Prompt: Two best friends discover another side of each other.

Chapter 1: A Pack-Your-Bags Birthday Bash

You blow the candles of your 18th birthday cake out while making the wish of the thing you’ve wanted most since she was 14: To move to Canada with your best friend, Ashley, to attend both of your favorite college: The University of Toronto.

The rest of the night was a packed blur consisting of red velvet cake, fun party games, and then falling unconscious on the dance floor. When you wake up, you’re on your living room couch. When you begin to stop feeling dizzy, you notice a note resting on the coffee table. It’s in your mom’s cursive, so it takes you a moment to read. It says,

"You best be out by one week. Your father and I have given you more than enough of our time and money. If you aren’t out by sunday, I’ll throw you out myself.

Your mother and father"

You didn’t know what to say. You sit there for a solid minute in shock. After recollecting yourself you check your phone to see that they’ve blocked you!

You begin to text Ashley asking her advice on what you should do. You feel like she would know what to do. She is your best friend after all. She says that this is an exciting moment as you both can finally move to Canada together! You were not amused. You decide that while the situation you happen to be in is crappy, you couldn’t help yourself but to take her up on that offer.

You begin to pack your bags, still trying to process what just happened. A million questions are racing through your head. Why did your parents do this? Why did Ash seem so focused on going to Canada instead of helping you through what just happened? What do you do once you get to Canada?

Your questions come to a halt as there is a knock at the door. You look through the window to discover the mailman walking back to his mail van. Looking through the mail you see, among other things, a letter addressed to you. You think this is odd as you never really get mail. You open it to find…your College acceptance letter to your favorite school!

After rejoicing for a moment, you remember you’re alone and the situation you are in and resume packing your bags for the long trip.

After a few days of packing and review, you come to the conclusion that you are fully packed and ready to go. But, when doing a final check of your room, you discover an odd package at the back of your closet. It’s the pack of diapers you had to use when you had a severe bed wetting problem when you were eleven caused by the stress of your parents fighting over overdue bills. You remember at first, hating the idea of wearing diapers to bed. But, as time went on, you started to enjoy the feeling of it. You eventually got over your bed wetting problem.

You decide to take the package with you.
Just in case.

It’s definitely got potential, and I think you’ve got the chops to carry on by yourself if you’d like to. But, with all due respect, I think you’d be better off commissioning something like this, rather than posting a “prompt”. You might get a bit of passing interest, but if you want something specific there are plenty of writers out there who do comissions.

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You may want pay closer attention to what you’re replying to. The prompt in the subject is what the story is based on. They’re not asking someone to write it for them. :slight_smile: