Revenge, a girls best friend (Complete)

A Young girl about 27 years old named ivy stretches after getting dressed, her hair a mess after just getting out of the shower. she grabs a brush and begins to brush her hair walking to her room. Her house was pretty big, she even had her own science lab where she could get into any kinda trouble she wanted. She lived alone and let’s just say she’s not perfectly sane but she balmes that on high school.

Being a so called ‘nerd’ she was picked on a lot especially by a bully by the name of ash. He was the worst bully at the school. lucky she hasn’t seen him since school, who knows she probably wouldn’t even recognize him. It sends a shiver down her spine remembering what he made her do. As she thought her grip tightened on her brush before she chucked it at a wall making it smash through the wall and getting stuck half way through.

She quickly jumps up and covers her mouth.


She sighs.

“come on vy let it go it’s been over 10 years learn to let things go…i was the one who lived though it not you.”

She scoffs at herself.

“let it go? like hell! he hurt you I! He made you feel like shit he’s the reason we can’t sleep at night!”

She nods to herself.

“I know vy… Sorry didn’t mean to make you more angry.”

She rolls her eyes.

“you’re like a little sister to me I. Even if we are the same person, I feel like I’m the one who’s got to take care of us. And I promise if I ever see this man again, that ass by the name of ash. I’ll get your revenge.”

She giggles.

“ass… Ash”

She smiles.

“you like that one huh?”
She nodded

“Ya it was cute”

She blushed and cleared her throat.

“Anyways we need to get to bed, maybe we can get a normal day’s worth of sleep.”

Ivy lays down throwing the cover over herself.

“maybe we shouldn’t have wasted all our chloroform… We could have used that to get to sleep again.”

She shivers.

“like hell… that reminds me we need to buy more supplies at the store tomorrow.”

She nods to herself halfway asleep.

“damn it I… Stop falling asleep so fast I’m trying to… Thin-”

Suddenly ivy falls asleep, Her and her other side. If you didn’t know any better they almost seem like two different people in the same body. She has been like this since her accident at school with the bully. Suddenly ivy begins to rock back and forth in her sleep as the nightmares begin.

Ivy is being shook awake by her mom.

“come on ivy its time school”

A 17 year old ivy sits up yawning very cutely in an over sized lab coat she loves to sleep in. Her hair was a mess but she didn’t seem to care. She wasn’t the best at taking care of herself.

“alright mom… any news on if ash got suspended after yesterday?”

Her mom sighs and shakes her head.

“unfortunately, I don’t think so…”

Her eyes get big.

“what?! But why?! He exploded the toilet with a cherry bomb! How can he not?! I saw him do it and told on him.”

Her mom frowns.

“I know… I don’t know how he did it, just ignore him for now. school’s almost over and remember if you keep them straight A’s me and your dad will help you get that place you wanted really bad with the lab.”

Ivy jumps up with glee excited and ready to start school.

“alright mom! Now leave so I can get dressed, a woman needs her privacy to get ready!”

She laughs.

“sure I’ll see you in like 10 minutes when you get bored of combing your hair and give up in the makeup”

Ivy blushes.

“it’s not my fault… I Could be doing something far more interesting like… Learning 200 digits after pi Instead of 100”

Her mom rolls her eyes and leaves.

“hmm maybe that’s not a great idea. I might need to know something else, heh not like I won’t remember it anyways. My memories are the best in the whole country. Shoot, my brains are better than anyone in this whole world!”

She takes off her lab coat and has nothing on underneath. The lab coat was basically a night gown for her. She grabs her some panties and a bra putting them on. She grabs some tight black pants and puts them on then a sweater that says ‘I love science’ on the front and also puts it on. She runs down stairs not worrying about her hair or makeup.

“Alright, I’m going to head to school!”

Her mom stops her.

“no, first you’re going to eat breakfast. You skipped supper last night to study. So this morning you will eat.”

Her stomach growls loud thinking of food.

“hmm well I do need something to eat logically. Fine I suppose I can eat.”

Her father was at the table reading the news on his phone.

“we are proud you are so smart ivy, but you also need to remember to take care of yourself.”

Ivy goes over to the table and sits down, her mom nods.

“Your father’s, right if you don’t who will?”

Ivy though for a while.

“well you and dad obviously, right?”

They both look at each other and sigh.

“me and your father won’t be here forever ivy…”

She says laying some pancakes down on the table and passes them out to everyone. Ivy looks down and sighs and pokes her food with a fork.

“i-I know I just… Don’t want to think about that…”

Her dad speaks up.

“you want to live alone in your own house don’t you? What about then? Will you remember to eat? Will you remember to care for yourself? Another part of you won’t be there to take care of you.”

She just keeps poking her food looking sad when her mom hugs her.

“That doesn’t mean we hate you or don’t love you… We love you a lot ok? We are so happy you’re so smart. But… Taking care of yourself comes first. Can you do that for us? If something were to happen to us we want to know you will be ok? Makes sense?”

Ivy nods.

“ya… It does, I’m sorry. But I’ll do better! I promise starting today uhh… Tomorrow ya, Tomorrow! I’ll begin to take care of myself better and show you two I can do it alone!”

They both smile and her mom kisses her cheek.

“that mommy’s girl!”

Ivy blushes and laughs.

“yuck gross!”

Both her mom and dad laugh. They all eat their pancakes and ivy heads off to school. She has a pretty normal day at school. A’s on every project like normal and not talking to anyone but one thing has been kinda freaking her out ash has been giving her this creepy smile all day. She honestly feels like he’s planning to kill her or something.

It Finally gets to the end of the school day and ivy goes to her locker and begins to put up her stuff when suddenly ash slams his strong arms into the lockers beside ivy making her jump.

“ahh! What the hell?? H-hello ash…”

He smirks at her.

“heard you were the one to tell on me. Is that correct?”

She shakes and backs up against the lockers gulping.

“i-I don’t know if ‘tell on’ is the correct term…”

He punches the lockers again making her jump and tear up. She was scared for her life.

“shut the hell up! Now I think revenge is in order.”

Ivy gulps, shaking more and more.

“and I got just the thing for baby’s who tell on people.”

Ivy looked confused.


He nods.

“Ya only baby’s tell on the teachers to get someone In trouble! Now-”

He grabs her by the arms and drags her to a empty class room and locks the door smirking. Ivy struggled the whole way.

“look please! I’m sorry, let me go. I want to go home!”

she cried and struggled. Suddenly the guy grabs her by the pants and begins yanking them off and shirt bra then panties she tried to fight but she was nothing compared to him she just cried in fear. Was she about to be raped? Ash smiles.

“wow to be so ugly you got kinda a cute body”

She blushed and screamed before her screams were stopped by something being rammed in her mouth some kinda gage with a rubber thing in it. She just cried, not even fighting what could she do anyways. But what was in her mouth.

“I bought a bunch of stuff for a cry baby tadle tell. Like this gag special made to be like a pacifier so enjoy sucking on your pasi little baby.”

She was now more embarrassed. She keeps crying till Ash takes his backpack off and pulls out a large diaper with mittens and feet mittens that locks once they are on. there’s no way she could do anything with her hands or walk. she shook her head making any noises.


She begged and pleaded for him to stop but he forced the mittens on her and locked them the same with the feet ones he lays her down and begins to diaper her she cried during the whole thing a bib was put on her that says big baby. Ash laughs.

“there we go a perfect look for a big fucking baby.”

She laid on the floor and cried. she had given up.

“alright I’m leaving, have fun being locked in school till tomorrow. I’m sure once school starts you will be found, maybe even get a diaper change you will probably need it!”

He laughs and leaves the room putting something against the door making escape impossible. Ivy layed there embarrassed here she was in a stupidly huge diaper and sucking a pacifier. She didn’t have to but right now if she focuses on that it helped her think more logically.

She begins to try to get the diaper off looking around for her clothing as well. All gone that ass hole ash must have took them all not only that she couldn’t grip anything in these damn mittions she couldn’t even stand this was so dumb there’s no way she’s stuck like this till she’s found. She will never live this down. She stayed there crying all night. She was getting tired and cried herself to sleep when she woke up.

She let out a whine that this wasn’t a dream but worse she didn’t wake up because it’s morning she had to pee and bad. There was no way she could hold it till school started. It was only a bit past midnight she sat there and bounced trying not to pee. To take her mind off it it worked especially with the pacifier. Well for as long as it could.


She screamed just before she felt the warmth run between her legs and her diaper begin to expand. This is not happening she thought. No way this is so disgusting she couldn’t stand the feeling of the wet touching her but she didn’t have much of a choice. She Finally begin to fall back asleep.

She’s soon woken up by the noise of people talking and laughing. She opens her eyes to a class room full of people laughing and talking. She remembers what happened and begins to cry here she is nake from the top up and in a soaked diaper bad enough it was super obvious it was wet being pure white with a yellow stain. Ivy cried till she couldn’t no more; she was eventually saved and went home. And there she cried thinking of revenge.

“hey… You need help don’t you?”

She said to herself she nods.

“Mhm… I had a horrible time…i want revenge”

She wipes the tears from her own eyes.

“I know. Call me vy I’m a part of you, your more… Angry side and if you need help I’ll be here for you for anything.”

She sniffs.

“thanks vy…”

Suddenly an alarm is going off, ivy sits straight up in bed. We are back to present, ivy hits the alarm clock so hard it breaks some. She rubs her face and takes a deep breath.

“damn it… Can’t we go one night without that God damn dream…”

She gets her legs out of bed.

“I don’t think so…we have had it for over 10 years… I hate reliving it. the embarrassment still kills me… i-i know I don’t say this much vy… But if we meet this man again you can take over as long as you need…”

She smirks.

“heh deal, now let’s go eat. you need to take care of yourself”

Ivy smiles.

“I’m glad I got you here to take care of me vy”

Ivy gets up and finds some new clothes to put on then grabs her lab coat and smiles and heads down to the kitchen.

“I remember when dad bought this lab coat for us.”

Ivy rolls Her eyes.

“you hold things too sentimental to you I. What are we going to eat?”

She sighs.

“I know… I can’t help it but uhh how about pancakes!”

She laughs.

“you would think that’s the only thing you know how to cook”

She says knowing it is. Making her laugh more.


Ivy cooks a few pancakes before putting some fruit on them and then syrup and gets to eating. She pats her belly.

“see you still like them even if we have them everyday.”

She sighs.

“ya only because you like them…anyways we need to head on down to the store we need more chloroform for testing… Well you know.”

She nods getting up.

“for revenge heh you been at this for years what are you planning to do with it? And all them bottles of stuff? And secret stuff you wouldn’t let me see and the basement.”

She smiles and heads for the door.

“that’s a secret but I’ll let you in on it as soon as we see that ash hole”

She laughs at basically her own joke and gets out in her car driving all the way to the store. She takes out her keys and gets out seeing the back of someone very muscular. when suddenly her body starts shaking and her eyes get big. The keys drop from her hands.

“I? what’s wrong who is that??”

She was breathing heavy.

“i-it’s him…T-That’s ash…”

They stared and watched him go inside Ivy grabbed her keys then went back to her car and grabbed the door handle.

“i-I got to go home! I can’t be here! Not with him!”

Tears started to enter her eyes then suddenly that sadness changed into anger.

“I’m sorry I ,but I’m taking over now. You get some rest, I’ll take care of this hehehe”

Ivy turns to the store and follows ash inside. She watches him do some casual shopping. She grabs a mouth mask and goes and buys her chloroform; she also buys a rag. She pays for everything and heads outside waiting for ash. she sees him come out then she throws on the mask and runs up to him.

“sir… I need help! There’s something in the back of my car could you help?”

Ash looked confused, he was much older then he was in high school a bit more grown up acting. At Least by the way he acted here.

“I suppose? What kinda something? An animal?”

He follows her to her car and she smirks and opens the back of the car quickly getting behind him with a rag filled with chloroform.

“Ya i think so just get in there and grab it please.”

As he leans in to see ivy covers his whole face with the rag making Ash try to fight back.

“the hell are you doing… You…crazy… Bitch…”

The more he fought the weaker he got.

“heh goodnight ash I’m going to make the rest of your life hell”

Ash was forced to sleep and dropped into the back of the car. Ivy pushes him in and shuts the back of the car and laughs.

“let my revenge begin.”

She gets in her car and drives them back to her place; she drags ashes body inside. it was hard with how big he was not that he was fat he was pure muscle this guy probably didn’t miss a day of work out in his life. If he woke up now ivy would be in a lot of trouble.

“wonder how he’s going to feel when he loses all these muscles.”

She laughs being rough trying to hurt him while taking him to the basement

“phew, damn this guy’s heavy…”

She locks his arms in some chains then turns on a strange device that pulls the chains up into the air, his legs now dangling in the air.

“wonder how long it would take for a man to starve before his body eats all his muscles… My Revenge can’t begin till this man has lost everything that makes him… Well him. So what do you think I? Do you feel better?”

She nods.

“ya… But what is your revenge plan? And what’s with this basement. You told me I wasn’t allowed to know till it happens and now I’m more scared I’ll end up in jail. W-we just kidnapped someone…”

She rolls her eyes.

“don’t worry I made sure it couldn’t be linked back to us and down here his screams can’t be heard. Remember I’m here to take care of you. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

ivy next locks ash’s legs In place.

“now let’s let him sleep because the fun begins when he’s awake but unfortunately we probably won’t get much fun in for at least a week, well maybe a little.”

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Ivy went back to doing her normal science stuff learning new stuff and just taking her mind off what they just did. Ash would probably be asleep for a long time with what vy did to him. That night though they went back into the basement. To hear grunting.

“oh it appears he’s waking up”

An evil smirk comes up on ivy’s face.

“uhhh… what the hells going on…”

Ash tries to move his arms and legs to see he is being hung In the air.

“what in the world?!”

He looks down at Ivy and looks at her curiously.

“hey! Help me down from here some psychopath kidnapped me!”

She just nods.

“oh I know that psychopath was me. Hello ash remember me? Ivy.”

He struggles more and thinks on the name before smiling.

“wait! Ivy?! You mean the dumb bitch who I embarrassed making her wear a diaper and making her wet it! Holy fucking shit it is you! Diapered baby!”

He laughs as ivy grinds her teeth then punches him in the balls making him scream and grone.

“im in contol mother fucker… never I mean NEVER call me that again!! You ruined her… I Mean my fucking life! Now I’m going to ruin yours! So you look like you appreciate those muscles. Bet you would be very broken if they disappeared.”

He looks in a lot of pain from that. Barley able to speak.

“no shit… Fuck that hurt… My muscles make me, me. been that way since high school diapered baby”

No sooner then she said that she hit him in the balls again

“dumb bastered don’t learn dose he… You know what I’m sick of talking to you. I’ll be back in a few days see if that attitude changes!”

He was trying not to cry from pain just moaning in pain. Ivy stomps back up and heads to her room to go to bed suddenly she breaks into tears and crying.

“I’m not a diapered baby! It’s his fault”

Ivy patted her own back.

“I know I… Please don’t cry. We will embarrass him as much as he did you. I promise remember that why I came to help you heh you needed my help you are too innocent to do this you need a jerk like me heh”

She smiles in the crying wiping her face.

“thanks so much vy… And you’re not a jerk you’re… My best friend. I don’t think I could live without you.”

A bigger smile appears on her face as they lay down for bed. And honestly it’s the first night science high school she didn’t have one nightmare. Ivy yawns and stretches and rubs her eyes heading to the bathroom to take a shower she undresses and gets in the shower but sits down and just lets the water hit her face.

Suddenly her eyes open big.

“vy! Was it just me or did we not have a nightmare?!”

She smirks great big.

“I think you’re right that was the best night of sleep I have ever had since I joined you. I could have sleep longer honestly”

She yawns and begins to wash herself thinking about ash in their basement.

“… Imagine we did what he did to me to him heh…”

Vy giggles.

“shhh don’t think about ash let it be a surprise”

She nods.

“I’m… Honestly getting excited”

She smiles.

“so am I~”

Her hand slowly moves down but her other hand grabs it blushing.

“N-No we can’t… not yet, it’s got to be worth it.”

She looks annoyed.

“Come on damn it we gone years without getting off! I swear I’m going to go insane if I can’t get off soon”

She nods.

“I know… But trust me I’m sure when revenge starts we will be so wet we won’t be able to even control know how much we love being in control.”

They get out of the shower and dry off and put on some new clothes. They grab a laptop from the bedroom then head down to cook some pancakes after they are done Ivy opens her laptop and logs in to her camera system checking on their ‘guest’.

“hello?! Help! Can I atleast get some food? I’m starving.”

The man begged. Ivy scoffs.

“Good…I hope he suffers!”

She also sighs.

“but we don’t want him to die.”

She thinks for a bit.

