Rats in the walls -- Second chapter

Chapter 2

Elizabeth had fallen asleep while drifting in space, and a quiet beep and the return of the red glow woke her up.

“You are now approaching The Ship Of The Mighty Mass. Preparing for retrieval and sterilization.” The egg around Elizabeth suddenly went clear, making her feel like she was sitting in empty space. She turned and finally got a look at The Ship Of The Mighty Mass.

“Mighty Mass is a good description…” Elizabeth said quietly as she marveled at the huge thing before her. The first thing it made her think of was the giant space ship from the movie Independence Day, but upon inspection was likely much larger. She couldn’t even guess at it’s total size, or how many people could fit in it. She seemed to be heading right for it though, guided by something. It was either moving itself to intercept her, or moving her to itself, which was more likely.

It took nearly a half an hour from the notice from the egg till Elizabeth was finally pulled into a small space sized exactly for her egg. The egg slid down a shaft, and fell a few feet from it’s entry into a small room. Elizabeth tumbled forward in the egg, and was surprised when it split open and expelled her from it.

She landed in a big pile of cushions, and it took her a minute to catch her breath and dig herself out. Once she struggled free of the pile, a quick glance around the room showed that there wasn’t much to see. Well lit, but barren save for the pile of cushions and the egg halves sitting on the white tile floor. There didn’t appear to be any entrances, and she couldn’t see where she had fallen from. She walked around the room and rapped on the walls.

“Hello? What’s going on? Why am I here?”

“We require some answers from you.” A mans voice said from behind her. Elizabeth spun around and was shocked to see a very tall man, easily 7 feet tall, wearing nothing but a long white robe open in the front, showing his bare chest and drooping genitalia. His black hair was cut in an odd fashion, long in the front and shaved shaved from the ears back in complex patterns, with the remainder braided in a simple rope. He looked to be of Asian heritage, but bright blue eyes twinkled out from his sockets. He took a single long stride towards Elizabeth and placed his hand on her shoulder. She noticed that he had long arms, like a orangutan, and an extra finger wedged between his ring and middle fingers.

“I hope you can help us. Please come meet the others.” He said quietly as he turned and walked across the room. He approached one of the walls and placed his hand on it, causing a ripple to spread out, as if the wall were made of water. The ripples stopped after a second, and the wall faded away, revealing a well lit hallway lined with doors. He started down the hallway without looking back, and Elizabeth followed.

They walked to the far end and took the last door on the left, which led into a spacious room. Built in a large Octagon, it was filled with more cushions and a random assortment of lazy boys, couches and stools. The room was a lined with a thick, dark green carpet. Floors, walls and ceiling were covered in it, and most of the cushions were of dark browns or lighter greens.

There were 5 people sprawled amongst the cushions and seats, each nude and “normal” like Elizabeth. The guide stepped into the room after her placed his hand on her shoulder.

“This is the 8th. We will begin tomorrow.” He said in his quiet voice, then turned and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

One of the men stood up from his pile of cushions and approached her.

“Hi. I’m Shinkei Onwa, friends call me Wa. I was the first one here.” He said as he stuck out his hand. Standing at 5’10 and 156 pounds, his Japanese body bare to the world, and a small smile on his face as Elizabeth took his hand.

“Hi. Elizabeth Rio. Ummm… Where are…”
“Don’t know. No one does. We all had the same introduction which I’m pretty sure you went through. Job interview, weird toilet, hurtling through space?”

Elizabeth nodded and opened her mouth to ask another question.

“Before you ask any more questions, no one here knows much of anything regarding our current situation. There’s 8 beds, 4 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and this room. The only other people we have seen was the guy who escorted you here. Never says anything other then what I’m sure he said to you. One of the other guys tried to clock him and nearly got his arm ripped off by something. Didn’t see anything, he just started screaming and tugging at his arm, so we figure to not try that route again.”

“You lied Wa. He never said that bit about beginning, just said, “This is the 4th. This is the 5th. This is the 6th.” Now that we have 8, somethings gonna happen.” One of the girls said from the couch. A small black woman, her long black hair covered her breasts and fell half way down her stomach. She had a book in her hands, which she carefully tucked a bookmark into and closed.

“I’m Cathy. I was number 2.” She spoke, then turned to Wa.“Get the lady a chair, Wa.” She barked. He sighed and walked towards one of the walls.
“What kind of seat would you like?”
“Uhh… A lazy boy?” Elizabeth said uncertainly. Wa turned to the wall.
“A black lazy boy recliner.” The wall shimmered in response to his words, and low and behold the chair slowly slid out of the wall. Literally slid out of the wall, as if it were coming up from under water. It continued to glide forward of it’s own accord until it was completely out of the wall, the stopped short. Wa grabbed it and tugged it into the circle of other seats. Once it was positioned, Wa moved back to his seat and Elizabeth took hers.

One of the other women in the room was sitting beside Elizabeth, and the woman turned to her as soon as she was settled.

“Hi, I’m Katie. I was number 6.” She was a white woman with long red hair and deep green eyes. She sat cross legged with a big book in her lap which covered her body up to her chin.

“And I’m Jeff. Number 4.” A big black man said from across the circle. Elizabeth couldn’t accurately say how tall he was because he was sitting down, but he was obviously well muscled and in good shape. She couldn’t help but glance down at his crotch. He must have caught her, because he let out a small laugh and uncrossed he legs. Elizabeth felt a blush rising to her cheeks as she looked away.

“No worries hun, you’ll get lots of opportunities to check things out. Most of us have gotten used to it already.” Another woman said as she exited from a room on the side.

“Hi, my names June. I was number 7.” She was a young girl with blonde hair tied up in a pony tail. She obviously had no problem being naked, and calmly walked around the circle to her chair beside the final person in the room, who seemed to be asleep.

“This is George.” June said as she sat down. Elizabeth shot June a weird look.
“He wasn’t always like this, they did it to him. He attacked one of them, and he was nearly killed by something we couldn’t even see. After that, they left him with us, but the next morning he woke up like this.”

George stirred, and her breast slowly slid off the couch. Jane calmly reached over and lifted it back onto the couch.

“He hasn’t been awake a lot. Sleeps most of the day, then gets up once we have all gone to bed and cries.”

If Elizabeth hadn’t known that the woman in front of her was a man, she would have called her beautiful. Possessing a models body, the only feature that remained was the small penis between her legs.

“If I ever do anything that might piss these guys off, kick me.” Elizabeth said, and the group quieted into an awkward silence.

So, it took me a lot longer to get this up then I thought it would. Hopefully I fixed the formatting problems.

Please let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense, or I could improve on. I don’t post many stories, and the few I have get almost 0 constructive criticism.

Rats in the walls – Second chapter

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Rats in the walls – Second chapter

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