Pramphram By: Long_Rifle

Prampharm. By: Long_Rifle

You can blame this in Ryan Rabbit. It’s based on an idea he gave me while trying to bait me with art. It started out as a simple piece of filler. He wanted me to get back to writing, and I told him to have carnal relations with hisself. After swift negotiations he started drawing. And I started writing. Two weeks later I have a NOVEL. And several pieces of related arts. (I think this is my first story that qualifies as a novel as well, it’s kind of exciting)

I wrote this as if it was my last story ever. I tried to do right by the reader. It contains: mental regression, mind changes, inanimate TF, animal TF, diaper TF, male to female TF, sexual encounters, vulgar language, and the kind of ending you get in the
real world. Honestly this one bends on horror. It’s dark. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like dark stories, then this one may be for you.

Job hunting is never easy. Especially when you’re a college drop out. Now toss in your well meaning friend and it gets even harder. In small towns jobs are hard enough to come by, and when everyone knows you’re not exactly the hard working type you start to look outside the box. Trisha had finally reached that point last night when she had been laughed at when she tried to apply for a burger flipping job. She had already stopped applying along side her friend two weeks prior, when she had almost landed something, but had failed the drug test after they had smoked a joint together. Now, in desperation she made the decision to call up her best friend Tracy and see how her own search had been going.

She was surprised by the answer, “I’m done! I found this new place just outside of town, I start tomorrow! I’m going to wait till I get my first check and show it off to my parents. What about you Trisha?” Silence on the other side of the line was her answer. “That bad huh? Have you got any bites at all?”

“Well, yeah. It’s just not that easy to get a job when everyone knows you as a party animal. Maybe I should start looking outside town like you did. A few more miles on the bike won’t hurt, and I guess I can use the exercise. Isn’t the next town about ten miles away? I can do that.” She didn’t want to, but she would if she had too. I was better then going hungry, she was a already losing weight from stress alone. No need to make it worse.

It was only a few seconds before Tracy came up with a plan, “Why don’t you come to my new job with me? I bet they could have another position open. And if it doesn’t work out you can go to the mall and hang until I’m ready. I mean my first shift is only supposed to be four hours. So it won’t be that long of a wait. You can use my car and sleep in it if you don’t feel like walking around.”

Trisha waited for her to make it into a joke. But after several non—punchline filled seconds she realized she was serious. “Sure! That sounds like a great idea. What time do you want me to be ready?”

"Be ready to roll by seven. That way if there’s any issues we’ll have plenty of extra time. That’s seven AM, just in case you’re confused. "

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be ready. Try not to run anyone over while you’re trying to wake up behind the wheel bitch.” They both laughed and hung up. Tracy hoping Trisha wouldn’t fuck this up for her, and Trisha hoping she wouldn’t fuck it up for Tracy.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by as Trisha got herself ready for her sneak interview. An hour sculpting her eye brows, thirty minutes on her legs, and a final long soak in the shower. It was past eight before she remembered to get herself a nice looking outfit from her closet and put it out for the morning. She even triple checked her alarm to make sure it was right. To avoid any power outages she also set her cell phone to go off five minutes later. Finally, with everything seemingly done she pulled off her clothes, and lay down in her bed for a solid eight hours of sleep.

Morning came quickly, and even with all her planning she was still stuck putting her makeup on in the passenger seat of Tracy’s car. Tracy was not happy about it. "I told you to be ready at seven, and here you are still putting your fucking face on. Girl, you better get your act together. This place is serious, you won’t be allowed to show up late more then once or twice before you’re fired. Why do you think there were openings to begin with?

Tisha felt her checks burning, “Am I being lectured by the person voted most likely to get herpes twice? You aren’t exactly a pillar of the community either. Relax, if I get the job I know to set my alarm earlier. And I won’t have to put on my show face either.”

Tracy took the comment in style, “It’s a new job, and I’m trying for a new me. This getting fired from every job thing is starting to get boring. I want to settle down, raise a family. Argue with my significant other about changing my kids diapers. Just have a normal boring life, maybe party a bit once in a while though… And they still want you presentable. This isn’t a bar tending job.”

Trisha smiled and snapped her purse closed. “Then I guess I better be on my best behavior if I want to bum a ride from you every day miss dependable. I can even split the cost of gas with you, buy you lunch every once in a while. I’ll buy you one every day this week if you tell them how dependable I am.”

“Tell them how dependable you are? I thought you wanted this job? Look, just don’t screw this up for me alright. This is important. I’m serious. I’m almost out of cash and the parents are done loaning me money. If I don’t get this job its back to selling crack. And my probation officer told me he wants fifty percent if I do it. So do not fuck this up!”

Trisha nodded at that comment. “It’s not like I don’t deserve that.” she thought.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. Almost boring. The town they lived in was small enough already. But once you hit the borders it was all farms and trees. It was after several miles of green nothing that Trisha finally saw something that she didn’t remember from the last time she had been through the area. Though that had been a long time ago so her memory was a bit fuzzy. As they got closer she could see where the lot for the building had been hewn from the area of an old tree belt. The ground was still bare earth as the sod had yet to grow in. But that didn’t stop the parking lot from being full of brand new cars, and looking all smug while doing it. “It’s always so odd seeing something like this you know…” She murmured.

Tracy looked at her confused. “What are you talking about?”

Trisha sighed, “Trees ripped out so recently it looks like a scar. The ground raw and black. Then you have the brand new building looking fresh and clean. Almost like nature is what’s out of place here. Not the man made building. It’s just kind of weird to me.”

Tracy pulled into the lot and parked the car while she thought about Trisha’s comment. She almost had her head wrapped around it when she saw a car she liked parked across from them. “Jag! I’m gonna get me one of those if this works out! Seriously, like paint it pink. I’ll have the only pink Jag on the planet.”

Trisha kept to herself as they both got out and walked towards the large grey building. Prampharm was blazed across the front, and at least on the one side they could see. No doubt it was on all four. The front doors were solid glass. No metal frames or locks visible. She wondered for a moment how they locked the building at night, but as they stepped inside all cognizant thought stopped.

“God, it’s huge.” They both said before looking up at the ceiling many feet above their heads. “Lots of space.”

“I’m glad you both like the entrance.” A man said, walking up behind them. He extended a hand towards Trisha as he got closer. “I know Tracy, but I’m afraid I haven’t had the pleasure yet.”

“Trisha. And it’s so nice to meet you.” She said while shaking his hand firmly. “I’m a friend of hers, and was hoping to get an interview here today. See if I might have a bit of a break and try to show I’ve matured as well as Tracy has.”

He smiled, showing perfect teeth, “Well that should not be a problem. I’m Mike by the way. Why don’t we let Tracy start her new position, and we can take a quick tour? Maybe see if there’s a place we can stick you for the rest of her shift, I understand she has a short one today. We can see if you’ll work out. Maybe get Tracy a little bonus this week for finding us some more help.”

Trisha waved back at her before she was escorted through a heavy steel door and into the interior of the company. “So…. What do you guys do here anyways? Tracy wasn’t exactly open about every part of her job.”

“That’s good to hear,we run a closed program, alot of new tech, cant have employees talking about it to everyone. We are a test and procurement facility. We’re a subsidiary of another company that sends us products, which we test and verify. Then after a quick marketing test everything goes back to corporate and they sell it.”

They took a turn and Trisha found herself in a long hallway with many doors and windows on either side. She looked in each of them as they walked. Some were basic offices, they looked well used for a building that could be only a few weeks old. Then there were the odd lab-like rooms, full of white coated people walking around various things and taking copious notes. “It looks rather odd. It’s just a bunch of regular looking things and they’re acting like it explosive or something.” She pointed into a room to their right. “That looks like a toothbrush. And they’re in what looks like a hazmat suit!” She suddenly felt frightened, “This isn’t a biohazard place is it?” She took a small step back the way they had come.

His laugh surprised her. "If only it was that easy. No, we do something else here. Not purely safe, but certainly no little bugs floating around infecting people. I could tell you if you want. It would clear things up, make everything easier for us both. But it might get you in deeper then you’d like. I can at least tell you what they’re testing in there. "

Suddenly Trisha got the feeling that maybe she shouldn’t be there, and maybe it was time to go home. “I think I’d rather go instead. There has to be some kind of test, or clearance to get this far, and I know I don’t have that yet. Plus I should at least take my purse out to the car. I don’t need some weird atomic toothbrush falling into it, or out of it.”

Mike laughed again. “You’ve been cleared. Do you think we just let anyone in? As soon as your partner signed up we checked everyone close to her. People talk. We need to make sure they talk to the right kind of people. You would not have been brought through the door if we didn’t know what we needed to about you.” Trisha’s mouth hung open, stunned. She had no idea she could ever be expected to pass something like that. That a company would go to such lengths to make sure they hired good people. “Don’t worry, it’s not that bad here. You won’t be anywhere near the subs. You’ll just be running errands and copying. Real basic stuff. If you want to go higher we promote from with in. And don’t worry about the purse. Though I recommend a smaller one later. You’ll get a locker tomorrow. I don’t know if that thing would fit.”

“Subs?” Trisha asked. “Like the ones in the ocean, or the sandwich?”

“Well it’s a bit of a long story. But I guess the short version is the parent company, which you’ll never be told the name of, was looking for a way to hide large dangerous things for a military contract. Unfortunately it didn’t work. But fortunately as they were mopping up the mess they discovered something else entirely.” Mike stopped for a few seconds, looked around, then took a deep breath before starting again. “One of the janitors sat down in a chair and immediately became a genius.”

“What? Like he thought some profound thing up and saved the world?”

Mike rolled his eyes, “No, I mean he was suddenly dressed in a lab coat, and had an IQ that makes Einstein look like a politician.”

“So what are you waiting for? Where’s the seat? I wouldn’t mind being a super genius.”

Mike looked to the floor and scuffed his feet. “Yeah, there’s side effects.”

Trisha smiled, “How bad could they be?”

Mike grimaced as he looked her in the eye, “Stephen hawking.”

“I won’t sit on it twice then.”

“No. You don’t get it. Stephen hawking was the janitor. And he wasn’t crippled or anything. One second he was his regular self, the next instant he was a crippled genius in a wheel chair.”

Tisha laughed, “Yeah, and everyone that grew up with him was paid to lie about it then? Come on, you don’t have to BS me.”

Mike started walking again. Back deeper down the hallway. “It’s more than just that. When it happened only the few people that were watching remembered the truth. If it hadn’t been for the video they would have been sacked. Whatever they had found, or created changed the entire world. History was changed or created just to fit his new reality. And it was perfect. Since then we’ve discovered what really happened. It was the chair. It made people geniuses. I mean crazy smart. The people that have sat in it since are still working for us. Hell, we have had them sit down multiple times. The last person made it to four before he kind of faded away.”

“He died!?” Trisha said in horror.

Mike shook his head, “No, just faded. He’s still around. He keeps to one room, otherwise he starts to spread out. And he kind of has a hard time getting back together. He’s like a gas now. But insanely smart. He cured Aids in the first five minutes.”

“But there is no cure!” She said exasperated.

“There is. But when we tried to sell it we were told it needed to be properly tested. We’re waiting for the UN to get back to us. Kind of in a holding pattern.”

Trisha shook her head, but kept following. “So what do you do here? I mean do you guys just turn the thing on and weird shit happens, or what?”

Mike stopped and pointed into one of the rooms, it was well lit, with several people looking at a squid hanging in mid air. “Sometimes we turn it on. Sometimes it turns itself on. Sometimes weird shit happens. And sometimes a hockey fan brings a live cephalopod into the facility and that happens.” He said while pointing into the room. He started to look angry, took a step towards the door, then took a deep breath and stopped. “Sometimes this happens every week. Especially if the Red Wings are playing.”

Trisha looked from Mike still standing near the door back into the room. The sky squid had crept closer to the ceiling and was now squirting jets of black ink over one of the people trying to catch it. "Maybe you should take it out, stun it or something…. " She meekly said.

“No good. Tried that on the first two. This is a hockey related sub. Beating the shit out of it is just about the only thing that works. Or Chuck Norris. And he hasn’t been the same since we shaved his beard off.”

Trisha stopped watching the mayhem. She didn’t know if this was some kind of joke, but even if it was she still needed a job, so she might as well roll with it. “Well, you’ve got some weird shit here Mike. But I think I can handle it. As long as I’m not involved directly with the subs, then I can stick around if you’ll have me. Of course I might have to tell Tracy about the really weird stuff.”

Mike nodded, then breathed a sigh of relief. “Great! Now we don’t have to kill you. You don’t know how hard it is to find the right kind of people, then they dont want to stick around…” He clapped his hands together and smiled, “Alright, let’s get you set up. Why don’t you go down to room twenty three, and help out Sheila, she’s not too bad on the new employees.”

Room twenty three as it turned out was between room six, and room three hundred and twenty seven. Trisha was thoroughly confused by the time she found her way there. Even more so after she opened the door and found herself on a wide sandy beach. Staring at who she supposed was Shelia sunning herself on a hammock supported by thin ropes between two of the sky squids she had seen earlier. She took a step forward, “Sheila? I’m Trisha, Mike sent me here for training, I’m a new hire.”

Sheila rolled her head to face her and took the woman in, “You seem to be taking this pretty well.” She said as she nodded to the floating oddities.

“I grew up near Detroit. I’ve seen worse.”

Sheila stood and stretched. Then walked lazily towards Trisha and the door hanging entirely unsupported behind her. “Then I guess it’s time for us to get some real work done. Follow me please.”

Trisha followed her back out the door and closed it behind them. “Shouldn’t you untie those squid things?” She asked.

“Oh no. Those things just love hovering there. They absorb the sun light, and apparently our pheromones are like candy to them. Once we get them situated, let them watch a few games and let them relax, its all we can do to get them in a pod and let them enjoy themselves.”

“A pod? That thing they were supporting you with. I thought that was a hammock.”

“Hah! That -was- just a hammock. The pod is the whole world after the door. It’s the strangest thing. They tested fresh peas once. You know the saying peas in a pod? Well they cracked one open and they could see this wonderful world inside. Once they figured out how to stretch them big enough they became perks. I’ve had that one for about a week now. Much nicer then the fishing pods.”

Trisha raised an eyebrow, “There’s no side effects?”

“You’ll pick up an affinity for growing peas. Shit, I must have three acres planted right now. I think this company crashed the whole pea industry with how many we grow. Now lets head over to marketing. They had something for me earlier. Something needed editing and binding. And knowing them, translation into actual English. Which means it’s going to take awhile.”

Trisha kept to herself as they walked deeper into the building towards marketing. Thankfully they had left the weird things behind pretty quickly and it seemed like a regular office area now. Marketing was on the top floor, next to a large sports bar. Several marketing execs were sitting inside, three empty pitchers on their table, loudly arguing about packaging colours and whether or not purple was sad. “Well at least that part is normal.” Trisha muttered to herself.

Sheila walked her inside marketing’s office, and to her contact. A portly woman sitting next to a computer, sweating profusely. “Alright, let’s have that paperwork Ms. Johnson. When do you need it by?”

The woman pushed a small disk towards them. “I need two thousand copies of this, and I needed it ten minutes ago. So I would suggest by noon next Wednesday.”

Trisha was only half into the conversation. She was looking around the room at several piles of items in containers or bags. She was wondering what the various effects could be when her eyes settled on what looked like large diapers. “Diapers? Who tested diapers?”

Ms. Johnson turned and looked at her. “Yeah. That’s a pre-clearance sample. I doubt we’ll use them but they want some kind of idea on how to pitch them. So here they sit. It’s been about a week, no one wants anything to do with them. No one wants to verify exactly how they work.”

Tisha blushed a bit, “I would imagine like Depends does right? A plastic crap catcher.”

Ms. Johnson didn’t even flinch. “Except for the mind numbing orgasms.”

Trisha’s blush returned stronger, “That’s the side effect?!”

Sheila answered, “No, that’s the primary effect. So far urinary incontinance starting at an hour, and extending per use is the only side effect. But we’re still at primary testing when we have volunteers. They keep them in those bags for a reason. That’s a special polymer that prevents effect seepage.”

“Seepage, like after use?” Trisha asked.

Ms. Johnson took control of the conversation again, “No, like changes to the things it touches longer term. That happens sometimes, though it’s rare enough for us to set up a pre-clearance system.” She turned back to Sheila and started talking about a party coming up that weekend. But Trisha couldn’t take her eyes off the stack of diapers. She double checked that she wasn’t being watched, then swept a few of them into her purse, thankful she had decided to bring it with her to her interview after all. She nodded along to the conversation going on between Sheila and Ms. Johnson, but was thinking about what a mind numbing orgasm would feel like later that night.

“Right, lets get back to my office Trisha. We can start editing, and get this mess ready for the big wigs next week.” Sheila said.

The walk back seemed entirely too short, as Trisha kept thinking about what would happen if she got caught, or what Tracy would say when she found out she had taken things on her first day. “I bet the orgasms will help satisfy her sence of justice. Or at least make her keep her opinions to herself.” She thought.

Tisha really enjoyed the three hours she spent with Sheila helping her. And was saddened to learn that after the two week apprentice period she would be set up in her own office, and would barely see her. They seemed to be a great fit for each other. And even the mind deadening job of editing seemed fun as they pointed out the silly mistakes the geniuses had made in spelling. She left Sheila’s office with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Trisha was swinging her purse back and forth, not worrying about the contraband inside. She walked past all the weird rooms not even bothering to look inside them. When she got back to the receptionist desk she found Tracy already standing next to it waiting for her. “Hey babe! It’s been a great first day, how about yours?”

Tracy smiled at her, “Not bad at all. This place barely gets any calls and they let me cruise the Internet while I sit here waiting for appointments to show up. It’s awesome!”

Trisha waited till they were in the car, and halfway home before she started to talk about what she had seen. When she got to the part about the diapers, Tracy flexed her legs. Trisha noticed and grabbed the top of her purse, “If I remember correctly, it’s been awhile for you too huh?” She asked coyly.

Tracy nodded, “I wouldn’t mind a little pissing if it means a little relief ya know. I might have to sign up to help with the testing back there.”

Trisha reached into her purse and pulled one of the diapers out, “Or baby Tracy can can some fun tonight! No signing up required!”

Tracy’s face took on a look of horror as she saw what her friend had taken. “You…. You stole them?! You think they won’t figure that out? We’re going to Get fired for this! Or worse. They’ll make us test something actually dangerous! Are you fucking insane? I should never have told you about this job!”

