT to feed the other kids in the class. She could feed herself and her sister. Teacher Rosie initially felt that Bobby, a 12 year old, would never let a 4 year old feed him. When he did, she assumed Bobby would stand up for himself and not let her continue. The interaction between the two was really starting to worry Teacher Rosie. If Bobby could not stand up to Jill, a 4 year old, how was he ever going to stand up for himself in Big-Kid School. Although Teacher Rosie did not approve, she did not stop Jill from feeding Bobby the rest of his lunch. She was hoping Bobby would get fed up with it and fight back, but he never did.

When lunch was over, Bobby let Jill lead him over to his bed for his nap and let her tuck him in. When he tried to get up to help the teachers get the kids down for their naps, she was very insistent that he needed to stay down for his nap.

“Jill,” Bobby asked. “Why are you treating me like a baby. I am a big boy.”

“Yes, you a Big-Wittle Boy. Me no tweat you wike baby. Me tweat you just wike Amy.”

“But Jilly!” Bobby pleaded, “Amy is a baby.”

“No Bobby, Amy Big-Wittle Giwl. Amy no Baby. Amy my Big-Wittle sistew.”

“Jilly, I’m not a Big-Little Kid like Amy. I’m just a big kid.”

“Me know. Bobby Big-Wittle Kid. Now you and youw teddy beaw take nap. Jill be hewe when you get up.”

“No Jilly! I am a big kid like you, not like Am . . .” Bobby never finished saying Amy’s name, he stopped when he realized he was pooping his diapers.

“Bobby go poopy in diapeee?”

Bobby sunk his head and nodded yes.

“See, you wike Amy. Not big kid wike me.”

Bobby was confused by Jill’s statement, “What do you mean Jilly? You go poopy in your diapers too.”

“No siwwy. I big giwl. I go poopy in potty. You and Amy go poopy in diapee,” Jill smiled at Bobby with a superior look. Before heading off to get a teacher to change Bobby, she said, “Big kids onwy go pee-pee in diapee, not poopy. Siwwy Bobby.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 37 - Bobby’s Last Day

Bobby sat in his bed hugging his teddy bear and holding tight onto the blankie. As Jill went to get a teacher to change his poopy diaper, he thought about Jill’s comment. Does she really go poopy in the potty. Is she really a big kid and him just a little baby? Bobby couldn’t remember anyone else in the class going potty while he was there. If she went poopy in the potty, wouldn’t she do it at school?

While Teacher Rosie was changing Bobby, he had to know the truth. “Teacher?”

“Yes Bobby?”

“Does Jilly go poopy in the potty?”

“Yes Bobby,” Teacher Rosie said as she held his ankles up in the air to get a deep cleansing scan. “She hasn’t pooped in her diapers for a few months now. She started that when they were working on Toilet Training Amy. Jill tried to help her big sister, and found she could use the potty for her poopy. That is one of the first times she realized she could do things her sister couldn’t.”

“But Jill wears diapers, doesn’t she?”

“Yes Bobby. They were working on training Amy for her poopies, so that is all Jill trained herself for. Since all kids Jill’s age still use diapers for both pee-pee and poopy, her mommy didn’t want her to be fully toilet trained yet. Research shows that it is not good to toilet train kids too early. So, yes Bobby. Jill only uses her diapers for pee-pee.”

Bobby thought about Jill’s other comment ‘Big Kids only go pee-pee in diapers, not poopy.’ He thought about Elementary School and how kids had pee-pee accidents, but rarely, if ever, had poopy accidents. As Bobby smelled the fragrant powder being applied to his bottom, he thought about how the other kids in Elementary School used to call him a baby because he would poop his diapers or training pants.

“Am I like Amy?” Bobby asked more to himself than to Teacher Rosie.

“No Bobby . . .”

Bobby wasn’t listening to the rest. He wasn’t sure if he could believe her. She was a grown-up, she had to say stuff like that. Didn’t she? The more Bobby thought about it, the more Bobby was convinced he was just like Amy. As he was tucked into bed for a nap and started to drift off to sleep, his thoughts were centered on this concept.

As Bobby woke up from his nap, like the last few days, he heard his Mom and Teacher Rosie talking. He kept his eyes closed and hugged tight onto his teddy as he listened.

“Rosie, I have a really hard time doing this to him, but our choices were extremely limited, with his age listed as a 10 year old and his developmental level . . . well . . . the doctor put his developmental level at an 8 year old level, but the schools are insistent on using just the Galno scale to determine his developmental level, which puts him at a 6 year old level. After listening to you about his morning, I am glad they didn’t do another scan today, I am sure it would have been even lower by the sounds of his behavior.”

“Don’t worry Emily,” Teacher Rosie expressed. “I am sure Bobby’s developmental level will improve once he gets toilet trained again and is out of this setting. It can’t be easy for him in this class. Although I didn’t expect it to happen, it is not really too surprising that he would act like the other kids in the class, especially since he was forced to wear and use diapers.”

“Yeah I guess so, I just hope he can grow up enough to act like the kids in his new class.”

Bobby slowly opened up his eyes and was not surprised to see Jill playing on the floor with her Bobby Dolly and her Teddy. His focus shifted from the conversation to Jill. He didn’t really want to hear anymore about what the adults were talking about.

Bobby managed to join Jill playing on the floor, without Jill announcing he was awake. He had his Bear start playing with Jill’s Bobby Doll and her bear. They were playing for a few minutes before Mrs. Malik came over to hug and kiss Bobby.

“Did you sleep well honey?”

Bobby just kept playing. He didn’t like the fact that he had to take naps, and liked it even less that he was actually sleeping during them. Mom’s comment was not worth responding to.

“Well Bobby, Mommy is going off to work. I will be back this afternoon to pick you up. Be a good boy for Teacher Rosie.”

Bobby thought about stopping her and trying to go with her, but he already knew the answer to that. Part of him also wanted to play, even if it was with babies. He really wanted to know where he was going to school on Monday, but knowing it wouldn’t be in Preschool was good enough to get him through until they got home.

“Bye Mommy,” Bobby said with a hug and turning back to the bears.

A few minutes after Mrs. Malik left, Teacher Rosie came up to change Bobby’s diaper.

“Teacher Rosie,” Bobby inquired during the change. “Why is Jill treating me like a baby today? I just want to be a big kid like her, why won’t she let me? Yesterday she let me?”

“hmmmmmm . . . Like I told you the first day you were here. Jill will treat you depending on how you are dressed. Amy is dressed depending on how she feels or how she is acting, so Jill thinks everyone dresses that way. If you dress as a Toddler, she will treat you that way. If you dress as an infant, she will treat you that way. If you dress like a big kid, well . . . she will treat you as a peer.”

Bobby thought about this as Teacher Rosie finished putting powder on his bottom and started bringing the diaper up. “But I . . . I dress like she does. I wear diaper and she wears diapers too.”

“Well, Jill views some clothes as only for little kids, because she doesn’t wear them anymore: things like clothes with snaps down the legs, and Picture Show clothes.”

“But . . . but . . .” Bobby stopped and thought for a minute. “So if I wear regular pants and no Picture show clothes she will stop treating me like a baby?”

“Maybe.” Teacher Rosie looked at Bobby trying to figure out what he was thinking.

“Do I go back to big kid school on Monday?”

“Yes,” Teacher Rosie responded with a quizzical tone, unsure why he asked that. “Do you want me to change your outfit?”

Bobby laid there thinking about it. His impulse was to say YES. He wanted to yell and scream YES, but he didn’t. He just laid there thinking, while Teacher Rosie smiled down at him.

Bobby hesitantly said, “Yes, you have to.”

“Why do I have to Bobby?” Teacher Rosie was now confused.

“You said I have a job to do, so you have to change my clothes.”

“What job is that Bobby? You are a great Teacher Helper in your current clothes,” Teacher Rosie knew he was being more of a student than a Teacher Helper, but she didn’t want to point this out to Bobby. “You don’t have to change your clothes if you don’t want to.”

“But . . . I can’t help Jilly be a little kid if . . . if, I am the little kid.”

An expression of understanding appeared on Teacher Rosie’s face. “It is okay Bobby. You did a good job yesterday; you don’t have to do it today if you don’t want to.”

Bobby wasn’t sure if that meant what he thought it did. Had Teacher Rosie just given him permission to be a little kid? But he couldn’t. He was a Big Kid. He was 12 . . . or was it 10 now. Whatever, he was a Big Kid, he couldn’t keep being the Little Kid and have Jilly being the Big Kid. She was 4, he was older. Wasn’t he? She pooped in the potty, but Bobby hadn’t done that for days. Did that mean Jilly was the big kid and he was just a Big-Little Kid?

