Rachel's Days

Posted my story on Daily Diaper’s Forum, thought I’d give it a chance over here.

Chapter 1. Finally!

Friday - 3:30 pm

“No, I completely understand Mrs. P. Good speaking with you too.”

She hung up the phone and sulked off to her room, another plan and
moment foiled by changed plans. It had been almost a month now, and
she was begining to wonder if she was ever going to get a place to
herself ever again.

It wasn’t Mrs. Peters fault, she and her husband both work random
hours, and they never can be sure when they will get a moment to go
out and treat themselves to a nice dinner or a movie. Much less a
chance to plan a week in advance to hire a baby sitter for their
daughter Carol. And she knew that. But she couldn’t help being
resentful of their position, and blaming them both for the fact that
she couldn’t get out for a brief vacation.

She slipped back out of her blue jeans and donned back her peace sign
pajama bottoms, she wouldn’t be needing to get dressed now, and might
as well be comfortable if she’s going to be sitting around the house
all night.

“Oh well, whats another month anyway?” She asked herself in a huff.
“No point getting worked up over it. Besides, its not like its defintely
going to be that long before I can watch Carol anyway.”

Her door opened a little and her mothers head came into view, “Whats
all that noise in here?”

“I was just changing pants mom, everything is fine, thanks.” She knew
that she barely bumped anything, let alone made a sound. Just an excuse
for her paranoid mother to stick her head in her room and get involved
with everything in the house. “Oh, while i’ve got you, Mrs. Peters called
it turns out that Mr. P has to work tonight, so she is giving me the night

“Great, me and you can do something, its been a long time since I had
a Friday night with one of my girls.”

“Um, actually I thought I’d go to Lydia’s to relax for a while, I haven’t
really seen her in a few weeks since her job started.” Coming up with the
first excuse not to be home with her mother, that she could. “You know, she
has been so busy applying to colleges and working we’ve kinda fallen out
of touch.”

“Oh, well thats fine, just let me know when and where you’ll be please,
you know I worry.”

“Oh I know you do.” She rolled her eyes without thinking.

“This how we’re going to start off today?” She gave her daughter a
baleful look. “We’ve been doing really well lately Rachel, I’d hate
to get back into trading words with you again.”

“Sorry mom, its just I could’ve used the money from watching Carol,
and its got my nerves bunched.” She replied, knowing full well it
wasn’t the money that had her worked up. “But you’re right, I love

“Love you too, let me know what you decide to do.” And she abruptly
closed the door as she finished her sentence.

She threw her head backwards and onto her pillow and huffed. “Ugh,
what am I gonna do. I’ve got to get out of this house.”

Her door cracked again, and she found herself even less pleased the
second time her mom’s head came into view. “I forgot to mention, a lady
called earlier just before you woke up and told me to give you her number.
I didn’t catch her name, or maybe I did and forgot it, either way, her
number is on the fridge next to the phone.”

“She say what she wanted?”

“I didn’t ask, but she seemed very sweet, and said she had run into
you at the grocery store about a week ago.”

“I don’t remember giving out our number at a store…” And tried
to think back to the last time she’d even been out to a grocery store.

“Either way, she called, I messaged, mission accomplished.” Her mother
gave her a little smile and closed the door again.

Rachel rolled off her bed and onto her feet. Catching a brief glimpse
of herself in the mirror as she did. Rachel stood about 5’5 and was rather
slender even for a girl of 18 (almost 19, she often reminded herself.)
Her light brown hair reached the middle of her back, and she often let it
do just that. Even a pony tail was a pain not worth dealing with now that
she wasn’t getting dressed for school daily. Her breasts, not large,
but in fact, she was rather pleased at their size. Any larger and they
wouldn’t look proportional, and any smaller and she would feel like less
of a girl.

She stopped and walked closer to the mirror to get a look at her face,
which she had never been satisfied with. Her eyes, which were complimented
by everyone who passed by her, were a saphire blue with flakes of green at
the edges of her iris, stared at her nose and mouth. “I hate my teeth,
wish it wasn’t weird to be toothless or I’d have done it.” She said to
herself dramatically. She ran her first two fingers over her front teeth,
which were of an average size, but to the owner of those teeth a bane, and
closed her mouth to look back at her nose. Small and narrow with a tiny
gem set in her left nostril. She had bought the piercing with money she
had gotten watching Carol, her mother hated it, but its one of the only
things she had bought with the money she was saving, and rather liked it

She walked out of her room and passed Brittany’s door, it was slightly
cracked (probably her mother’s doing) and glanced in. Brittany had her
headphones in and was fixing her hair in the standing mirror. She had
always been jealous of Brittany’s hair, it fell in short waves and always
seemed to stay where she put it (not like Rachel’s that flew around whether
the wind was blowing or not.) Brittany wasn’t any smaller than her sister
despite the three year difference, but Brittany had grown quickly and
stopped abruptly about three months ago.