“I suppose that’s true… We need to make Sure he’s got water but no food not for now anyways my plan is to starve him so much his body eats away at all his muscles leaving a weak pathetic man who we can shape in to anything we want heh”

She nods and after eating heads do her robot storage finding one she can program to water ash a few times a day. After it was done they ran the program. it would go and grab a big water like bottle that oddly had a nipple on it. Ivy went back to the laptop to watch.

The robot just rushes in and forces this bottle into his mouth making him blush and struggle. Ivy was laughing her ass off watching this grown man have to drink from basically a baby bottle.

"this is the best shit ever!”

She nods

“And it’s only going to get better I!"
Ash Finally stopped fighting unable to beat a robot as he drank the water, kinda looking relieved for a drink at least it leaves and Ivy closes her laptop.

“Day one is complete, let’s leave him for a few more days, we might have a mess to clean up then if you catch my drift. then… no that’s for later.”

Ivy goes through the rest of her day she seemed really happy and just enjoying herself this had to be the beginning of the most relaxed she’s ever been. Days go by after this all normal days they keep track of him, watch him be watered and watch his body look worse and worse by the day. Atleast 5 days have gone by now. He was starving but being kept alive.

Ivy makes her way down and greets him. The man from the waist down was covered in his own urine and had a horrible smell. seems he was able to not have to mess from having no food.

“hello ash it’s been a while hasn’t it. And phew someone stinks.”

He blushed and was looking more desperate now.

“p-please get me down… And I need some food and change of clothing… M-my body hurts and I’m sorry for what I did… It was horrible… Please just let me go and I won’t tell anyone what you did and I’ll never bother you again! I’m begging you!”

She laughs some at his pathetic begging.

“tisk tisk tisk… let you go? no, I won’t but I might let you down and feed you along with give you some new clothing”

He looked inclined to believe her, But sceptical.

“r-really? What’s the catch…?”

She smirks big.

“I own you you are no longer your own person the way you are now you are weak you are nothing you couldn’t even fight back a weak girl like me anymore”

Just pushing the shame of all his muscles are now gone he began to cry. This process has made him a bit more sensitive as well.

“o-ok fine whatever! I’ll do anything just please give me food! And get me down”

She laughs and goes over to a switch.

“I built this basement specifically for you ash.”

He looked confused sniffing.

“for me… Why?”

She flips a switch and the whole room becomes a pink mercury and the room has tripled in size

“all for my revenge”

Ivy mouth dropped.

“Y-You’ve been doing all this to help me get revenge so… WE ARE DOING WHAT I THINK WE ARE DOING?!”

She nods to herself and smiles great big. Ash was panicking like crazy.

“what the fuck are you taking about you psyco?! Are you talking to yourself?! I knew you were crazy! What the hell are you going to do to me? Come on I’m sorry please forgive me! This is revenge enough right??”

She shakes her head and opens a closet filled with girly diapers and girly clothing for baby’s also a bathtub down here with no toilet though. Ash begins to shake his head.

“no way… You can’t be serious… I-I’m not!”

She smirks.

“then I guess another day without food huh?”

His stomach growls like Crazy it was hurting more and more. this was his body saying if he didn’t eat he wouldn’t last long.


He dropped his head in defeat.

“I give up… Just please give me food…”

Ivy presses a button and ash drops making him scream in pain.


He was face down in a puddle Of his own urine unable to work the strength Ivy drags him out of it as he coughs and groans in pain.

“the fun is so about to begin. I guess we begin by going over the rules. While I prepare a bath.”

Ivy heads over to the bathtub and begins filling it with water. She plugs the tub and fills it with some bubble bath then goes back to ash.

“alright rules, I have had these ready for years”

Ivy lets out an excited giggle then goes over part of an empty wall, presses a button and the portion of the wall flips around it that has a big list of rules.

“rule number one is diapers are mandatory. It’s clear a baby like yourself can’t hold it. And revenge just feels so sweet.”

His eyes are big.

“but if you would have just let me dow-”

She bends over then smirks and puts her finger over his mouth making him blush.

“shhh, just listen to the rules. you don’t have a choice In the matter.”

She stands back up straight.

“now for rule two, I think you will love this one. You will be required to wear girls clothing with your new diaper. I just think you would make a pretty girl.”

He blushes more, he thought there’s no way this is worth the punishment he put Ivy through. He shook his head and tried to drag himself to the stairs crawling slowly. He had nothing left in him to fight back unfortunately. Ivy stomps on his back making him scream in pain and stop moving.


He cried lying there and couldn’t even stand if he wanted to, his body was so starved and weak from not moving for so long.

“Oh, and where do you think you’re going?”

She says digging her foot Into his back with her shoes.

" n-nowhere, I’m sorry! Put me in a diaper, dress me like a girl whatever! J-just stop please! And give me food!."

His dignity being given up for survival. she smiles totally getting her going and maybe she was liking the idea of turning this guy into a sissy baby. She couldn’t lie, it was definitely a small kink of hers. she loved being the one in control.

“Good, Then rest of the rules will have to wait. first bath then food. Im not feeding you smelling heavily of piss”

She begins to remove all his clothing. He didn’t fight it, or rather he couldn’t. He blushed at his now scrawny body. Honestly the only decent size thing on his was his dick. Ivy looked him over for a little bit then giggling.

“don’t you just look cute. Can’t wait to get you all dressed up.”

He blushes as she grabs him, pulls him to the bathtub and helps him get in it. He honestly wasn’t that heavy anymore, still a bit too heavy but she could get close to carrying him. She turns off the water and he lets out a relaxed sigh as he Finally relaxes after nearly a week of pain. Ivy began cleaning him, not missing any sopt of him that could be cleaned.

“I remember all the embarrassment you put me through back in school… I remember how weak I felt, How I couldn’t do anything. But nothing was permanent lucky except the shame. Years of being called a baby. so now I’m going to spend my time to mindwash you in to being a sissy baby”

He was so relaxed he wasn’t even paying attention he was even slowly falling fast asleep. She smiles and brushes his long hair from his face. She was having so many ideas for his long hair. And finds him very cute and innocent looking.

“Mom always said we would make bad parents unable to take care of ourselves. I’m so excited vy you think he will in time love us like a mom?”

She nods to herself.

"I’m sure, but you can barely take care of yourself. Do you think you will Be able to handle an adult baby? And adult baby who will fight you all the way believing shes a man and not a baby?”

She giggles to herself.

“I hope so, it’s always been a dream after the incident. Probably the only reason we discovered that fetish.”

They keep cleaning him before they finish.

“now time to wake him up. But how should we do it? Heh oh i know.”

She slaps him across the face making him jump and tear up covering his face.

“W-what?? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to fall asleep!”

He was so confused and in pain. Ivy laughs and helps him from the bathtub making him blush a lot remembering his situation suddenly. And fear for his current predicament.

"aww it’s ok baby girl.”

She smiles and boops his nose.

“I just had to make sure you’re still alive.I would be so sad if you died in the bath because then you wouldn’t get to deal with everything I got planned.”

She grabs a towel and dries him off and then lays a towel behind him and has him lay back. The whole time he’s covering himself blushing like crazy.

“now just relax for mommy ok?”

She gets up and goes to the closet. She grabs out a pink large diaper along with a cute pink onesie that snaps at the crotch. Ash shivers hearing her call herself ‘mommy’ then grones at the site of the diaper and onesie they were so girly and well babyish. This was all making him very weirded out.

“W-what about food…? You promised food…”

She walked over with the clothing, she also grabbed something else while ash wasn’t looking.

“I know, can’t have you sitting around naky now can we baby?you might have an accident”

She laughs and he just blushes knowing he wouldn’t if he could just get to a bathroom. He only failed because he was chained up. Ivy sits all the stuff down then goes ovet to the fridge and grabs a vial of something from the fridge then grabs a needle and gets closer his eyes grow big.

“W-what is that?”

He gulps and Ivy puts some of the stuff in the needle and gives an evil smile.

“it’s special medicine for your little pee pee you will be taking this once a day.”

She grabs his dick and he panicked he was going to try to move but he couldn’t before he felt it stab it into his dick making him whine in pain and shake in fear of what this stuff could do she removes it after the injection and pats his belly.

“good girl!! Now if you are curious what it will do… Well let’s say it will make your manhood less impressive. but don’t worry, I don’t plan on making this match your new title. by that I don’t mean I won’t really make you a girl… But just so you know I totally could.”

He began crying, throwing his arm over his face. He didn’t even know what to say he was terrified all he knew was being a man, Being an adult. He wanted this to all be a bad dream. But unfortunately for him it wasn’t. Ivy lifted his butt as she laid the diaper under him.

“now I never put a diaper on anyone but you will be great practice. I’m sure I’ll be changing a lot of your stinky diapers hehe.”

He blushes a lot trying to take his mind off this whole mess. This couldn’t be his new life he would rather die but at the same time he was scared to die.

“t-this can’t be real…”

She powders him up then grabs a cage for his dick. she was hiding it under his new onesie she puts it on him and locks it in place making him jump and look down. He looked worried as Ivy held up the key.

“this is the only way to unlock your man hood but uh oh…”

She says with a cocky ass smirk as she dropped it down a drain hole in the basement. His mouth dropped.


She laughs maniacally as she finishes putting him in his new diaper.

“aww!! Oh my God you look so adorable! And the last chance for you to ever be a man again has gone bye bye!”

His eyes were looking down, mouth open wide he looked on the verge of breaking. Surely it wasn’t this easy to break him. surely once he gets some food in him he will fight back some and Ivy can punish him. This got her so excited, She then put the onesie on him lifting his arms and then snapping it in place.

“there you go aren’t you just adorable”

His face was beaten red; he was finding it hard not to want to cry when Ivy puts her hand on the front of his diaper.

“you feel that padding against you? This is how I felt… except you are staying this way. Till either I die or you do.”

He shook, laying there crying he was able to stop long enough Finally looking at her.

“f-food…? Please…”

He wasn’t going to take this as soon as he had the strength he just had to call someone or get away long enough to be saved. He just had to let her have her fun for now. He knew he could escape. He could be a normal man again, right?

“oh wonderful idea!”

Ivy pulls her hand away from his diapered crotch she found so fun to touch. She goes over to a fridge and pulls out a bunch of jars of food they looked like baby food jars but were a lot bigger like a full meal in one.

“I made a bunch of these and they got all the vitamins you could need! And some extra stuff. I don’t want my baby getting sick even though you do look a bit pale. hmm oh well I’m sure it’s fine.”

Ash was shaking from being so hungry he got on his hands and knees looking over at Ivy. Ivy just smiles.

“Come on crawl to mommy and she will feed you!”

He blushed but he didn’t care food was food. He weakly crawled to her slowly and his arms giving up part of the way though before he got up again and finished the trip breath heavy. Ivy wraps her arms around him to pull him closer and sits him on his new padded butt.

“yay! That’s mommy’s little girl!”

Ivy hugged ash. It was almost a very caring hug, maybe ivy was growing a small attachment to this baby man dressed like a girl.

“So tell me baby what would you like? The meatloaf dinner or the porkchop dinner? I fingered something you could enjoy would be great for you today.”

He drooled as he examined both.


She smirks and opens one.

“Ohh wonderful choice, but you have to eat them all no matter if you get full.”

Ivy grabbed a spoon and opened the jar. She put some on the spoon and put it by his mouth.

“now say Ahh!”

He blushed and opened he wasn’t going to pass up the food even if it meant degrading himself like this.

“c-can’t I feed myself…?”

She puts it in his mouth and his eyes get big as he swallows it. It was the best thing he he has eaten well the only thing in a while. he was ready for more opening his mouth back up"

“nope! Rule number uhh”

She checks the wall giving him more to eat.

“oh right 6! So you have 1 2 and 6 now let’s continue the rules shall we?”

He just nodded with food in his mouth as he swallows and got ready for more she continued to feed him as she told the rules.

“ok rule number 3 if mommy wants pleaser you will give it to her”

He coughs and spits out some food and gives her an odd look.did she really just say he had to get her off. He knew she was a creep but this is a new low.

“don’t give me that look. You will probably enjoy it you weirdo.”

He shivers and swallows with a sigh.

“Whatever…don’t have a choice do i?”

He keeps eating till eventually his jar is empty, she then opens the next. He looked like he could take a little more but he was getting full.

“ok rule 4 you will eat or do anything mommy asks.even call me mommy.”

He rolled his eyes. ya right he thought.

“rule number 5 you will use your diapers no toilet”

He made a grossed out face.

“but what about-”

Ivy smiles.

“yes even if you got to poop. Those diapers can hold it. I had to make big ones for such a big baby”

he blushed and went back to being fed. He wasn’t going to, he thought he was going to escape before that happened.

“rule 6 you know. Rule 7 you will not be getting off anymore at least… Not in a normal way a boy would get off so no rubbing the front of your diaper, but if the baby happens to make cumies while somethings in her butt then I can’t stop that”

His eyes go huge and his hands move to his butt. This guy was an alpha male as straight as they come, he Finally objects.

“what?? No way in Hell you will put anything up my ass you freak!”

She slaps him and he covers his face surprised.

“the final rule, if you break any rule you will be punished according. So I dare you to break rules. I’m so turned on waiting for you to make a mistake I’m going to get off on all your pain, all your embarrassment all your shame! I’m going to enjoy it all!”

He looks away, still having food crammed in his mouth. He was not only embarrassed and in pain but looked super uncomfortable. This lady was a freak, he has never had a woman take advantage of him. Normally he’s the one to take advantage of them. Was this his pay back for more than Ivy. For everyone he hurt. Suddenly he was stuffed, having more and more food put in his mouth.

“I-i’m full!”

She grabs his face and keeps shoving in food. Not giving him a break pinching his nose and making him swallow to breath.he cried in pain he was feeling sick.

“eat it all! And I mean all of it before I give you an enama right here right now you little baby bitch.”

He gulped and regretting having both as he finished the food. He Finally got done and layed down groening and holding his stomach. He didnt feel well from all the food he ate.

“oh ya I put special medicine In your food to help you make sure you fill up your diapers!”

His eyes got big and grones

“what?! But-”

His panic was stopped by a sudden urge to fart. He let it go as soon as he dose the back gates open.


He cries in shame and pain as he couldn’t stop the flow from his back side, his diaper filling up. Ivy mouth was open with a slight smile.she was turned on watching the show.

“no way! Did you seriously just shit yourself?!”

She begins to laugh like crazy. Pretending it wasn’t her fault and all him.but she also found it hilarious.

“that’s the funniest shit ever seriously! Oh my God I can’t believe this, I knew it would happen but not so soon!”

She falls on her back laughing. He laid there to keep it from touching him as much as possible. His face impossibly red and begins to cry. He couldn’t believe he shit himself like some toddler. But how? It had to be ivy.

“y-you made me. I didn’t do it on purpose!”

She was still laughing.

“You’re such a big baby and all this crying makes you look like a little bitch! This revenge is the best!”

He gets up and sees him lying on his side. She grabs him and lifts his legs in the air pulling his butt in the air as well.

“now the drop test.”

He shakes his head begging her to stop.

“N-no ple-”

But it was too late he was dropped on his butt and he could feel the mess go everywhere he felt disgusted. He was shaking from how vulnerable he felt.

“ahhh that felt so good.”

Ivy claps and a robot comes over and picks him up he continues to cry as he’s taken to a huge crib that he’s locked in with a top that covers it.

“hey what are you doing?!”

She smiles at him.

“Well I’m going to let you sit in it for the night. The smell is grossing me out who would have known you were such a disgusting person.”

He shakes his head and cries from embarrassment sitting in his own mess.

“what no, Ivy I’m begging you! change me first! Or let me do it! I-I’ll get a rash! Please I’m begging you!”

She looks at him confused.

“didn’t you say you would do anything for food.”

He stopped talking and looks down defeated.he couldn’t even come up with a come back.

“Good girl now get some real sleep after your food. Oh!”

Ivy grabs a bottle of chocolate milk from the fridge and hands him.

“Incase your thirsty and for being such a good girl!”

He grabbed it, he was thirsty, he blushes as he sucks on the nipple looking at her. She couldn’t believe how cute he looked just like a little girl sucking her bottle. She smiles big and walks off quickly going up stairs and sits on her bed and pulls out her phone.

“I got to get off now vy I’m so turned on. I never imagined he would be so cute this early I almost thought he was a girl and a baby at that moment!”

Vy even responded as she moved her hand down her pants and begin to rub herself as she let out some light moans as she looked at her phone seeing ash on the security cameras. He was laying back drinking on his bottle looking super cute. She couldn’t stop as she rubbed more and more moaning louder and louder. this sissy diapered boy was a kink she picked up after trying to come up with revenge on ash. She always imagined it but this was so much better then her imagination. She Finally hit the end and let out a scream moan as she cam. All over her hand, It was so loud even ash though he heard something having him look up at the ceiling.

“… This place creeps me out… I Got to escape… I’ll get out of this and get home…”

He wipes his face of tears and lays on his side pulling some covers over him as much as he hated it the crib was much more comfortable then the chains. Ivy smiles listening to him speak from her phone.

“escape? Get home? Oh no, she won’t ever be leaving she will be my perfect little girl”

She closes her eyes and ends up falling asleep. While she was asleep ash was preparing how he would escape he gets up to stand and uses the bars from the crib to stand. He finds it nearly impossible to without holding himself.

“W-what the hell why are my legs so weak I’m not this weak… Damn it all! If anyone else see me like this I would be ruined…Ahh damn it!”

He falls back on his butt.

“ehhh, so gross. damn it all!”

He covers his face crying and wiping away the tears.

“i-I want to go home. I want my mommy! Daddy someone please anyone save me!”

This once strong independent man is now sitting in a diaper and in a girly onesie. He’s also calling out for his parents he might not have realized it but this was slowly taking a heavy toll on his sanity. What was worse was this was only the beginning. As I enjoyed herself more the more and seemed to feel more and more happy vy actually spoke less. Most of today was all I dose vy even exist at all? Is vy just an excuse to her, does she even realize it?

Maybe she’s just made up when she’s in distress. now that she’s not having any problems vy has less and less of a reason to come out anymore.

Ash was laid out on his belly rolling to his side trying not to lay on his back from his shit covered diaper. It stunk, he found it hard to sleep. He did sleep at least 5 hours but after that he couldn’t get back to sleep.

“I would just strip off these damn clothes here… But God that smell would be worse and shit would be everywhere. And my ass is itchy”

He coughs and grones.

“my throat hurts, my body hurts… I feel awful. I think I’m getting sick… Where the hell is Ivy…?”

He looked at the clock and it was only 5am and he sighs having to pee.

“Come on, only 5am…you gotta be joking. she probably won’t be awake for a few hours or so.”

He laid there for an hour before he grabbed his diapered crotch. In dire need to pee.

“fuck fuck fuck… Hold it…. Ho-”

But it wasn’t enough as piss began to flow into his diaper, the warmth grossed him out. He put his hand over his face and just let’s himself finish.

“damn it all… DAMN IT! This shouldn’t be happening to me! I was much stronger then this bitch! She should be the one pissing and shitting herself! I’m a man she’s a psycho bitch who needs her ass kicked!”

He grabs his pillow and hugs it.

“but it won’t happen I’ll be stuck like this…”

He began to cry.

“I’ll never escape… She’s going to mess up my mind and I’ll never remember being a man or an adult…”

He wipes the tears from his face and glares at nothing really.

“no… I will escape. Thinking like this is what she wants… I’ll leave this place and send this bitch to prison or a place for psychopaths! Ya… That’s what I’ll do…heh”

He smiles and then yawns before he falls asleep. He got a few more hours of sleep and kept sleeping. Ivy was the next to wake up at around 9am. Ivy had some of the best sleep she’s ever had. She stretched and sat up yawning putting her hand up to her face then pulling it away with a grossed out face.

“… Why does my hand stink?”

Suddenly the memory of last night came flooding back. This woke her up more making her blush a little.

“o-oh my goodness… Vy Why did you let me do that?!”

She quickly grabs her some clothes and heads to the bathroom.

“hey I was just as turned on as you. And god i wish we would have let ash pleasure us~”

She shrugs.

“But don’t act so embarrassed it’s just us here… Well and ash I suppose? But he wasn’t here to watch us do that. Heh but i would have let him.”

She strips her clothes and turns on the shower and sits down letting the water hit her as she blushed

“Shut up vy i dont think im ready for any of that, what time is it anyways? I feel like I sleep all day.”

She reaches out of the shower and pulls her phone from her pocket checking the time.

“9am… shesh I sleep in a few hours huh? I don’t normally do that. I usually wake up at 7am on the dot.”

She puts her phone down and finishes her shower cleaning up well. Not wanting to smell.

“I feel like I’m forgetting something?”

She shrugs.

“must be nothing. Normally I would remember.”

She sighs.

“no, there was definitely something we had to do today. But… Even I can’t remember? And I’m supposed to be the one to take care of you”

She gets out of the shower and Ivy pouts some.

“hey I’m not some baby who… Needs taken… Care of…”

Her eyes get big.

“Ash we left him with a dirty diaper last night. We were going to really change him last night but we fell asleep!”

She quickly gets dressed and runs down to her basement to see Ash sleeping. This made ivy smile some.

“heh he’s so cute. Glad he was able to get some sleep but… He still looks pale.”

She walks up to the crib and puts her hand on his for head.

“wow he’s hot… Vy I think our baby’s sick. At Least he definitely has a temp”

She frowns some.

“let’s get his diaper changed first. He probably has got a bad rash now.”

She quietly unlocks the crib and lowers the bars. She goes over and pulls out a new diaper along with a cute dress that wouldn’t cover his diaper but was very frilly. She also grabs a vial of the stuff from yesterday and a syringe and goes back over to his crib and lays them by him. She lays him sideways on the bed, he stays asleep amazingly.

“poor guys so tired heh. it’s ok mommys here to take care of her baby. Can’t wait till we can show him off to the world.”

She puts her hand on the front of the diaper then looks confused.

“oh feel that? It’s wet as well out little baby had a accident some time”

She smiles as she untapes his diaper and pinches her nose.

“yuck…poopy diapers are not much fun to change but it is funny to watch him suffer with it heh”

She pulls out some baby wipes from under his crib and begins to wipe him clean. Ash grones some as it happens. She then cleaned around his dick being gentle to not stimulate him too much. His cock cage has gotten loose and she smirks.

“It looks like our medicine to shrink his dick is working great. Heh and within a week it should be so small it would be hard to recognize him as a man but it won’t go away. We could make him a girl but that’s no fun.”

After cleaning as much as she could she pulls the diaper out from under him and throws it away holding his legs up and then cleans him a bit more before throwing his new diaper under him. Ivy prepares his shot and it goes right in his dick whine a bit waking him up he rubs his eyes.


He said as she finished his shot and pulled it out and hid it.

“oh good morning baby! Mommy was just giving you your medicine for your wittle pee pee!”

She tightens the cage. And ashes eyes get big and blushes like Crazy. How long has she been messing with him like this.

“W-wait what are you doing…?”

She giggles.

“changing your poopy butt you made a big stinky and wet yourself a bit. Oh and you have a rash on your poor baby butt. I got cream for that.”

She goes and grabs it coming right back putting it on her hand she lifts him up making him blush more as she rubs this cream on his butt. He was so ashamed of himself as she mocked him for using the diaper when he had no choice.

“B-but how did you not wake me…? I didn’t just sleep through a… Change… No way you did something didn’t you?!”

She thinks for a moment after using the cream he relaxed as his ass calmed down a lot.

“nope, You were just so tired mommy almost gave you your pacifier to help you sleep but she forgot sorry.”

She pulls the diaper over him and tapes it on he grones he will never get used to being in diapers. Let alone being changed. She pulls him up and he slumps over her he was feeling pretty weak and tired.

“I’m not sucking on a pacifier. And why do I feel so… Weak…almost worse than yesterday. But i’m not as hungry.”

She sighs and she pulls off his onise and then puts him in the dress and also snaps it in place at his crotch. This made him blush with this frilly dress he felt so stupid.

“I think you’re getting sick but don’t worry mommy will make sure you don’t die!”

He gulps and his eyes get big. This sickness couldn’t kill him. right?


She nods.

“ya so you better be careful or mommy might accidentally forget to help you.”

He shook and blushed wearing the dress.

“a-alright… But why did I need a dress…? We’re not going anywhere right?!”

She laughs.

“no no, you would give away what I’m doing to you and get me in trouble. I just want you to look cute today. Now let’s get your hair done!”

She lets him sit in his crib to examine himself. While she walked off.

“M-my hair…?”

He grabs it, it goes all the way don’t to his shoulders. He doesn’t remember it being so long. She comes back with a box of hair dye.

“Now let’s make that ugly brown hair into something more pretty!”

She held up a box of blond hair dye and his eyes got big.

“i-I don’t want my hair dyed! Especially not blond…ill look stupid!”

She giggles.

“too bad huh? You don’t have any more power, you’re just a helpless baby who has to obey her mommy!”

He grinded his teeth to keep from speaking out. Ivy goes over and tries to pick her up, surprising them both she was just able to. But only just probably couldn’t lift him far or hold him too long.


Ash screams holding her tight not wanting to fall.

“J-just calm down mommy’s got you. We don’t have to go too far…”

She takes him to the bathtub and sits him down by it and let’s his head and hair go back so she can wet his hair. He was trying to fight back but he just didn’t feel well and couldn’t find the energy to move much. he laid there helplessly as she wet his long hair, Finally it was done she began to mix the hair dye. Ash shook scared this would make him look more girly. The dress and diaper was bad enough.

“please no… I’m begging just let me go free… You had your revenge right…? I’m sorry for what I did… I was an ass hole, a jerk, just please let me go free I won’t tell anyone.”

That was a lie and he knew it. if he could get out he would expose this bitch right away. She boops his nose making him glare.

“not a chance princess. My revenge isn’t complete till you believe you are baby girl”

She begins to rub the stuff in his hair as he growled.

“well that won’t happen you dumb bitch! Now let me go!”

He began to struggle as much as he could using the only energy he had left. Ivy was pissed as she slapped his hard across the face.

“you’re in so much trouble after I’m done with your hair young lady!”

She looked furious, Just pure anger. Ash shook as he looked away just letting her do his hair. Ash would dig her nails into him as she scrubbed the dye into his hair making him tear up. It was a very quiet and long time as they waited the time and washed out the dye from his hair. His once brown hair was now completely blond.

“aww, now don’t you look so cute. it definitely gives you a more girly look… I Mean except your face is kinda manly and your hair is still boring. But sooner or later I can fix all of them, this is just the beginning!”

He pulled his hair around to look at it unable to believe this was happening. But he wasn’t ready to give up. He wanted to fight. Why did he fear her? Why was energy levels so low?

“Now for your punishment for yelling and cursing at your mommy. she dries his hair with the hair drier. she grabs him, pulls him over her legs.”
He yelps, not expecting her to move him so easily.

“h-hey! What are you-”

He stopped talking as his dress was unsnapped and the back of his diaper pulled down he began to freak out.

“n-no wait stop!”

Suddenly a hard slap to his ass came and another one then another one. Ashes ass was already so sore from the rash and hitting it was worse. He began crying and kicking his legs by the fifth hit. But she didn’t stop, she kept going till about 20 hits.


The pain was so much he didn’t care about embarrassing himself or his own shame. He just wanted the pain to stop. Ivy stopped and hugged him.

“alrighty, but if you disobey mommy again next time will be way worse. understand me?”

She had a creepy smile on her face. He sniffs and lays against her. He just wanted the pain to stop. his ass hurt so much.

“Y-yes, alright I’m sorry…”

Ivy giggles and pulls up his diaper and snaps his dress back in place. He was almost relieved to feel the soft padding keep his butt from hurting.

“now that that is over, would you like some num nums?”

He wiped his eyes and looked confused, what was a num num? he couldn’t think after all the pain. She giggles and parts his diaper making him jump.

“shhh relax, I just mean would you like some food?”

Ash nods, sniffing and rubbing his butt. Food didn’t sound bad he was getting hungry maybe it would help him feel better.

“heh alright.”

She stands and picks him up again but again just barely.

“man I really need to get stronger…”

She carries him over to this adult looking highchair. He holds tight again not wanting to be dropped knowing Ivy can barely hold him. Finally he feels a chair under his butt and falls back into it as he lets out a sigh of relief when he sees the table lock in front of him. Then he realizes it’s a highchair.

“W-where did you even get a highchair this big…”

She laughs.

“I was just as surprised as you. Actually did you know there’s a fetish for diapers and stuff?”

He shook his head. Were people really that weird.

“well there is, I found out about it after you diapered me while looking for revenge ideas. Turns out I get very turned on by boys in girly clothing and diapers”

She smiles innocently.

“y-you are a freak.”

Her innocent smile goes to an evil one.

“and you’re going to learn to love it so who’s more of the freak?”

He shivered and looked down; he wraps his arms around himself then coughs still not feeling well. His temperature must have been rising.

“now princess what would you like?”

She goes to the fridge.

“biscuit and gravy? Or eggs?”

He drooled thinking of real food.

“biscuit and gravy!”

She pulled out a jar and his excitement dropped seeing the jar.

“M-more mushy food…?”

She nods.

“Of course baby’s can’t eat hard food. That reminds me one day I’ll have to make sure this baby can’t eat hard food”

He looked confused by that statement but he didn’t have time to think as she opened the jar and got a large spoon full and put by his mouth. He sighed but didn’t fight it. He wasn’t going to get to eat either way. He opened his mouth saying.


She feeds him and claps.

“such a smart baby!”

He blushed as he swallowed it wasn’t that bad at all, tasted just like he imagined it. Though the enjoyment of chewing his food was something he missed. She fed him the whole jar as he was just full.

“all gone baby! Good girl now you need a drink I bet you’re thirty!”

She goes and grabs a baby bottle of milk from the fridge and hands him the bottle. She had an evil smirk on her face.

“drink up baby.”

Ash looked at it and sighed plopping the bottle in his mouth. It wasn’t bad he thought as he drank half the bottle in one drink these weren’t small bottles either. He sat it down taking a breath of air


She just keeps the smile on her face.

“aww how was it? You looked like you enjoyed mommy’s breast milk.”

His eyes got big as he coughed and gagged.

“y-you did what?! That’s disgusting!”

He keeps coughing and gagging making Himself feel worse. Ivy just laughs.

“it wasn’t that bad. You seem to enjoy it, your minds still too big but once you’re a bit smaller in the head I’ll begin to breastfeed you like you should be fed. Just gettin you use to the taste.”

He laid his head down feeling worse and grossed out. he grones before his eyes got big and leaned to the side and puked on the ground. A mix of himself making him sick and just getting sick he whines and covers his stomach.

“my belly hurts…oh fuck”

Ivy looked worried.

“oh no… Vy! Vy?! What do I do? I think he’s really sick.”

She sighs and unlocks him from the highchair.

“relax I, he just needs to get some rest and give him some medicine.”

She whines worried as she picked him up and took him to the crib and laid him down. He laid there and whines and cries in pain.

“I’m sorry baby. Mommy will get you some medication!”

She runs upstairs and to her medicine cabinet and goes through it grabbing some pills to help with a cold and runs back down stairs, she grabs the rest of the milk and goes back to him.

“now I know it’s hard but mommy don’t have liquid medicine you need to take these pills.”

She hands him some pills and the milk he whines not wanting to. Ivy taps her foot.

“Mommy said take your medication now or mommy will find other means to get you to take them.”

He quickly peeked up and took the pills sucking down more milk. And laying back relaxing. Holding his stomach.

“shhh get some rest mommy will be back later to see how you are feeling.”

She lifts the cribs side and locks the top again and leaves going back upstairs.

“phew… being a mommy is a lot of work… I haven’t even got to eat yet.”

She rubs her stomach.

“ya what are you trying to do to starve us I? The bitch baby can wait next time. First work on yourself before him he’s here as a punishment remember not to have a good relaxing life.”

She nods and goes to cook some pancakes like normal then eats them.

“what should we do now? He needs to rest for a while.”

She smirks.

“how about we take some pictures of him and show them around town?”

Her eyes get big.

“you are a genius! But… What if the cops are looking for Him?”

She thinks for a moment.

“we need him to sign a agreement… Saying he agreed to all this and for us to control him. it will all be perfectly legal… Right?”

She nods to herself.

“great idea vy! And then we can publicly embarrass him!”

She smiles.

“but first let’s let him sleep.”

Ash slept quite peacefully, he had an empty bottle in his hand and his mouth was wide open. The medicine was helping him feel better luckily, he had the covers pushed off him sweating. Showing off his dress and diaper. His fever was breaking and his diaper was kinda squishy from the front and back. He has messed and wet his diaper from the drugs in the breast milk. It wasn’t an accident but he didn’t want to. He wasn’t feeling well, he just let it out and slowly fell asleep. Ivy walks down smirking with her phone out and begins to take all kinds of pictures. She had plans to show everyone online her new baby girl.

“Our baby’s so cute hehe”

She giggled to herself.

“I know, and look I think she’s even feeling better but uh oh look at that she’s got a messy diaper.”

She looked excited.

“You think she’s already lost control? That would be so adorable!”

She shakes her head and shrugs.

“Unfortunately no, I’m sure it’s the drugs in the breast milk we gave her. It’s probably harder for her to hold it but she can definitely still control herself.”

She sighs.

“Aww, and making it possible for us to produce milk I think is makinging our small breasts bigger. I don’t remember them being this big.”

