Reality is constant, right?

Prologue– Powers

I open my eyes, the clothes I’m wearing feel foreign, quite uncomfortable and the room I see is not my own, instead of the blue painted room, with a few diagrams of machines I’m accosted by ababy blue room with Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam posters.

My bed, or at least the thing I’m sleeping in, has also changed from a normal bed with white covers to a oversized cot containing a fuzzy blue blanket.

As I stand up and the blanket falls of me the clothes I’m wearing are revealed, a blue fuzzy onesie and judging by the bulge underneath it my underwear have expanded in what I believe to be a diaper.

As I bring up my hands to try and unlock the crib, then kill who ever orchestrated this practical joke, I find that I’m not going anywhere due to the mittens around my hands stopping me from opening my prison.

“Right,who did this?!?” I yell out without response.

I’m not long alone however as soon my younger sister walks into the room and says “Who’s a cranky baby?”

“I’m not a baby,” I retort, furious with I younger sister, who obviously is the mastermind of this evil prank.

“Oh but you are Jason, and further more this is how it was meant to be,boys in diapers, slaves to there sisters, I only helped,” she says.

“God Emperor help me, Ellie what did you do?” I ask her while rubbing the mittens against a exposed screw in the crib, hopeful that I might be able to remove them.

“God Emperor? Who’s that, Palpatine? You worship Emperor Palpatine?”She asks incredulous and as I open my mouth to respond she continues“No matter, all I did was make a wish on a shooting star, then during my sleep a scary voice said my wish would come true, and here we are.”

“Wait the star granted your wish?” I ask unbelieving, worried of what that would imply. I may be a ABDL but the though of all boys in diapers scares me.

“Yes,though only your friend group has been effected, and their siblings,”she says throwing her head back and laughing.

“Even their female siblings?” I ask wondering if she had yet been consumed by the power she wields.

“Yes, all of them babies,” she says, “they are all also going to live here in future, so at least you won’t be apart but I best be off, when your friends arrive I’m going to have to be ready.”

She leaves and I sit, trying to make the sign of the god emperor for prayer. Though my mittens get in My way.

As I sit trying to pray a rushing sound consumes my ears and I fall over in pain.

When I sit up again my body feels lighter and when I continue forcing my hands against each other, hoping that the mittens are home made and flimsy, my hands travel straight through the cloth, though it remains intact.

I stand up marvelling in this newfound ability and instead of my clothes following my body they instead stay where they are, me now naked able to move without constraint and sure enough I see the bulky thing around my legs were in fact diapers.

I leave the room I was in, which it turns out used to be mine and walk downstairs, one hand over my crotch. As I do I see my dad at the table, glasses on, reading a newspaper and with a mug of tea next to his lips, next to him I see my mum with a slice of toast in her mouth and her half bit down on it.

I walk towards them and as I do I notice that they are moving so slowly, “Mum, Dad?” I say tentatively. My voice echoes around with a ethereal note but they continue not to look towards me, though I see my mums hand start to move.

I walk on as my mum’s hand continues it’s age long path, I walk into what used to be my parents room, where I find my sister setting up cots, she has three done and two more to do, in the other corner I find a changing table, with seven or eight stacks of diapers next to it.

As a joke I grab my sister, she may be babying me but I’m still stronger than her, she still doesn’t notice, instead she’s frozen in pose. I carry her over to the changing table she set up for me and my friends.

There I pull down my 10 year old sister’s baggy jeans and her pink panties, hiding the latter under the mattress of one of the cots. I find the open packs on diapers, one of which she must of put on me.

I take one of the diapers and fix it to her, finally I put her baggy jeans back on her and I put her back roughly where she was. I start to leave wishing I could see her realise what I’ve done, this brings to my mind the question “How am I going to get back?”

As I wonder this, still standing in the room that is being set up for my friends, I feel warmth spread across my body and with a crack I feel my clothes appear around me and time speeds up again.

“Jason? How did you get out of your cot,” Ellie asks as she spins around to face me. As she does I she her stumble slightly as she’s caught out by the diaper she’s wearing.

“I have my ways,” I say and I smirk, tilting my head slightly.

“Well you can see what I… What the hell am I wearing?” she asks poking her groin. As she does I wish I could be back in that other realm. I start to concentrate on it really hard while Ellie pulls down her trousers.

“What the he…” Ellie starts to say and she’s cut of by the door bell and my falling back into the ether, as I have chosen to call it.

