Proposition 2 - Equal Diaper Use by Teekabell

[b]Proposition 2 – Equal Diaper Use

by: Teekabell – 2005[/b]

"Four score and seven years ago our founders set forth on this planet a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all MEN wear diapers. This dedication has propelled our planet into galactic history books as the most peaceful, healthy planet in the galaxy. Our crime rate has never exceeded the galactic standard crime measurement of 1% while most planets never get below 20%. The population needing mental health services on our planet has also never exceeded 1%, while the galactic average is 40%. And all of this, in just 87 years.

We are now faced with the destruction of the basic foundation to this paradise. It has been a slow process over the years, but few females after reaching adult hood at age 30 are still wearing diapers. Some female parents are manipulating our baby girls as young as 6 years old into believing they should not wear diapers and give up other babyish things. Where as our boys still wear bibs and sit in high chairs till at least 10 years old, most girls stop before their 7th birthday. New products have hit the market just for girls, booster seats, potty chairs, and training pants. Since boys never stop wearing diapers and are in highchairs till they are big enough to sit in adult chairs, only girls are the ones using these new products. Something has to be done about these in-equalities. A vote of “YES” on Proposition 2 would start to bring these inequalities back into balance.

Females are starting to view themselves as superior to males and new legislation over the last decade has promoted this. Last years, “Caregivers Clothing Act” allowing the female who changes a males diaper to choose the clothing that a male wears, has strongly promoted this superiority image. Men are being seen in more and more childish outfits and you are even starting to see adult males wearing just a diaper and no pants. Although this is commonly seen in children into their 20’s, rarely was this seen as an adult fashion before the passing of the “Caregivers Clothing Act”. A vote of “YES” on Proposition 2 will bring equality back to our society.

Although 95% of the population agrees that the founders intended for all people, males and females, should wear diapers all the time, recent legislation and court decisions have taken the Constitution literally. The Female Political Party has emphasized that the founders knew what they were doing when they just said “MEN” when talking about a return to nature and the use of diapers. They used the word “all people” in other sections of the Constitution, but the phrase “all men” when talking about diapers. The founders believed a return to a natural biological control over body waist would be healthier for the body. If your body feels a need to expel waist, you should not retain it, you should just let it out, like all other biological creatures in the galaxy. It was believed that teaching children to retain their bodily waist teaches them to retain emotional waist too. Females are going against this biological process and what our founders intended for this society.

It all started about 50 years ago when females started toilet training themselves, arguing that adult men did not do a good enough job cleaning them up during diaper changes and it was too much work to clean up their own private areas after bowel movements. Now, rarely do you see an adult female in diapers and it is almost unheard of to have a female older than 10 to use anything except a toilet for bowel movements. If you ask a trained adult female, they will claim they’re too busy to deal with changing their own diapers. Mothers and wives claim they spend enough time changing their family’s diapers to have to deal with their own. Professional single women say their lives are just too busy to deal with diaper. In the last decade, females have toilet trained little girls at younger and younger ages. Some baby girls are being trained as young as 5 years old, with almost all trained by their 9th birthday. A vote of “YES” on Proposition 2 would bring us back to the founders’ original intentions for this society.

Males are being treated more like children than adults and boys are not being educated to the same level as females. Research findings have been a driving force behind a building force of educational inequalities. Research has shown that males are not ready for processing academic tasks till around their 9th birthday, yet girls are ready around their 6th birthday. Although it shows cognitive processing ability equals out by 12 years old, this has been ignored. Girls are starting school at 6 years old, while boys stay in preschool till 9 years old. This is giving girls 3 more years of education, causing a significant deficit for boys. Boys and girls are now being educated in different classrooms, and even different sections of a building because of the different academic levels and toileting issues. We are creating an inferior, less educated population . . ."

“Well ladies,” Television New Reporter Mary Elison interrupted as the camera focused back on her, “that was Bob Franklin, head of the Male Political Party, back one week ago at the start of the Political Campaigning period before this election. To me ladies, it sounds like Bob needs a diaper change and to go down for a nap, but the vote today tells the real story. Proposition 2 is a constitutional amendment asking for the word “men” to be replaced with “people”. The long term implication of a “YES” vote will mean females will have to wear diapers all the time and the end of toilet training our little girls. There have been many legislative decisions over the last few decades backed up by the current wording which would be in jeopardy if Proposition 2 passes. Polls are about to close and the preliminary results are what you would expect. The vote is split down political lines, with it failing 51% to 49%. As long our society maintains the statistical average of 51% female to 49% male, a change like this will never pass. Proposition 2 was appropriate numbered, for the men are acting like 2 year olds, maybe it is time we start treating them like 2 year old instead of the adults they claim to be. . .”

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Well Mom, I am a little surprised that females were not able to convince at least a few men to vote against the proposition, but we didn’t really promote that effort. I still have to laugh at how well grandma managed to hide the pact that the female founders made when writing the constitution. They never fully bought into the diapering of females, but knew that it was necessary for a short period to get the men under their control. In less than 90 years we have all males treated like children and responding to any female as authorities. Even in the kids, it is an amazing thing to see Mom, Lynn, who is only 7, treats her 10 year old brother like he is a little brother and he accepts it. Grandma would be so proud of Lynn’s mothering effect on her older brother. Or should I say his passive obedient behavior to a superior female. It is real cute watching little Lynn escorting John to his 1st grade room before heading off to her 2nd grade classroom. She is so protective of him, you would think she was 3 years older instead of him.

I am so proud of you honey for following in Grandma’s footsteps. I was never the political that she wanted me to be, but you have shown yourself to be quite a good one. You will lead this society to new levels. Maybe the next step should be what that news reporter indicated; next year we should initiate legislation to treat men the way they act. If we keep them at an emotional level of a child, they will be a lot easier to control. The public accepted adult men wearing just their diaper like little kids do, so having them wearing bibs, sucking on baby bottles and pacifiers should be easy. We already have have 10 year old boys with emotional levels of 4 or 5 year old girls, lets go for the adult males.

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Proposition 2 - Equal Diaper Use by Teekabell

I must have missed this before. Kinda twisted. And look at the ending: what are the implications for reproduction!?

This is one of my favorite all time ABDL stories and a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for reposting it!