Redeeming Clara

Redeeming Clara

  1. Hanging Out In a New Body
    The Halloween party ended and I moved on to my next host. I woke up unable to breathe, my neck on fire from the pain and my feet dangling from the floor. I looked down, my vision skewed by my twisted neck, and saw I was hanging ten feet above the floor. I reached to my neck and I realized my new host had just hung herself. “Clara,” I croaked. “Please get me down.”

Clara flew up to get to me. She was still red, but not as red as she was last time. Her wings were bat-like and the wind of her flight buffeted me, sending waves of pain through my neck. She examined the noose and flew up to banister and lowered me to the floor.

I untied what looked like an orange extension cord from my neck and straighted my head with a crack. My broken neck healed and I fell to the ground with a squish, but I could breathe. I took deep breaths and exhaled and then my senses were restored to me. For one, I could smell and I smelled and felt the poop in my pants.

Clara grinned at me, but her fangs really made her seem more scary than jovial. “She killed herself, or would have if you haven’t jumped in to save her. Humans always poop themselves when they die. Bailey, we go through this every time.” She then held my chin up in her hand and force me to look at her. “Are my horns gone now? I really want to wear my halo again. I make a poor guardian angel for you without it.”

“They are smaller, but you are still a demon. ‘Go ahead and kill yourself, Bailey,’ you said. ‘No one likes you anyway,’ you said and then we jumped off the bridge.”

Clara frowned. “I thought you’d jump in and save me and then I’d show you what it was like if you were never born. It worked in the movies.”

“You are a supernatural being and you get your advice from cheesy Christmas movies. You can’t do that. Besides, this is a Halloween story. And that is why you are now a demon and why I have to jump from body to body like a suicide version of Jonathan Archer.”

Clara sighed. “Jonathan Archer is Star Trek. You are thinking Scott Bakula.”

I glared at my guardian demon.

“Well you know the drill. You got to fix this one.” She pointed at me in my new body. “Remember, we only have until Halloween.” She spun around and with a puff of noxious black smoke, she disappeared.

I walked up the stairs to change my pants. I tried the doors until I found a bathroom and then slowly removed my smelly jeans and panties. The jeans were nice Seven jeans and the panties were once nice and silky, but the lump of poop in the seat and the wetness sure did nothing to help them. I dumped the poop in the toilet, threw all the clothes in a heap on the floor and took a long, long shower.

Once clean, I looked in the mirror. There was no steam on the mirror which I thought odd. I was naked and my skin was red from the shower heat. Not, as read as Clara’s, but red none-the-less. There was a prominent white ring around my neck from the extension cord. The last thing I wanted was to spend time in a mental hospital and have to wait until next Halloween to move on. Two hosts ago, it took me five years to solve her issues. Her hair was blonde, where my real hair, which I hadn’t seen in twenty years was a mousy brown. I wondered what this girl’s problem was. What could be so bad as to make her want to kill herself? I turned and walked naked throughout the house looking for my bedroom.

The house was huge. She was a rich girl. I counted six bedrooms before I found one with Seven jeans in the closet. Clothes from Nordstrom’s and Macy’s abounded. A queen bed sat on a platform by the window and two stairs led down to an area with a desk and computer and another area with a small entertainment system. It wasn’t the master bedroom. That was down the hall and had been large enough to park a Mercedes. I grabbed some clothes and dressed, then ran out to clean up.

The clothes from the bathroom quickly went into a hamper in my bedroom. The extension cord went into the garage and then I noticed the yellow puddle in the atrium where I had peed while swaying from the rope. I went to the bathroom and got a towel and was about to come downstairs and wipe it up when I saw a woman standing there looking at the puddle.

“Maria, are you having trouble getting to the bathroom again?”

She was blonde with gray streaks starting to blend in. It made her seem stately rather than old. I am sure she would have dyed it otherwise. She looked like an older version than my new body. “Um, I…,” I looked at the towel in my hand and then at the woman. “It was just an accident,” I said.

The woman turned and picked up a cardboard box. I knelt down to clean up the puddle, but she shook her head. “Let Leticia clean that up. Come on upstairs to your room.”

I followed her upstairs and sat on the bed. The woman sat beside me. She started to open the box. “I think that you should start wearing diapers today instead of tomorrow.”

I looked around panicked. “Surely, I am too old for diapers. I don’t need them.”

The woman looked sad. “Maria, the school complained about your accidents. I had to go to a parent teacher conference about it, This is serious and we only have to do this until we figure out what is wrong.” She pulled out a diaper and stretched it out. “Please take off your pants and panties and let’s get this done now.”

The diaper was huge. I had never really been around babies that much and I didn’t know what to expect. But I pulled off my pants and panties to lie on the bed.

Clara appeared and just watched me. She was doubled over with laughter. I was getting angry. “Too bad your hosts weren’t diapered.” She then howled with laughter. I was worried the woman would hear.

The woman did not seem to notice. She positioned the diaper, poured a bit of powder inside and taped me up. Then she helped me into a sitting position. “It’s not so bad,” she said. “No one at your school will notice a thing.” She picked up my discarded clothes and walked across the room to the hamper. Clara was still rolling on the floor laughing, and the woman just walked through her.

She opened the hamper to through my jeans and panties inside. As she opened the lid, her nose wrinkled. She dropped the clothes, but said nothing about the smell of the mess inside other than remark. “I’ll have Leticia do your laundry a day early.” She left me alone with Clara in just a diaper and t-shirt.

