“Mirjam Hellberg, you have been convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to death by burning,” the voice of the Head Inquisitor sounded around the crowded place in Uddevalla. The crowd roared in agreement.

“Burn her … she is a witch … burn her.”

The executioner’s assistant was approaching the bonfire and holding a burning torch in his hand. A young girl was tied up to a stake in the middle of the bonfire and the Head Inquisitor was holding a crucifix in front of her face.

“Admit your guilt and the Lord will save your soul from eternal damnation!” the Head Inquisitor continued.

Mirjam didn’t say anything. She wasn’t aware of any witchcraft and she hardly was able to speak at all. Her body was badly hurt after all the troture she had to undergo. Although she never talked about witchcraft, the Inquisitor twisted her words. Now she was about to be burnt at stake in front of a cheering crowd. All she was able to do was shake her head.

“You are stubborn and you will be swallowed by the deepest hell. Set off the fire!”

The executioner’s assistant put the torch to the bonfire and the flames were approaching the poor girl.

Mirjam was a religious girl and she didn’t understand why she was charged with witchcraft. She became an innocent victim of an evil plot but she couldn’t know it. She refused any charges and she started praying silently before the flames swallowed her body.

‘My Lord, help me please. I’m no witch and I always was your loyal servant. I don’t want to suffer anymore.’

To her utter surprise she heard a silent voice in her mind.

‘Mirjam, child, I know that you are an innocent victim and I will provide you a second chance to live. Even more, you get a gift from me.’
‘Thank you, my Lord. You are that generous,” Mirjam answered silently.
‘You have been charged with witchcraft and you are not a witch. You will get actual witchcraft powers in your second life but promise me not to abuse those powers.’
‘Oh no please. Won’t I be burnt at stake again?’
‘No, Mirjam. You will spend your second life in another time when witches won’t be burnt at stake. Anyway, be careful.’
‘I’m not sure, my Lord.’
‘Don’t be afraid and trust me. The witchcraft powers aren’t bad as long as you don’t abuse them.’
‘I promise, my Lord.’ a tear appeared in her eye.
‘See you in your second life, daughter.’

At that moment Mirjam passed out and she didn’t have to suffer the burning anymore. The crowd was disappointed when they didn’t hear any screams of pain. An hour later the fire went off and the remnants of Mirjam’s body were thrown into a nearby river.

Part 1:

Mirjam wasn’t able to understand where she was. There was darkness all around and she could hear a heartbeat nearby. She was squeezed into a small place and she hardly could move.

Minutes later she realized something strange; she was not breathing. How was it possible? Everyone had to breathe to stay alive. All of sudden she realized the heartbeat; it was not hers.

“How is my little girl doing?” A female voice sounded nearby but Mirjam heard it in a strange way as if it was coming from inside. She was a clever girl and put two and two together. The only option was that she was an unborn baby inside her new mother’s body. The place around her was a womb. Mirjam didn’t know about the human body but she had seen pregnant women and guessed what was going on. This was her new life and she had to start it from the very beginning.

‘My Lord, is this my new life?’ She decided to ask God first.
‘Yeah, my child. Get prepared to live in another and unknown world. You skipped 300 years and you are about to become the third child in a loving family. Don’t worry and enjoy it.’
‘What about the gift, my Lord? I’m a bit afraid.’
‘Don’t be afraid. You can read thoughts, talk without opening your mouth and you can move some items. None of this should be dangerous.’
‘Thank you, my Lord.’

Mirjam suddenly got curious about the new life. What changed in 300 years? How will her new family accept her and her new powers? She also didn’t know how much time was left until labor.

“Hey, Gudrun, do you have a name for our baby? You have been thinking of it for two months already,” a man’s voice sounded from outside.
“Olaf, I can’t decide and I even don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.”

All of sudden Mirjam didn’t resist the temptation and decided to try out her new powers.

‘A girl,’ she told her mom silently. ‘Mirjam.’

Gudrun was taken aback by the voice in her mind. What should it mean? She never heard voices before. Was it possible or was she getting insane? She startled but she continued instantly.

“It is a girl and I have a wonderful name for her, Mirjam.”
“Mirjam is a wonderful name but how do you know the gender? You didn’t want to know it though when you were at the ultrasonic exam.”

“I know it. Trust me.” Gudrun suddenly was sure but she didn’t know why. Although the voice was strange, she didn’t worry.

Mirjam was taken aback by the unknown words. What was an ultrasonic exam? She didn’t have the slightest idea and she was getting curious and wanted to learn more. However, who could tell her about it?

“Mommy, mommy; will I have a sister?” an excited childish voice sounded from outside and Mirjam smiled. It definitely was a little girl.
“Yeah, Kirsten; you’ll get a baby sister soon.”
“Can I listen to her, mommy?”
“Of course, my little one.”

Mirjam felt a pressure from outside and she realized that something pressed against her mom’s belly; it was Kirsten’s head probably.

Mirjam was amused by the little girl and she almost talked to her but it wasn’t a good idea. Instead, Mirjam moved her leg and pressed against the head from inside.

“Mommy, she kicked me,” Kirsten laughed.
“Babies sometimes do it, Kirsten,” Gudrun’s voice sounded amused.

Meanwhile Mirjam felt an urge to pee. She got worried; how could she pee in her present condition inside her mother’s body? However, she didn’t have any option left but to relax the muscles. Just like every unborn baby, she peed into the amniotic fluid and wasn’t aware of it.

The little girl ran away and Gudrun was alone. She started thinking of the mysterious voice. Was she getting insane? She lied down on the couch and collected her courage. She wanted to ask the mysterious voice but Mirjam was quicker.

‘Mommy, you are not getting insane,’ the voice sounded in her mind.
‘How do you know about it? Who are you?’ Gudrun asked the voice silently.
‘Who? I am Mirjam, your daughter.’
‘What does it mean? How can we talk?’
‘I prayed to our Lord and He was generous and provided me with this gift. Sorry but I read your worries about getting insane.’

Gudrun was a religious woman and she was willing to believe in miracles; however she never experienced an actual miracle.

'Is it a miracle?’
‘I don’t know, mom.’

‘Mirjam, you sound like an adult,’ Gudrun suddenly realized that the baby inside her had an adult mind. How should an unborn baby know about God and miracles?

‘Mom, it is a bit complicated; could you accept me like a smart baby and not ask about my past?’
‘Past? Did you reincarnate?’
‘Yeah but don’t ask me more please.’
‘Okay, you will be my beloved baby.’
‘Thanks, mom. When will I be born?’
‘In two weeks I think.’
‘I can’t wait to see you, mom.’
‘I’m looking forward to seeing you as well, my little one.’

Gudrun relaxed and her eyes closed. In her dreams she saw little Mirjam talking with her and a smile appeared on her lips.

While she was napping, the little Kirsten sneaked to her and put her head on her belly:

“Sis, do you hear me?” Kirsten whispered so Gudrun couldn’t hear her.
‘Yeah, I do.’
‘How can I hear you? Is it magic?’ Kirsten talked silently in her mind. She didn’t whisper anymore.
‘Yeah, it is magic,’ Mirjam replied. She realized that Kirsten was a little girl and she believed in fairy tales. Magic would be an acceptable explanation.
‘Will we talk more when you are born? It will be a fairy tale.’
‘I will talk with you as much as you want. I’m your sister though.’
‘Will we play?’
‘Wait. I can’t play with you too much while I am a little baby. When I grow up, we can play together.’
‘I love you sis.’
‘I love you too,’ Mirjam was emotional; her new life seemed to be much better than the previous one; however she was worried about the changes in her new world.

Kirsten’s eyes closed and she dozed off with her head sitting on Gudrun’s belly. Mirjam also was tired and she fell asleep.


An interesting, slow-burn start to a wonderful concept. I look forward to more!

Part 2:

Mirjam was lying in her crib and she tried to sort out the last events. The labor itself was a shock for her when the womb muscles pushed her out of Gudrun’s body. It was almost like the torture she had experienced before burning. The next shock was the surroundings. She was blended at the first moment but when her eyes accomodated, she was able to see the room and equipment.

Mirjam watched several labors and she even assisted them but all the labors took place at home. Now she was in the hospital and the equipment was unknown to her as well as the staff and their clothing. However, her mood improved when strong hands lifted her and put her onto Gudrun’s chest. She felt the smell of her mother and her mouth got close to Gudrun’s cheek. Mirjam kissed her mother instinctively. This act of love was natural but unexpected from a newborn and the nurse stared at Mirjam in utter amazement.

“You have a smart daughter. What’s her name?” the nurse asked Gudrun.
“She is Mirjam, my little Mirjam,” Gudrun cuddled Mirjam but she warned her silently.
‘The kiss wasn’t a good idea. You love me and I love you but newborns can’t kiss.’

