Quinn Carlucci

If you want a quick-starting story, this isn’t the one - sorry about that. I’m going for a long intro thing at the start, there won’t really be any ABDL aspects until at least halfway through the second chapter

There was three weeks to go until the end of term, and Quinn Carlucci couldn’t wait for school to end. Nevertheless, he felt as though he may not see as much of his friends as he’d like over the summer, as most of them were going somewhere far away like Bucharest, or Amsterdam, while he was stuck at home. “Oh well” he think to himself – at least he wasn’t completely alone, as one of his friends, Saxon would be spending her holidays at home as well. Although she was a little weird. Fun, but weird…
But then he was a little weird too. Actually, never mind “a little”, he was very weird. Unlike most straight guys, he appeared to get along a lot better with girls than boys, and as a result, he had few (four) male friends, two of which were gay anyway. Many people thought he was gay, though he knew he wasn’t. And it wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about it, what with everyone asking him 24/7. He grew to ignore it, but he wished that it’d cease.
I’ll start my narrative on the friday of the third-to-last week of term. Quinn came home from school, and crashed on his double bed. Today had sucked. There was no one reason, but there were many small ones… Actually, that’s a bit vague, isn’t it? Let’s just say, sometimes, he wished he was a girl. Just so people would stop taking the piss because of his choice of friends.
That night, he slept a dreamless sleep.

When he woke, he felt a little strange. His head was spinning, and there was a strange feeling in his lower abdomen. He walked into his en-suite shower room, and looked in the mirror. A pretty, dark-haired girl, who looked his age looked back.
Quinn Carlucci gawped, and her reflection gawped back. Then, I believe she fainted.
Wouldn’t you?
When she came round, on her bathroom floor, she got up and looked again in the mirror. “I’m a girl. I’m a girl…” she muttered. Looking down at herself, she saw her breasts and her slit. “What the…” was her muttering this time. Wondering what on earth could have happened, she decided to act like nothing had. She got in the shower, and washed herself, just like she did every morning, although she figured she would have to wash her hair. After showering, she towelled herself dry, then went into her room to get dressed. Opening her drawers, she was surprised to find that all her boxers had been replaced with panties, and her underwear draw was now also home to some bras. Opening her closet, she found it filled with girl’s clothes. Clearly, it wasn’t just her body that had changed.
Realising this was the first time in her life Quinn could be normal, she decided she’d act like a girl would. But what did she normally wear? Then she had the idea to look in her dirty washing, to see what clothes she seemed to wear. Her investigations closed, Quinn put on pair of black, lacy boyleg panties, a matching bra, a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top, plus a wooden necklace she’d found thrown on her desk, which she presumed she’d worn the day before. Feeling proud of herself for not completely freaking out (which was no little feat), she went down the stairs, to the kitchen. Where her mom was.
She walked in, trying to look as normal as possible. Then, her mom turned around and said “Morning Quinn. By the way, Emma just called, she wanted you to know that she was planning a bit of a get-together at her place, asked me to ask you to call her back, OK?”. It was then Quinn first heard her new voice:
“Oh, yeah, thanks mom, I’ll call her in a bit.” she said, noting how pretty her voice was. She then walked back upstairs into her room to call Emma, which she presumed was the same Emma who was one of her best friends in her ‘previous life’. She hoped that this life had been exactly the same in terms of occurances, otherwise things may get somewhat more complicated.

She phoned Emma around ten minutes later, and was relieved to hear her friends voice on the other end. “hey, Emma” Quinn said. “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”
“Oh, Quinn, yeah. I’m hoping I could get all the girls around for a sleep-over tonight, since it’s the last night before lots of us go on holiday. Wanna come?”
“Course! What time shall I come over?”
“Come over now, Saxon and Amie are both here already.”
“Cool, I’ll head over right away, bye!”
“See ya Quinn!”

Re: Quinn Carlucci

I’m sorry, but this story is more like a shallow fantasy. You had me in the very beginning, you started out with some decent development and character building, but I can’t accept a transformation like that without some greater explanation and exploration.

Re: Quinn Carlucci

A good start but then comes the change for apparently no other reason than a wish. develop the male before the female makes her appearance. It is a good try but editing wold help a lot.