“Do you really want me to change your clothes Bobby?”

Bobby wasn’t sure how to respond. He continued to lay there thinking about the question.

After staring down at Bobby for a about a minute, Teacher Rosie finally interrupted the silence, “Well, I will just snap back up these pants while you think about it. You go play and if you decide you want a different outfit, just come ask and I will change you.”

Bobby was quickly redressed and sent back to the rest of the kids. Teacher Rosie noticed he was deep in thought till Jill came up to him and brought him into play with Frank and Josh. In no time at all, he was just another kid building with blocks, and Jill was back to Mothering him.

That afternoon Bobby managed to get his pee-pee in the potty two more times. Bobby proudly wore his 5 stickers on his shirt. There was once when he didn’t make it, and in typical motherly fashion, Jill was there reassuring him that it was okay, because he was in a diaper and that was what diapers were for.

At the last circle time for the day, Teacher Rosie told all the kids that today was Bobby’s last day. Bobby was shocked by the disappointment of the kids, and even more shocked by his own disappointment. He wanted to stay, yet he also wanted to be as far away from here as possible. He was reminded of this duel feeling as each of the kids in the class were picked to go home, each one made a point to come up and say bye to Bobby and give him big hugs.

When Mrs. Malik finally showed up, most of the kids had already left. Bobby was sitting at a table with Jill and Trinna, and their teddy bears, coloring pictures. As she approached the table, Jill immediately got up and went over to her.

“You go way. Go tawk teacha Wosie. Bobby no go home tiww my Mommy come.”

Finding this quite amusing and entertaining, Mrs. Malik looked over to see Bobby just coloring and ignoring the whole interaction. She smiled at Jill, and walked to the other side of the room, to where Teacher Rosie was.

Jill went back to Bobby, looked at what he was doing, told him he was doing a good job, and then sat down between Bobby and Trinna to color her picture. The three of them were all still happily coloring when Jill’s Mom entered the room a few minutes later.

Jill immediately noticed her Mom and was upset, “Mommy! Whewe Amy? You supposed da bwing Amy!”

“I am sorry Jill,” Jill’s Mom said, surprised by her reaction. “Amy is at home with Daddy. Why did you want Amy to pick you up today?”

Bobby and Trinna had stopped coloring and were watching Jill and her Mommy.

“Amy need teww Bobby Big-Wittle Kid School no scawwy. Bobby no want to go. Bobby need Amy to teach him.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 38 - Bye Bye Jilly

Jill stating that Bobby didn’t want to go to Big-Kid School, caught the attention of Bobby, Teacher Rosie, Mrs. Malik, and Jill’s Mommy.

“I want to go Jilly. I’m not scared,” Bobby defended his Big Kid status.

“No Bobby. Bobby sad he go to Big-Wittle Kid School.”

“Jilly, I am fine. I want to go to Big-Little kid . . . I mean . . I want to go to Big Kid School.”

“No - No, Bobby sad aww day. Dat why you baby today. It otay Bobby. You can be baby at Big-Wittle Kid School. Amy does, when she no want to be big.”

Jill’s mom let out a little chuckle.

“Don’t worry Jill,” Teacher Rosie interrupted. “Bobby will be fine in Big Kid School, and you will do fine here without him.”

“I have my Bobby Dowwy!” Jill exclaimed with a big smile on her face, picking up the doll and giving it a big hug.

“Yes Jill,” Jill’s Mommy spoke up. “It was very nice of Bobby to make that doll for you. Bobby is going on to Big-Kid School like Amy did, and he will be happy there, just like Amy is.”

“He will?”

Bobby hugged Jill and said, “Yes Jilly, I want to go to Big-Little . . . I mean Big-Kid School.”

All three grown-ups could tell by Jill’s expression that she didn’t completely believe him, and that Bobby wasn’t very confident in his expression about wanting to go to Big-Little Kid School.

“Bobby,” Jill said still hugging her Bobby Doll. “Now you be a good boy at Big-Wittle Kid School. You teww teacha when you have to go potty, and no cwying if you go in you diapee, that is why you Mommy puts dem on you.”

Jill’s Mom smiled at this, Jill was treating Bobby the same way she treated Amy.

“Bobby. You be nice to da othew kids. You need to wet dem pway wif your Big-Wittle kid toys. Bobby be good boy and shawe!”

Bobby smiled at Jill, “I will Jilly. Now you need to be a good little girl and drink from a bottle and use a pacifier at nap time.”

“But Bobby! I big giwl! I no need bottwe! And paci just fow babies and Big-Wittle kids wike you Bobby, not big giwls wike me.”

“But Jilly, bottles are more fun, remember? No being careful and no sippy cup if your bottle tips over,” Bobby giggled.

As Jill giggled with a big smile by this comment, Jill and Bobby’s mom both looked at each other with confusion and then at Teacher Rosie. She just smiled back at them and then turned to hear the rest of the kids’ conversation.

“Now Jilly,” Bobby continued. “When you play house with the other kids, you need to be the Mommy AND the Baby. And even big girls like Jilly like their paci, so no fussing and just enjoy it at nap and nighty night time.”

Jill just hugged Bobby, while he rubbed her back.

Trinna, who had been quietly watching, with a crayon in one hand and her teddy with the red snowflake dress tucked under her other arm, spoke up. “Bobby, I play house wif Jill. I be Mommy and she be Baby.”

“See Jilly,” Bobby said smiling at Trinna and smiling down at Jill. “Trinna will play house with you. Now you be a good baby for Mommy Trinna, like you were a good baby for me.”

Jill’s Mom knelt down to Jill’s height and hugged her. “I bet you can be a great pretend baby for Trinna.”

“She was a super baby for me,” Bobby commented.

“Oh was she,” Jill’s Mommy smiled.

“Yeah, and she really liked drinking from a bottle at Lunch.”

“But I Big Giwl!”

“It’s okay Princess,” Jill’s mom hugged her. “Even Big Girl Princesses like to drink from Bottles from time to time.”

“Day Do?” Jill looked around at all the adults and Bobby, not sure she should believe such a comment.

“Yup they do Princess. But for now, you need to say bye-bye to Bobby and Trinna, so we can get home to Amy. She is going to be wondering where her sissy is.”

“Can Bobby come home so Amy can teww him aww about Big-Wittle kid school?”

“I think Bobby needs to go home to his house. He has had a long day, just like you have.”

“Yeah, and I bet Bobby’s sister is wonder where he is,” Mrs. Malik interjected.

“Bobby have sista too?” Jill asked Mrs. Malik.

“Yes he does, and I bet she wants him home so she can play with his Play People.”

“Amy wike to pway wif Pway Peopwe too. Day fun.”

Jill was picked up and put on her Mom’s hip. Jill waved bye-bye to Bobby and held on tight to her Bobby Dolly.

“Did Teddy have fun at school today?” Jill’s mom asked as Jill took the teddy from her.

“Yeah, she took cawe of Bobby Dowwy. I took cawe of Bobby.”

Bobby blushed at this statement. As Jill and her Mom headed for the door, Bobby listened to their conversation. Jill was telling her Mommy about how she had been a big girl and had done a good job taking care of Bobby all day. This caused Bobby to blush again as he knew it was true, she had taken care of him all day. He did smile as they were walking out the door and Jill’s Mom was asking her if she wanted a Bottle at dinner tonight.

In no time at all Mrs. Malik got Bobby and his bear and they were heading home themselves. Teacher Rosie wished Bobby luck on learning to use the potty this weekend and told him not to worry about Big Kid School, saying he will do just fine there, even if he hasn’t fully mastered getting everything in the potty yet.

After saying good bye to Carly in the Transporter room, Bobby found himself at home.

“Mommy,” Bobby asked. “Do I really get to go to Big-Little Kid School . . . I mean Little Kid . . No, you know what I mean . . . um . . . BIG KID SCHOOL!”

“Yes Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said as they walked into the living room. “But it will not be Junior High School. But, you will always be my Big-Little Kid.”

“Mom, I’m NOT like Amy!”

“Amy Kerznick?” Janie said as she quickly turned away from the toys on the floor and looked up at Mom and Bobby.

“No Janie,” Mrs. Malik interjected. “We are not talking about anyone you know.”

Janie looked at Bobby, the five stickers on his chest, his overalls with fasteners down the legs, and the crinkle from a diaper. She shrugged, smiled, and then went back to playing.

“Do I have to go back to Gleeful Times Nursery School?”

Mrs. Malik hugged Bobby as they headed for the couch, “No dear. But now that all the systems say that you are 10 years old and your developmental level is at a 6 year old level, well . . . we had to put you back in Elementary School.”

“Sixth grade?”

