Removed topics

Please do not repost removed topics. Our server owner is in the process of restoring them and reposting screws things up.


-The Administration

Re: Removed topics

Out of curiosity, what is the deal with the removed topics?

Re: Removed topics

Just to explain what happens if you repost a topic: The script that looks for which topics are missing in their entirety has to check for the ID# and the subject in the database, when you repost a topic with a similar topic in the same forum it confuses the script and sends into conflict resolution mode.

Basically what happens is the script removes references to BOTH topics until one (or both) are selected to be restored so reposting doesn’t help get the information back instead it actually hurts as it makes it take longer to get stuff restored and it needlessly uses up a topic ID# in the database that can’t [easily] be reclaimed.