Progressions and Regressions (Completed)

My name is Carter and I have been an ABDL for a lot of my life. This is a story of how I imagined and wished things would have played out in my childhood during my years as a little kid. Some parts of the story are true as it relates to the details about my parents and the fact that I did have a little sister that was 5 years younger. However a majority of it is fiction. I’m not a writer so I have low expectations. Please share your feedback for improvement.

Chapter 1

Let me start off by telling you about my family. We were pretty well off and money was not an issue. My dad was a successful architect. He worked and designed many commercial buildings and various hotels. He was always busy with projects and traveled quite a bit to oversee them throughout many different locations across the US and even internationally.

As a result of his travel and busy work, our family didn’t get to see him as often as we would have liked. As for his physical appearance, he was not necessarily the athletic type and had a small, slender frame. He carried on a more nerdy appearance overall. He stood at only 5ft 8 inches tall.

My mom was the opposite. She had an athletic body type. She was tall standing at 5ft 11 inches with a hard rock body and toned muscles. She was a runner in college and even made a push to be an olympic runner for a couple years. She ended up going on to pursue a career in advertising. She still stayed in great shape over the years despite her career and becoming a mom.

Now to tell you about me, I was my parents first born child. My parents were relatively young when I was born. My Dad was 32 years old and my mom was 29. As I was going through the first 5 years of my life, it became evident that I was a late developer and growing at a slower pace than other toddlers and little kids. It appeared early on that I could possibly be following in my dad’s footsteps when it came to my height and overall physique.

I was 5 years old when my mom gave birth to another baby, my little sister Hayley. At the time that my little sister was born, my dad was doing well for himself and my mom decided she was going to retire from her career in advertising so that she could spend all of her time and attention taking care of my sister and I.

I was excited to be a big brother and have a little baby sister to take care of in my life. I would watch as mom would change her diapers. During this time that my sister was born, even though I was already 5 years old, I still wore diapers as well day and night.

Mom had struggled to potty train me during the day. I wasn’t daytime potty trained until a few months after my little sister was born. As I said before, I was a late developer, but my mom was still busy working at the time before my little sister was born which probably also contributed to my slow development. She didn’t have the time to give my potty training the full amount of attention it needed.

It wasn’t until I was 7 and my little sister Hayley turned 2 that I stopped wetting the bed at night as well and was fully out of diapers. This was a fun time as Hayley was starting to talk and form sentences. She was also starting to look less like a baby and a little bit more like a toddler.

When my mom was doing the house chores and cooking, I would be a good big brother and play along with my baby sister and make small talk with her while playing with her dolls. I would also pick her up off the ground and toss her around in my arms. I would do this carefully of course as she was only 2. I was a lot bigger than her despite being small for my age.

My mom thought it was cute and sweet that I was willing to play with my little baby sister. I know a 7 year old shouldn’t be playing with baby toys and especially dolls, but it made my mom happy and my sister liked that she had someone to play with. Being small for my age actually made it less awkward. I was small enough to look like a toddler than the 7 year old that I was.

One day when I was playing with my little sister Hayley, I spilled my drink on the carpet and started to cry. Hayley gave me one of her pacifiers and pushed it in my mouth saying “baby needs to do baby crying.” I spit the pacifier out and threw it on the ground saying “I wasn’t a baby.” This caused Hayley to start crying too.

My mom saw this whole sequence and said “sweetie that wasn’t a nice thing to do. Your baby sister didn’t mean any harm by that, she was just trying to help. I want you to say sorry to your sister and put the pacifier back in your mouth for now so she stops crying”. My mom had her hands on her hips with that look so I knew she meant business and I had better do what she tells me.

I told my sister I was sorry and started sucking on the pacifier. Hayley stopped crying and giggled at the sight of her older brother sucking a pacifier. My mom giggled too saying “you know sweetie, you still look like a toddler with that pacifier in your mouth and being so small for your age.” I frowned at my mom for her statement, but she gave some resolve saying “thank you for being a great big brother and playing along with your little sister.”

After this and over the next year it became a habit for me to play with my little sister with the pacifier in my mouth. I knew I couldn’t do anything about it as my baby sister would start crying if I took out the pacifier.


I am working on chapter 3 and hope to have that completed and uploaded in the next week or two.

Perhaps split each “chapter” into smaller paragraphs? Instead of one giant wall of text, add line breaks as appropriate (ie when the topic changes, example: a line break right before “Now to tell you about me”, as the topic changes there)

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This is great advice thank you baby664. I will take that into consideration moving forward.


Chapter 2

It was the end of the summer break, a week before school was about to start. I had just returned from a couple months at a summer camp I went to. I was now 8 years old entering the 3rd grade and my little sister Hayley was 3.

We were both in the backyard playing around. I started to lift her up off the ground in a playful way as I had done many times over the last year. I was able to do it, but not as easily as before. It was a bit of struggle. I was confused. I thought, did I get weaker or was my little sister getting stronger. I set my sister down and noticed that she grew quite a bit during the last couple of months that I was at camp. The top of her head was about up to the bottom of my chin. Wow she’s getting big, I thought.

This was surprising as she was only maybe up to about the bottom of my sternum before camp this summer. She looked like a full grown toddler now. For the first time I saw her more as just my little sister versus my baby sister.

From that point forward I started paying more attention to my height and my little sister’s height. It’s not that I was super concerned about my little sister’s growth. I was still a full head taller and 5 years older than her. She was just a toddler. It had more to do with the fact that I hadn’t had a big growth spurt like her in a while. I was hoping one would come soon as I was the shortest of all my peers at school. Some of them teased me about my size and height at camp over the summer.

A few months into the school year during the winter break, I turned 9 years old and still didn’t seem to be growing much. I was extremely small for my age and kids in my 3rd grade class continued to tease me throughout the school year. Despite the teasing, the school year had passed by quickly as I was very busy with extra curricular activities. I was small, but fast. As a result of my speed, I was a great swimmer and track runner often placing in most of my events at school.

It was now a week before school was to be let out for summer. I was excited about the summer ahead. It was supposed to be a summer full of fun activities at camp with my buddies, but God had different plans.

It was on a Monday evening during the 1st week of June on that last week of school when my mom came into my room crying. She told me something tragic has just happened. She said “Your father has been killed in a plane crash. He was on his way back from his work trip.”

I was shocked I couldn’t believe it! The emotions started to come out and I started crying too hugging my mom.

Mom told me that she hasn’t woken up Hayley yet and wanted to tell me first so that she could tell my sister that daddy went to heaven and won’t be returning. My sister was still young enough to not completely understand the magnitude of the situation and what death meant. My mom told me that her and I were going to keep it a secret until Hayley asked.

This was a very sad day as I was close with my dad despite him not being home a lot on work trips. He always told me I needed to be a brave big brother and man of the house and take care of my mom and little sister.

The rest of the day went on and I decided to just stay in my room and keep to myself playing with my toys. I had a hard time falling asleep that night mourning my dad. I woke up the next morning groggy and tired and to an uncomfortable wet feeling. I pulled up the covers to realize I had done something I hadn’t done in about 2 years. I wet the bed!

I couldn’t believe it. My PJ bottoms were soaked and part of my PJ top. My bed sheets were also a lost cause. As I was getting up out of bed I heard my mom’s footsteps and she was knocking on my door saying “Time to get up.”

I was frantic and started to cry. I didn’t want my mom to find out what I did, but it was past the point of no return.

My mom heard me crying saying “What’s wrong honey I’m coming in”.

I was expecting her to be super mad and ground me. When mom opened my door, she saw me standing there with a frightened look on my face. I didn’t know what to say other than “Mom I don’t know what happened I wet the bed” with a defeated look on my face still crying.