“No dear,” Mrs. Malik said as they sat down on the couch. “10 year olds are not old enough for sixth grade. The Principal decided to put you in . . . I am sorry Bobby . . . with your developmental level and the fact that you are not toilet trained yet, she put you in fourth grade. Actually, she put you in the same classroom as Janie.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 39 - 4th Grader?

Bobby’s eyes went wide as he looked at his mom, upon hearing that he was going to be in his LITTLE sister’s classroom. His attention was immediately shifted however to Janie.

“WHAT,” Janie yelled with anger. “Why do I have to have my baby brother in class with me? None of my friends have their Baby Brothers in class with them?”

Bobby didn’t listen to his mom talking to Janie, all he could think of was that he was going to be put in 4th grade. He was being made to go back to Elementary School. Not back to 6th grade. Not even back to 5th grade. No, all the way back to 4th grade. He was 12 years old and now had to spend the rest of the school year in a room full of baby 9 year olds. It wasn’t fair. Bobby was broken from his thoughts as Janie stormed off and slammed the door to her room.

Mrs. Malik hugged Bobby and smiled down at him, “It is okay Bobby, she will get use to having her Big Brother in class with her.”

Bobby looked up at Mom, “Do I have to be in 4th grade? 4th grade is for little 9 year olds. Shouldn’t I be in 5th grade if I am now a,” Bobby cringed at this. “a 10 year old?”

“Bobby, kids turn 10 in 4th grade.”

“But this school year I turn 13 . . . I mean . . . 11 . . . whatever, I am too old to be a baby 4th grader.”

Mrs. Malik looked down at Bobby. She first noticed the five stickers on his outfit, indicating that he successfully used the potty five times at school today. Then she looked down and saw the overalls with snaps down the legs, the picture show symbol indicated that he needed to be changed, and the teddy bear in his arm dressed the same as he was. Bobby was right, he would definitely be a Baby 4th grader. He did get one thing wrong, however, he wasn’t too old for 4th grade, but maybe the other 4th graders will be too old for him. To answer his question, she just gave him a hug, not really knowing what to say. Yes, 4th grade was better than Preschool, but her 12 year old was about to go back to his old Elementary School in the middle of the school year. Not back one year, but back three.

That evening was quiet in the Malik household. Janie was not talking to anyone because she was angry over having to have Bobby in her class. Bobby was deep in thought, not interested in talking to anyone. He half-heartedly played with the Play People and Planetary Explorer action figure and vehicles. At bed time, the ROOM Unit determined Bobby’s Mood Hormone Rating to be 10, at depressed levels, and dressed him in a nice cozy blanket sleeper. Bobby didn’t even notice fasteners down the legs or the Picture Show Teddy Bear on this right chest. He also didn’t seem to notice when his mom put a pacifier in his mouth in the middle of the diaper change.

He snuggled up next to his dad on the living room couch to hear his bedtime story. Janie just shook her head in disbelief when she came out of her bedroom for Dad’s bedtime story, and saw her supposedly older brother. The Babyish blanket sleeper and pacifier was all the evidence she needed that he did not belong in her Big Kid 4th grade classroom. The Teddy Bear that obviously had a diaper on underneath its clothes just reinforced the point. She gripped her lips together tight and sat down on the other side of Dad.

When the story was over, Mrs. Malik came over to take Bobby off to bed. Before Bobby even got off the couch, Janie stormed off to bed. Everyone could hear her grumbling as she went.

“You use to take me off to bed and tuck me in, now you do him. BUT, he is still my OLDER BROTHER. Yeah Right! And you expect him to fit into my class?”

Mrs. Malik tucked Bobby into bed. “Bobby, it will be okay. You have to see the positive here. You will no longer struggle in school and be doing work below the other kids in the class. Now you will be doing work above the other kids. You’ll be one of the oldest kids and have one of the most advanced academic levels in the class.”

Bobby just looked at his mom sucking on his pacifier and hugging his bear.

“You go to bed now, and on Saturday and Sunday we will work hard on getting you all trained before 4th grade on Monday. Nighty Night sweety.”

The next thing Bobby knew, he was waking up in the morning. Unlike the last couple of mornings, he did not hear his sister and mom talking, however, he could hear his dad.

“You listen and listen carefully. This is the way things are going to be for a while and either you change your attitude or there will be consequences. Bobby is going to be in your class and you are not going to give him a hard time about it. If he isn’t potty trained by Monday, he WILL be going to school in diapers, and you WILL help your brother get use to life in 4th grade when not potty trained. If I ever hear of you doing anything to humiliate him at school or around his friends, your punishment will be quite severe. I do not care what he looks like. I do not care what he acts like. He is your OLDER brother and that is the end of the discussion. Do you understand me young lady?”

Bobby was shocked. He couldn’t recall ever hearing Dad yell at Janie like that. He had yelled at Bobby many times, but sweet little baby girl Jainie could never do anything wrong. He didn’t hear anything from Janie, but heard Dad continue.

“Good. Now Mommy is going to try to Potty Train Bobby this weekend, so hopefully he can be out of diapers before joining your class on Monday. It will not be easy, and we are ALL going to help. I expect you to support him, even if he is not successful. He was having some success at school yesterday, but needed to be reminded. I expect you to be helping Mommy and Me today. It is not easy to Potty Train someone.”

Bobby heard dad’s voice getting farther and farther away till he couldn’t make out the words anymore. Bobby sat up in his bed and looked around.

“ROOM: How old am I?”

    • Robert Frances Malik, 10 years old - -

“ROOM: Where do I go to school?”

    • Checking school records - - Robert Frances Malik is current registered to start on Monday in Mrs. Johan’s 4th grade classroom at Hanigan Elementary School. - -

Bobby scrunched his eyes together and asked, “ROOM: What is my Developmental Level?”

    • Robert Frances Malik’s Developmental Level is 6 years old according to the Galno Scale - -

Bobby took a deep breath and continued, “ROOM: call me Bobby.”

    • Unable to comply - - Change commands are not accepted from children with your Developmental Level. - -

Bobby looked down at his bed, a little kid bed with side rails and little kid sheets. They looked cute and he kind of liked them, even though he knew he shouldn’t. The toys around the room looked kind of fun to play with, even though he knew he shouldn’t. Bobby looked down at his footed blanket sleeper with fasteners down the legs. In his arms was his Teddy. Next to his pillow was a pacifier. He liked the footed blanket sleeper and wanted really bad to pick up that pacifier and put it in his mouth, even though he knew he shouldn’t.

Bobby fought back the urge to pick up the pacifier. He scooted to the bottom of the bed, so he could get out of bed around the bed rails. Still holding tight on to his teddy, he headed for the door. Until he heard his diaper crinkling very loudly as he walked, he had not noticed the wet diaper. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and headed for the Kitchen.

That morning, Bobby managed to get his pee-pee in the potty two times before lunch. Once he figured out he had to go on his own, and once his Mom told him to go. Bobby was a little curious as to how she knew he needed to go before he knew, but didn’t give it much thought.

Lunch went much like Breakfast. The HOUSE Unit tried to give Bobby his milk in a sippy cup and have him wear a bib, but Dad got a regular cup and took the bib off. Like at breakfast, Bobby got some food on his shirt. When his mom was cleaning up his face, he noticed that Janie’s face was clean and there was no food on her clothes. Mom didn’t go over and clean her face. Although Bobby didn’t mind his mom cleaning his face after he ate, he found it odd that she cleaned his face but not Janie’s. Was the ROOM Unit right? Was he really just developmentally a 6 year old, making Janie older than him?

“You two go play till I get this place cleaned up, then I have a treat for you.”

“What is it?” Bobby and Janie asked in unison.

“Go Play or it will take me longer to clean up and longer for you to get your surprise.”

“Come on Bobby,” Janie said grabbing his hand and heading out the kitchen door. “When she gets in this attitude, we better do as she says or we may never get the surprise.”

Janie brought Bobby out to the Living Room and started playing with the Play People. Bobby eagerly sat down to play with her. It wasn’t long before Bobby stopped everything and froze.

“What’s wrong Bobby?” Janie inquired.

“I gatta go!”

“Mommy!” Janie Yelled as loud as she could. “Mommy! Bobby’s gatta go pee-pee.”

“No Janie, I gatta . . . I gatta. . .” Bobby was working to hard to stop from going in his diaper to complete the comment.

“Hurry, Mommy! I think he’s doing a poopy in his diapee!”

“HOUSE,” Mrs. Malik said as she rushed into the Living Room and saw Bobby. “Emergency Potty in Living Room.”

A potty chair materialized next to Bobby about the time Mrs. Malik reached Bobby and started taking his pants and diaper off. He got most of his poopy in the potty, getting lots of praise from Janie and Mommy.

