Prelude in C Minor - Up to Chapter 2 - 2/14/10

I am the Mysterious Man Of Mystery. Hope you enjoy the story, there is more to come. XD Most important: TELL me WHAT you THINK.

Oh, btw: I’m a tad random and bubbly in my writing. People either hate it or love it, as evident by my fluctuating English grades from teacher to teacher.

Noticy note note note: I haven’t slept in 2 days. This is horrible writing. But lack of sleep has clouded my judgment and I will post this as my first thing on this site anyway!

Oh, and super big huge important note: I’m not gay bashing there. It’ll all make sense NEXT chapter. Please, don’t get offended.

And another important note: I’m not going to put a diaper story warning here because you know EXACTLY what you’re getting into here.

Copyrighted by: Myste…Screw it, if you steal this I’m not gonna take you to court over it. No way I’d be caught DEAD fighting over the rights to a diaper story.

I can’t think of a name that doesn’t give away the plot of the story, (which I’m going to give away in chapter 1 anyway, but goddammit I already started typing this!) so I’m going to name this song after one of my favorite songs. So, without further ado I present you: Prelude in C Minor.

Chapter One - The Start of Something Amazing?

“Are you sure you packed everything honey?”

“Yah Mom. I’m sure…”

“Are you absolutely positive? It’d be a shame if you had to drive all the way back home just because you forgot one little package.”

“I went through my checklist three times mom. I have what I need and that’s that.”

“I’m so sorry that I couldn’t see you off! You know I’m just so busy with work and the house and if you need anything at all-”

“Yahuh mom. Traffic’s getting bad, I’ll call you when I reach the school.”

“Make sure one last time you have everything! Did you remember to pack your diap-” I hung up my cell phone before the she had the chance to finish the word. That horrible word that could ruin my whole social experience in college. I just had to be careful, discreet, and secretive. If anybody here found out that I still wet the bed - well, I don’t even want to think about what would happen if anybody found out.

The drive was long but exciting. I had traveled on these roads once before, when going for the college visit, but this time it was different. This time every tree, diner, and road sign I passed was one step closer to freedom. I could do what I wanted when I wanted (so long as I kept my grades up). I had been excited for this moment for a long time and now it was finally happening. My heart raced in my chest as I passed the red wooden sign of CU (College University - Home of the fighting bad puns!)

I grabbed a few of the boxes containing my college supplies and headed for my dorm’s entrance. All of the boxes were clichely labeled after what was contained within them except one. Here’s a fun game, try to figure out which box is mislabeled, and what’s inside it: Books, Clothes, Laptop, Video Games, Uninteresting Empty Box. I hauled the books up to my dorm room, trying to look as little as a freshman as physically possible. I reach my floor and awkwardly try to balance my boxes in one hand while I grab my room key from my pocket.

…When did I get my room key you may ask? At freshman orientation an hour ago, of course - but this is a diaper story and I’m lazy, so I didn’t want to waste my time writing about it. This will be a reoccurring theme in my story, so I’m giving you a heads up now. Now back to the story…

I double checked the room number - 335. Begin to walk the hall slowly and talk like Yoda, I do, to add to the drama I must. Check the numbers I do. Find my room I succeed and jarred out of my Yoda mindset I am because, you know, the door is friggen wide open! Some welcome! “College University: We Like to Make you Feel Unsafe in your Surroundings.” Damn. I storm into my room outraged only to find out that my roommate has beat me to the room. This makes perfect sense and I take back what I said about my College.

Well, the moment of truth is on me at last. Will I dread the next year as a fat sweaty mean man clogs the air with his farts, or will I love every second as I hang with the kick-ass brother I never had (because mom’s a bitch and she got her tubes tied)? Well, since he doesn’t know I’m looking at him right now, I’ve got a chance to find out. I begin whispering to myself:

Well, he’s normal sized, so the sweaty/farty factor should be at a minimum. He’s wearing jeans and a conservative jacket - at least I don’t have to deal with some annoying stereotype. His body structure is odd, I can’t figure out what is so off though. His face is very pointy and symmetrical, what do they call that again? Oh yah, he’s an Asian! Cool, I’ve always wanted somebody I can make racist slurs about that won’t freak out! His facial features are distinctively that of an angry person. As if he can hear me with his tiny petite Asian ears. I think he may be part of the gay community.

“You know you’re talking out loud, don’t you?” asked the Asian who I just confirmed was gay by his high pitched womanly voice.

“Ahhh, yes. I often narrate what’s going on to myself. It helps me separate my voice from the voices in my head,” I responded - proud of myself for divulging my mental instability at such a quick pace, “What’s your name stranger?”

“Name’s Lee, and that box labeled Uninteresting Empty Box just fell over and spilled your diapers on the floor while you were talking to yourself,” said the Asian, “You should probably close that door before somebody walks by our room and sees that.”

I blush as I close the door and decide to ask, “Well, soooo, you’re not going to tell anybody are you?”

“I’m sure you have a legitimate medical reason for owning those. I mean, if you liked wearing diapers, then I’d totally make fun of you, but I can’t think of any reason that would be the case.” Sweet, this high-pitched Asian is cool! I shake his hands and introduce myself (Jason’s my name, for those of you who didn’t decode the secret code throughout the chapter). I then decide to follow

I grab an armful of the diapers (Yes, the box was filled with loose diapers and wasn’t properly sealed. I don’t judge YOUR packing skills, do I?) and mindlessly dump them into the school-provided bed-side table. This makes the Asian let out a girly squeal followed by an explanation that he had packed the table with his stuff. Apparently he needs this bed table to hide his diapers much more then I do… I mean, as soon as I move my diapers out I’m sure that I’m going to find a box full of… tampons?

