Resolve Ch. 1


Hey all, this is an attempt at a rewrite of my old story; True Love. I’m aiming to make this one more balanced, and not have the characters completely overpower others in a specific area, i.e. finances, political power, martial arts, ect. I may continue True Love at some point, but thinking it over I’m liking this idea better.

On with the show!


Chapter 1

The final bell rang, signaling the end of the lesson and the school day. “Guess we’re done for the day class. Remember to read chapter twelve and do the questions for Monday.” The teacher said as the class packed up their supplies. She shook her head as only three students wrote down the assignment; just another end of day at Sunset High School.

As the students began filing out of the classroom, one was still putting her supplies away. She had black stranded hair that, when standing upright, fell past her knees, a purple bow tied near the bottom of it. Black marble colored eyes, she had white skin and a fair figure for a fourteen year old girl. She wore a long sleeved grey shirt with a purple sleeveless vest over it, zipped half way up, a grey headband, a pair of army green cargo pants, and black hiking boots. Her name was Kin Tsuchi.

As she finished putting her school supplies into her purple backpack, a shadow loomed over her. Looking up, she saw a girl smiling down on her. “Ready to go yet sis?”

The girl was Ami Mizuno, her sister in everything but blood and the law. She had aqua blue short hair, and blue eyes. Ami wore a white short sleeved t-shirt that was tinted blue, a sky blue dress that went down to her knees, knee high white socks, and a pair of blue sneakers. Kin smiled back, and nodded her head.

Kin remembered how they first met, three years ago. Both had only their mother, for separate reasons, and both of their mothers were successful doctors that worked at the same hospital. Despite how successful their moms were at their jobs, the higher paying ones required more experience, something they didn’t have at the time. In addition, managing with a husband also made life difficult, not just financially.

It was by chance that Kin’s mother, Heather Tsuchi, met Ami’s mother, Marian Mizuno, in the staff cafeteria. They had started chatting, learned the similarities they shared, and the suggestion was made that if their daughters could get along, then they could move into one house, thus making the money strain more manageable. The two had set up play dates, so to speak, for their girls for the next two months before they picked out a house to share.

What a two months they had been. Both Kin and Ami were shy socially, but were quite different otherwise. Ami was considered a genius with an IQ rumored to be near three hundred, and constantly studied and encouraged others to do the same. Her dream was to become a doctor like her mother, and was considered well on her way to becoming one. The few people she associated with would tell anyone who asked how kind hearted but firm Ami could be, but because she never initiated any social conversation, she was generally ignored.

Kin was different, in that while she didn’t socialize much, she was selective with the few she did. She was a tomboy, an accomplished martial artist, and when she developed a passion for something, there was little to be done to stop her. Unlike her mother, Kin aspired to become a successful musician, playing primarily guitar but was also skilled on a keyboard.

When the two had met, they had been like oil and water. Ami always studying, Kin practicing music, the two had only really clicked when Ami had fallen ill. With their mothers always working, Kin had to take care of Ami, which meant forcing her to stop studying, drink more liquids, and get her to rest. Not being strong enough to resist, and having little else to do, Ami and Kin conversed about their lives, likes and interests, goals and dreams, and had ultimately become friends. Shortly after moving into the same house, that friendship grew into a sisterhood relationship.

“Earth to Tsuchi, you there girl?” Ami asked, waving a hand in front of Kin’s face.

Kin blinked, then batted away Ami’s hand as she stood up. “Yeah I’m here, I was just thinking, that’s all.”


“Very funny.”

“I try my best.” Ami said. “You got everything, or do we need to stop at your locker on the way out?”

“I need my math book.” Kin said as she pulled her backpack onto her shoulder.

“Alright then, lets go.” Ami said, walking to the door. She paused in the doorway, then turned to Kin. “We should take the long way. It looks like Trish’s crew is going at Amara’s group again.”