She pulls out a paper from her pocket and grabs a pen and a board to lay it on. She puts it through the crib trying so hard not to smile and shakes ash a bit to wake him.

“Ash sweetie, can you wake up for mommy?”

He groans and rolls over feeling his full diaper making him groan in disgust.

“Eww…huh? What do you want…?”

He rubs his eyes still tired.

“I want to see how smart my baby is. Can you show me if you can still sign your name. I bet you can’t.”

He looked confused.

“Of course I can still write idiot…unless you fucked with me.”

He grabs the pen and starts to read it when suddenly ash clears her throat.

“If you can sign your name then i’ll change your diaper right now.”

He quickly signs his first and last name ‘ash Warren’ on the line. He wasn’t about to get another rash in this damn thing. Ash quickly grabs the paper from him and signs just below it ‘ivy wise’ she laughs an almost evil laugh.

“Alright, let’s get you changed and then I’ll explain why I asked you to do that.”

Ash looked worried as the crib was undone and the bars were lowered. She moves him to his back with a grossed-out expression on his face from sitting back in his own feces. She undoes his dress and then gets to work untapping his diaper and cleaning him up. His once large dick was now half the size it used to be. Ash blushed like crazy covering his face ashamed of himself this wasn’t getting easier for him.

“Phew such a sticky girl. Anyways let me read you the contract.”

She clears her throat still working on cleaning him.

“I ash warren, agree to let ivy wise treat me how she pleases any plea from me is to be ignored. I agree to have my name changed to the same as my new mommy. If I’m caught without a diaper or having escaped I expect the police do bring me home just like if I was a child. From this day forth I give up my rights as a man to become a woman. I am now a plaything and a child who can no longer take care of herself and I expect to be treated like one especially in public places.”

Ash looked horrified. She can’t do this right?

“That…won’t hold up in court!”

Ivy smiles

“Oh it will, I called a lawyer and had him write it out. As long as you signed that you now belong to me permanently as my baby girl ash wise my adopted daughter.”

Ash was breathing heavy freaking out. He was cleaned up and then put in a new clean diaper with lots of baby powder then the diaper was taped on. He was terrified of this new information; he was not really now ivy’s adopted child. He wasn’t a child how could she.


She puts her finger over his mouth.

“Shh, I already posted a bunch of pictures of my new baby girl on my secondary social media. Mostly so no one knows it’s me who has you.”

His eyes get big and blush sitting up quickly after she snaps his dress back in place.

“You did what?! Take them down please! Look I’ll play this stupid game ill shit myself ill piss whatever just keep this private!”

She giggles.

“Nope, Can’t do that. I’m so excited to show off my baby to the public. So we are going to go shopping soon!”

His mouth drops as he jumps off the bed, his legs shaky.

“Like hell, I’m leaving. fuck you and fuck this!”

His adrenalin kicked in letting him run all the way upstairs. It was hell on his legs though not walking in so long really was taking it out on him. Before he reached the door he fell over on his knees and crawled to the door to find the dead old locked ivy sighs slowly following him.he screamed and slammed on the door.

“I know you’re excited to leave but I’m impressed you could run that far. Guess my babys much stronger than I thought.”

He begins to cry, hitting the door more.


she shakes her head and grabs his long hair.

“I think it’s time to teach this baby a lesson she will never forget”

She cries and shakes her head.

“No please!! Help!! Ahhh oww stop!”

He was so tired after his run he couldn’t even fight back. He hasn’t walked in over a week let alone ran. All his stamina and strength gone, this was when it really hit him how weak he had gotten and how helpless he was, Just like a toddler. Ivy pulls his hair and pulls him downstairs as he screamed she was not happy with how he was acting.


Ash could feel like his hair was being ripped out; he’s never had hair this long.

“I can’t believe you ran off like that, luckily I keep the front door locked in case you do get away. And if you get that open I got extra security. Anyways you’re in so much trouble young lady!”

She gets him to a strange device that locks his hands to the ground and his legs to the ground with a bar to keep his legs up straight. it picks up his center and pulls it up leaving his ass in the air. He shook not knowing what she was about to do to him.

“W-what are you going to do to me?”

Ivy smiles.

“Well…are you gay? Bi maybe?”

He looked confused and gulped.


She got an evil smirk.

“Good, Let’s see how long it takes for you to tell me you are bi.”

Ivy pulls out a steal on dildo.

“I’m going to play the male you know what that makes you”

His eyes get big begging for mercy. He did not want anything up his ass.


Ivy pulls the back of ashes diaper down and slaps his ass making him jump.


She giggles and straps on the dildo.

“Sorry just had to prepare you. Oh and that shot has more than one use. The one for your pee pee. Now that i think about it I never told you what it does. Well the first side effect is it will shrink your dick with every dose.”

His mouth was wide open along with his eyes.

“S-shrink? But why?! No no no you have to be lying, you have to be!”

She pulls the diaper down lower past his dick to to let him see his shaft. He shakes seeing it.

“Oh my God!! You’re not lying”

He was sounding like he was having a hard time breathing from freaking out so much. This was having a hard toll on his mentality.

“The last effect is it makes your dick more… sensitive to pleaser. So things you might have not found pleasurable will be and things toy liked before will be even better”

Ivy begins to play his butthole with a finger. He Struggles the small amount he can move.

“Please no…anything but that.”

But he didn’t have a choice when he felt the dildo touch his butt then swiftly enter his ass. He screamed in pain and oddly slightly in pleasure not that he wanted too.

“No stop!! Please I’m begging you! I didn’t do anything like this to you! Why are you ruining my life!”

He cried as she leaned down and kissed his cheek.

“Because you deserved it, also you are just so cute. I let my imagination imagine you in diapers then a dress and I got so horny every time I saw you. I wanted you to be all mine. Imagine if I was the one who diapered you first and you got the diaper fetish and begged me to keep you in them. So hot, Just give up ash you belong to me now.”

Ivy began to thrust back and forth making ash push forward and back he screamed in pain but his small dick slowly got hard. He was trying not to enjoy it but his over-stimulated sexual pleasure was too high his screams changed into crying and moaning his mouth agape.

“Aww the baby girl likes having her butt fucked. See i, i told you our little girl likes dick in her ass heh.”

He shook his head.

“N-no I don’t! I-i-”

His head jerks back as his pathetic dick shoots out cum to the ground. He blushes insanely. He wanted to die. He was so embarrassed, Ivy Smirks and pulls out of his ass.

“Such a good girl, but now mommy’s so horny hearing how much fun you had.”

She pulls up his diaper and gets down in front of him.

“Now tell mommy you like being fucked in the ass”

Ivy was touching herself slowly. He looks away, ivy gets mad and pulls his face back to hers.

“I said tell me. Now! Or else!”

He shakes and holds his head in shame.

“I-…i like.being fucked in the ass”

She kisses him

“Mmm, Such a good girl now you should know how to do this one. I need you to eat mommy out like a good girl ok? Probably the straightest thing you will get to do for a long time.”

Ivy pulls down her pants, kinda embarrassed but too horny to care. Then she pulls off her panties giving ash his first look at ivys lower half naked. She gets right under him and pushes his face into her puss.

“Now get to licking like the bitch you are. Who knows maybe some pet play is in order as well.”

He was scared of what she might have planned if he didn’t so he got to licking putting his tongue deep in her making her moan.

“Yes! Good girl such a good baby! Mommy’s so proud of you. If you finish mommy’s got a big surprise for you!”

He was all for surprises thinking it was a good one, He continues to eat her out. This wasn’t his first time doing this that was clear. Ivy moaned like crazy and Ash enjoyed her moaning as he got hard again. Ivys never had anyone to get her off like this; it was incredible for her. Suddenly she screams in pleasure as she squirts girl cum all over his face. Ivy was breathing hard as she pulled away and got dressed blushing.ash had no way to wipe off the cum off his face.

“Holy shit…i think I need some rest after that, we both do.”

Ash looks up at her with cum on his face.but he was kinda relieved to hear about some rest.

“Umm, can I be released now? I can’t rest like this.”

She shakes her head and smiles.

“Nope, but I do have a surprise for you.”

Ivy goes over to a draw and pulls out a vibrating dildo his eyes go big again.

“That’s not going in me right? There’s no way I can rest with that in me!”

She smirks getting up behind him as he begins to freak out as his diaper is pulled down. suddenly it’s rammed up his ass he screams.

“You bit-”

Suddenly his speech was stopped as she turned on the vibrating.


He couldn’t even speak from all the pleaser. Just moaning and drooling.

“Hehe good girls get happy rewards.”

She pulls up his diaper and parts his butt. Ash was unable to control his body from this sensation.


Ivy giggles.

“Aww, you’re welcome. enjoy! And fill that diaper full of cummies for mommy!”

She leaves him hearing him moan out a loud one must have cam again.

“That should help break him some. We make it so cumming is such a normal thing for him he will have to beg for it.”

She smiles

“Definitely and i never felt so relaxed in my life…makes me sad we are still a virgin but maybe we can change that. Not with him, his pee pees already so tiny even we couldn’t feel it. He’s not much of a man anymore he doesn’t get the right to take ours or anyone’s virginity again.”

She giggled heading to her room and undressing heading to the shower to clean up. Being her first time not masterbating herself. She then gets too tired to dress and lays down on the bed her once B sized breasts now at about a C squishing as she slowly falls asleep.

Hours later back with ash he was so exhausted and tired he just laid there having already cam at least 10 times he was so dry nothing was coming out. It even hurt but he must have been getting used to it as the moments were farther and farther from each other. He found a moment to rest as he closed his eyes and passed out.

He was beginning to dream, he was back in high school. He was a weak kid with long hair and not the manliest guy out there when a cute girl stopped him at his locker. It was ivy but she looked strong and more manly.

“Heh hey there ash”

He jumped backing up into his locker.

“H-hey ivy…”

She got close to his face.

“Remember when you told on me? You’re about to be punished.”

He shook, terrified.

“I’m sorry! You were just doing strange experiments!”

She grabbed him and carried him to a class room and locked the doors. She began to strip his clothing, making him cry and shake. ivy pulls out a pink baby diapers from her bag

“Lets see what you look like as a sissy baby boy!”

Ash cried and shook his head but it was too late as ivy was putting him in the diaper and using baby powder. She then tapes it up and patts it. His face was bright red he was so embarrassed

“Look at how cute you are! Now-”

She then puts a pink onise on him then straps some mittens on his hands and feet so he can’t escape. He want to say something but a pacifier gag was placed in his mouth

“Keep that trap quiet sissy baby. Alright all done have fun when the class finds out. And hey if i come back and you’re wet i might adopt you.”

He shakes.and she laughs this was so wrong to him like it should be the other way.


She left him to cry but later that night he ended up wetting himself from being unable to free himself. oddly he found himself getting turned on as he rubbed himself as he got off in his dream and real life. He felt great the padding making him feel safe. He soon after fell asleep in his dream but before he knew it he was woken up in the dream by laughing. He woke up to see people laughing at him. It oddly turned him on more.he cried and covered his face why was no one helping him.

That’s when suddenly ivy comes in and picks him up.he felt so safe in her arms.

“Sorry I forgot my baby didn’t I? Let’s get you home and change your diaper. Mommys got to protect her baby dont she.”

Ash cries into ivy sucking his pacifier as he smiles. Suddenly he’s awakened by a door bell.

“Huh…? What an odd dream…it was a dream right? This place is messing with my brain. But why did it feel so real. Maybe it was?”

He couldn’t even feel the vibrating dildo anymore. His ass was sore but he couldn’t break this odd feeling in him like he was forgetting some things. And this odd sensation of wanting ivy to protect him. Ivy wakes up hearing the doorbell. She jumps out of bed, her boobs bounce as she does and looks down at her naked body.

“Oh shit!”

She says in a panic, hurrying to get dressed.

After she got dressed in her normal attire she ran to the door.

“I can’t believe I forgot about my parents coming over this saturday!”

She quickly opens the door seeing her mom and dad standing there, her mom smiles.

“good morning sweetie. Did we wake you?”

She laughs some.

“nah… I Was just in the bathroom ya!”

Her dad sighs. They knew she had a problem sleeping in late normally.

“Lying is not good for your health ivy, don’t lie to your parents. If you were asleep it’s fine but don’t lie. you know we don’t like that.”

Ivy sighs and looks down, she couldn’t tell them what she was doing the day before.

“sorry dad… I just had a long week. Lots of work you know.”

Her mom goes over and hugs her.

“it’s ok Ivy. How about we come inside to talk? It’s kinda chilly out today. Wanted to talk about some stuff today.”

Ivy nods and leads them in.they head for the front room and sit down as ivy stops at the basement door thinking of ash.

“hey I’ll be right back, I need to go do something really fast ok?”

They nod and she runs down to her basement seeing ash. He looked about ready to give up but she couldn’t help but see how cute he was in such a vulnerable state. She smiles at him.

“aww hey ash, you doing ok with mommy’s gift?”

He looked confused.

“gift…? I just know I’m so tired… I Didn’t get to sleep much at all…oh wait you mean-”

She goes up to him grabbing the control for the dildo and turns it off. Ash instantly relaxes and looks like he might fall asleep. He didn’t realize how tense it was making him.
“Now, I’m going to make a deal with you today ash. I need you to be very very quiet today. My mom and dad are visiting. And if you keep quiet enough mommy promises to get her baby girl something special ok?”

He just nods too tired to argue right now.

“Fine whatever just let me sleep…”

She smirks and unlocks him from the device he was in and carries him to the crib. He just relaxes in her arms, he felt oddly safe. Ivy was feeling his diaper on the way to the crib.

“hmm you got a wet diaper so cute. Mommy will change you really fa-”

Suddenly some yells from upstairs hits her. It was her dad.

“Ivy you ok?! What’s taking so long… Smells like baby powder down there…?”

Her face blushes and panics.


ash’s eyes got big hearing other people. He took a deep breath in his drowsy state and was about to yell.


Suddenly his mouth gets covered.

“that’s it…”

She grabs a pacifier gag from under the crib and puts in his mouth locking it in place.

“to make sure you don’t take it out a small present.”

Ash groans as she pulls out some mittens for his hands and some odd ones for his feet but they have spikes inside it so if he tryed do stand it would hurt a lot. She put them on him, he didn’t struggle much.


He could only whine and groan but he soon found himself sucking the pacifier and falling asleep. Ivy giggles and locks him into his crib but doesn’t lock the top and quickly goes to go back up stairs seeing his dad halfway down the stairs.

“Ahh, Dad! What are you doing, you scared me!”

He laughs.

“I was coming on to check on you. You coming back up now?”

She nods and they head back up. Ivy takes a sigh of relief. If he saw anything her parents would make her release him. They went and sat down in the front room. Her mother was the first to speak up.

“so… Ivy me and your dad have been thinking lately.”

Ivy looked confused.

“thinking? What about? Did something happen?”

They looked at each other then at Ivy kinda sighing

“About this second person in your head. Or supposedly in your head.”

She grones.

“you mean vy? She’s fine, we get along great. She even keeps me on track of what to do! She is in there. I’m not lying about her!”

She gave ivy a stern look.

“but… Sweetie it’s a bad influence on you and it’s not healthy. We both have agreed you need to go to a therapist.”

Her eyes get big.

“A therapist? What do you think I am crazy…?”

She tears up a bit.

Her mom quickly goes over and comforts her with a hug.

“no no no! It’s just-”

Her dad butts in.

“It’s just, we think if you don’t get some help about what happened years ago with that bully. We are scared you will do something that might get you in a bunch of trouble. This well vy told me to do it crap won’t stand in Court.”

Suddenly Ivy burst into tears thinking about what she has already done with ash. Vy making her do it. She was scared but she couldn’t tell her parents. But even vy was crying she was still a part of Ivy, they were still her parents and now they want to get rid of her.

“so you just want to get rid of me huh?! I’m your daughter too you know! And you just talk about wanting to get rid of me! You know what fine we will go and I’ll leave… I’ll just slowly die off”

She keeps bawling. Her mom keeps hugging her.

“See! This is why I wanted to be the one to say it! Vy wait don’t take it as we want to get rid of you… We just want you to calm down and not do anything crazy like you normally do…or did as a kid.”

Her dad grones.

“Stop treating it like it’s a different person. We both know it’s still Ivy. She just uses that excuse when she wants to get out of something and I’m sick of it! Ivy just grow up and stop making excuses for your damn imaginary friends!”

He gets up and Storms out of the house slamming the door. Ivy just keeps crying, her heart broken. Her dads never been so mean to her. It was almost like they knew something.

“I-im not making excuses. She is real, vy is real, she’s like my sister! Why can’t you love her the same as me! Just get out and leave me alone!”

Her mom tears up covering her mouth and let’s go leaving the house leaving ivy to cry.

