Rachel Zanes baby

So this is a sequel to a story that’s being co wrote with another author. Don’t worry about the prequel as you’re not really missing out on much. I’m unsure about this first chapter so bare with as it maybe rewrote. I’ve included a link to the prequel thats being co written however it is incomplete. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/66829-college-baby/&tab=comments#comment-1650548

Rachel Zane has paid for Sasha Banks to go to college, in return Sasha agrees to be Rachel’s baby. However Sasha might regret becoming Rachel’s baby.

Features Meghan Markle’s character Rachel Zane from the TV show suites.

Sasha Banks stood in just her black tank top and nappy looking around her college bedroom. She couldn’t believe an entire year had passed and she was finally leaving her residential college for the summer. Sasha was starting to wish that she didn’t have to go home, she had made good friends with her roommates Alexa, Carmella and Dakota, despite their first awkward first meeting. Sasha sighed as she knew in a few hours, she would be a full-time baby for her boss Rachel Zane. Sasha was, for the most part, a full-time adult baby. She wore nappies full time and used them for their intended purpose. She played with baby toys and sucked on a dummy. Thankfully her adoptive sisters and adoptive mom didn’t have a problem with her adult baby side. Sasha had originally made a deal with her boss Rachel, that was Rachel paid Sashas college fees and in return, Sasha was to become Rachels full-time baby when she wasn’t working.

“What?” Sasha asked. She had heard her friend and roommate Alexa asking her something but hadn’t paid attention to her.

Alexa who stood at only five feet rolled her eyes as she repeated her question. “I said you’ve wet your nappy, so can I change you?” Alexa asked as she looked at Sasha’s now very wet nappy.

“Yer sure you can bags on the bed” Sasha replied.

Sasha very rarely changed herself so she was having to rely on the college nurses to change her. Originally it was Alexa who found out about Sasha still wearing nappies, and she had made it quite clear that she wasn’t changing Sasha. However, after a little while, Alexa and eventually Carmella and Dakota started to change Sasha more often. It was partly because Alexa had been inquisitive about the nappies.

“Hey no I want to change Sasha” Dakota cried as she realized what was going on.

“No, I’m changing Sasha” Carmella barked as she came over.

Sasha shook her head as she put on a black set of shorts and a pair of flip-flops. She stormed over to her bed and grabbed her messenger-style nappy bag. She was so sick of her so-called friends arguing over who was going to change her as it reminded her of home. She didn’t mind her friends changing her but when they just turned childish like they were now she couldn’t be doing with them.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be changing you” Alexa protested.

“No, I am” Carmella and Dakota shouted in unison.

Sasha shook her head again and glared at all three of her friends. She loved them but sometimes she wished she never let them change her. “Look you guys are acting too childish, I made it perfectly clear that if I agreed that you could change me I would let you providing that you didn’t argue over it” Sasha spoke as she looked at each individual friend.

“Well I did ask first” Alexa muttered.

“See this is what I mean” Sasha barked as she pointed at Alexa. “If you guys are that desperate to change someone then here’s an idea” Sasha barked. She then proceeded to pull three white nappies, a bottle of powder and a pack of wipes out of her bag. Her three friends stood looking at each other slightly confused. Sasha placed her bag on her shoulder and walked over to her friends. She ordered them to put their hands out which they all reluctantly did. Sasha then placed a nappy in each of her friend’s hands before placing the wipes and powder on top of the nappy that she had just given Alexa.

“Erm Sasha?” Dakota asked.

“You three decided to argue over who got to change me, so since you want to act like babies you can put a nappy on each other” Sasha barked before leaving.

All three of Sashas friends looked at each other with the nappies in their hands. They were all unsure if Sasha was actually being serious.

“Was she serious about us three putting nappies on each other?” Dakota asked a little confused. Although she didn’t get a reply as she noticed her friends looking at the nappies before throwing them on the bed.

Sasha continued walking down to the nurses’ office. It was located on the ground floor of the main building. Sasha smiled as she saw her boyfriend Roman coming down the corridor. Sasha leaned up as she kissed her taller boyfriend. Whenever Sasha saw Roman she felt so happy, although she was yet to tell him she still wore nappies.

“Hey, you” Roman smiled.