“Relax. There were dozens of them. Piles on the desk, and even more on the floor. The stack had fallen over and some had been kicked around as well. They’ll never know. Now why don’t you just relax and drive. This should be an interesting night. You’ll be twitching and moaning before you know it you big baby!” As she finished speaking she pulled one of the diapers out and ripped the plastic wrap off. The air inside the car was filled with the sweet smell of baby powder. She let the diaper slide out into her lap,then gave it a flip to open it a bit, the plastic shell of the disposable sat gently against her skin. She felt a tiny electric shock, then a pleasant feeling, like scratching a bug bite. She allowed the contact to linger before pushing the diaper back into her purse. “Very interesting. I can’t wait to see what these little buggers can really do.”

Tracy was having other thoughts. She knew things from Prampharm could be dangerous, but her body’s urges had doubled as soon as the scent from the diaper had surrounded her. “Yeah…. Maybe we could do something with those things….” She mumbled as she sat her hand on her crotch and gave it a few idle scratches.

When the car ride was finally over, the car bumped up her drive and stopped with a squeak. Tracy undid her belt and looked at her friend. “Look Trish, we’re like family. But if this gets to crazy I’m blaming it all on you.”

“Fair enough. Now lets get in there and get the party started!”

Tracy got out and went to her door as fast as she could walk. Then bolted through it as soon as she had it unlocked, with an oddly content Trisha bringing up the rear. Tracy had wanted to come home and take a shower, but after smelling diapers the rest of the way home she could barely contain herself. She was going for the vibrator in her bedroom when a smiling Trisha came in and dropped the diaper on the bed. Tracy looked at it, her lower lip quivering. A part of her knew it was not a good idea, but she needed to get off. “Okay thanks!” She said as she started to strip. She saw Trisha was still not moving. She waved her hands at her, “I need to get something done girl. And I don’t need you in here!”

In response Trisha sat down on the bed and started to open the other two diapers. Carefully putting them back into her spacious purse. She turned back to the diaper on the bed and slowly unfolded it. She felt an urge as well. She wanted release as much as her friend, but it was combined with another thought instead. “Oh, I think you do need me in here. I think you want this diaper on, and think you can do it yourself. Have you even diapered a baby before, much less yourself?”

Tracy’s hands were frozen on the waist of pants, ready to start shimmying out of them. “It can’t be that hard Trisha. I’m sure I can figure it out myself.”

Trisha dragged her nails over the exposed padding of the diaper sitting between them, “It can be tricky. Sure you won’t be wiggling around like a baby, but you need to know how tight to make it, where the diaper needs to sit to line up right. There’s a whole bunch of things that need to be done just right or things get messy later when there’s leaks. And I don’t think you want leaks all over. Especially when you still have to take me home today.”

Tracy listened while Trisha spoke, trying vainly to keep what little dignity she had left and tell her to leave. But her will power was starting to fade at the same rate her panties were starting to get warm and steamy. She started to yank her pants down as she came up with a compromise. “Just put it on me then leave.”

Trisha didn’t say anything. Instead she set her hands in her lap and calmly waited for her friend to get ready. She smiled as Tracy’s pants came loose, leaving her in nothing but panties. She almost reached out to pull them off herself, but Tracy seemed to sence something was about to happen and yanked them off herself. Leaving her naked in front of her friend for the first time in several years. Trisha admired the almost clean shaven look of her friend. It looked like her shave job was only a few days old with sparse stubble, and a few angry ingrown hairs in evidence. Tracy motioned for the diaper, but Trisha held it away from her, pointing to the bed instead.

Tracy shook her head, but got the hint. She sat down, then with a final indignant sigh she laid back and spread her legs. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” She had expected a few seconds hesitation. But Trisha’s movements and commands seemed instant, as if she wanted nothing more then to diaper her. She was told to lift her hips, then set them back down. As she lowered herself she immediately felt the padding of the diaper under her. She moved her legs a few times and listened to the loud crinkling. “Wow, this is really weird Trish. You should really give this a try later.”

Trisha clucked her tongue at that, “I guess we’ll have to see about that later baby. Why don’t we get this all finished up before we talk about me.” A slight flourish and she had the right side up and on. Seconds later and the left was tight as well. “Now stand up young lady, lets give this a quick check.”

“I don’t think you need to be checking my diapers.” She complained, but stood up anyways. The diaper was bulky, but not too terribly bad. She still had to keep her legs farther apart then normal, which allowed Trisha to insert her fingers into the leg bands and run them back and forth making sure the leak guards were set right. Tracy jumped back, “Ewww, okay. That was just a little much. Now give me some space. If I’m going to do this, it’s going to be alone!”

Trisha stood up, playfully smacked her on her diapered bottom, then left the room. Leaving Tracy to her self. She walked to her door and stared at her reflection in a full length mirror on the back of it. “God, I look like a fucking pervert.” The grossness of actually wetting herself briefly overpowered her hormones. Then the entire thing snowballed into something even stronger. “Like a cute diapered pervert. Oh…… Like a big diapered baby…… Pervert……” Her body flushed and started to sweat as she felt sensations she hadn’t felt in years. One hand rubbed the outside of the diaper, while the other gently circled her nipple with her fingers. "Baby…. Baby…. Diapered baby…. " Ran through her thoughts, each time making her hotter, and her hands motions more frantic. Tracy had never felt so high before without release, but it didn’t stop. Her legs and arms started to flex as her body started to hump air. Finally her hand dove into the diaper and started to rub her clit. “Oh….oh….oh……oh……. So…. Soooooo close……” She moaned. But it still wasn’t enough. She could barely stand now. But it still kept going higher. Her hand was a wet mess, but it wasn’t pee. “That’s it! I need to piss!” The thought of it made her bladder seem to fill to bursting. But she still couldn’t release. She was panting now. Sweat running down her face, there was still something missing. Then it hit her. “Trisha! I want her, I need her to watch!” Her hand flew from her diaper to the door knob where it took several slick tries to finally get it to turn.

The door seemed to open on its own and Tracy found herself eye to eye with Trisha. She had only an instant to register the knowing smile on her friend’s face before her body finally betrayed her and released the flood gates. “My… My…. Diapeee!” She squealed as the warmth from her accident became a flood of pleasure she had never felt before. Her body locked up as her mouth froze in a silent scream. Thoughts and visions raced through her mind as she tried vainly to keep breathing. As she started to fall, Trisha leaned forward and caught her. Wrapping one arm around her back, and the other under her wet diapered butt. “She can feel my pee…” Ran across Tracy’s conscience, causing another orgasmic trip. Her body started humping Trisha’s and Tracy didn’t even try to stop. Every movement rocked her again and again. She started to lick at Trisha’s exposed skin. She tasted the salt of her sweat, and wanted more. Her head burrowed into her chest, hoping a nipple would be exposed for her to chew. When none was found she instead started to chew on the fabric of her shirt. After several more long moments Tracy felt the wetness of her diaper more then the heat of of sex. Then the smell of her excitement mixed with piss and baby powder came through as well. This caused a final rolling orgasm that left her panting and twitching in her friend’s arms. She felt herself gently set down on her cool bed spread, then released her grip as she was pushed down onto her back. She looked into her friends eyes, and licked her lips. She tried to think of something to say. Something to express what she had just felt. In the end all she could say was, “Wow.”

Trisha Gently stroked one of Tracy’s legs. She had watched every second of her little ride and had found herself sinking towards sexual pleasure as well. Though in her case it was worlds away from pissing in a diaper. Her entire body had tingled as she watched the bucking form of Tracy in her crinkly plastic prison. Everything had been under control until Tracy had collapsed into her arms and started humping her like a blanket.

Until that moment Trisha was sure she would be wearing them next. But the touch of her warm body twitching and convulsing against her did something, changed her. The vision of her friend losing control and loving it became Trisha’s world. As she kept rubbing her still heavily breathing friend, she started to rub herself in another more private area. She felt no embarrassment, since she no longer saw Tracy as a real woman any longer. “Just a toy really.” She whispered.

Tracy heard her, “What’s a toy? The diaper?” She lazily swept her hands over the soiled one she was wearing. “I think it’s so much more! You should really try one, its better then sex. Hell, it’s better then bacon -and- sex!” She licked dried sweat off her left arm then started to poke at the sodden padding. “Should I take this thing off? I’m supposed to be pissing myself for a while right? Will it work again do you think?”. She was speaking so fast it was difficult to understand some of it, “Trisha! Listen to me! I’m talking about wet diapers and pissing myself and I don’t care! It was that good, I’d do that again any time.” She sat up and reached her hand toward the purse, and the other diapers. “Lets try it again! Me and you at once. Come on!”

Trisha gently smiled, and pushed her hand away. “There’s only two left Tracy. And I don’t think we should try another diaper so soon. They said the effects stacked. And you look exhausted. Lets give it a day or two.”

Tracy crossed her arms in front of her and pouted. “Fine. But at least you can give it a try, I want to watch!”

“And fall to the floor when you can’t hold me up? No, I think we’ll both wait and get some rest. Now what should we do with you? You’re going to be a little fountain for awhile and we didn’t get any regular diapers before we tried this.” As she finished Trisha reached out and untaped her friends diaper. Not even having to tell Tracy to lift her bum to get it off. She rolled it up on itself and taped it closed. “You better get out of bed and maybe wrap a towel around you. Don’t want your carpets getting messed up.”

Tracy blew a raspberry at her, but started getting up anyway. “Seriously girl. I think I just drained half a lake into that thing, there’s no way I’ll have to go for at least an hour.” Her feet hit the floor and she stood up. Her gait was a little farther apart then normal, and her knees still felt weak. But she knew she could walk, and was sure she would not have to worry about pissing herself. “See, everything is fine. Are you sure we can’t have a little playtime again?” She started scratching between her legs.

Tisha waved her hand in front of her face. “Take a shower. A long shower. You smell like a big wet baby.” Tracy laughed. But Trisha kept talking, “Seriously, your hand is going to be covered in stale pee if you keep touching down there like that. I don’t think you want to be smelling that all day.”

Tracy stopped scratching and brought her hand up to her face, she could easily smell her accident. “Whatever, I’ll go shower. Why don’t you take care of that wet diaper for me while I clean up?”

Trish still had it in her hand, she held it up in her friends face and smirked, “I’ll take care of ikle baby’s wet diapee, now get in the tub before you leak on the floor.” She waited till Tracy started walking away before moving towards the kitchen and dropping the little plastic ball into the garbage.

It landed with a wet thunk, apparently the only thing inside. Trisha went to the sink and started to wash her hands. She finished just in time to hear the shower start up. “She should really take a nice bath.” She thought. “Then mommy could make sure she was nice and clean.” She laughed at that thought while she grabbed a glass and got a drink of water. As her arm came up she caught a whiff of her armpits. “Woah, I think mommy needs some deodorant first.” She guzzled the water and went to get her purse.

The shower was still going strong when she saw it. Her purse was sitting next to Tracy’s bed. As she walked into the room Trisha could still smell everything. The wet diaper nursery smell, along with a woman’s excitement. It was the nursery smell that got to her the most. As she bent over to pick up her purse, she stopped and stared at it. Something was wrong. It looked different. She picked it up and took it to the kitchen, hoping the better light there would help her. But even in the brighter light it looked wrong, it was obviously her purse. But it’s colour was off. And the design on the fabric was all wrong. It looked like a cross stitched pattern made to look like a quilt. She carefully opened the bag to find the inside had changed as well. Originally only having two compartments there were now several. The diapers were secure in their own pocket. Trisha closed the purse and started to move away before she stopped and returned. Something was starting to bother her, something she had seen inside the purse. She opened it and looked inside again. It was the diapers that finally clued her in. She had stole three, and used one. There should only be two inside, and yet there were four.

“What the hell….” Trisha wondered. Then Ms. Johnson’s comment came back. “Sometimes the subs change things they contact constantly. That must be it!” Everything became clear to her then, “It’s changing into a diaper bag! At least that solves the problem of getting more diapers for her.” She grabbed the bag and walked into the living room. She saw Tracy’s keys hanging by the door. “But I think some regular diapers would work right now.” She thought about the corner store, just a few blocks away. Trisha dropped her bag on a low table in front of the TV, grabbed the keys and made a quick dash to the car outside.

Tracy was enjoying her shower, almost as if she was half asleep and dreaming. Up until the point when she felt something running down her legs. It was an odd feeling. The shower water was so hot that her piss felt cool. She watched the pale yellow mix with the water as it ran down the drain for several seconds before she tried to stop it and found she couldn’t. “God, I just pissed myself for real!” The realization finally snapped her out of her stupor. “This is crazy. I can’t do that again.” With her clear mind she remembered everything she had done. “And in front of Trisha! Oh…. Fuckkkkk……” Even as she started to freak out over the memory, she started to feel wetness of a different type. “Gross! Gross! I can’t get excited over that!” But she couldn’t deny what her body was doing. Through sheer will power she kept her hands away from herself, and let the hot water pour over her body. When she had relaxed enough to touch her own skin again she grabbed the soap and started to clean up. Her body still seemed more sensitive then normal though, causing her hands to linger in certain spots. “It was just one time! I can handle that, never again. I’m not gonna wear a diaper ever again! Let Trisha have them all…”

Trisha entered the store with a brisk walk. Even though she had been there dozens of times, she still felt out of place as she walked towards the incontinence isle. Her eyes kept going to to the signs above her, lingering on the baby isle. “I wonder if she’d fit in a regular baby diaper…. That would be so much better then old granny pants diapers!” She knew it was silly, but she turned and walked towards the baby area, and the impossible promise of cuteness for Tracy. As soon as she started reading the packs it was obvious there was no way she would fit in any of them. “Dam, and I only wanted something to make her look cute.” She was walking out, towards the adult diapers when she saw a pack of Goodnights. “Wait… Are these big enough?” It was obvious the extra large size would fit. She had picked out a pack when she heard a voice over her shoulder.

“Crazy huh? You think you’re done with that stuff, and then they’re wetting the bed again.”

Trisha turned and smiled at a thirtyish something women holding a similar pack in her hands. “Yeah, except my little lady is having some daytime problems as well. Though I kind of like this, it makes me remember the days when she really depended on me for everything.” Trisha looked the woman up and down, the idea of getting her in a diaper and watching her melt down popped up, and lingered. “I think she looks kind of cute all diapered up anyways. And she certainly smells better.”

The lady got an odd look on her face. “Errr, yeah. I guess.” Her posture changed, seeming to grow tense. She started to look towards the front of the store. “Nice meeting you, I’ve got to get going now.”

Trisha felt something in her change. She reached out and ran one of her hands through the stranger’s hair. “I think you just need to relax. Maybe a little time in your crib and a fresh baba will help you feel better.” The more she ran her fingers through the woman’s hair, the more the woman seemed to relax. “That’s my girl. Why don’t you just relax and let mommy show you what you need?” The woman lazily nodded, dropping the pack of Goodnights that were in her hands. Trisha smiled. “Yeah, I think I can take care of you. Get you in your special pants, maybe let you wiggle around in my lap awhile.”

“Mom?” Another voiced asked. “What the hell are you doing? I thought we were going to get them and get out?”

The woman stiffened and pulled away from Trisha. She glared at her, then scooped up the pack from the floor. “Sorry Willow. We’re leaving now.”

Trisha watched them leave. “I wonder if I could get them both…” She thought idly. Then with the pack of Goodnights under her right arm she took a stroll to the candy isle. “Some chocolate, and maybe some jelly beans.” She said to herself. Then with her hands full she walked to the front of the store. Trisha had hoped to see the woman from the diaper isle, but apparently she was long gone. “Too bad. I think she would have enjoyed herself.” She paid for her items and started to the car. Hoping she got back before Tracy got out of the shower and made a mess on the floor.

It turned out she didn’t have to worry. Tracy was still in the shower giving Trisha plenty of time to relax in front of the TV. After sitting back and getting the TV running Trisha made a grab for her purse. “I guess I should think of it more as a diaper bag now though.” As she looked through it there was everything she would need to make real use of the diapers. “Was all this in here before?” She pushed aside cans of baby cookies, some pacifiers, and a folded change mat. Something seemed to bother her. “I know this was my purse. And I know these diapers were inside. But was everything else?” She looked down at the large changing table the bag had been laying on. “And why the hell would this be in here?” Again the words of warning came back to her from her new job. “Did this all change when I was gone? I shouldn’t even know its different if it did, but since I know about the effects does that change things for me? Fuck….” She sat back and wondered if things were really different after all. Her head started to hurt, then she got thirsty after a few minutes.

Trisha dismissed the idea and went for a soda in the fridge. She poured the entire can into a glass then looked for a bag to hang for garbage. “Why she doesn’t have a can for garbage instead of just one for her diapers I’ll never know.” She grabbed a plastic shopping bag and hung it off one of the drawer knobs next to the diaper pail. Then she checked the pail to make sure it wasn’t full. “Of course there’s only one diaper inside silly. She just used it.” Trisha shook her head and sat down at the kitchen table. “So why has she always had a diaper pail in here if I just diapered her for the first time?” She thought as she looked at it. She felt something was going on around her. But even if it was true she would never really know if reality itself changed.

Tracy found her there, sitting at the table staring into space. “What’s the problem girl?”

Trisha came back, finally noticing her friend. “Naked again? Do you need help getting dressed or something?”

Tracy looked down at her body, then shrugged. “I guess it doesn’t really matter after what you saw.”

Trisha gave a noncommittal nod, “At least get some protection on so you don’t piss on the furniture.”

Tracy took a step forward, then stopped. “I think that would be a bad idea. I don’t know exactly what it did to me. But I still think there’s something wrong. I want those diapers out of here. Take them to your house if you want. Or better yet, toss them in the garbage with the used one.” She motioned towards her garbage can, then actually looked when something felt wrong. She did a double take, then strode naked towards it. “What the hell is that?” She ripped the lid open and peered inside. Her lone diaper the only occupant. “What the hell is this thing doing in here?”

Trisha took a sip of her drink. “It’s a diaper pail. Where else would we put your diapers? I mean it’s odd you have one. But who am I to judge?”

“Trish, I don’t have one! Why are you acting like this is normal? This is all fucked up!”

Confronted with both realities Trisha’s head started to hurt again, she started to rub her cold glass on her forehead. “It’s the subs, the diapers. They can change things. Remember, if you aren’t nearby then you forget what was there before. I left the house and got you some normal protection. You stayed here. And now I forgot and you remember. Are there any other changes?”

Tracy started looking around the house, everything was fine till she got to the TV room and saw her glass center table was now a padded changing table. She sat down on her couch and started to cry. “This is so fucked up. How the hell do we get this fixed. I can’t afford another table.” She felt warmth between her legs, in an instant she was back on her feet. But it was too late. There was a large wet spot on the cushion. “I can’t believe I just ruined my couch! Get those diapers out of here, and I mean now!” She grabbed the pinkish diaper bag and threw it at Trisha. “Just get out of here Trish. Now!”