‘Okay, mom. I’ll try to fix it,’ Mirjam sucked on Gudrun’s cheek and the nurse laughed and forgot about the kiss.

“Hey, little girl, you don’t suck on the right place,” she joked, “wait now.” She lifted Mirjam and carried her to the scales to weigh her. To her surprise Mirjam didn’t cry. Although Mirjam didn’t recognize the digital scales, she understood what was going on. She saw the merchants’ scales and got the message even if she didn’t know why it was necessary to weigh her.

The diaper and clothing was another surprise. It was comfortable and warm and she suddenly felt tired and her eyes closed. The nurse took her and carried her to the hospital room; Gudrun was transported to the same room about an hour later when the labor was over.

Mirjam opened her eyes and looked around. She spotted her mother in the nearby bed. The room still was unusual but there was no equipment anymore there. Her crib was soft and comfortable but she felt hunger. A baby would cry but she asked Gudrun:

‘Mommy, I’m hungry.’

Gudrun turned to her and smiled: “Mommy gives you milk,” she was weak but she was able to lift Mirjam from the crib and put her to her breast. Mirjam was taken aback but she recalled her memories and grabbed the nipple with her toothless mouth. The reflex worked and she started sucking and put her tiny hands onto the breast.

The first attempts failed but Mirjam was patient and she finally felt the warm milk in her mouth. To her utter surprise it was delicious. Gudrun kept cuddling her daughter.

‘Mommy, it is delicious. I never imagined this taste.’
‘Hey, don’t speak while eating.’ Gudrun still was a strict mother but her words had an unexpected consequence.

Mirjam was amused, she let go of the nipple and laughed.

‘Sorry mommy but you are right.’ Mirjam grabbed the nipple and continued sucking.

After the breastfeeding and burping, Gudrun put Mirjam back into the crib. Mirjam suddenly felt the urge to pee. She tried to hold it but she couldn’t do anything but pee in the diaper. However, she didn’t feel the wetness at all. It was another new experience. Was the diaper magical?

Ten minutes later her bowels started moving and she pooped for the first time in her new life and the diaper got filled by the mushy poop. It was unpleasant and Mirjam asked Gudrun again.

‘Mommy, I need a clean diaper.’
“I noticed your effort to push and I’m smelling it already,” Gudrun replied aloud, “Let’s clean you but mommy is weak. I’ll call the nurse.”

As the nurse arrived, Mirjam decided to play a spectacle; she should behave like any other baby. She cried until the nurse lifted her and cuddled her.

“Shh, my little one. You will get a clean diaper.”

The nurse was as nice as her mom and Mirjam stopped crying almost instantly. It was quite different in comparison to her former life. People seemed to be nicer. When the nurse cleaned and rediapered her, Mirjam smiled at her but she was careful not to speak.

She got a reward instantly; the nurse stroked her head and kissed her forehead. All of sudden Mirjam realized that the baby’s life was quite pleasant.

Three days later Gudrun and Mirjam were released from the hospital and Mirjam could see Olaf when he arrived. She smiled at him but she didn’t speak again. He took her in his arms and carried out of the hospital. It also was unusual that a father took care of his child.

Mirjam again stared wide-eyed at the street and cars. She didn’t notice any single horse or carriage and she was quite confused. The world really changed but the change was too much for her. Anyway, she realized that she had enough time ahead to learn everything just like any other child.

Her new home looked beautiful. Mirjam never was in a mansion but she often heard about mansions and their equipment; this house and its equipment looked like a mansion indeed. Everything was clean and luxurious. Olaf put Mirjam into a soft and comfortable crib and she smiled at him again.

“Welcome home, Mirjam,” Olaf turned to the little girl and Mirjam got emotional again. It really was a wonderful home with wonderful people. She had to be extremely careful not to use her powers and talk to Olaf. The smile was enough, after all. Olaf smiled back and stroked her forehead gently.

“Mirjam!” an excited child voice could be heard and a small blonde girl ran over to the crib. She was too small to reach the crib and hugged Olaf:

“Daddy, can I see my sis, please?”
“Of course, sweetheart,” Olaf lifted Kirsten in his arms and Mirjam spotted her sister for the first time.
“She is pretty,” Kirsten stretched her arm and stroked Mirjam.
“Be careful, Kirsten; she is a small baby; don’t hurt her.”
“No daddy, I wanted to touch her only.”

Suddenly Mirjam realized that she was the third child. One of them was missing. Where were they? Mirjam hoped to get an answer soon.

Olaf put Kirsten on the floor again and Gudrun entered the room and walked over to the crib: “My little one, let’s check your diaper now.” She unbuttoned the onesie and started opening the diaper.

“Well, you are soaked, sweetheart,” Gudrun pulled the wet diaper from beneath Mirjam and started cleaning her diaper area with wet wipes. It was quite pleasant and Mirjam closed her eyes. She felt when Gudrun was rubbing her crotch and putting on a new clean diaper; however she didn’t feel the difference.

“Kirsten, wait. Do you need a change?” Gudrun turned to her older daughter. Mirjam was surprised. Was Kirsten wearing diapers? She was too old though; at least Mirjam didn’t remember older children wearing diapers. Mirjam read Kirsten’s mind and realized that the little girl had peed herself moments ago.

“No, mom,” Kirsten lied and wanted to run away when Gudrun stopped her. Gudrun knew about Kirsten’s habits and she checked her quickly.

“Kirsten, you are soaked again. Why didn’t you tell me when you had to go?” Gudrun sighed only and took Kirsten at hand. They left the room but Mirjam was confused. She didn’t have any option left but use her diaper but Kirsten could have asked her mom. Did the world change that much?

Mirjam kept thinking of her former life and she tried to compare it to the new one. She still was curious about the third child and about Kirsten’s diapers. She got tired and her eyes closed.

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Part 3:

MIrjam woke up about an hour later when she was hungry again.

‘Mommy, I’m hungry,’ she addressed Gudrun in her mind and Gudrun appeared in the room and smiled at Mirjam:

“Mommy gives you milk,” she lifted Mirjam from the crib, sat down on the bed and put the little girl to her full breast. Mirjam grabbed the nipple instantly and started sucking.

While she was sucking, an older girl entered the room. She was about 10 or 12 according to Mirjam’s guess.

“Welcome home, little sis,” she walked over and stroked Mirjam’s head. “Mommy, can I hold her for awhile?”
“Wait, Astrid. I will feed and burp her. If you want to, you can change her. By the way, what’s new at school?”
“Nothing special mom. I got a B in math.”
“Try to improve and get an A next time.”
“Okay, mom,” Astrid sighed and Mirjam could read her thoughts.
‘Is a B that bad? Why didn’t mom show her grades?’

Mirjam was surprised again. She didn’t know about the meanings of A and B but she realized that A was better then B. There were no grades at the time when she had attended school and she had finished school before she turned 12. That was another change of the world she knew and one more change she had to accept.

Gudrun finished feeding Mirjam and she burped her. MIrjam already learned how to suck without swallowing too much air and she realized she didn’t need burping at all.

‘Mommy, I’m OK, no burping is needed anymore.’

Mirjam felt the urge to pee and she relaxed her muscles. During the first week in her new life she got used to the diaper and didn’t care to hold her pee or poop.

Gudrun nodded only and carried Mirjam to the changing table.

“Astrid, it’s your turn,” she called her oldest daughter and left the room.

Astrid walked over to the changing table and smiled at her sister.

“That’s fine; there are three of us girls now,” Astrid leaned down and kissed Mirjam’s cheek.
“Let’s have a look at what you did in your diapee,” Astrid unbuttoned the onesie and revealed a wet diaper.
“A lot of pee pee. Don’t worry; your sister takes good care of you.” She took the wet wipes and started cleaning Mirjam’s diaper area.
“Why is mommy that demanding? A B in math is a good grade, isn’t it? Oh, I’m talking to you as if you could understand me, silly me.”

Mirjam winked at Astrid and shocked the girl.
“Hey, do you understand me? How is it possible? You were born a week ago though.”
Astrid was taken aback by Mirjam’s behavior first but curiosity took over seconds later.
“Okay, I was a bit shocked but why shouldn’t you understand?” Astrid finished cleaning Mirjam, put a clean diaper on her and buttoned the onesie again.

Mirjam wasn’t sure if she should use her powers and talk with Astrid; however she also was curious. She decided to use non verbal means at the first moment; she shrugged.

“Right, why not,” Astrid accepted the situation and wasn’t shocked anymore. “Let’s have a cuddle time now,” she lifted Mirjam carefully and sat on the bed.

