Public Experiences

I’m curious.

Since the world is more and more open to LGTBQ these days I’m wondering if the same can be said for AB/DLs. What are some experiences everyone has had with wearing diapers/pull ups in public.

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I unhid this post as I realized that @DLHoss1 could not edit it properly while the flag was active on it. That being said, as i already informed them privately, you will NOT be posting about public sightings at all.

It’s creepy, stalkerish, and a violation of third-parties privacy without their consent and that is not in any way acceptable. For those who have been members long enough to remember it, that’s why I purged that disgusting creepfest of a “sightings” forum.

If you want to discuss your own wearing in public, that’s fine, but discussing the wearing of unaware third-parties is not.


Well, let me start by saying that “inappropriate” isn’t the right option for requesting a deletion , and second, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking others to discuss their own wearing if they are comfortable discussing it.

Hell, have the reason this forum is so dead is everyone is too fucking scared to discuss anything, ever.

Some of that was, unfortunately, caused by former admins, and to a lesser degree, myself.

The original admins abandoned this place. One just disappeared, one left but was nice enough to tell the others, and the third was a neglectful, lying asshole who basically put everything on my wife’s (and as a result, later my) shoulders.

Basically this place mostly exists still because of a few people who still care that we have some semblance of a belief that quality is better than quantity and because like the Quat Mulat from Star Trek (a sect of female Romulan warriors) I have this horrible habit of binding myself to lost causes.


Penguin the Warrior Nun. That sounds like a weird manga version of Happy Feet. But at least the colours would start out right. (And yes, I know that the Qowat Milat didn’t have the same habits as catholic nuns, but it’s still a fun mental image. And then there is St.Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, so I guess there might be some degree of overlap.)


This is an interesting question and I think could kind of blur the lines between whats acceptable to do in public and what isn’t. Although I could be misunderstanding the question.

AB/DL, Ageplay, CG/L or however you describe this part of you is a very complex issue and can mean many different things to many different people.

For me I describe myself as an AB but also a Little. What this means for me is that the AB part is the kink side of this for me, but the Little part is more of a personality trait in me and is the non kink part of this.

So why do I bring this up? Well the question kind of hints at what type of experiences have you had expressing the kink side of this fetish in public which can very easily lead to being inappropriate in public.

I think this point could be a point of contention or at the very least a grey area, but where do you draw the line when it comes to forcing your fetish on others? I think many people will have different opinions on this but for me there are two considerations to take into account.

The first thing I take into consideration is the motivation behind what you are doing in public. Is it part of your kink, so will it arouse you or is it part of your self expression.

The second consideration is will the public be aware of you actions and is that the part that arouses you.

So to give examples if you wear in public but take the precautions that it would realistically be impossible to tell you were in a diaper but the fear of being caught is what arouses you, or just wearing without people knowing in general. I think this is ok because we are not really involving the public with this. Granted we are in public but we are not requiring other people to actively participate in the kink.

However say if the arousal does require some sort of activity from the public, even in a small way I think this would be a definite no no. So like going out in just a diaper and a t shirt and being aroused by the strange looks you get, the sniggers, the jeers, the humiliation. I dont think that is appropriate at all and should never be done. I think its the same or maybe even worse than indecent exposure.

I think this even applies to more subtler situations even going to a store that sells diapers and asking the clerk about them and stating they are for you. If you get aroused by this I think that would fall into the indecent exposure category.

With all that said, in the above examples if your motivation is not arousal but rather a way of expressing you self identity I think that is fine, well morally fine anyway. You might still get in trouble but I still think if your motivation was genuinely not arousal then its fine.

So with all that morality questioning out of the way I can get to the question asked, haha sorry I can go on tangents.

I have worn in public many many times as part of my kink side. I would always take precautions so that it would be impossible for anyone to know i was wearing, such as wearing a onesie under my clothes and underwear over the diaper to try and dampen the sound as much as possible. Then wearing baggy and noisey clothes to hide the silhouette and dampen the noise even further. Things like hard souled shoes, keychains with many keys/ key rings in your pocket to make noise or even crinkly raincoats. Something that makes a bit of noise that would be louder than a possible crinkle. No one has ever noticed as that is not what I am trying to achieve so cant really say if the public is accepting or not.

When it comes to my little side I do express that regularly in a more obvious way. I wear bright colored clothing, I have dyed my hair purple, I have worn mickey mouse vans in public, I act a bit imatture or childish and I am very affectionate. People have been very accepting of this and havent seem bothered. I know I have shown up to gatherings where I might only know one or two people and while I would be waiting for people to arrive I would get a few funny looks and then people would tell me that when they saw me they were hoping I was not part of the gathering but when they got to know me that they felt bad for thinking that. I am perfectly fine with this, I understand we all have knee jerk reactions / judgments based on people’s looks and I had the same reactions to some of these people who were telling me this.

So I guess for me people still have those knee jerk judgments in the back of their mind but in general they are very accepting once they get to know you which I think is all part of the human condition

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I think part of the reason people hope you aren’t part of the gathering group is littles and I think to some extent, AB’s in a private setting, have set a bad example. I have known of groups in the past where they didn’t observe proper boundaries.

I totally agree that involving the public is a huge no no. I see posts of people where they talk about dressing in a way that the band of the diaper could be visible in the right conditions. These posts and similar make me cringe. A huge part of any kink (and even the non kink side of ABDL) is not involving any unwilling participants. The public can’t consent, and the majority would not.