“I can’t believe mom and dad think I’m crazy. Why do they hate you so much?!”

She sniffs.

“I don’t know… If they knew I made you kidnappe someone then basically rape him. We would probably be sitting in jail or a padded cell. No… Mom and dad are right. I’m just bad for you. Let’s get a therapist appointment for today while Ash sleeps.”

She hugs herself.

“If you leave how will I get by? What will I do about ash… I can’t tell anyone… I Don’t want to go to jail! Expecily not alone.”

She cried more just letting it out before Finally stopping and grabbing her phone. She notices it’s already got a number to a therapist on it. Probably mom and dad’s work. She called them up.


Another lady on the other end picks up.

“shh…hello this is your friendly therapist Toms office can I set you up with an appointment?”

She takes a deep breath to calm down.

“Umm? yes please…”

She can hear typing on the other end.

“ok name?”

Ivy wipes her eyes.

“ivy wise”

She perked up.

“oh ivy? You seem to already have an appointment at 9am today, is that still ok?”

She looked confused.

“uhh… Oh right I must have forgotten. I’ll see you in a bit.”

She hangs up slamming her phone down.

“they even made me an appointment without my permission! What were they thinking?! I’m not a child… I can care for myself.”

She looks angry.

“maybe we put your mom and dad in diapers”

She slaps Herself.

“This is what got us in this predicament in the first place vy!”

She looked down.

“sorry I… Maybe I am nothing but trouble.”

She frowns.

“don’t say that either vy… I love you… you’re like the sister I never had. I don’t want you to leave but maybe we can help you be less… Crazy?”

She nods to herself.

“Maybe… Let’s get this over with. We got an hour to get to this appointment.”

She gets up and goes to get dressed in nicer clothing before leaving the house and locking it up tight.

“you think ash will be ok?”

She rolls her eyes.

“Who cares, he won’t die. remember this is a punishment. Not because he enjoys it well not yet.”

She sighs and gets out to her car and starts it up.

“you’re right. You always are heh, always taking good care of me.”

She smiles and they head out driving to Tom’s therapy. They head inside and go to the counter.

“ivy wise… I had an appointment?”

The lady behind the counter smiled almost wickedly.

“oh yes! Come in he’s ready for you!”

She goes through the back and heads into a room with a chair that’s laid back and a bunch of stuff on a desk and a man sitting in a chair that rolls around, Presumably Tom.


The man smiles.

“oh welcome, welcome! Come in, come lay down”

She awkwardly walks in and sits down in the chair.

“S-so you’re Tom?”

He kinda looked at the door then back at her.

“of course! Now you must be ivy wise, correct?”

She was kinda surprised but it wore off quickly.

“ya I am… But-”

He grabs a paper from his desk and puts it into a clipboard and rolls his chair up to her.

“So let’s begin shall we? I hear you had an incident with a bully a few years ago?”

She looked confused.

“how did you…”

He smiles.

“I’m supposed to know things about you. Now I heard about what happened from one side but I want to hear your side. Get comfortable and just talk about it please.”

She felt very uncomfortable but laid back. Did her parents tell him?

“well… umm back in high school there was a bully named Ash. He was err is a strong muscle head. Well he blew up the toilets with a firecracker one day. So I told on him, like any good student would do right? He got in trouble but for some reason he didn’t get kicked out. They ended up telling him, I was the one to tell on him. can you believe that?!”

He was nodding writing stuff down.

“why would they do that? It’s awful, that is like going to the police and then telling the criminal who told on them. they would get in big trouble or worse.”

She nods, trusting him a bit more getting comfortable.

“I know right and well one day I went back to school and ash stopped me at my locker and trapped me in place. He said he was going to get revenge on me for snitching on him. I was so scared, I remember not being able to move.”

Tom frowns.

“Oh no, that sounds horrible. Just take your time, I’m sure it’s hard to get this out.”

Normally she would be scared to talk about it but today it didn’t bother her. She was quite relaxed about it. And this tom guy made her feel comfortable to talk about it.

“no it’s fine. But after is when it got worse. he took me to a class room and began to strip me of my clothing. I just knew I was about to be raped. I was crying and begging him to let me go. Suddenly he pulls out a large diaper from his bag.”

He looked in surprise.

“a diaper? Oh goodness… So it wasn’t to hurt you it was to humiliate you.”

She nods tearing up now.

“ya… He put me in it and left me in the class room all night.”

Top looked confused.

“why didn’t you take it off and try to escape?”

She shook her head.

“I couldn’t. I was put in mittens on my hands and my feet. I couldn’t grip anything, let alone take off the diaper. He stole my clothes so I had nothing to change into if I did escape. I was stuck all night.”

He sighs.

“that sounds horrible…”

She stops him.

“Oh but it gets worse! I remember waking up having to pee really badly, no escape. I Finally couldn’t hold it any more and I, well exploded and wet it… I wanted to die. I thought this couldn’t get worse. But the next day I woke up and hundreds of people came into class seeing me in a soaked diaper. My boobs weren’t even covered! I kinda wish i just got raped at this point…sniff”

She begins to cry. Tom almost smirked but went back to normal and pats her shoulder.

“I see… hey I have an exercise that’s supposed to help. I hear you have another person in your head.”

She nods.

“ya her name is vy. But an exercise? I don’t like to work out.”

The man laughs.

“not that kinda exercise. It’s kinda like hypnosis. I want to go back in your head, I want you to remember exactly why vy came out. Oh and vy nice to meet you. I’m sure you’re a sweet girl.”

Tom smiled and ivy blushed some and then She looked confused

“uhh ok? Now that I think about it I don’t remember how vy got here. she was just suddenly here. Oh and vy says thanks heh.”

He nods and gets up and grabs a bag.

“Now you can disagree, I can’t make you do anything. But I can promise if you agree it will help you a lot. Ok? Just don’t freak out, you have to fight that fear. It will help you mentaly i promise.”

She shakes a little, not understanding when suddenly he pulls out a diaper. Her eyes get big.


Ivy yells backing up in the fair as far as she can pulling her legs up and hugging them.

“it’s ok ivy I’m not making you do anything… But I can promise if you go to that bathroom and put this on and come back and listen to me I’ll make all your bad thoughts go away.”

She shakes her head before she looks at tom.

" sorry i needs a break. This is vy, I is not going to do it but… If I do this you promise we will get better? I’ll do it, just because you’re one of the very very few people who has ever called me sweet…"

He nods and smiles

“If it doesn’t help, you don’t ever have to see me again ok? And i won’t tell a soul. Alright cutie.”

She looks at him and then blushes before she stands up. Not only was she embarrassed she was going to do this. she felt like someone finally understood her.

“Fine, just give it to me. Let’s just get this over with…”

Tom smiles and gives it to her.

“bathrooms over there. Take all the time you need not rush. No need to panic, do it all on your own time. You have no reason to feel like you are not safe.”

She nods feeling the plastic in her hand. It was so familiar having changed ash quite a bit. But she had to make it seem she’s never held one since Ash bullied her. She walks to the bathroom door and sighs talking to herself

“I’m so used to changing ash now…It’s odd thinking about doing it to myself. But this is supposed to help me. And in turn will help i.”

She sighs and goes into the bathroom.

“Sorry I, I know you’re scared. But he said it would help me and I trust him. Your parents trust him right? I don’t want to let down mom and dad. I want them to love me like they do you.”

She nods before she pulls down her pants and panties breathing heavy. Unfolding the diaper and just staring at it.

“I never imagined ever having this on again…”

She takes some last deep breaths in and out before she begins to expertly diaper herself she blushes at how easy it was looking down. This feeling being the exact same feeling she had long ago. But she wasn’t forced to do it; she did it herself.

“I feel stupid… i can’t believe how easy that was. I guess from changing ash heh…well i guess we better go back out but if that tom guy so much as giggles im kicking his teeth in!”

She opens the door blushing.

“you better not laugh old man!”

He shakes his head.

“I wouldn’t ever think of laughing. I’m a therapist vy i’m here to help, not make fun of you.”

She walks out blushing like crazy as she crinkles all the way back to the chair and sits down. Tom smiles.

“Its no that bad is it? Now can you lay back for me?”

She nods and lays back.

“I-it could be worse…”

He holds his hand up

“now take a deep breath in and out, In and out.”

She does so relaxing. Trying to keep calm watching his hand.

“just relax. Don’t think, let me be the only thing in your head. Don’t focus on anything else but my hand and my voice.”

She does so calming down a lot she’s never felt so calm.

“Now i want you to close your eyes and just listen to my voice. Breath in and out you are getting tired but that’s ok. Don’t worry you are perfectly safe.”

She smiiles just relaxing in a half asleep half awake.

“Now I need you to think back to the most tragic part of that day. The part where you wet yourself and all the students came in.”

She dose so only thinking about that. She was getting kinda upset.

“Now I want you to show the world you’re no longer ashamed, you are a new girl. And wetting it was not your fault. Ash made you do that you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are perfectly normal.”

She smiles more relaxing a lot more. He was right she don’t have anything to be ashamed of. She began to mumble.

“it’s not my fault… I’m not ashamed. It wasn’t my fault.”

Tom smiles to himself

“You just couldnt control it.”

She mumbles more

“I couldn’t control it.”
Suddenly tom smirks.

“Now as you are so relaxed wet your diaper show the world you are no longer ashamed! Show the world how much you love diapers.”

It was almost like a trance she relaxed her body and slowly let herself wet the diaper. It swelled up and even had a wetness indicator. If she was in the right mind set she would have been so embarrassed.

“relax relax. Keep calm, you done wonderful. Now that you are no longer ashamed you will fall asleep.”

Suddenly ivy falls asleep so relaxed she probably wouldn’t even remember why she did some of this. And hour later she’s shaken awake by Tom.

“Hey ivy, wake up you already!”

She jumps awake shaking her padding not crinkeling as much from being wet as she moved but not remembering.

“what?! Where am I? Oh right the therapist… Hey I think I feel b-”

Tom rolls his eyes.

“oh shut up you damn baby i bet you enjoy that wet diaper dont you freak.”

She blushes and looks down to see her wet diaper, her face blushes more as she tears up. Why was he suddenly so mean when he was so nice she trusted him.

“W-why are you…”

He shrugs.

"I’m not Tom. Maybe you don’t recognize me but I’m Ash’s best friend and I saw what you did to my bud… Now I have hundreds of pictures of you in a diaper and a wet one and if you don’t take me to him now I’ll show the whole world you like to wear diapers and wet them. "

She was shaking with fear.

“no don’t show anyone please!! I cant believe you i trusted you! You bastard!”

She was trying not to cry.

“I’ll take you just please don’t tell anyone about this or what I did to ash im sorry ok!”

He grabs her by the arm and pulls her up and he smirks.

“good now let’s get going little baby.”

She blushes more.

“I need to change…”

He shakes his head and hands her a skirt.

“put this on, you’re not changing till I find my bud and if I think you’re lying I’ll revile your wet diaper. Understand me?”

She began to cry and put on the skirt, lucky it was enough to cover the diaper she took him to her car. She sat down in the squishy diaper shaking with fear and disgust from the diaper. She was terrified someone would see her. She drives the man all the way to her house and takes him inside.

“he’s in the basement…ill wait right here.”

The man smiles and patts her diaper butt.

“good girl. And maybe once he’s free we can treat you the way you did to him.”

She shakes more with fear she wasn’t going to let that happen.He goes down stairs and sees ash sleeping in a crib sucking on a pacifier gag.

“ASH! God you look ridiculous what has she done to you.”

He wakes up and sees his friend and his eyes get big. But he couldn’t speak from the gag. He blushed only letting out noises.


His face was bright red. His friend got the crib door down and he hugged him ungagging him.

“I’m here to save you dont worry. We will get you back to normal…phew…and smell less like a wet toddler…”

Ash takes a deep breath.

“you need to run… leave me.”

His friend smirks.

“Don’t worry i got that big baby in a wet diaper upstairs she dont scare me. Shes nothing but a psychopath.”

Suddenly the lights go out ashes eyes get huge and scream


His eyes get big, Suddenly there’s a voice behind him.

“no one makes a fool of me and gets to keep his dignity…”

Was all he heard before he was knocked out by ivy.

Ivy’s eyes get big.

“t-this is going too far vy now we are only going to be in more trouble!”

Ash starts crying as ivy turns on the lights.

“no please… Let him go! I’ll be your little girl, I’ll use your damn diapers. just please don’t hurt him too…”

He was bawling uncontrollably. Ivy sighs.

“sorry I, no one hurts you like that.”

She pulls up her skirt and pulls the tapes from the wet diaper and let’s it fall to the floor with a plop as it lands.


Ivy smirks and looks at ash.

“aww don’t worry baby girl, mommy won’t hurt your boyfriend. She’s just gotta make sure he will never remember this ever again.”

Ashes eyes got big.

“then… He can go?”

Ivy bends down and grabs her wet diaper and drops on ashes friends face. Ash made a grossed out look.

“eventually ya. You’re the only one I want princess.”

Ash almost took a sigh of relief. He wasn’t sure why but he believed her.

“now what is your boyfriend’s name?”

He blushes some.

"tanner…but he’s a fiend not a boyfriend… "

She rolls her eyes.

“tanner… I Like Taylor better.”

She picks up tanner and pulls him up into ashes bed on the far side and straps him in with mittens on his hands and feet. His feet ones having spikes in them just in case he could try to run away.

“W-what are you doing to him?”

She smiles.

“I’m going to make your boyfriend match his girlfriend.”

Ash still seemed a little confused before ivy grabbed some scissors and began to cut all of tanners clothing off. He was still out cold and had the soiled diaper on his face. Ivy grabs it and smirks.

“see how you like it bitch.”

She then puts him in the soiled diaper. And she giggles to herself.

“Doesn’t he look cute. He’s already wet his diaper”

Ash was blushing looking away the last thing he wanted to see was tanner in a diaper let alone naked. But it was oddly comforting knowing he wasn’t the only one. He also wanted to try to wake tanner but he knew it was better for him to sleep.

“Now this brat likes hypnosis… I Never believed in it but let’s see if I can pull the same bull he pulled.”

Ash shook.

“h-hypnosis? Wait he hypnotized you? Idiot… Why didn’t he just leave me to suffer alone…”

He looked over at him and ash giggled and smiled.

“I think someone has a crush on you.”

Ash blushed, ivy was lying but ashes mind was so fucked right now that he found it hard to not believe ivy.

“h-he’s not gay… A-and neither am I…but I’m sorry tanner.”

Ivy goes to the stairs.

“he shouldn’t wake up for quite a while. I suggest you grab the pacifier from your gag and put it back on till I finish ‘helping’ Taylor.”

He grabbed the gag tanner took out and wined some.

“it’s tanner…”

But he willingly straps the pacifier gag in his mouth knowing he wouldn’t be able to take it off alone. He lost too much will to even fight. And if he had to watch his friend go through the same thing that might be the final nail in the coffin. Ivy smiles.

“good girl now get some sleep.”

Ash nods and wipes his eyes and turns to tanner looking at him starting to suck on the pacifier and drift off to sleep. Ivy walks up stairs and goes to her computer.

“Now, time to study some hypnosis. Maybe we can make a thing he can listen to? Maybe when he wakes up he will believe he’s a different person! Ohh sounds so cruel and I love it. Right i?!”

No response.


She sighs.

“this has gone way too far… We can’t do this, we are going to be in so much trouble…”

She sits down in front of the computer.

"I know I, but remember when I said I would take care of you? I promise you won’t go to no crazy bin or jail. I know exactly how to fix this… If We can get this man to believe he’s a girl named Taylor and his girlfriends ash I will have a way to save us. Just trust me I. Ok? "

She thinks for a while before smiling.

“alrighty vy I trust you. But what about mom and dad? They sent us to that guy… Do you think they know what we did? Something is going on… And dad… he’s never been that hateful before even to you. I want to call mom and dad later ok?”

She nods to herself.

“alright I. but ya dad did seem hateful… Maybe they were threatened… Or maybe their opinion changes on us… And if so, I will have to change their minds as well ok I?”

She shakes some.

“I know but I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

After that they got to work learning hypnosis and all about it. It was super easy for them to understand they even had been experimenting with something they could inject into someone to make all their memories disappear. but they could add in new memories with hypnosis. So they got to work making a file for hypnosis. Then got to work making a concoction that they put into a syringe. They headed back down stairs with headphones, a small mp3 player and the syringe. she whispered to herself.

"alright if this works we might be able to save our asses if not… We might be in more trouble. But "

Ash was sleeping almost happily kinda close to tanner but not too close. They injected tanner he flinched in his sleep. She waited a while for his expression to change to a frown and a grone came from him before everything in his mind was leaving before eventually, all gone. He was a blank slate. He could do this to ash but where was the fun of revenge if he didn’t suffer. Tanner was only in the way, or should we say Taylor. She put the headphones on him and left to her bedroom.