Britt caught a glance of her sister in the mirror, and waved with a goofy
smile on her face, half wording the words to whatever song she was listening
to. Rachel smiled and gave her a nod, then continued on the way back to
the kitchen.

She cracked open a box of lucky charms, and not bothering to grab anything
else proceded to munch by the handful while approching the fridge. She
snatched the note out from under the magnet her mother had placed. The half
eaten box of cereal she placed on the table, and with her other hand
she pulled the phone off the cradle.

“Woman writes like a doctor,” she mumbled to herself trying to decipher
her mothers chicken scratch. “pretty sure thats a nine and not a four.”
Dialing as she spoke. It rang just long enough for Rachel to think of
hanging up when a voice answered.

“Hello?” A kid crying in the background, “Give me just a second I’m sorry”

“K, not a problem.” Wondering who this lady is, and briefly thinking how
rude it is to answer the phone and tell whomever it is to wait before even
hearing their voice. The crying faded to the background and she heard a
door shut as though she had left the room.

“Sorry for that, Tyler has been a real handful today. Rachel right?”

“Yes mam, and I’m sorry to call and ask, but who is this again?”

“Oh! Pardon me, I guess I didn’t tell your mom much, not even sure I gave
her my name, but this is Janice Needle. I met you outside of the Wal Mart
and you helped me with my groceries and carrying Tyler to the car during
one of his fits.”

Remembering all at once, Rachel felt like an idiot, she hadn’t been to a
store in a while, she and Lydia had been meeting some friends outside
Wal Mart five or six days ago and she had seen this lady having quite a time
balancing her kid and seven bags of food in two hands and a foot. “Yes,
I remember you, how are you doing?”

“Been one of those days, but recently it always seems to be. I’ve got to
get back to Tyler real quick, and I know this is incredibly short notice,
but I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight?” She seemed out
of breath.

Rachel held her breath, she remembered mentioning to this lady that she
watched kids and gave her number to her without thinking about what watching
a child like Tyler could really entail. “Um, actually my plans just canceled
a bit ago, what did you need?” ‘I really hope I don’t regret this’ repeated
in her mind about five times before the lady interrupted her train of thought.

“Well I was thinking of taking some time away from my angel,” she said with
an air of sarcasm, “and was thinking that maybe you’d like to make some money

“Do you have a time in mind?”

“Um, maybe five? I was going to go over to a friend of mine’s house and
have a few drinks. Thought I might stay the night over there if you were
comfortable watching him all night, and a bit in the morning Saturday.”

An entire night? A whole night all to herself in a house? She almost
screamed with delight. “I’ve got nothing going on all weekend Mrs… I’m
sorry what was your last name again?” Come on, don’t screw this up forgeting
the lady’s name, she thought.

“Needle, and you can just call me Janice if its easier. And you say you’ve
got nothing to do all weekend?”

“I’ll call you Mrs. N if thats alright, and yep, I’m free and clear.”

“Fantasic!” She sounded ready to explode with delight herself. “Let me
get you the address to here real quick and I’ll see you in an hour or so?”

“Sounds awesome Mrs. N” and it did sound quite amazing.

Chapter 2. Sweet Release

She had been waiting patiently for Tyler to stop crying and go to sleep.
He was three years old, way to old to be screaming like he does when put to
bed. But his mother says she had been sleeping with him next to her up
until a month or two ago, and she never leaves without him except in
emergencies, so this was apt to be a bit difficult for Rachel. “I’ll be
fine, trust me, I’ve dealt with all kinds.” Giving her a wink as she
said it.

“Thank you again so much,” Mrs. Needle said, and you could tell she really
meant it. "If you need anything my number is on the fridge. There is
everything you’ll need for him in his room, I bought an extra pack of diapers
so there would be no chance of running out, and there is plenty of food
for both of you in the kitchen. “I’m gonna run, thank you thank you thank
you!” And with that she gave her a hug and was out the door.