  1. Off to School With My Guardian Demon
    I awoke to flapping sounds. Clara’s batwings fanned the sheets off me, leaving me in just a diaper and a shirt. “Hey,” I yelled and grabbed the sheets to cover myself and then reached over to turn on the lights so I could see her.

She pointed to the nightstand clock that showed 7:29 am. “You are forgetting that I am a fallen angel.”

The clock ticked to 7:30 am and the alarm started blaring. I glared at Clara and then sat up angry. “I hate you,” I said. I threw the sheets back aside and stumbled into the en suite bathroom, pulled off the still-dry diaper and took off my shirt.

By the time I took a shower, I was calmed down and ready to get this host over with. I looked in the mirror and got a good look at myself. Maria had blonde hair, but it was straight and thin. She was also very pale. That was a problem because the red rope burn around my neck showed what the girl had tried to do to herself before I was sent to save her.

I came back into the bedroom and started looking in the closet. Maria had a lot of clothes, but not much to look at. I looked at the jeans. All of them were baggy mom jeans. The girl was what? A teenager at the very least and she dressed like an old woman. I found a pair of pink pants and a black t-shirt and then found underwear in her drawer. I dressed and looked in the mirror. That nasty red mark on my neck still showed.

“Your new mother isn’t going to approve of that outfit,” said Clara.

“Why?” I asked. I grabbed the scarf and wrapped it around my neck to hide the mark.

“Just wait.” The demon snapped her fingers and the door opened. The mom stood in the doorway.

“Wow. You are up already? Usually I have to drag you out of bed.” She looked at my outfit. "You look nice today.

I shrugged. “I woke up before my alarm rang and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“Well come down for breakfast. Carlos is going to be surprised when I ask him to put out another plate for you at breakfast.”

I went ahead of her out the door and felt at tap at my butt. “You aren’t wearing your new underwear.”

“She means your diaper,” said Clara.

“I know what she means, Clara,” I said.

The mother looked worried. “Who are you talking to?” she asked.

I felt panicked. “Um, no one.”

“Well, lie down on the bed. I don’t want to send Jimmy to your school to bring you more clothes. Wednesday he had to bring them twice. This needs to stop and that is why the doctor suggested diapers until we figure out what is wrong.”

“Fine,” I said and went to lie on the bed.

The change done, I pulled my pink pants back up and looked in the mirror. I was surprised the diaper didn’t show. Maybe it was because this was a new butt, but I couldn’t tell if it looked bigger or not. I walked out of my room to the dining room.

The dining room was a weird experience. The table looked like it could hold a state dinner. I think there were twenty chairs on each side of the table. The mother took a seat at the end and I sat to her right. Only her place was set. A Hispanic man in a chef’s outfit carried in a silver covered platter and put before her. When he pulled away the cover there were stacks of bacon and a pile of scrambled eggs. He looked at me. “Should I bring some plates for you, Miss Maria?”

“Maria actually got out of bed this morning,” said the mother. She had a big smile on her face.

Carlos went out the door and returned with a place setting. He then served the food on our plates. I just wolfed down the food. I was starved. I wondered why Maria didn’t always wake for breakfast. It would probably make her more mellow.

“What did you do with my daughter?” asked the mother.

Was I spotted? I looked to Clara for help. She just shrugged. Carlos stood by the door smiling.

The mother smiled too. “I don’t know what it was, but I am glad you are eating again. It’s been almost a month since you lost your appetite. The doctor said he was worried.”

So Maria wasn’t eating. This was weird. The last time I was in an anorexic girl, I never felt hungry. I had been starving. I stood. “I am going to get my school stuff,” I said.

“Jimmy will bring your car around.”

I ran up to my room. “Sweet,” I said. “My own car.” I went through the room and finally found my school bag and opened it up. Everything was there and all the notebooks were organized. My phone lay on the table and I checked it. I didn’t know the pin code, but my fingerprint was all I needed to unlock it. The to do app had all my homework assignments. None of the assignments were finished that were due today. Of course. Maria didn’t need to do her homework because she thought she was committing suicide. And now I had to both figure out what she was learning and then try to get it done before class.

I carried my bag downstairs and went out the door to drive to school, but then I was shocked. There wasn’t a sports car which I expected a rich girl to have, but a car that looked like it came out of a movie. There was a man in a black uniform and wearing a visored hat standing next to the car. He held the suicide door open waiting for me to get in. I looked at Clara, but she just flew into the backseat. The man didn’t even flinch as her batwings just passed through his body. I climbed in after her.

“Do you have everything for school this time?” asked the man. His nametag said Jimmy.

I nodded and he shut the door and walked around to the driver’s seat. He got in and looked back at me. “After I drop you off at school, I’ll deliver your supplies to the school nurse. Go there if you need a change.”

I blushed really hard, or I think I did. My face sure felt hot. I reached for my scarf, but thought better of it and put my hands in my lap. I stayed quiet until I got to school.

I left for the school building as soon as Jimmy opened the door for me. My meticulously drawn up schedule led me to the right classroom where I sat down. A blonde girl in a cheerleading outfit leaned over my desk. “Pass over the math homework and I might let you in the bathroom today.”

“What?” I asked.

“Math homework, or you will have pissy pants again today.” She sneered and a few other girls around her giggled. I went through my bag and took out my math book. Inside, a paper said what homework problems to do, but only the first one was complete. “I didn’t finish.”

The cheerleader was livid. She grabbed my hair and dragged me out of the classroom. Six other cheerleaders followed in her wake as she pulled me into the bathroom. Two snapped my head back over the sink. Another pulled out a towel and put it over my shirt and then she stuck her fingers in my mouth and pulled it open. A bottle of bottled water was produced and shoved in my mouth, my nose was held and I was forced to drink the liquid.