When your little side is out more in public, it’s seen as more of a personality. It would be like me wearing a ninja turtles shirt I have just because that’s the era I grew up in, and not for a reason of being little, but because it represents me. I’ve ran into one other person wearing the same shirt, and although I can’t 100% guarantee it, I’m sure it wasn’t for a little reason. I think it takes a lot of courage to let your little side free when out, as to some it could seem like you are a little immature, when you are just being yourself and free spirited.

I 1000% (is that even a thing?) agree with not discussing seeing others wear. Any of us with any idea know what to look for anyway. That leads into those that don’t think about it, aren’t going to be looking for any signs of what I am wearing (if I were to wear in public.) I know with the right pants, the correct shirt, it would be about the same as if I was conceal carrying. The idea is for my underclothes to not be seen.

I have had a close call. Someone convinced me to wear when I wanted to when I was going to be going to a house to put polyurethane on a wood floor. The bathroom would be on the other side, and working from the inside out, would make it inaccessible. The person I was helping do this for ended up being there with his wife. Although I was a little uncomfortable leaving it on, I left my jacket on the whole time to ensure that it wouldn’t be noticed. Although I was a little nervous, I got out of there without incident. The person was a friend and I didn’t want to think of what he would have thought if he had noticed. It was a medical diaper so I could have just said it was for the reason above. Still not a conversation I wanted to have.

Going back to the OP’s post and question, although it is becoming more accepting, everyone has to be responsible to not give opponents reason to look at and label everyone involved in a bad way. Documentaries have cut parts of their documentary out and left things in there that just focused on one aspect. One involved in the documentary had to quit their job and move.

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I think yes, the same can be said.
And while I think most of us agree that acceptance of such things should be more widespread, I would also say that acceptance is a two-way street. I think the LGBT communities, and anything along with that, should actually take example from AB/DLs. With only a few exceptions, exceptions which we almost unanimously denounce, we just don’t do public displays, and I think that’s a good thing.

Because as much as we want others to be accepting of us, we need to be just as accepting of them. That is, people not interested in us and ours, should not be unwillingly exposed to it. As others in the thread have said, it sets a bad image.

If I’m really honest about it, most groups, regardless of what they are, tend to impose their interests on people around them, with no consideration whatsoever. Pride marches, political rallies, religious events, car meets, sports celebrations, protests; anything that is set to a public stage, in places like parks, or on public streets, or in neighborhoods. All of it is noise and disturbance most of the times. Yeah, people might be tolerant or even accepting of some of those things, but I don’t think they should have to be.

I am a person who is very concerned about what others see when they see me. Not that I’m worried about being judged, but rather that someone will take an impression they get from me and then apply it to everyone like me. And what constitutes as ‘like me’ can be similar clothes, cars, accent, beliefs, political persuasion, skin color, you name it. Again echoing what others have said in this thread: let’s not give someone ammo with which to hate us.

So I wouldn’t say public, that is visibly public, is acceptable. Things like events or meet-ups, conventions and the like, where all the ABDL stuff is all behind closed doors; that’s perfectly fine, but since the random passerby can’t just wander in without warning, not really relevant to this thread.

All that said, diapers are very conducive for a fun movie-watching experience. Especially for long movies. Put on some comfy outerwear, some baggy sweats or whatever, and of course some comfy underwear. Dark theater, large fountain drinks, even better if your theater serves beer.

The last two Avengers movies, Blade Runner 2049, The Irishman; let’s be real. The only way to watch these movies is to be some level of dehydrated or uncomfortable…unless you wanna get up and run to the restroom, ensuring that you miss some of the film since intermissions aren’t a thing any more.

Or, you know, the obvious and clearly superior option of wearing a diaper. :slight_smile:

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Erm…honestly, the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had wearing a diaper were in a dream. For some reason, I dreamt I was wearing one of these big green medical incontinence briefs and it was exposed enough that anyone could clearly tell I was wearing it, too. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Real experiences were a bit more mundane. For starters, I usually just wear adult pull-ups out in public. They feel a bit like diapers, but they’re more discrete, and since they are easy to hide, I feel no more self-conscious wearing them than I do feminine hygiene products. :upside_down_face:

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I usually just wear pull-ups in public and diapers at home. This will be a secret that I will take to the grave in real life and make known only online.

I think one day ABDL will get a chance to leave the shadows and show the world what they are about.

ABDLs will also suffer rejection just as harshly as any anything else that tries to defy “The Norm” that has been set up in society.

For me I am around two type of people;

“I don’t care, just don’t hurt others or yourself”
“This is a stupid thing why can’t you be a man?”

I have more “don’t cares” and only 1 “be a man” but I live with the later. My mom.

I had been hiding (but not very well apparently) my ABDL side from my parents for as many years and it was sometime ago I finally had a nice conversation with my mom about it.

To her she wanted me to be a big strong man who can take care of his woman, not the one being taken care of…I explained to a deaf wall that for me it was merely a kink, which mostly for me it is. However like a good mother she is supportive and hasn’t done anything harsh, just wishes I didn’t have this side of me.

While my friends and a couple co-workers have been told (both while I have been drunk) of this and haven’t cared…I haven’t found anyone to simply talk about it. It is quickly swept under the rug because of the awkwardness it creates.


I have been thinking about so much more than diapers lately. This is just something I do to distract myself from the horrifying issues in the real world. Telling some of my friends about this, though, would be beyond embarrassing; it’s like they probably wouldn’t trust me anymore or would think of me as someone completely different than who they thought I was. I guess that’s the downside about needing to be one of the strong ones. I understand, though. If I looked up to someone and found out they were different than what I thought, I’d probably hate it.

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