“phew… This has been a rough day… Can’t believe we got hypnotized into using a diaper… Can’t belive I fell for his stupid compliments… No ones ever shown any bit of likeness for me being here… well except you I. Your the best sis around.”

They got undressed and put on some pj’s.

"hey vy? I know we’ve been working on the secret project, but I think it’s about time to also use that… Especially if we are going to have to change a lot of people’s minds… forcibly. I thought it might be nice to make them believe that you have always been here. "

Her eyes get big.

“y-you mean…-”

She nods and smiles.

“ya I do vy, I think it would be best for both of us… Even if it’s not 100% done you won’t be that far from me.”

She tears up and wipes her eyes.

“I love you I… And that’s fine I always felt like the Older sis but if I must be the youngest I don’t care heh. Now let’s get some sleep.”

They lay down and quickly fall asleep. She was super tired from today. Back with ash and tanner, ash was sleeping soundly and tanner was listening to the file.

“You are Taylor, a very pretty young girl with a dick. you have your girlfriend sleeping in your crib and you both act like babies but also get turned on by it. But, you are more of the dominant one when it comes to you two. Ash loves to suck on your dick and be fucked. He might try to change your mind or tell you it’s fake but he knows you enjoy it more when he plays it off like he hates it. You both use diapers and love to fill them. When you wake up you will kiss your boyfriend awake. You two haven’t seen each other in a long time because after ash asked ivy to be her mommy. You, Taylor had to stay at home with your parents till one day they asked me to babysit you. They asked me to make you like ash, soon I got you and ash into diapers and stuff. You will no longer get embarrassed from being in public in diapers or dresses because you are a baby girl just like your girlfriend. You enjoy it more when ash fights you on sex but you love to force her to do them because you know she loves it. Ivy will also be know as ashs mommy.”

It keeps going more explaining everything of her new life in great detail but at the end it repeats. Over and over all night. Tanner begins to mumble to himself.

“I am Taylor… I like diapers…and my girlfriend ash…”

The rest of the night this went on before morning. Ivy like normal got up and got dressed and made herself some pancakes. Ivy grabs a cup of coffee and heads down stairs. It seems they were both still asleep. She takes a sip of coffee then puts it down on the table. She then undone tanners restrains and then took off the headphones as he slowly woke up.

“… Ashs…mommy?”

ivy had the most evil grin and just mumbled.

“100% success i.”

She put her finger over her mouth and carefully removed ashes pacifier gag. His mouth wide open tanner looked at ash and got up close to him and locked lips with him. Ash even began to kiss back in a half asleep state before he woke up completely seeing tanner locking lips with him in a kiss. His face went bright red and pushed him away.

“t-tanner! Yuck! What the… F… heck man!”

He didn’t want to curse in front of ivy. Tanner giggles and hugs him.

“sorry ash, I just missed you so much! I just couldn’t help myself! And… My name is not tanner silly, it’s Taylor heh. You always forget don’t you. Tanners too boyish for me I’m a girl”

Ash shook in disbelief as Taylor groped him.

“huh? Still dry? Boo… That’s boring…you always did have the stronger bladder.”

Ash looked up at ivy. He couldn’t believe what has happened to tanner.

“what have you done to him…?”

She smiles.

“you mean her? She’s now your girlfriend. You both are madly in love and she loves diapers and acting like a baby. She’s no longer the one you remember say hello to Taylor the sissy baby”

This was her goal for him was all he thought. This was going to be him. His mind would never Be the same. He just stared blankly as Taylor hugged him more as ash began to cry into him.

“I-im so sorry tanner…this is my fault you’re broken like this!”

Ash cries like crazy hugging his friend. Taylor just pats his back.

“aww… Ashes mommy ash is crying I don’t like my girlfriend to cry what should I do? And im not broken?”

But Taylor had tears in her eyes as Taylor rubbed his eyes confused to why she was crying too. Ivy smirks and gets close to his ear.

“maybe he’s just missing you that much. Also I think you had an accident last night.”

Taylor looks down and feels his wet cold diaper that was definitely not his but he believed it was.

“Huh? uh oh hehe I had an accident! Yay, hear that ash my first night time accident isn’t that hot?”

Suddenly he started to get turned on, Diapers and even wet diapers now being her kink…

“ohhh ash sweetie don’t cry. How about we have some fun! We can celebrate seeing each other again!”

Ash wipes his eyes confused.

“Gross…no it’s not hot…but f-fun? I don’t think ash would let me have fun.”

Suddenly ashes face was pushed in to Taylors diaper

“mmm ya! Smell my wet diaper!”

Ash blushed insanely having his face in not only this wet diaper but his best friends crotch.

“mm! Ee out!”

He was forced to breathe in the smell.

“ohh I think I got some more here. Maybe this will turn you on.”

Ivy was laughing at this point. As Taylor relaxed and ashes face began to get warm he struggled more. Knowing tanner his best friend was turned on from wetting himself. But all the torment ash couldn’t help but get just a little turned on even if he didn’t want to.

“tanner?! Are you pissing?! That’s so gross come on man let me go! I don’t know what ivy did to you but you gotta fight it before you can’t go back… Please…i-i don’t want to end up like you…ill or ill swap places! Ill be this but you make tanner normal again!”

Taylor smiled.

“let You go? Well if you say so. And swap places? You never really been the dominant one ash you always love to be forced into these things heh i know you too well!”

He pulled him away for a bit and Ash took a sigh of relief. Taylor pulled his diaper down and relieved his dick it was huge in comparison to Ash’s new one. Ashes eyes got big and struggled like crazy.


but it was too late Taylor pulled him down mid yell making his mouth go right over his dick. He began to cry and gag at the taste. He just wanted to wake up from this horrible dream.

“mmm there you ash I know you love to suck my dick. You and pretend to hate it all you like you know I enjoy that heheh”

He tries to yell and but he couldn’t, taylors whole dick was in his mouth. slowly Taylor began to help him suck by pulling back and forth slowly. Ash was horrified at what he was being forced to do not only was his friend acting like a diaper loving girl he was also acting gay. Ivy just laughes. She was so getting turned on by these two sissy boys get it on…

“aww just enjoy yourself ash! I know you like stuff up your ass so why not suck your girlfriend off?”

He was going to argue if he could but he did enjoy the vibrater didn’t he. Suddenly Taylor rubs on his diapered crotch.

“hey ash I’ll let you have fun too im not a cruel girlfriend but only if you wet yourself. Come on do it for me. It would make me so happy.”

Ash was sure he didn’t have a choice. And hearing his friend ask for something like that just kinda made him give in. so instead of fighting it he decided to try to go with it. He relaxed then began to pee in his diaper. His dick began to get hard. He wasn’t sure why was he also getting a diaper fetish? It was much easier than ever, he must be getting use to using them already. But then Taylor began to rub the wet diaper in to him as he made him suck they both moaned making ash start to Bob up and down himself just being horny. Ashes mind started to blank out.

“mmm mmm…”

Was all ash could get out.

“mmm yes keep going baby girl I’m so close and you can be far off!”

Suddenly ash was the first he moaned loud as he exploded in to his diaper. He wouldn’t admit it but the wet diaper was definitely getting to be more enjoyable feeling. Cumming made his mind more blank before he though of nothing but wanting his girlfriend to cum as well. This made him Bob up and down faster suddenly Taylor grabbed ashes head hard as he exploded into his mouth. Suddenly his mind went back to normal realizing what he just done.


He cried and hit Taylor to be pulled off. Taylor pulled him off and covered his mouth with one hand. Ashes mouth filled with cum he wined wanting to spit it out. But he would be lying to himself if it was tasting bad.

“show me you love my cum. Swallow for me please.”

He shook his head.

“you better listen ash or you might be punished.”

He quickly swallowed and gagged.

“S-so gross…”

Taylor smiles and kisses him on the lip leaving him to blush. Ash watched him lick his own lips clearly licking his own cum off ashes lips. Ash made a grossed out face.

“Now tell me you love me ash.”

Ivy gets close to ash as he starts to say no.

“remember this is now Taylor. No longer tanner. You don’t want to break her heart do you? And you might as well get use to this. I’m going to make sure by the end you are bi at the very least. Tanner no longer exists so do you want to suffer more or just ease the pain and give in?”

Ash wines.

“i-I love you tan-Taylor”

She squeals with excitement.

“yay! I love you too now can me and ash get changes please our diapers are wet heheh but I kinda like it. But I Don’t Wana leak.”

Ivy laughs.

“I don’t know, I’ll change you for being such a good girl Taylor but ash… I want you to tell me exactly what you think I want to hear.”

Taylor looks at ash confused, ash rubs his arm uncomfortably. Cum on his chin from leaking out his mouth. He has basically given up.

“mommy… I Wet my diaper can you change me because I’m a sissy baby that loves my girlfriend dick…”

Ivy smirks.

“lay back you two I’ll get you changed and you need something cute to wear Taylor. How about a dress?”

Taylor looked excited.

“yay! I want a dress! But not to cover my diapy! I want to show it off to ash!”

She giggles and puts his arm around him pulling him closed. Ash blushed just laying against him. Ash couldn’t believe this was his life now… But Taylor was kinda cute in a diaper. Was he also cute? No he needed to fight these thoughts he thought. But… Why? Ivy was only protecting him and letting him have fun… Right?

He grones and holds his head as they lay back. Why was it getting so hard to remember things correctly? Did ivy do something to him like tanner? No that would be too easy, she was just breaking him. But he was the first to get changed and all he hears is.

“AWWW! I didn’t know you had such a cute small dick ash!”

Taylor said ash blushed and looked down. His dick was less than a inch long now. But it was always like that why was he embarrassed. It was his girlfriend after all.

“stop!! Get them out of my head!!”

Ash cried and held his head. It was like another part of him was taking over another part that wanted to be ivy’s baby girl and love Taylor. Ivy smirks.

“The internal struggle, the fight is almost over.”

She diapers him up and pats his diaper.

“mommy loves her baby girl”

Suddenly his eyes go from the bright blue to a pale blue. His entire mindset changed in that instant.

“I love mommy too!”

Taylor frowns.

“I miss my mommy… But she sent me here to be her baby. And i think im a way better baby girl then ash!”

Ivy smiles at Taylor.

“don’t worry Taylor I’ll send you home soon you have been a wonderful little girl. And ash i dont think we will have much more problems with her. Will we?”

Ash waves his arms.

" Nu uh! I’m just happy mommys happy but what about me mommy?! Am I a good girl?!"

She laughs.

“Of course princess.”

Ash giggles.

“why do you call me princess? Oh can you dress me like one today!”

Ivy laughs. Yap he’s gone. At Least for today


Ivy was ready to do that then Taylor spoke up.

“i Wana be a princess too!!”

She nods and laughs.

“ok girls! You can both be princess but first you both need to eat then have a bath. I’m sure you will both want to wake a bath together!”

Ash and Taylor clap.

“yay! Bath! First food I’m so hungry mommy!”

Ash says rubbing his tummy then grabs his head.

“my head hurts mommy… There’s a guy telling me bad stuff…”

Ivy hugs ash and smiles.

“don’t worry he will soon be completely gone I promise.”

She smiles but tears come from her eyes.

“why am I crying? I’m not sad, I’m happy? Right… Mommy?”

Ivy nods.

“right princess.”

Ivy pretty much undresses them both down to their diapers and puts their clothes in the dirty hamper.

“I’m sure Taylor doesn’t want her boy clothes back anymore, so I’ll just throw them away but my baby loves her cute onesie don’t she!”

Ash nods

“uh huh!”

Ash then giggles.

“we are both naked”

Taylor also giggles.

“wook at my diaper isn’t it cute!”

Ash nods again.

“mine too!”

Ivy laughs but then frowns thinking about what she’s done. She couldn’t change her parents to not be themselves. Or anyone else the guilt was hitting her hard.

“let’s just get you two something to eat.”

Both Taylor and Ash were poking each other diapers. They both stop and Taylor yells.


As he jumped down on to his feet jumping on the spikes in his Mittens before dropping to his knees crying.


ashes eyes get big.


Ivy grones and rubs her eyes.

“he forgot he can’t walk… Remember neither of you know how to walk well are not allowed.”

Taylor whimpered and wiped his eyes. Ivy sighs and puts ash down by him. Ash gives him a big hug.

“it’s ok tay… Don’t cry.”

Ash gives him a kiss on the cheek and Taylor smiles.

“ok you both better now? If so taylor could you crawl over to the highchair? Only ash gets to sit in it as for Taylor uhh you can eat on the floor.”

Ash pouts.

“I want to eat on the floor too! I don’t like the stupid high chair…”

Taylor crawls beside it and Ivy picks up ash from the floor.

“too bad princess. Baby’s need it so mommy can feed them.”

She goes over and sits him down in it locking him in place by the table. Ash crosses his arms sitting there pouting. Taylor giggles.

“Ash is a bigger baby than me, heh!”

Ash looks down at him and glares.

“nu uh! I’m big right mommy?!”

Ivy grabs out some jars of food and gives some to Taylor to eat on his own but gets ready to feed ash.

“nope, sorry baby but you’re the biggest baby here heh”

Ivy smiles and boops ashes nose he blushes clearly still having some internal fighting going on with the adult side of him. Not completely broken yet. But he was close. Taylor ate out of the jars of food as ash was spoon feed they both ate till they couldn’t anymore.

“alrighty you both full?”

They both nod

“so full…so sleepy…”

Taylor says laying on his back.

“me too…”

Ash says laying back in his highchair.

“Good, now if you need to use the restroom I would go now because if you have an accident later I’m not changing you right away. it’s going to be a long day.”

Taylor relaxes with a sigh letting out a long sigh as he begins to wet his diaper. Ash blushes.

“I’m big enough. me not need to…”

Taylor smiles up at ash.

“aww come on ash it’s fun!”

Taylor rubs the wetness into himself.

“mmm… It feels so good…I bet Ash wishes he could have my wet diaper in her face.”

Ivy looks at Taylor oddly talking to herself.

“man we straight up gave someone a fetish with hypnosis…”

Ivy looks at ash who was blushing insanely then gulps and relaxes and begins to wet. ash puts his hand on his diaper feeling it warm up he begins to rub himself. He blushed more as it was clear he was starting to enjoy wet diapers as he was trying to get off. Ivy smacks his hand.

“no ash, you are not allowed to get off unless mommy says so!”

Ash tears up and rubs his hand.

“B-but I wasnt im not-”

Ivy sighs and takes him out of the highchair and hugs him.

“mommy’s sorry, she’s just stressed out… But you got to listen to mommy no cumming unless I or Taylor do it understand?”

He sniffs and nods.

“i-I do like my wet diaper-”

Suddenly it hit him what he hasn’t done in a long time.

“M-mommy I got to go… Number 2”

Taylor lets out a fart as he begins to fill his diaper but he was also asleep. Taylor has his thumb in his mouth filling his diaper. Ivy was amazed she could get rid of someone’s control with hypnosis.

“just do like Taylor, let it go i’ll change you then give you both a bath ok?”

He nodded and blushed as he grunted. Nothing for a while but suddenly the back of His diaper begins to bulge out.

“uh oh looks like the baby’s filling her diaper like a good girl! Keep this up and mommy will have a surprise for you.”

Ash smiles then begins to cry.

“mommy I don’t like it, change me! The bad man in my head says I’m disgusting! Wah!”

Ash keeps crying into her, she pats his back and goes and lays him down in the crib and begins the clean up.

“ignore the man in your head ok? He’s not real, you’re a girl who loves her wet diapers. remember?”

Ivy rubs the wet diaper into his cock making him moan as he puts his thumb in his mouth.

“mmm mommy that feels good…”

Ivy smiles.

“See. just a weak little girl that loves her diapers.”

Ash smiles with his thumb in his mouth ivy was actually the one to blush this time. Damn it he was adorable. Maybe she was growing more attached than she ever thought she would. Ivy begins to clean her all up leaving her naked.

“hey ash? How would you feel about moving? Like to a new place?”

Ash tilts his head.


He had a hard time talking with his thumb in his mouth. Ivy nods.

“ya… Away from all the bad people who want to take you from me.”

His eyes get big.

“why would people want to tawk me away from you?”

She thought for a moment.

“because… People find big baby’s weird and bad. And they think I’m crazy because I have another person in my head.”

Ash smiles.

“you mean other mommy! Me like mommy vy! She’s so nice to me!”

Ivy giggles and blushes.

“oh quite down you… diapered weirdo…”

Ash giggles.

“I like being mommy’s diapered weirdo! The man also likes mommy i… he said he had a crush on mommy i. He wanted to tell her but Instead he got too mad and put her in a diaper.”

Ivy looked surprised.

“he… Liked me? I-i mean he wasn’t ever ugly… Does he still? Does he enjoy the diapers? Oh who do I care…”

Ash giggles and nods.