After drinking two bottles of water, I was let up and my mouth was dried with the towel and I was led back to the classroom. By then, the teacher had entered and it was time for class to start.

Math class was boring. Since neither the cheerleader or me had completed the homework, we were called upon and I had no clue what I was doing and I was smart. But I forgot how to do a derivative since I didn’t have a smart enough host to take calculus in quite a while. Then all that water hit and I really had to pee. I frowned, and crossed my legs. The diaper didn’t help. But I waited and held it and waited and held it and managed until the bell rang. Then I couldn’t get up soon enough.

When I stood I crossed my legs a bit to keep from leaking and then I swiftly walked toward the bathroom. The cheerleader kept up with me and when I got to the door, she put a hand on the door so I couldn’t pull it open.

“I really need to use the bathroom, so please move.”

She looked at me like I said the stupidest thing ever. “You know the rules. You disobey me and you don’t use the bathroom.” More girls came to use the bathroom, so the cheerleader pulled the door open and let them pass, but her hand grabbed tightly to my wrist.

“Let go of me,” I said through clenched teeth. I looked around for Clara , but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Sure,” said my tormentor. She pulled me along with her into a new classroom. “I can’t believe you want me to vape with you in the bathroom later. I am a good girl,” she said. The teacher gave me a dirty look.

I just sat in a desk. There was no homework in senior English, but it was a bunch of boring poems. I tried to pay attention to the differences between Keats and Shelley, but my need to pee distracted me to no end. Finally I raised my hand.


“May I be excused to use the restroom?”

The cheerleader put her pen in her mouth and pretended to vape with it. “Have a good vape break, Maria.”

The teacher was not amused. “No, Maria, you cannot leave my classroom for you to go vape.”
“But I really have to pee.” My pants dug into my bladder. The water was starting to take it’s toll.

“You can go after class, Maria.”

I sighed and went back to being bored by Keats and Shelley. I was going to pee.

Clara came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. “Just slowly let it out. Don’t let it out too quickly or you might leak.”

I looked at her. “I’m not going to wet my pants,” I whispered. I felt a trickle escape.

She rubbed my back. “It’s okay. Just relax.”

I closed my eyes and let the inevitable happen. It was so warm. Hot water exploded around my privates and I bit my tongue to keep from moaning in relief. I tried to stay still and listen as my urethra muscles decided to go on strike. I would not give the cheerleader the pleasure of knowing she made me wet in diapers for the first time since I was a baby. Wetness continued to leak out of me until I was empty and I felt the hot blanket of the diaper pressing against my skin. I had just wet my pants in class and I suddenly knew why I was here.

Bullying. This was why Maria killed herself. This was why she was wearing diapers. I had the feeling this was not the first time that Maria had wet herself in class. I looked around. The cheerleader was looking at me expectedly. She was staring at my crotch. I looked down, knowing that the wet diaper beneath my clothes had to be obvious, but I really couldn’t tell.

But I was still overwhelmed and I just wanted to cry. I never faced anything like this and my punishments for jumping off that bridge with Clara were really bad. I had experienced being shamed, being called a slut, fat, and stupid. There was even one poor girl who killed herself because she was afraid of a math final. That one was easy. I just took and aced the final and moved on to the next body, but this girl—I was at a loss to find the answer and after being force to wear and use a diaper, this affected me as well. I tried to look at the head cheerleader out of the corner of my eyes and caught her looking at my pants. She was probably waiting for me to have an accident. I turned away and ignored her.

“Now class,” said the teacher, “for homework you will write a two page story inspired by Bright Star by Keats turn it into class in the morning. That means the beginning of class, Amy.” I looked around for the student that the teacher was pointing out and saw the blushing cheerleader who was tormenting me.

Clara raised a finger in a shame, shame motion toward Amy and then giggled. I was too cross to giggle with her. The bell rang and she stopped goofing off as I stood up. Then she was all professional. “Your next class is Physics, but you probably want to divert by the nurses office.”

I walked out in the heard of students while Clara carried my schedule and the map of the school. “Let’s stop by a bathroom so I can change,” I said.

She pointed at a group of cheerleaders standing by the ladies room door. “Yeah, we are going to the nurse’s.” I let her take my hand and lead me to the nurses office. Clara didn’t even blink as she walked through other students standing beside me, but I kept stopping expecting her to be bounced out of her purposeful passage.

I walked into the nurses office and the nurse looked at me. “Oh, Maria, did you have another accident?”

“No,” I said and then felt the diaper around me. The hotness had cooled a bit, but I had endured the strange rubbing of my privates with each step. “I just need a change and I can’t manage it myself in the bathroom.” Yes, change me like a baby, I thought. I was at my lowest, even lower than the events that made me jumped of the bridge with Clara.

The nurse laid me down on a little cot and then helped me out of my jeans. I then lay down with my eyes closed wishing I was somewhere else. I felt the now familiar rustling of plastic, the too-cool cleansing of the wipe, and then the dry paper feeling of the diaper pulled between my legs. Four tapes held it on my and then I was on my feet, bending over to pull my pants up. I buckled and then frowned at the nurse. “Thanks for the help. I am just overwhelmed by all this.”

“No problems. Come to the office any time you need to. Your driver left me a whole bag of incontinence pants for you. I don’t mind helping you. And don’t you think this is better than having to wear your gym shorts as pants three times last week?”

