Road Trip (Nikki & Sarah 9)

Just for the record, the title of this story is a temporary title. I need to find a better one. And as usual, constructive criticism is welcome.

“This is booooooring,”

Nikki gave Sarah one of her patented ‘looks’.

“I know, I know. I sound like a five-year-old.” Sarah held up her hands.

“Yes. And let’s not forget that this was your suggestion,” Nikki said.

“Remind me never to make vacation suggestions after binge-watching road movies.” Sarah took a sip from the bottle of water sitting in the cup-holder on her side of the dashboard.

“I’m not sure if the Mad Max movies count as road movies.” Nikki adjusted her sunglasses. “I mean, it’s not like they’re Easy Rider. Or Thelma and Louise.”

Sarah looked at Nikki and snickered.


“Oh, I was just wondering what you’d look like wearing a stars-and-stripes motorcycle helmet.”

Nikki gave the accelerator a little nudge. “Don’t make me start singing,” she said.

Sarah feigned horror. “No; anything but that. Please.”

“Booooooorn to be wiiiiiiiiiild,” Nikki bellowed tunelessly, knowing full well that it would make Sarah cringe. “Get your motor running…”


“Head out on the highway…” Nikki continued, despite Sarah’s protests.

Sarah demonstratively stuck her fingers in her ears. “La-la-la-la-la, I’m not listening, I’m not listening,” she said loudly.

“Lookin’ for adventure, and whatever comes our way…” Nikki stopped there; not because of Sarah’s antics, but because she couldn’t remember more of the lyrics. Once she stopped singing, Sarah calmed down as well.

“You’re such a baby,” Nikki said with a chuckle.

“Says the woman who likes to put me in diapers.”

Nikki didn’t say anything in response. She just reached over and stroked Sarah’s cheek briefly.

For a while they just drove in silence, Sarah looked at the scenery outside the car. They had long since left the city and its surrounding suburbs, but they still passed clusters of houses or warehouses. They did, however, grow smaller and further apart, giving way to fields.

“I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with G,” Sarah murmured.


“Oh nothing. Just looking at the grass.”

Sarah stared silently out the window. The road in front of them was straight and empty, and a glance in the mirror revealed an equally straight and empty road behind them. One field looked just like the next and Sarah idly began to wonder if she would even be able to tell if they were actually driving in circles.

“So, when are you going to tell me where we’re going?” Sarah said after what she was convinced was a long while.

“Will you relax? It’s barely been two hours since we left. I told you it’s a surprise, so just enjoy the trip for now.”

Sarah sighed and reached behind the driver’s seat to open the overnight bag she had put there. She rummaged blindly inside until she found the book she was looking for. After pushing the seat as far back as she could and reclining the seat back until she could barely see over the top of the dashboard, Sarah adjusted her glasses and opened the book.

“Won’t that make you carsick?” Nikki asked, glancing over at Sarah as she tried to find a comfortable position for her legs.

“Relax mom.” Sarah rolled her eyes. “I haven’t been carsick since I was eight.”

Twenty minutes later, Sarah was hunched over next to the car, getting a second look at everything she had eaten since breakfast. Nikki walked around the car to hold her hair back.

“Don’t sa-” Sarah dry-heaved, her stomach completely empty. “Don’t say ‘I told you so’.”

“I won’t sweetie,” Nikki reassured her. Her face told a different story as she struggled to hide a smirk.

Sarah steadied herself against the side of the car as she caught her breath. Nikki found Sarah’s water bottle and handed it to her. She took a sip, rinsed her mouth and spat.

“Feeling better?” Nikki asked.

Sarah took another small sip and swallowed, grimacing as the cool water burned her throat. “I hate throwing up,” she said.

Sarah got back inside the car, taking care where she stepped. She brought the seat back up again and put the book away. When Nikki got back behind the wheel, Sarah rolled down the window, hoping that the cool air would help with the nausea.

As they resumed their drive, Sarah kept her eyes on the road, trying to stare a hole in the centre line. Occasionally she would take small sips of water.

“This suuuuuuuuucks,” Sarah complained.

“Being carsick? Yeah.” Nikki drank the last of the coffee in her big travel mug and put it back in the cup holder.

“Not just that. I’m hungry too, but I can’t eat anything. And I made road sandwiches.”

“What do you mean ‘road sandwiches’?”

“You know: Cheese, ham, eggs, mustard, peppers… Pretty much anything that won’t drip or make your fingers sticky.”

“OK, that makes sense. But why do I sense there’s a ‘but’ coming?”

Sarah smiled sheepishly. “I also made a couple of Nutella and salami sandwiches.”

“A couple of what?!?” Nikki momentarily swerved across the centre line in surprise as she turned to look at Sarah.

“You heard me.”

“But, Nutella and salami?” Nikki made a face.

“Don’t knock it. I think it’s the perfect food for long trips.”

Nikki just sighed and rolled her eyes. “I guess that explains your weird breath last Christmas after we went to visit your family.”

“I didn’t eat any… sandwiches before that trip.” Sarah looked at Nikki and waited for her to return the glance before wiggling her eyebrows.

“Wha… Oh.” A blush crept up Nikki’s cheeks.

Sarah sat back and smiled smugly, her nausea momentarily forgotten. “Yeah,” she said. “‘Oh’ indeed. Mom’s horseradish-and-bacon devilled eggs should only be eaten when you’re alone.”

Nikki looked at Sarah while her brain processed what she just heard. “Oooooh, you’re bad,” she said and smacked Sarah’s arm. Sarah only sniggered in reply.

“Yeah, I’m a baaaaad girl. What’re you gonna do about it?”

“Oh, you’d think you’d learned not to ask that question.” Nikki grinned toothily.

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Usually, this next part would be posted so the site donors could see it for a while before it was posted here. But since it’s Christmas, enjoy.

It was late afternoon when Nikki pulled in at a petrol station. She barely let the car stop before she threw open the door and ran inside, leaving Sarah in the car with the motor idling. Sarah leaned over to look at the petrol gauge. It showed that they had about half a tank left, so she killed the engine and got out to fill up the tank.

By the time Nikki returned, Sarah had filled the tank, paid and bought a couple of ice cold bottles of Sprite. She was leaning against the car, resting her arms on the roof and staring out across the fields on the other side of the road.

“That is possibly the most disgusting petrol station bathroom I’ve ever seen,” Nikki said. She sighed as Sarah handed her the other bottle.

“That bad, huh?”

“Oh they may have washed it for Easter. Easter 2012.” Nikki put the bottle on the roof of the car and opened the glove compartment. “I’m going to need a bucket of hand sanitiser.”

Once Nikki was satisfied her hands were clean, she grabbed the bottle and held it to the back of her neck. “If you want to go to the bathroom, I’ll keep an eye on things here. I want a sandwich anyway.”

“Nah, I’m good.” Sarah fingered the narrow velvet choker around her neck. “I took precautions before we left home. I know what petrol station bathrooms can look like.”

Nikki raised an eyebrow across the roof of the car. “Oh did you now. Clever girl.”

"Thank you Ma’am

Nikki opened the small cooler in the back seat and pulled out one of the paper-wrapped sandwiches. She tried to decipher the letter codes Sarah had scribbled on it, but had to give up.

“OK, I give up. What does ‘CPS’ mean? Is it a sandwich so bad it’d be considered cruelty to give it to children?”

Sarah smiled at that. “Nah. Cheese and parsley and salami.”

“You include the garnish in your codes?”

“Well, I couldn’t use CS. That’s ‘chicken salad’.” Sarah rolled her eyes.

“Oh, that sounds good. Did you make any of those?”

“Nah. Too risky to eat in a moving car. One unexpected pothole and you have salad everywhere.”

“So if there aren’t any chicken salad sandwiches, why couldn’t you use ‘CS’ on this then?” Nikki held up the sandwich.

“Because that’d just mess up the whole system. You can’t just say that cheese and salami is the same as chicken salad” Sarah looked at Nikki like she had just made the most obvious point in the world.

Nikki shook her head and chuckled. “You’re insane.” She sat down in the driver’s seat and stretched her legs out of the open door. Then she unwrapped the sandwich and began eating it while Sarah continued staring out across the greenish-yellow fields.

Sarah lost track of time watching the slowly undulating grains. She found herself wondering if it was wheat, or barley, or maybe rye. She imagined herself flying across the fields like Supergirl, low enough to touch the tips, and fast enough that every detail would just be a blur. She could almost hear the theme music in her head.

“Earth to Sarah. Come in Sarah.” Nikki’s voice brought Sarah back down to Earth.


“I asked if you were ready to get going or if you needed an extra minute for… you know.” Nikki nodded towards Sarah’s crotch.

“Um, no. I’m good; I’m still dry.” Sarah opened the car door and got in. She buckled the seatbelt and leaned back in the seat.