That was close to four hours ago, and she was wondering if Tyler was
ever going to shut up. As if by some sort of psychic magic, the crying
begin to dull, then all together stop. Rachel got up from the living
room and creeped back towards Tyler’s room to see if she could hear anything
from him. She peered in the crack she left in his door, and caught him fast
asleep. “Ugh, finally,” she whispered. And opened the door to his room
a little more so she could slip in.

She walked over to the far wall where she had left the pack of diapers
and pulled several out of the pack and tucked them under her arm, grabbed
his wipes from off the dresser and started back towards the door. She didn’t
know if they were going to fit her, but he was a big boy, heavy for his age
and he was really close to four, so she thought she had a chance.

Avoiding the bathroom for the last two hours had been hard, but she wanted
the first release she had had in a month to be amazing. By the time she
had made it back to the living room, she was sure she wasn’t going to make it.
She dropped the diapers and wipes from under her arm directly on the floor, and
started to undress. Roughly throwing her pants onto the couch, she struggled
with her pink panties (plain, but with a little bow on the front, one of her
favorite pair just cause they were so close to a little girls.) finally
dropping them to her ankles. Her bare sex freshly shaven (she spent extra
time at home making sure that everything was very smooth.) she ran her hand
over it before dropping to her back on the floor with one of his diapers in
her hand (the others she brought, close by just in case his didn’t fit.)

She opened his diaper up and smelled it before lining it up with her narrow
waist and under her petite bottom. She just fastened the tapes up when she
felt it spill from her like a glass of water off a table. The warm puddle
forming under her was almost too much to bare, and she began to shudder with
excitment and pleasure. Her hand dropped to in between her legs and began
rubbing before she even knew what she was doing. She pulled herself into a
sitting position with her back against a stranger’s couch, and ran her fingers
deep into the plush of the toddler’s diaper. Feeling the warmth through her
freshly wet diaper sent her into another spiral of excitment, and she began to
rub more intensly. By the time she finished wetting, her right hand had found
its way inside the top of diaper and to her soft mound. She budded her clit
with the tip of her middle finger while her index worked its way back in and
out of her vagina. She came much quicker than she had intended, but always
did whenever she had a moment as grand as this. She stopped herself from
pushing it any further, knowing that she would want to do this several times
more tonight, and didn’t want to wear herself out at the very first wetting.

She didn’t move at all for several minutes except to apply pressure to the
front of her diaper with her palm. Causing a small moan to escape her lips
and her entire body to shift forward out of her control. When the shudder
began to subside, Rachel looked down. She wasn’t surprised to see she had
leaked a little, and could see the warm lines of pee, that had begun to feel
cooler on her legs, running from the sides and inside of the diaper, off her
legs, and onto the floor. She lifted her butt to survey the damage to the
carpet. “A couple of drops, nothing to worry about at all.” She said a bit
relieved (in more ways than one.)

If she hadn’t been leaking she would have stayed in that diaper for as long
as she could before having to go again, but as it was she figured she had
better get herself changed and into something dry. She loved changing her
diaper almost as much as wetting one. She laid back down on her back,
carefully skirting her hair away from the few drops that had been in the
carpet, and pulled her knees up. She sat for just a moment longer enjoying
the feeling of warm wet pee on her mound before realizing if she stayed that
way any longer she would probably relapse into another state of excitement.
And proceded to unfasten the tapes on the sides, first the right, then the
left. The pee didn’t have time to smell, but it certainly changed the color
of the fluff in the center of the child’s diaper. The urine stained the
leak guards a light yellow, but everything in the middle was practically
a neon. The warmth around her crotch quickly cooled as the air hit her naked
sex, the chill that was sent down her spine reminded her of jumping into a pool.

She gently opened the container of wipes and regarded her legs and crotch
with a gentleness of someone who had done this many times before (even though
this was probably only her ninth or tenth time she’d ever had a chance.) When
she was done cleaning the urine from her soft mound, she wiped her bottom a bit,
and threw the used wipe in between her legs and onto the diaper. She pulled
the used butt pillow (a way she liked to think about it) away from her, and
rolled it up, making sure to tape the sides so that the wet would stay on
the inside. She had made the mistake of closing it wrong the first time
and when she had packed up and put the diaper in her book bag, her books
had squeezed pee into her homework. Of course, this time she was babysitting
an actual baby, and could just throw away the diaper in the diaper genie,
his mother would never know the difference between hers and his.

“Dis is dunna be great!” She said in a baby voice she liked to talk to
herself in, and unfolded another diaper. “Me neva dit to do dis twice.”
She lifted her bottom back into the air and placed the diaper underneathe.
“Aw, doodies! I dunnot have no poof!” Refering to baby powder. She jumped
up off the floor, leaving the diaper where it was, and ran off to Tyler’s
room, naked except for her shirt. She checked the crack to make sure he
was still sleeping (as if seeing her naked would give away everything) and
slipped in to grab the powder from the dresser. He stirred a bit and she
flinched, and then relaxed, realizing there wasn’t anything that would
happen if he woke short of having to put him back down. (Though it would
definitely keep her from her fun, for a bit.)

She walked over to his bed, and pulled his sheets up over his shoulder,
assuming he might be cold, and caught a whiff of what he had left for her
to deal with in the morning. “Pe-ew, dat a 'tinky baby.” She whispered.

Leaving his room, and making sure to keep the door cracked a bit, she
gladly held up his baby powder. “Poof! Poof!” Squeezing the powder a little
and watching the white mist float and disappear, proclaiming in the meantime
“Poof!” She made it back to the living room and dropped to her hands and knees
crawling to where she had left the diaper, and climbed on top of it. She
took a little powder in one hand and rubbed it gently all over her crotch,
making sure to get her butt and vagina very well. With that done, she closed
the diaper and fastened the tapes.

She plopped up on the couch wondering what to do next, and flipped the
television on, and turned the volume down. Tyler had Veggie Tales blasting
when last the tv was on, so it startled her at first. Usually she only had
enough time in a babysitting night to wear and wet a diaper once, but tonight
she kept thinking of all the time she had. “What am I going to do? I always
dream of being able to wear one for a while, but now that I get to, I’m lost.

Tired of sitting and thinking of what she would do, she decided at least she
could get something to drink and fill herself for another release. Remembering
Tyler had a sippy cup in his room she ran down the hall to get it for herself.
She slipped in his room and grabbed it up, catching another brief smell of
his dirty diaper. “I wonder if I should wake him and change that, I’d hate
for him to sleep in that all night.” She spoke to herself. Decided against
it, and ran back towards the kitchen.

Opening the cabinets to find a clean lid (Tyler had eaten chicken nuggets
that night and she could clearly see the crumbs he left on the lid) she
spotted a large bib next to his cups. “I could use that, but I’d have to
wash it, not really worth my time.” So she snagged a spare sippy lid and
shut the door without another thought.

She filled up her sippy with apple juice, and brought the rest of the
bottle with her into the living room, cause she knew one glass wasn’t going
to get her even close to wet the way she liked it. Shrinking back into
the corner of the couch, she watched some television.

Three sippy cups full of apple juice and an hour later, she felt a need
to go again. She didn’t want to go immediately just in case it was only
a little bit, what she really wanted was that exploding orgasm like she
had the first time. She knew it wouldn’t be as amazing, cause it had been
a month before that time, but she didn’t want to sell the second one short
just cause it had been a little while ago.

She decided to peek in at Tyler and make sure he was okay, and thought
that maybe walking around the house for a second would make her have to go
a little more. She pushed the crack in his door open a little wider and
the smell hit her immediately. “He must’ve blown out that diaper, ugh!
Its gonna be every where.”

She walked over to him, and the mound of poop had begun to force its
way out of his diaper, but he hadn’t made a mess of anything other than
himself. She laid out a changing pad on the floor, and careful not to
wake him too much, lifted him out of bed. Tyler squalled a bit, and then
slipped back into a semi sleep when she laid him down on the pad.

“I wonder what that feels like…” and pushed the front of his diaper
in a bit to feel the resistance. “Ew, I don’t think I’d like it very
much.” But in the back of her mind, she thought ‘but I like the way a
diaper feels, and the first time I thought about that it was gross too.’

Pulling the tapes as quietly as she could, she gently opened his diaper.
The smell by this time had calmed down a bit and she was getting used to
it. “Ugh, its all over everything, there is no way I’m gonna get you clean
without waking you up all the way.” and she went to work.

Cleaning him up was for the most part uneventful. Lifting his butt into
the air was what she was most worried about, but it was the cold wipes that
almost woke him up. When he was all clean she padded his butt with another
pillow, and laid him back down.

