Rob and Stella - Chapter 3 started, at least.

Rob and Stella

Same old, same old. Here’s yet another take on an old theme. I hope those who like this particular scenario enjoy this one. And I know I’m starting yet another story. I will finish the others! Anyway, in this one, the husband wakes up wet, and it goes from there…

Chapter 1

‘Rob, wake up!’

Rob woke up, blinking in the bright morning light as his wife shook his shoulder.

‘Wha…?’ he said sleepily.

‘You wet the bed, Rob. Look at this!’ said Stella, moving back on the bed and pointing to the sodden bottom sheet.

As she spoke, Stella stood up and helped the still groggy Rob to his feet.

‘Oh no,’ said Rob, ‘I’m sorry Stell. I don’t know what happened. I haven’t had…’

Rob stopped. That wasn’t actually true. He had. As recently as two days ago, when he had been giving a presentation at work.

The shame of it, even the horror, came back to him. The terrible feeling of suddenly being unable to speak. The long, awful silence with his audience watching, confused, until Rob felt his apparent paralysis lifting, only to wet his pants, then cry as he was led away from the podium.

The doctor had prescribed rest. Rob’s work had been very supportive, and now, two days later and on medical leave, Rob had done it again, this time in bed.

‘Honey, I don’t know why this happened, I’m sorry,’ Rob said as he helped Stella peel the wet sheet off the bed.

‘I don’t know if the mattress will be ok,’ said Stella, looking at the oval damp patch. ‘And you should get out of those pyjamas. I’ll finish this.’

Rob stood mutely, staring at the mattress.

‘Go on, honey. Go and have a shower,’ said Stella.

Stella stood with the wet sheet in her hands.

‘Well off you go. Quick sticks!’ she said.

Rob hadn’t heard ‘quick sticks’ for years. It was what his mother used to say to hurry him along. He glanced at Stella. For a moment he was transported back to his early teens, with his mother exasperated by another wetting accident. It was a strange feeling for Rob. He shook his head to try to clear the thought and headed to the bathroom.

Once inside, Rob took of his pyjama pants. The wet fabric stuck to his legs. The top was damp too, near the hem at the front and back. He put his pyjamas in a ball on the chair in the bathroom, and had his shower.

As if it weren’t bad enough having that thing happen at work, he thought miserably. Now I’ve wet the bed for the first time since, well, since about a month ago after Stella’s birthday dinner. But that had been the first time since… since he was 18, thought Rob. He had had a problem, he knew that, but he had grown out of it at last, or so he thought. He looked down at his compact genitals, mentally accusing them of letting him down. He knew that was a foolish thought, but in his thoughts, his less than impressive little penis and balls were often the target of such thoughts. You do what you can with what you’ve got, he would tell himself. He and Stella had over time worked out various ways of satisfying themselves both sexually, despite Rob’s tendency to ‘slip out’, or to come too early.

‘You’re quality, not quantity,’ Stella would tell him as she played with his little soldier.

Rob would rather have had a bit more quantity, for his self-esteem if nothing else. It was alright for Stella. With he big, curvaceous body, she had way more womanly attributes than Rob had manly ones. Even Stella’s lush pubic hair put Rob’s spare body hair to shame. Stella even had more hair under her armpits, if she hadn’t shaved, than Rob had. His light blonde hair there was barely noticeable, while Stell would develop dark stubble under her arms after few days. Her being about four inches taller didn’t help. But they loved each other, despite being ‘the odd couple’ physically.

Rob stood for a moment, holding his flaccid penis between his fingers. ‘don’t do it again,’ he was thinking, when Stella walked in.

‘Rob, don’t do that, please,’ she told him.

Rob let go of his penis instantly. Stella hated him masturbating. It was hardly fair. She did it at night, lying next to Rob. She would moan softly as she caressed herself. Rob had never mentioned it, and either had Stella. She must be asleep when she does it, Rob had concluded. Sometimes he tried to join in, and sometimes sex would follow, but mostly she would just push him away. Rob had learned to let her be.

‘I hope you had a good wash,’ she said, looking at her husband’s groin. ‘It’s not healthy to have old urine around there.’

‘I washed,’ Rob replied grumpily.

He watched Stella as she shook out and held up his pyjama pants. Only the waistband was still dry.

Stella usually showered at night, and was already in her underwear. Rob watched the contours of her butt moving inside her lace panties. Her breasts seemed to be dammed rather than simply held by her bra. The top of her breasts, Rob new, were a big, fleshy pillow. He loved lying against them. He especially liked sucking her big brown nipples.

‘These need to soak in NappiSan,’ said Stella. ‘Don’t daydream, Rob. I’m running late now, with all this. I’ll leave you to do the laundry. And put your undies in too, please Rob. You’re getting those rings again. I don’t know why you can’t organize your toileting a bit better. A child keeps their undies cleaner.’

‘OK,’ said Rob.