Mom saw my soaked PJ’s and then investigated my bed sheets saying “Oh sweetie I’m sorry. Don’t worry about it. Accidents happen. I’m sure this is just a one time thing. Not a big deal."

I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from her. She was very sympathetic and understanding. I responded saying “Mom I’m 9 years old, I’m a big kid, not a baby”.

My mom laughed a little at my statement as if she was surprised I would say that. She said “I know you’re not a baby sweetie. Why don’t you go take a shower and get ready for school while I take care of your bed sheets. I need to get your little sister Hayley up”.

I said “Please don’t tell Hayley mom”.

My mom said “Don’t worry sweetie this is our secret.” I was relieved she said this, but headed to the bathroom hanging my head low in shame. I couldn’t believe I wet the bed like a baby like my little sister Hayley.

The rest of the school week went by uneventfully. I was hoping it was a one time accident as mom said, but that was far from the reality. It was the start of a new bedwetting trend. I proceeded to wake up to a wet bed the following three mornings. I’m pretty sure that this new bedwetting episode had to do with the death of my Dad. I couldn’t think of any other reason for it.

My mom was started to get more concerned with each day that she found me with wet sheets and PJ’s in the morning.

It was now a Friday evening at the end of an emotional, long week. The last day of school was this morning and it was officially summer. Normally on the last day of school I would do something fun like a sleepover with friends. But, with the death of Dad a few days ago I didn’t feel like hanging out with friends. I also didn’t want to risk wetting the bed again if I slept over at someone’s house as this was now 4 mornings in a row I have woken up to a wet bed.

I was just getting ready for bed when my mom knocked on my door and said she wanted to have a talk with me before a went to sleep that night.

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Chapter 3

Mom came into my room and I noticed she had something in her hands behind her back.

She said “Sweetie, you’ve wet the bed the last 4 nights and I’m concerned this is going to keep happening. I’m going to book a doctor’s appointment as soon as I can this summer. In the meantime, I know you’re not going to like this, but I think you should wear some protection to bed until we figure out what’s going on.”

I knew what this meant and started crying telling mom, “I’m not a baby, I don’t want to wear a diaper.”

My mom said “I know you’re not a baby sweetie, but I don’t want to keep washing your bed sheets every morning. It will make it easier on us both if you wore a diaper to bed for now. Can you be a big boy for me and wear one.”

I was not happy about this, but nodded my head.

My mom said “Thanks for being so mature about this honey. Hopefully this will pass soon.”

Mom then pulled a diaper behind her back saying, “I borrowed one of your little sister’s diapers sweetie. I’m hoping her diapers will fit you.”

It was one of Hayley’s size 6 Huggies diapers. I couldn’t believe it, not only would a be wearing a diaper, I would be wearing the same ones that my little baby sister wore. I was thinking to myself there is no way those will fit me. My mom seemed to think they might.

Mom then told me to stand up so she could get me changed.

I said “I’m a big boy. I can could do it myself.”

Mom responded saying “It will be a lot easier and faster if I do it sweetie.”

Mom then surprised me by reaching out and pulling down my PJ bottoms and my underwear in one motion. She then lifted me with ease onto my bed. It had been a couple years since mom changed me or lifted me off the ground like that.

Mom then told me to lay flat and put my feet up so she could slide the diaper under me. When she taped the diaper up, it actually fit. I was surprised and I think my mom was pleasantly surprised too. I didn’t think a big boy like me could fit into my baby sister’s diapers.

My mom giggled a bit saying “It’s a good thing you’re really small for your age sweetie. Otherwise I would have had to come up with another solution to buy you bigger diapers.”

She then grabbed my PJ bottoms and pulled them over the diaper. The thickness of the Huggies diapers caused a noticeable bulge. My mom then tucked me in saying “goodnight my little one, I love you” and kissed me on the check.

As I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I could feel the bulk of the diapers under my PJ’s. I felt like such a baby.

The next morning I woke up and realized my bed was dry. I was excited. I then reached under the covers and remembered I had a diaper on. I pulled the covers off and felt my diaper under my PJ bottoms. The diaper was soaked.

As I got out of bed, I felt the weight of the wet diapers. The Huggies diaper had did it’s job and held all my pee. The diaper had swelled up massively under my PJ bottoms and the diaper bulge was much more pronounced. As I started walking you could hear the crinkle of the diaper.

I walked to the mirror in my room and looked at myself. Here I was a 9 year old boy with a wet baby diaper on. I was so ashamed that I found myself in this predicament. In my upset mood, my thumb made it’s way to my mouth and I actually started sucking on it without thinking about it. This is something I hadn’t done since I was 4 or 5 years old.

I was taken by surprise a moment later when my bedroom door flung open. My mom had caught and saw me with my thumb still lodged in my mouth. I quickly took it out. Thankfully she didn’t say anything about it.

My mom said “Sweetie, you look dreadful, how did you sleep”.

I said “I slept well mom”.

She said “Good, let’s check your diaper and see how it held up”. My mom then reached and pulled my PJ bottoms down saying “Wow you really wet this diaper sweetie. It looks like they worked out great. I don’t see any leaks. It’s a lot nicer to wake up to a wet diaper and dry bed versus wet bed sheets isn’t it sweetie.”

I hesitated unsure if I should respond to her. After a few moments I said “Yes it is mom”.

I then told mom “I’m going to go get changed and ready to go”.

She said “Not so fast. I want to help you get cleaned up. Let’s go to your sister’s room where I have the changing supplies and go get her up. Then we can get you both ready to go.

I started whining a little saying “Mom, Hayley is going to see I’m wearing a diaper. Remember we talked about keeping it a secret.”

My mom replied saying “Sweetie, look it really doesn’t matter. She was bound to find out anyway. She won’t care. She’s just a toddler. Besides you still play with her occasionally anyway with her pacifier in your mouth. I don’t think your sister will think much of it that you are wearing a diaper too.” she laughed.

I wasn’t sure if my mom had brought up the pacifier in reference to seeing me sucking my thumb this morning. Either way I didn’t like my mom’s sense of humor here.

Mom then surprised me again when she reached down and grabbed my hand like a toddler, saying “let’s go walk to your little sister’s room.”

As we were walking I told mom. “I don’t need you to hold my hand mom. I’m a big boy you know, I can walk myself”.

My mom said “I know sweetie. I can’t help it. You still look like my innocent little boy with your cute diaper on.”

I couldn’t believe it. Mom was treating me the same way she treats Hayley.

I decided not to argue and just go along with it. My mom seemed really happy. Once we got to Hayley’s room, she was already up in her crib.

My mom said, "Hey my big girl is already awake.

Hayley said “Yes mommy”.

She then checked Hayley’s diaper and said “Wet. Let’s get you and your big brother’s diapers changed and get you both ready to go.”

I was super embarrassed and my face went red when my mom said that.

Hayley giggled saying “My big brother is wearing a diapee.” Then asked with a puzzled look “Is he still a baby?”

I was outraged by my little sister’s statement saying “Mom tell Hayley not to call me a baby!”

My mom replied “Hayley, your big brother may be wearing a diaper at night for now, but he is still a big boy okay. Even big boys wear diapers when they need them too”.

Hayley replied as if she understood saying " Oh okay Mommy"

Hayley was at that age where mom tried to start potty training her last month during the day, but she kept having accidents so she put her back in diapers. My mom figured she would wait a bit longer and try potty training her again very soon.

My mom lifted Hayley out of her crib and onto the ground. I was standing right next to Hayley when mom set her down. I was surprised how big and tall she looked to me. It was officially the first day of summer and I hadn’t really seen or played with her much over the school year as I was so busy with my academics and extra curricular activities.

I observed her height more closely and noticed that the top of her head was now up to my nose. I was shocked!

At the beginning of the school year, she was barely up to the bottom of my chin. It made me infuriated inside. My little toddler sister keeps growing so fast and I can’t seem to get a stupid growth spurt.