Her need to pee had grown and grown in the mean time, but while wearing
a diaper in front of him hadn’t seemed weird at all, wetting one felt funny
to her. As soon as she cracked the door and headed down the hallway she
got amped up. She dropped to the floor in front of the tv and threw her
hair out of her face. She looked down at the diaper, this time she wanted
to watch it change color from start to finish.

The warm flow began much slower this time, and her hand was already in
place to feel the pee hit the front of the diaper. Beads of sweat already
started on her forehead and the back of her neck in anticipation for the
coming storm. Her back arched as she applied pressure to the front of her
diaper, the warmth spreading quickly from the front of her flowing vagina
down to the crack of her butt. Without waiting until she was done, she
thrust her hand into the front of the already yellow diaper. She felt the
urine in between her fingers and found her love button already tingling.
She had barely begun to slip her fingers in and out of herself again before
she burst into another series moans. Her clit was on fire with passion
and even the smallest touch forced her entire body forward, arching into
her hand, thrusting back and forth. She had stopped wetting, and was fully
involved in pleasing herself now. Her butt sliding to and fro, forcing
every bit of urine into all the parts of the diaper. She could feel herself
reaching her climax, and though she wanted this to last, she couldn’t stop
herself from moving her fingers. Searching and moving faster and faster
within her own body, the sweat building on her, heating the room as her
temperature rised.

When she came she had to cover her face with a cushion from the couch to
keep from screaming out. Afraid of waking Tyler, or even having a neighbor
hear her passion. She fell back onto the couch, shaking and vibrating,
the tendrils of heat falling back from her as the cool air had begun to
affect her again. Still her hand never left her over soaked mound. Gently
pressing on her clitoris, fingers still slipping in and out of herself
keeping a taste of what she had just done. Still she moaned lightly,
feeling the pressure and heat begin to build again. Faster and harder,
softer and slower, trying once more to find the chemistry that would make
her vagina come to a head. Her hair dampening as the sweat began to roll
down her body again, she felt herself arching again, her instincts taking
over. Back and forth again she rocked, in and out of herself, feeling
every inch of her loveliness in her own hands. She cried out once more,
having been gripping the couch’s pillow in her left hand still, she threw
it in front of her face, and had to bite down this time to keep in all in.
Another warm flow spilled from her sex, this time there was much less, and

She grabbed the wipes and checked the sides of the diaper to make sure
she hadn’t made a mess and leaked on the carpet again. “No leaks this
time, guess it wasn’t as much.” She said in between gasps. She laid on
her back, her knees in the air once more, and unfastened the tapes holding
the soggy diaper to her small hips. When she pulled the front of the moist
wrap away from her mound, the cold hit her quickly. Still a little tingly,
she gently cleaned her region with the baby wipes making sure to get the
warm urine and sticky cum off of herself. She lifted her butt, and ran
her fingers through her crack, and wiped both lobes of her rump. Once more
she threw the dirty cloth in between her legs and onto the child’s diaper,
pulling it away from her crotch. She rolled it up, making sure again to
tape the edges so the moist diaper didn’t leak.

Laying naked on the floor, she looked up at the clock to see what time it
was. “One in the morning! Man I wish this night would never end, and now
its already over.” Thinking to herself that she could probably wet one
more time. “Alright, I’ll call it a night at four, that should give me
enough time for one more good soak.”

She grabbed one of her diapers this time, they weren’t as tight on her
as Tyler’s toddler diapers, and they were really pull ups, but she liked
the velcro sides, and the pink princesses on the front didn’t hurt her
feelings for them either. “I’ll have to remember to take this one with
me, she’ll definitly wonder why there is a pull up in her diaper genie.”
She put both her feet in the holes and pulled them up onto her hips. She
liked the loose feel a little, but was worried with how much she had been
peeing tonight that she might leak a little. “If it feels like alot, I’ll
just put another one on over this, or sit on a towel or something.”

Her stomach growled a bit, and she felt it cramp her bowels. It had been
at seven or so that her and Tyler ate, and he had already pooped in his
diaper. While normally she wouldn’t have a need to poop, she would also
have already been asleep at home. She thought briefly about whether or
not she wanted to try to poop in her diaper, and the thought passed through
her like water. “No way, that smell is too much. Besides, I don’t think
its worth the clean up it would take. Peeing is much easier.” She got up
to go to the bathroom, feeling the need to poop come to rest much closer to
her anus now.

