RIP Dennis Hopper

The colorful veteran actor died after complications from cancer at age 74. I’ll always remember him for Speed, Apocalypse Now, and, especially Blue Velvet. His performance as Frank Booth was unsettling.

Hopper’s death comes on the heels of the passing of Gary Coleman at age 42. RIP to both.

Re: RIP Dennis Hopper

I’ll always remember him from Land of the Dead & Speed!!

R.I.P. Mr. Hopper

Re: RIP Dennis Hopper

Ahh yeah Mr. Hopper…

I remember reading an article where he describes filling up a tub with champagne and getting two supermodels to join him in the tub, Unfortunately they had to go to the hospital with …er… “extreme burning sensations” down below… lmao

Re: RIP Dennis Hopper

There is another fantasy I want to act out in real life. Jesus, how do you explain that one to the attending doctor? Fuck it, you’re Dennis Hopper definitely one of the last tough guys of American Cinema.