“Astrid, Astrid,” the little Kirsten ran to the bed, “we have a fairy tale sister.”
“Hey, sis, what are you talking about? Mirjam seems to be a nice and smart baby but she isn’t a fairy though.”
“Why not? She talked to me.”
“Talked? She has just arrived here and she is a newborn baby.” however Astrid realized the winking and shrug. Was Mirjam hiding a secret?
At that moment Mirjam nodded and Astrid almost dropped her.
“Hey, little one, did you read my thoughts? You are hiding a secret indeed.”

Mirjam grinned and nodded again.
“Astrid, do you believe now? She is a fairy tale sis, isn’t she?” Kirsten teased her older sister.
“Yeah, she definitely is but I’m a bit worried. She can read our thoughts.”
“She can talk to me. Ask her if she talks to you.”
“Are you serious, Kirsten?”

Mirjam couldn’t control herself and laughed. Kirsten and Astrid laughed too. At that moment Gudrun entered the room.
“Hey, what are you laughing about? Wait … is Mirjam laughing, too?”
“Yeah, mom,” Astrid replied. “Kirsten told me that Mirjam could talk and Mirjam started laughing. Does she understand us indeed?”

“Yes, she does,” Gudrun realized that it was impossible to keep Mirjam’s power secret. “However, let’s keep it a secret of our family better.”
“Mirjam, promise me to keep everything secret unless we are in private. You will be the sweet little baby for everyone.”

Mirjam nodded. After all, it wasn’t a bad idea. She was about to enjoy the baby’s life as long as possible.
“Mommy, are you really talking with her? Am I the last one who knows?” Astrid stared at her mom.
“Daddy doesn’t know yet and I’m not sure if he should know about her … powers,” Gudrun smiled but she also got worried if the children would keep that secret.

“Mommy, I don’t tell him,” Kirsten replied, “I want to have a secret with my fairytale sis.”
“Okay, sweetheart,” Gudrun cuddled Kirsten and stroked her hair.
“Hey sis, would you talk with me too?” Astrid turned to Mirjam.
‘Yeah sis. Why not? You can talk to me silently in your mind so nobody hears us.’
‘Really? Do you understand me? However you are very smart for a baby. Your mind is adult.’
‘Yeah but don’t ask me about my past please.’
‘No, I won’t sis. Be my sweet little sister.’
‘I will be and I love you sis. Can you lift me closer to your face?’

Astrid lifted her little sister and Mirjam kissed her cheek. Astrid stroked her head and kissed her back. Mirjam got emotional again and smiled happily. She really was in a wonderful family.

For now, she got curious and wanted to learn as much as possible about the new world she was put into. Her new family could help her a lot. Both older girls were nice and she loved them already just like she loved her new mother.

“Astrid, go learn now,” Gudrun turned to her oldest daughter, “I will check your knowledge after dinner.”
“Okay, mommy,” Astrid sighed and passed Mirjam to Gudrun.
‘Why the hell do I have to learn that much?’ Mirjam read her thoughts.

Gudrun cuddled Mirjam and Kirsten ran away. Mirjam focused on her and was amused. Kirsten ran towards her room and sat down next to her dollhouse. She took her dolls and started playing. Her bladder was full but she didn’t mind it and relaxed her muscles.

Meanwhile Gudrun put Mirjam back into the crib and headed away: “Wait, my little girl. Mommy has to cook now. You will get your dinner then.”

‘Okay, mommy. I will wait,’ Mirjam replied and relaxed on her bed. She focused on Kirsten and literally connected to her. She could see the dolls and hear Kirsten talking to them. It was fun.

When she got bored, she switched to Astrid and was amused again. Astrid was unhappy when she tried to do her homework. Mirjam didn’t understand what was going on but she recognized Astrid’s bad mood.

Meanwhile the milk had passed her guts and her bowels started moving. Mirjam pushed involuntarily and a load of mushy poop filled the back of her diaper. Her bladder also voided itself. The messy diaper wasn’t very pleasant but Mirjam ignored it and waited patiently and kept watching both sisters.

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Part 4:

Mirjam opened her eyes when the sun peeked into the bedroom that she shared with Kirsten. Astrid had her own room already.

Several weeks had passed and Mirjam had learned a lot about the new world. When Gudrun took her for a stroll, she was astonished by the surroundings. Mirjam never saw streets, cars and new buildings. The stroller had windows made of transparent plast and she could look outside even while laying. She was startled by the loud sounds first but she realized that the sounds were harmless.

The people seemed to be nice and they smiled at her. She almost didn’t cry and they praised her often.

“Gudrun, you have a wonderful daughter and she is that calm. I never hear her cry,” she heard over and over. Sometimes she had to play spectacle and cry a little; however she always winked at Gudrun.

Kirsten always was walking along or she was playing on the playground. Astrid was at school and they met in the evening or on weekends.

The diapers were quite comfortable. Mirjam never felt wet when she peed herself. Sometimes she thought of her former life and about the diapers in the past but, unfortunately, she didn’t remember her early childhood. In either case the diapers were soft and smooth. Pooping was a bit less pleasant; however she didn’t mind it and never asked Gudrun for a change before they arrived at home.

Mirjam was hungry and she guessed that her diaper was soaked.

‘Mommy, morning. I’m hungry.’ She called Gudrun and Gudrun appeared five minutes later. She opened the door quietly; she guessed that Kirsten could be asleep.

“Morning, my little one,” Gudrun whispered to Mirjam and lifted her in her arms and carried her to the bathroom first.

“Let’s look at your diapee. You are soaked,” she unbuttoned the onesie and untaped the wet diaper. “Mommy gives you a clean diaper and gives you milk.”

After feeding Mirjam, Gudrun carried her back to the bedroom and looked at Kirsten. The little girl was awake and stood up in the crib.

“Morning Kirsten, mommy is here,” she lifted Kirsten and put her onto the floor. The little girl ran over to Mirjam’s crib, reached through the slats and stroked Mirjam’s head.

“Morning, sis.”
‘Good morning, Kirsten.’ Mirjam replied and smiled at her older sister.
“Kirsten, come with mommy; you need a clean diaper,” Gudrun walked over to the crib and took Kirsten at hand. She returned ten minutes later and lifted Mirjam from the crib. In the kitchen she put Mirjam into a baby seat and put her onto the table so Mirjam could watch the surroundings.

Kirsten was sitting in the high chair and eating slowly; she was a bit clumsy at it. There was a baby bottle sitting on the table next to her and Kirsten drank milk from that bottle. Mirjam found it a bit unusual but she accepted it already.

Astrid arrived at the kitchen five minutes later and she started eating her breakfast quickly; she apparently was in a hurry but she didn’t forget to kiss Mirjam’s forehead and stroke her hair.

“Morning, my little sis; I have a hard day ahead today,” she smiled and hurried up to her bedroom to dress and take her school bag. Mirjam even didn’t have time to ask her about the hard day.

Meanwhile Mirjam felt the growing pressure in her guts. The milk was about to pass her body like every morning. All of sudden she felt her pee coming out without any feeling of urge or any attempt to control it. Mirjam was an adult in her former life and she definitely was potty trained. After the reincarnation she was able to feel and control the urge first but after the labor she was unable to do anything but pee in her diaper. She tried to hold her pee several times but she realized her effort was useless; she would pee in her diaper half an hour later. She relaxed her muscles as soon as she felt the urge and the potty training reflexes were fading out and the inborn unconditional reflex took over; now she peed herself without control for the first time.

Her first reaction was a shock but she calmed down quickly; after all it didn’t matter; she was wearing a diaper and the diaper was comfortable. Later, when the pressure in her guts increased, she pushed involuntarily and filled her diaper completely.

Mirjam was curious about Kirsten’s urges and reactions. It was pure curiosity at that moment. Kirsten felt a slight urge but she apparently ignored it and peed herself during the breakfast. She finished eating, grabbed the baby bottle and drank up the rest of the milk.

“Mommy, can I go play?” She turned to Gudrun.
“Yeah Kirsten but … do you have to poop?”

Kirsten shook her head; she really didn’t need it. Gudrun lifted her from the high chair and put her on the floor. The little girl ran away instantly.

“Let’s look at your diapee,” Gudrun smelled the poop and lifted Mirjam from the baby seat and carried her to the bathroom. The cleaning took a long time; Mirjam was smeared from stem to stern with baby poop.

As Gudrun cleaned and diapered Mirjam, she carried her over to the crib; Kirsten was sitting on the floor and playing with her dolls.

“Kirsti, come; we’ll go to the potty,” Gudrun turned to her but Kirsten stood up and waddled over to her mom; it was obvious what had happened.
“Hey, I wanted you to go to the potty,” Gudrun sighed. Kirsten didn’t wait, pooped in her diaper and sat down to play.

“I’ve just cleaned your baby sister and now mommy has to clean you,” she took Kirsten at hand and led her to the bathroom.
“I’ll shower you better,” Gudrun undressed the toddler and stood her into the bathtub to clean her thoroughly.

