RIP George Steinbrenner

The longtime Yankees owner died at age 80. He was difficult, crooked, and domineering, but he knew how to win.

Re: RIP George Steinbrenner

The Yankees have lost a great man today!!

Whether you love or hate the Yankees, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t want an owner like him running your team!! A person who would do whatever it’d take to put a winner on the field year in & year out, no matter the cost!! I know he got a ton of haters, due to that, but it was his team & he wanted it to win & be a champion, no matter what!! Think of all the Hall of Fame names & future ones that have donned the Pinstripes for him!! He took over a down Yankee team & built it up to the Empire it is today!!

RIP George Steinbrenner!!

Re: RIP George Steinbrenner

I will give Steibrenner is due… man did build a legacy. And a little known fact, he almost bought the Cleveland Indians. New York lost legacy.

Even though I disagree with his tactics, and the way he went out and got all the talent… I will give him credit where credit is due.