I looked down at the floor. Three times in a week? What had happened?

She handed me a pink hall pass. “Give this to Mrs. Sullivan so she’ll let you in class.”

I grabbed it and let Clara guide me to class.

  1. Discovery

“What did you get yourself into, Bailey?” I asked as I looked through the lab manual.

The boy next to me wore a football jersey with the school colors on it. He looked at me like I was strange. “Who is Bailey? I’m Robbie.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking out loud. I am just confused by this lab experiment. I am not even sure where to start.”

“Well, we start on the roof.” He picked up a box that was on the table and motioned me to proceed him into the hall. No one else left the classroom. The others had ramps and blocks, springs, pendulums, and balances.

I looked at Clara and she nodded. “While you were absorbed in the lab book, the teacher was giving each team their instructions.”

“So why do we need to climb up to the roof? Do you remember what happened on that bridge?”

“You are talking out loud,” she warned.

“You read the experiment,” said Robbie. “We need to throw various objects off the roof and time their decent. Like Galileo did? I didn’t know he threw things off a bridge.”

We went to the stairs until they got to the third floor landing. At the top was a ladder set into the wall. The first step was about four feet above the floor. Above, was a trapdoor that was opened. “Are you sure students are supposed to climb up here?” I asked.

“We got special permission from the teacher. Go on. I will be behind you to catch you if you fall.” He made his hands into a step and I put a foot in them and stepped up. I caught the stair and his hand touched my butt as I struggled to get to the first step. I got a hold of the step and started to climb. I hoped he didn’t feel the diaper through my pants. We got to the top and then he pulled up the box from a rope behind us.

Inside was a giant bell hanging from the center of the room. We walked to an opening and could see quite a bit of the grounds of the school. He took a stopwatch and his notebook and handed me the first object. It was a small metal ball about the size of a baseball.

“Is that a cannonball?” ask Clara.

“Yes, Maria. Galileo threw cannonballs from the bell tower when he did this experiment. Throw it down and we will time it’s decent.”

I shrugged. This was unreal. Schools don’t normally allow such cool things like this. I was so excited I missed that he heard Clara and answered her. I threw the ball from the bell tower.

“Two point five seconds,” he said and wrote it down. He handed me a golfball.

“Two point five seconds.” A whiffle ball.

“Two point five seconds.” A paratrooper toy. I threw down the paratrooper toy. It was just like a regular GI Joe toy, but this one had a plastic parachute. The parachute filled and it went to the ground.

“Ten seconds.” He handed me an ostrich feather.

“Twenty seconds. That’s the last thing.”
“I wish we could through Amy from this tower,” I said.

“Bailey, don’t,” said Clara.

Robbie smiled. “You right to be mad at her. The whole school knows she had the other cheerleaders keep you out of the bathrooms so you wet yourself. That’s why you are wearing that diaper, isn’t it?”

I looked at him with surprise. “Clara, a forgetfulness charm,” I hissed at her.

She stood in front of him with her batwings outspread as she reached into her miracle bag.

“I won’t tell,” he said. “You got her worried about something.”

I waved Clara off. “Go on.”

“I don’t know what her deal is. It’s over the line doing that to another student.” He looked longingly at me. “At least you don’t have to date Amy. I’d rather date you because you are smart.”

“You are dating Amy?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “The quarterback of the football team always dates the head cheerleader in high school. That’s what my mother and father say. They were quarterback and head cheerleader in high school.” He shrugged. “Amy sure is dull. AP Physics is the only class I have without Amy. That and football practice, but the cheerleaders are right next to us then.” He took my hand but thought better about it. He looked at me instead. "I’m sorry about the diaper and her making you wet your pants for a whole month straight. He looked down from the bell tower. We better get our experimental items and return to class.

We went down the ladder and he helped me to the ground when we got to the third floor landing. We went out the first floor door and picked up our toys. The cannonball and the paratrooper toy were the best. I wondered why this school was so cool, except for an angry cheerleader who made other students wet their pants.

Back in class we had to answer our workbook questions. We weren’t allowed to do that part together, so I did it by myself. “Why did the paratrooper and the feather fall at a different time than the other objects?” I put something about air resistance. I finished the paper and turned it in and sat beside Robbie. Just then the bell rang. I started to get up, but everyone else was seated.

Robbie looked at me. “It’s just the announcements period.”

“That’s right,” I said. We set and gossiped, but then the loudspeaker started to blare.

Everyone stood and I stood a second later. Someone lead the Pledge of Allegiance and then we all sat down. “South High Students, this Friday is Halloween and we are too old for trick or treating, and too young for bar-hopping. Instead we are having a high school dance. Wear your most scariest costume and the winning boy and girl will be crowned Halloween King and Queen.”

I leaned over and looked at Robbie. “I wish you could take me.”

He looked back at me. “I was going to go with Amy…”

I shrugged and gave a disappointed look.

“…but, why not. It’s not homecoming or prom. Maria, will you be my date for the Halloween dance?”

Amy was going to be so mad at me, but Maria deserved this night of fun. What was the worse thing that could happen? “Of course I will go to the Halloween dance with you,” I said.

  1. Thrifting

I had never been dropped off at a Goodwill in a chauffeured Rolls, but a driver and a blonde body was a new thing for me.

“What are we doing here?” asked Clara. She stretched out her bat-wings. Her horns were less prominent today and they were getting smaller and smaller. Soon her halo would fit.

“What are we doing here?” asked Jimmy. He straighened his chauffeur’s cap and held the door for me.

“I am buying a Halloween costume for the dance.”