After the shower Gudrun wrapped Kirsten into a large towel and cuddled her. Kirsten hugged her mom and smiled. She loved the care and didn’t mind pooping her diapers.

As soon as the girls were clean, Gudrun prepared the stroller:

“Let’s go to the playground now,” she put Mirjam into the stroller, took Kirsten’s toys, spare diapers and baby bottles and headed towards the playground; Kirsten was walking next to her and she even helped push the stroller.

‘Kirsten, you felt the urge to pee, didn’t you?’ Mirjam surprised her sister.
‘Y … yeah. How do you know?’ the toddler was taken aback.
‘I can read your thoughts; I’ve told you.’
‘I felt the urge.’
‘You could have asked mommy but you went in your diaper instead. Don’t you mind the wet and messy diapers?’
‘No sis. You use diapers, too.’
‘I don’t have any other option,’ Mirjam answered but she wasn’t sure if she was sincere. The diapers really were comfortable. Seconds later she felt pee hitting the diaper and almost grinned.

They arrived at the playground and Kirsten ran away to the sandbox. There were several children there already and Kirsten started playing instantly. Gudrun sat down on the bench and she talked with mothers of the other children playing in the sandbox.

The talking wasn’t interesting and Mirjam focused on the children instead. She was curious about diapers. Kirsten was sitting in a wet diaper but the other children were not diapered even if several of them were wearing thick panties. Mirjam didn’t know about pullups and didn’t recognize them.

“Mommy, me pee,” a small girl stood up and ran to her mom; she took her at hand and led her away.
“Leif, do you have to pee?” A woman asked her little son. “Don’t wet your pullup.”
“No mom; I’m fine.” he replied but he started squirming. His mom noticed it and took him at hand and led him to the nearby toilet.

“Mommy, mommy, I’m thirsty,” Kirsten stood up and headed to Gudrun. Gudrun passed her the baby bottle and the little girl started sucking at the nipple.
‘Mommy, I’m thirsty, too; can you give me the tea please?’ Mirjam announced. Gudrun nodded, lifted Mirjam from the stroller and held the small bottle at Mirjam’s mouth.

“Hey, Gudrun; how did you know that the little Mirjam was thirsty? She didn’t cry at all. Anyway, I have to admire her; she is a very good and quiet baby.” Leif’s mother asked Gudrun. She had come back already and Leif ran back to the sandbox.

“I guessed it; she hasn’t drank anything since breakfast,” Gudrun smiled at Mirjam but Mirjam realized her mistake. She asked her mom silently and it could be suspicious.

While drinking, Mirjam realized she was peeing in her diaper. Was the diaper able to hold all the pee? She felt neither wetness nor the weight of it. Meanwhile Kirsten finished the bottle and returned to the sandbox.

As soon as Gudrun put Mirjam back into the stroller, the baby girl yawned and her eyes closed.


Part 5:

Gudrun was walking back home and Kirsten was pushing the stroller. Kirsten had to pee again and her diaper was full and heavy already. She knew she would leak if she peed in the diaper again and tried to hold her pee. The little girl would be able to potty train but she preferred using diapers.

Mirjam was asleep but she awakened when they got home. Her diaper was almost soaked and she instantly focused on Kirsten and got amused by her findings. Kirsten wanted to stay in diapers but she was able to control her bladder. Mirjam wasn’t sure about the motivation and decided to ask Kirsten later.

Kirsten did her best to clench the muscles and wait until Gudrun cleaned her and put a new clean diaper on her. As soon as she was dressed, she jumped down from the changing table and peed herself; she almost grinned but she turned away from her mother.

Gudrun sighed and lifted Mirjam from the stroller: “My little one, let’s change your diaper, too. You will be soaked.”

Mirjam was soaked indeed and she realized that she didn’t need any diaper change until they arrived at home and neither did Kirsten even if she was close to leaking.

Kirsten was playing in their bedroom and Gudrun carried Mirjam there and put her into the crib.

“Mommy will prepare lunch and you can play until then,” she turned to Kirsten and the toddler nodded. As soon as Gudrun left, Mirjam turned to her sister.

‘Kirsti, you almost leaked today.’
‘Yeah but I could play all the time. Did you see the other children when their moms disturbed them to lead them to toilets? I was sitting in my diaper and could pee whenever I had to.’
‘You knew when you had to pee and you peed in the diaper. Our mom wouldn’t be pleased if she knew.’
‘Will you tell her?’
‘No, I won’t but you should think of your behavior.’
‘Don’t be my second mom. You are a little baby though and you go in your diapers.’

Mirjam didn’t answer. She didn’t want to play the mother role though. The diapers were comfortable and she loved the care even if she was a bit worried about the lack of control. At that moment she realized her powers and an idea hit her; what if she could meddle with the bladder control? She could restore her own control but she also could take away Kirsten’s control … or even Astrid’s control. However she wasn’t sure if it was right and if she wouldn’t cross the line.

‘My Lord,’ she asked God for an advice, ‘I have got sinful thoughts and I might abuse your gift,’
‘Daughter, you needn’t worry. You won’t hurt anyone by meddling with her bladder control. The small Kirsten is naughty but she is not bad. Maybe she will learn her lesson.’
‘Sis, why didn’t you answer?’ Kirsten interjected.
‘Sorry sis. I’m a baby and I go in my diapers and you do the same. We are diaper sisters aren’t we?’
‘Yeah, and we stay like this. I wouldn’t like to get rid of them.’
‘Kirsten, our mom has got a double workload with changing our diapers. Don’t you want to help her?’
‘Astrid helps her though.’
‘What would you do if you didn’t feel the urge to pee?’
‘Why do you ask me? Nothing would change. I’d pee in my diapers just like I do it now.’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah, I’m sure. Don’t tell me you can do it.’
‘If you want it indeed, I can.’
‘Well, I want.’
‘As you wish,’ Mirjam focused on Kirsten’s mind and disabled the urge. Now Kirsten’s bladder would void as soon as it got full. At that moment Kirsten didn’t feel any urge and she also didn’t notice the change.

‘Thanks, sis.’ Kirsten smiled and returned to her dolls.

Gudrun entered the room and walked over to the crib:

“Let’s have mom’s milk,” she lifted Mirjam from the crib, sat down on a recliner and unbuttoned her shirt.
Mirjam didn’t hesitate and grabbed the nipple. She was already hungry. While sucking she felt pee soaking her diaper but she didn’t care.

As Gudrun finished feeding Mirjam, she put her back into the crib and turned to Kirsten.

“Lunch time, my little girl. Put away the dolls and come with me. Mirjam will relax meanwhile.”

They left the room and Mirjam relaxed indeed. However, she wasn’t able to fall asleep out of curiosity. She wanted to find out Kirsten’s reaction.

Kirsten was put into the high chair and she started eating. She was quite skilled and ate her lunch with a spoon. While eating, she felt her diaper getting heavy and warm but she didn’t feel the urge. A grin appeared on her face but Gudrun didn’t notice it. On the other hand, Mirjam noticed the grin and its reason instantly. She was quite curious if Kirsten wouldn’t change her opinion later.

After lunch Kirsten yawned and Gudrun lifted her from the high chair. She checked her diaper and found it soaked.

“Sweetheart, let’s change your diapee and put you to bed.”

Kirsten didn’t answer and yawned again. As Gudrun put her to bed, she dozed off and Mirjam fell asleep five minutes later.

Kirsten opened her eyes and stretched her little limbs. Her diaper was slightly wet and her bladder was full. Seconds later she felt the stream of pee and grinned. It was a new experience.

She looked at the sleeping Mirjam and felt a strong emotion to her little sister. The tiny baby was an actual fairy in her eyes.

‘You are the best sister,’ the thought appeared in her mind; however Mirjam perceived it and answered instantly despite the fact she was asleep.
‘Thank sis. I’m glad to be with you and the family.’

MIrjam woke up shortly after Kirsten and realized her wet and messy diaper and empty stomach. She called Gudrun immediately.

‘Mommy, can you feed and change me please?’

Gudrun opened the door minutes later and smiled at her children. She lifted Kirsten from the bed and put her onto the floor and moved to Mirjam.

“Mommy is here and she takes care of her baby.”

She carried Mirjam to the changing table and commenced changing and cleaning her. Kirsten followed her and watched the diaper change.

“Hi, mom, hi, Kirsten and Mirjam,” Astrid’s voice sounded from the corridor. The oldest sister just came back home from school. She removed her shoes and jacket, put away the school bag and walked over to the bathroom. Kirsten hugged her instantly and Astrid kissed her forehead. The urine stench hit her nostrils and she smiled:

“Hey, little sis, you peed yourself again. When do you potty train? Come with me,” Astrid took Kirsten at hand and led her to the bed. Kirsten didn’t resist and lay down and let Astrid clean and change her wet diaper. She didn’t answer the question and shrugged only.