“Hey yourself” Sasha happily said as she hugged Roman. She suddenly jumped back as she felt his hand on her lower back.

“Yo, what’s the matter seriously” Roman sighed. “Every time I touch you, well you act weird,” Roman admitted.

Sasha bit her lip as she broke free of her boyfriend’s grasp. Whenever Romans’ hands got a little low she would often push them away. Roman and Sasha had been dating a few months and Roman had been the perfect gentleman. He hadn’t pressured her into having sex or sending him sexy pictures of herself. However, it was annoying him whenever he placed his hands around her hips she would always either place his hands around her waist or she would simply push him away. Roman just couldn’t understand why Sasha was like that. He caught her eyeing him and could tell that she wanted to say something.

“I just don’t want you touching my bum that’s all” Sasha replied.

“Whatever I’ll see you later maybe” Roman replied as he walked off through a nearby door.

“Hey Roman don’t go I can explain” Sasha cried as she watched him storm off.

Sasha was a little upset as she watched her boyfriend storm off. Sasha walked off frustrated and upset. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to tell Roman that she was still wearing nappies, it was more or less what his reaction would be like. She loved him and even though she stuck to just making out. Sasha knew she loved him even though he was her first boyfriend, she didn’t want to let her nappies ruin it. She suddenly stopped and pulled her shorts down a little.

“Oh you’re taking the piss now” Sasha muttered. She had only realized that she was wetting her nappy. Normally Sasha would be able to hold her need for the toilet, it wouldn’t have been as long as she used to but she could still hold it. However, over the course of the last few weeks, Sasha noticed that she was indeed wetting and messing a lot more sometimes without even realizing it until it was too late. Luckily for Sasha, she was just outside the nurse’s office so she could get changed. She knocked and waited hoping that Rita her favourite nurse was in today.

“Oh hey, Sasha” A short nurse in a baby blue nurses top and jeans smiled as she looked down the empty corridor. “Need your nappy changed?”

Blushing Sasha nodded her head. She had grown used to the nurses changing her. It was still a little embarrassing when the nurses openly said about a nappy change. After all, that was the only time Sasha would see them properly excluding the random encounters when they were out and about. Thankfully though it was Rita who would be doing the changing. Rita was only in her early forties but looked really young for her age.

“You know the drill sweetie shorts down then on the bed” Rita ordered as she organized herself. She washed her hands before gloving up. She grabbed a pen and Sasha’s nappy chart that she would fill in every time Sasha needed a change. As Rita got to Sasha she noticed that Sasha was sucking her thumb. This didn’t really surprise Rita as she had often seen Sasha doing this but had never challenged it. Rita pulled the tabs on Sashas wet nappy and lowered the front before getting Sasha to lift up. She pulled the wet nappy out and slid a dry one underneath. Rita then silently wiped in-between Sashas legs with a wet wipe before powdering her. Once that was done Rita lifted the front of the nappy and taped it firmly shut. Once that was done she took her gloves off and filled in Sasha’s nappy chart at her desk. Rita glanced over and saw Sasha was still laying on the bed. She automatically knew something was wrong as normally Sasha couldn’t wait to leave. Instead, she saw Sasha laying looking at her nappy. Rita pulled a chair walked over before sitting next to Sasha.

“Do you think I’m a freak?” Sasha quietly asked.

Rita’s mouth had dropped open a little as she heard Sasha’s random question. Rita immediately gave Sasha a little cuddle. “No of course not” Rita quietly spoke. “What makes you say that?”

“Well I turn nineteen this year and I’m stuck in nappies like a fricken baby” Sasha quietly spoke. “I mean there are some days I don’t even realize I’m going in them until its too late” Sasha sighed. Of course, Sasha only had herself to blame. Her mom did warn her that if she just used nappies then she could unintentionally suffer from incontinence. However, it was more the fact that it was Roman that was getting to her.

“Look Sasha that’s not your fault, so you should just accept it” Rita sighed.

Sasha rolled her eyes. “That’s ok for you to say when you’re probably not a virgin still.”

Rita raised an eyebrow as she understood what Sasha really meant. “Ah, so it’s a guy, I’m guessing that you’re worried that your nappy will put him off,” Rita said before feeling Sashas nappy. She could tell Sasha was starting to wet again. “So who is he?” Rita questioned.

