Return to childhood

Story inspired to “Jade Chan growing up again” of palkomix
Return to childhood (versione tradotta)
Part one

Chapter 1
The arrive

The poor Jonathan didn’t know what attended him, once arrived in front of the judge Scott. He had committed a robbery and it wasn’t the first time he stole some food from a shop.
Very difficult live in the street.
It wasn’t the first time that he was caught, but he knew that the penalty wouldn’t be too serious, and the fact that he was underage would have somehow affect in his favor.
“in the worst case I’ll spend some night in de cell where I will have a clean bed and some hot meal” he thank. He was optimist.
«Jonathan Reyes accused of robbery in a food store. How do you state?» asked the judge
«guilty» answered the guy after he get up.
The judge watched him in the eyes with a very severe look:
«in your file it’s written that your are eighteen»
«yes sir!» said the boy humbly
«though there are four condemnation for robbery against you.
What do you say in your defense?»
In that moment the boy’s optimism dissolve as salt in a glass of water.
«ehm…!» splutted the boy beginning to sweat conspicuously
«perhaps you thought that there wouldn’t be consequences» roared the judge «well you get it wrong young man! I condemne you to three regression cycles from three to five years» said before hit the gavel «enjoy your holiday to camp nursery!» he added immediately after.
The sentence leaved the boy without words.

Two days later he finds himself in the bus directed to camp nursery whith other eleven teenagers. In the seat next to him there is a girl whith he had exchanged two words:
«hello what is your name? And why are you here?» asked the girl
«my name is Jonathan» answered the boy «I’m here for robbery. You?»
«my name is Patricia» answered the girl «I’m here for falsification of documents. Did Judge Scott send you here?»
«yes! How do you know this?» asked the boy
«he sends here me to» answered the girl «it seems that he sends here every underage who come to his table».

Arrived at destination they were sent off the bus and welcomed by a woman who can be about thirty.
She was enough tall and handsome. She had long blonde hair she wore bound in a french braid that descended along right shoulder.
She weared an elegant dress, and behind her there were other fifteen women dressed up whith nannies.
«wellcome to camp nursery my little ones. My name is Stephanie but you can call me aunty Steph. I am the fifth director of this re-education center and I ad mister it since four years. But after get to the point I’d like you the history of this place. Fallow me please!»
«who knows how long the speach has been prepared» Patricia says to Jonathan in a low voice doing lough the boy.
«Camp Nursery open in 1920 by Marcus Sloan, Nobel prize for medicine. He discovered a way to make rejuvenate human body between what is called “Sloan method”. The method consist in the utilization of a serum, whose formula is secret, that it’s injected in the subject who is beamed whith infrared ray. This leads to rejuvenation of the subject subjected to treatment. Adjusting the intensity of radiation it’s possible adjust the speed of regression. This proceeding haven’t negative effects in human organism and in theory it can be replayed endlessly too without any risk» she says smiling «the purpose of this place is re-educate difficult teenagers restarting from the period in which they are more easy to menage, that is the first childhood.
Meantime they appreciated a huge building and aunty Steph drives the group through the entrance door beyond witch there was a big room.
«good my little one! Beyond this door there are Sloan’s regressor» she says whith a big smile «now I explain you there rule of this place. That are few and very simple:

N. 1:
You will obey any one adult’s order or you’ll be punished

N. 2:
Don’t talk back to adult or you’ll be punished

N. 3:
No brawls for no reason or you’ll be punished

N. 4
An adult decision is always definitive without discussion

The rest will be explained later. Is everything clear or are there any questions?»

