Returning to the Community

Hi! I’ve been a very long time lurker of this forum, and I’ve always appreciated the dedication to critique and improvement of the stories written by everyone here.

I was an active community member a long time ago on DeviantArt, and intend to start being active there soon too. Back then, I created some really simple stories and even simpler art, and I’ve dabbled in video game projects too. After life hit me like a train, I sort of dropped out of participating in all social media and creating things in general, although I still visited the sites. I’ve made a lot of major changes in my life since then, which has reinvigorated my creativity and spirit, so I wanted to try to participate again.

My first introductions to ABDL in written form were things like “The Babysitters” and “Diapers for Jessica”. Very old school stuff, but they weren’t old when I first read them. I generally like writing and reading low-pretense stories with no big conflicts, especially explorations of infantile behavior in adults, but that’s not to say I dislike high-concept stuff. Really, one of the only things I do dislike is the recent trend of hyper-messing in new art, but to each their own. I personally would like to see more focus on pacifiers and oral fixations, but that’s just me.

I’m looking forward to reading a lot of newer stories here, as well as eagerly awaiting updates to game projects on other sites, like “Perpetual Change”.

As for more general interests, I’m really big into anime, especially stories with cutesy and moe characters. I love me a good romance story especially.

It’s probably been a decade since I’ve written one of these for a forum haha

Anyway, hoping to share some stories for everyone soon!

~NDE (NotDeviantEnough)

Welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing your contributions (either stories or art). I am, however, a little curious what you mean by “high-concept stuff”. I don’t seem to remember too much of that here. (Unless you count the haiku thread we had going for a while. ;))

And please remember that “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad”. Ernest Hemingway wrote simple stories with simple sentences and he got a Nobel prize for it.

I mean, DD is high-concept from the perspective of setting, sure. But high-concept is just a matter of “can I tell you what this story is in one paragraph or less?”

Thanks for the welcomes!

And sorry if I was unclear. Diaper Dimension stories are actually kind of what I had in mind by “high-concept”. WBDaddy’s summary is pretty accurate too. I like to write and read stories that can be summarized fairly simple, even if they explore a lot of depth within. But maybe I’m also just getting too concerned about sorting things into boxes haha