“This is a thrift store. The Halloween store is in the old closed Macy’s at the mall,” said Jimmy.

“I don’t want to be a slutty (insert name of occupation).”

“You can always be a sexy or trampy (insert name of occupation),” said Clara.

“So what are you looking for? Who are you going to be?” asked Jimmy.

“I don’t know. Let me look for something.” I walked away from the car and started to look around. The trucker hats were picked over. This was not a very good Goodwill. All the crap was gone. This was a Goodwill in an upscale neighbor hood. However, something did jump out on me. It was a nightgown with an ugly neck. I shrugged, held it up, and it looked like it would fit me.

“That looks awful,” said Clara. “What are you going for? Old lady?”

I shrugged. “It is ugly, but it looks just like something a Regan from the Exorcist wore.”

“Who’s Regan? The President?” It was give or take if Clara would get a pop culture reference. I hoped the other students at school would understand it. That movie came out way before I was born.

“It’s a horror movie character about a girl possessed by a demon,” I explained.

“Demons are fallen angels. They don’t go around possessing people. Well, not usually. A guardian angel would have to be a really big failure to allow that to happen.” She then blushed. “A bigger failure than me anyway.”

I shrugged. “Well, it’s just a movie. That’s what we humans think of when we think of Halloween monsters.”

Clara sighed. “Well find out what you need and we can make a costume.”

I had the costume laid out on my bed. Tomorrow was Halloween and I was all ready to leave. Spending the entire week in diapers had been a pain in the butt, aside from Amy being really angry that I wasn’t having public accidents despite her and the other cheerleaders guarding the bathrooms.

“So what is the green baby food for?” Clara asked.

I looked at Clara. Her batwings were folded and her horns had shrunk to bare nubs, but her skin was still a dark red that highlighted sharp and fierce features. “It’s to stain the nightgown so I look like Regan. Otherwise, I’ll just be a girl who wore her grandmother’s nightie to the school dance.” I walked over the the TV and flicked it on and then got the set top box remote and scrolled through the horror movies.

Clara scooted next to me, just as I picked out a movie. We watched the Exocist and then I educated Clara on horror movies. We got through Jason, Freddie, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre before I was a drooling wreck in Clara’s lap where I slept until Halloween morning.

“Wake up, Miss Maria,” said Leticia. “If you want to have breakfast, we start in half an hour.” I had been eating like crazy. I sat up and rubbed my stomach and hoped I wasn’t making Maria fat.

“I’ll be down for breakfast. I am just going to have my shower.” I stood up and remembered my nighttime attire, but Leticia only blushed and left. I went into the bathroom to shower. I pulled off my dry diaper I wore to bed and kicked it into the trash and then used the toilet. So far I hadn’t had to poop at school, and I didn’t intend on messing in my new school-time underwear.

I through on a bra and my diaper and then went to the closet and chose a black skirt. I had found an orange t-shirt that showed various tools and weapons along with instructions on what to do if there was a zombie apocalypse. That done, I left for school.

  1. Halloween Day

The halls were festooned with Halloween decorations. Twist of orange and black crepe paper streamed across the halls and around the classroom doors, As I walked past the gymnasium, I saw that it was all decorated for the dance as well. The basketball hoops were cranked up so they were out of the way and orange and black streamers decorated the gym. Tables with confetti ghosts and pumpkins scattered on top surrounded the edge allowing a natural dance floor to form in front of the stage. It was going to be fun tonight.
Amy bumped into me outside the math classroom. She pushed me back into a locker. “How are you holding it? I have all the bathrooms guarded, so you can’t use them.”

I shrugged. “Maybe your friends aren’t as loyal to you as you thought. Or maybe they don’t have a pee fetish like you who get off on watching other girls pee their panties?”

“That bitch Amanda is letting you go. She thinks she can be head cheerleader if I become ineligible because you are getting me zeros on my homework.”

“Well she was kind enough to let me use the restroom so I didn’t mess my pants. You are making me very unpopular in this school.” I noticed that I didn’t have any friends. I had been relying on Clara for more and more and I finally realized she replaced any friends I had. We had to finish our mission before I was totally dependent on Clara.

I poked me hard in the stomach. “You better start working on my homework. I am going to take care of Amanda.” She left.

Math actually went by normally. English was normal too. We had finished with Keats and Shelley and moved on to MacBeth. I learned that wasn’t by coincidence. The teacher that wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom wanted the witches scene from Macbeth to coincide with Halloween.

I looked over to wear the cheerleaders sat beside me. Amanda couldn’t sit still and she looked super pale. She wore gray leggings and I knew she had to be regretting that choice. Amy was smiling, but the other cheerleaders were subdued. I think Amy crossed the line by trying to deny Amanda the bathroom. However, I didn’t stay to watch the show. I just moved on to Physics.

I made a beeline to Robbie and sat next to him. “We on for tonight?”

He smiled. “Of course we are.”

“What did Amy say?” I asked. There have been no repercussions about me asking Robbie to the dance. None at all.

“Listen,” he said. “I asked you. I didn’t ask Amy and didn’t consult with her. I will pick you up at seven.”

“I got a really spooky costume,” I said.

“I am going as Tony Romo,” he said.

“He is a football player, isn’t he?” I asked.

Robbie nodded.

“I thought you would go as a scientist or something. You know, from our conversations over the last couple days.” I wondered if his being smart was just a ploy. I hoped him asking me out wasn’t just a ploy. What if he asked me out just to humiliate me and Amy knew it so that is why she was being so quiet about it?