I grew maybe an inch or two at the most this whole past year. For the first time my little sister’s height made me a little nervous. She had narrowed the gap significantly in our height and size difference. She wasn’t that much shorter than me anymore. Maybe 3-4 inches at the most.

That was surprisingly close considering our age difference. My sister wasn’t even 4 yet. She was about to turn 4 next month and I was already 9. She was definitely tall and lanky for a toddler her age, but still.

To add fuel to the fire on our now much smaller height difference, here I was in the same predicament as her with mom changing us both of out of our wet nighttime diapers. This was going to be a long summer, I thought.


Chapter 4

The first few weeks of summer had passed by quickly. I had mostly spent it inside in our backyard playing with Hayley, or keeping to myself in my own room. I decided I wasn’t going to go to camp with my friends. I told mom I didn’t want to go this summer. This was partially because I was mourning my dad and wanted to be left alone. But the main reason was because I was embarrassed about my bedwetting and didn’t want any of my friends to find out.

Mom told me she was actually happy about my decision because she was worried about me and wanted to keep a closer eye on me.

I didn’t know what she meant by keeping a closer eye on me, but I noticed that her behavior towards me was different the past few weeks since summer started. It was subtle, but I noticed she was starting to treat me similarly to the way she treats my little sister Hayley.

For instance, besides the routine of helping me with my diaper changes on Hayley’s changing table, she has started holding my hand more when we’re walking around the house the same way she does for Hayley. She has also started helping me get dressed in the morning and at night before bed. Yesterday she had me take a bath with Hayley. I was super embarrassed about that. I kept telling my mom I was a big boy I could dress myself or take my own shower, but she kept insisting on helping me.

It was now a Saturday morning, a week before Hayley’s 4th birthday. Next Saturday mom planned to throw a party for her at our house to celebrate. Mom invited several other moms who had toddlers that went to the same daycare as Hayley this past year. The last couple of years, I was at camp during her birthday. I wasn’t super excited about being the only big boy in the house celebrating Hayley’s b-day with a bunch of toddlers, but I didn’t have much choice.

Hayley and I were at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Hayley was in her high chair and I was sitting in my booster seat next to her. Even though I was 9, I still used a booster seat at the table because I still wasn’t tall enough. It was the same reason mom still had me sit in a booster seat in the car.

As I was eating my breakfast, I spilled my cup of milk on the floor. My mom said “Oops sweetie, let’s get this cleaned up and I’ll get you another drink.”

When she returned, I noticed she refilled my drink in one of Hayley’s sippy cups. I asked mom why I had to drink out of a sippy cup like Hayley.

My mom said “I’ve been thinking about it sweetie, and I think it would be better if you used a sippy cup for your meals moving forward. I’ve noticed you’ve spilled a handful of times in the last month."
I did tend to be careless with my drink at the table, but still I thought mom was being a bit extreme.

I said “But mom I promise I’ll be more careful."

Mom said “Sorry sweetie this is for the best just in case."

I thought to myself, here we go again with her treating me more and more like a stupid toddler like my little sister.

After breakfast, Hayley and I were playing in the backyard and I felt the need to use the restroom. Hayley and I were having so much fun so I said to myself, I can wait. I’m a big boy. I decided to hold it longer and keep playing. We played for another 30 minutes and I decided I needed to take action as the urge was strong now. I told Hayley to pause so that I could go to the bathroom.

Hayley pointed at my shorts saying “Go in your diaper”.

I told Hayley “I’m a big boy, I don’t need a diaper during the day. Babies like you wear diapers during the day because they need them. Maybe soon you won’t be wearing diapers during the day and be a big kid like me Little Sis.”

My little sister nodded her head up and down understanding what I said. She then replied saying “Carter I want to be a big kid like you.”

I replied saying “You will soon Hayley.”

Hayley had a huge smile on her face when I said that and seemed encouraged by my statement.

My sister replied excitingly saying “Thank you.”

I seemed to have boosted her confidence. I guess I didn’t mind. That’s what big brothers are for.

I was interrupted by my thought saying “Okay little Sis, stay here and play and I’ll be back.”

After I said that I ran to the backyard patio sliding doors, but noticed they were locked. I banged on the door to try to get my mom’s attention, but I saw her in the other room vacuuming.

I was at the point of bursting. I was frantic thinking what to do. After a few more minutes I said, I know I’ll just pee a little bit in my underwear then I’ll explain to mom I tried to go but the door was locked so I went a little bit.

I started to pee, but when I tried to stop it I couldn’t. It turned into a steady stream completely soaking my underwear and running down my legs. I had a huge wet spot on the front and back of my shorts. I started to cry out of embarrassment in the state I found myself in. I completely lost control. I can’t believe I just wet my pants like a baby and couldn’t even stop it.

Hayley saw me crying and came up to me. She saw the state of my shorts and giggled saying “Hehe Carter you went pee pee like me.”

At that moment, I was so flustered still trying to process what happened. I couldn’t believe what I just did.

Mom had stopped her vacuuming and came out to see what the commotion was about. Hayley spoke up and said “Carter went pee pee in his pants”. My mom then looked down and saw the state of my shorts as well.

She said “Oh wow sweetie what happened. Why didn’t you go to the bathroom when you felt you needed to go”

I tried to explain to my mom that I was headed to the bathroom, but the door was locked and she was vacuuming so I tried to go a little until she got back. My mom replied saying “you’re a big boy, you couldn’t hold it a bit longer until I was done.”

I didn’t know what to say. My mom went on saying “I don’t know what’s going on with you sweetie. The bedwetting is one thing, now you’re having accidents during the day.”

I told mom it was one accident.

She said “I’m going to let this accident slide sweetie, but we may need to take some action if it happens again.”

I’m pretty sure I knew what she meant, but didn’t want to find out.

Mom then grabbed my hand and said “Sweetie, let’s go get you changed.”

Mom then checked Hayley’s diaper quickly to find that it was wet too. She said to Hayley, “Grab my other hand sweetie. Let’s go get you and your brother changed and cleaned up.”

Hayley said “Okay mommy”.

We got to my little sister’s room and Mom changed Hayley first out of her wet diaper and into a fresh one. Mom then lifted me onto Hayley’s changing table and removed my wet underwear and shorts. She wiped me down with several baby wipes.

We returned to my room and mom dressed me in new underwear and shorts. My t-shirt had survived the wetting so she kept that one on me. Once mom had me dressed she looked down at me with her hands in her hips and said “Sweetie are you going to stay dry like a big boy and make it to the potty the rest of the day today?”

I said “Jeez mom of course, I’m a big boy, not a baby.”

I couldn’t believe mom was questioning my ability to make it to the potty talking to me like a toddler after one accident. An accident that wasn’t even my fault because the stupid door was locked.

My mom responded saying “Good that’s my big boy. I’m just making sure. I don’t want you to have anymore accidents.”

With that she grabbed my hand and Hayley’s hand and led us down the stairs. The rest of the day and the next few days were uneventful.


Chapter 5

It was now a Thursday, two days before Hayley’s 4th birthday and my mom wanted to get some stuff from Party City for her party. The Party City was a good 15-20 miles from our house so it took us about 30 minutes to get there.

On our way there we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch. Hayley and I both had happy meals. My mom poured both of our soft drinks into sippy cups. I asked mom “Why can’t I just drink my coke out of this cup. It has a lid.”

Mom said “Sweetie it’s a plastic lid and you know the drill. It’s no different than if we were eating at home. We’re going in the car and I don’t want you to risk spilling.” She handed me my sippy cup and I looked down to the ground pouting.

My mom saw my reaction and said. “You’re not acting like a big boy. Look at Hayley, she is drinking from her cup like a big girl and not making a fuss. Do you want me to treat you like a baby because I will if you’re going to keep acting like one.” Mom looked perturbed so I knew I better stop pouting.