“I am so proud of you Bobby.” Mrs. Malik said as she cleaned him up and changed him into a pair of Training Pants. “It looks like that medication is finally getting out of your system. I am sure in no time, you will be getting all your poopy and pee-pee in the potty without any trouble at all. I guess this is the perfect time to bring out your surprise. I got the two of you that Holo-Movie you wanted.”

About thirty minutes into the Movie, Janie was smiling and giggling along to the story, but Bobby was asleep on the couch.

As Mrs. Malik covered Bobby with his Blankie and gave him his Teddy, she quietly said, “I thought those afternoon naps would be hard to give up.”

R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

R.O.O.M. - Part 40 - Mommy and Bobby Time

“Time to wake up sweety,” Mrs. Malik said shaking Bobby. “A short nap today and tomorrow we will try to get you through without any nap. They don’t have a nap time in 4th grade.”

As Bobby slowly gained awareness of his surroundings, he noticed the movie was still playing. Hugging his teddy, Bobby smiled at Mommy and then gazed blankly at the movie.

Janie softly whispered as Mom left the room, “Yeah, only BABIES in preschool still need naps. 4th grade is for Big Kids, not Little Kids like Bobby!”

Bobby looked at Janie and then back to the Holo-Movie. Her comment reminded him of Jilly. She thought he was a Big-Little Kid. He knew he wasn’t like Jilly’s sister Amy, but was he now going to be a Big-Little Kid. By going to 4th grade still in diapers and needing naps, would that automatically make him a Big-Little Kid? Was he going to be a Little kid in a room only for Big kids. Would this MAKE him a Big-Little kid like Amy? As Bobby slowly woke up, he blankly stared at the movie and thought about his new life.

That afternoon, he was finding it easier to get his pee-pee in the potty, even though he was not always successful. He also noticed that Mommy, Daddy, and even Janie were usually able to tell he needed to go potty before he was. This continued to confuse him, but he didn’t give it a lot of thought. Bobby found the little kid toys on the living room floor a big enough distraction to keep his mind off of it.

Just before dinner time, Dad took Janie with him to go do some shopping. When Bobby asked if he could go too, Dad said this was some Daddy and Daughter time. Bobby just kept playing with the toys on the floor to the living room, distracted by his make-believe world.

By dinner time, they hadn’t returned. Mom said this was just some Mommy and Bobby time. Bobby didn’t understand at first, but he quickly understood why it was just the two of them.

“Bobby,” Mrs. Malik knelt down to his height and held his hands. “It has been a very hard week for you and this next week I suspect will be even harder. I really do want you to grow up again and be my big boy again, but I also know that sometimes it is just easier to be a little kid.” Mrs. Malik smiled at Bobby and continued. “You have been working very hard all day today to get all your pee-pee and poopy in the potty and trying to be a big boy. Tonight I am going to give you permission to be as little or as big as you want. You don’t have to work at being a big boy for the rest of the night. No one else is here to say anything or judge you. Daddy and Janie will not be back till bedtime.”

Bobby looked past Mommy into the kitchen and noticed there was a highchair with a baby bottle sitting next to the table.

“Now if you want to use them, Okay. I know you enjoyed them some in Preschool this week.”

Bobby wanted to yell and tell her that he was a big boy and didn’t want to be treated like a baby, but . . . but . . . he couldn’t take his eyes off of the baby bottle.

Mrs. Malik, unsure how to read Bobby’s reaction, just stared at him and tried to figure out what he was thinking. After about a minute, she guessed that he was upset by the highchair and bottle. “ROOM: remove highchair and bottle.”


“ROOM: hold!” Mrs. Malik looked at Bobby. After another minute of him just staring at the highchair and bottle, she picked him up and carried him over to them. “Do you want to eat dinner in the highchair?”

Bobby shook his head indicating, No.

“Do you want to drink from the baby bottle?”

Bobby hesitated and then slowly shook his head again indicating, No.

Mrs. Malik just smiled as she noticed Bobby’s eyes had not left the highchair and bottle. She put him down in a chair next to the highchair. She brought his dinner over to him, but his eyes still had not left the bottle and highchair.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat in the highchair sweety?”

“If you drop something from the highchair, it will magically put it back on the tray.”

“Yes it does, doesn’t it?” Mrs. Malik replied smiling. “Do you want to play some with that Magic?”

Bobby did not reply, he just kept looking at the bottle and highchair as Mommy put a bib on him. He was brought back to reality when he realized that a spoon full of Macaroni and Cheese was put in his mouth. Mom had asked him to open up and he did without realizing what was happening. Bobby let Mommy feed him several spoonfuls before he grabbed for the spoon one of the times just before she put it in his mouth.

He looked down at the spoon, realizing it was a baby spoon with a bigger handle making it easier to hold on to. He looked at the bowl and noticed a regular spoon next to it, but he just continued eating with the baby spoon. After a few more bites, he went to get something to drink. There were three choices for him; a regular cup, a sippy cup, and mom had put the bottle there too. Initially Bobby took the regular cup, but as the meal went on he switched to the baby bottle. Mrs. Malik noticed this, but Bobby didn’t give any indications that he was aware of the switch.

Mrs. Malik also noticed that Bobby ate all the meat in the macaroni with is hands, along with some of the macaroni. She just smiled at his messy hands and face as she ate her dinner. At one point in the meal he dropped his bottle on the floor. She assumed this was by accident, but wasn’t sure. After dropping it, he looked over at the highchair and then down at his chair before looking again at the bottle on the floor and then up at Mommy.

“I will get it dear. Don’t worry about it, but I am glad it was the bottle you dropped instead of your cup.”

Bobby smiled as he took the bottle and drank from it. He looked down at HIS bib, HIS bottle, HIS baby spoon and realized he was sitting in HIS wet diapers. He then looked up at Mommy. “Me Baby Bobby?”

“Well with that messy face, you are DEFINITELY not my big 10 year old boy.”

They both laughed and finished up their meal.

“Mommy, tomowwow me big boy. Big boy undies. Big boy cup. Today me baby.”

“Well I am not sure about that Bobby. If you had made it to the toilet all the time today without help, I might have been willing to try big boy underwear tomorrow, but I think we better keep you in diapers or Training Pants for at least a few more days. It looks like you are really starting to recover from the effects of that medication, but you are not ready yet to go without some protection.”

“Can I still go to 4th grade if I am in diapers?”

“Oh yes sweety. Yes. The teacher doesn’t care if you are in diaper or big boy underwear. She doesn’t care where you do your poopies and pee-pee, she just cares if you do your work.”

Bobby was dressed and ready for bed when Janie and Daddy came home. He never asked where they went or what they did, he just wanted Daddy to read him a bed time story as he cuddled up to him sucking on his pacifier and hugging his teddy bear.

That night Mommy took Bobby to bed and gave him a choice, bed or crib.

“A cwib wike Jilly’s?”

“Yes Baby Bobby, a crib like Jilly sleeps in,” Mrs. Malik didn’t understand the connection the two of them had made, but she did see the gleeful glow on his face when he said her name.

“Onwy tonight? Mowwow I sweep in wegula bed again?”

“Yes. If you want or you can sleep in a crib tomorrow too instead of a regular bed, if you want. So, what do you want Bobby, Crib or Bed?”

Very sheepishly, Bobby says, “Jiwwy Cwib”

    • Little Girl Crib for Robert Francis Malik to sleep in. - -

A Bobby sized crib appears where the bed was a moment earlier. It had pink sheets with little flowers all over them. The crib blanket had little girl prints all over it. The crib toy was hanging from the bars and there was a picture of a diapered little girl in pig-tails on the headboard.

“ROOM: Not a little girl crib. A little boy crib please. Bobby is a boy not a girl.”

“It otay Mommy. Me sweep in it. Jilly would wike it.”

    • Would you like to keep this crib or replace it with another? - -

“Well I guess Bobby is okay with this one.”

Bobby was tucked into the crib and kissed goodnight. Mrs. Malik tapped his pacifier that was in his mouth, before activating some soothing music and leaving the room.

Before going to bed, Mrs. Malik checked on Bobby sleeping in the crib. She stood at the side of the crib looking down at her baby. She just stood there smiling for several minutes. As she started to walk out of the room she heard some mumbling out of Bobby. She went back over to the crib and saw he was still asleep. She couldn’t make out what he was saying. As she started to close his bedroom door however, she definitely recognized one word and heard a beep from the ROOM Unit.

R.O.O.M. - Part 41 - What Makes a Mother

Mrs. Malik went back into Bobby’s room and stood next to his crib, looking down on her sleeping little baby boy. She just stood there looking down when she heard him say it again.