“not at first but he started to enjoy them. He said he might have tried them if you didn’t make them weird! But he still loves you and he said even if he disappears he forgives you. What did you do?”

Ivy begins to cry.

“i-I… he…oh my God! What have we done vy?! I cant keep this up anymore…”

She keeps crying. Ash sits up and hugs ivy.

“mommy you ok?”

She wipes her face trying to stop crying.

“I-im fine… I just… I can’t do this anymore… Ash I want to ask you truthfully. Do you love me… If so I want to run away where no one will find us. Only me and you.”

Ash rubs his head.

“the man wants to know if it will make you happy? Will you hurt anyone else and let Tanner go? But… I love Taylor, he can’t go…”

Ivy nods

“no more crazy stuff, just me and you but you will probably never go back to normal ash. I’m fine with this version ok?”

Ash smiles and lays against her and it was like the last bit of struggle was released from ash as he Finally settled down.

“ok mommy. I hope Taylor will be ok…i’ll miss him.”

Ivy pets ashes hair.

“She will, I promise.”

Ivy frowns a bit

“but I? I’m confused… What about me? You said you two will run away. Am I not Coming?”

Ivy shakes her head.

“no you will stay here. After we get you in your new body. No one will know you. Ivy is crazy and a kidnapper but vy or violet as you came up with, she’s completely innocent and not old enough to be sent to jail.”

Ivy smiles and cries.

“but… I, I can’t go without you! You can’t leave me alone…i have to help you!”

She nods.

“don’t worry about me anymore. You’re going to have your own body. you got then you wished for but I got to leave ok?”

She wipes her eyes.

“I love you so much I!”

She smiled.

“i love you too. Now let’s get Taylor cleaned up and in the bath with ash. we got some work to do while they play.”

Ivy nods and ash claps.

“yay! Play!”

Ivy goes over and cleans up the sleeping Taylor after he leaves and then wakes him.

“Hey taylor, are you ready for a bath? Go on over to the bath for me.”

He yawns and rubs his eyes.


Ivy giggles.

“not quite sweetie.”

Ivy grabs ash from the crib and carries him to the bathtub and fills It with water and bubbles. She then helps them both in after removing their mittens on both their hands and feet. They both laugh and play on the water. Ivy pulls out a few toys to keep them distracted.

“Now I need to do something. You girls play nice and try not to ruin the place.”

Ivy heads upstairs and she can hear them laughing and talking. Ivy smiles.

“I know we fucked their minds up but they’re cute. Or maybe i’m just weird.”

She lets out a small laugh.

“ya… It’s my fault we got to do this, let me Have this body you take the new one! You deserve to be happy.”

She shakes her head.

“no… You deserve a second chance, you never even had a full life of your own. Well technically.”

She grones.

“yes but I’m the bad phyco one remember?! Mom and dad hate me if they see me again they might hurt me.”

She shakes her head.

“I don’t believe that. You are always doing something to protect me. When have you done something for yourself? I feel like you’ve been protecting me from something my whole life.”

She stops and looks down.

“that’s right. You haven’t vy I want you to be happy ok? Can you tell mom and dad we will miss them? I’ll take some pictures so they can see their granddaughter. If they want to, maybe one day we can see eachother again. Till then I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you.”

She sighs and nods then goes up to a wall and type in a long pass code and suddenly the wall moves and reveals a huge tube with what appears to be a 9 year old ivy in it.

“much younger then I thought… But it should be fine to use early. Other than some minor problems mostly being the age. Sorry you gotta be so young vy.”

Ivy gulps and sits down in a chair and pulls a thing down over her head then flicks a switch. suddenly a loud noise happens as ivy shakes and moves sporadically before she just stops. Her body is motionless. Suddenly the tank that holds the 9 year old ivy drains and she falls to the ground coughing breathing heavy. Clearly being hard to breath in the strange liquid.

“W-what in the world…? That was so strange…it was like i traveled so far yet at the same time i barely moved. It felt like it took forever.”

She blushed seeing she was naked and with her childish voice and body. She gets up and looks over and sees I, her eyes get big and she runs over to her shaking her.


no response vy begins to cry shaking her.

“Damn it! please don’t be dead! Oh my God! This is my fault I was so greedy!!”

Still nothing as she began to bawl.

"WAH! I please wake up! I’m so sorry!”

I suddenly grones and hug vy with a big smile.

“don’t worry sis… I’m not leaving you. But I’m glad you got your own body now. it’s so nice to hear you. And talk to you face to face.”

Vy cries into I hitting her softly.

“you idiot don’t scare me like that ever again!”

I laughed weakly.

“heh… Sorry vy, it was rough having someone pulled out of my body. More than we expected anyways…”

Vy was shaking and hugging i.

“I how about you go find some clothing…? I’m sure we bought some just in case in the bedroom closet. Or maybe you will find some of our old clothes from childhood.”

Vy nods and wipes her eyes.

“Right…heh it would be off if you got seen with a naked child.”

She smiles so big and laughed so did i

“it’s so nice to have my own body!”

She starts to run off but falls over.


Ivy eyes get big.

“vy are you ok?”

She looked confused and stood back up.

“Y-ya… Just getting used to this body is all. I’m sure it’s fine.”

I sighs from relief.

“phew… Ok just take it easy, ok?”

Vy nods and gets going to the bedroom. Ivy stands up and grabs the wall.

“So everything that is mine i remember, so why don’t i remember childhood? I guess… Vy Was lying… I was scared of this. I still have bad thoughts in my head. Maybe I’m the bad one and vys the good one she was just looking out for me… And made her look bad. Maybe mom and dad will take pity on her and let her live a normal life…I can’t believe I came in and made her life horrible. Why would she care so much for me?”

She stumbles into the front room and sits on the couch wiping some tears from her face. she grabs her phone off the table. 2 missed calls.

“oh crap… I forgot I left this here.”

A missed called from mom and a missed call from dad. She sighs and sends them both a text to meet her at her place in about a few hours…

“damn it…i don’t even have the guts to call them back, a text will have to do. Anyways, time to get a hold of Taylor’s parents… crap I mean tanners. He will need someone to care for him. After I leave. Vy can’t do it.”

She pulls out a number and calls it. A woman on the other side answers.

“hello?! Are you calling about my missing son please tell me you are!”

She sighs.

“ya I have information. But he’s kinda in a lot of trouble. How long would it take you to get to-”

She gives off her own address.

“oh my God we can be there as quick as possible maybe… An hour??”

She smiles weakly.

“good please come straight inside he will be in the front room.”

She hangs up and gets up holding her head. Suddenly a clothed vy comes into the front room.

“hey how do I look? I found Our old scientist coat! It’s a little big but I love it! What are you doing? You don’t look well…”

Ivy smiles.

“you look so cute vy… I Wish I could be here as you get to grow up. It’s a shame I don’t remember that coat though.”

Vy blushes.

“don’t say it like that I… And you can be? You don’t have to leave for a while right? W-wait you can’t remember?”

Ivy shakes her head.

“actually I got to go now… I’m going to get Taylor dressed, his parents are coming and as for ash he’s coming with me. And no I can’t…”

Vy looks down, gripping her coat.

“but I… I Finally have a body we can finally look normal and you want to leave already?!”

She runs up and grabs her leg.

“I won’t let you! You are staying here! That’s final!”

She pats vy on the head.

“sorry vy or guess I should use your new name Huh? violet maybe one day if mom and dad forgive me for what I did, maybe. I’ll be back if they do, if not I won’t return.”

Ivy gets downstairs and sees Taylor and Ash playing. She goes over and violet begins to cry sitting down on the ground. Ivy sighs but keeps going helping them both out and helping dry them off.

“mommy why is there a kid here?”

Ivy was about to tell her who she was but stopped.

“i-I… Don’t know she must be another girl that was kidnapped by the psychopath that lives here…”

Violet’s mouth dropped and her eyes got big.

“I stop! You are not crazy! You’re not… It’s me.”

Ivy shakes her head.

“no more lying for me violet. You just been telling me it was you when I did bad things, wasn’t it?! You… Made me believe I was the normal one. But I was the one born after we got diapered huh? I’m the extra in your mind? Right?”

Violet looked down looking upset.

" i-I… I-i… yes… But I was more like before you came to me. After that I basically made you believe you were the nice one because you would always get so upset being called the crazy one… And I was the one mom and dad hated because I couldn’t stand to hear you cry… I Was the one that took all the blame. But it was worth it because you gotta be so happy."

Ivy was getting both Taylor and ash in a fresh diaper.

“… And I love you for that. I’ll never forget it but it’s time. You get your life back violet. I’m sorry I had to take your name and body if I realized it before I would have taken the younger body…”

Violet shakes her head.

“I wouldn’t have taken it because it made you happy sis. I’m going to miss you, just don’t get caught ok?”

Both Taylor and Ash were confused but watched silently. ivy got ash dressed in a cute dress and made his hair it was hard to tell he was a boy. If not for his size it would be hard to tell his age.

“hey violet? Can you take Taylor to the front room? I got to leave quickly.”

Violet stomps her foot.


Ivy looked confused.

“but vi-”

Violet smiles.

“not without a hug. I want a true hug and goodbye hug.”

Ivy smiles and goes over and gives violet a hug. A very long one ash and taylor smiles and also hugged and gave a small kiss.

“I’ll miss you… Hope you turn out better the second time heh”

Violet pouts a bit.

“don’t mock my small body. I’m still smart and have an adult brain! I’ll be way better then ivy ever was. i’ll be a super ivy when im back to my normal age!”

Ivy giggles. And so does violet.

“I know, you’re just so cute.”

They let go and Ivy takes off with ash to the car and puts him in a huge car seat.

“mommy? Where are we going?”

Ivy sighs and shuts the door getting in the car.

“anywhere we can’t get in trouble princess.”

Back with violet. She was bawling.

“damn it stop crying you’re not a baby!”

Taylor crawls over and pokes her.

“hi I’m Taylor!”

Violet rubs her eyes.

“I know I’m vy… Or Violet now.”

Taylor smiles.

“You’re cute, you need diapers too?”

Violet blushes insanely.

“no I do not! I’m an adult unlike you! Stupid brat…”

He looks confused and giggles.

“then why-”

Suddenly they hear a knock at the door and someone walks in.

“damn it you gotta get up stairs quickly!”

Taylor looked confused but he crawled upstairs. violet follows behind, keeping from view. Suddenly she sees an older woman and older man presumably tanners parents.


Tanner giggles.

“mommy!! Daddy!”

They both hug him and then look at him strangely. Why was their son diapered and acting so strange?

“uhh why are you in a diaper?”

He smiles.

“cause I’m a whittle girl that wilkes dipys!”

They knew someone was wrong.

“let’s get you home and to a therapist someone must have really hurt you.”

Suddenly violet falls over trying to peek out from behind the door.

“Ahh! Oww fuck…”

tanners father goes up to her.

“oh no are you ok young lady? I bet you got caught by the bad person here too huh? Umm did you have an accident?”

Violet sighs.

“sorry I wasn’t doing anything weird, and she’s not bad!… Wait…accident? What do you-”

She looks down at her pants that are soaked and blushes insanely.

“i-I…. I-i….”

They both frown.

“I bet the crazy person that did this to our son did this to this little girl as well. Hey kiddo is anyone else here? What happened to the ones that hurt you two?”

Violet shakes her head too embarrassed from being in wet pants and grossed out.

“well we need to get our son home… Maybe we can get him fixed… our poor boy thinks he’s a little girl…that’s messed up. Will you be ok here till the police arrive?”

Violet nods greatly embarrassed. They help tanner out of the place suddenly ivys and violets mom and dad walk in violet runs behind the couch shaking. Not wanting to be seen like this she began to cry some.

“hello? Ivy? You told us to come here? where is she?”

Her mother shouted.

“don’t be so casual… She’s a criminal! Don’t you understand she’s kidnapped at least 2 people now?! Remember that one kid said if we send her to that specific therapist she wouldn’t go to jail but if he never contacted us again she’s probably kidnapped him too! I can’t believe we got blackmailed to make sure ivy didn’t end up in jail.”

Her dad says.

“wait do you hear crying?”

Violet cries harder hearing them talk bad about her technically. Her mom goes behind the couch seeing this young ivy hugging herself crying.


Her mom rubs her eyes just staring. Suddenly her dad runs over and grabs violet’s arm and pulls her up.

“EXPLAIN… your….self?”

He picks up the small girl who was bawling and screaming. It looked just like their daughter but younger. But that was impossible right?

“dont hurt me I’m sorry! Wahh!! I’ll do anything just dont hit me!”

Her dad sits her down.

“whoa… Whoa calm down sweetie. I’m sorry I thought you were someone else…have you seen a older girl named ivy”

They clearly ignored the fact she was wet to not upset her more. Her mom shakes her head.

“no that’s exactly who I think it is… Right ivy?”

Violet sniffs.

“w-well yes… And no… technically I’m vy… I Gave me my own body…then left to not get into trouble. I’m willing to take her punishment.”

Her dad and mom both look furious.

“So you’re the bad influence on our daughter! And how dare you let her leave you should be the one leaving!”

violet just keeps Crying. She just wanted mom and dad to care about her.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me but I’m your daughter too! I used to be the only one you loved then I came in and I took all her blame to make her happy! But now I just want my mom and dad to love me again! Im sorry everything i did was bad but i told her it was me and it made her happy and i don’t like to see my sister cry!”

She keeps crying and her mom and dad look at each other.

“you…where is I? Where did she go?”

She shrugs sniffing from her mom’s question.

“she wouldn’t tell me. But she took the one we kidnapped to live alone with him. She said she wanted me to stay because this body would be too young to get in trouble… She wanted me to live a normal life again…”

Both her parents hug her.

“oh sweetie… we are terrible parents… We Hated our own daughter because she was crazy! Well no more vy… We are sorry. We aren’t upset you were crazy we just didn’t believe you about the split personality thing. We wanted you to be normal. And I guess that made it seem like we hated you.”

Violet hugs them both crying for a while.

“mommy! Daddy! I’m sorry i wont ever do anything bad again!”

After they all calmed down they looked down at her.

“so… how old are you? Or does that matter?”

She wipes her eyes.

“9…technically, but my brain is still an adult. So I’m an adult and expect to be treated as such.”

Her dad smirks. Finally having to mention the accident.

“oh ya then why does it smell like pee on you?”

She blushes.

“it was an accident! Maybe the body’s bladder wasn’t fully developed yet… if that’s the case then I’ll have to train it, is all!”

Her mom smiles.

“how about you come live with mommy and daddy again till you get better?”

Violet’s eyes get big before looking away.

“I’ll be fine… I can live here. I’m used to living alone and I’m not i, I can take care of myself.”

Her dad picks her up.

“not a Chance, it’s not a Choice. if we let what looks to be a 9 year old live here we would look bad. So how about this you can agree to come home with us or we do it the hard way.”

Violet puffs out her cheeks and pouts.

“don’t seem like a fair agreement to me…and put me down!”

He laughs.

“it’s not meant to be. Now… The matter of the bladder, we don’t want stains In our house or that smell so you have two choices. Pull ups or diapers. If you pick pull ups and have leak too many times we will have to swap you to diapers.”

Violet’s mouth dropped and her face went completely red.

“no way am I wearing diapers! Fine pull ups whatever…”

Her dad nods

“I know you don’t like it, I understand why… And we are not doing it to be mean. But it’s how you potty train a toddler. And right now your body is kinda like one heh”

She glares.

“dad I’m not a toddler!”

He smiles.

“I forgot what it was like when you were younger and how cute you are. So vy? What do we call you? Ivy probably won’t work will it?”

She shakes her head.

"… Call me Violet. We had my birth certificate made and everything so I am technically your second daughter. And you heh… Technically have a grandson/granddaughter… "

They both looked confused.

“Well we kidnapped ash and made him into a diaper wearing girl… And we got his identity changed to were uhh she’s now ivy’s daughter…man that’s weird to say my old name.”

Her dad grones and rubs his eyes.

“Jesus fuck that’s messed up…i don’t think I want to hear more… Will uhh ivy be coming back?”

Violet shrugs.

“don’t know…maybe one day if you can forgive her.”

Her mom speaks up.

“That’s fine, give her time maybe. But we need to go clothing shopping and pull-ups shopping as well heh. I always wanted to have a second child. This is close enough! Oh are you more girly then ivy violet? I sure hope so!”

She grones.

“gross… No! I’m still technically ivy remember?! I’m not a…. Completely different… Person”

A smile Comes on her face.

“W-wait I am… I am a completely different person! I get to try all over again.”

She smiled great big and they headed out to their car… But what about Ash and Ivy? Wonder how they are doing?