Nikki started the engine and pulled out onto the road while Sarah fiddled absent-mindedly with her choker. Seconds later, Sarah gasped quietly.

“Did you turn on the seat warmers?” she asked. “You did. Didn’t you?” It wasn’t so much a question as a playful accusation.

“Did it make you think you wet yourself?” Nikki grinned.

“Nope,” Sarah lied brazenly.

“Not even for a little bit?”

“Not for a second.” Sarah reached over and switched off the seat warmer. That had technically been true. But there had been that fraction of a second when she felt the heat bloom under her butt. The thought of losing control and wetting herself without wanting to was one of Sarah’s big worries. She liked wearing her diapers and using them, but she was concerned about becoming too used to them. She didn’t want to accidentally wet her pants because she thought she was wearing diapers when she wasn’t. She was already wearing diapers at night. Not that she’d had any accidents, but still…

She had to admit that Nikki ordering her to wear a diaper at night had felt annoying and unnecessary at first. But having Nikki diaper her and help her put on the plastic pants had quickly become a favourite evening ritual for the two of them. The sensation of the thick cloth padding did feel very soothing and comforting. Sarah couldn’t be sure, but she felt like she slept better as well. Of course, that could also be because she spent most nights snuggled up to Nikki. Sarah hadn’t really felt like analysing the whole thing.

Sarah smiled and looked out the window.

“What is it?” Nikki asked.

“Oh nothing. I was just thinking about my mommynatrix and how much I love her.”

“Aww.” Nikki reached over and stroked Sarah’s hair.

Sarah stared at the straight, almost featureless road ahead. “I don’t want to sound like a whiny kid, but-”

“Are we there yet?” Nikki interrupted.

“Yeah,” Sarah admitted, smiling sheepishly.

Nikki glanced down at the screen of the cheap GPS unit on the dashboard. “Just a little over two hours today.”


“I did say it was a two-day-drive, and that we’re spending the night at a motel.”

“No you didn’t,” Sarah protested.

“Yes I did. Yesterday when we packed. Maybe my little pet didn’t hear it because she was busy doing something she other than she was supposed to.”

Sarah blushed. “Maybe,” she mumbled.

“What was that sweetie?” Nikki asked in her most saccharine tone of voice.

“Maybe,” Sarah said.

Nikki cleared her throat.

“Ma’am,” Sarah added.

“Better. But I think I want to be called Mistress this week. After all, we’re taking a break from our regular life, so I think I deserve a proper title. Don’t you agree?”

Sarah felt that all too familiar mix of worry and excitement form in the pit of her stomach; sort of like butterflies carrying hot coals. “Yes Mistress,” she said, looking down at her lap.

“That’s my good, little girl.” Nikki stroked Sarah’s thigh.

Sarah felt a warm glow of anticipation and wondered how Nikki was able to do that with only a few words. She sat back and stared out at the fields.

She lost track of time, but the sun was still up when Sarah felt the familiar pressure of a full bladder. Briefly she wondered why it had taken so long, but didn’t dwell on it. Instead she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, exhaled slowly… and let go.

The small spot of heat spread quickly down between her legs and spread out. Sarah tried to pace herself, not wanting to flood the diaper and have a leak.

“Did you just wet yourself?” Nikki’s quiet question danced its way through the fluffy mental clouds of Sarah’s reverie.


“That’s my good girl.”

Sarah was rewarded with another thigh rub, but this time Nikki’s hand paused to pat her slowly swelling crotch. She smiled and tried to wriggle a little to trap Nikki’s hand before she had time to snatch it away.

“Ah-ah-ah,” Nikki said disapprovingly. “That’s no way for good girls to behave.”

“I’m sorry Mistress,” Sarah said and pouted. “I won’t do it again.”

“Good.” Nikki didn’t really sound like she believed Sarah.

After another couple of minutes, Sarah spoke again.

“Nikk- I mean Mistress?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“How can you always tell when I’m peeing?”

Nikki laughed. “It’s part of becoming a mistress. You get the power to read your little pets’ minds and desires.” Nikki tried to look snooty and self-important.

“I mean seriously. How do you know?”

Nikki smiled warmly. “Let’s just say that your O-face and your P-face aren’t just close alphabetically. So unless you just came, and let’s be honest, you make more sound than just a little sigh when you do, you just peed.”

Sarah blushed again. “Are you saying that every time we’ve been out in public and I’ve wet myself I’ve looked like I was…”

“Well kind of, yes.”

Sarah’s blush deepened and she pulled the collar of her t-shirt up to hide her face. She couldn’t believe that she’d looked like that in public. What had people thought.

It took quite a while for Sarah to stop imitating a turtle and pull her t-shirt down again. She fidgeted a little to stop it from bunching up behind her back."

“Do you need to get changed?” Nikki asked.

The thought of Nikki stopping the car and changing her diaper right there by the side of the road filled her with dread. There was just no way she’d do that.

“How long until we’re at the motel?” Sarah asked

“A little under an hour.” Nikki replied.

“I can manage until we’re there,” Sarah said. Nikki could have said twelve hours and her answer would have been the same. There was just no way she’d do that in public. Even if it was an abandoned road where you could see approaching cars more than a mile away. Sarah let go and peed again, feeling her diaper grow warmer and tighter as it swelled to absorb her urine.

The GPS had been accurate and just under fifty minutes later, Nikki pulled in at a motel. The neon sign outside advertised that they had cable TV and complimentary Wi-Fi for guests. Nikki jumped out of the car and jogged to the reception. Her gait told Sarah that she would want to use the bathroom even before bringing their bags into the room. When Nikki re-emerged she tap-danced to one of the doors close to the car, unlocked it and rushed inside. Sarah found their overnight bags, grabbed the car keys and locked the car before following her inside.

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The next morning, Nikki and Sarah sat across from each other in the small diner just down the road from the motel. The smell of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages was making Sarah’s mouth water, but she had to wait for Nikki’s pancakes to arrive.

“So we’ll get there, wherever ‘there’ is, today, right?” Sarah eyed the food hungrily.

“Yeah. Sometime this afternoon.” Nikki leaned back to let the waitress put a generous stack of pancakes in front of her.

Sarah waited until the waitress had left before looking towards her breakfast. “May I?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie.”

Sarah attacked her eggs and bacon, hardly chewing before swallowing. The eggs were mediocre at best and the bacon was a bit too salty, but Sarah didn’t care. She hadn’t eaten properly since she threw up the day before so she was hungry. They had both been too worn out to get a proper dinner the night before. Sarah wondered how you could get so tired from just sitting in a car and not even be the one driving. The evening before, Sarah taken a shower to clean up and afterwards, Nikki had insisted that Sarah put on her night diaper right away. After that, they had ended up just snuggling together in bed until they had fallen asleep in the middle of some cheesy Hallmark movie that they hadn’t even caught the beginning of.

Right now, Sarah was enjoying her first break from her diapers in over 24 hours. As much as she enjoyed wearing them, sometimes it was nice to not wear them too. And besides, she’d be wearing one soon enough again.

“Sho ish lack eigh or nan ares t’day?” Sarah asked around a mouthful of eggs.

Nikki looked at her with her trademark raised eyebrow. “Sweetie, Good girls don’t talk when they have their mouths full.”

“Mm-hmm” Sarah said and began chewing more hurriedly.

“And that also applies to food,” Nikki added, almost causing Sarah to choke on her food.

Sarah swallowed and blinked away tears. “I said ‘so it’s like eight or nine hours today’,” she finally said. She took a quick sip of orange juice. “Ma’am,” she added.

“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Nikki slid a foot up Sarah’s calf, causing her to jump a little. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I was just trying to figure out if I should…” Sarah paused momentarily, “um, ‘take precautions’ today too.”

“Probably a good idea. If you’ve brought enough.”

Sarah grinned. “I brought enough for me to wear 24/7 for two weeks. Like I said, I know what petrol station bathrooms look like.”

“That’s a good girl.” Nikki slid her foot up to rest on the seat between Sarah’s thighs, causing her to inhale sharply and look around to see if anybody noticed.

“Nikki!” Sarah whispered sharply. “People will see.”

“So what, they don’t know who we are. And besides, you should be glad I let you wear your grown-up undies for breakfast.” Nikki wiggled her foot. “Now say thank you.”

Sarah swallowed. “Thank you Ma’am,” she said quietly.

“Ah-ah-ah. I want you to address me properly.”

Sarah blushed and whispered. “Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” She lowered her eyes and continued eating.

“That’s better. You know what? I think maybe you need a better reminder of who’s in charge today. I’ll have to think about it.”

Sarah felt the annoyingly pleasant tingle of excitement at her upcoming embarrassment; whatever it would be.