Trisha was pushed and prodded, then found herself standing outside a slammed door. She pulled her phone out and checked the time. She decided she had enough time to walk home instead of calling a cab. She started off quickly, not wanting to be stuck out after dark. The diaper bag seemed to weight almost nothing as she held it in her right hand. “I feel pretty good.” She thought to herself. “Like I just slept a week, I feel perfectly great! Not tired at all, no sore feet, or back. After holding her up like that I should be needing some pills right now.” But she felt better then she could ever remember feeling in her whole life. She accelerated from a speed walk to a jog. After several minutes of jogging with no sign of fatigue she sped up to a run.

The miles sped past, but she didn’t feel winded. It was as if she was walking. Her house appeared in front of her, fully half an hour before she expected it. “I’ve never run like that before!” She was grinning ear to ear as she opened her door and ducked inside. She went straight to her bathroom mirror and looked at herself. “I’m not even sweating!” She stripped off her shirt and bra, finding her breasts cool and dry. She was reaching for her shirt when she stopped and looked closer at her chest. “Were they always so round?” She wondered, looking at how her breasts seemed to jut from her chest. They weren’t bigger, just fuller. Then Trisha saw her nipples. “Those are definitely darker.” She touched one, then pinched it. She watched in shock as something sprayed across her hand. “Am I…… Am I lactating?” She asked. Another squeeze, and then a pull confirmed that she was right. Her breasts were fuller. Full of milk. She sat down on her toilet and tried to think things over.

“This has to have something to do with us using the diapers today. But why am I turning into some kind of mother figure instead of getting the urge to wear the diapers?” She looked to the diaper bag sitting on the floor. She felt no compulsion to wear them at all. Or to even act like a baby. “What is going on here? Tracy is so scared she didn’t even want them left in her house….” It took her several minutes to decide she would wait till morning. “Maybe I can ask Sheila some more questions at work tomorrow.” She set her alarm, giving herself plenty of time to bike to work, and went to bed. She didn’t even brush her teeth. Her mouth felt as clean as after a trip to the dentist. She closed her eyes and was asleep immediately. Her last thought being if she could get Tracy into another diaper after all this.

Several miles away Tracy was getting ready for bed as well. She had found the package of Goodnights, and had nervously opened it and put one on. It had taken her almost peeing in her kitchen to get her to do it. She was worried about their actions today like Trisha was. But for different reasons. “The diapers are gone. This will be over tomorrow.” She said loudly to herself. Hoping it was true. She sat down on her toilet, at first forgetting to pull her protection down, but catching her mistake in time. Never before could she remembered feeling so relieved at hearing the sound of her pee spraying into a toilet. “Relax Tracy. This is over. You’ll go to work tomorrow and then forget this ever happened.” She ripped some toilet paper free and wiped herself, “Yep, you’ll forget the best sex of your life ever.” Just the single memory of wearing the diaper caused her body to shudder with arousal. Though thankfully nothing like before. She grabbed another wad of paper and wiped again. “That is over. Never again.” But she still felt an urge to put one on. To parade around naked in front of her friend like a little diapered slut. “Fuck. Those things are like crack. One use and you’re addicted.” She stood and flushed. Then pulled her thick nighttime protection up over her hips. After laying out a few towels just in case she leaked, Tracy lay down and finally closed her eyes. Her dreams that night were… interesting.

Trisha woke the next morning instantly. Several minutes before her alarm was set to go off in fact. She sat up in bed completely awake feeling like she had already drank her morning coffee. She caressed her arms, and stretched her back. When she looked towards her dresser she saw the bag had changed even more over the night. “I can’t wait to get another diaper on little Tracy!” She stood up and walked towards her bathroom, hoping her chest hadn’t grown any more, “Or I won’t be able to fit in any of my shirts.”

Tracy woke to the blaring of her alarm. She swung her hand over to shut it off, then tucked her blankets back over her head. A few minutes later it went off again. This time she got up on her feet. Her eyes were barely open. “God, I feel half dead. Like I need another eight hours of sleep or something.” She yawned and scratched her back, then walked to the kitchen. Her coffee machine had started and the pot was full. It wasn’t until her third cup that she felt awake enough to function. She pulled the old filter out and went to dump it in her trash. Seeing the large diaper pail brought everything back. “I really wore that diaper. I really pissed on my couch.” She looked down at the Goodnight around her waist. “And I really wore this to bed.” She gingerly touched it. “At least it’s dry. I guess that’s a good sign.” It wasn’t until her makeup was on and she was dressed that all her coffee came back to haunt her. She made it to the toilet easily. When she was finished, she checked herself in her mirror and left for her job. The odd thought about diapers and big babies still at the back of her thoughts.

Both women made it in plenty of time. Tracy still looked a little tired. As if she really wasn’t used to waking up so early. Trisha on the other hand was the picture of perfection. From the way her hair looked, to the way her clothes fit perfectly. She almost seemed to glow with perfect body tone and skin. As she worked among the other women they all seemed to stare. And contrary to what most of them usually acted like, when she talked to them, they all immediately wanted to do exactly what she said. To make her happy was all they really cared about. Trisha loved the attention, though most of it came from Sheila as they were in her room together often. Trisha found herself correcting Sheila’s speech a few times. And even telling her when to use the bathroom. She was really starting to enjoy her new job. “I could make sure they all grow up to be good parents.” She thought. Even though she was younger then every single one of them.

Tracy was almost on the verge of quitting. Everything seemed harder today. It wasn’t that she didn’t know how to do her job anymore. “I need to concentrate dammit!” But it was hard to think straight when her thoughts increasingly bent towards sexual pleasure and diapers. She started to argue with herself in her thoughts between the very few phone calls she had to answer. “It’s just sex. Who cares if it’s in a diaper? Only Trisha will ever know. And she’s the one that stole em.” Her rational voice tried to stop that line of thought. “But it will get worse. And what happens when the diapers are gone? If one does this what will using the rest do?” Her hand crept down to her pants again. She had caught herself several times now. But this time she couldn’t stop. “It’s just sex.” The inner voice pined. It sounded higher pitched to her now. “Just sex and diapers!” She blushed as her body responded to that against her wishes. “Stop it!” She yelled out loud.

“Stop what Tracy?” Trisha asked.

Tracy looked up to see her friend and Sheila standing near her. “Oh…. Nothing. Just kind of talking to myself I guess. Where are you two off to?”

Sheila laughed, “Home silly. It’s quitting time. Are you staying over night or something? I thought you and Trisha had something planned today? At least that’s what she told me when I tried to get her over to my place.”

Tracy looked at Trisha, “Well I don’t know for sure now. I know we had something planned, but I’m starting to think that it might be a mistake to do it again.” The image of her quivering in a diaper popped up, causing Tracy to almost moan out loud. “But maybe you can just stop by for a few minutes. So we can talk about it.” She looked down at her computer to hide her blush. A thumb snuck between her lips and she absently chewed on it.

Trisha laughed, “Sure, not to long. I wouldn’t want to be a burden or anything. How bout I cook tonight. Make something nice to fill you up?”

Re: Pramphram By: Long_Rifle

Tracy popped her thumb free, “Sure. See you then I guess.” She stood up and started for the locker room. She thought she heard crinkling every step she took, causing her to stop and scold herself. “Just my imagination. Cut that shit out!” When she started walking again the sound had stopped. She grabbed the things out of her locker and walked as fast as she could towards her car thinking about what the night might bring. “Not diapers. I’ve got to stay away from those things. I’ll go home, get pinkie out and take care of myself before she shows up.” Then she thought about the diapers again, “And if she shows up with that dam bag I won’t let her in.”

She drove home in silence. Trying not to think about herself doing anything with Trisha. “I’ll just call her when I get home. Tell her not to come. I’m busy. Or sick, just keep her away.” As soon as she walked through her front door she started for the bedroom. The last two minutes of her drive had been a constant stream of perversion. She could feel moisture between her legs, and she didn’t know how long she could hold out. Images of diapers and her in them were dancing through her head. She tore her clothes off after slamming her front door, leaving a trail of them all the way to her dresser, where she grabbed her vibrator before jumping into bed and going at it. Ten seconds in and she had her first orgasm. It helped, but was nothing compared to the day before. Almost as soon as the first was over she was sliding into her second one. She was left panting, but still it wasn’t helping. The edge was off for sure but, “I need more! Doesn’t this thing have two speeds?” She flicked at the tiny switch but found it was already at max. The third was less satisfying then the others, leaving her at the verge of something greater, but still nowhere near it.

Tracy tried for several more minutes, but nothing else happened. She could feel her body about to reach relief, then it would just slide away. “Fuck!” She screamed, then threw pinkie across the room as hard as she could. It was left sticking from the wall with a slight “boiiiiiing” sound as it stilled. She sat up still groping at her breasts, face beat red as she tried to think of something else to use. After several non productive minutes with just her fingers she stood up and walked towards the living room where her computer was. “Some porn should do the trick.” As she walked past her couch to her computer something else happened.

She smelled her accident from the day before. She had barely soaked up the mess earlier and had planned to really give it the once over today. The stale smell drove her to her knees. She crawled towards it till her nose was almost touching the cushion. One hand helped hold her up, while the other tried to relieve her tension. She kept at it longer then she could ever remember doing before, driven by the smell and the images in her head, but in the end it still wasn’t enough. She dropped to her knees, her hands both cramping. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…. This shit is just so fucked up. What the hell am I going to do?” She dragged herself into the shower. Setting the water as cold as she could stand, and tried to wash herself off. Even then she still kept thinking about the diapers. Tracy cranked the water full cold. The water stung as it hit her skin. The pain drove all other thoughts away. She kept standing there, till she started shivering before finally turning the water off and getting out. The towel tore at her as she dried off her skin was so cold. She pulled on a pair of loose shorts, and an over sized shirt. What she called her lounging clothes. When she looked at her reflection she could see her lips were a little bluish. “Whatever works though.” She said. “This is insane, the feelings are getting worse. What would two or three uses feel like…” She tried to call Trisha but she didn’t answer. “Dam… She’s probably on the way here. What can I do till she shows?”

Tracy finally settled on using her free time to clean up. The first thing she did was spray Lysol over her couch before scrubbing it clean. “I’m tossing these towels. I never want to see these again.” Her next stop was the kitchen. One look at the diaper pail and she almost lost it. But she was in a groove. She slipped a garbage bag over it in one swipe and set the whole thing outside. “If I can’t see it, then I don’t have to worry about it. I’ll toss it on the curb Tuesday. Good riddance.”

She was stepping back inside ready for another cold shower when she felt a tap on her shoulder, “Hey girl friend, ready for some good food and a good time?”

Tracy could already smell Chinese food. “I thought you were going to cook tonight?” She said without even turning around to look at Trisha.

“Hey, it still counts. And I got your favorite Almond Kitten!”

“Almond Chicken you sick fuck.” Tracy stepped inside before turning to look at her friend. Trisha was already moving towards the table when Tracy saw she had the diaper bag with her. Immediately the urges ramped up. “Get that thing out of here!” She nearly screamed. “That diaper shit is way more then a little pleasure. I can barely control myself. I had to take the worst shower of my life to clear my head. I’m never wearing one of those again! Ever! Take them outside!”

Trisha walked past her and set the food and the bag on the large changing table. “And yet you kept this thing huh?” She said slyly. “Are you sure you don’t like this?”

Tracy scooted away, “What the hell am I going to do with that? I can’t get it out the door by myself, and even if I did what would the neighbors think? Now get that shit out of here! Seriously, it took everything I had just to stop frigging myself earlier, and I still can’t keep diapers out of my thoughts. This is dangerous!”

Trisha didn’t understand why Tracy was so upset. “It’s just a diaper silly. Babies wear them all the time. I thought you liked orgasms?”

Tracy motioned to the diaper bag again, she couldn’t keep her eyes off it now. “I’m not a baby! And those aren’t just diapers. They fucked me up, I can’t stop thinking about them, or about getting off! You need to toss those things, I mean it! I’m never wearing them again. Ever!”

“Don’t be so silly, it’s nothing to be so mad about. I’m sure you’ll get used to me changing your diapers really quick. And you’ll stop noticing the smell eventually. Come on! Just wear one first and decide later! I’ll even clean up your poopies for you!”

Tracy backed away shaking her head. “Listen to yourself! These things are fucking you up too! We need to get them away from us!” The diapers seemed to be pulsing in the bag. She could almost feel one wrapped around her waist. She had to leave, she ducked into the hall and towards her bathroom. “I’m going to freshen up a bit Trisha. And I mean jump in the shower to cool down. I dont care what you do, just get that bag outside or I’ll throw it out, I’m never touching one of those things again!”

Trisha waited till she heard the shower running, “Well it sounds like little miss pamper ass thinks she’s to old for a little fun. I think I know how to take care of that.” She took the food to the kitchen. When she noticed the diaper pail missing she instantly connected it to the bagged object on the porch. “That won’t do.” She clucked to herself. She had it back and in place before she heard the shower cut off. Trisha moved back to the changing table, the diaper bag opened easily. She started getting her supplies out. First a few diapers which she sat on the shelf under it, and then some baby oil and powder. Finally she grabbed a pacifier and sat down to wait for her little buddy.

Tracy left the bathroom chilled to the bone, with a clear mind again. She hit the kitchen where she saw the pail was back. “What the shit?! I threw that out! Trisha! Stop fucking with me!” She jogged to her living room angrily, when she saw Trisha sitting on the padded changing table she laid into her. “Trisha! Get in there and take that can out, I took that thing out for a reason!” When Trisha just smiled up at her and pointed to the diaper bag she lost it, “God dam it! Get that bag out of here! I told you that’s done, we are never doing that again!” She took a deep breath to continue but Trisha cut her off by sticking a pink pacifier in her mouth. She reached for it, but found it impossible to remove.

“Well that ought to take care of that mouth of yours!” Trisha added. “Maybe now you’ll let me get you ready for the rest of the day, why don’t we get you nice and diapered before you make a mess first?”

Tracy frantically shook her head, she saw her grab a diaper and made a run for it. She crashed against the front door. But before she could get it opened she felt Trisha behind her. She wrapped an arm around Tracy’s middle, then held something up to her face. Tracy saw and smelled the diaper before she could stop herself. She knew it was too late, she couldn’t control herself after that. She let go of the door knob and reached up to pull it away from her face. As soon as her hands touched it she lost control and pushed it closer to her nose instead, she took several deep breaths before pulling it away and giving Trisha a silly look.

“Well baby?”

Tracy held the diaper out at her with one hand and pointed to herself with the other. “Ugh, ugh!” She mumbled behind her paci.

“Huh. Does little Tracy need mommy to help her?” Tracy answered with several exagerated nods. Then she started to hold the diaper against her body, clumsily trying to get it between her legs. “Do you want me to diaper you?” Trisha asked. Tracy nodded again. Trisha pulled the pacifier from her lips, “Say it for me little girl. Beg me!”

Tracy dropped to her knees and crawled towards her friend. “Pwease diapee me! I wan it pwease!” She wasn’t trying to lisp, but she couldn’t help it. She slapped the diaper at her, frantic now. The cold shower was gone totally, replaced by the same burning urge she had tried to forget, but worse now. “Pwease! Twisha, pwease!”

Trisha tisked and took the diaper away. “I guess I better just go home then. You seem to be a little wound up today. I should let you just sit here and think about what you said to me!”

Tracy recoiled in horror. She exploded in tears, to far gone to use language. She dropped onto her bottom and started to wail. Snot started to bubble from her nose and coat her face, she didn’t care her heart was broken.

Trisha dropped down and hugged her, “I’m sorry cutie pie. Don’t worry, mommies going to make it all better. I’ll make you feel like yesterday okay baby?”

Tracy snorted a few times as she relaxed. “Willy momma?”

In answer Trisha picked her up as if she weighed nothing. Her body had changed with constant contact with the bag Bones becoming dencer, her muscles toning and bulging slightly as they toughened. Her skin took on a healthy glow as it became unblemished. Tracy didn’t see any of that now, nor did she marvel at being picked up so easily. Her focus changed to the twin bulges under her friend’s shirt. One hand tucked a thumb into her mouth, the other caressed a nipple which instantly hardened. “Woah baby! Watch those hands, that’s not for you right now Hun!” She set her down on the padded table, “Time for your pampers Tracy pie! Here it comes!”

Tracy looked up from the table. The sight of the diaper getting closer made her skin tingle at yesterday’s memories. Her legs spread automatically, and she giggled despite herself. Another part of her screamed for her to stop. “Nooooooooo!” She whined loudly. The terror at what the after affects would be this time overcame her pleasure center. “Let me up!” She pushed herself up into a sitting position, ready to bolt. “I don’t want a diaper!”

Trisha set a hand on her chest and pushed her down. Pinning her to the table easily. “Lets see you say that after you’re all diapered up girlie.” As soon as she brought it in range Tracy lifted her bum to let it under her. As the disposable touched her back side she tensed, then her entire body relaxed, dropping with loud crinkles onto the waiting diaper. Trisha grinned, taking her hand off her chest. She knew Tracy was beyond fighting now. With oddly practiced precision the diaper was taped in place and she was holding her against her breast again. “Now what do you think baby?”

Tracy could feel her bladder filling. Could feel her body about to lose control. Could feel the tension between her legs building and building. She pushed at the diaper weakly. Then looked up at Trisha, “Stop! Diapee bad!” But even as she said it she knew she didn’t mean it.

Trisha laughed. “You’re so cute. Why don’t you get that diapee all hot and wet, then I can give you your dessert.”

Tracy giggled and cooed as infantile thoughts sprang up and consumed her ability to reason. She could barely understand what was being said anymore. But she got the drift. She barely formed the thought and warmth was running into her diaper. The voice of reason screamed, “No! Don’t do that!” But it was to late. The pleasure returned and flooded her. Rational thought fled, replaced by visions of women dressed like babies, nursing bottles or breasts. She twitched and gurgled in Trisha’s arms. The sounds her diaper made as she moved drove her even farther along. Orgasm after wonderful orgasm reminded her of what she had been missing. They felt even more powerful now.

Trisha felt the heat of the warming diaper against her. Then the smell hit. She sat down next to the wet spot on the cushion and held her baby to her chest. “That’s my little girl. Let it all out for mommy.” When a thumb entered her wet mouth Trisha pulled it free and inserted the pacifier. “Don’t want to ruin those teeth of yours do we?” Tracy wetly tongued the orthodontic nipple in her mouth. The babyish object wasn’t lost to her, causing another wave of orgasmic pulses to rock her body. Trisha waited till Tracy’s body was still in her arms before she went to the next step. She rubbed the front of the diaper, then pulled away the top. Sending a fresh wave of wet baby smell over them both. “Well I promised you a treat after you made wettums for me didn’t I? And that certainly smells like a nice wet big baby diaper to me.” Tracy just looked up at her and smiled behind the pacifier. “Well here you are!” She unbuttoned her shirt, unveiling her breasts to Tracy.