Kin nodded her head in agreement. “I still don’t see why Trish goes after Amara and her crew. I mean, besides the obvious, she’s only got a fifty-fifty shot of success. You’d think she’d bully people who couldn’t fight back, like the geek and nerd groups.”

Ami coughed into her hand. Being as smart as she was, Ami was often considered a geek, nerd, and a bookworm. Kin shot her an apologetic look, to which Ami nodded her head in acceptance.

“It’s more about principle then anything else. Amara represents everything Trish hates.” Ami explained. “Amara is a lesbian, she’s incontinent and enjoys regression, and she always stands up to her when she tries to bully other people.”

“I doubt she’d do half the things she does if her father wasn’t the mayor.” Kin grumbled. “How the hell did he get re-elected anyways?”

“Last minute contributions for votes.” Ami answered. “Still, he’ll only be in power until Trish graduates High School, so once she’s in college and the real world she’ll be on her own, and in for a rude awaking as well I’d wager.”

“Agreed.” Kin said as they reached her locker. She quickly unlocked the combination lock, swapped out the books she didn’t need for the ones she did, then closed the locker, spinning the dial after.

“All set?” Ami asked.

“Yup, lets head for home.” Kin said. “Unless you need to stop somewhere first.”

“Nope, lets get home.” Ami said.

As the pair walked towards the exit, a loud slam was heard from around the corner. Someone had slammed into the lockers, hard if the volume was any indication. Both girls winced at the sound, but kept walking, noticing the small crowd that surrounded the fight.

“I actually feel a little sorry for Trish.” Kin said suddenly.

“Why’s that?” Ami asked, curious.

“Sure she can defend herself physically, but she’s setting herself up for a lot of emotional damage.” Kin said. “The whole thing with her father, and the fact that most of the boys she’s dated were just using her for her position of power. Remember King?”

Ami winced. “I’d rather not.”

Kin shot her an apologetic look. King and his twin sister Queen had been a nasty pair of siblings. Always picking on younger kids, manipulating others to do their bidding or whatever amused them, they were rotten. They had tormented Ami before Kin had befriended her, and Kin had retaliated badly enough to get them to lay off her.

The siblings also had a secret; their father was a drug distributioner, and as long as they ran drugs for him, they got some for themselves. They had been very careful in hiding that secret, and succeeded save for one person.

Trish had started dating King after realizing how much she had in common with him and his sister, but near the end of the school year had discovered she’d been used by the pair herself. Revealing their drug running and usage, charges were brought against the pair, and they were both in juvenile facilities. They weren’t expected to get out for another two years.

“Well, what I meant was that I feel sorry for her because once Daddy can’t support her, she’ll have to face reality. Her expectations for people to provide for her will be too high by that point, and most anyone who would accept her and love her for who she is wouldn’t meet up to her standards.” Kin explained.

Ami nodded her head in agreement after a minute. “That’s very insightful. You’ve been studying psychology, right?”

“Yeah, if I don’t make it as a musician I think I’d like to be a psychologist.” Kin replied.

“That’s gonna involve a lot of studying. You sure you’re up to it?” Ami asked teasingly.

“We’ll find out together.” Kin said with a smirk. The pair were now at a bus stop a block away from the school. After waiting a few minutes, a bus pulled up, and the pair entered.


Fifteen minutes later, Ami and Kin exited the bus. Their house was bigger then a middle class family’s, due to their mother’s income, but not big enough to be called a mansion. It had a large lawn, a small garden, but mostly bushes surrounding the house.

It only took a minute to get from where the bus let them off to reach the front door. Ami sorted through her backpack’s pockets, finally finding the house keys. Unlocking the door, she pushed it open and turned to Kin.

“After yo-KIN!”

Kin jumped at Ami’s exclamation. Giving Ami a bewildered look, Ami motioned towards Kin’s pants. Looking down, she saw a dark stain growing from her crotch. Cursing under her breath, Kin leaped into the bushes just as urine began leaking out of her pants. She waited two minutes before coming out, her pants noticeably stained.