Chapter 3. Unexpected Surprise

On her way down the hallway, she took a look inside Tyler’s room. His
thumb deep in his mouth, and his eyes were tightly shut. She could see his
body rising and falling with his breath, and so she went back to the hall.
She walked toward the bathroom, and flicked the light on. She sat down on
the toliet with her pull up still around her waist. “I could try it, its
not like I can’t just jump in the shower if its awful.” She coaxed herself.
“It might be better than peeing ever dreamed of being, and when I pushed
the front of his diaper, I loved that feeling of resistance.”

She climbed into the bath tub and squated down on her feet. The need to
poop had relaxed a little bit, and she was worried she wasn’t going to get
the chance to do this at all. But when she strained a little and started
to push, it started to come. She began to slow down so if she didn’t like
it she could stop, but before she had a chance, it all let out of her.

The warm load made its way into the back of her pull up, not slowing at
all when it hit the resistance of the wall of fluff. It worked its way
through her crack and towards her sex. Meanwhile she had begun to wet
a bit, when the warm urine met with the hot mess in the middle of her pull
up, she didn’t know what to think. She stopped pooping as quickly as she
started, unsure of what to think or feel, sitting crouched in a bathtub.
She didn’t smell anything yet, and was trying to move her butt left to
right to see how the poop felt in her diaper. She liked it. It was a
little bit greasy, and reminded her of sitting in a mud puddle as a child.

She relaxed, and let the rest of the load work its way out of her. She
grunted a little, and a small fart escaped her. This last part made her
giggle, and when she started to laugh, the pee came again. She strained
to get the last of it out, and could feel the mess work its way all the
way up to her moist vagina. Her hand went straight to her crotch again,
and started to press. She grabbed the back of her pull up with her left
hand and felt the bulge pressing hard against her anus. She was rocking
back and forth again, before she realized it.

She pressed with both hands on her pull up, in the front and back, and
felt the warmth spread to fill every inch of the pull up. The princess
image in the front began to leak from the sides, she felt it, but didn’t
care at all. Her body moved on its own will as her excitment began to
paramount. She tried to adjust the way she was crouching, and her foot
slipped in the urine that had fallen to the tub. Before she could get a
good grip, she had landed on her butt. Hot pee flew from the front of the
diaper, and she could feel the warm mess press deeply into her anus and
vagina. A large amount, she could feel, had escaped from the top and sides
of the diaper. Normally she would have freaked out, but the thought of
getting messy never seemed so appealing. Her right hand, having never let
go of the front of her pull up, sped up its rubbing. Squishing, and pressing
the warm goo deep into herself. She saw the side of the tub, and thrust her
leg over the side, straddling it with both hands in front of her. She
rocked back and forth, rubbing her entire mound deep into the wall.
The beads of sweat and heat already working their way down her neck and back.
Her hands were a mess of poop and urine as she looked down, and a smile
creeped up on her face. She rammed her right hand into the front of her
diaper, rubbing every inch of her sex with her fingers. After the second
time she had come tonight, she knew she was done for the night. But she
was very wrong. Once more she came quicker than she ever had before. She
didn’t have time to stiffle the scream that ran from her lips, and by the
time she had caught up with it, the moans were just as loud. She pulled
her hand from within her diaper, and grabbed the front again, rubbing as
she pulsed her body into the side of the tub some more. Again she came,
screaming, this time not caring at all. Her body trembled, and fell sideways
into the mess she had made in the tub. She ripped her shirt off over her
head, and grabbed her breasts with her left hand, pinching and squeezing her

She rubbed fanatically for what seemed like a lifetime before she began
to slow at all. Cuming and cuming over and over, better than any orgasm
she had ever had before. Her body a wet mess in a stranger’s tub, shaking
and moaning, wishing she had the potential for more and more. She tried
to relax her body and hands, and found herself unable to stop her body
from moving forward in its natural rhythm.

Her breathing slowed, and her body finally relaxed as she laid back in
the tub. Looking around her, she could see the mess that she had made.
Messy finger prints, and rub marks from her filthy pull up marked the tub
in what appeared to be a random order, but she could mark every moment,
and every move that she had made. The smell didn’t bother her in the least
though it was potent. She was exhausted from the entire day, but the end
of it was what set her into the lulled and apathetic mode she was in now.

“Me dun no wanna move.” She said falling back into the baby talk. “Dis
da bes’ day eva.”