Astrid sighed; she knew about Kirsten’s potty trained friends and Gudrun had told her about her own potty training. Astrid got potty trained early; she was even younger than Kirsten. It was hard to understand Kirsten’s attitude. Now she saw her toddler sister lying down with her legs spread and a slight smile on her lips. When Astrid wiped away the urine, Kirsten even closed her eyes. Did she enjoy the diaper change?

As she finished changing Kirsten, Astrid returned to the bathroom and smiled at Mirjam and stroked her head; the baby sister smiled happily and addressed her:

‘Hey, Astrid, can we talk about you and the school?’
‘What? Why do you want this? I’m glad to be at home and I have to do my damned homework.’
‘Sorry but we could talk later.’
‘Okay, if you insist.’

Astrid turned away and left for her room. However she couldn’t get rid of the strange feeling. She got curious about Mirjam’s past. When did the baby sister live her former life? However, Astrid didn’t want to hurt her youngest sibling and decided to wait.

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Part 6:

Several months had passed and Mirjam was growing up slowly. Her muscles got stronger and she could sit and crawl. Her adult mind allowed her more motoric control and she could hold her baby bottle and even hold a spoon and eat from a bowl. It was quite surprising for everyone who didn’t know about her powers.

Mirjam was aware of her ability to talk but she involuntarily revealed more powers. In the morning Gudrun was feeding Kirsten and Mirjam was eating the porridge; she still loved breastfeeding but she needed more food. While eating porridge she dropped her spoon. Gudrun noticed it and leaned down when the spoon jumped up and landed in Mirjam’s hand.

“Hey, Mirjam, how did you do it?” Gudrun was amused but she also got worried.
‘Mommy, I don’t know. I wanted to have the spoon back and it jumped up all on its own.’
“Hey, sis. You are a true witch,” Kirsten laughed; she was sitting next to Mirjam and watched the scene as well. Her bladder let loose and a long stream of pee hit her diaper.
“Mirjam, give me the spoon; the floor is dirty and I have to clean the spoon before you will eat,” Gudrun stretched her arm.

MIrjam was confused. In her former life she never thought of cleaning a dropped spoon or knife. However, the new world definitely was different. She nodded and passed the spoon to her mommy. When Gudrun returned the spoon to her, Mirjam smiled and took it and continued eating without more incidents.

As Gudrun finished feeding Kirsten, she took her from the high chair and led to the bathroom. She untaped the soggy diaper and pointed at the potty.

“Kirsti, potty time. You have to potty train. Sit down and push. You won’t leave until you do your poo.”

Kirsten sighed and sat down. She was tempted to run away but it wouldn’t be a good idea. A spanking would follow in that case.

Mirjam continued eating and she kept thinking of the diapers. They really were comfortable. The package between her legs was almost soaked and the pressure in her bowels was increasing slowly. She knew about the urge, she could sit on the potty and she could call her mom but she decided otherwise. As she finished breakfast, she pushed and filled the back of the diaper.

Meanwhile Kirsten was sitting on the potty but her thoughts were distracted from her mom’s request. She actually didn’t feel the urge and wanted to leave and go play.

‘Mirjam, could you help me please?’ Kirsten asked her sister silently.
‘What should I do?’
‘Convince mom please. She should give up and let me go play.’

The idea was quite mischievous and Mirjam hesitated but she realized her own full diaper and grinned.

“Kirsti, did you go poo?,” Gudrun returned to the bathroom.
“No mommy. I can’t.”
“Well, go play now but tell me when you have to go,” Gudrun sighed. She changed her opinion and she didn’t know why.

Kirsten stood up and jumped onto the changing table quickly. She spread her legs and waited to be diapered. Gudrun put the clean diaper on her and helped her dress up. Kirsten jumped off the table and ran to her room.

Gudrun returned to the kitchen and the smell revealed what had happened. She lifted Mirjam from the high chair and carried her to the bathroom. MIrjam lay down and spread her legs just like Kirsten had done minutes earlier. Gudrun sighed only; she suspected the two girls were cooperating but she didn’t want to ask either about it.

While Gudrun was cleaning the messy crotch, the pressure in Mirjam’s bladder increased and she peed on her mom.

‘Sorry, mom.’
“No problem, sweetheart,” Gudrun kissed Mirjam’s forehead, “it can happen to babies like you. Mommy doesn’t mind this little accident.”

Mirjam was confused; she expected a different reaction. Of course she didn’t want to pee on her mom and the lack of control wasn’t pleasant at that moment. Gudrun’s reaction calmed her down and she decided not to care about the bladder control later. Suddenly she found it fun and almost laughed.

As Gudrun changed Mirjam, she carried her to the bedroom and turned to Kirsten:
“Kirsti, do you need to go poo?”
Kirsten looked away from her dolls. She really needed to go and she hardly could find an excuse.
“Potty, mom.”
“You are about to become a big girl,” Gudrun smiled and stroked Kirsten’s hair. She took Kirsten at hand and led her to the bathroom.

Mirjam sat up and waited. She didn’t want to play with dolls and she was alone. While Kirsten was around, Mirjam pretended to be interested and played with her but she suddenly felt like a mother. Now she was thinking about another way to while. She attended school in her former life and she could read even if not too quickly. What if she asked Astrid or her mom?

“Hey girls, let’s go to the playground now,” Gudrun’s voice interrupted Mirjam’s thoughts. She wasn’t too enthusiastic; sitting in the stroller was a bit boring and her muscles were too weak so she couldn’t walk yet. Nevertheless she controlled her emotions and let Gudrun carry her to the stroller.

When they arrived at the playground, Gudrun placed the stroller near another stroller. Leif’s little brother was sitting in that stroller. He was a bit younger than Mirjam. Mirjam looked at him and he smiled. At that moment she got curious about her powers and asked him. She used baby talk instead of the silent mind language and she was curious about his reaction.

“Goo - gaa - go - go - gaa?” (Do you understand me?)
“Ba - ba - boo.” (Yeah, I do)
“Go - baa - gee - baa.” (I’m Mirjam)
“Go - baa - goo - ba” (I’m Olaf)

Gudrun and Leifs’s mother Linda kept listening and they were amused.
“Hey, are they talking together?” Linda turned to Gudrun.
“How so? They are babies though,” Gudrun shrugged but she realized what was going on. Mirjam was able to make the little Olaf understand her baby talk and she also was able to understand his baby talk.

“Anyway they seem to have fun,” Linda smiled at Mirjam and Olaf.
“Gee - gaa - gooooo,” (We do have fun) Mirjam replied but Linda didn’t understand; anyway she smiled and stroked Mirjam’s hair.

However Gudrun did understand and she had to control herself not to reply. She realized she could talk with Mirjam inconspicuously.

Mirjam was thirsty and she grabbed the small baby bottle that was inside her reach. She really was skilled and could drink the tea without problems. Anyway, the drinking made her pee almost instantly and her diaper got full and heavy. She realized she would need a diaper change and she sent that message involuntarily.

“Hey, sweetheart. let’s check your diapee,” Gudrun leaned down and checked the diaper. She lifted Mirjam from the stroller, put her on the bench and changed her daiper. Mirjam spread her legs and waited obediently.

“You have a good and obedient baby,” Linda watched the diaper change, “Leif and Olaf never are that quiet and peaceful. It looks like Mirjam likes the diaper change.”
Mirjam got amused; Linda was right. The diaper change was pleasant and she liked the tender care.

After changing Mirjam, Gudrun called Kirsten. The little girl wasn’t enthusiastic to be disturbed but she sighed only. In the last months she had leaked several times. The lack of control was a bit unpleasant but she didn’t ask Mirjam to enable her control again. Now she needed diaper changes while playing on the playground; however she preferred the diaper comfort.

Kirsten lay down on the bench and spread her legs just like Mirjam did it minutes earlier. When Gudrun changed her and she returned to the sandbox, Linda turned to Gudrun.

“I’d say both girls like their diapers. Anyway, did you consider Kirsten’s potty training already?”
“I don’t know, Linda. She pees in her diapers and she never announces it. I don’t know if I should go to a doctor with her.”
“I don’t think so. She might get scared. Maybe she wants to be babied like Mirjam.”

Gudrun nodded; that was an option. She decided to find an opportunity and try to find it out.


I love it, it’s very interesting :grin:

Part 7:

Time was passing quickly and Mirjam learned to walk. Kirsten didn’t advance in her potty training. Gudrun considered an examination but she refused that idea and decided to wait. She also didn’t have courage to ask Kirsten directly.

Mirjam read Gudrun’s thoughts and got amused. She was quite sure that Kirsten liked her diapers and enjoyed every change even if it disturbed her sometimes.