“Are you feeling okay sis?” Ami asked.

“Yeah, fine. I don’t know what happened, I didn’t even feel the urge.” Kin said.

“But you did earlier, right?” Ami questioned.

“Yup, twice today.” Kin confirmed. Both girls bit their lips as they came to the same conclusion.

“Go take a shower.” Ami finally said. “I’ll take care of your clothes and meet up in your room.”

“Thanks sis.” Kin said, entering the house. Ami quickly followed.

To the left of the front door was the living room, containing a large tv set, a couch, chair, and a coffee table. To the immediate right of the front door was the dinning room, a dinner table that comfortably seated eight with an over head light. Beyond that was the open door kitchen, and on the other side was a set of stair cases.

Walking up the stairs, the girls entered the second floor hallway. A work room was at the end of the hallway. On the right side were two doors, the first being to Ami’s room, the second to Kin’s. On the left side was three rooms, one for each mother, and one for a separate bathroom.

The pair entered Ami’s room. The walls were ocean blue in color, consisted of a bed, two dressers, a closet, a window with curtains, a small trash bin, and a door leading to the shared bathroom. Kin quickly entered the bathroom, which contained a toilet, trash bin, counter top with sink, mirror, and drawers, a small closet for towels and bathing supplies, and a large tub that doubled as a shower.

After stripping down, Kin opened the closet and pulled out a few towels as Ami gathered her clothes from the floor. Nodding to her, Kin turned on the water and activated the mechanism for the shower. Adjusting the water temperature, Kin remembered to turn on the overhead fan, so the mirror wouldn’t fog up, and jumped into the tub, pulling the shower curtain close behind her.

Kin grabbed a wash cloth and a bar of soap, lathered it up, and began cleaning herself off. She had an athletic build due to her martial arts training, but the clothes she wore hid her figure well. Her hair had never been cut, touched up in some places, but the length never lessened.

Thirty minutes later, Kin had finished her cleaning her body and hair, showering, and toweling off. Clad in only a towel, Kin entered her bedroom, where Ami was sitting on her bed. Kin’s room was like a mirror image of Ami’s, except instead of blue walls, Kin’s was purple with goldenrod colored musical notes splashed across the walls.

Kin noted that Ami had changed her clothes during the time she showered. Ami was now wearing a baby blue, short sleeved t-shirt that didn’t reach her belly button, a pair of short white socks, and a white, single taped diaper around her waist. On the bed next to her was a changing mat, a bottle of baby powder, a purple t-shirt and socks, and a still folded white diaper with a small picture strip of musical notes.

Ami had a blue lollipop in her mouth when Kin entered. Pulling it out, she greeted Kin. “Enjoy your shower?” She asked.

“Yup.” Kin simply said, as she removed her towel. "You been having any trouble staying dry lately?

“I’ve had a few accidents recently.” Ami admitted as Kin sat down on the changing pad. Helping her lay back, she said, “But the earliest was near dinner time. And of course, when ever I sleep.”

“Of course.” Kin said as she pulled her legs to her chest. Ami grabbed the bottle of baby powder, and began powdering Kin’s bottom. As Kin was being powdered, she remembered how diapers became apart of her life.

Kin had been in diapers many times in her life. When she was supposed to start potty training she had at first resisted. Back then her father had still been around…still been sane…

Her father had been promoted to the head of special ops and interrogation division of the military. Their country had been at war, though it was winding down by the time he was dispatched to the field. Before he left he had said when he got home, if Kin was able to stay in big girl panties, that he would buy her a new toy and a dish of her favorite ice cream.

That had been all the motivation she needed, and Kin was fully potty trained a few short months later. But her father didn’t return for two years, and when he did…his job required him to get into the minds of prisoners, so as to get information, but one of them got into his, twisting it beyond recognition. Upon returning home, well, a six year old child he got his hands on was never the same again, and he was committed to an asylum.