After they were done eating, the girls went back to the motel. As soon as the door was closed behind them, Nikki pushed Sarah onto the bed.

“Hey!” she protested.

“Oh shush,” Nikki said and crawled onto the bed to straddle Sarah’s thighs. “I’m going to…” she grabbed Sarah’s hands and pushed them up above her head. “…make sure…” Nikki leaned closer. “…everybody understands you’re mine.” She began kissing the side of Sarah’s neck. Nikki was momentarily blocked by Sarah’s choker, but quickly undid it and threw it aside before resuming her assault on Sarah’s neck.

“My god, do you have any idea of how good you taste?” Nikki ran her tongue up the side of Sarah’s neck before continuing kissing and nibbling the same spot as before, causing Sarah to groan and squeeze her thighs together in a vain attempt to generate any friction.

“Don’t. Move.” Nikki emphasised each word. Then she slid down Sarah’s legs until she could reach the waistband of her jeans. She undid the button and zipper and began to tug at the jeans to pull them down. Eventually Nikki managed to get the jeans and panties past Sarah’s hips. After that it was only a matter of seconds before they lay inside-out on the floor.

“Close your eyes.” Nikki slid further down until she stood at the foot of the bed. Sarah obediently closed her eyes. She felt Nikki put one hand on each of her ankles and gently, but firmly, spread her legs. Then she felt the mattress give as Nikki crawled onto it to kneel between her thighs. Nikki lifted Sarah’s thighs to rest on top of hers and scooted even closer, just barely lifting her hips off the mattress. Sarah moaned longingly.

“Shh,” Nikki said.

Sarah bit her lip. She felt Nikki’s weight shift. Was she leaning back? Why would she be leaning ba-

The dry, paper-like surface of a diaper pressed against Sarah’s crotch, absorbing whatever moisture was there as Nikki quickly slid it under Sarah’s butt and lowered it.

“Wha-” Sarah began, raising her head.

“Eyes closed.” Nikki snapped.


“Mouth too.”

Sarah closed her eyes again and in just a few more seconds, Nikki had the diaper taped in place.

“OK, you can look.”

Sarah opened her eyes and pouted. She brought her hands down to her diaper. “Aww, I thought we were going to…”

“There’ll be time enough for that tonight,” Nikki said and crawled off the bed again. “Now we have to get going, so get your pants back on and put the bags in the car. I’ll go hand in the key and pay.”

Sarah stood and picked up her pants and her choker. When she looked in the mirror to make sure the little cameo brooch on the choker was properly centred, she noticed a fresh hickey on her neck. Of course she’d give me one of those.

By the time Sarah came out of the room, Nikki was already sitting in the car with the motor idling. Sarah jammed the bags down behind the passenger seat, got in and buckled the seat belt.

“What took you so long?” Nikki asked cheerfully. “Did you make yourself pretty for me?” She leaned in and kissed Sarah’s hickey. Sarah let out a small moan and tried to kiss Nikki’s forehead. Nikki slipped a hand down and gave Sarah’s crotch a quick squeeze, causing her to jump.

“I guess you’re still just as ready as before.” Nikki chuckled and buckled her own seat belt.

“That’s not fair,” Sarah complained.

“Maybe not, but I’m your mommynatrix. And that means I don’t have to play fair.” Nikki backed out of the parking spot and drove onto the road. To Sarah’s surprise, she only drove to the diner before stopping.

“And now, your beloved Mistress,” Nikki emphasised the word, “wants her coffee refilled.” She tugged Sarah’s choker down a little so the whole hickey was clearly visible. “And don’t try to hide that.”


“What do you think?” Nikki held out her travel mug.

Sarah sighed. “Yes Mistress,” she said, taking the mug and opening the car door.

When she walked through the door to the diner, Sarah felt like there was a spotlight on her hickey and that everybody was staring at it. It was actually so bad that for a moment it made her forget that she was wearing thick diapers under her now-tight jeans. Then the concern that people would notice her diaper bulge overtook that of her hickey, pushing it down to a very close second place.

“Yes dear,” the lady at the counter said as Sarah came closer. “Did you forget something?”

“Um, no. I just wanted some coffee.” Sarah held out Nikki’s mug at the same time as she tried to keep an eye on absolutely everybody in the diner. She felt like everybody was watching her out of the corners of their eyes.

The waitress filled the mug and Sarah paid before mumbling a “Thankyoubyebyehaveaniceday,” and hurrying out.

“Ooooooh coffee,” Nikki said as Sarah got back in the car and handed her the mug.

“Let’s just get going.” Sarah hurriedly buckled her seatbelt and made an effort not to look towards the diner.

Nikki wasn’t in a hurry and took a sip of coffee, sighing happily before putting the cup in its holder. “What’s the rush, my pet.”

“Please Mistress,” Sarah said, hoping the title would help her case.

“Well, OK then. Since you asked nicely.” Nikki smiled and headed for the horizon.

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Sarah suspected that the first couple of hours of their drive had been copy/pasted from the day before. Around lunchtime, Nikki stopped at a petrol station to use the bathroom there. Like the day before, Sarah topped up the tank and waited. She debated whether she should wet her diaper now or wait. She checked her watch. It was still at least four or five hours until they’d arrive at wherever they were going, and she was going to have to pee long before that. She could wet herself now and change her diaper in the bathroom here.

Just then, Nikki came out of the bathroom. The expression on her face told Sarah that she really wouldn’t want to use that bathroom. And judging by the way Nikki walked, neither had she.

“Fuuuuuck! That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. You didn’t buy any food here, did you?”

Sarah shook her head. “Nope. I didn’t even get anything to drink yet.”

“Good. I don’t want to risk food poisoning or something.” Nikki went inside to pay.

I guess I’m using the diaper then. Sarah got back in the car.

Over the next hour, the landscape they drove through gradually changed. The occasional tree between fields turned into small clumps of trees which eventually turned into a full-blown forest of densely packed fir trees on both sides of the road. The road itself also changed; going from straight and flat to being full of turns and hills. At every turn and bump, Sarah could see Nikki tense up and almost grit her teeth.

“You know,” Sarah said quietly, “there’s a really simple solution.” She patted her swollen crotch. She had begun wetting her diaper soon after they left the petrol station.

“I’m not using a diaper,” Nikki said resolutely.

“Come on. It’s not as bad as you think,” Sarah coaxed. “And it’s not like you’d lose your dominatrix licence or anything.” Sometimes Sarah really wished she could take care of Nikki like she did for her; making her feel valued and safe and cared for. Also, Sarah thought Nikki would look adorable in diapers too.

“Sweetie, wearing diapers is your thing, not mine,” Nikki said tersely. Sarah could hear the tension in her voice and decided not to push it.

Mere minutes later, Nikki exploded in a loud “Goddamnit!” and stopped the car. She threw open the door and marched in a very tap-dancing way around the car and into the woods.

Sarah switched off the engine and closed the driver’s side door before following her.

“Are you OK?” she asked when she heard some rustling behind one of the bushes nearby.

“Yeah,” said a quiet voice. “But could you get the sweat pants from my bag?”

“Sure.” Sarah turned back towards the car.

“And a plastic bag,” Nikki added.

Sarah went back to the car and found the pants and the bag, bringing them back to Nikki’s bush.

“What happened?” Sarah asked.

“Just remind me to wear a skirt the next time I’m squatting behind a bush to pee.”

“Oh, didn’t you get your pants off in time?” Sarah felt a knot of worry in her stomach. She had had a few leaks over the last three years, but she had always known that was a risk she ran when wearing diapers. Actually peeing her pants however, was something she had never done. She imagined it felt even worse for Nikki. She was all about being in control, and losing control like this had to feel like a terrible blow.

“Oh, I got them off in time, but I pissed on one of the pant legs.” Nikki peeled off her jeans and quickly wiped with them before putting them in the bag. “At least I missed the panties.”


Nikki pulled on the sweat pants and tied the drawstring. Looking decidedly un-dominatrixy she looked at Sarah. “How about you? Do you need a change?”

Sarah shook her head. “No, I’m good.”

“Are you sure? We’re not stopping any more now and it’s still several hours left.” Nikki’s voice had a definitive mother-knows-best edge to it.

Sarah looked around. “We can’t do it right here,” she pointed out.

“You’re right,” Nikki conceded. “There’s way too much gravel and sharp rocks here. you’d tear the plastic and have a leak in no time.”

Not really what I was concerned with, but OK. Sarah took the plastic bag and tied it shut. She put it on the floor behind her seat and got back in the car.

They only drove for a couple of minutes before Nikki turned right onto an overgrown dirt road and stopped.

“Why are we stopping? Is this it? You said it was hours-”

Nikki put a finger to Sarah’s lips to shut her up. “I know why you didn’t want to be changed back there; and we both know it wasn’t because of the gravel. Right?” Sarah nodded. “So exactly why was it?”