It’s been about a year since vy and I split. They have both missed each other a lot, starting with I or now just ivy. She has just woken up yawning and stretching and getting out of bed hearing some Crying. She drags herself out of her room and into Ash’s room. He was crying or she as she goes by now was crying loudly.

“oh no princess, what’s wrong? You have a nightmare? Did you have an accident?”

Ash shakes her head and holds her arms up. Ivy grabs her out of the crib and hugs her and gets a good smell of why she was crying.

“uh oh, someone had an accident didn’t she? Don’t worry princess i’ll get you changed.”

She sniffs and nods.

“It must be weird, it’s only been about a year and you can’t even tell when you use your diaper any more. But that’s ok mommy still loves you. Actually mommy loves it more.”

Ash hugs her.

“I love you too mommy. When will we see mommy vy again?”

She looks away and takes her to a changing table and begins to change her diaper. Her less then once inch dick on full show as his diaper was removed.

“well… I’m not sure, but it’s violet now remember? And she’s probably closer to your aunt now.”

He giggles.

“oh ya! Mommy vy oops I mean aunty violet was little.”

Ivy laughs.

“ya she was, and she was very cute. She is like 10 years old now. I hope everything is going well for her. Especially with mom and dad.”

After ashes diaper change she’s put in a cute onesie/dress, she sits up quickly and hugs ivy.

“mommy can I go play outside today?!”

She did promise him he could soon.

“well… I suppose it’s fine. Just stay in the back yard and if you want to go swimming you come in and ask understand me young lady? You need a swimming diaper. I’m still cleaning out the pool from when your diaper got too big and broke in it.”

Ash smiles innocently.

“I promise! Yay!”

He holds his arms up ready to go. He clearly doesn’t want to walk anymore. Ivy picks him up and takes him to the back yard and puts him in the grass.

“now be a good girl for mommy, she’s got some work to do while you play ok?”

Ash giggles and crawls off to a sandpit and begins to play ivy smiles and heads inside to grab her laptop and takes it outside to a lounge chair and opens it up and logs in. the background was of ash with his diapered butt and looking back smiling at the camera.

“Ok it’s about time to call her, time to finally see how things are going at home…”

She opens up a program and clicks on someone called ‘private’ and calls them the computer rings and rings suddenly a young ivy speaks and appears on the screen and she can see ivy.

“hello? Who’s this?”

She had the phone to her ear not knowing it was a video call. Ivy smiles.

“violet? Or should I say vy?”

Violet’s mouth drops and pulls back seeing ivy look back at her.

“i-I?! It’s been a year where have you been?!”

Ivy sighs and rubs her neck.

“Hiding, had to move to a few new places in the past year to not get caught. How are you getting along with mom and dad? They’re not treating you bad right?”

She blushed some, rubbing her head.

“Well that’s a long story. But… Ok here goes. After you left my body began to have… Accidents turned out the body had to be potty trained… S-still working on that”

violet begins to walk with a crinkle sound, ivy giggles.

“aww. Sorry… What about mom and dad? if you are practicing your potty training then are you in…? I swear i heard that familiar crinkle.”

She blushed more and sat down on the couch with one last crinkle.

“shhh! Yes I’m in diapers ha ha ha! So funny! look I was in pull ups for a while but ya they leaked I hate myself…lucky mom as let me stay home for homeschooling. Don’t think I could handle real school. Expecily in diapers…god kill me.”

Ivy laughs.

“that sucks, I’m sorry violet. But come on stop ignoring the question about mom and dad.”

She gulps and her father walks up behind her looking at her on her phone.


Suddenly she stops and her dad begins to speak with a smile.

“violet? Who are you taking to? I don’t remember allowing you to have a phone.”

Violet jumps blushing more but rolls her eyes

“I can have a phone if I want to, dad. remember I’m still an adult! Mom got it for me though.”

She was trying to act old in front of ivy.

“Young lady, I remember us talking about this. till you get this bladder issue taken care of you will be treated like a child understand me young lady? I’m not doing this as a punishment. But i have my reasons.”

Violet blushes.

“y-yes daddy! Sorry!”

Ivy laughs.

“awww! Violet that’s so cute! I really believed you were a little girl!”

Violet glares at the phone.

“Hey dad, ivys on the phone! She wants to-”

Ivy’s eyes get big. Suddenly her father pulls the phone from violet.


She goes quiet for a while looking away from her screen before looking back.

“h-hey dad…”

She waves a bit at him. He takes a sigh of relief like she was on his mind for a while.

“oh thank goodness! I thought the worst might have happened. Are you doing well? What about…That uhh person you, well you know?”

Ivy smiles some. It was rare her dad showed this kinda caring. He wasn’t hateful but he wasn’t one to show how much he cared much.

“I’m fine, being doing well for myself and that person is my daughter. I know you don’t like it but she’s my responsibility. I hurt her so the least I can do is let her live her life happily.”

Her dad smiles.

“that my girl… But because of what you and violet did we have punished little violet here to diapers and stuff she’s out little baby till she works out her messing problems”

He and Ivy laugh, clearly having a joke on her behalf. Violet blushes and glares at her dad.

“damn it dad! Stop!”

She covers her face in shame, he leans in by her and hugs her and kisses her cheek.

“but we love her very much, we are so sorry we treated either of you differently… You’re both our daughters and we love you both. And your mothers kinda curious about seeing her uhh grandchild…”

Violet gets the phone while she’s being hugged.

“dad’s been kinda curious too!!”

Ivy and violet laugh. her dad pulls the phone from her.

“that’s it violet you’re going to bed early for that.”

Violet crosses her arms pouting.

“no fair! I was telling the truth maybe if you quit hiding stuff.”

The phone looks in the air when suddenly there’s the sound of something smacking against a diaper. Probably a hand it wasn’t hard but enough to hurt maybe doing enough to scare her.

“get to your room before I spank you harder now go.”

She runs off to her room and pouts sitting on her bed. He then sighs.

“Sorry you had to hear that but… Ivy? Thanks for letting us take care of our daughter again. We were thinking of having another kid honestly, but this is exactly what we needed. As for the granddaughter… Ya I guess I also want to see her but let’s keep this secret from your mom… She would never let me live it down. or violet man she thinks she’s still so grown up yet at times. I catch her playing with toys and stuff. She won’t admit she’s having fun being young again.”

Ivy giggles

“promise dad i wont tell a soul. So the whole police thing? How are they going there? Am i being hunted down?”

There’s a silence for a bit before her dad says something.

“well… I think it’s safe. Taylor… Or Tanner is kinda coming out of whatever you did to him and explained to the cops that Ash went happily with you and stuff so nothing illegal is wrong that we know of. So you are off the hook I suppose? As much as you can be, I suppose for kidnapping two people.”

She takes a sigh of relief and looks at ash, he was building in the sand pit and smiling. Ivy points the laptop to ash.

“that’s good… So I’m sure ashy wants to see her grandparents heh”

Her dad sighs and looks at the phone oddly.

“don’t make it weird ivy. It’s odd enough that you got this adult sized baby…so that’s him…err her?”

Ivy giggles and smiles looking at the laptop back at her.

“aww dad don’t say that to her you will break her heart. I’m sure once you see her in front of you you will love her. I know I do.”

He sighs.

“I hope… But ivy I’m glad you’re doing well and just know I love you.”

Ivy smiles big.

“I love you too dad. I’ll try to visit soon bye.”

She hangs up and goes back to watching ash. He was now a diaper dependent little girl but she enjoyed her new life. Well she probably didn’t remember her old life but better to be ignorant and bliss then living her life in shame. Ivy was not proud of what she had done but she wasn’t going to let ash suffer anymore.

Time passes and It’s been about a week since ivy and violet have spoken. We are now in violets room. She has just woken up and is stretching her arms out. She moves out of bed with a crinkle sound and she moves her hand down and sighs feeling her wet diaper. She was on a shirt and diaper only.

“damn it wet again… It’s easy to control while I’m awake but these damn night time accidents are Hella embarrassing…just can’t let mom and dad know i can control it during the day”

She smiles a bit with a blush feeling her diaper when suddenly her mom walks in. she jumps and blushes.

“Good morning violet sleep well? Do you need change?”

Violet smiles then blushes

“morning mommy and… Y-ya i don’t understand why it’s so hard to control when i go to bed.”

Her mom frowns.

“oh no i’m sorry violet i really thought you were getting better. But don’t worry we’ll work till you can heh.”

Violet looks down then smiles and lays back on her back in her bed.

“I know… I just hope this body doesn’t have a defect… if so according to dad’s rules I won’t get to leave, let alone be treated like an adult!”

Violet would be lying if a small part of her wasn’t enjoying that thought. Her mom giggles and grabs violet a new diaper and baby wipes and untapes Her diaper. Violet blushes, still not used to this diaper change. But she enjoyed the personal time with her mom. Lucky dad keeps her personal space and lets mom do it.

“I doubt that, I think it was more of a way to help you get determined. Your dad knows how you work. if we give you a goal you will work harder than normal. We have known you for a long time sweetie. then again it’s hard to tell if you’re trying super hard.”

Violet rolls her eyes with a blush trying to seem annoyed.

“ya ya… I Don’t want to have diaper changes till I’m freaking dead… But I guess that’s karma for what I did to ash…and what’s his face.”

Her mom gets her in a new diaper and tapes her up.

“it would be karma… But as a mom I hope you don’t have to live through that. But I also would be lying if you weren’t the most adorable 10 year old!”

Her mom tickles her and she laughs like crazy and kicks.

“S-stop! Or i’ll use it again!”

She says laughing. Her mom helps her up, she then helps her out of her shirt that said ‘mommys girl’ leaving her in nothing but a diaper and picks her up kissing her cheek.

“let’s get mommy’s baby a shirt.”

Her face was bright red.

“y-you know I hate that… And I can dress myself shesh…don’t call me a b-”

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door.

“Oops, first the door.”

Her mom walked to the door with violet her face redder and fought to get free.

“M-mom! No I’m still here, stop! No please! I’m naked!”

Not like it matters most 10 year Olds didn’t have boobs anyways.

“oh calm down. Just hide your face in me for a bit. I dont think anyones going to think you’re anything but a toddler.”

Violet pushed her face into her moms breasts and hid her face. Her diaper butt and back being the only thing showing. From behind she looked like a baby. Her mom opens the door and there stood ivy holding a large girl in a diaper. I was ash she smiled great big seeing ivy’s mom.

"I-ivy? "

Her mouth dropped and moved in to hug her squishing violet and ash between.

“heh hi mom… Uhh…Y-You and dad had another baby? Or baby sitting? Where’s violet?”

Violet was so excited but also embarrassed that she kept her face hidden. Her mom giggles.

“ya a big baby named violet huh? She’s embarrassed, I was just finishing her diaper change and about to get her dressed!”

She pats her diaper butt and violet looks back at ivy embarrassed.

“MOM I SWEAR! Uhh h-hey sis…”

Even ash let out a giggle and Ivy laughed.

"whoa violet?! I expected a diaper… Maybe training pants but heh I totally thought you were a baby. You’re so cute! You remind me of ash!”

Ash smiles and waves excitedly.

“hi Aunt violet! Hi grandma!”

Her mom looks at ash.

“so this is the grand baby? I mean… She was a boy once right…you can’t even tell. Heh she’s pretty cute i bet she wouldn’t yell at me when i change her diaper…or make her play with toys.”

Violet got to struggling.

“Put me down, I want to put on some clothes!”

She shook her head and sat violet down, she ran to her room to change. ivy holds out ash.

“want to hold her?”

Ash looked excited and held out her arms for her grandma. She smiled and took her.

“oh my your a big girl now aren’t you heh”

Ash nods a lot her mom had a little trouble holding this adult sized baby. But you could see she fell in love quickly.

“uh huh! One day I only had to have 3 diaper changes, mommy normally changes me at least 4 times a day!”

Her mom laughs.

“Well violet needs changed 2 times a day but she normally lies and changes herself at least once so you are not far off violet heh. But feels like to me you need changed again.”

Ash looked confused and felt herself and looked surprised.

“uh oh…but aunty violets a big baby like me!”

Ivy was surprised by how well they were getting along. Ash and her mom giggle

“Do you have a diaper bag or something? I’ll get her changed for you. And maybe go take her to go play some.”

Ash squeals with excitement as ivy hands her a bag and they go off. Soon after violet comes from her room a shirt that has a cute kitty in it and shorts that are too small to cover her diaper.

“stupid mom I told her I need bigger clothing to hide the damn diapers…”

She walks up to ivy before running up and giving her a hug.

“I missed you so much sis…”

Ivy smiles and bends down and hugs her back giving her a few pats on the back.

“I missed you too diaper butt.”

Violet growls.

“you’re not mom and dad I’ll bite your ear if you mock me… I might be little but I can still bite hard.”

Ivy laughs.

“hehe sorry probably just the motherly thing coming out in me after taking care of ash for over a year. You know I thought it was going to be exhausting but it’s not that bad, it’s like a real child except she will tell you what’s wrong. Unless she’s in a crying fit…but how have you Been getting along? With the whole… Broken body thing?”

She sighs.

“if I tell you… You don’t tell mom and dad understand?”

Ivy nods and violet blushes.

"i-I… Oddly love it… I love being mommy’s little girl. even if I got to wear a diaper I love it, then I love dad’s teasing… I-i think i got a well a uhh diaper fetish thing…well we both do i suppose. But you got the part that hated to be treated like one… I think I got the real thing… "

Ivy laughs.

“aww! That’s so cute violet. I never expected you to be so… Innocent, and cute. So I can’t remember the real thing that happened that day? That story you told me about you being diapered and made me believe it was me wasn’t the whole story was it?”

Violet blushed and shakes her head.

“no… the real story was basically the same but the reason Ash got the idea to diaper us was because I happen to be looking up guys in diapers before that. Remember when you enjoyed them that one day? Well I have enjoyed them longer and well ash did it and well I needed up getting off in that diaper before school started it was all embarrassing yes but… I also enjoyed it. God I hate admitting that.”

Ivy was blown away.

“wow… That’s interesting. Wait so-”

Violet blushed.

“ya ya… I Know what you’re going to say is the bladder problems real? The night time stuff is and the daytime stuff was, but dad said if I keep using diapers like a little girl I will just have to be his little girl forever. O-oddly a small part of me wants to be there little girl forever.”

She blushed insanely as her dad came up behind her and Ivy saw her.

“and you want that? But why not tell them?”

She nodded embarrassed like Crazy.

" well they would probably hate me…call me weird and kick me out…but Y-ya i do want that… mom pushes my boundaries closer and closer to the little girl she wants, it’s been a blast so far and pretending to slowly act like I hate it but grow to like it is fun… they find it cute. So I’ll stay diapered as long as I need to be as long as it’s nothing public… i don’t know what ill do when i get older. Maybe we can make something to make me permanently young and just say my body’s broken heh…"

There’s a snicker from behind violet, it was from her dad. her eyes get big and look behind her and her dad grabs her.

“oh so now you like being the little baby girl huh? And you want to be one forever huh?”

Her face couldn’t get more red. She wanted to die.


He laughs.

“Well, I guess you will just have to stay my little girl as long as possible won’t you? But on mine and your mothers terms.”

She was so embarrassed but didn’t know why to say and begin to cry. She laid into her dad who smiled and patted her butt. He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“violet… Whoever you want to be, me and your mom will support you if you want to wear diapers and be with your mommy and daddy, who are we to stop you? We understand how badly we treated you and we will let you have the most wonderful like you want ok? We don’t want you to have to become someone else again just to make someone else happy. You’re our little girl and we will protect you.”

She bawls in to him

“wahh, daddy! I love you!”

Ivy smiles. And her dad looks at ivy.

“You want to be daddy’s little girl too ivy? Heh”

She blushes and shakes her head.

“i-I have my own little girl to look after. I’m just happy violets happy, Finally.”

They all laughed and hugged and that’s how the family stayed. violet was able to make. Herself an invention to make herself young when she wanted so she could be taken care of by her parents again when she wanted when she wasn’t working. Her mom and dad loved her either way. As for ash, she was taken care of by her grandparents and mom till they couldn’t anymore and Ivy never had her own children but raised ash like she was her own.

They all had a much happier life; even violet ended up getting married and showed her boyfriend the fun of regression and diapers. They even had children where violet would regress and play with them. But that’s another story. It was a rough start but everything turned out well at the end.

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I enjoyed this story ALOT! Please add more chapters when possible. what about since violet wants to be a baby long term that her mom and dad have a nursery set up and she can sleep with a paci and a plushie when she sleeps and sleep in the crib when she wants. Mom can feed her and everything like a baby, maybe breastfeeding if possible.
keep up the great writing.

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i really don’t plan on adding more to this story. i did this story about a year ago now i believe. i was for a contest and i won 3ed place for it, but I’m super happy you enjoyed it! :smiley:

Interesting… :smiley:

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