The ROOM Unit beeped. Bobby mumbled some things and then was silent. The ROOM Unit was silent. Mrs. Malik went over to the display screen on the wall. It showed an access by child, indicating preschooler crib access only.

“ROOM: Is Bobby sleeping?” Mrs. Malik asked looking at the crib.

    • Yes - - Robert Francis Malik is in REM sleep - -

“Is he having a nightmare?”

    • Negative, Dream Levels are in the average range for Robert’s developmental level. - -

Bobby mumbled some more and then he clearly said, “ROOM stop calling me two different ages, I am either 12 or 10, not both.” Bobby mumbled some more but then was silent. The ROOM Unit beeped and then was silent.

Mrs. Malik scrolled through the access logs for Bobby’s ROOM Unit. The logs tracked back to the replacement and they clearly showed repeated access by a child several times each night. No commands were actually followed, the log recorded only that the commands were outside the child’s access parameters. She did notice however, that the access parameters have moved from Baby, jumping up to a Little Kid level and then a step backwards to a Preschooler Level. Mrs. Malik wondered how long it would be before Bobby got his access level up to a Janie’s level of Big-Kid.

“Emily,” Mr. Malik said entering the room. “Is everything okay?”

“Leo, Bobby has been struggling with the difference between his age and developmental level for a long time.”

Leo Malik came up and hugged his wife. They both went over to the crib and looked down at Bobby.

“ROOM: How old am I?” Bobby asked in his sleep.

    • Robert Frances Malik, 10 years old - -

Leo opened his mouth, but Emily put her finger on his lips to stop him from interrupting Bobby and the ROOM Unit.

“ROOM: What is my Developmental Level?”

    • Robert Frances Malik’s Developmental Level is 6 years old according to the Galno Scale - -

“No, I can’t do big kid stuff, stop telling everyone I am a big kid. I amwhee . . .” Bobby’s mumbled a little bit more and then rolled over and was silent.

For several minutes Leo and Emily just stood there looking down at their oldest child sleeping in his crib. A week ago he was a Pre-Teen who couldn’t wait to be a TEENAGER, or at least that is what they thought he was. Now, hugging his teddy bear, diapered, and in a Picture Show blanket sleeper with a popular preschooler holo-character on it, Mr. Malik reached down and put the pacifier sitting next to Bobby’s pillow into his son’s mouth.

“Do you think I am a good mother Leo?” Mrs. Malik quietly asked while still looking down at Bobby?

“How can you ask such a silly question, you are the best Mother there is,” Leo replied giving her a big hug.

“I didn’t know Bobby was struggling so much with the difference between his age and his developmental level, but the R.O.O.M. Unit did. Maybe it is a better mother?”

“What are you talking about Emily? It is just a machine, not a mother.”

“R.O.O.M. remember what the technician said it stood for; R - Room, O - Organizing, O - Omnipotent, M - Mother. An Omnipotent Mother, how can I . . . how can I compete against that?”

“Emily, when the kids are sick, feeling bad, or hurt, they want you, not the room unit, not even me, they want you, their Mother. You may not be Omnipotent, but in their eyes you are the one who can solve all problems, heal all wounds, and do no wrong. They honestly believe you have eyes on the back of your head, and can hear their thoughts and dreams. I am envious,” Leo said giving Emily a tight squeeze.

Emily smiled at Bobby, “If only I could figure out the best way to help him grow up.”

Stroking Bobby’s hair Leo says, “Rest up my little guy, growing up is never easy.” He then turned and directed his wife out of the room. On the way to their bedroom, they stopped in to look at Janie. Their baby was sleeping in her Pre-Teen Bed, wearing a flowered nighty, with her teddy bear sitting on the headboard shelf above her.

“You shall always be our baby, no matter what the future may bring,” Emily said before turning and heading off to bed.

R.O.O.M. - Part 42 - Brother and Sister

The next morning Bobby woke up in his crib with the pacifier still in his mouth. He hugged his teddy tight and looked up at the crib toy hanging on the bars. He sat up and started to examine all the options available to him. He turned to the door and saw that it was closed.

Pulling out his pacifier he asked, “ROOM: How old am I?”

    • Robert Frances Malik, 10 years old - -

“ROOM: Where do I go to school?”

    • Robert Frances Malik is currently registered to start on Monday in Mrs. Johan’s 4th grade classroom at Hanigan Elementary School. - -

“ROOM: What is my Developmental Level?”

    • Robert Frances Malik’s Developmental Level is 6 years old according to the Galno Scale - -

“Can I get out of my crib?”

    • No Robert. You are not allowed out till someone older comes and lets you out. - -

Bobby sighed and put the pacifier back in his mouth. He turned back to the crib toy and started pulling some of the levers and pushing the buttons. He was having fun seeing all that it could do that he didn’t even notice Janie entering his room.

Janie stood at the side of the crib watching before she asked, “What happens when you pull the red one?”

Bobby, without turning around, said through his pacifier, “It spins da star and sings Twinkle Twinkle.”

Bobby pulled the red lever and turned to look at Janie with a big smile on his face. Then he layed down on his back and pointed up and said, “Wook!”

The Crib toy’s holo-emitters projected a collection of stars that spinned around above the crib as a soothing female voice sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

While watching the stars and listening to the music, Janie noticed Bobby’s crib. If she slept in a crib she would want one like this, it was really cute. “I like your crib Bobby.”

“Yeah, it wike Jiwwy Cwib. Jiwwy my fwiend.”

Janie looked down at the pink sheets with little flowers all over them. She noticed the little girl prints on the blanket and the picture of a diapered little girl in pig-tails on the headboard. She smiled, remembering how she saw other little kids who didn’t care about something being just for boys or for girls.

“CRIB: let Bobby out,” Janie commanded. The side of the crib disappeared allowing Janie access to Bobby.

“How you do dat?” Bobby asked looking at Janie and then back to where the crib side use to be. He reached out his arm and waved it where the bars use to be. Bobby sat up and cautiously put his legs out.

“Silly Bobby, I just asked the crib to let you out. Big kids are allowed to let little . . . I mean . . let other kids out of cribs,” Janie smiled at Bobby and took his hand. “Mommy wanted me to come get you for breakfast. Come on, she made Pancakes!”

Bobby slowly stood up and took a few steps away from the crib. He was expecting to be transported back into the crib, but he wasn’t. He was out and it wasn’t Mommy or Daddy that got him out. He couldn’t get out by himself, but Janie could get him out. Bobby recalled that the ROOM Unit said only someone older could get him out, but Janie WASN’T older. Was she? Bobby was pulled out of this thought as Janie started to lead him through the room off to breakfast.

They had only gotten a few steps, when Bobby stopped in his tracks and pulled on Janie’s hand.

Janie turns around and looks at Bobby, “Come on Bobby, Moms even heating up the syrup for the pancakes.”

“Janie,” Bobby’s voice was quiet and timid. “Will your teacher like me?”

Janie looked at her brother, he was no longer smiling. He looked scared. Hugging his teddy bear, sucking on his pacifier, and dressed in a Picture Show blanket sleeper with a preschooler holo-character on it, he also looked so small and innocent. Someone she should protect and take care of.

“Mrs. Johan? Of course she will like you Bobby,” Janie said taking both his hands. “She is a great teacher.”

“What if I . . . I . . . go poopy in my pants. Will she still like me?”

Janie’s smile widens, “She doesn’t care about poopy diapers Bobby, you would not be the only one in the room still in diapers learning to use the potty.”


Although Janie figured out a couple days ago that she was now the big sister, this moment was when she realized what that really meant. Bobby was looking to her for guidance and assistance. Just like a little brother or sister, Bobby was looking up to her. She tilted her head and smiled, then gave Bobby a big hug.

“Oh Bobby, yeah you will not be the only one. It takes a lot of work to get out of diapers and training pants in Mrs. Johan’s classroom, but you will not be alone. There are a handful of kids who still wear training pants occasionally and one that wears diapers most of the time.” Janie smiled and thought for a moment. “Our room is also the only 4th grade class in the school that has a changing table and potty chair in the room.”

Janie knew there was only one kid in class who was willing to use such a baby thing as a potty chair, but figured Bobby would now make two. If he was willing to use a potty chair in the middle of their livingroom, he would be willing to use on in the private changing area in the classroom. All the other kids insisted on going to the bathroom and using the toilet like a big kid.

Smiling at Bobby and squeezing his hands a little, she continued, “Mrs. Johan is so nice, you don’t even have to ask to go potty Bobby, you just get up and go.” Although Janie knew there was only one kid in class who actually had the privilege, she strongly suspected Mrs. Johan would also give Bobby that privilege too. If not, Janie decided right then, that she would convince Mrs. Johan to let Bobby have that privilege.