He wished she wouldn’t talk to him like that. He didn’t mind the instructions – Stella ran the house, and was always giving Rob jobs, but he didn’t like the reference to his underpants.

‘I’m not a child, Stell,’ he said, deciding to stand his ground.

‘I didn’t say you were,’ said Stella. ‘Rob, I haven’t got time for this. Now go and put something on and sort out the laundry, please.’

Rob looked again at his wife. She was facing him now, and he saw the broad triangle of satin stretching over her pubic mound. She never dripped a bit, thought Rob unhappily as he went back to the bedroom to get dressed.

Rob was in the laundry shaking NapiSan into a plastic bucket when Stella swept past the door.

‘I’m leaving, honey,’ she said. ‘Don’t forget to do a cold wash. I don’t want anything setting on the fabric.’

‘OK,’ said Rob. ‘Have a nice day,’ he added without much enthusiasm.

‘I will honey,’ replied Stella from the front door. ‘Judy’s coming for dinner tonight. Best behaviour.’

‘OK, Stell,’ Rob replied.

Then Stella was gone.

Great, thought Rob. He and Judy didn’t get on too well. She was Stella’s business partner, and another oversized female. In Rob’s view, any woman over his lightly built 5 feet 5 was ‘oversized’. At nearly six feet, Judy was even taller than Stella, and just as well built. The pair worked out together twice a week. Judy always made Rob feel small, psychologically as well as physically.

Rob stood looking into the bucket of soaking clothes. He lent down and prodded his underpants under the surface. He grimaced. Stella had bought him yellow undies – underpants, he corrected himself – because, she said, any stains would be less obvious. How insulting, he thought angrily. And obvious to who? ‘A child would have cleaner undies’ he recalled Stella saying. At least is he were a child, it wouldn’t be such an issue. Children don’t know how good they have it, he thought morosely as he left the laundry.

In her car on the way to work, Stella was deciding to have a chat with Judy about Rob’s problems. Judy was the most sensible woman she knew, Stella thought, and she had brought up five children. Stella and Rob were childless, though not through choice. Though it often seemed to Stella that she did have a child – a 27 year old child called Rob. Stella hoped Rob had managed to get the laundry done properly. She swung her SUV into the carpark, pleased that she had things in hand.

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Re: Rob and Stella - Chapter 1

This is a wonderful start! Can we have more please? Pretty please!

Re: Rob and Stella - Chapter 1

Rob and Stella - Chapter 2

With Stella gone, Rob relaxed a little. He managed to sort the washing task, then did the breakfast dishes. He made himself a cup of coffee, and tried to read the newspaper, which he didn’t find very interesting. Settling into a comfortable chair, he watched some morning TV. The first show he watched was just women talking. That was boring, so he switched channels. The next channel had a children’s program. Rob watched it for a few minutes, and laughed at the goings on. The sound of his laughter cheered him up a bit, and he kept watching. The segment he as watching finished, and an ad came on for toddler diapers. Rob watched it blankly. Absent mindedly, he began fingering his penis.

When the phone rang, Rob was quite startled. It was Stella. She reminded him to hang out the washing, and told him she’d be home a little early. She asked him what he’d had for lunch.

Rob was taken aback. Lunch? he thought. What time was it?

‘Rob?’ came Stella’s voice.

‘Yes,’ replied Rob.

‘What did you have for lunch, honey?’ Stella repeated.

‘Er, I didn’t,’ said Rob. ‘I wasn’t hungry.’

‘Oh, OK,’ said Stella. ‘We’ll have a good dinner then. Have you checked the letterbox, honey? I’m expecting some mail.’

‘Not yet,’ said Rob.

Checking the mail was one of his jobs. There was often stuff for Stella.

‘Could you pop out and have a look now?’ Stella asked.

‘OK,’ said Rob.

He put the phone down and turned to the front door. Opening it, he felt a chill and realised with some surprise that he had no pants on. He ran to the bedroom and found a pair of track pants he liked. He pulled them on before going out to the letter box.

‘What took so long?’ Stella asked when Rob at last returned to the phone with Stella’s mail, some dull papers for Stella’s job which Rob duly opened and described to Stella, who seemed satisfied with them.

Heading for his chair again, Rob saw the sunlight which streamed through a window glinting on something under the chair. As Rob reached the chair, he saw what it was. It was liquid.

Rob stood still. The chair was a canvas sling chair, not usual for a living room but very comfortable. Rob had brought it in from the patio, and regarded it as his personal chair. The canvas seat had a football sized wet patch on the seat.

Rob stood for several minutes, trying to understand what had happened. He could only have wet the chair himself. Investigation showed that the puddle under the chair was indeed urine.

Rob cleaned up the puddle, found a towel, placed it on the chair and sat carefully on it. How could he have wet the chair like that, he wondered. Had he fallen asleep, and wet himself then? He didn’t think he had slept, but then he seemed to have missed a few hours as well.

