PS3 Fantasy/Magic RPG Recommendations?

I’m looking for some Fantasy/Magic RPGs to buy and play.

Note: They must have American PS3 versions and their “list prices” (not sales prices) must be $30.00 NEW or cheaper on

Fantasy/Magic RPGs I already own:
Final Fantasy XIII
Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

Re: PS3 Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG Recommendations?

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Tales of Graces F, Disgaea 4, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Eternal Sonata, Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning.

Re: PS3 Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG Recommendations?

@Lil Miss Mouse: Thanks for the recommendations, I’ve added most of them to my wish list.

Now I just need to wait until December (Christmas).

Re: PS3 Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG Recommendations?

The fall out 3/new Vegas, borderland 1/2and star wars unleashed 1/2

Re: PS3 Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG Recommendations?

Are Witch Kingdom or Kingdoms or Amalur any good? Reviews seemed kind of mixed.

Re: PS3 Fantasy/Magic RPG Recommendations?

Nemo: I seriously considered buying Amalur when it was first releasing, after playing the demo. As it turned out, I didn’t and wouldn’t get it until it was free-to-PS±members, but as soon as it did that, I was on it like white on rice. I’ve played it a couple of times since then…I like its combat style and the storyline’s a little different than your average fantasy RPG.

And I hope I’ll be forgiven for necro’ing, considering that the topic was still only halfway down the front page… :">