The impact of his actions had dramatized Kin, causing her to start wetting the bed, and even have a few mild daytime accidents. After putting Kin back in diapers for bedtime, Heather had taken Kin to a psychiatrist, and with a year of therapy, had managed to help stop Kin’s accidents and resolve a number of her issues.

Skipping ahead a few years, Kin had admitted her bedwetting to Ami while the two were still bonding. To her surprise, Ami admitted to having wet the bed quite a bit herself, due to the fact that her father had left her and her mother to pursue a career in politics, and had actually succeeded in becoming a governor. Ami also confessed to having a rare night accident every once and a while to this day.

Remembering that fact, one night when Ami had been ill, Kin had snuck down to where the medical supplies were kept, grabbed a package of diapers, and brought them up to Ami’s room. She reasoned with Ami that because she was ill she needed her rest, and that she was more likely to have an accident because she was weaker then she normally was.

Ami had blushed, as she couldn’t fault the logic, but agreed to wear one only if Kin did the same. Kin was about to refuse, when she realized this was another way, admittedly a weird one, that she could bond with Ami, as they had still been shaky as far as being friends went. So Kin agreed, diapered herself up, and then did the same with Ami. Shortly after, Ami fell asleep and, to Kin’s later satisfaction, wet her diaper.

Kin had gone to her room shortly after making certain Ami was asleep. She had been about to take the diaper off when she remembered a paper that was due that Monday. With only the rest of the weekend to go, Kin had decided to leave the diaper on and focus on her paper.

A few hours later, Kin had managed to compile enough sources for her paper when she felt her bladder warn her of an eminent release. Kin stood to go to the bathroom and relieve herself, when the crinkly plastic cover of her diaper reminded her of what she was wearing. After deliberating for a minute, Kin figured there’d be no harm in it, sat back down, and wet her diaper.

Reflecting on her earlier thoughts, Kin had immediately liked being diapered after she taped on her first one in years. Plastic cover that crinkled with every move, and soft padded inside that covered and cushioned her most sensitive parts. When she wet herself, the diaper absorbed all the pee, and warmed her lowered parts for some time.

While she didn’t get a sexual charge from either the diaper or relieving herself in it, Kin did like both sensations. Shortly after, Ami had woken up, her diaper wet, and Kin changed her into a new one. Ami had meekly protested, but stopped when Kin changed into a clean diaper too.

Kin had finished her project on time, wearing and using diapers the entire weekend. Both Heather and Emma had had rough work hours; left before either of their daughters awoke, and got home close to nine PM. This had allowed both Kin and Ami to stay diapered the entire weekend without their mother’s knowing.

The following weekend, Kin still had the package of diapers in her room, hidden under a floor board under her bed. Reasoning she couldn’t return it without being questioned, she decided she’d keep them, and promptly diapered herself. Just after finishing applying the last tape, Ami walked in on her. Kin had feared the worst, but Ami merely grabbed a diaper from the package, hiked up her night gown, slid her panties off, and taped the diaper on herself.

After that, Ami and Kin had talked, and both admitted to liking diapers at that point. The pair went through the package while checking the internet for people who were like them. They had scoured the web pages for all the information they could get, and learned that they were what was known as diaper lovers, or DL for short.

The pair learned that a store nearby sold diapers their size, and once through with the batch they had, went to the store one day after school. As it turned out, the store was designed for Adult Babies, or Abs for short. Yes there were diapers, but there was also tones of infant and toddler style clothes made in sizes that adults could fit in, cribs and changing tables that an adult could lay on comfortably, and equipments such as bottles, changing pads, diaper bags, and even a booger picker!

The sight of such things intrigued the girls. A female staff member had noticed the girls, and offered her help. Both girls had asked questions about the oversized baby things, and the lady explained as best she could about the lifestyle. She told them how most often it was chosen as a way to find comfort in happier times of their lives. Be it because you were lonely, because you missed a family member, or because you needed a release from the stresses of real life, people could find comfort in living, even part time, with a regressed lifestyle.