I said “I’m sorry mom”

Mom said “Good boy. Now let’s get back in the car.” She grabbed my hand and Hayley grabbed her other hand.

We arrived at Party City and were getting ready to check out with our supplies when I felt the sudden urge to pee. I didn’t want to cause more hassle for my mom by telling her a needed to go. I was already on thin ice with her after my pouting episode at McDonald’s.

I just said to myself, I’m a big boy. I can hold it until we get home. It’s only 30 minutes.

We got back into the car. On the freeway we ran into some traffic. I really needed to go badly so decided to speak up and say “Mom I need to go potty.”

My mom replied saying “Sweetie I’m sorry there is nothing I can do. We’re stuck in traffic. You need to hold it like a big boy until we get home okay.”

That was not the answer I needed to hear. I was doing everything in my power to hold it. I crossed my legs to help ease the pain.

We finally got home and into the driveway. Thank god I was thinking to myself. I jumped out of my booster seat and got out of the car. Mom unbuckled Hayley and lifted her down from her car seat. While mom was unlocking the front door to the house, I dropped my sippy cup on the ground.

When I bent down to pick it, my bladder gave way and I started to wet my pants. Pee was running down my legs creating a small puddle on the driveway. I couldn’t believe it I had an accident like a baby for real and I couldn’t even stop it!

My mom looked back and she saw my wet pants and the puddle on the driveway. She said “Wow I thought you were a big boy, but I was wrong. Another accident. Go up to your room now Mr. and we need to have a talk."

I knew I was dead meet. I went up to my room. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t control myself. Why was I having accidents like a baby.

Mom came in a few minutes later with a plastic bag in her hand and sat next to me on my bed. She said “look sweetie I know I was little hard on you back there. I’m sorry. I know it was an accident. But this is a couple times now in the last few days.”

Mom then reached into the bag and pulled out a few pairs of my old cloth training pants from when she was potty training me as a toddler. She said, “For the next few days, I want you to wear these training pants during the day. I think this is for the best sweetie as I’ll be busy preparing for your sister’s party. If at the end of the next 3 days you don’t have any accidents, you can wear your big boy underwear again. Now you can choose to be a big boy about this and cooperate or if you act like a baby we can go ahead and put you in diapers right now. The choice is yours so what is it going to be?”

I was so out of energy to argue at this point and knew it wasn’t going to do any good so just said “Okay mom, I’ll wear the training pants.” I figured it’s just three days and I’ll be back in my big boy underwear again.

Mom said, “Thank you for being a big boy about this sweetie. Now let’s get those wet clothes off of you.”

Mom took my clothes off and wiped me down with a few baby wipes and then told me to stand up so she could slide the training pants up. Once she slid them up my legs I could feel how much thicker and bulkier they were than my underwear. It felt like I had a pillow between my legs.

Mom then slipped a new pair of shorts on me. The thickness of the training pants caused my shorts to puff out with a slight bulge. It was definitely noticeable by anyone who looked closely enough. My mom then grabbed my hand and says let’s go down stairs and you can go play with your sister. As I was walking, the thickness of the training pants caused me to have a slight waddle. I felt like such a baby.

Once we got downstairs mom said. “Sweetie, here’s the deal I want you to tell me when you need to go potty and I’ll take you. Let’s not have any more accidents so we can get you back into your big boy underwear.”

I responded saying “Mommy, I mean mom, I’m big boy I can go to the potty by myself.”

Wait, did I just call her mommy like Hayley does. At least I corrected myself, but I need to be more careful about that moving forward.

My mom sarcastically replied, “Sure the same big boy who had an accident today and a couple days ago”.

I didn’t have an answer to that one. But there was one thing for certain. I did not like that my mom was continuing to treat me more and more like a toddler. Needing to ask her to take me to the potty was a new low point.

After about an hour playing with Hayley, I told mom I needed to go potty. She grabbed my hand and took me. Thankfully, she closed the door behind her giving me privacy to do my business and granting me some dignity as a big boy, whatever little there was left.


Chapter 6

It was now the next morning, a day before Hayley’s party. I woke up later than usual. I was not surprised when I discovered my diaper was wet. I heard and smelled cooking downstairs. Mom must be making breakfast.

I decided to walk over to Hayley’s room to see if she was still sleeping. I opened the door slowly and carefully as I didn’t want to potentially wake her, but when I looked inside she wasn’t there. She must be downstairs with mom, I thought.

My eyes scanned across her room and I noticed her measuring wall next to her crib. As I looked at the measuring wall, I thought back to a few weeks ago when I was standing next her in her room and noticing how much closer in height she was to me. I was curious how the exact measurement stacked up so I decided to go over to measure myself. Mom always drew a line with a pencil where Hayley’s height was and marked it with the date so I would be able to know exactly where I stood in comparison.

I put my back against the measuring wall and stuck my index finger at the top of my head to mark the spot. I turned around keeping my index finger on that spot and the measurement read 3ft, 8 inches. I was super disappointed. I wasn’t even 4 ft tall yet and was 9 years old.

I then looked at the wall to see where Hayley’s marking was and was shocked. It said 3ft, 5 inches, dated June 4th. That was two days after my dad passed away and when I started having my night time accidents so I knew that was also the same week we were in Hayley’s room and I noticed her height.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My little baby sister Hayley was really only 3 inches shorter than me! And that was three to four weeks ago so I was praying that she didn’t even grow a little more since then.

I walked downstairs and sure enough Hayley was in the living room playing with her dolls. Mom saw me and said “Oh hey sleepy head. I let you sleep in a little bit longer this morning because we have Hayley’s big party tomorrow and I want you to be well rested.”

I said “Thank you mommy”

The rest of the day went by and I managed to have no accidents and keep my training pants dry. I was motivated to make it through the party tomorrow so that I could get past all of this nonsense and get my big boy underwear back.

It was now the morning of Hayley’s big day. Her 4th birthday was officially here. My mom decided to wake my sister up first. I was still fast asleep when I woke up to my mom and Hayley giggling at me. I couldn’t figure out why they were giggling until a few seconds later.

That’s when I realized I had my thumb in my mouth. My mom said “sweetie it looked like you were sleeping very peacefully, but I don’t want you sucking your thumb when you sleep. You can get germs. We can get one of Hayley’s pacifiers for you to use for night time.”

Hayley responded to mom saying “Mommy he can have my paci, I don’t really use it anymore.”

My mom said, “Well, thank you sweetie that’s nice of you. Hayley how old are you today?”

Hayley excitingly replied “I’m 4 years old. I’m a big girl.”

Mom said “Yes you are sweetie, you’re my big girl.”

Mom then said to me “Let’s go to Hayley’s room sweetie and we can get your wet diaper changed and get you and Hayley both ready to go for the day.” Mom reached down and grabbed my hand.

Mom then said to Hayley “Can you be my big 4 year old girl and walk ahead of us and open the door to your bedroom for your brother and I?”

Hayley said “Yes mommy”

I was thinking to myself, my mom could just open the door herself. I guess she’s just trying to encourage Hayley to be a big girl now that she’s 4 today and do more things herself.

However, it seemed like Mom was starting to treat me more like a toddler than her which was frustrating. I was the one stuck here holding her hand, which didn’t make any sense as I was the big brother and 5 years older.

As Hayley walked ahead of us in the hallway, mom said “Wow Hayley it looks like you’ve grown again the last few weeks. I want to measure you when we get to your room.”

I was nervous when mom said this. I was super worried and hoped the measurements didn’t change from when I checked in her room yesterday.

When we got into Hayley’s room, mom measured Hayley and said “Wow you grew another couple inches. You’re 3ft, 7 inches. I can’t believe how tall you are for your age sweetie. You really are my big girl now.”