A girl rised her hand
«tell me honey!» said aunty Steph
«you said that the formula of serum is secret» said the girl «but what happen if someone have an allergic reaction?»
«more than legitimate question!» said aunty Steph «but don’t worry! The serum is produced so be totally an allergic. Other questions?»
Nobody asked for anything
«very good» she says satisfied «now we delive you some paper coat, you have to undress and wear only that» she said while two young ladies rolled out a big cloth to act as a separé.
Jonathan did what he was told after one of the girls gave him one of the paper coat. After that the separé was removed and the group was asked to get in line. Then they did an injection in the arm with an automatic syringe.
«now we get in the regressor room» aunty Steph say while she opened a door.
Just they entered in the room the group saw a strange machinery that look like a tanning bed.
«now when I call your name step forward and lay down on the bed. Has you understood?» aunty Steph says «the first is Adams Richard four cycles from two to five years. Come on!»
A thin boy whit red and ruffled hear approached shyly the bed
«Courage champion!» aunty Steph urged him with a smile
«will it hurt?» asked the boy
«usually the process isn’t painful» answered aunty Steph «rather it’s said that it’s like a strange tinkling» answered aunty Steph with reassuring tone.
Richard lays down the bed that it was closed and one of the girls began to type something on a computer, and when she pressed the start button the machinery started. A red gleam radiated from inside of machinery for five or six minutes until it turn off, and one of the girls dressed as a nurse opened the bed and takes in arm a child who could not have been more than two years old, and she brought him on a changing table next the machine, where she remove the paper coat and she put him a diaper. Jonathan was shocked by the scene.
«very good!» aunty Steph says «let’s continue with the next one. Alcott Patricia three cycle from three to five years»
The girl was petrified, then aunty Steph take her by the hand and she leaded her up to the machinery and kindly she makes lie down on it. Than she closed the machinery and she gave order of start it, and when this turned off there was the same scene that repeated until it was Johnathan turn.
Jonathan was very scared at the idea to return a little child. He hadn’t had a beautiful childhood and the idea to relieve that ras very scary for him.
«so young man!» say ounty Steph a little impatient.
It didn’t take long for the nurse to take the boy by weight and put him in the machinery despite his protests, even because he weren’t robust. The machinery was started and the boy fell a strange tingling followed by a a strong nausea.
When the bed was opened, and the the woman dressed as a nurse went to take him he trew up.
«oh blimey!» exclaimed the woman «don’t worry sometimes it happens» she reassured him whith a smile «breath slowly and you will feel better!»
When the boy began to feel better the nurse brings him to the table to put him a diaper.
When the last of the group was regressed aunty Steph talked the word:
«good my little ones!» now she could say it for sure «now I explain you how does our program work:
now you will be divided into four groups of three each and you will be given in custody to a nanny. She will take care of you completely, from feeding to change diapers. You will wear diapers 24 hours a day and you aren’t licensed to remove it for no reason. Only an adult can do it and at his discretion. If you try to remove it you will be punished. Now we will give you a bracelet» she say while two nurses passed in front of them:
One of them has a tray upon which there were some bracelets blue and pink and the other made wear to new toddler.
«it contain two microchip: one is a GPS that will allow us to know where you are only moment, don’t try to remove that. An alarm will sound and you will be punished; the other chip serves to note the data related to your healt condition, your valutation and any disciplinary measure. Are there questions?»

One of the toddler raised the hand.

«two questions: how is it decided the group? And can I go to bathroom? I have to pee»

Aunty Steph answered:

«the groups are decided by chance. Your name will be put in an envelope and extracted by a lot. Regarding the second question the potty is precluded you. Use the diaper!» the little boy blushed after aunty Steph answer.

«good! Now let’s proceed whith the extaction:

Group 1:

Nanny Alexandra


Lisa Clark

Jim Lee

Ronald Wood»

She go on like this until the last group:

Nanny Matilde


Jonathan Reyes

Patricia Austin

Samuel Castillo

The three children approach a woman with long black hear cut into a bob. She had the tanned skin, grey eyes and a very sweet smile.

«very good my little ones, today is your first day, than I leave you free to meet you better, your activities begin tomorrow. Bye bye» say aunty Steph taking leave.

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