“Is she ganna give me hard work?”

“Bobby! What are you talking about,” Janie chuckled a little bit. “You have helped me with my homework at various times. You, and this girl in class named Lizzie, will get all the A’s in the class. Now that is NOT fair!”

Bobby giggled at Janie.

“What are you two doing in here, your breakfast is getting cold,” Mom said as she entered the room.

Janie and Bobby walked to the kitchen still holding hands.

Upon walking in the kitchen, Bobby immediately looked for the highchair and baby bottle, but didn’t see either. Frowning, he sat down at the table. There was also no bib, baby spoon, or sippy cup.

Mrs. Malik ruffled his hair as she set a plate of pancakes in front of him, and took the pacifier out of his mouth. “Enjoy sweety.”

Bobby quickly settled into breakfast and was happily chatting away with Mom, Dad, and even Janie. After breakfast Mom brought Bobby back to his room for a change and to dress him. She put him in Training Pants and elastic waist Picture Show pants.

As the day progressed, Mrs. Malik saw a change in Bobby and suspected the Baby Time last night really had a positive impact on Bobby. He was talking in more Big Kid sentences and less argumentative. He appeared to want things appropriate for this Developmental level of a six year old, instead of a Preschooler. At meals he was eating like a 10 year old and didn’t even spill his drinks. He even managed to make it through the afternoon without a nap. For the first time in days, she felt he might actually be able to make it in 4th grade, without appearing too much like a baby.

Just before dinner Bobby wet his Training Pants. Although Bobby showed progress in his bowel control today, he still definitely needed his training pants for both bladder and bowel. Mrs. Malik had to tell him to go potty much more than he could figure it out himself.

As Mrs. Malik got Bobby up on his changing table, Dad stuck his head in the room announcing that him and Janie were heading out and would be back in an hour or two. Bobby looked at Mommy, she smiled at him and started talking to him instead of changing his Training Pants.

“Bobby, you have made a lot of great progress today. I know you have been working hard to get all your pee-pee and poopy in the potty. It has been hard work hasn’t it.”

Bobby looked down at his training pants and nodded his head, yes.

“I thought you might like a break from all that work.”

Bobby was confused by how he could get a break from trying to use the potty.

"Tomorrow you are going to have a lot of challenges as you go to a new class with all new kids. Your time last night getting to be a little kid seemed to help you today be a big kid. So I want to give you that chance again. So, for at least the next few nights and whenever I feel you need a break, I will just change you into a diaper and treat you like a little kid. You can say No if you don’t want it or if you don’t want something like being fed your food from Mommy, but if it is okay, you don’t have to say anything, just let me take care of everything from feeding you to worrying about your pee-pee and poopy.

“ROOM: Change Bobby please. Put him in a diaper, he isn’t going to use the potty any more today. Also, change his clothes to a Picture Show Onsie.”

The ROOM Unit redressed Bobby with a pacifier attached to a clip on his Onsie and his teddy in his arms. When it was done he just lay there hugging his teddy and smiling. When Mommy sat him up to lead him off to the kitchen for dinner, she continued to explain the situation.

“Now Daddy has taken Janie out last night and tonight, but starting tomorrow Janie and Daddy will be here during your Baby Bobby time. I know you are a big boy Bobby, but I also know you like some of the baby things, like pacifiers, bottles, bibs, and some of the toys. This will give you a chance to be a big boy when around other kids and a little boy when at home.”

“But can I still have friends over to play?”

“Umm . . . Yeah Bobby, you don’t have to be a Little Boy when you are at home, you can be a big boy when you have friends over.”

“No, Can I have a friend over and be a Little Boy?”

Mrs. Malik looked at Bobby confused, trying to think which of the kids in his Junior High class that he might want to have over while playing baby.

“You can have anyone over you want Bobby.” Mrs. Malik hesitantly said. “Who do you want to come over and play when you are being a Little Boy instead of a Big Boy.”

“Jilly!” Bobby said with a big smile on his face.

R.O.O.M. - Part 43 - Big Boy School

When they reached the kitchen Bobby found the highchair, bib, and baby bottle were back, along with the baby spoon and fork. This time the sippy cup and regular cup were not on the table. Mrs. Malik did not ask Bobby this time, she just brought him right over to the highchair and strapped him in. She fed him some food and he ate some on his own. Bobby enjoyed the care and attention he was getting.

Bobby played and enjoyed his carefree evening, showing no change in behavior when Janie and Dad came home. Mrs. Malik did notice a change in Janie however. She made no comment to his baby attire and was treating him the same as she had been all day. She was helpful to Mommy and even helped clean up the toys before going to get dressed for bed, without griping that Bobby wasn’t helping. Mrs. Malik wasn’t sure what had brought on the change, but she was happy to see it.

After changing Bobby’s diaper and getting him dressed for bed, Mrs. Malik sat down in a rocking chair with Bobby and talked to him about tomorrow.

“Bobby,” Mrs. Malik said while feeding Bobby a bottle of warm milk. “Tomorrow you get a new teacher. I think you will like Mrs. Johan.”

Bobby was holding onto the bottle with one hand and his teddy bear with the other. He looked up at Mom, but didn’t respond. He just kept drinking the milk.

“Well Bobby, we should write her a letter to tell her a little about you. It would be best if she knew some things before you got there. Lets see . . . ROOM: Dictate letter for delivery to Mrs. Johan at Hanigan Elementary School . . . mark it urgent best read before school.”

Mrs. Malik smiled at Bobby as she rocked him in the chair. “Dear Mrs. Johan, I thought you should know a few things about Bobby before he starts in your class. He is a happy quiet boy. He always puts a lot of effort into his school work and strives to get good grades. He has always struggled academically, but with this retention, he should be near the top of your class in his academic skills. As you know, the last week has brought a lot of changes for Bobby. Most significant in those changes is that his Galno Scale Developmental level has gone from a 10 year old level to a 6 year old level. He also lost his bladder and bowel control due to a problem with a wrongly administered medication. Although he has regained a lot of control, he still struggles and at this point he probably will not regain full control until he goes through another growth spurt as he enters puberty. Occasionally he is able to recognize the need to go and gets to the toilet on time, but most of the time he still needs a lot of help to know when he needs to go use the potty. He has switched back and forth between diapers and training pants several times over the last week. I will be sending him to school in Training Pants, but if you feel he would be better in diapers, it is okay with me. At home he still uses them each night and occasionally during the daytime.”

Bobby took the bottle out of his mouth and protested, “Mommy! Don’t tell her that.”

Mrs. Malik strokes his hair and smiled down at her boy. Putting the bottle back in his mouth she continued, “Bobby has been trying hard to act like a big boy, after being treated like a preschooler for a week. He doesn’t want to be treated like a little kid in 4th grade, where everyone else in class acts and is treated like a big kid. During many of his meals over the last week he has eaten in a highchair, with a bib, sippy cup or bottle. I understand that with his developmental level set at 6 years old, the SCHOOL Unit will treat him like a six year old while at school, and this might involve bibs and sippy cups. He really doesn’t want to be the only fourth grader wearing a bib and using a sippy cup at lunch, so if there is any way for him to eat without these items, it would be appreciated.”

Bobby took the bottle out of his mouth and smiling up at Mommy he said, “Tank you Mommy.”

“Mrs. Johan, I honestly think that the only possible problem you might run into with Bobby is keeping him awake after lunch. He has been taking naps each day for almost a week now. Although he managed to go without a nap on Sunday, he might be a little groggy after lunch. The Principal said he could have a nap time if needed, but since there are no other 4th graders who take a nap, he would really like to try it without a nap.”

Hugging tight onto his teddy, Bobby smiled up at Mommy, still silent as she kept dictating the letter, “If you have any questions or Bobby has any difficulties, just give me a call. . . ROOM: sign my name and send it off please.”

Mrs. Malik read Bobby a bedtime story while they continued to rock in the rocking chair. When done, she called up a Little Kid bed for Bobby to sleep in.

Bobby looked at the bed and wondered why it wasn’t a crib like last night. Part of him wanted a crib again, but another part liked the idea of being in a big kid bed, even if it did have railings going most of the way down each side.

After getting Bobby tucked in with his teddy and a pacifier, Mrs. Malik sat at the end of the bed (where there was no railing) and reminded Bobby that everything was going to be okay tomorrow.

“Mommy,” Bobby says through his pacifier. “Am I weally going back to Big-Kid schoow tomowwow?”

Mrs. Malik smiled at the pacifier talk, “Yes Bobby. Tomorrow you will be going to Big-Kid school with Janie. Now off to sleep so you are all rested for your new school.”