The thought both confused and intrigued Ami and Kin. The staff lady, seeing this, offered the girls a package deal; each would get a bag of diapers, wipes, powder, two baby bottles, two pacifiers, and one onesie. Curiosity getting the better of them, the girls agreed and got the package.

Upon getting home, Ami and Kin quickly striped bare, powdered themselves, and taped a diaper on from their own packs. After that, they each took the onesies, and tried to pull them on, but needed each other’s help buttoning the crotch buttons the first time. Kin volunteered to fill the baby bottles, while Ami tried her pacifier out.

Upon returning, Kin began drinking from her bottle of juice, while Ami did the same with her bottle of milk. Neither girl felt anything from it, when Ami suggested they bottle feed each other, like a mother would their child. Kin thought it was silly until Ami pointed out their attire and current activity.

So Ami had crawled onto Kin’s lap, and laid down while Kin put her bottle in her mouth. It changed the whole experience. Ami had snuggled up to Kin as she drank her milk, and Kin began running her fingers through Ami’s hair while she drank. Ami had felt so at calm and at peace with herself that she forgot to hold her bladder, and wet her diaper on Kin’s lap.

Kin helped the blushing girl off her lap, when she noticed Ami was holding her stomach. Concerned, Kin had thought about what could have caused it. When she realized what it was, she smirked, and patted Ami on the back, hard. This caused Ami to let out a loud, wet burp, much to her embarrassment and Kin’s amusement.

The girls had relocated to Kin’s room for her bottle, after Ami changed into a clean diaper first. Sitting on the bed, Ami helped Kin onto her lap, and placed the bottle’s nipple into the girl’s mouth. As Kin drank, Ami returned the favor from earlier and ran her fingers through Kin’s hair.

Like Ami, Kin had felt so at peace with herself that she wet herself. She ended up taking it one step further, however, and actually fell asleep before finishing her bottle! This amused Ami, but she didn’t have the heart to wake the girl, so she swapped out the bottle for Kin’s pacifier, and tucked the girl away into bed.

A few hours later, Ami woke Kin up, as it would probably be only another hour before their parents would get home. By that time, Kin’s diaper had grown cold and clammy, and her stomach hurt from not being burped. As Kin sat up, the gas bubble in her stomach made it’s move, and a loud fart erupted from her bum. Kin had been embarrassed at first, but then stunned as she ended up filling her diaper! The mess had followed the gasses opening.

Ami helped Kin strip down and clean herself in the shower, and then dispose of the diaper. Hiding their supplies under the floorboards under their beds, the girls each got dressed in their big girl clothes, and went downstairs to eat dinner, and later greet their parents.

Since that day, both girls had accepted that not only were they diaper lovers, but they were teen babies as well. Once a month they would return, generally on a weekend, to buy diapers and changing supplies from the store. The girls had even gotten replacement pacifiers and bottles, and new baby clothes; Kin a new onesie, a footed sleeper, and a pair of booties and gloves, while Ami had a baby dress and another onesie as well.

To Kin, diapers weren’t just a garment to go potty in. To her, they were a release of stress and responsibility, a portal to times happier, when her family was complete and happy. They reflected times where she was cared for, physically so, by her mother, times that were virtually non-existent for the past few years. Sure, Ami helped with that feeling, having the same feelings herself, but both agreed that despite the other’s efforts, it just wasn’t the same as the touch and affection their mothers had given them.

Kin felt a tap on her shoulder, and realized that Ami was done diapering her. So lost in thought, she hadn’t even felt Ami move her legs so she could get the diaper in position and tape it up. Mentally shrugging, Kin sat up as Ami rolled up the t-shirt up.