“You know,” Sarah mumbled awkwardly, glancing back towards the main road.

Nikki grabbed her chin and gently, but firmly, turned Sarah’s head to face her. “I want you to say it.”

Sarah sighed. Nikki was in full dominatrix mode. Probably to make up for her accident back there. In a way, Sarah found it reassuring. When Nikki was like this, she wouldn’t have to make decisions; Nikki was in charge and she would take care of everything.

“I was afraid somebody might see, Mistress,” Sarah said.

“I guess it’s a good thing that’s not likely to happen here then.” Nikki nodded towards the bushes and trees blocking their view of the road.


“You just sit tight sweetie. I’ll take care of everything.” Nikki got out of the car and walked around it to open the door behind Sarah. She pulled out the bags and backpacks and put them next to the car.

“Now I know your diaper’s wet, and that it’s been that way for a while. Actually, I’m a little surprised you haven’t started to itch yet. I mean, we didn’t even use the baby powder this morning.”

No sooner had Nikki mentioned it, then Sarah began to feel the beginning of an itch. It was that familiar itch that she knew would turn into the burning sensation of a full-blown diaper rash in an hour or two. She shrank into the seat.

“Yes Mistress.”

Nikki opened Sarah’s diaper bag, a fluorescent yellow gym bag, and pulled out the plastic tablecloth they used as her changing pad, spreading it across the back seats of the car. Next she opened Sarah’s door and helped her out.

“OK my little pet, get in the back.”

Mongolia, Mongolia, MongoliaMongoliaMongolia. Just say it! You can handle the diaper rash. Sarah hesitated, looking nervously back up the dirt road behind the car.

Nikki wrapped her arms around Sarah and pulled her gently into a hug, letting Sarah rest her head on her shoulder while she slowly ran her fingers through her hair. Sarah could feel the muscles in her stomach twitching.

“Are you afraid sweetie?” Nikki whispered. “Is there something you want to say?”

Sarah just stood there for a moment. She didn’t want a diaper rash ruining even parts of a week of complete relaxation with Nikki. But on the other hand she really didn’t want to be changed in public. She nuzzled Nikki’s neck while thoughts raced back and forth on her brain. Eventually she took a deep breath before whispering a single word.


Nikki stroked her back. “Are you sure?” she asked.

Sarah swallowed and nodded. “Yes Mistress,” she whispered.

Nikki stood on tiptoe and kissed Sarah’s forehead. Then she took Sarah’s hands. “Okay sweetie.”

Sarah sat down on the back seat and lay back, scooting as far in as she could. The plastic felt cold against the back of her arms. She knew that the next couple of minutes would be difficult for Nikki. She would have to change Sarah’s diaper without taking things any further. Sarah bit her lip and held her breath.

Nikki leaned inside and undid Sarah’s jeans. Sarah put her feet on the seat and lifted her hips, letting Nikki pull her pants down. Sarah felt her heart pounding in her chest as her diaper was exposed for the world to see. She closed her eyes and tried to breathe.

“Are you OK?” Nikki’s voice sounded so close. It was almost like she was right next to Sarah. Sarah only nodded in response. She felt Nikki’s hands on her hips, undoing the tapes and then the cool air hit her clammy skin as Nikki pulled the diaper away. Sarah barely managed to suppress a shiver. Then she felt Nikki’s hands press her knees apart. The jeans holding her ankles together made it all feel a little awkward; a little like being a chicken about to get stuffed. Then she felt the cool, soothing touch of baby wipes and forgot all about it. Nikki slowly and carefully cleaned her, and when she was done, Sarah moaned softly, not wanting her to stop. She had completely forgotten where she was.

The sound of a car passing on the road brought her back however, and for a moment, Nikki was trapped between Sarah’s legs as she instinctively clamped them together.

“It’s okay sweetie.” Nikki reached up to stroke Sarah’s cheeks. "There’s no way they can see us from the road. “And besides, they’re gone now.”

Slowly, Sarah’s heart slid from her throat and back to its usual position. When Nikki saw that she had calmed down, she pressed Sarah’s knees apart again. Then she unfolded a diaper and patted the side of Sarah’s butt. When Sarah obediently lifted her butt, Nikki peeled the plastic away from her butt and slid the diaper in place.

“Doesn’t that feel better than that nasty, wet diaper?”


Nikki gave Sarah’s crotch a liberal dusting of baby powder before pulling the diaper up between her legs and taping it in place. Then she crawled backwards out of the back seat and helped Sarah out. Sarah stood facing the car with her pants around her ankles for a moment.

“Isn’t that better?” Nikki came up behind Sarah and slipped her arms around her, reaching down to stroke Sarah’s diaper. “All nice and dry again.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Sarah put a hand on top of Nikki’s and wiggled her butt against her.

“Now now, use your words,” Nikki said with a grin and kissed the back of Sarah’s neck.

“Yeah. Much better”

“And what do we say when somebody helps us?” Nikki gave Sarah’s crotch a little squeeze before pulling her hand back.

Sarah turned around to face Nikki. “Uh, thank you?”

Nikki raised her eyebrows in a silent “Aaaaand?”

“Thank you Mistress?”

Nikki smiled. “Much better.” She tucked a stray lock of hair behind Sarah’s ear. “Now, as cute as you look wearing just your diaper, you should probably put your pants back on before we get going again.”

Sarah pulled her pants up and tucked her t-shirt inside before buttoning it and pulling the zipper, taking care not to get the plastic backing of the diaper caught in the metal teeth. While she did that, Nikki pulled the plastic tablecloth out of the back seat and shook it to get rid of the excess baby powder before folding it and putting it back in the diaper bag. Next, the bags were put back in the car, and finally, Sarah put her soiled diaper in a plastic bag and put it on the floor next to the bag containing Nikki’s jeans.

Nikki back up onto the main road and continued towards whatever they were headed towards. Not knowing what was ahead was driving Sarah crazy. She kept fiddling with her phone, comparing the map on it to the map on the GPS. Occasionally she would look up, but the dense forest made it even harder to tell where they were going. The constant turns and ups and downs made Sarah feel a little queasy, so she put the phone away.

There was something oddly mesmerising about driving through the dense forest. There would be the occasional rocky hillside that the road had been carved into, but other than that, there were just trees, trees, trees…

“Wake up sweetie.” Sarah was jolted awake by Nikki gently shaking her shoulder. “We’re here.”

“Mmm-wasn’t sleeping,” Sarah mumbled.

“Of course you weren’t.” Nikki’s tone was that maternal, but belittling tone that Sarah hated, but at the same time also loved. When Nikki used it, it seemed to emphasise her authority, which Sarah found both a little embarrassing and intensely arousing. Sarah looked away and discreetly tried to wipe the drool from the corner of her mouth.

Outside the car was a small parking lot with a few cars. Next to the lot, were a couple of shacks, and beyond that, Sarah could see the sun reflecting off a lake. Nikki were already pulling the bags out of the car, so Sarah opened the door and stepped outside. She yawned and stretched.

“Do you mind tossing the diaper in the trash?” Nikki pointed at a large, bright orange dumpster next to one of the shacks. Sarah quickly looked around to see if anybody could have heard what Nikki said, but there was nobody else in sight. She grabbed the bag with the diaper and quickly deposited it in the dumpster. When she got back, Nikki was carrying one of the big bags as well as the bright yellow diaper bag. Sarah put on the backpack and grabbed the other bag and followed Nikki.

As they walked down a worn path to the lake, Sarah saw that what she had thought were more shacks were just roofs on pillars. They’re like carports for boats. Nikki pulled a tarpaulin off one of the boats, knelt next to it and unlocked a padlock chaining the outboard engine to one of the pillars.

“OK, give me a hand here,” she said. Sarah took off the backpack and helped Nikki push the boat into the water. Nikki grabbed the rope tied to the bow and pulled the boat to a small pier. Sarah followed her, carrying the backpack and one of the bags.

“So you still haven’t told me where we’re going,” Sarah said as she handed Nikki the backpack.

Nikki stowed the backpack at the front of the boat. “Wellllll,” she began, “you remember Mort.”

“Doesn’t really ring a bell, no.” Sarah shook her head.

“The accountant? The guy who had that huge crush on you a couple of years ago?”

“Ooooh, him.” Sarah cringed a little. That had been an awkward conversation. “Yeah. I remember.”

“Anyway, he and his girlfriend-”

“He has a girlfriend? Good for him.”

“Yes, yes. They have a cabin up here and they’re coming up here later this summer. They lent me the keys for a week, and all we have to do is make a detailed list of what needs fixing.”

“Well that’s nice of him.” Sarah handed Nikki the other bag.