He went to the table and opened the newspaper again, turning to the TV guide. He read the listings for the children’s programs, recalling seeing them all. Wow, he thought. Maybe those programs are kind of hypnotic, he told himself. He stood in thought, then became aware that he was playing with himself, through his track pants. He stopped. He wondered why he had been doing that at all. He didn’t usually do it, dressed, during the day. I’ve been under a lot of pressure, he reminded himself, echoing the words of the counsellor he’d seen. He thought about his episode of bedwetting, and reminded himself not to drink more than the absolute minimum before bed tonight.

Rob put the sling chair back on the patio to dry. He decided to keep what happened to himself.

Stella arrived home an hour later, finding Rob busy hanging out the washing. She couldn’t help laughing.

‘What?’ asked Rob, as he hung out the last of the washing.

‘You’re wearing my old pink track pants,’ said Stella.‘And they’re too big for you. Why on earth did you put those on?’

Rob looked down at the pants, dumbstruck. He had even tied the white lacy tie in front into a big bow.

‘I don’t know,’ said Rob. ‘The, er, phone went and I just grabbed them, I think.’

Stella laughed again, then looked at Rob oddly.

‘They were buried in my drawer,’ said Stella. ‘You are funny. I think pink suits you though,’ she added with a laugh. ‘You should wear it more often. Have you got my panties on too?’

Rob laughed uncertainly.

‘No!’ he said emphatically.

What a strange day, he thought. He had a sudden urge to pee.

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Great to have a new chapter from you. Hope you have the time to write some more

Re: Rob and Stella - Chapter 2 added.

Rob and Stella - Chapter 3

Rob didn’t dare tell Stella, but he had only just made it to the bathroom when he had hurriedly left the room after Stella had arrived home. As it was, the underpants he had put on under the track pants were damp, and his willy was sore from his gripping it in order to get to the toilet with dry pants. Rob managed to get his wet underpants into the laundry basket without Stella noticing.

He returned to the living room a few minutes later. Stella looked up from her magazine.

‘Honey, are you having trouble getting to the bathroom on time?’ she asked.

‘No,’ said Rob. ‘I was just busy before, and then I couldn’t go straight away when you came home, and then…’

‘Rob, please don’t make excuses. Dr Downer said you might still be stressed from what happened. It’s quite common for your condition, she said,’ Stella told her husband, looking at his crotch for signs of dampness. ‘I’m not sure we shouldn’t see Mary again, just to make sure things are going to be OK.’

‘Stell,’ said Rob, feeling strangely scared of going back to the clinician who had diagnosed the ‘breakdown’ which Rob was sure he hadn’t had. ‘I think I’m OK now, honestly.’

Rob even felt that he was lying to himself - but it was better than the truth, or the possible truth, he told himself.

‘Well, we’ll see,’ said Stella.

Rob wondered who was in charge here. Why was it up to Stella? ‘We’ll see.’ He looked at stella unhappily.

‘Don’t pout, honey,’ said Stella, then put down her magazine and got up. ‘I tnhink we’ll have an early dinner,’ she continued. ‘Mary said that some regular, early nights might help you. I tnhink bedtime for you will be 8pm for a little while.’

Rob couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

‘Stella,’ said Rob angrily. ‘It’s not just you who makes the decisions around here. What about me?’

‘Honey, this is about you,’ said Stella calmly. ‘I’m very worried about what happened, and so is Mary as a matter of fact. I think that you need to be a little more cooperative. We’re trying to help you.’

‘And going to bed at 8 o’clock is helping me?’ asked Rob, his bottom lip quivering.

‘Yes, Rob, it is. All those late nights for work and irregular hours must be partly responsible for what happened. I think you should take good advice,’ said Stella.

Rob didn’t say anything. He didn’t like being pushed around like this, but he also didn’t like not reallly knowing what did happen at work. All he could remember was getting somehting like stage fright during his presentatio, then waking up at Mary’s clinic - wearing, to his huge embarrassment, a sort of diaper. He had taken it off as soon as he got home, and had thrown it into the garbage.

Then had wet the bed, and now the super urgent need for the bathroom. There did seem to be something wrong, but he didn’t really want to go into what it was. He just hoped things would get back to normal.

Anyway, he was hungry, and an early dinner wasn’t such a bad idea.

‘OK,’ he said. ‘Early dinner it is. And 8pm. I’ll do it, tonight anyway.’

‘Good boy,’ said Stella.

She was surprised she said that, and saw Rob grimace.

‘I’ll get dinner ready,’ she said.

‘Do you want some help?’ asked Rob.

‘No honey, you relax,’ Stella told him. ‘Find something pleasant to do.’

Rob looked around the room, and felt an odd feeling pass over him. He couldn’t see anything interesting to do.

(interrupted yet again. More later!)


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Thanks for so much writing SallyKat and for continuing your stories.

Re: Rob and Stella - Chapter 3 started, at least.

Thanks nia. It’s nice to be appreciated!

Re: Rob and Stella - Chapter 3 started, at least.

You’re the best sally =)