Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

Chapter Four
Lucy’s eyes popped open. She glanced at the bars surrounding her momentarily confused about where she was.

Oh yeah, she remembered. In a diaper. In a crib. In Mommy’s apartment.

She glanced toward the one window in her nursery. Judging by the lack of light coming around the blinds, it was still night. Well no shit, she thought to herself. When you go to bed at 7:30, you’re bound to wake up WAY before morning.

She lay back, enjoying the fact that she could wake up without having to instantly jump out of bed, shower, make breakfast, pack her lunch, respond to emails on her blackberry, and fight traffic all the way to the office. It was kind of nice to be completely free of responsibilities. Even the diaper, although humiliating, wasn’t that bad. It was soft and cushy and made her feel mellow in the way marijuana did when she was a teenager – like laying around and being responsible for nothing and doing nothing was just fine.

Thirsty, she sat up in the large crib and began sucking the bottle Mommy had left for her. She was acutely aware of the folds of fabric under her butt and of the soft crinkling noises every time she moved. She found herself thinking back to the last time she remembered wearing a diaper. Lucy had been 6, maybe 7 years old and although dry in the daytime for years, she had still been a night wetter. Her mother had been very reassuring and kind about it, always assuring Lucy that she would grow out of it when she got older every night as she was being diapered for bed. She eventually did grow out of it, becoming completely dry before her 8th birthday. Although she loved being a big girl and wearing her big girl panties to bed, she had always been a little wistful for the special time and attention her mother spent diapering her each night.

Lucy was snapped out of her reminiscing by a sudden signal from her bladder, advising her that it was full. I wonder what would happen if I just used the diaper. What would it feel like? Would I fail out of the program? Would Mommy be angry? She shifted slightly, enjoying the sound of the plastic panties. I guess they couldn’t be TOO hard on me. After all, she diapered me. She put me in a crib. What am I supposed to do? Hold it forever?

Lucy decided that she would try calling for Mommy to let her out, but that if Mommy didn’t come, she would try the diaper.

“Mommy? Mommy?! MOMMY! LUCY POTTY!” Lucy yelled.

No response. Lucy decided to give Mommy a few minutes to come get her. She counted to 100, and still Mommy did not come.

Okay, Lucy thought. I am going to do this. I am going to pee my diaper. Lucy blushed at the thought of being found in a wet diaper by Mommy in the morning, but decided the humiliation wasn’t enough to dissuade her from satisfying her curiousity.

She tried to pee, but try as she might, her bladder just wouldn’t intentionally release itself when she wasn’t on a potty. Decades of toilet training were working against her conscious desire to wet her diaper.

Maybe if I squat, she thought. She used the bars of the crib to pull herself up into a squatting position, then closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was outside somewhere, maybe peeing in the woods while camping.

It took a minute or two, but Lucy finally felt her urine start to flow, until it was finally coming out in a steady stream. She finished peeing, then sat back on her butt, enjoying the warm, wet, smooshy sensation of a wet diaper. She found it wasn’t really all that bad at all. Her stoned-like feelings of pleasant apathy intensified, and she lay back down, drifting into a mellow sleep.

The next thing Lucy was aware of was of Mommy taking the side off of her crib.

“Good Morning, Lucy-baby. Did you have a good sleep?” Mommy cooed at her, smiling pleasantly.

Lucy yawned and stretched, nodding sleepily at Mommy. As she moved, she became aware of a clammy, cold sensation on her bottom and remembered guiltily what she had done the night before. She felt a hot blush creep up her face as Mommy walked over.

“Does my little girl need to go potty before breakfast? Or does she need a clean diaper?” Lucy blushed more furiously as mommy stuck two fingers into the leg of her diaper. “Uh oh, looks like someone had a wet night.”

“Tried to call Mommy! Mommy no come!” Lucy whined, realizing how pathetic and pitiful she sounded.

“Oh Lucy, a big girl should be able to go all night without having to go potty. I guess you’re just still not ready for big girl panties.” Mommy replied, leading Lucy to the bedroom door. “Oh well, we’ll get you all cleaned up after breakfast!”

Lucy cringed at the thought of spending any more time in the wet diaper, but decided it was probably pretty futile to argue.

Mommy led Lucy to the kitchen and strapped her into her booster chair. She tied a clean bib around Lucy’s neck, and soon procured a bowl of cheerios and a sippy cup of apple juice. Reminding Lucy to use her left hand, she grabbed a bowl of cereal for herself, and the two women ate in relative silence. Well, Mommy ate. Lucy mostly dumped Cheerios down the front of her bib with her uncoordinated left hand. Mommy soon finished her cereal and fed Lucy the rest of hers. She took Lucy’s bib off, and unstrapped her from her booster seat.

“Okay, Mommy is going to go have a shower, then we’ll get Lucy all ready for her first day of school!” Mommy said, handing Lucy her sippy cup. “Go play, little one. I’ll only be a few minutes.”

Lucy waddled into the living room, wincing at every cold, clammy step. That bitch, she thought. I am miserable in this diaper and she won’t even change me before she has a shower. I wish there was something I could do to get back at her. What did I do to her to deserve this?

A gentle full sensation in her bowels gave her a sudden, evil idea. Acting in her usual impulsive, vindictive, irresponsible manner, she squatted in the living room, pushing a load into wet diaper. Too angry to consider the consequences to herself, she sat firmly down on the floor, spreading the mess as much as possible.

There, she thought victoriously, that will teach her to leave me in a wet diaper all effing morning while she showers. Even if this does feel disgusting, it’s worth it to get back at her.

Lucy sat and waited for Mommy, her anger fading as quickly as it had bubbled up. It was replaced with a feeling of dread as she imagined all the punishments that awaited her when Mommy found her in a dirty diaper.

Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

Hehe. You must think before you do, young grasshopper.

Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

Thak you for continuing this story. I have been waiting for it to appear here

Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

I can’t wait for the next chapter of this great story. I hope there wil be many more of them. Especially interesting would be to read about Lucy having a medical exam by the pedestrian of the preschool.

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Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

Nice story. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

The pedestrian?

Did you mean paediatrician?

Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

Frankly, I don’t know how I would get EITHER of these elements into this story…

Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

Yes I mean paediatrician. I thought about a medical examination which is compulsory for each new pupil at preschool. This means that the mommies of all new pupils receive a note from the preschools paediatrician (of course a female doctor) to visit her for an exam of their pupils. Arriving at the waitingroom, the pupils are undressed up to their panties, pull-ups or diaper by their mommy. It learns Lucy her place in preschools hierarchy when she, accompanied by mommy, has to wait a long time in a crowded waitingroom with other preschool girls and their mothers. The long waiting and their nervousnes may cause little girls accidents (wet diapers). When ordered into the examroom, Lucy is examinated very thorough and humiliating by the doctor and her assisting nurse, while being treated like a little girl, under the supervision of her mommy. During the exam the girl has to go potty under supervision of her mommy, the docter and the nurse.

With compliments,

Preschool Lessons - Ch.4

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Preschool Lessons 4

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