Rebecca Lynn’s changes

Chapter 1
The Start and Introduction

Rebecca had skipped school so she could be home when her stuff he ordered off of E-Bay came in this after noon. She had been dreaming about this day for a long time. She had been saving her money for the last two months. To be able to finally be able to buy the things she really wanted. She was sitting in the living room watching TV, the afternoon cartoons and educational shows had started and she had PBS on, Dragon tales was on at this point. She had thought it was pretty cute and was sitting back relaxing.

About half way though the show, she started to think back over the last couple of months. It had been the middle of the summer and she was sitting on the computer in her bedroom. She had gotten bored so she started to look for something new to read. She had been watching her nephew the last few days. He was about 3 or 4 years old then. His mother was trying to potty train him. So, he had come over wearing pull-up style diapers. He did pretty good for most of the morning. He had an accident while they were eating there lunch so, after they finished she had put a regular diaper on him for his nap. He was still wetting anytime he was sleeping, so his mother had sent regular diapers for his naps and bedtime. After she had changed him and laid him down. She kept looking at the diaper and was wondering what it would be like to still wear diapers. So she took a couple out of his bag and hide them in her bedroom. Later that evening after her sister pick up her nephew she went up to her room, she sat there for a while looking at the diapers. Then she decided to try one to see if it would fit her. The diaper was two small for her so she used a little bit of tape and a pair of panties to hold in on her. After having the diaper on for about two hours she felt the need to go to the bathroom. She tried the hardest she could to wet in the diaper but her body just wouldn’t do it. So, she went into her bathroom and sat down on the toilet. She was finally able to go. She thought it felt kind of weird but she like the feeling of the wet diaper against her skin. As she was heading back to her bedroom, her mother came walking down the hallway. Rebecca tried to hide the point she was wearing a diaper.

“Rebecca Lynn, what are you doing?” her mother asked her.
“Just went to the bathroom and going back to my room, Why?” she asked.
“I can see you just went to the bathroom. I think we need to talk.” her mother Lynn told her.
“Please mom, just don’t worry about me.” she said to her mother in a whining voice.
“Let’s go my little girl.” her mother said to her. As she walked in to Rebecca’s bedroom.
“Ok, fine. It nothing really. Just wanted to see.” she said to her mother.
They both sat down on the edge of her bed. Her mother turned towards her and laid her hand on her leg.
“Rebecca, I can understand. That you want to see what it was like to wear a diaper. I had the same feelings back when I was your age babysitting all the time.” her mother said to her.
“But, mom. I don’t understand what came over me. What is weird is I kind of like it.” she said to her mother as she was starting to cry.
“I think over the past few years I have expected a lot from you. I think you are just looking for away to relive some of the childhood you missed out.” she explained to her daughter.
“But, Mom, I still am the big girl you need and want. Nothing has changed.” she was trying to explain to her mother when she stopped her.
“Rebecca, this don’t change anything. I will leave things up to you. It’s your choice of what you want to do. I know I can not talk you out of doing anything. I never have been able to.” she explained to her.
“But, I don’t know what to do.” she told her.
“I will get you a few things tomorrow and it will be your choice. Just remember I am here for you no matter what.” she told her.
“Thanks Mom, I love you.” she told her.
“But now we need to get that wet thing off of you.” her mother said to her as she had her lay down on the bed. She stood up and went over to where the other diapers wear at and picked up one.
“Mom what are you doing?” she asked.
“Changing my wet girls diaper.” she said to her.
She slid her panties off of her and un taped the diaper from around her.
“I can I need to get you some that will fit you better.” her mother said as she pulled the old diaper out from under her. She then slipped the clean one in it’s place.
“I don’t need one on right now, Mom. I just wanted to try one out.” she said to her.
“I think it would be good for you to wear one tonight. If you don’t like it later we will take it off of you.”’ her mother said as she was taping the diaper around her waist, then she pulled her panties back on her.
“Ok, there you go, now lets go get us some ice cream or something to eat and watch TV.” her mother said to her. Rebecca followed her mother downstairs to the kitchen.