When she said that I nearly fainted. I thought about what this meant . My stupid little baby sister was now only an inch shorter than me!

My mom then looked over at me and said “Let’s measure you sweetie. I want to see how much you’ve grown.”

When she said that I knew I needed to get out of there in a hurry. I stormed out of the room. I didn’t want any part of mom measuring me. There was no way I was going to let my mom and sister find out that we were only an inch apart in height now.

When my mom caught up to me she said “Why did you run away sweetie?”

I need to make up an excuse fast, I thought. The best I could think of in the moment is “I felt like I needed to go potty mommy.”

She laughed saying “Well you could have just told me sweetie and I would have taken your diaper off and let you go. Come on let’s get you and your sister ready to go. Hayley has a big day with her party and I need time to prepare everything.”

I was relieved I had dodged a bullet on mom measuring me. However, I had mixed emotions inside. I was angry, jealous, and even starting to get a little intimidated by my sister now that she was basically the same height as me. I told myself I needed to keep my distance from her as much as possible today and moving forward so no one notices.


Great chapters love the progression of his regression! Ansious for more

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Chapter 7

Mom had gotten Hayley dressed and ready to go for her party. Hayley was wearing a pink princess dress and a tiara.

We were now in my room and mom was getting me dressed as well. Mom had me step into my training pants. Just one more day of wearing these things, I thought.

Mom then returned with a dinosaur printed white t-shirt that I hadn’t worn for at least a few years since I was about 4 or 5. It was extremely toddlerish looking.

It was my sister’s b-day and didn’t want to make matters worse by complaining. My mom seemed stressed as it was so I decided not to say anything and take a positive outlook on it.

I thought maybe mom was just dressing me in that t-shirt so I blended in more with the other little kids and toddlers coming to the party today.

Once she had me dressed I looked in the mirror in my room and saw my reflection. I wasn’t too pleased. I looked exactly like a toddler. The noticeable slight bulge in my shorts from the training pants completed my babyish look.

Once we were downstairs I saw that the whole living room and kitchen were decorated in a Disney princess theme.

A couple hours later most of the moms and their little kids had arrived for the party. There were about 6 or 7 other little kids and toddlers there. I was in the living room playing with a couple of them and tried to keep to myself as much as possible. I was trying to draw the least amount of attention possible to myself being a 9 year old boy playing in a room full of 3 and 4 year olds.

As I was playing, mom was in the kitchen putting candles on my sister’s B-Day cake. We were getting ready to sing her happy birthday.

As we were singing happy birthday to my sister I felt the need to pee so made my way to the bathroom.

However, when I got there the door was locked.

I waited another 5 minutes. Whoever was in there was taking forever. I had to go really bad now.

I decided to knock on the door and heard a lady in there say “Be out in a minute”.

When I heard her flush the toilet and wash her hands I could feel pee start to trickle into my training pants. I said “Oh no.”

I closed my legs and tried to stop it, but it was no use. A steady stream of pee started to come out.

The training pants were able to absorb a lot of it, but they weren’t designed to hold a full wetting. They leaked and I now had a baseball sized wet spot on my shorts. I was wearing khaki shorts so it was very noticeable.

The mom who was in there opened the door moments later and said “Oh hi little one were you trying to get in here to go potty?”

She then looked down at the wet spot on my shorts and said “Looks like like someone had a tiny accident. Here sweetie why don’t we clean you up quickly since we’re already here at the bathroom. I’m sure your mommy won’t mind as she is busy entertaining everyone and serving people cake.”

She then grabbed my hand and closed the bathroom door behind us. I was nervous that this strange lady I never met before was going to clean me up. She could sense that I was worried.

She said “Don’t worry little one, we’ll get you cleaned up in no time.”

She then pulled down my wet shorts and training pants and fumbled in her diaper bag. She came out with baby wipes and started wiping and cleaning me up.

Moments later she fumbled in her bag again and emerged with what looked like a pull-up. As she crouched down and brought it to my feet, I saw that sure enough it was in fact a pull-up with Buzz Lightyear Disney print.

Wow was this lady serious, a pull-up. How old did she think I was. I was in too much shock to even argue and I knew mom would get mad if I disobeyed one of the mom’s.

She held the pull-up open and told me to step in one foot at a time. I used her shoulder for leverage. She slid the pull-up all the way up my legs and it fit me perfectly. She said “My 3 and half year old son wears 4-5T. You looked like you were close to the same size so I’m happy these fit you so well sweetie. Let’s go out and see your mommy.”

Great I thought, I was the same size as a 3 and half year old. How humiliating.

I asked the lady. “Miss how about my shorts?”

She said “Why don’t we just leave your pull-up and cute dinosaur t-shirt on for now. Your mommy can get you a new clean pair of shorts. Plus I don’t have any spare ones on me.”

The lady then reached down and grabbed my hand and we walked out of the bathroom to the kitchen. I was super embarrassed in the situation I found myself in. Here I was in just a pull-up and a T-shirt walking out into a crowd full of people. Granted they were moms and little toddlers, but still. As I was walking, I could hear a faint crinkle coming from my pull-up. I felt like such a baby.

When we got to the kitchen mom saw the state I was in and asked the other mom what happened.

The other mom said. “Your son was outside of the bathroom and I saw that he had a wet spot on his shorts. I figured he had a little accident and didn’t make it to the potty in time so took the liberty of changing him into one of my son’s extra pull-ups that I brought with me. I saw you had your hands full cutting the cake for everyone and have enough on your plate today as it is so I wanted to help out. I hope you don’t mind.”

My mom responded saying “Thank you so much Janice for your help and letting him use one of your son’s spare pull-ups. I’m really happy you did that and good last minute thinking on your part.”

I couldn’t believe my mom was going along with this lady and thanking her.

I chimed in saying mommy can you get me some shorts. She responded saying “Sweetie don’t interrupt me when I’m talking. I’m busy right now entertaining our guests. You’ll have to stay in your pull-up and t-shirt for now. Why don’t you go off and play with the other kids while Janice and I finish talking here.”

My mom had that look in her eye that I better obey her or else.

My mom said “Before you run off though sweetie, I want you to thank Janice for her help.”

I responded saying “Thank you” to the lady.

Janice responded saying, “your welcome little one, what is your name?

I replied “My name is Carter”

My mom said “Off you go "giving me a playful swat on my now pull-up padded bottom.

I was super worried the other kids were going to tease me about my pull-up, then I remembered that most of them were just 3 or 4 year olds.

When I got to the living area, I noticed that there was another little girl wearing just pull-ups and a t-shirt like me. I was comforted by that. My little sister and another boy were there playing too, although fully clothed.

My little sister saw me and ran up to me all excited and said, “Carter, look at my new Barbie that I got."

I really wasn’t in the mood to engage with her after what had just transpired the last 15 minutes, but I decided to be a good sport because it was her birthday. I said “That’s a really cool Barbie Sis”.

Hayley said “Thank you Carter”. She then glanced down and pointed at my pull-up and said “Hehe you’re wearing a diaper." I got mad when my sister called it a diaper. I fired back at her saying “It’s not a diaper, it’s a pull-up. Pull-ups are for big kids. You’re still just a baby in diapers.”

My little sister then stood up really straight with her head held high and crossed her arms saying with conviction “I’m not a baby. I’m 4 years old and I’m a big girl. You’re the baby” Sticking her tongue out at me after she said it.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. My little sister dished it right back at me calling me the baby. That was the first time she stood her ground and ever contradicted what I said. In the past, whenever I made a statement or responded to something my little sister had said, she would either just remain silent or nod her head in agreement. She believed what I said because I was the big brother.

Her posture also made her look taller and it appeared as if we were looking eye to eye for a second. I actually felt intimidated by my little sister at this moment and backed away from her a couple feet.

I stumbled with my words a bit trying to think of a response. All that came out was“ Mu maybe you’re right Sis. Y you are a big girl and I’m the baby. I mean y your not a baby.”

Wait I thought, I can’t believe I just said that. I need to get a grip and stand up for myself! She’s my stupid little baby sister. Hayley smiled really big when I said that. She had a look of confidence and maturity that I hadn’t seen in her before.

Luckily none of the other toddlers in the area heard our conversation as they were off in the distance preoccupied playing with their toys.

My mom and Janice’s POV:

My mom said “We tried potty training Hayley a couple months ago with no luck, but now that she is 4 maybe we’ll give it another shot.”

Janice said “Yes she is at that age where she is definitely ready. Looks like your son Carter is going through the potty training stage too. I wanted to ask you this earlier, but who is the older one between Carter and Hayley? It looked like they may have been twins when I first came here today, but I know it’s not his birthday today. Only your daughters. That’s why I was curious.”

My mom was surprised by the question and said “Yes Carter’s actually the older one. He’s 9 years old believe it or not. He’s always been a late developer with his growth and potty training.”

The other mom Janice was surprised as well saying “Wow yeah I wouldn’t have guessed 9. I caught a glimpse of Carter and Hayley standing next to each other playing in your living room moments ago and they look like they are really close to the same height. I can’t believe how tall and mature Hayley is for her age.”

My mom said “I know she has been growing like a weed lately.”

Janice paused for a few seconds with a thought in her mind then said to my mom, “This is just a thought, but why don’t you reinforce the potty training habits with Carter for a little while and you can start Hayley’s potty training again at the same time. I feel like it may have a positive affect on Carter as he’ll be motivated to get his big boy undies back and it may encourage Hayley to go to the potty too if she see’s her big brother trying to do the same thing. I would make the same rules for potty time too.”

My mom responded asking Janice. “You mean put them both in pull-ups?”

Janice said “Yes exactly.”

My mom thought about it for a moment, then responded saying "You know what that is actually a great idea Janice. I think I will give that a shot. I know Carter won’t be happy about it, but he’ll have to deal with it. To be honest he doesn’t deserve to be in big boy underwear right now. I put him back in cloth training pants the last couple of days, but I think pull-ups may be a good move right now with the recent accidents he’s had during the day.”


Chapter 8

It was now a Tuesday morning, a few days after my sister’s birthday had passed.

Over the last few days, I did a good job of avoiding my sister as much as possible. I was still flustered about our interaction at the party. The fact that she was basically the same height as me now was scary. Her growing confidence and maturity wasn’t helping matters either.

I was also continuing to have my own set of issues. I had another close call and a small dribbling accident in my training pants yesterday. I made it to the bathroom, but barely in time. I didn’t know why I was having such a hard time making it to the potty all of a sudden. My mom noticed my slightly damp training pants when she was changing me into my diapers for bed last night, but didn’t say anything.

After breakfast, mom announced to my sister, “Honey we’re going to go to the store today and get you big kid pull-ups so we can pottytrain you like a big girl.

Hayley responded saying “Yay mommy I’m so excited to be a big girl and wear pull-ups.”

I was thinking in my mind, oh boy here’s one more thing I need to worry about now. My mom trying to potty train my little sister, while I was starting to have my own set of potty issues.

Once we got to the store, we made our way to the diaper aisle. My mom grabbed a pack of girls pull-ups from the shelf. I then noticed that she grabbed another pack of boys pull-ups and set them in the cart as well.

I asked mom “Who are the boys pull-ups for?”

She said, “They are for you sweetie. With the recent accidents that you have had, I think you could use some more practice potty training before we get you into big boy underwear. Plus, I think it’s going to be beneficial for your sister’s potty training as well if you both encouraged each other to use the potty like big kids.”

I said, “But mommy, you can’t do this. I’m a big boy, not a baby like Hayley. I don’t need pull-ups.”

My mom responded raising her voice a little saying, “The decision is final no more whining. Also, I would be careful calling Hayley a baby. She’s getting to be a big girl. I was talking to Janice, the other mom you met at the party sweetie. Janice commented that she saw you both playing together at the party and that Hayley looked like she was really close to the same height as you. Her comment caught me off guard, but then I looked over and noticed you two together as well and had to agree with her.”

I gulped and got super nervous when she said that. I tried to deflect the conversation and changed the subject. I didn’t want mom to bring up the subject of measuring us.

I said “Mommy can we get some ice cream”. Hayley heard me ask mom the question and said “Yes mommy can we please get some ice cream”

Mom responded saying “Well okay yes we can. Since you asked so politely like a big kid Hayley and said please.” Mom looked at me while she said that and I knew what she meant.

We shopped for a couple more items then walked to the checkout. The cashier lady was ringing up the pull-ups and commented saying “Oh yes I remember trying to potty train my little ones. You have some adorable little twins there.”

Wait did she just refer to me as Hayley’s twin. My mom noticed that too because she looked back at me then the cashier lady and just said “Thank you.” I was relieved at least my mom didn’t add to my embarrassment by correcting the cashiers mistake of my age.

As mom promised, we stopped at our local ice cream shop close to our house on our way home. The person working at the ice cream shop rang us up. My sister got mint chip and I got vanilla. My sister had a very sophisticated taste for a 4 year old, I thought.

As we were eating our ice cream at our table outside of the store, I was making a mess and spilled ice cream on my shirt.

My mom said, “Oh sweetie I’ll be right back and get some napkins.”

I was surprised when mom came back with a napkin and tucked it into the collar of shirt like a bib. She then took the napkin and wiped my mouth saying “keep this napkin here for now sweetie. It will help avoid you spilling more on your shirt.”

Mom then looked over at Hayley and noticed she was almost finished with her ice cream, but was totally clean and didn’t spill ice cream everywhere like I had.

My mom commented to Hayley saying “I’m so proud of you. You’re such a big girl now eating your ice cream without making any mess.”

If you were a stranger passing us outside and didn’t know any better, you would probably think I was the younger one with the napkin tied around the collar of my shirt and ice cream everywhere.

When we were finished with our ice cream, mom put Hayley in her car seat. I was about to hop into my booster seat, but mom surprised me again by lifting me under my arm pits and into the seat. She then buckled me in like she does for Hayley.

Wow I thought, I can’t believe she is continuing to treat me more and more like a baby. When we got home I was going to prove to her that I was a big boy and not have any more accidents. Mom may have gotten Hayley pull-ups, but that doesn’t mean she is a big kid like me.


Chapter 9:

When we got home, mom told both Hayley and I to head upstairs to Hayley’s room while she puts the rest of the groceries away. Once we were in Hayley’s room, mom first changed Hayley out of her diaper, which was just a little wet and she pulled Hayley’s new pull-up up her legs.

Hayley was so proud she said “These are my big girl pull-ups.”

Mom said “Yes they are sweetie.”

Mom then turned to me and said “Sweetie, let’s get you changed too.”

She pulled my cloth training pants down, which appeared to be a little damp in the middle. I told mom that it must be sweat or something from when we were outside eating ice cream. I was kind of surprised myself and wasn’t so sure. I thought, did I really have a small accident without even realizing it.

My mom gave me a look of doubt, and I knew she was not buying my statement. She said “This is why I’m putting you in pull-ups like your sister sweetie”

She then crouched down and started to hold the pull-up open at my feet. I stepped in using her shoulder for leverage. She pulled the pull-up up my legs and said “Perfect fit sweetie.” My mom kept my t-shirt on me, but didn’t put any shorts on.

I said “Mommy where are my shorts?”

Mom said, "I am not going to put any shorts on you just like your sister so it is easier for me to check if you both had an accident or not. It will be easier for you to make to the potty on time too if you just have your pull-up to worry about.”