Astrid loved Mirjam and she used to talk with her. She considered Mirjam her older sister even if she had to change her diapers and help her at eating and dressing. However, Astrid avoided talking about school and Mirjam wasn’t able to understand why. Mirjam could read sadness but she didn’t understand why.

One day Astrid arrived at home when Mirjam woke up from her afternoon nap. Astrid lifted her from the crib and hugged tightly. Mirjam could read sadness in her mind.

While her older sister was cleaning her wet crotch, Mirjam read the name Hannah in Astrid’s mind.

‘Astrid, who is Hannah?’
‘Don’t ask me please. I wouldn’t like to talk about her.’
‘What is going on?’
‘She moved into our town two weeks ago and now she is bullying us. Several girls joined her.’
‘Why don’t you tell mom about Hannah?’
‘It wouldn’t help, sis. What can you know about all the evil among people?’
‘Unfortunately, I can. You don’t know anything about my past but I experienced much more than mockery.’

Astrid was taken aback. What could Mirjam have experienced in the past?

‘Well, I’ll help you, Astrid. Take me outside, lead me to them and Hannah will stop her bullying.’
‘How can you do it?’
‘This is my secret.’

Astrid was confused but she somehow trusted Mirjam and convinced Gudrun to let her take Mirjam for a walk. Kirsten also wanted to join them but Astrid hardly would be able to take care of two children.

While Astrid was strolling her to the playground, Mirjam again turned to God to ask him for approval.

‘My Lord, can I help my sister?’
‘I know what you want and it is fair. You don’t hurt Hannah though.’

They approached the playground and the rebel group noticed them.

“Hey, let’s look at the holy churchgoer with her pissy sister,” Hannah exclaimed and laughed. The other rebels nodded and laughed.

Mirjam grinned and focused on Hannah’s mind.
‘Hey, do you have fun bullying a pissy baby? It’s your choice then.’ Mirjam switched off Hannah’s bladder control just like she did it earlier to Kirsten.

Seconds later a hissing sound could be heard and a dark patch appeared on Hannah’s jeans. She needed several seconds to realize what happened. She didn’t feel any urge and her bladder seemed like it didn’t belong to her body.

Hannah turned back and ran away.
“Hannah, what happened?” The girls called her but she didn’t answer. The party got confused and forgot about Astrid and Mirjam.

‘Hey, sis. What did you do?’ Astrid didn’t notice Hannah’s accident.
‘Sis, she called me a pissy baby and now she can have the same experience. Wait until she returns to school and will wear diapers.’
‘Don’t tell me you can control her bladder.’
‘Yeah sis. I can.’
‘Hey, did you do it to Kirsten? I won’t tell mom.’
‘I did, sis; she wanted it.’
‘What about yourself?’
‘I was able to control my bladder and bowels but I was too small and couldn’t do anything but use my diaper. As time passed, I ignored the urge.’
‘Don’t you mind the wet or messy diapers?’
‘To be honest, I don’t. The diaper change is very pleasant and I enjoy it.’
‘Mom potty trained me very early but Kirsten is different. She seems to like her diapers.’
‘Yeah, she likes her diapers and diaper changes.’
‘However she can’t stay in diapers forever.’
‘She pees without control and that doesn’t change unless I enable her control.’
‘I’m curious if mom is patient. She might undertake something like taking Kirsten to a doctor.’
‘A doctor won’t find anything.’

‘You are a naughty baby sister but I still love you,’ Astrid lifted Mirjam in her arms and hugged her tightly.
‘I love you too,’ Mirjam kissed her older sister. ‘We can walk a little before going home.’

They kept walking for some time; Mirjam was walking slowly and Astrid was pushing the stroller. Astrid’s mood improved when she realized that bullying would be over probably.

‘Hey sis. We have to go home; I have to pee,’ Astrid turned to Mirjam after walking for about an hour.
‘This is my advantage,’ Mirjam grinned at her sister, ‘My diaper is not full yet.’
‘I won’t wear it; this is not a real advantage,’ Astrid was amused at first but she had to admit Mirjam was right, at least partially.

They headed home and five minutes later Mirjam felt her diaper getting warm and wet. It became heavy and Mirjam knew she would leak without a change. As she was walking, the package dropped between her legs.

At home, Astrid hurried up to the toilet and Gudrun took Mirjam to the bathroom to change her.
“My little, how was the afternoon with Astrid?” Gudrun asked her while pulling down her tights and removing the soggy garment.
“Goo - ga - goo - go,” (wonderful, mommy) Mirjam smiled at Gudrun but she didn’t tell her anything more. She had helped her sister and Gudrun didn’t have to worry about it.

“She was good and obedient, mommy,” Astrid entered the bathroom, “oh, I’d have changed her, mommy.”
“Really; you never were that quick and enthusiastic. And … you are in a much better mood.”
“Mirjam is my beloved sister and I’d take care of her. She’s helped me improve my mood.”

As soon as Gudrun finished changing Mirjam and put her onto the floor, the little girl ran to Astrid and Astrid lifted her in her arms.

“Guu - gee - gaa - goo,” (Astrid, can we talk about school now?)
Astrid nodded and carried Mirjam to her room. She put the little girl on a chair and sat down next to her.

‘I wanted to ask you about your attitude, Astrid. Why don’t you like to go to school? You weren’t enthusiastic even before Hannah arrived.’ Mirjam asked Astrid.
‘Mommy wants me to get straight A’s and this is difficult.’
‘A is the best grade I suppose.’
‘Yeah, it is.’
‘In my past life I ended school when I was 12 and I wanted more but I had to work. Only a few people could attend school longer than me.’
‘Oh, I’d be glad to finish.’
‘How so? Would you prefer hard work in the field?’
‘No but …’
‘I didn’t have any other option, Astrid. You can study and become an honorable person. I didn’t have that option.’

Astrid hesitated. She never thought about her future.
‘Maybe you are right. I try to get straight A’s. However, can I ask you for a favor?’
‘What kind of favor.’
‘Tell me more about your past please.’
‘It’s a long story. We can talk about it tomorrow during a walk. You also can tell me about Hannah then.’


Great story i did like to read more you seem like a good writer

Does the modern part of the story also take place in Uddevalla? Seeing as all the names are swedish.

Yeah, it does. I somehow like the north European names and topics.

Part 8:

While Astrid was walking outside, Kirsten stayed at home with Gudrun. She was a bit disappointed when she couldn’t go to the playground but Gudrun distracted her:

“Kirsti, come and help me in the kitchen. It is as good as playing with dolls.”
“No, mommy. I wanna play.”
“Hey; you are a big girl and big girls help their moms. Be a good little housekeeper.”

Kirsten hesitated but mom almost praised her when she called her big girl. She nodded and followed Gudrun. Of course, Gudrun couldn’t await miracles from a 3 years old toddler but Kirsten was quite able to find vegetables in the pantry and she even found it fun. At least, she wasn’t alone in her room and Gudrun tried to change the housework to a playful activity.

“Sweetheart, you are a big girl and you help mom but how can a big girl pee in her diapers?” Gudrun asked Kirsten the sensitive question while cutting the vegetables. She really was curious about the answer.

Kirsten was taken aback; it was the first time her mom asked her about diapers. Astrid had asked her earlier but she never insisted on an answer. The little girl was too shy to admit her true feelings. Now she was in a different condition and didn’t know what to answer.

Gudrun didn’t want to hurt her little daughter but she decided to tease her a little.
"Is it possible that some little girls like their diapees?”

The sudden blush revealed the truth and Gudrun was overwhelmed with emotions. She put away the knife and lifted Kirsten in her arms and cuddled her.

“Mommy loves you, sweetheart and she will change your wet diapers but do you relly want to wear diapers when you go to school? What about the other kids? They will mock you.”

Kirsten shrugged but she realized Gudrun was right. She remembered her accident on the playground when another girl laughed upon her diapers and pissy pants. Kirsten cried a lot at that time.

Gudrun stopped talking about diapers and continued cooking. Kirsten helped her as much as she could and she kept thinking of the school. What if she didn’t go to school? However she couldn’t ask her mom; maybe Mirjam would listen to her.

As Astrid and Mirjam came back, Kirsten waited until Gudrun changed MIrjam’s diaper and MIrjam waddled to the room.

‘Hey sis, can I tell you a secret?’
‘Yeah, go ahead, sis.’
‘I don’t want to go to school.’
‘I want my diapers and the children will laugh upon me.’

Mirjam sighed only. Shortly ago, she had to explain to Astrid about school. Now Kirsten preferred her diapers to school. Unfortunately, Kirsten was too young to understand why school was that important but Mirjam had enough time until then.

Meanwhile Gudrun was thinking about Kirsten and a way to potty train her. She called her friend and got some advice.


