On this date, April 15 1912, the R.M.S. TITANIC sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after she struck an iceberg!! As she sank, TITANIC took 1500+ lives with her!! She was called “unsinkable” & the “ship of dreams”!! She was also called “the greatest ship in the world” & I think she still is!!

R.I.P. TITANIC & may your memory live on throughout the years to come!!


Yes, though allow me to alter… R.I.P. all the souls lost aboard the Titanic. Let the Titanic stand as a reminder to how hubris can destroy us.

As for the greatest ship in the world… maybe… you have to take into account the RMS Queen Mary 2, which… I don’t know. What makes a ship great? Maybe you believe Poseidon taints its reputation.


When I say R.I.P. TITANIC, I mean the ship, crew, & passengers!!

No ship in the world, past or present, captures the imagination like TITANIC does!! There are more books, movies, documentaries, & even models about her than any other ship in the world!! The TITANIC has it’s own place in history, one that will never be filled or equaled!! Even the LUSITANIA can’t complete with the lore of TITANIC!! She was & is a once in lifetime ship & event!! TITANIC stands alone, no other ship will ever be her!!


Agreed. The ship was a legend. She was built to be unsinkable. I’ve seen the movie, I’ve read about it, and I even had a replica of it that was destroyed by a dumb-ass friend of mine when he broke it.

Titanic was impressive. Sad that it sunk the way it did. To me, the thing that always impressed me was the band kept playing as the ship sank. R.M.S. Titanic is always going to have a spot in history for what she was supposed to be, and what happened to her.



Yeah, the band of the TITANIC were very heroic for doing what they did, as the ship was sinking, they played on!! It was calming & kept spirits up, even though most knew they were going to die!!

A side note to the TITANIC sinking & aftermath; the CARPATHIA (the ship that answered the S.O.S. & “raced” to the TITANIC’s location & rescued the survivors from TITANIC’s lifeboats) & the CALIFORNIAN (the ship that did nothing to help & was close enough to the TITANIC to see her distress rockets), were both sunk by German subs in World War One!!

TITANIC, you see, is a passion of mine!! I love to study her & hopefully, one day, see her before she is gone!! In 4 years, 2012, it will be 100 years since she sank!! I got to see TITANIC: The Exhibit & while I was impressed to see the things that were brought up, it also made me angry!! TITANIC is a grave & it was robbed!! They even had a piece of the hull, how dare they do that!! In my mind, it crossed the line!! Bring up a dinner plate or a wine bottle, but leave TITANIC alone!!

If that was not bad enough, at the start of the tour, you were given a card with a name on it, the name of a passenger or crewman!! At the end of the tour, there was a list on a wall of everyone onboard TITANIC & you had to see if the name of the person you had, lived or died, as if you were that person!! How disrespectful to the person memory, I thought it was tastless & I let the people know about it after the tour!!

Years ago, when I was a member of an AOL Star Trek roleplying group, I had a starship named in honor & memory of her, the U.S.S. TITANIC NCC-1912!! The TITANIC will forever be in my heart & mind!!


Terrible thing the sinking of that ship. A lot of lives lost and a unbelievable design and engineering feat! It was even the first movie that made me cry :stuck_out_tongue:


I also saw Titanic: The Exhibit when it came to MOSI in Tampa. I thought it was a great exhibit and actually liked the idea of being given a name of a passenger and seeing if they survived or died. If i remember correctly, my passenger died. I would love to dive the wreck someday, but I doubt it will ever happen.


Call me crazy, but don’t we have a thread on this pretty much every year?

Edit: Apparently I am crazy. Well, Deja Vu.


You know, not to ruin things for you, but I was reading something and apparently there’s no evidence to say that the band merrily played on of their own accord…


Lin & Vickie, you are correct on both threads!! How do I know that, I started both!!