RIP Heath Ledger

He was found dead in his apartment.

RIP Heath Ledger

He is a major actor Vickie. I din’t expect him to pass away this soon, I thought he would be around till he was like 65 not 28.

RIP Heath Ledger

I liked him. I feel sad.

RIP Heath Ledger

Well, I really hope his last role comes off well, if I may sound like a jackass for a moment.

It’s going to feel a little weird now.

movies he was in

Not to be mean to you Victoriah but here are a few movies he was in…

I’m Not There. (2007) …. Robbie Clark

Candy (2006) …. Dan

Casanova (2005) …. Casanova

… aka Femur (Philippines: English title)

Brokeback Mountain (2005) …. Ennis Del Mar

The Brothers Grimm (2005) …. Jacob Grimm

Lords of Dogtown (2005) …. Skip

… aka American Knights (Philippines: English title)
… aka Dogtown Boys (Germany)

The Order (2003) …. Alex Bernier

… aka The Sin Eater (Australia) (Singapore: English title) (UK) (USA: working title)
… aka Sin Eater - Die Seele des Bösen (Germany)

Ned Kelly (2003) …. Ned Kelly

… aka Ned Kelly: Public Enemy No. 1 (Philippines: English title: poster title)

The Four Feathers (2002) …. Harry Faversham

Monster’s Ball (2001) …. Sonny Grotowski

… aka Bal du monstre, Le (Canada: French title)

A Knight’s Tale (2001) …. Sir William Thatcher / Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland

The Patriot (2000) …. Gabriel Martin

… aka Patriot, Der (Germany)

Current movies being worked on:

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
The Dark Knight

He will be missed. I am going to buy popcorn, candy and a drink at the release of the Dark Knight. I’ll let my boyfriend buy the ticket. :smiley:


RIP Heath Ledger

That’s very sad… he was one of my favorite actors of recent years. :frowning:

RIP Heath Ledger

I wasn’t a huge fan of his, and if he died of drug overdose (which is what the suspect) then it’s just one more moron out of the gene pool. (I don’t much care for drugs)

I do hope this doesn’t affect the release of The Dark Knight, though.

RIP Heath Ledger

Neither have I, Vickie!!

Maria, I have not seen any of those movies you listed, either!!

RIP Heath Ledger

Didn’t mean to upset you in any way. Just trying to help

do you guys think that the dark knight release date will be pushed back?

RIP Heath Ledger

Dark Knight, could care less!! Keaton is the only “big screen” Batman in my eyes!!

Maria, you didn’t upset me at all, 'k!!

RIP Heath Ledger

Its a “Suspected overdose” although I doubt it has anything to do with illegal drugs. Sounds more like a sleeping pill suicide. Sad to hear things like this happening too young people and too make things worse he has a very young daughter :frowning:

On the other hand it really shows how shallow “world news” is… I mean he was just an actor. I wonder if a brain surgeon or someone that saves/improves lives everyday would get the same amount of mourning/publicity…. Probably not.

RIP Heath Ledger

It shouldn’t, at least from a technical standpoint… From what I’ve heard, he had already finished all his post-production work, so he could concentrate on his next movie (don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s a Terry Gilliam film). Unless there’s some big scandal (and maybe not even then, as that might attract even more people to see it), I doubt they’ll push back the release date.

RIP Heath Ledger

true that dog 8)

but remember, MLK Jr. was a preacher and died a preacher of civil rights. He wasn’t in movies or anything, he just walked and talked about serious problems in America. We might enjoy actors movies and what they do but the real people are those who change the world for the better.

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RIP Heath Ledger

he preached about civil rights

yeah boy



awesome possum

anyway Rest in Peace Heath Ledger, a great actor. Hey have any of you peoples saw the trailer for “The Dark Knight”, doesn’t look like him at all.

Matt, again

RIP Heath Ledger

New York Police Department deputy commissioner Paul Browne said the Oscar-nominated Australian actor’s body was found naked and face-down on the floor of his bedroom by a housekeeper about 3.30pm Tuesday (7.30am Melbourne time).

‘‘There were pills within the vicinity of the bed,’’ Mr Browne said.

But he stressed that pills were not scattered around Ledger’s body, as had been previously reported.

“There were some prescription medications that included sleeping pills,” he said.

The 28-year-old actor, who had reportedly been ill with pneumonia, had an appointment for a massage at the apartment, which is believed to be his home in Soho in Manhattan.

The housekeeper went to tell Ledger the masseuse had arrived and found him naked and unconscious at the foot of his bed.

Ledger’s former fiancee, Brokeback Mountain co-star Michelle Williams - the mother of his two-year-daughter Matilda - was reported to be ‘‘devastated’’ by his death and had boarded a flight to New York.

Representatives of the actor’s family said police had advised them his death was accidental, the website reported.

Matt: your posts are WEIRD!

RIP Heath Ledger

Everything I’ve read has said that it simply does not look like a suicide (that’s the PD’s official position right now). All will have to wait until the autopsy is done, though, of course.

RIP Heath Ledger

Meh, still, it’s not a huge loss or anything. I find it strange how much stock some people put in celebrities that they actually become depressed (even if just a little) when one of them dies, but as has already been pointed out, when someone who actually changes lives dies, no one cares.

The world doesn’t give 2 craps unless your face is on the TV.

RIP Heath Ledger

Orms, just because it is no bigger loss than another person does not mean it isn’t a huge loss. It just means that their are many huge losses.

Also, arguably, a person’s loss is measured by their impact on others. A famous person having impacted a greater number of people in some way or other than your average person might mean that they are a correspondingly larger loss.

Stop being bitter.

RIP Heath Ledger

Also, celebrity’s lives are so publicized that you generally feel like you know them better than, say, a brain surgeon. Even if it isn’t actually the actor you’re connecting with, but rather one of their characters.

RIP Heath Ledger

What have I to be bitter about, Nemo? To be honest, I really do not care who lives or dies outside of the people I know personally. Maybe I’m cold hearted, or whatever, but one person more or less doesn’t really affect me.

However, I think it’s an interesting sign of our times that a celebrity’s death warrants more news coverage than many other more news worthy events. It happens constantly, and it constantly makes me wonder why our society continues to keep itself so willfully ignorant of the world around them.