Proxy (Made for NormalDeviant's Dirty Diaper Day 2016)

Wrote this story for NormalDeviant’s Dirty Diaper Day and thought I’d post it here. I’m debating continuing it or at least getting some art of the characters but I’m still trying to add to the other stories I’m working on before getting too deep into a new story. The original post was located here.

Linda’s chair let out a loud creak as her body flopped into it, exhausted from the long day of repetitive work. She let out a loud sigh of relief as she simply lay there for several seconds. The glowing of her computer monitor provided her some comfort as she eventually sat up to meet it, her hands naturally falling into their familiar place on her mouse and keyboard. She pulled up her favorite chat application and within seconds stared at her countless online friends, a few of whom had messaged her throughout the day.

Several messages stared right back at her, most of which consisted of standard greetings or relation of humorous events. She messaged all of them back formulaically, finding nothing unique to inspire any sort of special response until she reached the last one.

Gamercenary 21:16
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As they both tended to share similar taste in games, “Gamercenary” had recommended plenty of games to her in the past (and vice versa), though she hadn’t heard from them in a while. She clicked on the link and was greeted with basically what she expected: what appeared to be a glowing blue logo and a the tagline of the game: “Proxy: Experience Another Life”. A similarly glowing download link hovered slightly below. Linda debated for several seconds whether or not she wanted to get engrossed in a new game, but given that she was pretty sure she had nothing better to do with her night - or weekend, for that matter - she only hesitated slightly before clicking.

The hissing of the hatch sliding shut informed Alestra that it was finally safe to relax. This bounty had been ridiculous. At least three different planets - four if you count the one that Alestra had started tracking him from, though he was never there - she had chased him across, and after getting through at least twenty of his guards and decoys, she ended up expending an entire extra clip of ammo in the following firefight just trying to disable him. Fortunately, all that trouble added up to one sweet paycheck, and now it was time to relax and enjoy it.

Walking over to her ship’s material fabricator, she had it create for her a cup of hot chocolate. Though a bit of an old fashioned drink, it was always nice to feel the warm, sweet liquid running down her throat after a rough job. As soon as she finished draining the cup and tossed it back into the bin that would recycle it back into its original components, Alestra decided that now would be a great time for a nap, and let herself fall into the welcoming embrace of her own bed.

The game didn’t take long to install, and Linda very quickly found herself staring at what appeared to be a character selection screen. She could scroll between several different environments and characters and each had a fairly lengthy description of the character it described. Linda scrolled past an elven mage in a high fantasy setting, a girl seemingly in a relatively normal modern world, and a vampire in medieval Scotland before she came across a relatively human-looking individual laying on a bed inside of what seemed to be a spaceship. Curious, she glanced through the description.

Species: Human
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Location: Upsilon Andromedae System
Time Period: 37084 Galactic Era
Universe Designation: 22AA5B7A

Interested enough in the prospect of playing as a space-faring bounty hunter, Linda clicked the button marked “Choose” in the bottom right corner of the screen. The picture of Alestra laying in bed expanded to fill the whole screen and several different buttons popped up with options for Linda to choose. Being a tried-and-true gamer and having absolutely no idea what to do, Linda’s first instinct was to click on the controls.

“Hmm…WASD to walk, click to interact, right-click for context…” Linda mumbled to herself as she memorized the basic controls before closing the window and returning to the game in front of her. “Let’s see how movement works…”

With a press of the W key, Alestra stood up and began to walk across the room.

“Hmm…WASD to walk, click to interact, right-click for context…”

Alestra’s eyes opened slightly. Was that…someone talking? She lay in silence for a couple seconds, straining to listen for any other sounds, but only being greeted by silence.

“Let’s see how movement works…”

That time there was definitely someone talking. Before Alestra could react, she had stood up and begun walking across the room. Alestra’s instincts warned her at every step, but despite doing her best to stop her legs from carrying her openly around when she had heard someone foreign inside her ship, Alestra simply was powerless to resist.

“Hmm…I wonder what this does…”

That voice again. And suddenly Alestra found herself walking towards the fabricator. She began to operate it without knowing what her hands were doing, her eyes staring at the screen but unsure what she was focusing on.

“Wow…and that number must be the fuel or currency or something.” A pause, and then, “No way. That can’t be real.”

A few involuntary button presses later, and Alestra found herself holding what appeared to be a scaled up version of an older model of disposable baby diaper. Her cheeks blushed bright red as she saw what she was looking at, but she again found herself drawn to the screen as she selected several more items.

“I wonder what else I can add… Wow, this game is amazing!”