I did not like how she was talking to me, but wanted to show her I can act like a big kid so I decided not to argue or say anything.

Hayley then looked over at me and pointed at my pull-up. She stood up really tall with her arms crossed and said confidently, “I’m wearing big kid pull-ups just like you now Carter.”

I responded in my defense saying “That doesn’t mean you’re a big kid like me.”

Mom heard us bickering and said. “Instead of bickering. I want you both to help and encourage each other to use the potty like big kids.”

I felt like a needed to prove a point and validate to my mom that I was still the big kid over my sister even though we were both wearing pull-ups so I spoke up saying “Yes mommy, I’ll be sure to show Hayley how to use the big kid potty like me.”

My sister stuck her tongue out at me in response to my statement.

Mom said “Okay you two, let’s go downstairs and you can play for a little bit while a rest and get dinner prepared.”

When we started to walk downstairs you could hear the slight crinkle from both mine and Hayley’s pull-ups. As we were walking, I thought to myself, I can’t believe I’m in the exact same situation as my little sister wearing just a pull-up and a t-shirt. How embarrassing. I can’t wait to put my little sister and Mom in their place when I use the big boy potty and Hayley has an accident.

When we got to the play area, mom said to Hayley and I, “I’ll be back in about an hour and we can take a potty break.”

Hayley and I were playing for a bit when she came right up to me and handed me one of her barbies, saying “Carter play with Barbie.”

I had avoided being super close to her the past few days on purpose, but now that she was directly in front of me and facing me only a foot or two away, I realized something was different. That’s when I noticed I was looking directly into my sister’s eyes. I tried to stand up really tall and straight, but even with my very best posture, we were still looking directly eye to eye. I was shocked and scared at the same time. I said “Wow” under my breath. I couldn’t believe it. My little sister was now the same height as me. My sister wasn’t even exaggerating her posture either like me which made me even more worried.

Hayley saw that I had a frantic look on my face and said “What’s wrong Carter”. My little sister didn’t realize the situation, which I was relieved about. I couldn’t let her find out. I came up with a quick response, and said “N nothing Sis, I was just thinking about something.”

At that moment though, I was so flustered and pissed, not only about the fact that my little sister was now the same height, but also about the fact that I was wearing the same stupid toddler training pull-ups as her. In my anger, I realized I still had her barbie in my hand and chucked it across the room saying “This is a babies toy. I’m a big boy.”

My sister started to cry and my mom came in to see what all the fuss was about. My sister still crying a little said “Carter threw my Barbie across the room.”

My mom replied saying “Carter that wasn’t nice. I want you to apologize to your sister then as a punishment you need to go pick up the Barbie and listen to your sister for whatever she wants you guys to play for the next 30 minutes.”

My sister stuck her tongue out at me after hearing my mom say this. My mom also responded saying. “You both come here too. I want to check your pull-ups to make sure neither of you had an accident. She checked us both and said that’s my big kids, both dry. No go play and son please behave and listen to your sister. I’m going to come back in 30 minutes and we will do potty time."

I couldn’t believe I found myself in this predicament. I started laying on the ground playing with my sister’s barbies listening to whatever she wanted me to play with when I felt the urge to pee. It was still another 15-20 minutes before potty time. I knew I would be in trouble if I left as she told us both to stay here playing until she came back. I said to myself, I’m a big boy so I can hold it for another 15 minutes no problem.

A few minutes later my sister snuck up behind me and started tickling me. As she did this I could feel my bladder losing control and pee started trickling into my pull-up followed by a full stream. My pull-up started to expand and swell up.

I got so mad at my sister. I said “What was that for!”

She giggled saying “I was just playing.”

I then glanced at her pull-up and noticed that it looked like it had swelled up a bit too. The Disney princess designs on her pull-up looked like they had faded as well. I was hoping she had an accident. It would be embarrassing for mom to come back and find out that I was wet and my little sister was dry.

When my mom came back to check on us she said “Okay my big kids, it’s potty time. I need to check your pull-ups first. Hayley you first.”

She checked Hayley to find that she was indeed wet. Mom was encouraging and understanding towards Hayley saying “that’s okay sweetie, accidents happen. I need you to try and hold it for a little longer next time like a big girl sweetie.”

Mom then told me to come over so she could check me. She was surprised to find my pull-up was wet too. I told mom I was wet because Hayley tickled me by surprise. My mom wasn’t having it. She said “Carter I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. You’re making excuses for why you had an accident. You’re supposed to be the big kid setting an example for your sister. I go away for 30 minutes and you can’t even hold it.”

My mom looked pissed. I knew better than to say anything. She said “Let’s go get you both changed out of your wet pull-ups.”

The rest of the evening went by and Mom put both Hayley and I to bed early that night.


Poor carter!!

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Chapter 10

I woke up earlier than usual the next morning as mom had us in bed so early last night. I also felt my diaper and it was wet per usual. I stayed in my bed for another hour or so until mom came into my room.

Mom finally opened my door and said “Sweetie you look like you slept well. Let’s go ahead and head over to your sister’s room.”

When we got to her room, my sister was up as well. She was standing up in her crib.

My mom commented saying “You’re really way too big for a crib now Hayley. You’ve grown so much this past year. We need to look into getting you a big kid bed right away."

She then reached into Hayley crib and checked her diaper. My mom was surprised to find that her diaper was dry. My mom said “You’re dry sweetie. Maybe you’re ready to be my potty trained big girl.”

Mom then said sarcastically ”That’s more than I can say for your baby brother’s wet diaper this morning.”

My sister giggled at that comment saying “Yes mommy, I’m the big kid. Not a diapered baby like Carter.” She stuck her tongue out at me after she said it. My mom laughed a little as well when Hayley said that. I felt like they were ganging up on me. I didn’t like it.

I stuck my tongue back out at Hayley in response to her comment.

Mom then changed Hayley and I out of our diapers and into our pull-ups and t-shirts just like yesterday.

After we finished breakfast, mom told Hayley and I “We are going to go out today and do some shopping for new clothes for you both. I want you two to play for a bit while I get ready to go. When I come back we’ll take a potty break and then get ready to head out.”

My sister and were playing for about 30 minutes when I felt a slight need to pee. I decided to stay away from my sister as I didn’t want her to tickle me by surprise like she did yesterday.

By the time my mom came back after another 20 minutes or so my urge to go was very strong. I was about to speak up and say I needed to use the potty, but my sister beat me to it and said “Mommy I need to go potty”.

My mom said “Good girl thanks for telling me. Let’s get you to the big kid potty sweetie” leading Hayley to the bathroom.

My mom looked at me and said “Stay here sweetie. I’ll be right back to check on you then we can take you to the potty too.”

Great I thought, now I need to try and hold it longer. While they were away for another 5 minutes, the urge was so strong now that I had a hard time holding it any longer. I rushed to the bathroom, but as I got there the door was still locked as Hayley and mom were still in there.

I knocked on the door and my mom said she would be out in a second. When she said that some pee started to trickle into my pull-up and before I knew it I lost control and a full stream came out causing my pull-up to swell up.

I couldn’t believe it I just wet my pull-up again and this time couldn’t even hold it when I knew I needed to go!

Moments later my mom and sister opened the bathroom door and my mom was so proud saying Hayley used the bathroom like a big girl.

Hayley was so happy saying “I’m a big girl now.”

Mom then looked at me and said “Sweetie do you need to go potty too.”

I had a sad, defeated look on my face and mom knew what happened.

She said “Oh no sweetie did you have another accident.”

I felt so humiliated I started to cry a little telling her I would have made it to the bathroom if the door wasn’t locked.

She said “oh sweetie you knew we were in there. Why didn’t you ask to go sooner and wait so long.”

I had a puzzled look on my face. I didn’t know how to respond. I was expecting her to be mad, but I think she felt bad for me at that moment and said “that’s okay though sweetie. Accidents happen.”