She sat for a while looking around and feeling her messy pull up over
and over again fighting the urge to have another go around with herself.
Finally she leaned forward, and began the clean up. She grabbed the
velcro tabs on the side of the pull up and ripped them free, opening the
front of the diaper, and exposing her woman hood. The heat from her self
inflicted passion had warmed the room, leaving no worry about a cold blast
of air. Her eyes swam over her vagina and legs, investigating the mess
and seeing what damage she had inflicted to the diaper itself. She rolled
the brown and yellow rag into a ball, and wadded up some toliet paper to
place it on the ground. She looked over the side of the tub, and saw that
her moment of glory had expanded beyond the reach of the shower by about a
foot, and thought, “this is gonna be a fun clean up, maybe next time I
should slow down.”

She threw her shirt out of the bath tub, and turned the shower on.
Startled by the cold at first, then gradually it warmed. She took special
care of her vagina, as she had been told that leaving it messy with anything
(much less feces) could cause an infection. And washed everything off of
her, making sure she washed her hair twice, just in case she missed something.
The last thing she wanted was poop in her hair.

The tub was easy enough to clean with the shower head, “Thank god she has a
hand held, or this would’ve been a pain in the butt to clean up.” Most of what
had fallen out of the diaper was wet mush, so it washed down the drain with

After the tub was clean she set to work on the area around, from the tub
it looked like it was going to be a real issue, but a few paper towels, and
a baby wipe or two later, it looked like it did before her fantasy. “Finally,
its got to be close to dawn by now.” She stepped out into the hallway,
heading back towards the living room, grabbed her panties and slipped them
on, and snagged up her back pack. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed up
a few plastic bags, and made her way back to the bath. She put the filthy
pull up in the bag, and took a long look at her shirt. The tail of it was
covered with poop from falling on her butt in the tub. “Oh well, its not
gonna wash out.” And she put it in the bag too. She tied it off well, and
stuffed the bag into two more bags, so you couldn’t see inside, and so the
smell didn’t waft out at all. She grabbed another shirt from her back pack
and put it on, and put her pants from the living room back on.

When she had all the evidence cleaned up from her little adventure she took
the bag with her messy shirt and butt pillow to the garbage outside, and
stuffed it at the very bottom of the fullest can. “Still not light outside,
might get a decent sleep after all.” She walked back in and looked at the
clock, and saw it was only three. “Thank you very much,” she said with a
smile on her face. She laid out on the couch, and fell into a deep sleep
without a single thought.

Chapter 4. There is Always a Butt

Tyler’s cookie crumbs bounced off her face, tickling her cheeks and nose.
She brushed them off, and with a yawn, awoke to a new day. Looking down
at him from her spot on the couch, “Good morning pookie, how was your night?”

“Good, Danks!” He responded, dropping cookies from both his hands and his

“Glad to hear it, you 'sposed to have cookies for breakfast?”

“Dis is lunch!”

“Well what did you have for breakfast?”


“Ha, well I guess I can’t blame you, I’d eat them for both too if I had
them available.”

Tyler handed what was left of the crumbling cookies to her, “Here!”

“Thanks, so much, I don’t know what I would do without you looking out for
my health.” She said as she rolled her eyes. After her eyes made a full
rotation, she glanced at the clock on the wall. “Only eight huh? Not much
for sleeping eh Tyler?”

“Nope! I got toys.”

“Well least you’re in high spirits,” She grabbed him up and checked his
diaper, fully soaked, “and a wet diaper. Lets get you changed and cleaned
up. I don’t know when your mom is gonna be here, and I’d like you to look
like I’ve been taking care of at least the outside of you, if I can’t give
you something good to eat.”

Tyler in her arms, she carried him to his bedroom and laid him out on the
changing pad she had left there the night before. A new diaper in her hand
she pulled the tabs on his old one and lifted his butt up. Cleaned him down
with a wipe, and laid him back on a new one. “There, feel a little better?”


“Awesome,” she heard her cell phone ringing from her back pack, and went
to get it, leaving Tyler on the pad to do as he pleased. She glanced at the
name and saw it was Mrs. Needle. “Hey Mrs. N, how was your night?”

“Too good, I suspect, don’t want to leave. Haha. How is Tyler doing?”

“Fantastic, didn’t have a single problem, short of crying himself to sleep.
But even that he handled pretty well.” She said laughing a bit herself.

“Glad to hear it, I’ll be home in about an hour if thats not a problem?”

“Not at all, everything is clean and ready for you when you get here.”

“Thanks so much again Rachel, see you soon. Bye.”