The next thing she remembered was about a week later. Her mother had bought her two packages of diapers that would fit her. She also picked up wipes, baby powder and lotion for her. All the stuff was sitting in her bedroom closest. She had used any of them yet. She was sitting at her desk working on her computer and she started thinking about the diapers again. After about a hour or so. She decide to go head and try one of them out. She went over to her closest and pulled out one of the packages out. She looked at it for a couple of seconds reading it a little bit. Tranquility All Though the Night “ATN” size child’s size medium. She carefully opened the package and pulled one out. She thought it was a little bit thicker than one of her nephews and it did not have any printing on it or anything. She took it over to her bed and spread it out. She then got undressed and put the diaper on, it took a little bit to get it just right. She figured if she laid in bed covered up her mother would never figure it out that she as wearing it so she turned on her TV and laid there watching a movie. About two hours later her mother walked into the room, Rebecca was sound asleep, se had kicked her covers off of her. Her mother noticed that she was wearing of the diapers. She walked over to the bed and checked her diaper real quickly, Rebecca had soaked it pretty good sometime while she was watching her movie. Her mother figured it was best she left her alone for now. So she just covered her back up and gave her a small kiss on her forehead. About an hour later Rebecca woke up. She was laying there in her bed, when she remembered she was still wearing the diaper she put on earlier. She lifted the sheet up and looked at it. She had soaked it pretty good while she was watching the movie before she fell asleep. Now that she was waking up a little bit more she had a real bad urge to go again, she sat there for a few and finally she went . Just as she was climbing out of her bed her mother opened the door and stuck her head in.

" Good to see you woke up. I wanted to make sure you did not leave that wet diaper on all night. You have to be careful not to get any diaper rash when you sleep with a wet diaper on." She said to her.
“I fell to sleep and forgot I had it on. Sorry Mom, I just figured I would try one out since you did spend money on them.” She said to her mother.
“I don’t care one way or the other. Just let me know when you need more. Would you like me to change that for you?” she asked her.
“No, I think I can get it.” She told her.
“Now come on, Let your mother change that wet thing for you.” Her mother said as she walked over to the closest and grabbed the diapering supplies.
"Mom, please. I can get it.
“I kind of enjoy being able help take care of you once again Rebecca. You have grown up so much and don’t need me a lot any more.” Her mother pleaded with her.
“Ok, Mom but, I will always need you and you know that.” she said to her mother feeling a little bit guilty.
Rebecca laid down on her bed and her mother changed her diaper for her.

Every since that day Rebecca has been wearing at least one diaper a day. She has let her mother change her when every she asked her to. Over the last few weeks Rebecca had been getting to where she was enjoying more of the baby things. She though back to just this past weekend.

Her mother talked her into wearing diapers all weekend and to let her baby her the entire time. Rebecca had really enjoyed this time with her mother and had wished it would never end. Her mother had made a commit a couple of times that she wished they could do this more often and she enjoyed the time they were spending together. Rebecca had been spending a lot of her spare time on the internet and had found a few forums and other websites she had joined, she also found a few places and people on E-Bay that sold ABDL or TB stuff. So last Friday she had ordered some stuff.

She was still day dreaming some when she heard the door bell ring. So she woke up the rest of the way on the third ring and walked over to the front door and looked to see who it was. It was a UPS driver so she opened the door .

Rebecca’s mother Lynn, had figured out what here plans of skipping school was, so she had also ordered a few things off the internet that Rebecca did not know about. Lynn and started to really enjoy having her little girl back again. She was trying to find ways to make things keep going the way the were headed. She also had planned on surprising Rebecca by coming home early and catching here skipping school. She figured it was a god way to put a few things in to action.