The next day Astrid went to school and found out that Hannah was missing. The teacher announced that their classmate was ill. Astrid grinned only when she thought about the disease. Hannah’s party looked confused. The school day was uneventful and Astrid returned home in a very good mood. Now she was curious about Mirjam’s past.

“Good afternoon, mommy,” Astrid greeted Gudrun as she closed the door behind her.
“Hi, Astrid, any news at school?”
“No mom but Hannah is ill.”
“Okay,” Gudrun shrugged; she didn’t know why Astrid told her about it. “I can take Kirsten and Mirjam to the playground and you can do your homework meanwhile.”
“Mommy, can Mirjam stay here? I wanted to talk with her.”
“Won’t she disturb you?”
“Why mom? Her mind is adult though.”
“Okay then. I take care of them and you can talk with Mirjam then,” Gudrun stepped forward and headed towards the children’s room and Astrid followed her.

Mirjam and Kirsten woke up from their afternoon nap. Astrid kissed Mirjam and lifted her from the crib while Gudrun took care of Kirsten.

‘The teacher said Hannah was sick,’ she told Mirjam quietly while carrying her to the changing table.
‘She will have to come back and try to hide the diapers she needs.’
‘Yeah; I think so.’ Astrid grinned and unbuttoned the onesie.

As soon as she was freed from the onesie, Mirjam spread her legs and waited for the wet diaper to be removed. Astrid grinned only when she realized the attitude difference. Mirjam apparently liked the diapers while Hannah probably would hate them.

Mirjam closed her eyes and smiled while Astrid was cleaning her crotch and putting a new diaper on her and dressed her. When Astrid helped her from the changing table, she followed her slowly to Astrid’s room. Astrid closed the doors, sat down and put Mirjam on her lap.

“Now tell me about your past; you promised me yesterday.”
‘Yeah, Astrid. I was born in 1668 in my first life and my family was destitute. I was the youngest child and had six siblings. I had to work since I was about 6 and I could go to school only in winter when we didn’t have to work in the fields.

My mother taught me healing; I was able to find the right herbs and prepare healing potions or ointments. People came to me and I helped them cure. In this way I also helped my family improve our condition; we had more food.

Unfortunately, somebody charged me with witchcraft because of my successful healing. I don’t know if it were our neighbors or somebody else. I was arrested and burnt at stake. However, God helped me and provided me with a second chance to live.’

“Oh no!” tears appeared in Astrid’s eyes and she opened the history book. There was an illustration of burning a witch there.

‘Close the book please,’ Mirjam also cried when she recalled the terrible memory. Astrid hugged her tightly and they kept crying for awhile until Astrid calmed down.

“Don’t worry. Nobody burns people at stake now.” Astrid stroked Mirjam’s hair and tried to change the topic.

“Let’s look at the books. Would you like to learn? You stated that you finished school when you were 12. Maybe you can continue now.”

Mirjam nodded and Astrid put several textbooks on the table. Mirjam took one of them and started reading. She could read but the books were full of unknown words.

‘Astrid, I’m afraid I need something simpler.’
“Okay, we can ask mom. Or … what if you tried to read Kirsten’s children books. Mom reads the fairy tales to Kirsten though.”
‘Yeah; this is a good start. Bring me a book and you can learn then.’

Astrid nodded, put Mirjam down on the floor and walked over to the bedroom to get a children’s book.
“Here you are, sis,” she put the book in front of Mirjam and sat down at the table and started learning.

Mirjam really started reading and she liked the fairy-tale. She recalled her early childhood when her grandma told her almost the same tales.

“Hey, children; how are you doing?” Gudrun’s voice announced that she had returned with Kirsten.
“Hi, mom. I’ve been learning and Mirjam wanted to read some children’s books.” Astrid answered quickly. “She even wanted to learn but my textbooks are too complicated for her.”

“Sweetheart; you have enough time to learn,” Gudrun walked over and stroked Mirjam’s hair, “You have a big lead anyway. You can read though and you are only 14 months old.”

‘Okay mom. Anyway I can read the fairy-tales to Kirsten. It will be fun for me.’
“Of course, sweetheart. If you don’t fall asleep before reading.” Gudrun smiled at Mirjam.
‘Let’s make a deal now, mom,’ Mirjam’s words were definitely adult.

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Cool. I live pretty close to there.

Marvellous!! :smiley:

Part 9:

A small group was walking toward the playground. Mirjam was sitting in the stroller and Astrid was pushing it. Kirsten was waddling and holding mom’s hand. The little girls experienced a surprise in the morning.

Gudrun was talking with her friend several days before and she got some advice. If the diapers were not that comfortable, it would be a good motivation for the girls to potty train quicker. She bought a big package of cloth diapers and a couple of rubber pants in both sizes for Kirsten and Mirjam.

Mirjam woke up in the morning while Kirsten was still asleep. She stretched her little limbs and called Gudrun.
‘Mommy, I’m awake.’ she used mind communication not to wake up her sister.

Gudrun opened the door and walked over to the crib.
“Morning, sweetheart,” she whispered and lifted Mirjam from the crib and carried her to the bathroom.
“Mommy has a surprise for you,” she removed the onesie and wet diaper, cleaned Mirjam’s crotch and put the cloth diaper underneath her.

“Go - gee - guu - gee,” (mommy, what is it) Mirjam was taken aback. She remembered the simple diapers used during her former life and realized that those ones were similar but she was surprised anyway.

“These are cloth diapers. Mommy would like to be environment-friendly.”
Mirjam smiled; she knew that Gudrun lied to her but she didn’t want to argue. Instead, she asked Gudrun about the term ‘Environment friendly’. She was curious.
“Guu - gee - ge - gee - ga - gee?” (What does environment-friendly mean?)

“Sweetheart, the disposable diapers have to be thrown into the waste but these ones can be washed and reused.” She put a diaper on Mirjam’s crotch and fixed it with the rubber pants. Mirjam was surprised; the diapers were soft and pleasant but they were quite thick and kept her legs apart. Now she realized Gudrun’s motivation even without reading her mind; however she didn’t want to give up plainly.

As she was helped down from the changing table, she had to waddle; it wasn’t as comfortable as the former diapers but somewhere deep in her mind she felt good. Mirjam waddled towards the kitchen slowly.

Meanwhile Kirsten opened her eyes and stretched her limbs. Her diaper was full as usual and she waited for the change. Gudrun lifted her and carried her to the bathroom. On the changing table Kirsten was surprised as well when she spotted the thick cloth diapers.

“Mommy, what is this? The diapers are thick,” she protested when Gudrun put two folded diapers and fixed them with the rubber pants.
“Sweetheart, mommy wants to be environment-friendly. We shouldn’t throw the used diapers into the waste. These ones can be washed and used again.”

Kirsten was a bit confused; she didn’t understand what happened. The new diapers were too thick and held her legs apart but they were soft like a pillow. She wasn’t sure if it was better or not.

In the kitchen Gudrun lifted Mirjam and put her into the high chair while Kirsten sat down at the table. Both girls felt like they were sitting on a soft pillow and it was somehow nice. Astrid was sitting at the table already and eating her breakfast. It was Saturday and Astrid didn’t have to go to school.

Kirsten was the first one who got a new experience. While she was drinking milk, she felt the fabric between her legs getting wet. The cloth diapers felt differently. When she peed in the disposables, she didn’t feel any wetness; the package got warm and heavy only. Now her crotch was wet. Her bladder was quite full and the stream didn’t stop for a long time. The wetness spread from her front to back.

At first, she was shocked but she didn’t say anything and waited. Kirsten was quite clever and decided not to tell her mom she was wet. Instead, she wanted to speak to Mirjam.

‘Sis, what did mom do? I don’t understand her.’
‘I think she wants us to potty train. These diapers are not that comfortable and she hopes it will be a motivation.’
‘What is motivation?’
‘Sorry sis. It means that we will want to potty train and get rid of the discomfort.’

While Mirjam was talking with Kirsten, she felt her diaper getting wet and realized the additional discomfort. Suddenly, she was amused by Gudrun’s effort. Mirjam liked the diapers and the tender care and so did Kirsten. Mirjam would be able to control her bladder and bowels but she still ignored the urge.

“Thanks, mommy,” Kirsten finished her breakfast and stood up. The diapers were heavy and dropped between her legs. To her surprise she realized that the wet package was soft and didn’t keep her legs as wide apart as before.

“Hey, Kirsti, tell me when you have to go potty,” Gudrun called but she wasn’t sure if Kirsten listened to her. She sighed only and believed that the wet feeling would make Kirsten ask for a change and provide her the right motivation to potty train.

Astrid knew about the cloth diapers already and she was really curious about the outcome. She was quite sure that Mirjam had read Gudrun’s thoughts and she would reveal them to Kirsten.