Ami pulled the shirt down over Kin’s head, helping sort the girl’s arms through the sleeve, and tugged the rim down, just covering Kin’s belly button. Helping Kin lay back, Ami grabbed Kin’s socks, lifted Kin’s legs one at a time, and slid the socks onto her feet. Once done, Ami held out her hand, which Kin took, and helped the girl to her feet.

“Thanks sis.” Kin said as she began putting away the changing supplies.

“Not a problem, you do it for me all the time after all.” Ami said before placing the lollipop back in her mouth.

“How long until my clothes are clean?” Kin asked, lowering the floorboard that hid her supplies.

“Should be ready for the dryer any time now.” Ami said after removing the pop from her mouth. “Kin, maybe you should bring a diaper to school from now on, and change before you leave.”

“What!?” Kin exclaimed, turning to face Ami.

“We’re both having accidents.” Ami said, as she rationalized the situation. “Thankfully, it’s only happened after school and late at night. We both have two choices; either retrain ourselves, or be prepared to wear in public so as to keep our lack of control a secret from others, especially our moms.”

Kin bit her lip, she knew what she wanted, but she wasn’t sure she was prepared for the consequences. Sure, she wanted to wear diapers full time, but what would her mother think? What about the other students at school? She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret forever if she started wearing full time.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, and saw Ami smiling supportively at her. “I’ll do it too. After all, it’s only a matter of time before I start having accidents earlier on.” She said.

Kin smiled. “Thanks sis.” Kin knew there were still a bunch of issues to deal with, but with Ami by her side, she was confident she could handle it so long as she took things one step at a time.


Both girls jumped at the unexpected noise. “Girl! I’m home!” Ami and Kin shot each other panicked looks; Ami’s mom was home early! Kin hopped over her bed as Ami ran through the bathroom to her room. Picking up a pair of sweat pants she usually wore around the house, Kin pulled them up her legs, over her diaper, and tied the strings into a tight knot so it wouldn’t fall.

Hearing a door open down the hall, Kin walked through the bathroom to Ami’s room. Ami had thrown on the dress she wore to school earlier, but Kin was willing to bet it was the only thing concealing her diaper from view. Standing in the doorway was Marian, Ami’s mother.

Like Ami, Marian had aqua blue hair, but sky blue colored eyes. Her doctor’s coat over her right arm, Marian was dressed in a dark red sweater, a pair of blue jeans, and white sneakers. She smiled at the pair.

“Surprised to see me?” Marian asked.

“Before nine o’clock, yeah.” Kin said.

“Everything alright mom?” Ami asked.

“Better then ever.” Marian answered. “Heather and I have better hours now, so one of us will be home when you girls get ready for school, and the other will be here when you get home. Isn’t that great? We’ll finally be able to spend more time together!”

Both Ami and Kin had smiles on their faces. They had wanted to spend more time with their parents for so long; the only time they had were on weekends, and that was when their parents weren’t sleeping or being called in for an emergency. But then a thought struck them: How were they going to hide their diapered state from their parents?

“That’s great!” Kin said. Ami nodded her head in agreement.

“I know.” Marian said. “Say, are you girls busy tonight?”

“Why?” Ami asked before Kin could say anything.

“I was thinking maybe we could go out to dinner tonight, the three of us. What do you say?”

“Where to?” Kin asked. Ami shot her a look, which was thankfully unnoticed by Marian.

“Well, since there’s a good chance Heather will order you three pizza tomorrow night, I was thinking we could go to Marino’s for dinner.” Marian said. “I seem to recall you girls like Filay, am I right?”

Kin licked her lips, she loved Filay Minion. Looking at Ami, she saw a brief look of panic cross her face. Concerned, she turned to Marian. “I’ve got homework I really need to finish. Can you give me an hour?” She asked.

“Is an hour okay with you sweetie?” Marian asked, looking at Ami. Ami gave a small smile, and nodded her head. “Okay then, an hour it is. I need to shower anyways.”