Lynn started to think about things with Rebecca. With Rebecca being extremely short and small for her age it helped with things. Rebecca was only 4’3" tall and only about 85 pounds at 15 years old. She was developing pretty well but not as much or as fast as the other girls in her school. Lynn, had talked her in to letting her hair go out a while back, so her strawberry blond hair was now down to the middle of her back. She also dressed pretty conservatively not real girly girl, but not tom-boy like either. She wore some jeans and shorts but she wore mainly skirts and t-shirts or Simple dresses most of the time. So Lynn figured it would not be that hard to make her look like a older toddler or at least a younger child with out to many people knowing otherwise. Lynn had put a program into Rebecca’s computer last week that tracked what sites she went to and also kept a record of what she was doing at anytime on her computer. This was how she found out about the E-Bay orders she had made and knew where to find the things she had ordered also. Her mother had also made plans for them to get away for two weeks on vacation. Which Rebecca did not know about yet.

Rebecca had just finished singing for the packages she had ordered when a second delivery person walked up from Fed-Ex. She signed for theses packages also and took everything inside. She took her couple of packages to her bedroom and sat down to start opening them. She was in the middle of cutting open the first box when her mother walked into her bedroom.

“I see that your stuff made it.” she said to Rebecca.
“Mom, what are you doing home already?” she asked her.
“I think I should ask you the same thing? I had figured out your little plan for today and wanted to surprise you.” she told her.
“I am sorry MOM. I was just wanted to be able to get these things and look at them. So I skipped school.” she said to her mother.
“Well I think that we can work something out. Since what ever is in the boxes is more important than school. I think that you should be grounded for a little while. But during this grounding you must use these items and act accordingly to there age grouping.” she said to her mother.
“But, MOM. It’s not like I want to be in diapers and play with baby stuff all the time. I just do it for fun sometimes.” she said to her mother.
“Well for the next month you will be diapered and be treated like a baby or I can think of something much worse.” she said to Rebecca.
“That’s not fair Mom.” Rebecca started to wine at her.
“Now then here is the rules for your grounding. First of all, you will wear diapers at all times. They will be your only toilet. Second only me or an adult will change you. Third I will dress you and feed you. Fourth of all You are to act like a one to two year old little toddler. That includes toys, TV, talking, actions and sleeping. You will take naps go to bed early, be given baths the whole nine yards. Last and most importantly we will be going out of town for most of this time. So this will be a 24/7.” she explained to her.
“Mom, I can’t go out in public in a diaper and baby clothes.” She responded.
“Yes you can and will. You will see nobody will know the difference. I already have everything planed out. Or you can be grounded like normal for the next three months and lose all your stuff and no baby stuff at all.” she told Rebecca.
“Not fair at all Mom. But I will try to make it.” she said to her mother.
“Ok, then let’s get you undressed and a bath. Then we will get you diapered up.” she said to her.

Rebecca Lynn’s changes

Well - no one’s commented this already. Clearly the commenting is slack.

Whilst the story does not immediately appear to offer anything particularly new by any measure, I seriously commend you (as a first time author) for offering something of decent length which has clearly been undertaken with a reasonable degree of care!

Rebecca Lynn’s changes

Yea the replys seam to be real slow coming. I will give it a couple of days and see then. But thank you Nemo for posting. Nothing new no, but things caan change. I have never written much in this type of genre before. More fantasy and other types of fiction.

I have an Idea or two n a fantsy story that I wrote a while back but thing about changing it to include diapers in some ways.

Rebecca Lynn’s changes

Its a decent start. Its clear that you’ve but some thought and planning into it. I’d like to see this continue.

Rebecca Lynn’s changes

Thanks Vickey for your imput and I will reread things and try a little bit harder.

I thank all who have posted also. I write for fun but do try a little bit harder when other enjoy it.

Rebecca Lynn’s changes

It seems generic to me.

Rebecca Lynn’s changes

I rarely comment on storys since I rarely get into storys anymore but I like this one. But its a good story to me and I look forward to reading the next chapter. Like I said its rare for me to read a diaper story anymore and I read this whole chapter, keep up the good work.