“Sure, plus it saves him from having to come up here to find out what he needs and then having to drive several hours to get it.”

“Good point.” Sarah went to get the other bags.

Once the remaining bags were securely stowed, Sarah came on board and Nikki started the engine. It took a couple of tries, but once it started idling, Nikki handed Sarah her phone with Google maps open.

“It’s been a couple of years since I was up here, so you’re going to have to be my navigator. The cabin is marked on the map so I just need you to tell me where we’re going ashore.”

“OK,” Sarah said and made sure the phone stayed inside the boat as she turned around to face forward. “To infinity, and beyond!” she exclaimed and pointed forwards.

“Idiot,” Sarah heard Nikki murmur before she increased the throttle and let the boat glide away from the pier and out onto the lake.

For the next ten minutes or so, the only sound was the purring of the engine as the boat made its way across the smooth surface of the lake. They passed a couple of cabins close to the water, but there didn’t seem to be anybody home. The only signs of life were some birds that took off from a patch of reeds as the boat passed and the occasional silvery glimpse of a fish in the water.

Eventually, the marker on the map moved away from the edge of the map and towards the middle.

“OK, I think it’s somewhere up there.” Sarah pointed up a hillside that went straight into the water.

“Can you see anywhere to go ashore? There’s supposed to be one of those little boathouses somewhere.”

Sarah looked ahead, squinting against the sun. “There’s one,” she finally said and pointed. The boathouse was even smaller than the ones by the parking lot and it had what had to be the smallest beach in the world in front of it. It was even narrower than the boathouse itself. Nikki changed course and headed for it.

Getting ashore proved trickier than getting into the boat. With no pier, Nikki deliberately drove the boat as far up on the beach as she could and then they had to take off their shoes and roll up their pant legs to wade the last couple of metres. Sarah went first, carrying one bag at a time onto dry land before Nikki joined her.

They pulled the boat further onto the tiny beach before tying the bow rope to a sturdy-looking steel ring.

“Do you think it’s far enough up so there won’t be a problem when the tide comes in?” Sarah studied the boat and the water lapping against the stern.

“Sweetie. It’s a lake.”

Sarah almost slapped her forehead. “Yeah, never mind. Dumb question,” she mumbled.

Nikki stood on a rock behind Sarah and hugged her. “So, are you ready to see our home for the next week?” Nikki gave Sarah’s hickey a little kiss.


Nikki cleared her throat and hooked a finger under Sarah’s choker to give it a little tug.

“I mean ‘yes Mistress’.”

“Much better.”

Despite being in charge, Nikki grabbed one of the heavy bags in addition to the diaper bag while Sarah wrestled the backpack onto her shoulders again. Carrying just one heavy bag felt a little unbalanced, but it was still easier that lugging both bags up the narrow path that wound its way between some boulders and up the tree-covered hillside.

Only a minute later, Sarah saw the cabin. It was dark red and looked like it had been built on a small shelf in the hillside. They walked around the corner and came to what looked almost like a narrow corridor. On one side was the rough stone of the hillside going straight up, almost as high up as the roof, and on the other was the wall of the cabin. In the middle of the wall, right next to the only window, was a green, oddly shaped door. It had a really high threshold and all the corners were rounded.

“That’s a weird door,” Sarah remarked.

“Yeah, Mort’s grandparents built the cabin from old ship parts. All the doors are like this.” Nikki struggled a little with the lock. “OK, that needs oil. We have to remember that.” Nikki opened the door, wiped her feet and entered.

The entry hall was tiny. Not even enough for the two of them to pass each other. On the left Sarah could see what had to be the smallest kitchen she had ever seen. She could probably reach anything in there without having to take a single step. On the right was a small bedroom with two bunk beds.

“Ooo, bunk beds. That’ll be nice and cosy.”

Nikki turned and looked at Sarah. “I guess, but I was kind of planning to use the other bedroom. The one with the double bed.”

Sarah followed Nikki into what could only be described as ‘the rest of the cabin’. It was a small living room with a solid-looking dining table with mismatched chairs, a couple of easy chairs with a small table between them, a few bookcases and a fireplace. The windows had a stunning view of the lake.

“Just put the bags here,” Nikki said and pulled aside some drapes in the corner. When Sarah did, she saw a small bedroom, barely larger than the double bed. It almost looked like the room had been built around the bed.

Sarah dropped the bag and sat down on the bed to slide the shoulder straps of the backpack off her shoulders. She rubbed her shoulders and cracked her neck.

“Sweetie, want to come here for a moment?”

Sarah got up and went back to the living room. Nikki was standing next to a door with an honest-to-god porthole. She opened it and stepped out onto a veranda that ran almost the entire length of the cabin and seemed to continue around the corner. She leaned on the railing and looked out over the lake. The view was breathtaking.

“How didn’t we see any of this from the boat?” Sarah asked.

Nikki came up next to her and slipped an arm around Sarah’s waist. “Look around,” Nikki whispered. “What do you see?”

“It’s like there’s nobody else in the world,” Sarah whispered back.

Nikki smiled. “The closest house is a twenty minute walk away. And there’s no way to get another boat ashore. We’re not getting any unexpected visitors unless they’re being airlifted in.”

Nikki slipped a hand inside Sarah’s waistband and pulled Sarah’s t-shirt up.


“Ssh.” Nikki put a finger to Sarah’s mouth. She continued pulling the t-shirt free.

“Now kneel.” Nikki put a hand on Sarah’s shoulder and gently pressed down. “Kneel before Zod.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “And you call me a nerd,” she murmured

“What was that?”

“Nothing Mistress.” Sarah knelt in front of Nikki who proceeded to pull her t-shirt off, closely followed by her sports bra.

“You’re not going to be wearing those this week unless I tell you to,” Nikki said. “And the same goes for this…” She untied Sarah’s choker.


Nikki stood behind Sarah. “This week, you’re wearing this.”

The cool leather of her collar encircled Sarah’s neck. Her breath caught in her throat, both from excitement and embarrassment. She lowered her head. “Yes Mistress,” she whispered. “Thank you.”

Nikki stood next to Sarah and petted her hair. Together they looked out over the lake. It was going to be a very different week.

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Nice to see that this story keep going.
I really like your style and how you kept the suspense of where Nikky is taking Sarah.

I can’t wait to see how this week will turn out.

thank you for your work.

Like I said in the Donors’ Lounge, I’m tempted to write what happens to the girls the following week, but I have a feeling it could very easily devolve into one-handed typing and that’d just be weird (and possibly violate posting guidelines here). Nevertheless, I’ve been writing it just to see how it turns out (two and a half thousand words so far). I haven’t really decided if I’m going to post it yet. We’ll just have to see how I feel about it when it’s done.

So in the meantime, I’m going to leave it up to you, my readers, to imagine what happens. Have fun and be careful. (I’ve been told that repetitive strain injuries can be painful and quite long-lasting. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well, just for the record, it didn’t turn out too cringe-worthy, so day one of the girls’ stay in the cabin has been posted in the Donors’ Lounge. And I’m working on day four. I don’t know if that part will be posted. I’ll just have to see if I think it’s good enough. But just to whet your appetite, here’s a little taste.

The sun peeked in between the curtains, silently hammering its rays against Nikki’s eyelids until she had no choice but to wake up. She squinted against the sun and pulled the blanket up over her head. Whoever had the idea of a bedroom with windows facing east ought to be shot. Nikki looked down to where Sarah was sleeping. She lay curled up with her back to the window. Nikki inched closer and looked over Sarah’s shoulder. She had her thumb securely stuck in her mouth, just like Nikki suspected she would. Sarah denied it whenever she was asked about it, but more and more often Nikki had found her sucking her thumb in her sleep. That was when she had an idea.
As slowly and carefully as she could, Nikki reached for her phone on the shelf above the bed. She opened the camera app and snuggled closer, feeling the heat of Sarah’s bare back through her t-shirt. Then she reached over Sarah with the phone and took a selfie with herself and Sarah; topless, thumb in mouth and collar on full display. She was almost disappointed she couldn’t get the camera far enough away to also get the white plastic panties covering Sarah’s cloth diapers. Nikki carefully put the phone back on the shelf and slipped her arm around Sarah’s waist, pulling her closer.

Considering that today is the 91st anniversary of seven gangsters being killed in a garage in Chicago (and also since the mods said it was OK to post it here as well as in the Donors’ Lounge), enjoy a little smut.

The sun peeked in between the curtains, silently hammering its rays against Nikki’s eyelids until she had no choice but to wake up. She squinted against the sun and pulled the blanket up over her head. Whoever had the idea of a bedroom with windows facing east ought to be shot. Nikki looked down to where Sarah was sleeping. She lay curled up with her back to the window. Nikki inched closer and looked over Sarah’s shoulder. She had her thumb securely stuck in her mouth, just like Nikki suspected she would. Sarah denied it whenever she was asked about it, but more and more often Nikki had found her sucking her thumb in her sleep. That was when she had an idea.