Sitting in a chair with his hands on a surface in front of him, Bobby heard an unfamiliar female voice.

“Settle down everyone, settle down. We have a new student in class today and I don’t want him to think this is a class of wild animals,” the lady said as she approached Bobby. “Now Class, this is Bobby Malik. I want everyone to be nice to him and help him adjust to our class.”

Bobby sat back in his seat and listened to the teacher.

“Okay Bobby, we have been working on some pretty advanced skills so if you need help just ask,” The lady smiled at Bobby and turned to the rest of the class. “CLASSROOM: Sippy Cups with water for all the students.”

Bobby looked around at all the other students. They were all in highchairs and sippy cups with various babyish designs were materializing on all their trays.

“Okay, now. I know you all really like your bottles, but Big-Kids drink from sippy cups not bottles. So lets practice some more on how to drink from a Big-Kid cup. Pick it up and put the spout at the bottom, then put the spout in your mouth and suck on it like your bottle.”

“Teacher?” Bobby inquired.

“Yes Bobby?”

“I . . . I am confused,” Bobby said looking around at the other kids.

“That is okay Bobby. We will help you get this, it is hard to understand the directions when you are just a little kid and you don’t know all the words yet.”

The teacher started to take Bobby’s hands to show him how to drink from a sippy cup.

“NO! I know how to drink from a sippy cup! I am confused about why you are teaching this. Isn’t this Big-Kid School?”

“Yes Bobby this is Big-Kid School. This is what we do in Big-Kid School; we teach you how to be a Big-Boy.”

“But! But I am a Big Boy!”

"I know that Bobby, you know how to walk without holding on to Mommy’s hands and you can say more than one word at a time. You are growing up so fast, I hear you can even burp after your bottle without Mommy’s help. But you were sent here because the youngest kid in Teacher’s Rosie’s class was more advanced than you were. So your Mommy and Teacher Rosie thought it would be good to send you back to Big-Kid School to learn the skills you need to be a Big-Kid in Teacher Rosie’s classroom.

“But I am supposed to be in Mrs. Johan’s class, not this baby class.”

“Bobby you are in Mrs. Johan’s classroom. I am Mrs. Johan, and this is the class you are supposed to be in. Now come on Bobby, let’s get you changed out of that wet and messy diaper.”

Bobby’s head was spinning with thought as he was lead over to the changing table in the room. Knowing something wasn’t right, that this wasn’t the Big-Kid School he was suppose to be at, he finally came across the one item that would prove to this teacher that he was supposed to be in a different Mrs. Johan’s classroom.

“No, I am a Big Boy now!” Bobby asserted as he was placed on the changing table. “I am supposed to be in my sister’s Mrs. Johan’s classroom, not this one for babies.”

“Silly Bobby,” Mrs. Johan responded. “You are in your sister’s class. That reminds me, it is about time your sister start learning to change diapers and she might as well start her lessons with yours. JANIE, come here please.”

Bobbie looked at Mrs. Johan like she had two heads; there was no way his sister was in this class. She was a big girl and didn’t need these types of lessons.

Janie came around the changing room screen with a big smile on her face, “Yes Mrs. Johan?”

“Janie,” Mrs. Johan responded. “You entered this class almost a week ago, to learn how to be a big girl and take care of little kids like your brother Bobby here. Since your Mom told you that you could start changing Bobby’s diaper once he had been in them for a week and adjusted to being in them again, I think it is time you start getting lessons in how to change a diaper. Little Bobby here is wet and messy, so we need to get him changed so he doesn’t get a rash.”

Janie smiled and came up to the changing table next to Mrs. Johan.

“I am a Big Boy now! I need to go to Big Boy school,” a defeated Bobby said as a pacifier was put in his mouth.

Mrs. Malik stood back up after putting the pacifier back in Bobby’s mouth and rubbing his back to calm him down from a disruptive dream. Looking down smiling, and recalling the only words she could make out from his mumbling before she put the pacifier back in his mouth, she softly said, “Yes you are a Big Boy now. What was it that Jilly called you, a Big-Little Boy? You certainly are my Big-Little Boy. Sleep well my Big-Little boy, for Big Boy School tomorrow is going to be a lot harder for you than Preschool or Junior High.”

R.O.O.M. - Part 44 – Bobby Learns his Fate

– Good Morning Robert. It is 7:30 in the morning, November 9, 2572. Time to get up. –

Bobby rolled over in bed, hugged his teddy bear, sucked on his pacifier, and went back to sleep.

– Good Morning Robert. It is 7:35 in the morning, November 9, 2572. It is time to get up. –

Bobby felt his bed rumble this time and the lights in the room were starting to slowly increase illumination. Bobby hugged his teddy and heard the theme song to a popular Preschooler Holo-show. As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw a few holo-projected Zero-G Racers circling above his bed.

– Morning Robert. I have this morning’s episode ready for you to watch before your Mommy comes in to get you for breakfast. –

Before Bobby could respond, the episode started playing. Bobby took a deep breath, hugged his teddy and sat up in bed. Being still half asleep, Bobby stared blankly at the show. As he started waking up more, he was becoming engrossed in the episode. Upon realizing this, he got up and looked around the room. Somehow he needed to associate himself as a big boy, not a little kid who would like this show.

Bobby spotted the DRESSER and got up on it. While still watching the episode, he asked to be dressed for school.

A shelf materialized on the DRESSER Unit and Bobby put Teddy on it before holding onto the bars. As soon as he was in position, he was engulfed in a light.

– School Clothes – Outside temps 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit – Inside Temps 68 to 75 – Mood Hormone Rating: 15 – Robert, you appear to be worried about today. Don’t worry you will do fine in your new class. – I will dress you in bright and cheerful clothes, something nice for your first day of Elementary School. Hopefully it will help raise your mood. –

The DRESSER removed his pajamas and initiated a cleansing scan. It went from his feet up to his hair and back down to his diaper region. Once he was dressed, Bobby momentarily looked away from the episode to make sure he was changed. Noticing he had clothes on, he grabbed his teddy off the shelf and while still watching the show he went back to sit on his bed.

When Mrs. Malik peeked in Bobby’s room, she found Bobby sitting on his bed, holding tight onto his teddy, sucking on his pacifier, and watching the Preschooler Holo-show. Mrs. Malik had to smile at his outfit. She hadn’t seen him wear it for probably 5 or 6 years, but with the pacifier in his mouth and the teddy in his hands, it looked so cute on him. The outfit he was wearing, although appropriate for his developmental level of 6 years old, was not something he should be wearing to 4th grade. The shirt and the light and move shoes with the main character from the Preschooler show he was watching was bad enough, but the primary color Toilet Training pants was definitely going too far. She was kind of surprised that he was willingly wearing the outfit, but considering what he was watching, maybe not. After looking at the display panel on the wall to see how much time was left in the show, she left to get Janie ready. She felt that there was no reason to interrupt his enjoyment of the show, she could get him changed into something better suited for his new classroom once the show was over.

As the end of the shows music started to play, Mrs. Malik returned. “Come on Bobby, let’s get you back into the DRESSER and into some more appropriate clothes for 4th Grade,” Mrs. Malik said leading Bobby to the dresser with him still watching the Holo-Screen.

When they reached the dresser, Bobby finally looked down at what he was wearing. He then turned to mom with a defeated look. Taking the pacifier out of his mouth he asked, “Developmentally appropriate but not for 4th grade?”

“Yeah sweety,” Mrs. Malik said giving her little one a big hug.

“Why am I always treated at my Developmental Level? Can’t I at least once be treated my age? The stupid machines already think I am two years younger than my actual age, isn’t that enough for them?”

Mrs. Malik didn’t feel a response would ease his frustration. She took his teddy and pacifier and put them on the small shelf attached to the DRESSER Unit. “ROOM, redress Bobby in an outfit that is more appropriate for a 9 year old in 4th grade.”

– Galno scale developmental levels put Robert at a 6 year old level, unable to comply –

“ROOM, Parental Over-ride, the doctor put his Overall Developmental Level at a young 8 year old level, please use that instead.”

– Although not recommended, permitted – – Developmental Level Over-ride by Parent – Changing Setting for Robert Frances Malik – Do you want these settings used on all school days, or only today? –

“Yes, please use these settings on all school days.”

– Diapers or Training Pants? –

“For school, dress Bobby in Training Pants until further notice.”

– Changing clothes –

Bobby was engulfed in a light.

– School Clothes – Outside temps 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit – Inside Temps 68 to 75 – Mood Hormone Rating: 15 – Robert, you still appear to be worried about today. – Bright and cheerful clothes should help raise your mood. –

The DRESSER removed his outfit and initiated a cleansing scan. It went from his feet up to his hair and back down to his diaper region. This time after being dressed, Bobby paid more attention to what he was dressed in. He was still very much dressed in little kid clothes, but probably nothing that would be too out of place in a 4th grade classroom, except maybe the added picture show elements in his clothes.