“It works by me willing it, I will myself between realms,” I say to myself, comprehending for the first time as to how I move.

“Very good my child,” a deep yet kind voice rings out.

“Who are you?” I call out into the void, to no response.

“You do not know me yet, but in a couple millennia or so I become very important to humanity, as it is I am projecting myself back in time to make sure history stays true and your sister wish is the result of demonic interference,” the voice echoes.

“If you can get all those affected to connect physically, like holding hands, and then focus all your physic energy into the lot of you you should be able to reverse it, only you will remember it ever happened.”

“Ok ,why should I trust you, how do I know your not me or one of the aforementioned demons?” I reply

“I have unlocked your true psionic capabilities, this should be proficient,” the voice booms, “Now go!”

I am kicked out of the ether and at the front door with your sister,dazed and confused for a few seconds but as I clear my head my sister opens the door to reveal Roger, Callum and James, who is a bit older than me, along with their younger siblings Bea and Ellen, who is about my age.

We are all left in the room half set us for us as the adults go off to chat. I start to formulate a sentence “I know how to fix this, just it’s annoyingly difficult.”

As I say this I concentrate on generating a ball of psionics in my hand,“We have to, well, hold hands.”
“You just want to hold Ellen’s hand don’t you,” Roger says and I scowl.

“No I don’t,” you say and you show them your hand, containing the ball of psychic energy. Expecting nothing you are equally surprised by the small yet present ball of purple energy inhabiting your hand.

“Wow,”echoes around the circle and they move to hold hands, unfortunately before you can complete the circle your sister comes in and you quickly let the ball fizzle out.

“Come on we’re going to the park,” Ellie says, “So we have to get you changed.”

The others look up at this, hoping that they might be changed into more adult clothes instead onesies. I of course know differently.

We are taken and changed by my sister into equally babyish clothes,except the girls, Bea and Ellen are changed into short skirts and crop tops, both show off their diapers.

Both groups seem equally embarrassed by Ellie’s choice in clothing for us.

When we leave the building we all grab each others hands quickly and as my sister lunges towards us, knowing what I am about to do yelling “No,”I push all the psionic energy in me into my friends, as I do the world starts to go white.

I start up in bed, drenched in cold sweat. “Just a dream,” I say to myself though I still try to will myself into the ether.

“Don’t think so,” the voice says as the signatory rushing noise fills my ears and I enter the ether.

“No!”I say in a mix of happiness and awe.

“Yes,”the voice says back, “Now be careful with your powers.”

Re: Reality is constant, right?

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Re: Reality is constant, right?

He/she probably copy-pasted it, I encountered the same problem whilst writing for chapter 3 of No Toilets for Animals.

Re: Reality is constant, right?

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Re: Reality is constant, right?

I’m going to open with the oft-used ‘it’s too early to tell.’ But seriously, this could go almost anywhere from here.
Now that’s not entirely a problem, but even from where you left it, I think you could’ve included a bit more world-building.

There are a few leaps your protagonist makes that are hard to follow.
If there is a god emperor, it might be best to make it clear to your readers that the characters aren’t simply joking with each other. (I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I think I recall ‘God Emperor’ being a term in WH40k, but I’m not that much of a nerd.)
Other things like the psonic abilities are simply accepted and used without much thought. If this is normal for your universe, then it would be good to have the character act like it. On the flip side, if this is totally out of left field (think, it’s set in real life with no previous inclusion of fantasy) then I think you could do well to take the time to show the surprise as your protagonist figures out what the hell is going on.

As this is narrated in first person, feel free to show a lot of the internal conflict, emotion, and thought-process.

Now, I’m not saying you need to show your hand too early, far from it.
In fact, don’t you dare reply and tell me what the hell is going on. :wink:
Use your story to do it. Throw in some juicy details and hints that let us know what this is. Remember that you need to think from each character’s perspective; if it’s normal for them, their actions will show it, if it’s surprising, they may be slow to pick up on it. Don’t rush, this is the beginning, and as such, it’s vital that you give the reader enough information to be interested, as well as letting them know enough that they’re not confused as you progress.

Now, there are still a few instances of scrunched together words. I’m pretty sure there’s one in the first paragraph.
Also, there’s this, where you seem to have switch to second person perspective.

“No I don’t,” you say and you show them your hand, containing the ball of psychic energy. Expecting nothing you are equally surprised by the small yet present ball of purple energy inhabiting your hand.