“Bye.” Rachel closed the phone, and went back to the room with Tyler, who
had gotten busy digging through his toy chest picking out all the action
figures he could find. “Your mommy is on her way buddy, you want to grab
a bath before she gets here?”

“No bath. Wanna play?”

Laughing she said, “Um, no, but nice subject change. Wasn’t really a
question Tyler, lets get you clean.” And she grabbed him up from behind.
They walked down the hall to the bathroom. She laid a towel on the toliet
and pulled off his diaper, throwing it in the bin below the sink. She
turned on the water, remembering this time how cold it would be to start,
and plugged the drain. “You like bubbles?”

“Yes Yes! Can I have spidersmans?”

Smiling she said, “Yes, but be quick or all the bubbles will pop before
you and him get back.” And he ran back to his room. She sat next to the
tub thinking back to last night, and how amazing this little room had been
to her. “I really hope she asks me to do something like this again, I can’t
believe how amazing it was. No way I’d ever be able to get away with something
like that at my house. I wouldn’t even get the diaper on good before my mom
busted in to see if I was doing something I shouldn’t be. Haha, which I guess
she’d be right about.” Tyler came back holding Spiderman in both hands in front
of him like he was flying. “Alright buddy, hop in, you and the spider.”

Tyler threw Spiderman in the tub, and Rachel lifted him in right behind him.
Soon as he touched the water he dunked his head underneathe to find the web
slinger so he wouldn’t be alone above the water.

Rachel got him cleaned up, unfortuntely the ‘no tears’ shampoo was out, so
she had to make do with some Herbal Essences, which of course, caused some tears.
After he was squeeky, she dried him off and made back for Tyler’s bed room. On
the way, she heard the front door open. “And thats your mommy, right in time.
We’re back here Mrs. N!” She yelled down the hall. Rachel laid him back down
on the pad and threw a fresh diaper on him, and a shirt from his dresser, and
went to go see Janice.

“There’s my sweet boy!” Janice said lifting him out of Rachel’s arms. “Wow,
i’ve never seen him so happy after a babysitter before.”

“Like I said, I’ve seen all kinds. He really was no trouble at all, I kind
of enjoyed the entire night.” Rachel said smiling, thinking of way more than
just watching Tyler all night.

“Well I can’t thank you enough for everything you did, and on such short notice,
the house looks as good as when I left it, and Tyler seems happier.” Janice said
with a smile on her face. “But I wanted to ask, do you think you could come back
later tonight? Only if you’re free I mean, I don’t want to wreck any plans you
might have.”

“Oh no mam, you wouldn’t be wrecking anything. As a matter of fact, it sure
would beat anything that I would have planned anyway.” The smile on her face
surely showed how happy she was about the idea.

Re: Rachel’s Days

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this story.

I usually tend to favor stories of sensual domination, so I will admit that I was a bit disappointed when I realized that Rachel wasn’t going to get caught in the act. But despite that…I don’t know. I just liked reading it. It was smutty, but it was very straightforward about being smut. I didn’t feel lied to at the end of it. I liked that.

There were a few things, bits and pieces, much of it personal. I don’t really like reading baby talk, for example. I don’t know why I can’t stand it so much – it just gets on my last nerve to read, I think, and it never really sounds the way I imagine a child should sound. But like I said, that’s more of a personal matter. Some people may really like that kind of baby talk.

But if it were solely up to me (and of course it isn’t), I’d suggest you find a way to re-write that dialogue in such a fashion as to convey the sense of childishness without warping words.

Not much more than that. A few words that were used out of context (I remember reading “paramount” and thinking, “I don’t think that’s correct.”) But these were minor things. By and large, it was a good piece of smut about a horny girl in a stranger’s house being naughty all by herself, and that’s all it ever promised to be.

Re: Rachel’s Days

The whole idea of a girl babysitting for someone and then taking the little one’s diapers for her own use is as old as diaper stories themselves. But despite having read an uncountable number of similar stories this particular idea and its variants have always been near and dear to me. It may have something to do with my exhibitionist side; and while Rachel didn’t get caught I didn’t find that out till the very end. So I was anticipating it the whole time and going through all the things that she might say to explain her situation. I suppose I find the act of getting caught exciting.

While this story made a different turn than most others like it, what with all the masturbation, I still found it enjoyable. Good job!

Re: Rachel’s Days

very exciting story i hope you cont. this one or a sequel.