“My friends wouldn’t get a science reference.” He then looked at me. “Well except for you.” He smiled at me and then reached over to take my hand under the table, but then folded his hands together and put them in front of him at his spot on the lab table. He didn’t talk to me for the rest of the class period.

Boring physics just went on and on. I took notes the best I could and tried to make them readable so that Maria would be able to use them. Finally, the bell rang for lunch. I stood, but Robbie stopped me.

“Be sure to be ready at seven. It will be so much fun to have a date that I really like.” He smiled and I smiled back.

I ran out the door because I knew I had to pee and I wanted a clean diaper before I had to go eat lunch. I decided to try the bathroom, but was thwarted when I got there. Amanda stood in front of me. She wasn’t wearing her gray leggings. Instead she wore her PE shorts.

She pushed me in the chest so I couldn’t get by her. “You aren’t using the bathroom today, especially after you told Amy I let you in.” She looked down. “Amy kept me out of the bathroom in punishment.”

I looked at her again. A blue flowing shirt did not match the bright red PE shorts she wore. “Oh my gosh, you wet your pants today.”

She gave me an angry look. “Shush.”

“I don’t know why we allow Amy to bully us,” I said.

“Of course we know why,” said Amanda. "She found your lost cell phone and used it to take the photos that became the sexting scandal. If we don’t play along, she’ll reveal everything, so please do her homework. I should have never let her convince me to let her take those sexy pictures of me.

“Which is why I can’t tell on her for making me pee myself all the time,” I said.

“Maria, you got to do something. I’m so afraid those pictures will come out and I’ll get…we’ll get put on a list and have to live under an overpass.”

Clara looked over at me. “How do you stop a blackmailer?”

I shrugged. “I still won’t do her homework,” I said.

“So keep peeing yourself then,” said Amanda.

I turned and walked toward the nurse’s office.

“So we can’t tell on Amy,” I said, “even if it wouldn’t brand Maria as a snitch, it’s her old phone with the sexing pictures and if Amy thinks she is losing control….”

“She’ll arrange for a principal to find the lost phone and realize there are bad pictures on there. Ones that she took, by the way.”

I got to the door of the nurse’s office and relaxed as I wet my diaper. I knocked and looked at the nurse as she opened the door. “I had another accident today,” I said.

She opened the door, and let me in. “Maria, we got to stop this. The diapers are supposed to be only for just in case. You know you can become dependent on them?”

I did not know that. “I couldn’t make it,” I said as I hopped up on the cot in the nurses office.

She lifted my skirt and smiled. “The skirt makes it easier,” she said.

“I didn’t think about that,” I answered.

She quickly changed me and then set me on my way.

No one sat with me as I took my lunch in the cafeteria. I sat alone until the bell range before heading to health class. I sat down and then Amy sat next to me.

“So are you going to the dance tonight?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well be sure you vote my costume as the best, or else.”

I frowned. “Are you going to let me in the bathroom at the dance?” I asked.

She laughed. “If I have a good time, then so do you.”

I sat through health as the teacher droned on and on about cigarette smoking and the dangers of drugs. The day couldn’t end soon enough. I was tempted to call Jimmy and get him to take me home early, but then I thought Maria’s parents might say something about it.

  1. The Halloween Dance
    I wore my frumpy nightgown and strategically spilled green baby food down the front of the gown. I dyed my hair brown and decorated it. with hair gel, being sure to roll around in my pillow before it was quite set up. Eye makeup took some work. I mixed colors to get an ugly greenish skin tone and applied it thickly around my lids and put on red scars on my cheeks. When I was ready, I looked in the mirror. I was no longer Maria. I wasn’t even Bailey. I was Regan and Regan looked so scary.

I stood back from the mirror and froze. I wasn’t Regan from the Exorcist. I was Regan in an adult diaper and that wouldn’t do. Not that Regan hadn’t needed one. I had seen the movie. I kicked off the diaper into my trashcan and picked out some underpants from Maria’s drawer. Now I was ready. I would just have to count on Amy’s promise to let me in the bathroom.

As I stood outside on the porch and watched for my date, I wondered if it had just been a setup. Robbie wasn’t coming. I turned to go in and when I did, I heard a horrible sound coming from a panel on the wall.

I pressed a button to make it stop. The noise stopped and I heard Robbie’s voice. “Open the gate and let me in.”

I hit a button that said Gate and it turned green. Jimmy came in the room. “You can call me if you want to go home.” He then smiled. “I think you will have a good time. That is a good Regan costume, by the way. I didn’t know what you were thinking going to Goodwill.”

I smiled. It was Halloween night and I knew that I would miss Jimmy. My adventures usually ended on Halloween night and I knew that if I failed to solve Maria’s problem I would end up hanging from her banister a week before Halloween. “Thanks, Jimmy. I will miss you.” The last part I said under my breath. I went outside and my date was there.

He wore the full Cowboys regalia except for the helmet and pads. The uniform said Romo on the back and he held a walker in his hands.

“I assume that is a football joke,” I said.

He looked at me wide-eyed. “My God, Maria. You really do look spooky. Are you going to keep the brown hair?”

I didn’t know if Maria would be mad at me or happy that I dyed her hair. I didn’t care, I wanted to go back to my own body. I smiled at him and he leaned in to kiss me. “Make-up,” I squealed.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. He opened the door for me and I got inside.

“So let’s get to the dance,” said Robbie.

“Yeah,” I said. I looked in the mirror and saw Clara sitting behind me in the back seat. She wore nose and eyebrow glasses and I just couldn’t help giggling. It looked so silly with her horns and bat wings.