He was wearing a dark green shirt with a picture show Zero-G racer on the front. His light brown pants had an elastic waist and picture show strips down the legs. He was wearing light and move Zero-G racer sneakers. Looking down at his pants, Bobby pulled out the waist band to make sure he was wearing Training Pants instead of Diapers.

“You know Bobby, the Toilet Training Pants might be a good idea. I should have thought of that this weekend. They are not appropriate for 4th grade, but maybe when you are at home.”

Bobby didn’t respond, figuring that Mommy would dress him in whatever she wanted regardless of what he said. He remembered wearing Toilet Training Pants. The waist band would vibrate and beep when he started to wet or poop, and the area around the diaper would continuously change colors till he was changed. Kindergarteners and 1st graders wore them when learning to use the potty, but older kids didn’t. Bobby didn’t understand why, but he didn’t care if Mommy put him in them. He could see how they might even help him learn to use the potty again.

As they entered the Kitchen, Bobby’s focus switched to breakfast. Janie was already eating breakfast. Time flew fast for Bobby and soon he was done eating his Waffles and the two of them were being directed to the transporter.

“Janie, do you have your Homework?”

“Yes Mom.”

“Okay Bobby, I want you to be a good boy for Mrs. Johan today. There is a potty chair in the room and I want you to try to get all your pee-pee and poopy in it.”

“Can’t I use the bathroom like all the other kids in 4th grade?”

“Not all the kids use the bathroom Bobby,” Janie interrupted. “There is a girl in our class that still uses the potty chair like you do.”

Bobby looked at Janie, not really believing her. He knew 4th graders didn’t use potty chairs, they used the toilet.

“She is why we have the changing table and potty chair in our classroom. You and her are a lot alike Bobby, I bet you two will be good friends. She will really like having someone like her to play with at recess.”

“Bobby,” Mrs. Malik continued as they all stepped onto the Transporter. “I want you to tell the teacher if you go in your Training Pants, and remember, if she puts you back into diapers, I don’t want you to complain. Do what the teacher says.”

With a quick direction to the Transporter, the three of them were standing in the entry room to Hanigan Elementary School. It was still about 10 minutes before school began, so the halls were empty. They walked down to Mrs. Johan’s classroom and paused before entering.

“Now you two be good at school today. Janie remember what Daddy said, if you are not nice to Bobby at school there will be severe consequences.” Turning to Bobby, Mrs. Malik eased her demeanor and took his hand while smiling, “Let’s go meet your new teacher Bobby.”

Bobby felt like a 6 year old on his first day of 1st grade. To make matters worse, he had to go potty, but was too scared to say anything. Soon they were inside the room and Mrs. Johan was welcoming Bobby to her classroom. She showed him around the room. When they got to the changing table behind a curtain in a back corner of the classroom, she sent Janie off to her desk to get ready for school.

“Well Bobby,” Mrs. Johan said once Janie had left. “I need you to know that you can always come back here to use the potty, you don’t have to ask, just come use it. We don’t want any accidents, if we can avoid them. Also, if you ever need a change, just ask and I will change you as soon as I have the opportunity.”

Meekly, Bobby said, “I . . I have to go pott. . .”

It was too late, before he could finish the word potty he wet his pants. Bobby put his head down and leaned up against Mommy.

“It is okay Bobby,” Mrs. Johan said as she started to get him up on the changing table. “I am very proud of you for telling me before you went. Next time just try to tell me a little bit sooner, so we can get you on the potty in time.”

During the change Mrs. Johan continued her talking. “Bobby, I know you have been wearing both Diapers and Training Pants. I talked with Teacher Rosie and she had you wearing diapers till you could successfully get your poopy in the potty. Your Mommy said you did that this weekend, so we will try Training Pants here at school. If you need them, or want them, we have diapers too.”

“But 4th graders do not wear diapers,” Bobby objected.

“We have one other student in this class who DOES wear diapers to school. Occasionally she wears Training Pants, but usually she is in Diapers. So you would not be the only one in diapers in my classroom, but for now we will try Training Pants.”

Bobby was quickly changed into clean and dry pants. He found Mrs. Johan was just as good at changing him as Teacher Rosie was.

“Okay Bobby,” Mrs. Johan said as she got him down from the changing table. “Let’s go see your desk.”

There were two desks right near the changing area, and this is where Mrs. Johan led Bobby.

I put you back here with that other girl I was telling you about. These desks are close to the Potty Chair and you two have similar issue and will be spending a lot of time together. I figured it would be best just having your desks together. She is really nice, you will like her.

Bobby looked at the desks and at the area around the desks. He saw a shelf behind his desk with some Play People toys on it and other Preschooler toys.

“Are those here for me,” Bobby asked?

Mrs. Johan looked at what Bobby was talking about and then smiled, “You can play with them if you want Bobby, but those are for that other 4th grader I was talking about. She wanted more fun toys to play with, so we brought those in. I bet you and her will become good friends and play together a lot.”

Suddenly the door opened, and everyone looked toward the door.

“Oh, perfect timing,” Mrs. Johan said. “Here she is now.”

Walking in the door was a girl about Janie’s size wearing a pink Picture Show Dress, Light and Move Mary Jane shoes, with one of the characters from the Preschool Show he was watching this morning. Behind her was a Mom with a Preschooler on her hip.

Bobby’s eyes went very wide when he realized who just walked in the room. He didn’t know the girl in the dress, but he definitely knew the preschooler and the Mommy.

“Wook Mommy! Bobby! I towd you, we see Bobby at Big-Wittle Kid schoow!” The preschooler shouted with glee. “I towd ya! I towd ya! Hi Bobby!”

Bobby blushed and waved at Jilly, who was holding tight onto the Bobby Dolly. He quickly came to the realization who the 4th grade girl Janie and the teacher had been talking about. The girl that he was like, the one he would be good friends with, and he could play with at recess, that girl had just walked into the room. She was the one wearing the Picture Show Dress. Although he had never met her, he knew her very well. There was no questioning it anymore, he was a Big-Little kid just like she was. His new school buddy could only be one person. Jilly’s Big-Little Sister Amy!


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R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

Teek, I had to bring this over here!! If the old place goes away, I don’t to lose the ability to read this!!

RSI, again if you want to transfer stories by yourself & don’t want help let me know, 'k!!

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

I read this story as it got posted on the old site, and this is one of my favorite stories. As with most of Teek’s stories, this one feels like it really could happen.

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

I enjoyed this story alot :D, any chance we’ll be seeing Bobby again? :wink:

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

Sorry, my TARDIS takes me where I need to be, not where I want to go. It has never seen a need for me to travel back to visit one of my previous characters. I have always assumed that this meant they are living their lives the way I left them. Maybe if one of my characters find themselve in another conflict - - - say Bobby’s R.O.O.M. Unit starts dressing him as a Little Girl - - - then I might find my TARDIS bringing me back to observe and record his/her struggles. I don’t think this is going to happen, so just enjoy my other stories.

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

Sorry, my TARDIS takes me where I need to be, not where I want to go.

It has never seen a need for me to travel back to visit one of my previous characters.

I have always assumed that this meant they are living their lives the way I left them.

Maybe if one of my characters find themselves in another conflict - - - say Bobby’s R.O.O.M. Unit starts dressing him as a Little Girl - - - then I might find my TARDIS bringing me back to observe and record his/her struggles.

I don’t think this is going to happen, so just enjoy my other stories.[/quote]

Do you have any other stories like this, about a child his physical age being diapered/babied?

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

I have a total of 10 stories on this site. I believe, all but this one is posted in the Completed Stories section, and have a smiley face icon next to the posting Subject name. My stories usually have a main character who is between 6 and 12 years old.

There are two stories that are more News Articles than traditional story and do not really have a main character:

  • Proposition 2 – Equal Diaper Use
  • The Epidemic

Enjoy the stories and thank you for reading.

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

So I really enjoyed reading this. I wasn’t sure if I was going to at first, it just didn’t seem like my kind of story. But I’m more than happy to say that I was wrong! This story is great!

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

Thanks, guess I’ll avoid those 2 stories.

Re: R.O.O.M. by Teekabell

please make a few more chapters I would at least want to see how his first day of his second time in 4th grade please? :frowning:

This story is amazing I know I’m late to the story but this story had me hooked. Thanks for the great read.

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I read this a long time ago but never replied it is an awesome story very different and not normally my type but I can see why it’s so appealing and can appreciate the skill taken to write and develop

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