“Its the captain of the football team Roman, and I really like him. Plus I think he might be the one that I well you know lose my virginity to” Sasha reluctantly admitted.

Rita bit her lower lip, she felt sorry for Sasha. Rita had seen Roman around the college and had treated him many times for various football injuries. She was a good judge of character and she had a feeling that he wouldn’t be overly bothered. “Look Sasha your first time is supposed to be a really special moment so if you really like him and you think he is that special someone you should tell him” Rita softly spoke.

“I guess you’re right” Sasha sighed. “Sorry I need changing again.” Sasha innocently smiled.

Rita returned the smile and got up to get herself ready. As she came back she placed something in Sasha’s hand. Sasha looked slightly confused.

“Condoms?” Sasha asked.

“Yes I know I’m not your mum, but part of my job is to provide them as well as giving sexual health advise, make sure you get him use them. Trust me you don’t want to be getting pregnant at nineteen or getting an STI or an STD” Rita warned as she watched Sasha pocketing them, before changing her again.

A little while later and Sasha decided to talk to Roman. She figured that if he broke up with her he broke up, Sasha just hoped that this wasn’t going to be the case. Sasha saw Roman sitting under a tree reading a comic book. She swallowed hard as she walked up to where he was sitting. She didn’t know exactly what she was going to say but she figured she would at least try.

“Hey” Sasha quietly said.

Roman placed the comic book down on the grass and folded his arms as he looked up at Sasha. He wasn’t really in the mood to speak but still, it seemed that Sasha wanted to so he moved over and allowed his girlfriend to sit. “Don’t worry I won’t touch your butt” Roman sighed.

“Look I’m just going to say this because you know I find it hard to express my feelings.” Sasha started. “I like you and when I say that I mean I really like you, you’re probably the guy I want to lose my virginity with but I want to talk to you about something” Sasha gently spoke.

Roman couldn’t help but let out a little laugh. “You love me, don’t you?” Ronan laughed as he received a playful slap from Sasha.

“Shut up” Sasha laughed. “Look the reason I don’t like you touching my butt is that” Sasha started. “I still wear nappies” Sasha muttered.

Roman shook his head as he moved his head closer and Sasha to speak up.

“I still wear nappies” Sasha finally admitted. She started blushing as she felt Roman looking at her. She felt a few tears trickling down her face as she was sure that her relationship was ending. Sasha was now tempted to just run off. However, she felt an arm wrapping around her and giving her a squeeze.

“Is that all?” Roman said with a smile. “Yo babe seriously you’re still in nappies?” Roman asked. He was surprised but didn’t really believe her. He didn’t want to question her too much but he was really curious. “Look, Sasha, I love you I really do but be honest why are you still in nappies?” Roman asked.

Sasha wiped away a few tears. Hearing that Roman loved her made her slightly happier. “I’ve been in them since I was eight years old, I wanted to try nappies, long story short my bladder and bowels are weakened so I wear a nappy twenty-four seven” Sasha explained. “However there’s something else I like roleplaying,” Sasha said.

“Roleplaying?” Roman asked.

“Yep, I like to role play as a baby, well to be more precise I like to role play as an adult baby girl” Sasha explained. She explained that it didn’t involve actual babies rather that it just meant that she acted like a baby. She also explained that she was going to be her bosses baby during the summer break. Sasha felt so relieved as she let it all out while roman just sat and listened. Sasha looked around before opening her nappy bag. “See this is my nappy bag, I keep my nappies, powder and creams in it” Sasha explained. She then lifted the top of her shorts to expose her nappy. She was feeling brave and the fact that Roman was still there made her feel great.

“Look if you want to wear nappies and crawl around the floor then that’s fine” Roman smiled. “However if we really are staying together then that means we can have regular dates as well?” Roman asked.

“Sure we can I’m not always in baby mode” Sasha explained. “And maybe if you like seeing me in baby mode you can be my daddy” Sasha joked. “Come on let’s go get something to eat my mummy is picking me up at two o’clock.”

“Your mummy?” Roman asked.

“Yer my boss Rachel, she’s going to be looking after me” Sasha replied as she linked arms with Roman. She figured she wouldn’t be her bosses baby all summer so she was assuming she would be seeing a lot more of Roman.