Preparing For Preschool

(The first story I posted here, feel free to critique or criticize as you see fit!)

“Well, that’s it. Kevin is signed up for preschool.”

Sara sat at a kitchen table in front of a laptop, looking at Luke leaning onto a nearby kitchen counter.

“Still can’t believe it’s happening. It feels like only yesterday he was just a tiny little crawler. Now, he’s a big kid.” said Luke, sighing with faint nostalgia.

“Still, I am a little worried about potty usage.” Sara admitted, a little nervous.

“Well, yeah, who wouldn’t be. I’ve done the research-even parents of kids who use the potty 100%, barring the bed and naptimes, are nervous about their kids going potty at preschool.”

“You know what I mean. It’s not like Kevin can’t-he just doesn’t want to.”

“Still, he’s been in undies for a solid stretch. And admittedly, this preschool is…” Luke paused as he walked over to look at the computer screen for information. “…it’s only two, two and a half-ish hours for three days a week. Assuming we cover our bases and have a bit of luck, either they won’t know until we fix it, or the school will help fix it for us. Besides, we have… two weeks until it starts. Maybe it’ll sort itself out by then?”

Sara sighed. “I still am never sure if your relaxed, ‘let it be’ attitude is why I love you or something I love you despite.”

“You wouldn’t have married me if you hadn’t found me charming,” Luke said while smiling, rubbing a hand through his black hair.

“…speaking of, Luke, since you have that little break from work, I want you to do a little… drilling with Kevin since you have all that time.”

“What, flashcards and all that?”

“Kind of. You don’t need to have to actually like, teach him, but just… turn moments and play into teachable stuff. You know, read books, point out things that are interesting, ask questions and answer any of his.”

“Ah, I think I get you.” Luke nodded, and started to walk out of the dining room towards the stairs, but turned on his heel. “Oh, are we still doing that ‘walk-in tour’ day on Wednesday?”

“Oh, thanks for reminding me. Yes, that’s still in.”

“Gotcha. Oh, I think I hear our little prince.”

Sure enough, there was a faint sound of footsteps from above, heading to the stairs. Soon, a boy, barely 3 years old, was toddling down the steps. His eyes glued to his feet, until the final step, when he looked up and saw his daddy and mommy and uttered those magic words that had Sara nervous.

“I got my poo poo Pull-Up.” The boy-Kevin held up one arm, and in his hand was a light blue training pant. Luke had already started walking towards him.

“Good for telling us that you’re going to go poop, Kevin. Let’s go to the bathroom.” Luke lifted Kevin and started walking up the stairs with him.

Sara sighed. “Why can’t he just sit on the toilet and poop in it? Why does he have to ask to get a Pull-Up put on?”

Luke laid Kevin down onto the floor of the bathroom and started undoing the straps of his overalls, taking them off, revealing the pristine dinosaur underwear underneath.

“Good, not wet.”

The undies came off next, put on top of the overalls. The Pull-Up was slid on, and Kevin was sat up. Luke opened the door.

“Come back when you’re done.”

Kevin toddled into his room, stepping around various toys on the floor and to the chair in the corner, with the bookshelf next to it. Kevin got on his hands and knees and crawled behind the chair, then stood up in the space behind it. The standing position didn’t last, however, as he dropped into a squat as his face turned red.

The process took not too long, about half a minute. Soon, Kevin crawled back out from behind the chair, and headed back to the bathroom.

“I done.”

“I can tell!” Luke said with a hint of sarcasm. The almost-preschooler was laid back down, and the sides of the Pull-Up ripped off. The soiled training pant laid to the side, Luke wiped all over-mostly a precaution more than anything, considering the recency-and the underwear and overalls were put back on.

“Wanna sit on the potty in case you gotta pee?” Luke asked as a precaution. Kevin shook his head.

“No, I already pee peed.”

“Alright, get back to playing.” Kevin ran off, while Luke went to dispose of the dirty Pull-Up.

I still am not sure what that kid is thinking. He was never scared of the potty. Never had that ‘potty monster’ phase a lot of kids go through. Never was afraid of peeing in the potty. But why does Kevin refuse to poop in anything but a diaper or Pull-Up? Luke mused in his head.

But alas, the answer eluded him. One thing he was sure of, however, was that the preschool would not be willing to let him do that.


Well, it’s certainly a realistic scenario, nothing too fantastic. But it’s impossible at this point to tell where you’re going with it.

We shall have to wait and see.

That was my thoughts too, and was too tired to really be coherent in a reply lol. I feel like the first chapter was more of an introduction and maybe steering a direction we are not aware of yet? As you said, time will tell!

It will be interesting to see if Kevin makes any friends in the preschool who also like to poop in diapers/pullups.

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I’m glad early reception is positive! I’m on a vacation with family right now, so don’t expect a new chapter for a bit-probably going to be busy until a bit after New Years-but I’m working on it!

Also, don’t really expect a big ‘twist’. I’m not that kind of writer. What I aim to make is more on the funny/sweet/cute side, with a focus on actual baby/toddler characters. No, Kevin isn’t going to a preschool where they’re ‘training’ him to use diapers all day long and the parents’ problem is with him peeing on the potty. This is a realistic, humorous, relatable slice of life about a kid who’s pretty good about the potty except for one specific problem area.

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Is this story basically abandoned, I suppose…? Was looking forward to reading more, but it seems like it’s been forgotten.

Don’t be surprised, most good stories end up like this, its a shame but we have to learn to survive without ever seeing the end of most good stories.

Sorry, sorry, I’m trying but either I get distracted by IRL factors or just don’t have the inspiration or energy. I will finish this, it just might take longer than expected.


I liked what i read. a 2-3 yr old is normal to wear diapers/pull ups and to use them as normal. personally 2/3 is too early to potty train. showing him how to do it is cool. please continue to write this story.

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If the child is ready to potty train at that age, then it’s not too young.

This story is realistic that’s for sure.

I’ve heard of kids not wanting to give up diapers until 4 to 6.
If there is no medical issue, that’s too old.

Between 2 and 3 a child should be able to potty train. Being willing is another matter.


this is true but i think parents get impatient to get them out of diapers too fast.

I strongly recommend you reread what I wrote. You seem to have inferred something from it I never even implied, let alone actually said.

You are correct i did .