With that, Marian left the room. Kin waited until she heard a door close down the hallway before walking to the room’s door, and gently closing it. Turning to Ami, she asked, “What happened?”

“I had an accident.” Ami said, lifting her dress to show her wet diaper. “I just froze.”

Kin sat down next to Ami, and wrapped her arms around the girl. “We’ve managed to get around our own Mom’s diapered before Ami, especially during the weekends when they’re home in the afternoon. We’ve managed before, we can do it now. We’ll just need more of those air fresheners we tape to our diapers to keep them from noticing.”

“I guess.” Ami said after a moment. “We should also try to get anything we have now out before we leave. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring a change to the restaurant.”

“This’ll be our first time out of the yard in diapers.” Kin acknowledged.

“Yeah.” Ami said softly. “I know we talk about it, but to actually be out in public? To be in diapers? I don’t know if…”

“We don’t have a choice.” Kin stated. “We’re almost guaranteed to have an accident, even if we both manage to empty our stomachs. We’ve both worn and used enough that it’s necessary now to wear this late in the afternoon.”

The pair lapsed into silence for a time. It was Ami who broke it minutes later. “Our moms are going to find out about our diapers soon, aren’t they?”

“Most likely.” Kin answered grimly. “What happens next is the big question.”

“I find my diapers comforting because it reminds me of times before Mom and Dad split up, when we were a happy family.” Ami stated softly. “Knowing Mom can spend more time with me is great, but at the same time I’m not sure I want to give up my baby time. I actually kinda like having the ability to go no matter where I am, and the diapers are comfortable when clean.”

“I know what you mean, I feel the same way.” Kin sighed. Shaking her head, she got to her feet. “I don’t know about you, but I’d like our parents to find out on our own terms.”

“Tell them ourselves?” Ami questioned as she got down on the floor and reached under her bed. “I suppose it would be better that way…should we tell them both at the same time, or one at a time?”

“One at a time for certain.” Kin answered. “We’ll tell your mom first, she’s more…subtle, then mine is. Having your mom in the know will help us explain to her.”

“Assuming she’s okay with it…” Ami said, her voice full of uncertainty as she pulled her changing supplies out from under her bed.

“I doubt our Moms will punish us if we explain why we first got into diapers and regression.” Kin stated. “Because we missed our time as family, our old fathers, and the rest of that stuff. Since they haven’t spent much time with us outside of weekends, they may believe they have some fault in it.”

“So when do we tell Mom?” Ami asked.

“Saturday would be best.” Kin said after a moment’s thought. “I know Mom tends to sleep in on weekends, so we can reveal all this to your Mom. You think starting off with coming downstairs in wet diapers would help?”

“Making her think we just have a bedwetting problem first?” Ami clarified. “It might…I honestly have no idea what to do with this one. Knowledge is my strength, applying it is something I’m not always good at, and this is one such case.”

“Hmmm.” Kin thought for a moment, before snapping her fingers. “Scratch that last plan. Let’s bring Maylu into this, she’s the most experienced with this kind of thing.”

Ami’s head shot up. “Maylu! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that, she’s helped tons of people like us out before!”

“You can talk to her tomorrow about it. We’ll try meeting at, say 10 AM, and we’ll both reveal our diapers to your Mom, and mine too if she’s up.”

“Maylu will probably insist upon it…maybe…I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

“Alright then, you finish changing while I gather our laundry. I’ll load it in with my pants for a second washing, so your Mom doesn’t won’t suspect anything. After that we’ll do some homework, and then get some Filay for dinner!” Kin explained, licking her lips at the end.

“Alright then, my clothes are in the corner.” Ami said, glad that they had a feasible plan now.

Kin patted her sister on her shoulder. “We’ll get through this sis, no worries.”

Ami smiled at her. “No worries.” She repeated.


Sailor Moon: Ami, Marian
Naruto: Kin
: Maylu
: Amara, Trish, Heather

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