Alestra watched helplessly as she used a very small portion of her hard-earned money to purchase an adult-sized pacifier, a bottle of baby powder, and some sort of pink, frilly abomination of a piece of clothing.

“Can I make her put them on I wonder?”

Alestra’s cheeks grew yet more red as she began to undress herself. She unfolded the diaper and spread it out on the bed in front of her before laying down on top of it, opening the bottle of baby powder and sprinkling it onto her, and expertly taping the diaper onto herself as if this were a set of actions she had repeated endlessly. She was allowed to stand for nary a second before unsnapping the crotch of what seemed to be a ruffly pink infant onesie, though scaled up to her size just as the diaper was, and pulling it onto herself. Alestra anticipated that the pacifier was next, and as she popped it into her own mouth and began suckling on it she was proven right.

“Aww~. Adorable. Now, let’s see here…”

As she stood there dressed so childishly, Alestra didn’t think there was any way she could feel more small. Yet, as she felt the front of her diaper grow warm with wetness, she discovered that she was nowhere near correct. It didn’t take her long to figure out that she was wetting herself, but as she began to squat down, her eyes grew wide with realization as she figured out what was about to happen.

No…this is enough…please, no more… Unfortunately for her, her unvoiced thoughts went by without Linda having any idea she was having them. Alestra grunted slightly and felt her abdomen begin to flex. Tears began to fill her eyes as the growing mass in her pants informed her that something else was indeed full.

Alestra felt herself come to her feet, but she paid little attention, her whimpering turning to much louder sobs and the tears flowing ever more freely. The pacifier in her mouth clattered to the floor, no longer held in by her suckling.

“Oh no…I didn’t mean to make her cry…Please don’t cry…”

Linda began to panic as the avatar in front of her began to wail, the pacifier she had carefully chosen falling out of Alestra’s mouth and onto the ground. “Oh no…I didn’t mean to make her cry…Please don’t cry…” She immediately attempted to once again drag the pacifier onto Alestra, but was this time greeted with a buzzing sound and a lack of response. “What do I do…”

She right-clicked on the machine she had used earlier to make the diapers and clothes and scanned through the huge list of items, desperate for something she could use to help. Finding a teddy bear and setting the scale on it to the maximum allowed, she clicked the “Fabricate” button, hoping for a miracle. As the camera pulled away from the machine, which took a few seconds to fabricate the person-sized bear, she watched as on her own, the character she had chosen toddled over to the bear and hugged it as tightly as she could.

Alestra was almost certain that, despite the voice, there was no one else in the room with her, but regardless of her beliefs, the fabricator whirred to life. Alestra stopped her wailing as she saw the stuffed bear, and after realizing she could once again move on her own, she carefully toddled over to the bear and pulled it into the biggest hug she had given in her life. She saw the pacifier levitate in front of her, but rather than lashing out as she normally would, she chose instead to simply accept it, suckling on it and squeezing the bear even harder.

As Alestra accepted the pacifier into her mouth, Linda felt confident that she had the situation under control. Well, at least to the point of being able to keep Alestra from crying anymore. Recalling the girl’s independent actions just a couple seconds earlier, she decided to try a bit of a different approach. She pulled her microphone out from the side of her computer and directly in front of her, speaking clearly into it. “Can you hear me?”

“Can you hear me?”

The voice was louder and more clear, as if someone had said it while standing directly next to her. Alestra looked up and around, again unable to find the direction of the voice before carefully nodding her head.

“Okay. It’s time for bed, little one.”

Alestra’s hostile reaction to being treated in such a diminutive way was immediately calmed by her realization of the fact that she was sitting in her room with a pacifier in her mouth, hugging a teddy bear, and wearing a baby’s onesie over a very messy diaper, so instead of yelling and going for a weapon, she simply nodded in response.

“Go sit down on the bed, Alestra.”

The mysterious entity knowing her name was the least of her concerns. Knowing what it had done to her earlier and feeling rather defeated as a result, Alestra chose to obey. Her face, however turned bright red as soon as she felt the telltale squish on her bottom, making the state of her diaper even more obvious.

“Now, get cuddled up to your teddy bear and get some sleep, okay?”

The lights turned off without her intent as Alestra lay down, acutely aware of her state with every small movement, but feeling too exhausted to disobey. Alestra managed a nod and her first ever word to whatever it was that had been humiliating her, though it may have been a bit distorted through the pacifier. “Otay…” She closed her eyes and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Linda watched the girl fall asleep, smiling at the state her own actions had caused. She simply stared for quite a while before moving the microphone again away from her face, finding the “Exit Program” button in a menu before getting up and thinking a simple thought to herself.

That was fun. Guess I know what I’m doing all day Saturday.