Why are there tampons in Lee’s drawer?

Why is the dorm room so poorly described in Jason’s narrative?

Why am I asking these questions?

Find out the answer to these questions next chapter! (I’m tired and I’m not really going to address either of the second two questions in the next chapter.)

Next chapter should be out whenever the hell I feel like it. And oh yah, I won’t be NEARLY this random in future chapters. This insanity is the result of WAY too little sleep.

Comments greatly appreciated.

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivatio

Ha! I’m really surprised! I either expected nobody to respond or for the community to chase me out with torches as I a gasp new member had the audacity to make light of the cliches of abdl stories. I would like to state I am NOT a troll and hope that I can complete this stor without angering the Diaper God. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: And how did I respond so fast you may ask? Because I’m impulsively watching for responses to my post of course!

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivation)

Hmmm good start indeed, I enjoy your writing style.

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivation)

Well I must say you have an interesting way of introducing yourself to the forum.

I like your style of writing and look forward to reading more.

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivation)

Interesting, colorful voice. On the whole, it feels pretty thin so far, but there’s promise.

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivation)

This is SO stream of consciousness… :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, i’m Asian (by which i assume you mean oriental, since middleeasterners and indians are also asians). I also have fairly big (slightly protruding) ears, am very amused by the story, and am not sensitive bout racial issues anyway. BUT i suggest you add in another disclaimer bout not being offensive to asians something like the gay thing.

Aaaanyway, i’m looking forward to the next chapter!

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivation)

I really enjoyed this so far. I think that your justified in poking fun at the diaper aspect since the very nature of abdl literature is repetitive (IE: it has diapers some way, some how, and the story is often just a means of putting a character in them). The rambling stream of consciousness works very well to paint an interesting character who is both embarrassed and somewhat neurotic about his faults.

As others said, I see a lot of potential here. I hope you continue it. As it stands, its good, but short, and I think to get a proper feel for it we’ll need a few more chapters ;).

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivation)

Not bad at all.
More than just “worth readindg”, it could probably be “worth keeping reading”?
We shall see…

Hope you post chap 1 soon and find the time to sleep more!

Re: Prelude in C Minor (Warning: My first post is brought on by sleep deprivation)

For an intro it is Really interesting….

I am curious as to where this story will go and how you will get it there.

Keep it up MMoM

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Chapter 2 - A Man of Many Secrets.

I looked over and found my new gay Asian friend blushing profusely as I looked at the package of Beaver Damn Tampons that he had put in his drawer. Lee was pacing from side to side on the tips of his toes, obviously disturbed by the whole situation. At first I thought that these tampons were part of some weird Buddhist ritual, but then I realized that was both religiously ignorant and extremely stupid.

“Buddhist ritual?” Lee asked me. Dammit all, I narrated out loud again! “Yes you did, but more importantly, I bet you want to know why I have those things, but if I tell you, you’re going to need to promise to keep it a secret. Can I trust you with a secret?”

I looked around the room at the diapers scattered around the ground. “Can I trust you with my secret?” I asked. He nodded yes, so I nodded right back in the same way. I then remembered that copying somebody is a sign that you’re attracted to them, so I vigorously shook my head no while repeatedly verbalizing a “Yes.” I didn’t care if I was sending him mixed messages, as long as he didn’t think I liked him. I could tell my plan was working because instead of getting turned on his face was contorting. Wait, what’s this?

“Are you having a seizure?” asked Lee. Of course I wasn’t having a seizure, what makes him think that? Oh yah, the violent head movements in telling him yes! “Well, you seem fine now, so I might as well tell you now something very very important that you must not tell anybody.”

“You’re gay?”

“What? No! Why would you even think that?”

“You’re STRAIGHT? Oh my God! It all makes perfect sense now. It all has to do with that dream I had two weeks ago, you’ve come from the future and are here to train me to fight the spaghetti monster. We need an alibi for the amount of time we’ll be spending together in private so you’ll act gay and people will think we’re lovers! It all makes sense now!”

For some reason, Lee gave me the oddest look and said, “That’s not it at all. How could somebody so stupid make it to college?”

“It’s simple! I kick ass at basketball even though I’m white. I’m like a miracle of science to them so they’ve given me a sports scholarship to CU as long as they allow me to be studied by the biological engineers here.”

“Well, I’ve got a scholarship too. I’m a foreign student straight from China and I’ve always gotten top scores in all my classes. Last year I heard that a local official was offering a free education to one of the students in our county. Somehow I received it and was excited until I found out that the man giving away the scholarship was a sexist pig and thought he had handed it to one of the brightest men in China. You see, I am a women.” The tampons make SOOOO much sense now! And the whole Lee acting like a feminine gay thing too. “My parents knew they couldn’t afford an education otherwise, so they helped me look like a man. You ever see Mulan? Think the same thing, only for college instead of war.”

“So I’m stuck with a LESBIAN Asian roommate?”

“I’m only going to tell you this one more time: I’m not gay.”

“A man can dream, a man can dream.”

Lee and Jason then went on to have many adventures in which their secrets were almost spilled. They became great friends and eventually lovers. It was HOT, you should have been there. They graduated four years later and never saw each other again.

The End.

Just kidding, I’m just tired of writing today. Next installment will include diapers! (and diaper bashing!)

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Re: Prelude in C Minor - Up to Chapter 2 - 2/14/10

So… now its getting a little more interesting…

Re: Prelude in C Minor - Up to Chapter 2 - 2/14/10

so… when’s the next chapter gonna be up?