As slowly and carefully as she could, Nikki reached for her phone on the shelf above the bed. She opened the camera app and snuggled closer, feeling the heat of Sarah’s bare back through her t-shirt. Then she reached over Sarah with the phone and took a selfie with herself and Sarah; topless, thumb in mouth and collar on full display. She was almost disappointed she couldn’t get the camera far enough away to also get the white plastic panties covering Sarah’s cloth diapers. Nikki carefully put the phone back on the shelf and slipped her arm around Sarah’s waist, pulling her closer.

“Mmmm?” Sarah stirred as Nikki kissed her neck.

“Good morning sweetie,” Nikki whispered. “How is my little baby girl doing today?”

“Mmm-nottababy. Wanna sleep,” Sarah mumbled. Then she realised she had her thumb in her mouth and pulled it out. “Can’t we just stay in bed?”

“Oh no. It’s time for breakfast soon, and I need to know if my little pet needs to be changed first.” Nikki slid a hand down to Sarah’s thickly padded crotch and patted it.

“Nikki,” Sarah complained, “you know I don’t.”

“A little more respect, if you don’t mind.” Nikki rolled Sarah over on her back and straddled her stomach.

“I’m sorry Mistress,” Sarah said, fake contrition obvious in her voice.

“I don’t believe for a second that you really are.” Nikki leaned down and kissed Sarah’s forehead, giving her a faceful of boobs. “But you will be.”

“Stupid t-shirt,” Nikki heard Sarah mumble below her. Sarah slid her hands under Nikki’s t-shirt and began pulling it up. Nikki grabbed Sarah’s wrists and pinned them against the pillow.

“Now, here’s what’s going to happen: I’m going to the bathroom and then I’m making breakfast. Before we eat, I’m putting your daytime diapers on, so I expect you to be on this bed, naked, clean and ready by the time I’m done. The toilet is in the outhouse and there’s a wash basin next to the front door.”

Sarah’s eyes went wide. “You expect me to walk around outside in just my diaper?”

Nikki rolled her eyes. “Of course not. You get to wear your collar and shoes too. And you don’t have to wear your diaper.”

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.”

“Oh, are you sure that’s how you want to play it?” Nikki’s scrutinised Sarah’s face looking for signs of hesitation. Sarah just gave her her best ‘I dare you’ grin.

“Very well.” Nikki let go of Sarah’s wrists and got out of bed. She opened the bag on the floor and pulled out a six-foot length of paracord. She quickly threaded one end through the ring in Sarah’s collar and gave the makeshift leash a tug to encourage her to get moving.

Sarah waddled behind Nikki across the living room and to the entry hall. “Shoes,” Nikki said and pointed to Sarah’s light blue crocs. She awkwardly leaned against the wall and slid her feet inside, wriggling her heels in place. By the time she was done, Nikki had stepped into her unlaced sneakers. She tugged on the rope again and opened the door. Then, wearing just her t-shirt and panties, she walked out, pulling Sarah along.

Sarah stumbled out the door and into the sunlight and birdsong of an early morning in the middle of nowhere. Nikki marched along the wall and around the corner, steadily pulling Sarah along.

“Come on, there’s nobody to see you here. Except the birds.” Nikki gave the leash another tug. She led Sarah to the outhouse. The pungent chemical smell made Sarah wrinkle her nose.

“As much as I love you, wet diapers is where as far as I’ll go, so…” Nikki put a hand on Sarah’s back and gently, but firmly pushed her through the door. “And that’s the only reason you still have the use of your hands,” she added through the closed door.

Nikki had time to put on a pair of shorts and a less worn-out t-shirt before Sarah was finished. When she opened the door, Nikki saw that Sarah had wrapped the towel they used as her night diaper around herself. Sarah handed her the plastic pants.

“Do you know what this means?” Nikki asked as she grabbed the rope that hung from Sarah’s collar.

“What do you mean Mistress? I’m just wearing my diapers, like you told me to.” Sarah smiled smugly, satisfied at having found a loophole in the rules.

Nikki led Sarah back to the cabin, but stopped by the washbasin on the small counter outside the front door. She handed Sarah a pair of surgical gloves.

“Can I at least wash my hands first?”

Nikki pretended to think about it for a moment before nodding.

Sarah quickly washed her hands in the cold water and dried them on her towel-dress. Then she pulled on the gloves. It was a little fiddly, but eventually she succeeded. Sarah knew what came next so she held out her hands, palm up, to get one tennis ball in each hand. Nikki wrapped a single strip of duct tape around each hand, holding the ball in place and reducing Sarah’s hands to useless lumps.

“Now, hands on the counter,” Nikki commanded. Sarah glanced at her as she turned around and did as she was told. It was obvious she was enjoying the opportunity to be even more domineering than when they usually played. Nikki came up behind her, put her hands on Sarah’s hips and pulled her back from the counter until she was standing bent over. Then she tapped the insides of Sarah’s ankles with her foot to get her to spread her legs. Sarah shivered as she felt the breeze caress her barely covered buttocks. Nikki stepped on the rope leash, making sure that Sarah couldn’t stand up straight; then she yanked the towel off Sarah.

Sarah squeaked in surprise and tried to cover herself with her hands, only to find that she couldn’t do that without falling over.

“What are you-” she started.

“Ah-ah-ah. No talking.” Nikki gave Sarah’s buttock a quick smack. Sarah yelped.

“Since you’re going to be wearing your diapers every day this week, hygiene is very important. So every morning, we’re going to make sure that you’re nice and clean before putting on your diapers.”

“But Nikki-”

SMACK! Sarah got another swat across her butt.

“But Mistress-”


“What did I say about talking?” Nikki said sternly.

“Please Mistress, may I say something?”

Nikki paused for a moment, then nodded. “One sentence,” she said. “Make it count.”

“I know it’s important to be clean, but why do we have to do it out here in the open?”

Nikki soaked a washcloth in the basin and ran it up the inside of her thigh. She jumped at the cold, wet touch.

“First of all,” Nikki explained calmly, “I didn’t want to risk spilling any water indoors. Even if it wouldn’t be me who would have to mop it up.” She switched to Sarah’s other thigh, smiling at Sarah’s involuntary shiver. “Second, we’re doing it out here because that’s more embarrassing for you. And deep down, you like that; it turns you on. Doesn’t it?” Nikki cupped Sarah’s crotch, slowly sliding a finger along the folds of sensitive skin. Sarah closed her eyes and moaned softly. “That’s what I thought.”

Nikki rubbed Sarah’s mound with her thumb. “Remind me that we take care of that stubble tomorrow.”

“Yes Mistress,” Sarah gasped. She bit her lip in an effort to stay quiet. Then, just as quickly as she had started, Nikki removed her hand. She wiped her hand on the washcloth and rinsed it out in the basin. Then she began to wash Sarah’s mound, slowly working her way down between her legs. Nikki could see Sarah’s knees wobble a little and hear her breathing grow heavier.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” Sarah wisely didn’t say anything. Nikki put the wet washcloth on Sarah’s lower back. Then she squatted down behind her and spread her buttocks. A small rivulet of cool water trickled down between the spread butt cheeks and Sarah’s knees almost buckled.

“Please,” Sarah whispered hoarsely.

Nikki ignored Sarah’s plea. She picked up the washcloth, and slowly and meticulously cleaned Sarah. Then she gave the butt cheek that she had spanked a little kiss.

“Now don’t move,” Nikki said rose. She rinsed the washcloth and hung it to dry. Then opened the front door and went inside, leaving Sarah alone.

When Nikki returned less than a minute later, she brought the jar of diaper rash cream. Normally they only used baby powder unless she actually had a rash. But normally, she wouldn’t be wearing diapers more or less non-stop for a week either. Sarah eyed the jar with obvious dislike. She didn’t like the rashes it reminded her of having. Also, she didn’t like the way it smelled. So she closed her eyes and breathed through her mouth.

Nikki looked at Sarah obediently standing bent over and naked, with her leash hanging from her collar and her eyes closed. She quietly took out her phone and snapped the second picture of the day.

Then Nikki removed the lid from the jar and scooped out a generous helping. She knelt next to Sarah and began spreading the white, greasy ointment out across her mound, slowly working her way down and backwards. Sarah moaned again as Nikki’s slick fingers brushed against her lips. She moved her hips in an attempt to get them to hit the right spot.

“Cut it out,” Nikki said sternly after a little while. She gave Sarah’s butt a quick flick, leaving a white smudge. Then she scooped out a little more of the ointment and slowly worked her way up between Sarah’s butt cheeks, pausing to poke her puckered sphincter; not hard enough to actually penetrate, but still hard enough to make Sarah think she might. Nikki heard the sharp intake of breath and grinned. It was just the reaction she was hoping for.