Mirjam also finished her breakfast, drank up the milk and waited. The pressure in her bowels was growing and she instinctively pushed and filled the back of the diaper. Astrid revealed what had happened and smiled at Mirjam: “Hey sis; you need a clean diapee.” She picked up Mirjam and put her onto the floor. Mirjam was waddling towards the bathroom and felt the wetness and load in the cloth diaper. The feeling was more intense but, surprisingly, it was nice and pleasant.

Gudrun was surprised about Astrid’s care but it wasn’t for the first time and Astrid hadn’t told her about Hannah so the change of her behavior wasn’t easy to guess.

“Let’s clean and change you now,” Astrid smiled at MIrjam and pulled down her tights and opened the rubber pants. She cleaned Mirjam’s diaper area and put a clean diaper on her.
“We will wait until Kirsten will go poopie and we can go to the playground then, sis.”

Meanwhile, Kirsten was sitting on the floor and playing. The diaper was really like a soft pillow even if she still felt the wetness; anyway the pee didn’t cool down yet. While she was playing, the pressure in her guts was growing and Kirsten stood up to go to her mom. However, the thick package kept her legs apart and prevented her from clenching the muscles. Two steps later she felt her poop fill the back of her diaper and more pee soaking the front.

Her first reaction was a shock but seconds later she changed her opinion and grinned. She remembered Mirjam’s comment.
“Mommy, I couldn’t hold it,” Kirsten addressed Gudrun with an effort to hide her joy.

Gudrun sighed quietly; she didn’t know exactly what happened but she worried about a failure of her plan. She led Kirsten to the bathroom and helped her onto the changing table. The little girl spread her legs and relaxed.

As soon as Gudrun finished changing Kirsten, she dressed her and prepared the stroller for Mirjam. Astrid took the spare diapers, baby bottles and a plastic bag for dirty diapers. They headed towards the playground.

While leading Kirsten at hand, Gudrun kept thinking of her plans and watching Kirsten stealthily. The little girl looked happy and she was cute with the thick diaper pack between her legs. Gudrun realized she had two babies at home and she suddenly wasn’t sure if she wanted them to grow up.


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Part 10:

“Morning, sis,” Mirjam opened her eyes and stretched her limbs in her bed.
“Hi sis,” Kirsten replied and sat up.

Time passed quickly and the girls grew up by two years. Kirsten had turned five two months ago and Mirjam just turned three. Mirjam could speak fluently and even better than Kirsten; however they still were diapered despite all Gudrun’s attempts. The thick cloth diapers between their legs were soaked and heavy. Kirsten needed four diapers for the night and Mirjam needed three. Both girls could hardly walk with the big packages.

Gudrun stopped her effort and hoped for a miracle. However, Kirsten couldn’t control her bladder and she occasionally pooped in her diapers when she got distracted. Her bladder grew up and two diapers were soaked by a single wetting. While outside, she had to wear three thick diapers and her legs were held apart. As for Mirjam, she needed two diapers outside and one single diaper at home. However, they needed a diaper change quite often and Gudrun with Astrid had a bigger workload.

Kirsten was worried about the other children but they slowly forgot about her condition and didn’t care about the thick package. All her playmates were potty trained already. Their mothers wondered about Kirsten’s diapers but they didn’t talk about them with Gudrun anymore. Gudrun told them about some health problems and they lost interest.

Kirsten should go to school already and she forgot about her former worries. If her playmates had accepted her, her schoolmates would accept her as well.

“Haven’t you leaked?” Mirjam’s question wasn’t surprising. The girls talked about diapers without any shame; however they talked in that way only while alone. Gudrun always sighed when she heard the word ‘diaper’.

“Not yet,” Kirsten replied,“ if I don’t pee once more, the diaper will hold. What about you?”

“I’m afraid I will pee just now,” Mirjam also hasn’t leaked yet but she felt an urge. The three diapers kept her legs apart and her bladder muscles were too weak. The muscles failed and a stream of pee soaked the diapers beyond their capacity. A wet patch appeared on her pajama pants.
“I’ve just leaked,” Mirjam grinned.

“Hey, sis, can I ask you for something now?” Kirsten suddenly turned to Mirjam.
“What would you like?” Mirjam got curious about Kirsten idea.
“I want to know when I have to pee. Mommy won’t know it anyway.”
“It was fun when I could hold my pee and then soak the diaper. You know when you have to go, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I do and I can make you feel it too.” Mirjam grinned and casted the spell. She didn’t ask God anymore; after all it was the return to normal state.

“Good morning,” Gudrun’s voice sounded cheerful. “Up to the bathroom.”
Kirsten stood up and waddled slowly; the package between her legs dropped. She was curious about the urge but she didn’t feel anything at that moment.

Mirjam did the same and ignored the wet pants. Gudrun smiled only; the girls were incredibly cute as they were waddling.

In the bathroom Kirsten jumped onto the changing table and spread her legs instantly. Gudrun removed the soaked diapers and cleaned Kirsten’s crotch before putting two diapers on her. Meanwhile Mirjam undressed herself easily but she waited for the diaper change even if she would be able to remove the wet package, clean herself and put on a new diaper. Her motoric skills were almost adult but she kept it secret.

Kirsten jumped down from the changing table when her mom finished diapering her and she waited for dressing. Mirjam needed a little help to get onto the changing table; she spread her legs and closed her eyes.
Five minutes later the girls started eating their breakfast. Kirsten didn’t need the high chair anymore and she was able to eat on her own. Mirjam was sitting in the high chair and eating on her own, too.

While eating, Kirsten felt the urge to pee. She tried to clench her muscles and find out how long she could hold. While she was focusing on her bladder, she succeeded; however she continued eating and got distracted. As she finished breakfast, she realized she had peed herself.

Mirjam didn’t care at all and she peed in her diaper as well. However, she noticed Kirsten’s attempt and got amused. Was Kirsten satisfied or shocked? Mirjam decided to ask her as soon as possible.

After breakfast Gudrun had to change both girls and she also pointed at two potties:
“Sit down and make a poo in the potty like big girls do,” she waited until they sat down and left then to make dishes.

‘Hey, sis. I noticed your first attempt to hold your pee after these years. How was it?’ Mirjam was quite curious.
‘I don’t know, sis. If I forgot about holding, I peed in my diaper instantly.’
‘Did you mind it?’
‘A little, sis. I’d like to be back when I could pee in the diaper when I wanted to.’
‘No problem. Train your muscles and you will be able to hold your pee longer.’
‘Hey, what about you? You can hold your pee though.’
‘Yeah, I can and I can much more but I like the diapers and all the care of our mom.’

Meanwhile they pooped in their potties and Kirsten called Gudrun. Gudrun returned, cleaned their behinds and put diapers on them. Kirsten got three diapers and Mirjam got two. They were ready to go outside. Gudrun dressed them into dresses and tights and took a large bag with her. There were spare diapers, wet wipes and a plastic bag for wet diapers inside.

Kirsten and Mirjam were walking and holding each other at hands. The thick diaper packages made them waddle. They were heading towards the playground. Even if Mirjam didn’t find it fun, she somehow managed to play with other children.

While walking, Kirsten again felt the urge to pee and clenched her muscles. She wanted to wait until her own decision. The urge wasn’t too strong and she could continue walking. However, the urge grew and the muscles needed a support; Kirsten pressed her legs together earlier when she was wearing a disposable diaper. Now her condition was different and the thick package prevented her from pressing her legs together. Despite her effort the muscles failed and the stream of pee soaked the diaper.

As they reached the playground, Gudrun leaned down and checked the diapers of both girls. She found them alright and Kirsten and Mirjam proceeded to the swings first. They met their playmates there and Leif turned to them instantly:

“Let’s play chase,” he didn’t wait and set off. Kirsten followed him quickly even if the thick diapers slowed her down. The other children also set off and started chasing Leif. Mirjam, on the other hand, sat down on the swing and watched the chasing children.

“Mommy, I’m thirsty,” Kirsten ran over to Gudrun when she got tired after the chase. Despite her diapers she was able to run quickly; however she again ignored her urge and her diaper was soaked.
“Hey, Kirsti, you need an instant change,” Gudrun reached into Kirsten’s rubber pants.
Kirsten was taken aback; she wasn’t aware of any urge. Anyway, she lay down on the nearby bench and spread her legs as usual.

“Mommy, I’m all wet,” Mirjam was waddling to Gudrun. Unlike Kirsten, she was aware of her wetting. She waited until Gudrun changed Kirsten and then she lay down on the same bench.

As they were walking back home, Kirsten was thinking of the diapers. She had failed to hold her pee many times that day and she was a bit confused. The diapers were comfortable but she somehow missed the earlier mischief. Now she had to make a decision; potty train or enjoy the diaper time?