“What’s so funny?” Robbie looked nervous, like I was going to bite or something.

“I am just thrilled to be here.”

Robbie was a good dancer, once he left the walker at his table, that is. We danced salsa, swing, and even a bachata number. I danced and danced the night away. It was almost eleven and I didn’t see Amy at all. It felt good not to be around her, but I knew I needed to confront her.

My bladder also was beginning to fill. I knew that Robbie knew about the diapers and I knew where his hands had been when we were dancing. He had to know I was wearing panties underneath my nightie. But I enjoyed the punch and free sodas, something I knew Maria hadn’t been able to enjoy lately.

I politely excused myself and walked toward the bathroom when Amy burst into the gymnasium. She was dressed like Cinderella, but she was not a happy Disney princess. I had never seen anyone that angry in a princess dress.

“Who stole my date for this dance?” she screamed.

I tried to edge toward the bathroom, but she blocked the way. “I told you that you could only use the bathroom if I was having a good time.” She raised her voice. “I am not having a good time.”

Robbie walked over and stood beside me. “Let her go pee, Amy,” he said. “She didn’t steal your date. I asked her to the dance. I never asked you and you never said anything about this dance to me at all.”

“But you are my boyfriend. Everyone knows that we were going to the dance together. Not her.” She pointed at me. “No bathroom for you.”

I saw Amanda and Lucy stand behind her, also blocking the bathroom. Amanda mouthed the words, “Get the phone and I will let you in.”

Well, this was the confrontation that would determine my future in this body. “Amy, you had your fun making me wet myself. Just give me back my cell phone and I will step aside and let you have Robbie back.”

Robbie looked at me with a sad look in his eyes.

“I really like you,” I said, “but Amy is your girlfriend. I had a good time though.”

Amy pulled a cell phone out of her purse. It was an iPhone 5s, a model earlier than the one Maria now carried. “Maybe it is time to turn this phone into the principal.”

“Just give it back and I will do your homework,” I said.

I looked at the clock. It was 11:25pm. I had thirty-five minutes to get the cell phone back.

“But I like a gold phone. Rose gold never did it for me. I think rose gold looks pink and I hate pink.”

“Amy, please,” I said.

“You aren’t persuading her,” said Clara. She stood behind me and grabbed me around my waist and began to squeeze.

“No, don’t,” I said and Amy looked at me satisfied, but I wasn’t talking to Amy any longer. Clara was squeezing me around my waist over my very full bladder and then her hands went through my body and she squeezed my actual bladder.

It was too much. I let go and began to pee. Standing there on the floor. In front of my entire class and everyone at the dance saw. It pooled in a big puddle in between my feet and I stood there peeing as Clara wrung my bladder completely empty.

As soon as I stopped I wailed. “Why did you make me do that?” I was talking to Clara, but Amy looked at me in satisfaction.

“It’s what you get for stealing my date?” Amy said. “And I am sharing the phone with the principal as well.”

“It’s all right,” said Clara, “but I need you to trust me. Let me have control.”

“What?” I said and Clara merged her body with mine. I felt so chilled as all the body heat dropped out of me.

“Give me back my cell phone,” my voice said. My mouth was moving and my throat felt right, but my voice sounded deep and harsh.

Amy held the phone above her head and smiled. “No way, pissy pants.”

I felt chilled and I couldn’t move. My body wanted Clara out of me and I felt nauseated. I had guzzled too much green punch and I didn’t pee it all out when I wet. I threw up and couldn’t even kneel to let it out. Instead, Clara moved my chin up and opened my mouth. A stream of vomit flew up and hit the cell phone straight on, knocking it out of Amy’s hand.

Clara didn’t stop. All the students scattered back from me except Amy who backed up and tried to reach for the cellphone. I saw them back away from every direction because Clara rotated my head in a 360 degree manner that humans just can’t duplicate. I then faced forward again and spewed again, but what I spewed was not punch or partially digested food. Instead a bat-winged demon flowed out of my mouth and straight through Amy and into the girl’s bathroom.

Amy stood over Maria’s cellphone, but she didn’t see it at all. Instead, a second puddle of pee was forming on the floor underneath Amy. A smell wafted into the air as well and Amy stood in shock. “The demon flew into me,” she shuddered out.

I turned and bowed to the rest of the students in the audience and smiled, then turned to Amy and leaned down and snatched my cellphone and examined it. It wouldn’t turn on.

“Amy, you peed on my cellphone. Now it won’t turn on. I wasn’t really possessed. It’s just special effects because I wanted to win the costume contest.” I turned and looked at Robbie. “I need some more punch.” I changed the pitch of my voice to sound demonic. “This voice makes my throat dry.”

He put his arm on my back and guided me to the punch bowl. We then had time for one more dance. The song was Monster Mash, and Robbie and I dance to the Monster Mash together. His hands in mine felt good and warm and I wanted to hold them forever. It was the first Halloween that I actually was not annoyed by the song. The song ended and we went to sit at a table.

Amy had to walk by our table to leave the gym. She no longer wore her princess dress. Instead, she wore gym clothes and her hair was wet from the showers. She carried a plastic bag with a dress stuffed inside and walked with her head down.

Robbie stopped her. “This ends now, Amy. I don’t want to be with someone that treats others like you treated Maria. We are done.”

“Fine,” she said. She looked at me. “You just stay away from me, demon and Robbie, I need someone who is more supportive than you have been.” She stormed out.