Hayley then chimed in and said “That’s okay Carter. Soon you’ll learn to be a big kid like me and make it to the potty.”

When she said that I got super angry at her and said “I am the big kid. You’re the baby. I’m older than you!.”

In reality though, I was the one acting like the baby. I started throwing a tantrum and crying uncontrollably in my angry outburst to my sister.

Mom then got one of Hayley’s pacifiers out of her pocket and pushed it in my mouth saying "Here sweetie, I want you to keep this in your mouth. It will help calm you down.” I had no more energy to argue and started to suck on the pacifier.

Mom then scooped my up and held me against her hip. I didn’t say anything. I just continued to suck on the pacifier which was actually starting to calm me down.

Mom then said to Hayley “Sweetie follow your brother and I up to your room and we can get you both ready to go before we head out.”

Hayley didn’t say anything, just nodded to my mom in agreement.

As Hayley was following us up the stairs to her room. Mom started bouncing me against her hip trying to sooth and calm me down. I had to admit it was nice and was helping. I hadn’t felt that kind of nurturing love from my mom in years.


Chapter 11

When we got to Hayley’s room, mom set me down on her changing table and started to tear the sides of my wet pull-up. She then got a few baby wipes and wiped me down and lifted me back down from the changing table onto the ground and got a new pull-up for me to step into.

She pulled it up to my waist and said “I know you’re trying really hard to be a big boy sweetie. I want you to try and make it the potty like a big kid like your sister. I know you want to be a big boy right?” I nodded my head up and down to my mom to signal yes.

Hayley was just standing there listening to our whole conversation not saying anything. I looked over at her and it seemed like she was in deep thought about something.

She then looked at Hayley and said “Sweetie I’m going to finish getting your brother changed in his room. I will be right back okay."

Hayley said “Okay Mommy”

When we got to my room and mom started dressing me, the surprises weren’t over. She returned from my closet with a very babyish looking Mickey Mouse print t-shirt and a pair of old overalls that had snaps on the crotch. I said to myself are you kidding me, I haven’t worn those since I was like 2 or 3 years old.

Mom told me to lift my arms up so she could pull the t-shirt over my head. She then had me step into the overalls. When she pulled them all the way up my body, I was shocked that they still fit.

I had enough of her babyish treatment and decided I needed to speak up. I spit the pacifier out, which I now realized was in my mouth this whole time when mom was changing me in Hayley’s room.

I said “Mommy why are you dressing me in my old baby overalls.”

My mom responded saying “Because sweetie we are going to be gone for at least a few hours today shopping and it will be easier for me to change you if you have an accident.”

I responded saying “Mommy I won’t have an accident, I’m not a baby.”

My mom seemed like she was starting to get a little annoyed and said “Please don’t fight me in this sweetie. It will make it easier on all of us today baby.”

I groaned and said “Okay Mommy”

Mom then grabbed my hand and we started walking out of the door. As we passed my mirror I caught a glimpse of myself. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I looked like a 2 or 3 old toddler holding their mommy’s hand. I looked down to the ground in shame as we walked to Hayley’s room.

When we got to back to Hayley’s room, mom went into Hayley’s closet and pulled out some clothes for my sister.

She then said to Hayley, “Sweetie here are you clothes for today. Can you be a big girl and go to bathroom and put them on by yourself while I stay here with your little brother, I mean brother and get the diaper bag packed up?

My sister replied “Yes Mommy” with a huge smile.

Wait I thought, did mom just call me the little brother. She corrected herself, but still.

I’m pretty sure my sister noticed as well because she had this smirk on her face as she looked back at mom and I walking away to put her clothes on.

As I stayed with mom watching Hayley walk away, I got a little jealous and thought. Why didn’t mommy let me dress myself like a big kid like Hayley.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when Mom said “Sweetie we’re almost ready to go. Just a few more minutes until your sister finishes getting dressed and I pack up your diaper bag.”

In the diaper bag, I saw her put in a couple of my pull-ups, just one of Hayley’s pull-ups, a couple diapers, baby wipes, one of the extra pacifiers that was clean in Hayley’s drawer, and a sippy cup. I didn’t know what the diapers were for, but mom always had a reason.

When Hayley came back out, my mom observed her and said. “Wow where did my little girl go, you look so beautiful and grown up sweetie.”

Hayley responded with a confident look on her face, saying “Thank you Mom”

As I looked at Hayley, I took note of what she was wearing. She was wearing some denim jean shorts that went a couple inches above her knees and a solid pink t-shirt. The t-shirt was long enough that it completely hid her pull-up from view. Her outfit was a lot more grown up looking in comparison to the babyish outfit Mom put me in. She looked really mature and I hated it.

Mom then said “Okay now that we’re all ready, let’s get going.”

When we got to the garage, mom opened the car doors. I was just about hop in and get into my booster seat when Hayley spoke up and said. “Mom I’m the big kid and Carter is the baby. Can I please sit in the booster seat?"

My mom looked at me and thought about it for a moment then said “Yes sweetie you can.”

I whined saying “Mommy that’s not fair, I’m not a baby like Hayley says. I’m a big boy. I should be in the booster seat.”

My mom responded saying “Oh really, Hayley woke up dry this morning and went to the potty like a big girl. You are the one that wet your diapers last night and had an accident in his pull-ups today like a baby. Your sister is right. I also got a really close look at you two playing this morning and your sister is definitely the same height as you now. She’s really caught up to you. Who knows she may even be the taller one. We’re going to measure you both when we get back today because I’m curious.”

I was super nervous when mom said that. My hope is that she would forget after we did our shopping today.

It was already humiliating that my little sister was starting to view herself as the big kid and me as the baby. Hayley finding out that she was the same height as me now or even worse taller would only ingrain that thought in her mind and add to her growing confidence.

As I was thinking these thoughts, I realized that mom had her hands under my arm pits and was lifting me into Hayley’s baby car seat buckling me in.

She then said to Hayley. “Sweetie, hop into the booster seat and buckle yourself in and we can get going.”

Hayley said “Yes Mom”.

As Hayley was hopping into the booster seat, she looked at me in her baby car seat with this almost arrogant look on her face and stuck her tongue out at me.

She was making fun of me and I didn’t like it so I whined to mom, “Mommy Hayley is teasing me.”

Hayley chimed in saying very calmly “Mom, he’s just being a little tattletale. I didn’t say anything.”

My mom said “Sweetie I don’t hear Hayley saying anything. You need to calm down.”

She then fumbled through the diaper bag and took out the pacifier. She gave it to Hayley from the driver seat saying “Hayley can you take this and put it in Carter’s mouth. I can’t have him whining on the whole car trip.”

As she grabbed the pacifier from mom, my sister looked like she was doing everything in her power not to laugh and keep a straight face.

Hayley pushed the pacifier in my mouth and winked at me with a huge smirk on her face.

My sister tricked me and tricked mom into siding with her. I resented her for it. I gave her a dirty look, but there was nothing I could say or do except suck on the pacifier.

As mom started driving I thought, this is going to be a long day.


Awww carter is gonna such a cute baby boy I can imagine him riding in a stroller in the mall and being changed in the family bathroom rsrs

Just a quick update for everyone. I went back through all the chapters again and made some small tweaks. I also tried to clean up as many of the grammatical mistakes as possible. This is my first attempt at a story, so I know it is very novice and not up to par with many of the stories on here by experienced writers. I’m having a little writers block. Would love to get your feedback for improvement and any potential ideas for a next chapter.

I did not notice this errors you say !!!
Loving this story and hopping to see little carter riding in a stroller in the mall and having a big accident in the cloth store and his mommy buying him some onesies so can keep his diaper from sagging to much

Glad you like it Pierry. Appreciate your feedback and great idea :relaxed: