Problem reading the posts here

Just to let you all know — I have had the same problem as Todd in trying to read the posts here. I have to scroll back and forth horizontally and it’s really annoying.

Problem reading the posts here

Have you tried all the various things people suggested to Todd?

Problem reading the posts here

Did you get it trough IP or just a lucky guess?

Problem reading the posts here

Why was he banned?

Why was he banned

Nemo, it was because of a legitimate, polite, discrete post, referring to no one in particular (in response to another post that raised the question), to the effect that someone who is male, but whose self-identity is as a female, who is sexually attracted to females, has to be considered “some kind of a lesbian.”

Such people usually call themselves male-to-female transexual lesbians or male lesbians. What is wrong with that? If the shoe fits, wear it.

How can someone be both a woman and a heterosexual male? Obviously there is room to discuss the semantics and definitions of terms, but the post was a legitimate, polite comment.

Problem reading the posts here

Hahaha….gotta love Jared’s attempts at revisionist history. It’s especially funny if you happen to know the truth about such things.

Let me tell you all something about how Jared operates. It’s his style to be deliberately provocative (usually toward Vickie) then completely disavow himself of any responsibility for his provocations. To listen to him tell it, he never does anything wrong: he is always merely making innocent suggestions or is defending himself against the attacks of others or is completely misunderstood. Well…you get the point.

The irony here is that we’re probably more tolerant of abrasive personalities (mine included) than we are of mendacious ones. If Jared could have at least owned up to his contempt, he probably wouldn’t have found himself in considerably less hot water than he did by feigning innocence and moral superiority.

But the past is the past and we are here to start anew. Isn’t that right, Jared? Or do you prefer to pick up right where you left off and see where that gets you?

Problem reading the posts here

WingZ, why not talk about the substance of topics and allow differing opinions (even if it some opinions are “provocative” to certain people)? The post I referred to was not personal at all, even if the opinion expressed was discomforting to someone with his finger on the banning button.

I welcome your opinion on the subject under discussion, but what is to be gained by instead talking on a personal level (e.g.“Let me tell you all something about how Jared operates.”) What do you think about the substance of the topic?

Problem reading the posts here

Vickie, you wrote: “like the time you tried to tell us that it wasn’t YOU posting, it was a “friend” in a whole different state that you allowed to hook up though your computer”

You may not understand it, but that was the reality. It is called remote access. Look it up.

My friends were actually in the same state I am, by the way. And they were resident physicians at a children’s hospital and lived in housing and had internet connections provided by the hospital. The hospital, due to some serious incidents, scrutinizes all websites accessed. By going through my computer, my friends avoided the hospital’s server recording a connection with this site. Some of the pictures here (such as at the bottom of the post immediately preceeding this one) would raise red flags to say the least.

Why do you have trouble accepting that? It’s as though you want to believe I am the only one in the world who disagrees with you.

Problem reading the posts here

Vickie, look up remote access. Back then you denounced it as impossible. Even now you call it a lie. Look it up. Get real.

Oh, and one more thing — that vote a couple of years ago did in fact appear to be manipulated.

Just to tie this up, I only started this thread because I have the same experience as Todd with this site – you have to scroll back and forth and it’s annoying. Some people suggested he needed to do this or that. Why should anyone have to change their resolution or whatever? He is right – it’just isn’t convenient to use.

Problem reading the posts here

I for one, Jared have no problem viewing this site.

Works good for me. Maybe it’s your computer. Mine is very recent, and I’ve had no problems with this site thus far.


Problem reading the posts here

Well Jared, I have two questions for you.
1, If you are so hot with using a computer why don’t you figure out what is wrong with scrolling and fix it.
2. If it is so annoying, why do you keep coming back?

Problem reading the posts here

Is that the banner? Just wondering because there’s one at the top and bottom for me and when I looked at the page on low resolutions I had the same problem Todd has. Curious.

Problem reading the posts here


Well then. In the light of the acrimony clearly surrounding this whole thing I could see how you’d be offended by the post just now about your banner Vickie. Nonetheless, even people’s responses to this forum (in all its locations) I think could misinterpret it and not see it as innocent. And on the internet, then, anything that relates ‘little girls’ and ‘fetish’ or anything similar runs the risk of being misunderstood: you can see how it would happen, particularly in a hospital or school. I’m not by any means saying anything’s wrong - and I know that here for instance there are rules to avoid such accusations. However, to an outsider such things are unusual and I think that often what is unusual is misconstrued.

As for the gender identity question in the beginning surely that simply depends on which identity you yourself hold in primacy?


Could he solve the problem then by changing the page style? Even if he viewed it as no style it might remove some of the formatting?

Also - if he goes through a suitable proxy he can have the images etc removed and so, if that’s what’s stretching it for him, it can go away thusly?
Failing that: also for longer posts just copy/pasting into word to read (I know not ideal) or perhaps downsizing his font?

Problem reading the posts here

A possibly exciting development: removing the banner means the page will fit even at 800x600. Not sure how one would go about that in IE but there presumably is a way and, if not, it should be fine in Opera or Firefox.

Problem reading the posts here

I have the banner so low I only just noticed it was there. lol.

Problem reading the posts here

Vickie can you center the banner or is it stuck in the corner? Centering it may correct the problem.

Problem reading the posts here

Here is the post from Sept. 22, 2006. It was true then and it’s true now. No revisionsism.

"VIckie, you better get your facts straight before you aassume that posts that don’t even have my name on them are from me. A little knowledge (e.g. about ISP’s) can be a dangerous thing.

You see, I have some on-line DL friends, a married couple, both very intelligent, whom I met through the predecssor of this forum. I just spoke to them and the husband confirmed that he made three posts under clever guest names to which Vickie responded as though they were from “JARED.”

Their internet connection in the housing where they now reside is through the server at the institution where they work, and due to the nature of their work, logs are kept of the ISP’s with which they connect. And a site such as this forum, where some people choose to post pictures of children, would put them under great suspicion due to the nature of their work. So, I let them have the capability, when they feel the need, to route their internet travels through my computer (they basically log on to my home network remotely), and the only ISP that shows up on their employer’s logs is mine, and being a regular joe blow, my ISP doesn’t show up on lists of known proxy servers. Apparently, technical nuances like this didn’t cross Vickie’s mind and when my ISP showed up — BAM --case closed. Book him Danno……

I believe anonymity should be respected, and if a post is made anonymously amateur detectives should not try to out the person. In this case the detective had just a little knowledge about internet technology but not enough and he bumbled, outing the wrong person."

Problem reading the posts here

The new name is not a lie. It is a new start.

That said, it might have been sensible to allow this new start - if only because a new forum, a couple of years and life can bring about the odd change here and there. I realise it’s my fault to quite an extent that this became a big deal again.

Having said this: Jared, looking at what has happened on the forum(s) in the past when people are banned or there is a disagreement and they go ahead to post under different names or as a guest or whatever, it is understandable that Vickie rightly or wrongly believed multiple posting names from your ISP to be suspect.

Likewise, the contentious tone we often use on these forums - which provide them with their especially interesting and involved level of debate - also leads to a natural tendency towards the inflammatory. It is again clear to see, therefore, where disagreements can originate and escalate.

Anyhow - regardless of where anyone believes they stand at the moment, it is clear that so far from the original events the discussion is still not past the point of dwelling upon old injuries. That said - and I’m sorry if it seems very cocky of me to be saying this - it may be better to ignore the past and allow a new slate for a new forum, that being a new slate for users and moderators.

I’m sure both of you will be annoyed that I’m trying to remain impartial, but it’s because I don’t honestly remember the initial disagreement, but I do honestly feel that a series of links to old posts will not solve anything.

For instance, already there is confusion within the argument. Vickie - in his last post Jared was not trying to prove he was right in blaming others for the posts, but that he was not revising history in claiming now that it was so. Similarly, Jared feels persecuted in a way which - at least to me right now - does not seem entirely warranted, bearing in mind the genesis of the argument.

Problem reading the posts here

It would seem that Jared is incapable of accepting blame. It’s conveniently always someone else doing something to him. The only time you will see him take responsibility for anything is if he can present himself as a martyr.

That said, I don’t have anything against him personally. I’m merely offering a disclaimer of sorts to anything he should happen to post on this forum given what he did post on the last one. Consider that a public service announcement for the benefit of newer members here; not a personal attack. I’d be doing the exact same thing to other members who were suspended multiple times for their conduct and ultimately banned if they happened to start posting here.

In response to the questions posed to me, if I feel like sharing my views on gender identity issues, I’ll do so on a separate thread rather than leading this one even further astray.

Problem reading the posts here

Okay, well, I thought you meant the use of the name Arizona here. Given there was no attempt to deny being Jared I decided this was not a lie.

I hope the forum size problems are resolved, but I don’t think the banner is the problem. A couple of times I’ve had to scroll across and I’m not sure why it’s been, but it hasn’t been contingent on banner position as it has come and gone independently of banner position.

I think it may be some posts that have been copy/pasted from other programs before posting which retain the paragraph length from their original program in the form of line length on the forum. The problem is normally resolved when someone replies to the original post.