The mike squealed and the student class president took the stage. “All right fellow classmates, everyone voted and the best boy costume and thus Halloween King is Robbie.” He hobbled up with his walker and Tony Romo shirt and let the class president crown him king. He waved to me from the stage.

“And the best girl costume and Halloween Queen is…. Well, let’s put it this way, who else had a costume that made our head cheerleader Amy wet and mess herself. Maria come up here and get your crown.”

I walked up to the stage and got my tiara. The class president brushed through my matted hair and placed the crown. She whispered to me. “I am glad you put Amy in her place. Did you delete the sexting pictures? I want the ones of me deleted.”

I smiled. “The phone is broken and no one will see anything on it.”

She squeezed my hand. “Well now you get to kiss the King.”

I turned to Robbie and put my arms around his neck. I pulled close as he pulled me to him. I closed my eyes and our lips were just millimeters apart when a familiar surge went through my body. The clock struck twelve and I began to fall.

  1. Aftermath
    I opened my eyes and felt like I was floating, only I was floating. The ground came rushing up toward me from twenty stories below. I briefly backed out when I hit the ground and came to my reflection in a pile of broken glass. At least I was no longer Maria. I couldn’t move until I finished having my accident. I sighed as I pissed and messed myself. I could look up and see Clara standing over me. Her body was bright red, her horns were much longer, and her batwings more pronounced.

“God was pissed. We got to do this for another year now, but it is just fifty-two more Halloween parties in addition to our original punishment. Apparently I am not allowed to do demon possession. Let’s never do that again.”

I looked at Clara and nodded as my broken bones knitted together. “Please, let’s never do this again.”

The End.

Re: Redeeming Clara

The best one so far. Well paced, well written, great characters, and occasionally creepy. A tough act to follow.

I love it when cheerleaders prevent their victims from using the bathroom, those stories are harder to find than you’d think.

Re: Redeeming Clara

This one hit on some surprisingly dark topics.
I do plan on giving all these stories some decent feedback, once the contest is over.

Again; I like it.

Re: Redeeming Clara

So you’re going wait until you know who wrote what? :wink:

I kid.

Re: Redeeming Clara

I’m going to take this opportunity to clarify, I know you already know, but for new visitors of whatever…

Yes, but it doesn’t matter to me who wrote it.
I may have a story written for this.
It may be finished.
It may even be posted.
This might even be it. O.O

And I’d like to comment on all the stories, but not obviously critique everything except my own. It’d kinda be a dead giveaway if each author left several paragraphs about every story that isn’t their own. Which is a total possibility, considering this board’s knack for heavy criticism.

I imagine there may be authors who submit a story, and then think that the whole contest is dead, as no one is commenting. Perhaps some activity might encourage others to write a story in the next couple weeks.

Or maybe I’m just thinking this through too much.

Re: Redeeming Clara

I think you just hit the proverbial nail on the head. I haven’t commented yet cuz I’m working on my own entry still, and I wouldn’t want to comment on all the stories except one and thus let the cat out of the bag. XD. I’d guess this may be the case for why we don’t have many comments yet.

though I will say I enjoyed the darker elements of this story.

Re: Redeeming Clara

I never managed before to write a story that captured elements from It’s A Wonderful Life, Quantum Leap, and the Exorcist. I hope everyone enjoyed and caught what I was doing. Thank you everyone for your votes of confidence.

What would happen if Clarence wasn’t able to save George Bailey from jumping off the bridge? What would have been the consequences to Clarence? I hope you enjoyed my exploration of that thought experiment and didn’t mind that Halloween was kind of forced onto the story.

Now that the reveal has happened, please tell me what the strengths and weaknesses of the story were.

Re: Redeeming Clara

I really should have picked up on the sardonic nature of the overarching plot. Kudos for being able to just get me immersed to the point where I wasn’t looking for clues about the author…

Re: Redeeming Clara

This was one of the stories I enjoyed the most, and it was well-written. If you take the Halloween dance out and replace it with prom, it would fit in perfectly with one of my favorite published short story collections, Prom Nights From Hell.

Re: Redeeming Clara

I do enjoy the prom and dance trope.

Re: Redeeming Clara

Have you read (forgive the decade or so since I read it) Castaways of the Flying Dutchman? (I think it’s a series, but I’m not gonna look it up)
The premise is very similar; forced to move from place to place in order to fix things up and atone for sins.

I really did enjoy this one, and it was very very hard to not vote for it.
You definitely earned your placing.

Your only flaw was using the exact same formatting as you usually do; Centered, numbered chapters, with unique names each. And occasional tendency to avoid contractions or slang terms. Nothing wrong with that at all, but I was able to correctly guess you as the author because of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re considering it, I would definitely be interested in seeing more adventures from these two; related to this interest or not.

Re: Redeeming Clara

Yet he didn’t pick up on me using bold, italic, centered numbers WITHOUT names to denote my chapter breaks, one of my little idiosyncrasies…

Re: Redeeming Clara

This was definitely one of the best in the contest, and easily won my first vote. Good work. While I’m not familiar with the titles you mention, knowing them wasn’t needed to enjoy the story. Actually, scratch that. I think I know It’s a Wonderful Life, just not well enough to connect the movie with the name (I only saw it once, and wasn’t involved in selecting it). I did recognize the George Bailey reference right away.

I haven’t looked it up, but I think Castaways of the Flying Dutchman was a single book. Good reading in any case. I found the premise is a little bit different than you worded it, in that the main character there was spared the fate of the others and sent to help fix things up because he hadn’t committed the sins of the rest. Of course, I only read it in the past year, so I have a bit of an advantage there.