“You like that too?” Nikki spread the butt cheeks with her fingers and used her thumb to give Sarah another little poke, just for emphasis. She could see Sarah’s cheeks and neck redden as she nodded.

“Use your words sweetie,” she said in a syrupy-sweet tone. Nikki continued moving her thumbs in lazy circles.

“Yes Mistress,” Sarah whispered unsteadily.

“Maybe we should do something about that then. Would you like that?” Sarah’s only response was her heavy breathing. Nikki grinned. “But not now. It’ll have to be a surprise for some other time.”

Nikki let go of Sarah’s butt and stood. While Sarah caught her breath, Nikki washed her hands. Then she helped Sarah stand up straight.

“Now come along. It’s time for you to get dressed.” Nikki grabbed the rope and gave it a little tug.

The first couple of steps gave Sarah a bit of a surprise. The way her greasy buttocks rubbed against each other was a rather novel sensation and not at all unpleasant. Sarah swung her hips a little extra to get the most out of it. Nikki stopped and turned to look at her.

“Close your eyes sweetie,” Nikki said. She reached out and tucked a stray lock of hair behind Sarah’s ear. “And hands behind your back.”

Sarah did as she was told. She smiled as Nikki’s hand slid from her ear to her cheek and she turned her head to kiss Nikki’s palm.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself.”

Sarah couldn’t help shifting her weight from foot to foot just to keep swaying her hips.

“Keep your eyes closed sweetie.” Nikki took a step back, pulled out her phone again and started recording a video. “So why do you like it?”

“Mmmm, it just feels so good. It’s like my butt is all slippery.”

“And you like being all smooth and slick?”

“Yes Mistress,” Sarah said dreamily.

“You want to do this more?”

“Mmmm-yes Mistress.”

“Ask nicely. What does my little pet want me to do?”

“Please Mistress, I want to be all smooth and slippery.” Nikki hadn’t heard Sarah sound so needy since the time she had had a terrible nightmare and needed to be held while she slept.

“If you’re a good little girl,” Nikki said, trying to sound benevolent, “I’m sure we can find some kind of reward for you.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Sarah bit her lower lip and smiled shyly.

Nikki stopped recording and put the the phone back in her pocket. “But we should probably get you dressed for breakfast. After all, we don’t want you making ointment marks wherever you sit down, now do we?”

Nikki led Sarah back to the bedroom. On the bed, she had unfolded one of Sarah’s thickest diapers.

“Sit.” Nikki put a hand on Sarah’s chest and gave her a little push. She sat down on the diaper. Nikki gave her another little push to make her lie back, her legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Sarah lifted her head to watch Nikki as she put one hand on each knee and spread Sarah’s legs. She was so lost in her lust-fuelled haze that she didn’t even care that her ointment-greasy crotch was exposed to the warm sunlight and anybody who happened to look through the window would see everything. Nikki picked up the box of baby powder, looked down at Sarah, then shook her head as if she was arguing with herself before putting it away again. Nikki spread Sarah’s legs even more, and lifted her feet up onto the mattress.

“OK, lift your butt,” she said.

When Sarah lifted her hips off the mattress, sliding back a little bit, Nikki adjusted the diaper under her before guiding her hips back down for a perfect landing. Seconds later, the diaper was in place. Sarah gave a disappointed pout as she rubbed her useless hands over the diaper’s smooth plastic.

“OK sweetie, I’m going to make breakfast. Why don’t you go sit outside in the sunshine in the meantime.” Nikki took one of Sarah’s hands and helped her sit up. Then she turned to leave.


If she keeps this up it’ll be lunch before we eat. Nikki turned back around. “Yes Sarah? What is it now?”

Sarah held up her taped hands. “I think I’m going to need a little help putting on my shorts.” She nodded towards the oversized Bermuda shorts lying next to the bed. They had been bought for the sole reason that they were big enough to fit over even the thickest of Sarah’s disposable diapers.

“No you don’t,” said Nikki. “When you came out of the bathroom wearing your diaper towel as a dress, I realised that you obviously didn’t mind having your diaper on display, so-”

“That’s not why-”

“Shush. Little girls should be seen and not heard. Like I said: You obviously didn’t mind having your diaper on display, so your pants privileges have been revoked for today.”

“What?!? Do you mean-”

“Want to make it two days?” Nikki cut Sarah’s protest off.

Sarah sighed deeply. “No Mistress.”

“Are you going to behave yourself like a good little girl?”

“Yes Mistress,” Sarah said, mentally rolling her eyes at how theatrical and over-the-top Nikki was being.

“Good. Now come along then.” Nikki pulled her up and led Sarah to the veranda. She put a hand on Sarah’s hip. “And feel free to sway those hips of yours. We both know you love how that feels.”

Sarah headed for the deck chair since that was the lowest of the chairs. Sitting in that, she’d be hidden from view. Nobody would be able to see the blindingly white diaper she was wearing. Actually sitting down was trickier than Sarah expected since she couldn’t hold onto the sides of the chair, but eventually she sat down with something that felt like it should be an audible squish. Sarah barely suppressed a giggle at the sensation.

This is so weird. Sarah knew she should feel mortified, sitting out in the open wearing nothing but a diaper and a dog collar. And she was nervous. Truth be told, she was terrified. But at the same time, she was also excited. No, not excited. This is beyond excited. I’m… horny.

Just thinking the thought, admitting that word, unleashed a torrent of thoughts. Why was she so turned on by being embarrassed? Did she actually like the humiliation, or was it just the price she paid for pleasure? And when would that price become too high? Sitting outdoors in just her diaper would have been unthinkable only 24 hours earlier, but doing it now was equal parts terrifying, thrilling and tempting. OK, maybe two parts terrifying, but still… It was like riding a really rickety roller coaster.

Sarah wondered how much she would be willing to provoke Nikki before she would actually use her safe word. She had almost said it when Nikki had had her stand naked outside the front door just minutes earlier; and also when she was sent out on the veranda. But knowing what would come afterwards, or actually not knowing, had stopped her. Most of the times Nikki had pushed Sarah’s limits the last four years, she hadn’t ended up regretting it. Of course there was the occasional slip-up, especially at first, but they worked things out afterwards. And Sarah had to admit she liked how attentive and caring Nikki was after they screwed up. It almost made it worth it.

Sarah smiled and closed her eyes, letting the sun warm her body as it slowly climbed up over the tops of the trees. She let one of her hands drift down to her diaper. She wasn’t going to do anything; just let it rest there while she tensed her left buttock, then her right, and then the left again. Shifting her weight from side to side like that felt almost as good as walking had. She would just need a little bit of extra help. Hardly any at all. Just a couple of seconds wouldn’t hurt.

“What are you doing?!?”

Sarah’s eyes flew open. Nikki was standing in the open door holding a tray. Sarah yanked her hand away.

“I… I…”

“Is that any way for a good little girl to behave?”

Sarah blushed. She hated getting caught playing with herself. Even when she knew that Nikki was planning on her doing it. Not just planning, but damn near ensuring it. Making me hornier than a teenager during a make-out session and then leaving me all alone. It’s just not fair. And it’s so embarrassing; so…

“You know what? I wasn’t going to do this just yet, but you obviously want me to go all dominatrixy on you. I mean, why else would you keep disobeying me?” Nikki put down the tray. “Don’t you move.” She turned and went back inside.

Sarah looked at the tray sitting on one of the other chairs. There were sandwiches and coffee and orange juice and little slices of apple. She suddenly became acutely aware of how hungry she was. Hungry, and hot. The dew on the sides of the glasses of orange juice looked so inviting and cool. Much better than the single bead of sweat slowly rolling down Sarah’s chest. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the heat and the food just sitting there right in front of her. Sarah began shifting her weight from side to side in an attempt to take her mind off it. It didn’t feel anywhere as good without her hand helping out. In fact, it was more frustrating than anything else.

Sarah opened her eyes and just stared up at the eaves, counting the nails. She managed to get to thirty-seven before she noticed movement. Nikki stepped through the door, almost tripping on the abnormally high threshold. She had changed out of her shorts and t-shirt, and was now wearing a neon pink bikini with black polka dots. It definitively didn’t look very domineering. In fact, it made her look more like an overgrown teenager.

Nikki brought a wrapped present out from behind her back and handed it to Sarah. “I wasn’t going to give you this until later this week, but it looks like now is as good a time as any.”

When Nikki put the present on Sarah’s lap, Sarah held up her taped hands and just raised an eyebrow.

Nikki smiled. Then her entire posture changed. She went from her usual confident self to the insecure, nervous and awkward demeanour of a teenager. She clasped her hands behind her back and twisted, not quite looking directly at Sarah.

“OK, I’m going to help you unwrap it. But only because I think you’re the best teacher in the world Miss Sarah,” Nikki said, sounding remarkably unlike herself. She knelt next to the deck chair and began unwrapping the package resting on Sarah’s lap.

“This really wasn’t what I expected when you said to see you after class. I mean, I know you caught me looking down your top, but so do some of the boys. Not that I watch them or anything.” Nikki stopped for a moment and looked up at Sarah. “You watch me too, don’t you?” She looked expectantly at her. “Don’t you?” she repeated with an edge to her voice.

Sarah swallowed and nodded. Nikki slipped the ribbon from the package through the ring in Sarah’s collar.

“And this thing? Do you know how often I’ve wanted to tie something to that choker of yours and just parade you around the classroom like you’re my little pet? I’ll give you a hint: Every time you give us a pop quiz. And here I find you wearing a real collar.” Nikki leaned closer. “I’m beginning to think that maybe you wanted me to find you like this; all helpless and ready for me. Was it?” Nikki gave the ribbon a little tug. Sarah nodded again, her mouth suddenly feeling very dry.

Nikki traced a line down Sarah’s chest with her nail, sliding down between her breasts and around her bellybutton. Then she skated across the smooth, white plastic of the diaper.

“And I can’t believe you use diapers,” Nikki said, looking back up at Sarah who just sat there in stunned silence. “You know, I used to babysit a lot, so I know how to change your diaper too. Does baby need a change yet?” She began to slowly rub Sarah’s diaper. “Has my little baby peed her diaper right here in the classroom?”

Sarah squirmed. “No,” she whispered.

“Are you sure? This thing doesn’t really feel like it’s dry.” Nikki kept rubbing slowly; so frustratingly slowly. Sarah groaned. “Is there another reason why it’s not dry Miss Sarah?” Nikki asked in a mock-innocent tone. “Is it because you like it when I do this?” She stopped rubbing Sarah’s padded crotch and just lightly patted it. Sarah moaned longingly.

“No no Miss Sarah, you have to use your words. Say ‘Yes Mistress Nicolette’. If you don’t, I’m going to go get the rest of the class so they can see you like this too.” Nikki leaned closer and whispered, “and I really don’t want to do that since I want to have you all to myself.”

Nikki sat back on her heels again. “So why isn’t your diaper dry? Is it because, deep down, you like this?”

Sarah swallowed. “Yes Mistress Nicolette,” she whispered.

“See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Nikki stroked Sarah’s cheek. “You’re being such a good, obedient, little girl that I think you deserve a reward.” Nikki unwrapped the package that Sarah had forgotten about and lifted the lid of the box. Inside, resting on crumpled-up tissue paper, were two pairs of sturdy-looking, black leather cuffs.

“Do you like them?” Nikki held up the two biggest ones so Sarah could get a better look at them. The sun glinted off the chromed buckles and rings. “These are for your ankles. And these,” she held up the other, smaller pair, “are for your wrists.”

Nikki put the box on the floor and crawled around the chair until she was behind Sarah. “Now give me your hand.”

When Sarah hesitated, Nikki sighed. “Can you hear that?” she said. “Sounds like there’s somebody outside the classroom. I wonder if I remembered to lock the door. We wouldn’t want them to hear something that would make them open the door and look inside, now would we?”

When she didn’t answer, Nikki reached around Sarah and pinched her nipples, eliciting a squeak and a sharp intake of breath from her.

“Now would we?” Nikki repeated.

“No Mistress Nicolette.”

“Because that would be bad, wouldn’t it?” Nikki began rolling Sarah’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger, feeling the flesh harden as she kept pinching.

“Mmm-yes Mistress Nicolette.”

Nikki leaned in close and whispered. “Imagine what they’d say if they saw you, Miss Sarah, diapered and collared right here in the classroom. What they’d think.” Sarah swallowed and bit her lip as Nikki gave her ear lobe a quick nibble. “So you’d better be an obedient little pet so I don’t have to raise my voice. Now give me your hand.”

Sarah lifted her right arm and swung it back to Nikki. She could hear the delicate tinkling sound of Nikki undoing the buckle of the cuffs, then she felt the cool touch of leather encircling her wrist.

“And the other hand,” Nikki whispered, barely audible over the sound of the breeze blowing through the leaves. Sarah swung her left arm back to have it cuffed in the same way as the right. Next there was a metallic click and Sarah found her arms stuck behind her.

“See? Now all I need to tie your hands is a carabiner.” Nikki tore the tape and gloves off Sarah’s hands and crawled back around the chair. “Maybe we should have some eye hooks for your desk. We could lay you out like a sacrifice in some cheap pulp novel. A not-a-virgin-by-the-time-I’m-done-with-you sacrifice to the gods of higher learning.” Nikki smiled. She put a hand on each of Sarah’s knees and slowly pushed them apart. It only took her a few seconds to get the cuffs around Sarah’s ankles too.

“Now you’re going to be well-behaved and not make a fuss while I tie your legs, right?” Nikki looked Sarah in the eyes and slowly ran a hand up the inside of Sarah’s thigh, causing an involuntary shiver.

Sarah lowered her gaze and nodded.

“Because you’re my little pet teacher, aren’t you?”

Sarah nodded again.

“No-no-no-no-no Miss Sarah,” Nikki frowned and shook her head. “That won’t do. I want to hear you say it. What are you?”

“I’m… I’m your pet teacher.”

“Yes you are, yes you are.” Nikki used the paracord from Sarah’s collar and quickly tied her legs to the chair. Then she slid her hand further up Sarah’s thigh and in under the diaper. Her fingers slid over ointment-slick skin until she found what she was looking for. Sarah closed her eyes and moaned as Nikki’s finger slid inside her.

“Shh,” Nikki said, playing with the slick folds of skin. “You have to be a good, little girl and stay quiet. Otherwise, I’m going to have to find some way to make you be quiet. Maybe a nice pacifier?” Nikki pulled her hand out of Sarah’s diaper just before Sarah came. She gave another low groan of frustration at being denied release again.

Nikki wiped her fingers on Sarah’s calf before standing up and moving to Sarah’s side. Nikki scratched her chin. “This is getting a little confusing,” she said, putting on a puzzled expression. “This tells me you’re my little pet,” Nikki gave Sarah’s collar a little tug. “But this,” Nikki grabbed Sarah’s diaper and gave it a rough squeeze, “this clearly says that you’re a little baby girl.”

Nikki stepped over the chair and stood there with one leg on either side, towering over Sarah. “I know Miss Sarah,” Nikki suddenly exclaimed. “You can be my little puppy. No, my little cub.” Nikki sat down on Sarah’s lap and leaned close, rubbing her nose against Sarah’s. “Does Miss Sarah want to be my little cub? My little baby cub?”

Without waiting for a response, Nikki pulled her bikini top up and off. “Is my little Sarah-cub hungry? Does she want a little breakfast?” Nikki leaned forward, giving Sarah a faceful of boobs. When Sarah played along and latched on to one of her nipples, Nikki reached back to knead and squeeze her diaper.

It only took Sarah seconds to catch up to where she had been a minute earlier, and only moments later Nikki could feel the tell-tale twitching of muscles in Sarah’s stomach. She bent down to kiss the top of Sarah’s head and whispered, “Such a good girl, such a good girl.”

Sarah came with a muffled moan, and Nikki just held her close with her free arm and kept whispering to her as she continued kneading, squeezing and rubbing her diaper. When Sarah finally calmed down and Nikki let go of her, she slumped back in the chair in a post-orgasmic daze.

“Normally, Nikki…” Sarah finally said with a dopey grin, “Normally I’m not a fan of the whole schoolgirl thing, but that was… Wow.”

Nikki stood, still with one leg on each side of the chair. Despite the somewhat awkward stance, she found that she liked towering over Sarah like this. She put her hands on her hips and tried to look stern. “That’s ‘Mistress’, not ‘Nikki’. Now, did you enjoy that?”

“Yessss Mistress,” Sarah said lazily, her eyes still closed.

“And what do well-behaved, little girls say when they get a special treat?”

“Thank you?”

Nikki cleared her throat.

“Thank you Mistress,” Sarah corrected.

“That’s better.”


“Yes my little cub?” The blush that rose on Sarah’s cheeks made Nikki grin.

“Can I please put on my shorts now?”

“Oh! You thought that was part of the game?” Nikki stepped back on one side of the chair and squatted down next to it to pat Sarah’s diapers. “Oh no. These are going to be on display all day sweetie. And if you ask again, the same goes for tomorrow.”

Nikki sat down on the floor next to the chair and moved the tray closer. “Now, does my little Sarah-cub want some breakfast?”

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