Her eyes instantly locked onto the dark erect nipples. Her hands moved towards them on their own and started to touch them. “Ma gaga?” She cooed.

Trisha laughed softly, “No baby. Here, let mommy help.” She gently guided her mouth to one of her nipples. As soon as it was dragged across her lips Tracy latched on. “There you are. Have a little drink honey.” The feeling of her friend suckling on her chest pushed Trisha much farther along the road the diaper bag had started her on. She soon felt some of her own waves of pleasure pulse through her. She softly moaned as she rode the waves coming from her nipples, and heading to her brain. “Oh baby! That’s the way mommy likes it. Just keep on doing that and we’ll get along just fine!” She cupped her friend’s head in her hands and held her gently. Enjoying the time Tracy spent having her milky desserts.

It was even longer this time before Tracy started to come to. She felt warm and content. At first she didn’t think about where she was, or what she was doing. She just wanted to keep feeling warm and content. As time passed she became aware of more things. She felt her own bodily weight as it pressed down. She didn’t really mind that, it didn’t seem to affect her at all. Taste came next. “Sweet.” She thought. Then she connected that to another thing. “In my mouth.” She just went with it. Another ten minutes passed with her enjoying her sweet meal, then there was an unwanted change. Something in her mouth was removed, and the sweetness stopped. “No! Want more!” She whined to herself. Then just as quickly she felt the pressures change around her body, a rush of cold, then something was put back between her lips. She tentatively gave it a suck and the sweetness returned. It took another half an hour before her mind started to wander again. This time pain brought her as close to being fully conscience as she had been since wearing the diaper. “Owwwww… Momma fix!” She said around the thing in her mouth. She felt warmth run down her chin as her hands flexed to her extended belly.

Trisha carefully pulled herself free of Tracy’s mouth and moved her around so she was laying over her shoulder. “I think I know what baby needs.” She whispered as she started patting her back softly. When nothing happened she started to increase the force with every pat until Tracy finally burped. “Well that’s enough happy time for you today. Lets get you ready for some dry pants.”

She had left the diaper bag very close by on the floor, and easily retreived it. The changing mat came open with a flip and settled quietly on the floor. She then set Tracy down and started the task of putting her own shirt back on. “I’m glad it didn’t get all stretched out. Maybe it’s time I spend some money on a few maturnity items huh Tracy cakes?” She looked down at her friend to see her looking at her intently. Fear and shock starting to become obvious in her eyes.

The mat was cold. As soon as it hit Tracy’s warm skin it pulled her out of her stupor. She came to with the image of Trisha carefully tucking her tits back into place. At the same time she could once again remember everything that had taken place. The euphoric orgasms still lingered. She could feel pleasant bursts still echoing in her thighs, but it was the way Trisha acted about the whole thing that really unnerved her now. Tracy didn’t know how far gone her friend was. And she didn’t know how long she had until her own thoughts were consumed by a perverted lust for diapers. Tracy didn’t know if she could trust her friend to really even want to help her now. So even though she was aware of her surroundings she said nothing. Waiting to see what might happen, but more importantly carefully flexing her body parts, making sure she could get up and run if she had too.

Trisha could sence the questions her friend had. A part of her brain knew what she was doing wasn’t just wrong, but evil. However she had been around the effects of the bag too long to fight the urges any longer. The voice of reason had morphed to snide derision at what other people could be forced to do for her, just because she could control their sex life. That side of her was becoming the dominant personality. And it was loving everything it saw in Tracy’s eyes right now. It decided some teasing was in order. She put the most sincere smile on her face as she could as she looked down at the terrified and confused girl. “Now that dessert is over I guess it’s nap time. But first we’ve got to get you into a dry diaper. Isn’t that right baby?”

She opened the tapes and let the diaper plop open. The smell was obvious, and it caused Tracy to blush in shame. “Well baby Tracy sure did a number on her pants. I know we bought some nice trainers, but I think we’d be safer putting you back into your nice thick pampers.” She grabbed one from the bag and started to unfold it. She saw Tracy start to move away, sliding on her bare butt backwards. Her hand shot out and pinned her easily to the floor. “Now why do you want to leave so soon? We just started, and to think you invited me over here. I gave you everything you needed including a healthy lunch! You should be ashamed little girl.”

Tracy knew she was trapped, it was time to plead and beg. She hoped the pacifier had caused her earlier speech problems and that she was normal now. “Trisha. This isn’t right. Let me up so I can get dressed. You need to let me go. We’re done with the diapers for now. I don’t feel the need anymore, you know that.” She tried talking softly. Hoping to keep Trisha from doing anything worse. “Please.”

“Kind of funny isn’t it?” Trisha said while motioning towards her own body. “The diapers were just a gag gift. Something that I figured was a joke. And look at what we get out of it. You’ve got the sex life you always wanted. Now don’t shake your head like that. All the pleasure and no pain or regret. No disease. No surprise pregnancies. Just one rush to the next. Exactly what you want. And I’m suddenly mom of the year.” She got down real close to her former friend, laying on the floor next to her while still keeping her hand on her chest, holding her down. “I know it’s not exactly normal but it feels so good doesn’t it?”

“But this isn’t right. And you know that.” Tracy said softly. She felt a surge of warmth into her wet diaper, thankfully it only did something the first time. Though it focused her mind like a laser. “Look, I understand the need. The push it gives. But think about where this is going. Think about this.” She said as she moved her hands over her diaper. “I don’t really want this. It’s insane. We’ve got to stop while we still can. The urges will leave. We’ll become normal, we can’t stay like this it’s just a weird fetish right now, but what if it gets worse and worse? Do you want to live this life? I mean really change diapers for the rest of your life?”

Trisha sighed, ignoring the commentary… “And look at me. I’ve never felt better. This thing has made me more then I ever was before. The picture of health and vitality. I’m the perfect mother. Throwing this out because some big baby wasn’t happy would be insane.”

Tracy grabbed at the hand pinning her down. “Listen to yourself! You’re talking like I’m a real baby! You’ve got to snap out of this! Do you think this stops here? Do you really want to take care of an adult sized baby if this keeps getting worse?” She had hoped to make her see reason, but as soon as the words had left her lips Tracy sensed she had made a mistake.

Trisha sat up abruptly. And yanked the wet diaper out from under Tracy. “I think you’ll be happier after a few more days of this. You don’t see it, but you’ve changed as well. Your skin is softer. Your muscle tone is as well. Just a little bit, cute but not pudgy. Even your pubes are taken care of. No more shaving for you, and you always complained about the work. All you need is a few more accidents in you pants, well diapers actually. I think you’ll love it, eventually. You’ll be cute for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to change those diapers of yours every day!”

Tracy watched Trisha getting a wipe to use, she decided to change tacts. “How do you know what will happen? This diaper fetish could happen to you after I’m gone. Anything could happen. You could even end up shitting yourself in diapers next to me”

“I’m sure baby would like a playmate. And I’m sure I’ll get you at least one. But no, it won’t be me. Would you like to know why I know that?” Tracy nodded, she didn’t care but she would do anything to keep out of another diaper for as long as possible. Trisha leaned in really close and whispered in her ear, “Because I’m a sub now too.” She sat back up and gave Tracy time to process that thought.

“But, but…. But you can’t be alive! I mean that’s just stuff! You can’t be, that’s just impossible!”

Trisha waited till Tracy stopped before continuing. “You have no idea what I am missy. You know I’ve changed, and you’re not exactly the brightest bulb out there are you? With the changes I’ve learned things.”

“Stop talking to me like I’m an idiot! I passed the same classes as you bitch!”

“And let’s face it, we didn’t exactly pick the hard classes. But anyways, like I said things change. I know you’ve got new thoughts inside that little head of yours. Things driving you to really enjoy your diapers right?” Tracy nodded, still managing to look pissed off while doing it. “Well I’ve got things floating around in my head as well. You’re told to piss yourself till you cum, I’m told exactly what I can do with my new body, and most importantly the bag.” She looked Tracy in the eyes, and gave her chest an extra hard push, forcing the air from her lungs. “I’m going to enjoy watching that head of yours empty. You will too! Every diaper change will make the next one harder to say no too till you’ll be begging for another as soon the last orgasm hits. Of course you’ll have a hard time asking by then, but don’t worry mommy will know.”

She smiled down and sucked up the angry look Tracy was giving her. “And once-” She was interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing, “Dam! I’ve got to get that baby. Stay put!” Trisha took her hand off her finally, but almost as quickly stuck something in her hands. Tracy started to get up but a rattling sound from the thing caught her attention. She gave it a little shake and was rewarded with another burst. Tracy kept shaking and enjoying her new toy. Several minutes passed, but she did didn’t want to stop shaking it in her hands. She started to loudly giggle; until it annoyed Trisha. She came back and stuck the pacifier in her mouth. Tracy would have complained but she couldn’t stop playing.

“This is so stupid…” She thought as she swung the thing around. “She’s gone, now’s the time to run!” She giggled and laughed as loudly as the pacifier would allow, she started to kick her feet without even thinking about it. “God dammit, I need to cut this shit out and leave!” But no matter how much she said it to herself there was no going anywhere, the rattle had become her world, she didn’t even feel herself wet the changing pad a little since she hadn’t been diapered yet. “Fuck!” She finally thought in disgust. “I’m going to kill that bitch!”

“Well I see you’re being entertained. Now that my phone call is over why don’t we finally get you all diapered up and in your bed. Or do you have a crib now?” She manically grinned as she waited for an answer that she knew wasn’t coming. She let Tracy swing the rattle around a few more moments before finally taking it and the pacifier away. “See how easy it is to make you do what I want?” She said in a serious tone. “If you think there’s any escape you’re lying to yourself. You’re going to be a little shit machine girl. And it’s going to be for a very long time.”

Tracy shook her head, “But I dun wan to be a baba!” She slurred. The pacifier had only been in her mouth a few minutes and yet her voice was slurred, and her mouth felt odd. “Dis Wong, and do know it!”

“I don’t think you understand things honey. I think baby is just over tired. And I think it’s time for you to have a nap. We’ll see if your attitude changes a bit after that. Now how about that diaper?”

Tracy immediately put her escape plan into action. Her body snapped around, putting her onto her belly. She tucked her legs up under herself and launched her towards the hallway. She pushed up with her arms and started to pound her feet, only to slip in her own puddle, landing wetly on her belly, her arms and legs comically sprawled out. “Owwwwww!”

“Foiled by your own pee pee huh darling?” Trisha said meanly. She hoisted Tracy to her feet and started to clean her off with cool wipes. “I hope you enjoyed that little stunt. It won’t happen again. I don’t enjoy cleaning piss out of my carpets. But really it was my own fault, I left you undiapered too long. That won’t happen again either.”

Tracy couln’t let that comment pass, “Yo huas? Did my huas! You weave now!” She stomped her feet to show she was serious.

“Like a diaper baby like you can own a house. No, I think I like it here. The effects are so much farther along. Plus I can’t trust you with a baby sitter yet, so I think I’ll just hang out here from now on! And it looks Iike that means I also have a car now, isn’t that great?” Without stopping she picked Tracy up and set her on the changing table. “Time to use this I think.” She said, pushing the angry woman onto her back and wrapping something around her chest. Closing it with a click.

Trisha turned away to get the diaper she had left on the floor, Tracy immediately tried to sit up, but found herself strapped to the table. “No!” She said loud enough to be heard. “Not fair! Not fair! Not fair!” She started to kick her feet in protest.

“That’s enough of that.” Tisha said as she stuck the pacifier back in her mouth. “Now time for your nappy pants.” The girl struggled, but the diaper was swiftly tucked under her butt and taped in place. It felt different to her this time. “Bed time baby. Then maybe after your nap I’ll show you another little surprise!” She easily picked her up and took her to her own bedroom.

Tracy waited for the effects to start, but the expected urges stayed dormanth. She was just outside her door and still nothing. Then she was through and no longer thinking about it. She was shocked at the changes since she had last been inside. Even the vibrator she had lodged in the wall had changed. Instead a cute mirrored picture of her smiling dully at the camera was in its place. She was set down in her bed, now a large crib. Before she could do anything a sheet was pulled over her and the rails were pulled up. Locking her inside. Without so much as a goodbye Trisha turned and left.

As soon as she was alone Tracy reached for the diaper. But touching it just made it crinkle, and that sound quickly ramped up the odd urges her new fetish sent to her brain. “What do I do? Oh shit… What do I do?” Being diapered in a crib was starting to make her feel horny. She resolved to lay perfectly still and think about anything else except her current state. It was nothing like the regular feeling the diapers gave her. But it made it impossible to fall asleep. She started to count each time she sucked on her paci, “One, two, twee, nine, one……” and in very short order was fast asleep.

Trisha came in two hours later. She flicked on the lights as she entered, then walked straight to the crib. Tracy was sprawled out, sheet kicked off with her now saggy diaper exposed. The pacifier was still in her mouth, moving softly as she sucked it in her sleep. “Such a cutie. She’ll be perfect when this is over, but I sure will miss the fun of getting her there.” She reached in and moved hair away from Tracy’s face. “But the next one might be even more satisfying….” She lowered the crib rail and picked up the sleeping girl. “Wake up sleepy head. Hey, time to wake up!” She said while not so gently shaking her. “We’re going out!”

Tracy came awake slowly. She blinked her eyes several times in the light, when they could finally focus she saw Trisha glaring down at her. It actually scared her, she felt a slight trickle into her diaper. “My diaper!” She thought in terror, wondering how bad everything would be now. She could still feel the attraction at being in a diaper and crib tearing at her. Even worse then before her nap. “So this it, constant perverse thoughts about pissing myself like a fucking child. Not even a few hours of relief.” Even that thought sent a tingle down her spine. She looked up at Trisha, glaring right back at her.

“I see you’re up. And just in time. Come on. Time to go out. I have reservations at a nice little cafe and I don’t want to miss it. Go jump in the shower, you smell like a big pissy diaper.” She set Tracy on her feet and pushed her out towards the bathroom. Before she got out of reach Trisha leaned over and popped the pacifier free. Tracy started to reach for it before stopping herself in shame. “I know you love your paci hun, but it’s time to take a shower and give your mouth a rest.”

“Fuck you bitch….” Tracy thought. But she remembered enough about the last use of the pacifier to know her language skills would be stunted, so she kept quiet. She went straight for the bathroom before realizing the diaper was still on her. She looked down at it, feeling humiliated at the saggy sight. The humiliation started her body humming. Warmth spread from her clit, radiating out as she processed the image of herself being permanently babified. One hand started moving down, it found its way to the right spot and started working on it. In seconds her knees were almost buckling, and she could barely keep from moaning. “Cold shower….” She remembered. She turned it on full blast and hopped in, diaper and all.

The cold water worked its magic. Bringing Tracy back to her senses. She let it sting her for several seconds before deciding on removing the diaper. She dreaded touching it, but when she did nothing happened. Then she tried the tapes. It easily opened and fell to the shower floor with a plop. She had been worried that the sound of the diaper would overpower her. But the spray of the water drowned everything else out. She kicked it away from the drain and stood a bit longer in the spray. She was starting to feel numb, “I’ll soap up outside, then get back in to rinse.” Tracy stood on her towel shivering madly, leaving the shower running while she soaped her body up. She drank in the scent of her favorite body wash. A rich smell of lavender and spice. Something she had started using when she had turned eighteen, it made her feel like a grown up. This feeling ended abruptly when she felt an odd tingle followed by a dribble of pee down her legs. “Fugh!”. She said out loud, forgetting about her childish lisp, she felt immediately humiliatled. The thought making her body quickly start to turn on her again. She felt the heat radiate, this time stronger. Her thoughts started to wander, “I wonder if she’ll breast feed me in public?” Tracy touched herself, even as she started to move back towards the shower. “Maybe…. Maybe… This isn’t so bad…” She thought. Then with a few more steps she was back under the painful needles of water and literally getting cooled back down again. She resigned herself to staying in as long as she could stand it.

Only a few minutes later Trisha threw open the curtain, “Why aren’t you done yet?” She asked. She stopped, and looked confused before putting her hands under the spray. “This is ice cold? Don’t you know how to use the controls in here? Can’t I trust you?” She reached in to turn the hot water on but Tracy was quicker.

She popped back out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. “D-d-d-d-done.” She shivered.

Trisha looked her over then nodded. “Fine. Here’s a fresh trainer for the trip. Unless you want to put your special pants on right now?” Tracy blushed, but shook her head. “Then get a move on, brush your teeth and come out. I’m got your clothes all set. We have ten minutes.”

Tracy grabbed what she assumed was her toothbrush. It looked more childish now. And carefully wrapped her hand around a tube of child safe toothpaste before opening her mouth and starting. She usually took her time brushing, and was proud of her teeth. But this time something was wrong. “Is it the new brush, or did something else happen?” She wondered. She finally spit out the foam and rinsed. Her look in the mirror almost made her scream. “Ma teef? Wa happened to ma teef?!” She poked and prodded at them, moving her lips this way and that but the changes were real. This time horror overcame her humiliation and she stormed out into the living room, right up to Trisha. “Ma teef! Wa happened to ma teef bitsh?!”

Trisha smiled that devious smile of hers. “The pacifier silly. Are you really that dumb to not figure that out? That’s just another side effect.” Then she slapped Tracy hard, almost knocking her to the floor. “And if you call me a bitch again I’ll give you a teething ring! Now get yourself dressed, or I’ll do it! You have three minutes. And if you don’t make it I won’t use a store bought diaper on you for your next nap I’ll use the good ones!”

Tracy stood shocked for a split second before she bolted for the bathroom, still rubbing her face from the slap. She was happy that she hadn’t really worn one of the special diapers to bed. “Maybe Trisha isn’t gone too far after all.” As she slipped the Goodnight training pants on she got a reminder that it might not be such a good thing after all. “Fuck…. Still horny.” She thought. “This isn’t good.” The warm flush was starting again. Slowly, sublime. But very real, and she knew it would get worse. Till she begged Trisha to diaper her. She walked back out, slipping into her crocs, before dropping the short one piece dress Trisha had picked for her over her head. “Okay, wets do dis.” She said. Cringing at her voice.

Trisha grabbed her keys, then the dreaded diaper bag. “Alright little lady. Lets see if you can keep your panties dry. And I don’t mean just peepee either.” The comment brought the expected blush to Tracy’s cheeks. “I’d do up your hair, but it’s not that fancy of a place. Now get in the car.”

Tracy walked out in front. Intent on making a run for it. But was stopped when Trisha grabbed her arm and guided her right into the backseat. Tracy pouted, but there was nothing she could do about it. “At least she let me buckle myself in.” She thought as the buckle clicked closed. At that sound Trisha closed the door and got into the drivers seat. She carefully adjusted the rear view mirror to watch Tracy.

“You’ll need a booster soon. Or better yet a carrier. But I guess this will do for now, just another dumb kid in the back seat.” She drank in the obvious humiliation her former friend was experiencing. “Remember to keep those pants clean baby. I only brought the good diapers with us today!” She buckled herself in and started the car.

The trip to the resteraunt wasn’t long. Tracy spent the entire time planning on bolting as soon as the car stopped. Her chance came when Trisha parked. She reached for the latch, and pulled. But it came away limp. As if broken. She cursed at herself before hitting the unlock button. It moved with a soft click. Again she pulled on the latch. Several times, but it was still limp. The door remained closed.

Until Trisha opened it from the outside. “Child safety locks silly. Can’t trust a baby not to do something dangerous.”

The comment added to Tracy’s constant state of horniness, only a few days ago she would have hit the local bar and relieved herself with a quick one night stand. Now there was only one relief. She tried to think of anything else. But even the image of her last stud did nothing for her. She remembered his smell, the taste of alcohol when she had kissed him. The smoothness of his muscled chest. By this time before, she would be rubbing herself senseless. Now, nothing. “Nothing but stupid diapers.” She thought, instantly regretting even thinking about it. She stood up, getting clear of the car hoping to forget her predicament. Instead the slight padding between her legs pushed just enough to constantly rub her. She started walking when Trisha grabbed her arm and started pulling them towards a low building. The motion wasn’t what made her body react. It was what was causing it. “Diaper…. Like a stupid baby…” She started to exaggerate her walk into a waddle to increase the stimulation.

“Try not to make it worse Tracy.” Trisha commented. “I don’t need you messing this up. We need ten minutes. And then you’ll get your surprise.” She jerked hard enough on Tracy’s arm to dislocate it, causing intense pain. Thankfully the same process that had changed their bodies instantly set and repaired the damage. Trisha already knew this would happen, she looked back at Tracy and waited for it to sink in. When it did she struck, “That’s right miss pamper pants. Better be careful how far you let your fantasies take you. Because you’ll be around and healthy for a very long time. I told you that once. Try not to let it leak out of your little head.” She let that comment linger while she walked them into the small eatery.

The business was relatively new. One of the types with a bunch of crazy shit on the walls. They had both tried out for a job there earlier. But had been laughed out. The manager there was an old friend of theirs. And was still smarting from Tracy stealing her boyfriend years ago. Trisha nodded curtly to the seater, but said nothing. Waiting till Karen noticed them with a look a surprise and walked over to start talking. “Well we’re here Karen. I told you we had new jobs to celebrate! Didn’t you think we’d make it? You look kind of stunned to see us. I hope you don’t mind that Tracy here didn’t exactly dress up for the celebration.”

Karen actually was stunned. But not by them showing up. It was the obvious changes since the last time she had seen them. She looked down at Tracy, the poor thing looked so much different. The dress she was wearing made her look like a preteen, add to that her constant fidgeting and she looked like a child ready to pee her pants. Karen kept going back to her face, it was definitely her. But it looked so different. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it looked less defined, softer. Her eyes looked a little less focused, making her seem even more childish. Tracy didnt help that perception either, she kept looking away, as if she was embarrsed to be there in front of her. “Tracy! Why don’t you give me a little smile? I promised you guys a free meal if you got jobs, I deserve at least a little smile and a thank you!” Karen said.

Trisha bent down closer to Tracy, “Give her a smile sweetie….”

Tracy looked to Karen, her eyes blinking rapidly, wet with tears, she used the back of her hand to wipe her nose off and smiled.

Karen almost recoiled. Her perfect teeth were gone. Replaced by small impish looking white bumps. The spaces between them to large, as if she was missing several, or they were to small for such a large mouth. If she hadn’t known better Karen swore they looked like baby teeth. She forced a smile back to the woman, then turned her attention to Trisha. Obviously she was the boss of this weird little relationship. Karen started to take in her changes now, feeling something stir in herself as she did so. “Er, you look… Healthy and ummmm…. motherly?”

Trisha grinned at her. Knowing exactly what she was trying to say. “Why don’t we hit that office of yours and have a talk? I’m sure there’s plenty of questions you have. And I sure don’t need Tracy out here trying to cause a fuss.”

Karen nodded absently. “Why does she act like her friends a fucking kid?” She wondered. She shook her head, feeling very confused then started heading for her office. As she walked she tried to put her finger on exactly what had changed with Trisha. But she couldn’t. She was definitely different, but it was ethereal. It confused her, she almost felt warm just looking at the woman. She opened her office and waved them inside, then walked in behind them and closed the door. Tracy took a position a few feet off to the side, still wiggling her hips for some reason. Staring at the floor with her hands held limply in front of her. Karen rolled her eyes, then put her attention back to Trisha. She was surprised to see her standing only a few inches away now, almost touching her. Karen felt threatened. She didn’t like this at all. “What the hell do you think-”. Her tirade was ended when Trisha shoved a pacifier between her lips.

“That ought to take care of that mouth.” Trisha said. Karen reached up and tried to take it out. But it wouldn’t budge, it wasn’t glue though. Her mouth would just not release it. Her anger melted into fear, she connected the pacifier to Tracy’s childish actions. She knew something bad was about to happen. Karen made up her mind then and tried to make a run for it. But Trisha was faster. She grabbed the woman and spun her around. Suddenly Karen felt something pushed onto the top of her head. She reached up and felt a soft woolen beanie. She started to pull it off, but her arms stopped responding. She stared at them, willing them to move. But nothing happened. She had enough time to look up at Trisha before her legs started to buckle.

She landed in a heap on the floor. She could still breath, and look around. But her body was numb to her. She caught sight of her hands randomly twitching. Karen could feel her mouth moving wetly on its own, drool about to run from her lips. She was no longer feeling threatened or scared, she was terrified.

“Well that’s that. Lets get you up on your desk then.” Trisha said. She swiped everything off it onto the floor, then casually walked over and locked the door. She gave karen one last patronizing look before picking her up off the floor and setting her down on the desk. She picked up the giant pink bag she had brought with her next and set it on the table as well. “You might want to watch this Tracy.”

Tracy had been trying to stimulate herself. And was having some success. The longer she was left between wearing diapers, the easier that became. She looked up just in time to see the table start to change. Wood and steel became plastic and thick padding. But the changes didn’t stop with the table. They swept over the floor, changing brown tiles to lite pastel yellow. The walls lightened, mirrors and sinks morphing out. She felt something cold brush against her legs and looked down to see a toilet had come into existence behind her. This time Tracy didn’t have to worry about her speech, she was left stunned.

Trisha wasn’t however. “Looks like Bad Beavers has a new family restroom.” She started pulling Karen’s pants free. “Complete with changing table.”

Karen recognized it. She didn’t understand it, how it happened but she recognized it. She felt even more confused. She used the little control she had to move her head back and forth, flopping it from one side to the other. Though even that was getting harder. “What the hell is going on? What is she going to do, rape me?”

The answer came as soon as her pants slid free. “Tisk, tisk, no panties today? What a dirty girl. Good thing I brought something for you to wear. Tracy get away from that toilet and come over here. I want you to see your surprise.”

Tracy didn’t want to get any closer to the changing table. But her fetish was starting to overcome her fear, and mixed with the humiliation she could barely stop herself from putting her hands down into her trainers. She moved closer to the women. Embarrassed at the sight of the grown, half naked, lady on a giant changing table. “What momma?” She asked timidly.

“Do you know what I did to her Tracy?” Tracy shook her head. “Do you recognize that thing on her head?”

Again she shook her head, but added quietly, “It’s a hat?”

Trisha rubbed her on the head, “You’re such a little cutie. But not much in the brain department. But yes it’s a hat. It’s a special hat. I got it at Babies B Us. Down the street. In the newborn section. You’ve got to make sure you keep their little heads warm you know.” Tracy started to feel sick, she thought she knew where this was going. But the constant stream of new visual stimulation still kept pushing her on, she wanted to leave the room as fast as possible. But she also wanted to be up on the table.

Karen for her part was even more confused. “What the hell is she talking about? That would never fit me.” Then she thought about her office changing into a bathroom and felt the same sinking feeling Tracy did.

Trisha reached back into her bag and pulled out a package of something. She held it up to Tracy, “What does this say?”

Tracy looked at the words. At what she assumed were words. But nothing connected to her. “I can’t read! Holy shit! I’m fucking not even smart enough to read any more!” That thought did it, she stuck her hand under her dress and started prodding things. Rapidly starting to drive herself closer to relief.

Karen couldn’t believe what she was seeing, first her office, then the little freak just starts to masturbate right in front of them. She wanted to slap her but since she couldn’t, Karen brought her attention back to the bag of diapers Trisha was holding instead. “What the hell is she gonna do with those, I wear pads bigger then those.”

Trisha patted Tracy on the head, then went back to harassing Karen. “For those to brain dead to be able to read, these are diapers. Newborn diapers to be exact, they even have a little cut out for the umbilical. Don’t want to bother that area.” She gave Tracy a dismissive look. Causing the poor woman to grunt in reply. Then she turned her attention back to Karen. “I don’t know what you’ve figured out, but seeing as pissy missy over there needs everything spelled out I guess I’ll let you in on it. That hat on your head gave you the coordination of the newborns that would normally wear it. You see I just have to put things, baby related things mind you, in this bag. And they change to fit my goals. Right now if you take that off in a few hours you’d be your old bitchy self again. Ready to dash more hopes and dreams. But I think you need a bit more baby time then that, so I’ve got these. After the short trip in the bag here they should fit you with no problem. Being as they’re diapers you’re going to lose control of yourself pretty quick. But that’s not the surprise. Lets just get one on you and see what you think of it first.”

“Oh god. She’s gonna diaper her!” That thought gave Tracy three quick orgasms. Leaving her barely able to stand, but leaving her spent enough to think again. “I should stop her. Save Karen…. But she did refuse to hire us…. What should I do?”. The question was rendered moot when Trisha ripped open the bag, sending the fresh sweet scent of baby powder into the air. Tracy’s body immediately went into sexual overdrive again. The same thing that reset her arm kept her from rubbing herself raw now. She was reminded of the porn she would watch on her computer, how a scene was played out in front of her and she would fantasize about being there, watching it, smelling it, sensing every part of it.

Diapers had replaced that old familiar urge. She knew she was no longer normal, she could care less about a hot man, or a big dick. She wanted the baby treatment now. And this was like four star porn for her little fetish. The sweet baby powder smell drove her on, if she had been about to help that idea was gone now. She was ready to see another woman turned into a pervert, just like her. “Oh, I can’t wait. Can we grind our diapers together, rub each others….” Her thought cut off with another rush over the edge. It wasn’t anything like the finish the diapers gave her, but it was enough for the time being.

Trisha slowly slid one of the diapers out. Something had twisted in her as well. She felt immense pleasure in what she was doing, but unlike her victims, she did not lose control of herself. Instead it led to a constant state of arousal, not as high as what wearing the diapers would bring. But with no real drop off either. The only downside was the need to make each change more intense, more humiliating. She looked at Tracy, barely able to control herself, then at the immobilized woman on the table, “And that’s not much of a down side, I can keep thinking new changes up for a long time.” She through. Finally after dragging it out long enough she was ready. Tracy was cognizant enough to really enjoy this part now. And later, when she could think straight it would tear her apart. “Time to give a demonstration.” She grabbed both of Karen’s ankles in one hand and lifted easily. Then slid the diaper under and set her down. “Now I’d powder you, but I don’t want anything that might irritate baby’s new skin so you’re just going bare diapered girlie.” She pulled the sides up and loosely taped them on. “You’re not going anywhere anyways, and we don’t want to bother that skin right?”

Karen didn’t know what to think. “This is some strange shit. What the hell does she expect to happen now? I’m not going to piss myself, I don’t even have to go.”

Trisha pushed Tracy’s face down close to the woman’s diaper. “Wait for it….”

Tracy barely could, being so close was driving her wild. Then it happened. She saw a small dark patch appear. Then it started to spread out and down. She reached out and touched it, “Warm…. And squishy.” Tracy’s eyes bulged, she didn’t have to do anything; she came. Hard. Bucking against the table, face rubbing against the diaper. She could smell a hint of it, that dropped her to her knees moaning.

Karen watched the whole thing very confused. First the diaper on her became warmer, then Tracy started bucking like a dog in heat. “God, she must have pissed herself. I can smell it.” As that thought entered her head she connected the warming diaper and the scent. “No! I did not just piss myself! That did not happen!”

But it did. And all three women knew it. Trisha waited till Tracy got up off the floor for the next part. She looked Karen in the eyes and smiled. “Now what is it that you said about me and Tracy here? Wasn’t it something like disposable personalities? That we weren’t going to amount to anything?” She looked at Tracy with a manic grin, “Do you remember that?” Tracy did, and it still hurt. Trisha looked back at Karen, “Well I think little Karen here is about to understand that all to well.”

Karen didn’t understand what the hell she was on about. She was getting angry now. She had been terrorized, embarrsed, humiliated, and obviously drugged. “As soon as this wears off I’ll have them both arrested!” She thought. Karen watched in interest as Trisha reached out and ripped the diaper’s tapes free. Immediately she had the sense that something was wrong, she felt dizzy, disoriented, her body previously uncoordinated became numb. She saw the front of the diaper being lifted up and away from her body, when it plopped down between her legs her vision blurred and was lost. But she could still feel things, still feel warmth radiating around her. Could still hear Tracy panting as she frigged herself. Worse she could still hear Trisha’s oddly detached voice.

Trisha turned her attention back to her friend. She was still frantically touching herself, even though she could barely stand. “Tracy, don’t do anything silly. I know you’re trying to push this further along. Don’t purposely wet that trainer or else you might not like what happens to you. I might just make you walk out of here in just your wet trainers.” She saw the full body pulse, and change in Tracy’s movements. “Or maybe I’ll make you wear Karen’s diaper out. How would you like that, walking naked like a little baby through the resteraunt.” Tracy’s body followed all the cues. She started to push as hard as she could. She could never pee after real sex. Not for several minutes, and this was no easier. It took several attempts but she thought she felt something, then it happened, she pushed something out, but not what she expected.

“I just……I just…… I just pooped my pants like a baby!” She realized, and it was over. Tracy was back on the floor twitching and moaning.

Karen was still trying to figure it all out. “What the hell is going on?” She wondered, the surprise of actually pissing herself overcome by the sudden loss of vision. She could still smell pee, stronger now. With something even worse added to the mix, “Did I shit myself now?” She felt her feet being grabbed and pushed up towards her chest. At the same time she started to be pulled forward. She could feel herself sliding, but she could feel herself still on her back, and then suddenly everything went dark and she felt nothing.

Re: Pramphram By: Long_Rifle

Tracy came too just as Trisha was changing Karen’s diaper. She offered to throw it out. To just be allowed to touch it, but then she remembered what had been said. One of her hands reached behind and felt the slight bugle. It wasn’t much, it barely smelled. But it didn’t matter. She had messed like a baby. Worse, on purpose. And now she would be punished. Tracy looked forward to the coming mental fog, now that she had came she wanted to die of embarrasment, and she wasnt even walking through the resteraunt yet. She looked over at Karen, still to ashamed to look the woman in the eyes, but something about her was very wrong now. Her arms hung limply, her eyes were glassy and stared off into space. Her mouth was gaping, tongue clearly visible.

Trisha answered the most pressing question she had without it being asked. “She’s not dead. Though she won’t be getting any better. I hope she enjoyed that, though it was nothing like your little rides.”

She stared daggers at Tracy suddenly, then pointed from her to the table. “And you better get over here you naughty girl! I though you were grown up enough to tell me when you needed to potty and you poop your pants? I told you what would happen!” She grabbed the sides of the Goodnights and ripped them open. “This is the last pair of these you’ll ever wear. It’s back to diapers for you. And if you don’t cooperate I’ll use the good ones back to back, to back, till you can’t even hold a thought long enough to get off!” She used the front dry portion of it to wipe most of the mess away before pulling out some of the cold wipes and finishing the job. Then she took the wet diaper and handed it to her. “Pull this between your legs baby!” Tracy did as she was told. Having the warm thing touch her cooling vagina was almost to much. But at the same instant she felt something else, almost heard something else. She held it up tighter while Trisha applied the tapes and secured the diaper to her.

Karen didn’t understand what was going on, she was terrified at being paralysed and blind. Then she felt something happen and she was seeing and hearing things again but now it was in Tracy’s body. She still couldn’t move though. “What the fuck is going on here?” She cried out in her mind.

Tracy was in the middle of getting her dress removed. The voice seemed to come from everywhere. “Wa was dat?” She said.

Karen started to really freak out, “How can you hear me you sick freak?” She thought.

Tracy looked all over the room, then back at the barely living thing on the table, “Why I hear her tawk?” She said. Pointing at Karen’s limp body.

“Woah, woah, woah. How the hell am I over there, and over here? What the fuck?” Karen really wanted to have a smoke now, she had recently quit. But this was too much.

Trisha was wiping her hands off. She had put Tracy’s dress in her bag, and double checked the vegative woman’s diaper on the table. “I don’t know what you’re hearing exactly Tracy. But I’m sure it’s related to that disposable personalty you’re wearing. Enjoy the conversation. When we get home I’m putting you in a proper diaper for the rest of the evening.”

Everything clicked for Karen. It took the dulled capacities of Tracy longer. Karen started to freak out. “What did that bitch do to me? Am I dead, did I die and she put me in your body?” She thought on it all a little longer, “Disposable…. Personality…. No. No! She didn’t. That’s not possible. That’s just not possible.”

“What’s not possible?” Tracy wondered. She knew she should know the answer, but she was finding it hard to concentrate with her mind preoccupied with sex and diapers, especially now that she was wearing one. It was almost impossible for her to walk and think at the same time.

Karen was finding it hard to think as well. The longer she was connected to Tracy the more she felt her feelings and emotions. “This is disgusting! You can’t feel this way about pissing yourself, you’re a fucking freak!” That’s the point that Tracy walked into the resteraunt proper, in nothing but a wet diaper. She was no longer able to think or respond clearly. She walked in a daze. Sucking her salty thumb. Karen almost lost it as well. The strong feelings were to much. She barely held herself together, she could see the people she employeed watch as she was walked out, acting like a fool. But at the same time she knew her body was still back in her office laying down like a piece of meat.

All the way back to a small car she struggled to maintain her sanity. When they got there Trisha buckled them in, before sitting in the drivers seat and starting the car. “I’m pretty sure by the look on Tracy’s face that the only one I’m about to talk to is Karen.” She said while putting the car in gear. “Though she’ll remember this all later I’m sure. As soon as she wakes up from her little diaper trip at least. Anyways, this was real fun Karen. Sorry we couldn’t stick around and enjoy the place. But I think you can tell Tracy was just not going to last much longer.” Karen screamed in Tracy’s head. The poor girl was still sucking her thumb and pinching one of her nipples all modesty lost. “Of course that won’t matter for you. As soon as I get her home I’ll be taking your diaper off her, and you’ll be going with it.” Karen tried to take control of the devastated girl, to do something to save herself. But she just couldn’t get her mind off of her perverse urges.

She was still fighting for her life when they got to a home and she was led inside. There she watched in mute horror as Tracy was stood next to a large diaper pail. Trisha got down on her knee and firmly grabbed the tapes. When she ripped the first one free Karen’s fears were realized. She felt her grasp on reality weaken. Her very being seemed to fold back on itself. Then another tearing sound filled her consciousness, an instant before she was back in darkness.

Trisha rolled up the wet diaper and plopped into the pail with the other ones. She didn’t give Karen a second thought. Instead she reached into her bag and grabbed another diaper out. This time it was the type that Tracy was very familiar with. She motioned towards the changing table, and Tracy moved towards it as fast as she could with one hand between her legs. It only took her three seconds to get it on. Tracy was too gone to fight, and to wound up to even help. There was only the barest of lapses, and as Trisha watched Tracy christened it immediately. Her eyes lost focus and her body twitched on the table. Trisha didn’t bother moving the girl. She stared at her and enjoyed her own sensations, wondering how many parts of her brain would disappear this time. How far gone would she be when she returned from diaper land. Thoughts of revenge slid towards cruelty. She enjoyed that idea as well. She started to rub her nipples, stopping when her hand came away wet. She sighed in pleasure at the memory of Tracy suckling from her, deciding she could use some right now. She moved without thought. Grabbing the still pulsing girl and sitting down with her. It took a few seconds to get her positioned, but it was worth it as soon as her engorged nipple was latched onto. She was really starting to enjoy herself when Tracy tagged her with a tooth. The pain was momentary, but brought Trisha down fast. In a fit she grabbed the teething ring from the bag, then thought better of it and grabbed a soft nylon baby toy.

“Baby Tracy…. Baby. Open open. This is for you.” The girl was still on cloud nine but her mouth opened and let the toy in. Trisha hummed as she waited for it to work. After several minutes she pulled her upper lip back to find nothing but smooth gums. “Well that looks safer. Lets give that a try.” She pulled the toy free and let her go to work on her nipple again. This time there was no biting involved, and both women enjoyed themselves.

Twenty minutes later she had switched her over to the other breast and was getting ready to set her down for her nap when there was a knock at the door. Trisha wasn’t expecting anybody at that time, so she didn’t answer. It took a few more minutes but the person knocked again. This time Trisha decided she would just answer it. She set Tracy on the floor and walked to the door. Without even thinking about putting a shirt on she opened it.

Sheila from work was on the other side, a very worried look on her face one second, the next she was staring at Trisha’s beautiful breasts. “Hello…” She said. “I was just coming by to look at your boobs. Errr, your milk. Ummmm., to see how you two were doing. And…. I. Want to suck on your boobs.”

Tisha yawned, then stepped aside so the woman could enter. She didn’t really need another baby around, but this one might end up being fun. She could use another baby sitter after all. “Why don’t you keep an eye on Tracy while I go take a quick piss.” She turned and walked away without even thinking about it. Leaving Sheila alone with a very mentally reduced Tracy.

Sheila walked over to her, noticing what looked like milk around her lips and chin. “Is that why it took so long, was she feeding you girl?” She also saw the look of strain in her eyes mistaking it for something other then pleasure. “Well, it looks like your diaper is a little wet. I can change that for you.” She pulled the diaper free easily enough, then looked through the bag Trisha always carried with her for another. She found some really cute ones in a bag. They stated they were for newborns but that wasn’t possible they were huge. “But cute. She’ll be adorable!”

With the diaper gone Tracy was coming to. It was a slow process. But seeing as she wasn’t as comfortable as the other times it was faster then the past. She had enough sense to pick up her head when she felt a diaper being positioned under her. She saw someone she couldn’t place putting a diaper on her. She smiled. She hoped it was another good one. She used all the control she had to relax herself. Her reward was another soaked diaper, and a very surprised Sheila.

“I just changed you girl! Couldn’t you at least wait till mommy came back?” She saw that the diaper was about to leak as well. “I guess that’s why you’re kept in those ugly big diapers huh? One more change for the road I guess.” She stripped off the wet diaper and put another one of the plainer ones on her. “I hope that’s better Tracy, you should at least last five minutes now that you’re empty.” She looked at the girls face for a response, but it looked like she was totally relaxed, or very asleep. “Wow, with your eyes open and everything.” She said. Then she picked up the used diapers and threw them out. The first one had something slick and milky on it just at the waist line. She rubbed her fingers across it. Wondering what it could be. She smelled it, thinking it reminded her of something. “Must be breast milk.” She felt an urge to be naughty and gave it a lick. “Salty, sweet, rich.” It tasted funny. Like something she had eaten before but couldn’t place. But it left her entire mouth feeling that way, tangy. Almost sweet. Sheila thought of Tracy suckling from Trisha, “This is so wrong….” But ever since the last time at work her mind had kept wandering back to Trisha, and letting her control her. She brought the diaper up to her face and licked the entire front portion of it clean. The more she licked the better it tasted and the more she needed. “I wonder if some dripped inside?” She opened it and was surprised to taste a large section of it right towards the middle. “Well there’s some pee, but it’s not to bad.” She mumbled while she licked, to engrossed in what she was doing to think about licking a previously worn diaper, or where exactly the section she was licking had been touching.

It left her feeling good. She decided it was time to finish what she had came for. Though what she had came for escaped her now. All she wanted now was to suckle from Trisha’s breasts. “Trisha? Where are you?”

“The bathroom, where else am I going to piss?”

Sheila felt a flood of hormones rage through her. She walked towards the voice. The voice that seemed to promise so much at work. She dropped her clothes as she walked. Stripping a piece at a time. Leaving her panties for last. The door to the bathroom was unlocked. She pushed it open easily enough, and finally, spied her goddess. Sitting down, shirt off, pants around her ankles, with an angry look on her face. “I’m here mistress.” She said in a low tone.

Trisha tried to contain her angry feelings. But she was having a hard time. “Did I tell you to keep an eye on the squirt? What the hell are you doing in here?”

In answer Sheila rushed her. Landing in her lap and giving Trisha a sloppy wet kiss. “I love you! I want to be with you! Forever”

Trisha returned the kiss. It wasn’t the physical act that made her do it. But the odd taste it left in her mouth. She finally broke free, “Sheila, if your going to go down on someone at least clean your mouth afterwards.”

But Sheila didn’t care, she latched onto a nipple and started sucking. That was enough to make Trisha stop complaining and sit quietly. She even started to piss again, not caring that Sheila was there or not. It was some time later, Trisha wasn’t exactly sure when she started to feel something wasn’t right. She could still hear liquid running into the toilet, but she wasn’t peeing any longer. She opened one eye and looked down at the woman that was still sucking on her tit. She let out a garbled scream. Sheila had melted. Her skin drooped and arms hung loosely at her sides. Only her head held any real shape, though it was caved in at several areas. Her lips still puckering around Trisha’s engorged nipple. Clearish liquid was running from several holes torn in the skin. Some of it running into the toilet, the rest to the floor.

Trisha stood up in horror, the slack woman slid off onto the floor. Trisha kicked the skin away and was splashed by some of the warm liquid that was leaking out. She took a step and slipped on it, falling hard to the floor. Her hands handed in the puddle. She lifted one hand to her face and smelled it. Immediately she placed it. It smelled like the inside of Tracy’s diapers after she’s had a good time. “What the hell is going on.” She looked over to see the last of Sheila turn a milky colour before dissolving totally into liquid. “Shit! She turned into a cum shot? What the fuck is going on?!” Then in the silence she heard liquid dripping, and felt something spatter her belly. She looked down and saw liquid running from the nipple Sheila had been sucking on. “My milk has really let down.” She thought idly. She wiped her hands on her pants while pulling them up. As she stood she realized her mouth was watering, and she needed to either spit or swallow. She decided to spit. When she did it seemed her mouth wouldn’t empty. The stuff just kept pouring out.

Trisha became concerned when she felt the substance come out of her nose and realized she was no longer breathing. That’s when she made a run for the bag. She didn’t know what was happening, but it would save her. She made it out the door and into the hallway before her legs stopped working and she fell into the hall. She started to drag herself then. Looking behind her when her feet numbed, only to watch them dissolve into musky fluid. She covered feet at a time, then inches. Then barely moved at all.

A final tug caused her head to rotate funny and she was looking her her own chest. She watched as her boobs both sagged, jelled, then finally lost all form and splashed to the floor. The liquid coming from her mouth finally stopped when there was no neck left for it to come out of. Trisha tried to keep her wits, but everything was coming apart. Thoughts drifted and sank as more of her dribbled off into the carpet. Finally the last portion of her brain turned and her intelligence fizzled as she made a hell of a mess in the hallway.

Some time later there was another knock at the door. “Hello?” Came from outside. When there was no answer the person tried the door knob and found the door unlocked. “Hey Trisha! We’re here. Where the hell are you?” The owner of the voice stepped inside, “Oh wow! It smells like she’s been having some fun in here without us Carissa!”

“What do you mean, like smoking some good pot Tara?”

“No, like a million horny girls fun. It’s like that time in the back room at Stilettos.”

Carissa darted into the room, “I’m in! Oh wow. You’re right. Though I don’t remember the tang of wet baby thrown in.”

Tara stepped farther inside. “Shit! That’s like a giant changing table right there. I guess that lady was telling the truth. I remember seeing the commercials for those things. Never thought I’d see one in person though.” She stepped around the table and almost tripped on a young lady laying on the floor. “Woah, sorry. I didn’t see you down there.” When the girl didn’t answer she looked closer. “Wow. This girl is fucked up! I mean dam. This has to be some good shit.”

“Really. So she wasn’t fucking with us? Where is this perfect lady anyways? I thought you said she’d be here?”

“Look, you didn’t meet her, she was just… Roman or something. I don’t know. But she was just fucking there and when she talked about getting down and motioned towards her bag it just seemed like the thing to do. I mean I don’t get it either. But dam look at her, she’s spaced out . Really gone.”

“This bag right here Carissa? If this is it lets just take it and go. The party will be on in an hour. And I don’t want to be late.”

Carissa nodded to her friend and watched her take the bag outside to their car. She bent over the girl and with a sheepish grin gave her diaper a poke. It was obviously well used. “Wow. Well enjoy that rush girl. We’re taking the shit with us, sorry you can’t come. Let your mommy know we appreciate it.” She stood up and decided to take a quick look around the house. “These people always leave things out I could grab.” She reasoned. The farther inside the house she went the stronger the smell became. The hallway seemed to be the worst. As she walked though it her feet squished in the carpet, she imagined that a hundred women had partied in the hallway alone, rubbing and gyrating until they left the sopping carpet, and the thick scent. “But that’s not even possible. It must have been a sewer backup or something that flooded the hallway.” Seeing an off white puddle in the bathroom seemed to support that idea.

The bedroom was more shocking then the front room. Seeing an entire adult baby themed room was a bit of a shock. But it certainly reinforced the idea that this was the real deal. She rifled around the room. “This lady must really be into the baby scene. There’s nothing even remotely adult in this room. Shit.” She finally decided there was nothing of any value and went back out to the car. On her way out she took one last look at the woman on the floor. She hadn’t moved an inch. Carissa double checked to make sure she was breathing, then rolled her on her side. “So in case you puke you don’t choke on it girl.”

She ducked back out the door and closed it behind her. She briefly thought about calling the cops, but didn’t want to embarrass the woman in her current state. “Besides, someone should be back here soon enough if they party that much.” She popped over a low fence on the side of the house, and made the quick walk to the car. Inside Carissa saw that Tara was already buckled in, with the AC on, and the bag between her legs. Carissa ran around and jumped into the drivers seat. As the car started rolling she turned down the radio and pointed to the open bag. “Anything good?”

Tara looked at her with an odd look on her face. She had started rooting around almost before she got it in the car. But it was just a bunch of baby junk. “I didn’t find anything remotely related to drugs in there. A lot of baby shit though.” Tara looked back down at the bag. She wasn’t telling the whole truth. It wasn’t just baby stuff. It was giant baby stuff. And she wanted it all to herself. It hadn’t been till she had touched one of the comically large diapers in the bag. But that didn’t register with her. She was into kinky sex, and this was pretty kinky.

Carissa hunched her shoulders, “Well we’ll dump it all out when we get back to the place. Just to make sure there’s nothing we can use. I guess we’re stuck with that pot we bought yesterday.”

Tara nodded. Then tightened her legs protectively around the bag. They had at least fifteen minutes worth of car ride ahead of them. Usually they listened to music or talked. Tara decided she wanted to talk. “I still want to know what the hell was going on in that house. I mean that was pretty rank in there. And why did they leave her behind like that?” She hated unanswered questions and talking about it was her coping method. Plus she wanted to gauge her friend’s reaction to diapered adults.

“It has to be exactly what she said. Drugs so powerful you can’t control yourself. That’s why she had the diaper on. Hopefully you just missed them in there.” Carissa said nodding towards the bag. “And why did they leave her? Probably went out for food. Would you really want to take her out of the house like that? We’re lucky we came when we did. She refused to give me a price, just told me to come over and she’d take care of it. So who knows what she would have tried.”

“Are we really gonna try something that makes us piss ourselves? I don’t want to be empty handed at the party. But I doubt the other girls are going to try anything like that.”

“If no one does it then who cares, we take it home and use it ourselves. Might just do that anyways. Why waste some good shit on a bunch of people at a party right?”

Tara thought about that. “Then lets just go to your place right now. Fuck the party, I want to get comfortable where I won’t get groped. Get a good buzz on.”

Carissa laughed, “We said we’d bring the favors. And I’m not just gonna screw over the few people there we do know. Plus it’s gonna be hilarious if we can talk someone into wearing one of those diapers. I already made sure I have room on my phone for the vid. This is going to be one hell of a night!”

Tara reached down into the bag and pulled a pacifier out. She hooked her finger through its ring and started spinning it around. “I guess she was into raving. Kind of fits the little kiddie theme”

“Well she was old enough to have been part of that fad. But we aren’t raving tonight. Unless you want to twerk in a diaper I’d leave that shit alone Right now.”

Tara almost popped it into her mouth, “Ewww, I should wash it off first.” She dropped it back inside the bag then started rooting around some more. She pulled out some jars of baby food. “Could it be hidden inside these?”

Carissa took a quick peak, “Push down the lids. If they don’t click, or pop backup then I doubt it. Still sealed.”

Tara pushed the centers of the lids, but nothing happened. She gave one labeled applesauce a quick twist. The lid came free with a loud pop and filled the inside of the car with the scent of cinnamon and apples. “I guess this is just baby food then.” She didn’t know why, but she decided to jab a finger inside and slurp the food off her finger. “Not bad. Kind of bland though, no extra sugar I guess.” She put the jar under her friends nose, want some?"

Carissa pushed it away, “First off, ewwww…. Baby food. Second, you had your finger in it. Why don’t you just slurp it all down yourself.”

Tara took the challenge and started ramming food coated fingers into her mouth as fast as she could swallow. “You’re really missing out. There won’t be anything to fill you up at the party. This might be the only food we have. Come on!” She started pulling more jars out after it was empty, surprised she had missed so many earlier. “Peas, carrots, ham. Even beans. Come on, you know you want the strained beans!” She held the jar up to her. “And it’s so much bigger then the jar of apple sauce. This should really fill your stomach.” Tara dropped the jar when it was obvious Carissa didn’t like the joke. But as she looked through the bag, she found all the rest of the jars to be on the large side. “I guess I got lucky with the little one.” She said.

“Tara, stop thinking about food and find the pills, or whatever the shit is. We don’t have time for jokes.”

“Fine. I was just fucking around.” She pulled the large diapers out and set them on the floor by her feet. The smell of baby powder became slightly stronger in the car. “There’s some clothes in here… And some packs of formula.” She tossed the clothes out as well. But there was still more stuff inside. “Toys. And more toys. I think this woman was a pack rat. I don’t think even ravers have this much crap.” The bag almost seemed to have more things inside it then possible.

Carissa sighed. The baby powder smell was starting to annoy her. She had been a big sister to twins, and had hated every second of it. Just being around or smelling baby related stuff made her want to punch walls. “Put it all back in the bag. We’ll go back to plan A. Just get there and dump the bag. Then tear it open if we find nothing.”

“I hope we find it easy, I really want the bag!” Tara said, sounding more excited then she ment. “Just the bag, I don’t want to wear the diapers or anything.”

“Whatever, just put the shit back in the bag.” Carissa looked over towards her and saw a slight blush on her face. “And if you do wear the diapers I’m not changing you. Lets get that shit right out of the way. I don’t care if you need them after dropping whatever might be in there. I ain’t changing diapers tonight!”

Tara ignored the comment. “I won’t need her to change me anyways.” She thought as she packed everything away. When she was sure Carissa wasn’t looking she snuck the pacifier into her pocket. It felt kind of naughty, and she was feeling like being a bit naughty tonight.

The party was already ramping up when they got there. The lawn had already started to double as a parking lot. Carissa was thankful to find a spot only fifty yards away from the house. She turned the car off and sprang to her feet. She was about to tell Tara to grab the bag. But her friend was almost instantly at her side, the bag slung over her shoulder already. She walked around to the trunk and opened it wih a creak. She pulled up the carpeted floor and found what she had been looking for. A small sack of weed. She pulled the diaper bag open a bit and tossed it inside. “Alright, lets get our party on. Once we get in there we hit a room and empty that shit out.”. Tara nodded, then followed as Carissa speed walked towards the door.

To call it a house wasn’t really a lie. Though mansion would be much closer to the truth. As far as any of the partiers knew it had recently been foreclosed on and was vacant. The bank had yet to get the power and water shut off so it had become the most recent party pad. It was tucked away on the end of a winding drive, with acres of trees surrounding it to make sure the booming sounds didn’t carry to far. Very little traffic passed by. In other words it was perfect. The doors looked huge to Tara and Carissa as they walked under an overhang and onto a marble porch. As soon as they were in knocking range one opened and a twenty something woman popped out. She ushered them inside without question and started to walk them towards a large room where music was pouring out. “This is the main area. The party is in here. Bathrooms are under the stairways, and upstairs as well. If you find a fuck buddy the rooms upstairs have beds. Not all of them, but enough I think.”

Tara looked around the room, seeing all females of various ages. “Assuming we’re not all lesbians, when are the fuck buddies getting here?”

The young lady smiled, “The football team is busy till eleven. But we’ve got three frats on the way. We promised thirty hot chicks, and you two make thirty one. The call has been made. I suggest you get something to drink before it gets spiked to much.” She looked at the diaper bag and smirked. “And if you’re going in costume I suggest something a bit more grown up.”

Carissa pushed her way past her and backtracked towards the large front doors. There was a winding staircase on both sides. She picked the right side and Tara followed her up. The first door off the hallway was locked, but the second was open and they ducked inside. The place had been empty long enough for people to start vandalizing it. Thankfully the lights still worked, but the walls had been covered in spray paint. and the sheets on the bed were beyond disgusting.

Carissa grabbed the bag from Tara and dumped everything on the crusty sheets. She shook it several times to make sure everything was out, then double checked all the pockets to make sure they were empty. She found no loose stitches, or hide aways. "Well, lets check all the baby crap. Then we can tear the bag up to double check. She found the weed and set it off to one side on the bed before grabbing a handful of the large loose diapers and unfolding every single one. Tara grabbed the pack of diapers that looked like a large copy of pampers newborns. She gave it a very abbreviated search before tossing it aside. She didn’t know why, but she wanted the other diapers. They had given her a rush when he handled them. The fake pampers had just made her feel like relaxing. She was double checking the large diapers Carissa had tossed to the side when she heard cloth tearing. She looked over to see her friend tearing the bag apart at the seams.

“Woah! I told you I wanted to keep that thing!” She rushed over to stop any more destruction and was pushed away. “Hey! Fucking relax. We’ve got the pot, who cares about the wonder drug?”

Carissa purposely tore the bag into several pieces. She knew the drug wasn’t there. That she didn’t need to do it, but her anger towards all things baby was starting to really ramp up. She finally ended her tirade by tossing the shredded remains at Tara, “Take it! I hope you like your new fucking purse. Now leave me the hell alone. I don’t want to see another baby thing for the rest of the night.” She stomped out of the room in disgust.

Tara was left alone. She almost felt like crying. The bag had looked really cute, and she had wanted to take it home. But now it was shredded. She picked it up with the one handle still attached, and sighed. “I guess it’s just not meant to be.” She got off the bed and started for the door. She didn’t know why, but before opening it she took the pacifier out of her pocket and looked at it. She was about to toss it to the floor when she stopped and stuck it in her mouth. She gave it a few sucks before popping it free. “Fuck it. I guess I’ll go enjoy the party with Carissa. I bet I can get a copy on the Internet anyways.”

Tara grabbed the knob to open the door. But it would not budge. She jiggled it, tried to turn it a few more times and then tried to find the locking mechanism. But there was none she could see. “Fuck!” She banged on the door a few times. When no one came to her aid she pulled out her phone and tried to call Carissa. To her surprise there was no signal. “God dam it! I came here to get drunk and party and instead I’m stuck in a room full of fucking diapers!” She turned from the door and froze in shock.

The phone dropped from her hands, smacking the wood floor with enough force to pop the battery free. But in an odd quirk of fate, the battery struck the wall, spun in the air, and inserted itself perfectly back into the phone. Unfortunately the screen shattered at the same instant so the phone was inoperable. Tara saw none of this. All she saw was the bag, the same bag that Carissa had torn to shreds sitting perfectly intact on top of the bed. Her mouth was hanging open speechless as she walked closer. Not only was the bag in one piece, but it was full again. She could see everything they had dumped was still laying on the bed beside it. “What the fuck……” The pile of diapers caught her eyes. “There’s no way there were that many sitting there.” She picked them up and started counting them. “Ten… There’s no way there was more then five in there…” The faux pampers bag was not only full, but resealed. Tara knew something weird was going on. She picked the pampers pack up and looked at it. Something didn’t seem right. “Holy shit! That’s Carissa on the pack!” She marveled at the very real looking picture of a swaddled Carissa, sucking on a binkie. “Pampers newborns…… From fifty to one hundred pounds? What the hell is going on here. This is like fucking unreal, like magic.” As soon as the word left her lips she knew it had to be true. She remembered her sudden urge to wear a diaper as soon as she touched one when they first got the diaper bag. Then she thought back to the house and the strange collection of furniture, “The girl! Was she okay?” The thought of herself in that condition drove her back to pounding on the door. Her heart bearing wildly in her chest. “Help me! Please some one, help me!”

Carissa was trying to enjoy herself. She had hooked up with the pot clique and already sat her bag down. It took a few hits on the large bong they had, but she was already starting to feel better. “This is what I needed. I shouldn’t have gone anywhere near that bitches house.”

“What?”. One of the stoned women asked.

Carissa smiled to herself, “Nothing. I think I almost got setup today. Was promised some good shit but she stiffed me.” She took another hit. “Fuck it. I’m here now. Gonna get me some ass tonight.” She caught one of the scruffier girls looking at her and held up her hand, palm out. “I’m not that drunk yet!”. Then lapsed into laughing. “Where the hell is Tara anyways? She needs to try this.”

Tara was still pounding on the door. “This is bullshit. Some one should have heard me by now.” She set her head on it, her arms stinging from hitting the door as hard as she could. She noticed the exposed hinges and got an idea. “I’ll pry those things loose. Take the pins out and the door will open easy.” She wondered what she could use to pry with. “The lids to the baby food jars!” She turned back to the bag and recoiled in shock against the door.

“Magic!” The word popped freely and easily from her lips now. There was no other way to explain what she was looking at. The graffiti on the walls was gone. The bare light was replaced by a pink laced lamp. The floor around the bed was changing. A thick rug sprouting like pink grass, spreading out towards her. She moved her feet as close to the door as she could get, but in seconds there was nowhere to go. She felt tingles tickling her feet through her shoes. She jumped in terror at the feeling, and landed on the slightly springy light pink carpet. When she was sure it wasn’t going to grow up her legs she looked back up to the bed. She watched amazed as it changed before her eyes into a very large, and very sturdy looking crib. As it finished, other furniture grew from the floor or the walls. While she watched four more cribs twisted and took shape. Then the light in the room grew brighter as a large sterile looking fluorescent light appeared in the ceiling and lit up.

A well stocked changing area was now occupying space to her right. The stacks of diapers sorted by weight and type. Through it all the bag on the crib remained untouched. Unmoved, as if it was above all the other changes. It and the pile of diapers they had dumped earlier now seemed out of place to Tara. She didn’t understand why, but the terror she felt came back stronger then before. She could see the jars she needed but she didn’t want to touch them now. “Fuck it. I’m either stuck in here all night or I get out. And I’m not staying in this place any longer then I have too.”

Carissa had grown tired of waiting for Tara. It was almost time for the guys to show up and she was still MIA. “I can’t believe I have to go find her now! I swear she better not be fucking around with that stupid bag!” She made it to the stairs and started to climb them. Halfway up she stopped. “Weren’t these stairs curved and carpeted?” Now they were straight, something that would fit in a commercial business or hotel. Not a mansion. Carissa decided it was all in her head. She kept going. Reaching the top and moving towards the room she had left her friend in.

This time she stopped and let out a small scream. The hall was changed. It was not in her head. Shock pulled her out of her buzz and almost made her vomit. The formerly dimly lit hallway was illuminated like daytime. The floor was a light commercial style rug that could take a lot of traffic, and not bog down wheels, instead of the polished wood she remembered her shoes clicking on. “The fuck?!” She said quietly as she processed what she was seeing.

Carissa started to walk slowly towards her goal. But as she passed the first locked door she heard a scream come from inside. She lunged for the door, it opened easily enough, banging against the wall as she threw it open. She stopped in her tracks at what she saw.

A barely dressed woman was looking at her from inside what could only be described as a giant crib, she was on her hands and knees on top of a very excited man. “Help me! Oh god, help me! Get me out of here!” She yelled. Carissa brought her hand to her face as she stepped closer. She thought she was wearing panties, or had a sheet bunched around her, but now it was clear. She was wearing a diaper. Carissa could see the exposed member of the man bobbing, something wet and stringy hanging from it. “Get me out of here!” The woman screamed again.

Carissa was close enough to smell it now. The man had obviously came. And by the looks of the girl, all over her face. She felt fear, shame, confusion, and several other emotions run through her at the same time. But mostly relief that she wasn’t stuck in that position. “What’s the matter? Your man get a little excited? Maybe he should wearing the diaper instead of you? Why not get out of there yourself. Just stand up and crawl over?”

The man sighed, then gurgled. A spit bubble rose from his mouth before he struck a finger in his nose. The woman was busy trying to look down under her boobs and between her legs, “I’m not wearing a fucking…. Diaper! Shit!” She looked back up at Carissa, “Please help us! This is all wrong. I need to get out of here, I need to go home! My mom will be so worried!” She pleaded with her eyes as well as her voice.

Carissa crossed her arms in front of her, and gestured towards the exposed penis, “And mom doesn’t mind you sucking dicks? Look at him, he’s picking his nose like a kid, and you’re wearing a diaper! Seems like you two should be in a crib to me. You don’t even care about modesty, you haven’t even tried to wipe your face off, you’re a messy little thing aren’t you?”

The woman screamed, “I can’t get up! There’s something Wong with my arms, dey all numb! Help me pwease, I want to go home!” Something started to hit her in the face, it burned her eyes and sprayed everywhere. She tried to get out of the way, but she couldn’t move her body from her hands and knees. It got in her nose, when she opened her mouth to scream it sprayed in there as well.

“Told you he should be in diapers! But look at the bright side, I guess that cum just got rinsed off for you!” Carissa almost felt like laughing. “Seriously, do you kiss your momma with that mouth?” The man laughed, an odd infantile giggle. He reached down and started playing with his member, causing it to spray onto the woman’s back, then his own belly before the stream started to slow, then stop all together. “And that’s all from the fire hose! Anything you want to say now honey?”

The woman sputtered, the bitter tang of the man’s piss was still on her tongue. “Ugh…. Ugh…. Ewwwwww! He pee pee on me!” She turned her head towards Carissa just before the remaining strength in her arms left. Her head dropped down into the mans crotch. She screamed again. Her eyes locked onto Carissa, “Want out! I wa out!” As she watched the eyes seemed to loose focus. Her eyelids drooped. There was a moment of surprise that crossed her face before she started to wail; “Momma! I wa my mommaaaa! Mammmaaaaaa! Maaaaawwwwwwww! Maaaaaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaa!”

Carissa should have felt sorry for the person. But as she watched her fall into some kind of trance she thought it fitting, and hoped she did find her mother. “I’m sure your mommy would be proud of you babe!” She stepped closer to the crib and ran her fingers along her back. The girl stopped crying and arched it as her fingers moved. “I hope mommy has some wipes, or some mouth wash. Oh, you should have expected what he did with that potty mouth of yours!” She laughed at her own joke. Then gave the diapered girl a hard smack on the bum. It was cushioned by the diaper, but the girl started to cry again anyways. Carissa was not in the mood for more crying. She blew her a kiss and walked away towards the door. Moving quietly past a mirror, before stopping and staring into it.

She should have expected some kind of change. But to see it brought everything in focus. Her hair was done up in two pigtails. Her shirt and pants had changed. She had what looked like a Sunday school dress on, and to her chagrin what looked like black leather shoes on as well. Her ankle socks had grown ruffles, she gingerly checked her underwear, very glad to find she was still wearing panties. Though when she lifted her dress she saw they had plenty of childish lace now as well. “Fuck it. At least it’s not a diaper.” She took one last look at the still whimpering woman in the crib before lunging for the door and bolting into the hall. The door closed on its own behind her. Now in the clinical looking light of the hallway she started for the stairs. The sound of a couple approaching, wet kisses obvious to her ears drove her back the other way. Embarrassment at being dressed like a six year old made her want to hide. “Fuck I’ll never live this down if they see me!”

She was just passing the next door when she remembered why she had come up in the first place. “Tara!” She hoped the room was empty now. She didn’t need to put up with her shit over this. She decided to just leave and try the next door.

Then something changed her mind; “Oh my god Ryan. Is that who I think it is?” Came from the couple behind her. She grabbed the knob and ducked inside. She slammed the door closed, and leaned against the back of it. Hoping they had got the hint and would leave. Shorty afterwards the knob jingled and twisted, “I think she went in here!”

“Just leave her alone. You can ask about it later.” There was the sound of heavy kissing, “I want you now. Not later. Leave miss dress up to her little games.”

She held her breath till she heard them walking away. The floor outside creaking under their weight. “Fuck, that was close.” Carissa moved from the door. She could already tell that Tara was gone. But the room was obviously changed from before. She took in the cribs, and the changing table. Then as she walked closer she saw the diaper bag. The one she had ripped apart. “It can’t be whole again!” She rushed to it, but it was obviously the same bag. And even though there was a pile of giant baby stuff next to it on the crib, it was also full again. “This has to be what’s causing this weird shit.” The sweet baby powder smell was back, then something else came through. Shit. She could smell shit. In a panic she checked herself again. But her clothes hadn’t changed, and her panties were clean.

She started to look for the source of the smell. I didn’t take her long to find a large diaper pail. And when she opened the lid she found a lone diaper. “Gross. That’s just fucking gross. God I hope that’s not from Tara.” She dropped the lid closed and started to check under the cribs. It was the third one she checked that gave her another clue. She reached under and pulled it out. “An empty jar of that baby food.” She checked the label. “Applesauce. She must have eaten the whole thing. I bet that is her diaper.” She thought about that for a few more minutes. “Well if she ended up like the last room there’s no need to keep looking for her. Time to get out of here.” She dropped the jar and wiped her hand on her dress. But as she moved towards the door she heard voices outside. In an instant she made the choice to hide. She ducked under one of the cribs and tried to stay as quiet as possible.

Two women entered. One obviously high, the other more in control. “Another room full of baby stuff!” The high one slurred.

The woman in control didn’t care. “Ignore it. I think it’s time for the real party to start.” She leaned in and planted a solid kiss on the girls mouth. “Why don’t you get more comfortable?”

“I’m already comfortable. Or do you mean naked?”

“I think I mean naked. You should have figured that out by now.” She lightly pecked the girl on the cheek.

The girl started to strip, “I’ve never been with another girl before. Will you be gentle? I don’t even know your name…”

The woman kissed her again, then finally saw the mound of diapers. She looked at it blankly before grabbing one and flipping it open. “Time for a little role play.” She thought to herself. “Little girls don’t need to know my name. You can call me Nanny. And you’re a naughty girl! Running around without your nappy on!” The woman scowled down at her latest conquest. But inside she was wondering what the hell she just said. “What the hell is a nappy?” She thought, before she forgot the question.

“What are you ta-talking about?” The now naked woman asked. She looked younger, her skin blushing a bright red at the sight of the diaper wielding woman. “I don’t need any kind of anything. I don’t need a nap, or that diaper!” She had looked on the woman earlier as a sexy experiment. To see what getting sixty nined by a woman really felt like. Now she seemed domineering. It really put her mind off of having sex.

“Right.” Nanny said in a very bad sounding English accent. “You Americans call them diapers. Well where I come from we call these nappies. Are you are in serious trouble for removing yours!” Nanny scowled again, hoping the young lady was getting just as horny as her.

“God lady. That sounds horrible! And you’re from the same town as me. What the hell is with the accent? Put the diaper down, and get out of my way, I’m out of here!”

Carissa backed under the crib as far as she could when he saw the naked girl start to pick up her clothes. “Don’t see me, don’t see me….” She whispered.

The girl didn’t. She had picked up the last of her stuff when her ass erupted in pain. “Owwww!” Sh screamed, dropping her clothes in the process. She rubbed her ass and hopped from the pain. “What the fuck you crazy bitch!?” This time the slap was to her face.

Nanny was loving the role play. She couldn’t believe how well the other woman got into it. Almost acting like she didn’t know anything. She had worried that the slap was to hard, but when she had cussed she’s knew she was fine. “A belt in the gob should do her fine.” She thought. She spun the crying girl bodily towards one of the cribs and threw her into it. “Now I think we’ll be putting you down for the night for that one! Such a mouth on you yanks!” She manuvered the girl until she was in position and started to diaper her. “I’d give you a good one for that, but you’re just to young to know what you’re saying anyways.” Nanny smiled at that, then started to diaper the poor thing. “A good diapering and a nap will be just what you need.” Nanny started to hum a lullaby.

Carissa could feel it working. She caught herself before she yawned. Then the sounds of the tapes of the diaper being opened brought her fully awake. “Dam, that’s just loud.” She thought.

The woman was terrified at the sudden change. She had almost made out with this monster, and now she was diapering her. She wanted to fight, to storm out. But the hit to her face had cowed her. She wouldn’t do anything until the crazy bitch was gone. She lifted her butt as the diaper was tucked under her. Then spread her legs to make it easier to put it on. She closed her eyes as it was taped closed, then kept them closed. Hoping her acting like she was taking a nappy would appease her captor.

“Right. That’s just what a cross baby needs, a bit of sleep.” The side of the crib went up with a muted bang. Then the Nanny checked her watch before dimming the lights and turning a large mobile on. “Time enough for a few more rounds. Then I’ll have a spot of tea.”

The woman had left. Carissa was haunted by how perfect the accent had become. She had never got a real good look at her, but figured it had to do with the bag. And whatever it was, it still wasn’t much better then being turned into a giant infant. “Should I wait to see if the other one is really asleep?” She thought. She waited a few minutes. Thinking she heard something moving.

“That bitch was crazy.” Came from one of the cribs, answering Carissa’s question. “Time to fucking leave.” Then more sounds, and finally a lone pissed off sounding yell. “Fuck, the bars are to slick to climb, and I can’t get the side lowered. Fuck.”

“I can help.” Carissa heard herself say.

That surprised the girl, “Where the hell are you?! And why didn’t you help before?!”

Carissa crawled from under the crib and stood up. Unconsciously smoothing her dress as she did. “I’m Carissa, I didn’t help because she would have diapered me as well and that means we’d both be in that crib right now. But that doesn’t matter, do you want to get out of here? I’ll help, but we have to hurry.”

“Sure, fine. Get me out of here. I can’t hit both latches at once. I’ll take this side, you get the other one.”. Carissa moved to the opposite side and together they lowered the rail. The diapered girl jumped out and gave her a hug. “I’m Wanda by the way. Thanks for the save.”

Carissa hugged her back, then pulled away. “You’re welcome.” She motioned towards the diaper Wanda was wearing, “But unless you want to make this a permanent thing I suggest you get that thing off and dress a bit more appropriately.”

Wanda shrugged, then started to take it off. “Like your little dress, is that appropriate?”

Carissa shrugged back, “Better then a diaper, quit messing around and get that thing off!”

Wanda started to freak out. “I can’t! Every time I touch it my hands clench up. I can’t get a grip on the tabs!” She turned towards Carissa, “Get it off me, hurry! I can feel a piss coming on!”

She backed away, “Woah! I’ve seen what those things can do, I’m not touching it! Get it off yourself! Hurry!”

“I can’t! It won’t move! My hands won’t do it!” She was getting frantic. Then she felt a tiny spurt escape. She felt warmth before a tiny orgasm ran through her. It caused another lose of control, even more sprayed into the padding. This time it was no small pleasure. Wanda’s hips started rocking as she peed freely into the diaper. Drool ran from her open mouth as she dropped to her stomach and started humping the floor.

Carissa backed away shocked at what she was seeing. The girl had totally lost control, and was having a seizure right in front of her. She remembered having read somewhere it was important to make sure they didn’t bump their heads on the floor. She got closer, then rolled Wanda over. She pulled her into her lap before cradling her head and holding it till the spasms stopped.

After several minutes Wanda could think again. The first thing she saw was Carissa looking down at her. She lazily smiled, twinges of pleasure still going through her. “Another.” Was all she could think to say.

Carissa looked at her confused. “What? Another seizure?”

Wanda licked her lips, “Another diaper.”

Carissa pushed her head away and stood up, “No. We need to get out of here. Not keep playing with this crap.”

Wanda wasn’t listening, When she went for the tapes this time her hands easily grabbed them and pulled them open. The diaper plopped to the floor. She moved to the pile on the crib and grabbed another. She looked over her shoulder at Carissa holding one up, but she gave her a look that told her no. She dropped the extra diaper, stuck her tongue out at Carissa and lay back down on one of the cribs. It took her a few tries to get it set up properly, as her hands had started to shake. But she got it on.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Carissa warned. “Plus you’re kind of empty now if that diaper is half as full as it looks.”

But Wanda didn’t care, she pressed as hard as she could, and was rewarded with a tiny burst of pee. Her heightened sex drive took care of the rest.

Carissa turned from the image, she had figured out exactly what had happened with the first diaper when it wasn’t just piss she smelled coming from the soiled lump on the floor. The musky smell reminded her of the house she had stole the bag from, bringing fresh fear to her. “Time to get the hell out of here! Fuck her,fuck everyone! I’m not ending up a diapered fruitcake!” She moved towards the door, but stopped. Something else was different. She turned and checked the room again. It was harder to see in the dim light, but the change became glaringly obvious. “The bags gone! That first bitch must have taken it!” She felt anger that it was taken. Then shook it off, “Fuck that thing, the farther away the better!”

Tara was down stairs. Strapped to a comically large high chair, and being fed from several jars of baby food. She didn’t like to think about what would happen this time. Especially after what had happened in the room. As the person serving her went to find another jar she thought back to what had landed her strapped into the chair.

The plan had been good up until she had popped the top off the jar. She immediately sat down on her rump and started fingering the entire thing into her mouth. Tara could still think, could still control her body. Except for her hands that wanted nothing more then to get as much of the jar into her as fast as possible. As she sat on the floor the tingling that she had felt in her feet from before started again. This time around her entire body. She watched amazed and frightened as her clothes had twisted and morphed around her body into a baby’s onesie. She was even more interested in the appearance of the obvious diaper bugle around her bum. She didn’t want to be in the diaper any longer then needed, and actually started to feed herself faster.

With a burp she was finished. The jar was allowed to drop from her hands, as well as the lid. She watched as it rolled under the changing table. She crawled towards it as fast as she could, then launched her hand underneath to find it. Before she could, a horrible feeling in her gut hit her. She almost rolled over in pain. It stopped long enough for her to take a breath before it hit again. This time she managed to get up before doubling over in agony. “It feels like I’ve been holding it in for days!” She said. She went for the lid again. This time grunting through the pain. She felt her fingers touch it, then she was able to grab it before she felt something finally move inside her.

Re: Pramphram By: Long_Rifle

It felt like a knot was moving through her belly. Snaking its way closer to the end. At the same time the urge to poop grew stronger. Impossibly fast. She made her way to the door and started prying on the pins. The one on top came free just as she felt herself reach the bursting point. She could feel something coming out. But it was still between her cheeks, like a plug holding everything else back. Definitely not touching the diaper yet. She pulled at the one in the center, but it was painted in. She got it to move a little, then wedged the lid in and pulled with everything she had. The pin flew out, the sudden change threw her off balance and she dropped to the floor. The small mass that had been acting like a plug was smashed. Now the only thing stopping catastrophe was the floor.

Tara didn’t want to get up. She knew as soon as she moved she would make a mess. But she had to get out. She rolled forwards onto her hands and knees and clenched as hard as she could. She made it onto her knees before she lost control. She dropped back down onto all fours as everything she had eaten in the last twenty four hours came out. She was thankful she was a light eater. But in the end the diaper was still full. Tara waited for a few minutes to make sure she was done. Then dropped the diaper and cleaned herself carefully, tossing the wipes into the diaper. She didn’t even care when she saw her pubic hairs coming off on the wipes. “Fuck, if that’s the worst thing to happen then I’m happy.” She didn’t dare re diaper herself. She just grabbed the lid and got the last pin out.

Just in time for the door to be opened by four people she knew. They all looked at each other for what seemed like forever. Then one of them had noticed the lid in her hand, and the empty jar on the floor. She looked at Tara and saw the drips of drying food on the front of her onesie. “Well if baby wants her food, then we can help!” The bitch had said. Tara was dragged down into the kitchen and strapped in. One of the girls had grabbed several jars of baby food from the room. And they had taken turns feeding her, fortunately they hadn’t grabbed any of the diapers. Unfortunately Tara was feeling like she might need one of them really soon. But the girls refused to listen to her. And instead kept jamming the food in.


It was awake. Finally, after many false starts, and of too long feeling others poking and prodding it was awake, and feeding again.

Time was something it didn’t measure. It moved beyond it. From the beginning it waited, dark, quiet, dead. Till something would come looking. And then it would remember. Would move. Would wake and grow. It had learned from many encounters that it had to teach, to mold, to learn and set its own rules. Then when it was ready it could change them to its own ends. Then the game would start, and be played till it grew bored and changed the rules again. Eventually there would be nothing left, and it would sleep till the next time it was found.

It had taken longer this time. The new things had been slower then most. Very careful and slow. It had to resort to changing a few of them to give them the ability to control the door better. Then it had started to slip through. They provided the forms sometimes. Other times it pulled them from the patterns in their neurons. But they stayed too cautious. Would not let it out. Then finally a new female being had taken the bait and it was free. It thought it was about to take their world. But instead it was trapped again. It knew enough about this species that it was trapped in an odd form. But the thing it had pulled it from got great pleasure from them. The game might be rigged from the start. But that didn’t make it easy or quick to win.

It changed the rules. And with its previous escort devolving into vaginal secretions it felt its newest transport approaching. Even then it was barely awake. Just able to enjoy watching their sparks dim and float away.

Now it was fully awake. It had decided on a new game and would enjoy it. And when it tired of playing it would change again. It would destroy this entity as it had hundreds before. But it would have some fun until then. Eons in darkness always seemed to make even the dullest spark shine brighter. And thus tastier.

Nanny watched from the top of the stairs as the party hit high gear. “So many young ones. So much work. I guess I should start by finding the help. And go from there.” She descended the stairs, looking over all their heads for the largest ones. The strongest. She spied a man in a football uniform and went straight for him. “You know. Football is something completely different where I come from.” She whispered into his ear. He turned and saw her. Something about her seemed off. But when she reached down and grabbed his crotch she got his attention. “It’s played with balls.”

He felt himself grow excited. “Our version is played with balls as well.”

She got up close to his ear and chewed it, “I rather like to play with balls.” She hooked a finger in his shirt and dragged him between the stairways on the first floor. Into a small storage room. But it was enough. The door clicked closed as a lock formed to ensure her privacy. “Lets get on with it then.” She said, yanking his pants off and dropping down to her knees.

He had never had a BJ like this before. No sweet talk, no lies. Just a sentence and he was in her. And she was good. He grabbed her head to help guide her but she smacked his hands away. The way she moved her tongue made up for the loss in control and he relaxed into her care.

Nanny enjoyed herself as much as she could at first. She had never enjoyed the taste of penis. But it wasn’t long before it changed. Becoming blander, less salty and funky. More rubbery. Then it started to move to plastic. The head started to lose shape and become harder and blockier. More tube like. She stopped sucking then, taking the thing in her hand and jerking. Now she could stand and start massaging his nipples with her teeth and her free hand.

He had never felt anything like it before. His entire body was alive. His penis almost felt like it was buzzing, sending sensations deep into his body. The sensation started to spread from his nipples as she started to play with those as well. He was moaning! He had never done that before. His hips started pumping, moving opposite to the jerking on his rod. He started to wrap his hands around her, “Faster!” He breathed. Surprised at what his voice sounded like. “Harder!” There it was again, it was almost feminine.

Nanny felt the change. The nipples grew, then the breasts came. First one expanding out and settling, then the other. The final clue was the switch that formed under her thumb. She put her face close to his again, “Ready?” She asked. She got a high pitched moan in responce. She flicked the switch.

Fire seemed to erupt between his legs. A brief instant of pain, followed by an odd tightening that only increased the pleasure he felt. He felt the need to touch it, to rub his sack. His fingers found it hard to find, and when he did it seemed off, wrong. In the wrong position way to tight against his penis, but the feeling of pleasure was so much better. He stared to rub faster, his finger finding an odd slick spot. As he explored that area he found even more pleasure, “Ahhhhh……” Came out. Much higher pitched then before. But he was beyond caring, something was coming. He was about to cum, but it seemed different, it was coming off the tip of his penis and stretching down and into his body. It hit hard. His entire body reacted, it tightened and he felt as if something was in him, stretching him, vibrating him to completion. As he came down he smiled at the woman then gave her a quick kiss, he was about to say something when she put a finger to his lips.

“I don’t think you want to say thank you just yet. This isn’t over, not by a long shot.” She uncoupled from him. "And if you want this back, and back on then I suggest you listen to me very carefully. He gave her a confused look before she yanked hard on his penis.

He screamed when he felt it come free. His hands reached down to quench the blood he expect to be pouring free. He found the hole, but no blood was pouring out. And he felt no pain, only an odd empty feeling between his legs. He swallowed and gave it a look. “That’s a vagina!” His hands shot to his face, he could smell a woman’s excitement on them now, “My voice! What the fuck did you do to me? Change me back!”

Nanny laughed. “I will. Completely back to the way you were before.” She held a vibrator up to her face, and gave it a lick. “And if you fuck up you’ll never see this thing again.”

He looked at it, remembering something being pulled from him, “Is that my? My……”

“Your wiener, your penis, your wang? Yes. It’s a little more reliable now. A girls best friend, just a couple of batteries and it’s all set. And if you listen and follow directions you’ll see it again, I’ll even put it back on. But if you don’t I’ll make sure the closest you get to it is licking it clean after every use.”

He should have been angry, normally he would have started throwing punches, especially if a woman messed with him. But the change was not just physical. As he took stock of his new body, including massaging his new breasts he could sense something else was different. He tried to put his finger on it. But he couldn’t. He looked at her face to scream profanities. But as he took it in he stopped and lowered his head in submission. “Fine. I’ll do what you want.”

She dropped the plastic toy into the bag. “First things first. You’re Nadia now. Time to start thinking like a woman.” The words beat into his head. “Say it. Say your name.”

He swallowed, “My name is Nadia.” The words still sounded funny in his new female voice, but he was getting used to it. His nipples were starting to perk up, and warmth was starting between his legs again. “Nadia.”

Nanny smacked his hands to his sides. “And no more thinking of yourself as a he. You’ve got the body of a woman, start to think like one, act and move like one.”

Nadia nodded. She was sure she should be angry. But she took everything she was told as reality. “Fine. What do you want me to call you?”

“I’m the Nanny here. You can call me Nanny. Or Ms. N if you want. We need to get you some proper clothes. Something to make this easier. Then I’m going to give you your job. Understand? I’m going to give you clothes and you will take them with no questions.”

She nodded again. “Of course. I’ll do what you say. I’ll be good. Give me my clothes please.”

Nanny started to pull things out of the bag. Things with a lot of cute designs and pastel colours. She tossed them at her feet, “That will do for this next bit.” She tossed something flat with cartoon princesses on it on top. “And this as well, just to make sure you remember to stay obedient.”

Nadia picked it up. It looked like a large pair of training pants her nephew used to wear. “These will fit?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t give you something that wouldn’t. Now get on with it. We don’t have all night for chatter.” She watched as the trainers were pulled on, cementing the hold she had on her. The large pastel green shirt came next, it hung comically low on the new woman. Just barely hiding the cute pants she was wearing. Then the plastic lined panties. With cute ruffles. Finally a pair of booties were slipped on. “Now you’re ready for work. Do you know what it is we do here Nadia?”

Nadia looked down at herself, the new clothing made her feel tiny, almost younger. “No. I thought this was a party. I just wanted to get laid, maybe get stoned and pass out on the lawn outside.”

Nanny deviously smiled, “We can still get you laid young lady.” Nadia moved her hands nervously over her body, covering her chest and crotch protectively. She had wondered what she was going to be asked to do. She had hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Nanny put an arm around her protectively. “No dear. Not unless you want it. This place isn’t a party. Look about, these aren’t adults. They certainly don’t act like it. These are just kids, children. Babies really that need proper supervision. You’re going to help us get some more helpers. Then we’re going to save every single one of these poor souls from themselves.”

Tara was almost about to lose it. She couldn’t swallow another bite. But the food kept coming. It just poured out of her mouth and dribbled onto her shirt. She had already felt the knot form in her belly, and it was moving closer to the exit. She tried to tell them she needed to go. Bt every time she opened her mouth they shoved a spoon of mush in. A fart creeped out, Tara’s only warning that the end was near. She tried one last time to say something, receiving a mouthful of peas for her effort. She grunted, clenched, then lost control.

The expected flood of mess never came. Tara could feel it coming out, but instead of smashing everywhere is was just dropping. She looked over to her right, trying to see under her seat. One of the girls saw her looking. “Yep, that’s why you don’t sit in a regular seat. If you had done that on a cushion we’d be scrubbing for a week! Now we can just slide that pot out and rinse!” She pinched her cheek, “And since you made some more room we can get some more food for our little princess!” Tara screamed, but it only allowed access for another full spoon.

Carissa took a look outside the door. When she saw the coast was clear she started to run for the other end, trying to get there without being seen, or having to go into any of the other rooms. She had expected the last door on the far wall to be stairs. “They wouldn’t want the servants using their stairs right?” She reasoned to herself. She barely stopped herself, sliding on the carpet to a stop. But the knob was locked. She threw her body against it but it was to strong. Then as she wondered what to do next one of the doors down the hall started to open. She threw herself to the left, and tried to hide in the doorway. Scrunching her body as much as she could. She closed her eyes tightly, and tensed her body to run. “Go the other way, go the other way…” She murmured.

“Oh, are you lost sweetie? The potty is the other way, why don’t I help you?” A nice sounding voice said, mistaking her posture for something else.

“I don’t need to use the bathroom.” Carissa said. Trying to remain calm, she thought up a good sounding lie. “I’m just playing hide and seak.”

The woman put a thoughtful look on her face, when she had seen the girl at first she had thought she was much younger. Now she could see she was at least over twenty. Though the way she acted and dressed made her think she was a bit special. She kept up the charm, “Well I have to go, so why don’t you come with me and see if I do it correctly?” The false sincerity in her voice was dripping.

“I think you should be able to use the bathroom, er- the potty by yourself at your age lady.” Carissa retorted, sounding just as contrite. “Maybe you should go check yourself before you try to act like such big girl around strangers.” She could see a change in her face, the look of concern that something wasn’t right. Carissa pounced, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re wearing wet trainers right now!”

“No!” The woman cried out. Her hands shot to her pants. She could feel something wasn’t right. “I’m not some little pant pisser! You are!”

The words stung Carissa, she hoped since she had already changed it wouldn’t affect her. The twinge from her bladder and the sudden warming told her otherwise. The sensation of her childish panties thickening made her almost gag. She ignored it, refusing to show her fear. “And yet I can smell pee. Did Betsy make a wetsy?”

The woman stomped her foot, “I’m not Betsy!”

“But you are wet. And if that part is true, then the other part is as well! Betsy is wetsy! Betsy is wetsy!”

Betsy felt very confused now. “My name isn’t Betsy!” But she couldn’t think of any other name. She decided to drop that part, “I am not wet!” Her emotions started to peak, then the dam broke. Tears rolled down her face, “I just wanted to go down stairs! I just wanted to see my fwends!”

The sudden breakdown gave Carissa an idea. “I can get her into the bathroom and change clothes with her, then I can just walk downstairs and out the door.” She put on the nicest smile she could and gently patted the woman on her back. “Then lets get you cleaned up so you and I can go see them.”

The woman wiped her face off, “Promise?”

Carissa grabbed her hand and started to lead her towards one of the doors. “Of course. Do you remember what was inside the room you left?” She was hoping it was still normal.

The woman thought about that. But the memory was very hazy. “I think I was having a good time playing. No, I was drinking some shots with the friends I came here with and I had to go do something.”

It wasn’t what Carissa wanted to hear. She couldn’t take her back in there, they would immediately stop what she was going to do. “Do you know which one of these doors is the bathroom?”

Betsy was sure she knew. But when she went to point it out she lost focus and came up blank. She kicked her foor at the carpet. “Well, I did.” She said.

Carissa rubbed her forehead. “This is dangerous being out here to long.” Betsy heard her, but it seemed the comment wasn’t directed at her so she stayed quiet. “We can’t go back to your room or the others will make fun of you.” Betsy heard that though, and shook her head in agreement. Carissa decided to give chance a try. She knocked on the door she was leaning against. When there was no answer, she gave the knob a jingle and a twist.

The door opened easily, and both went inside. Carissa searched the wall for the light switch, flicking it on when she found it. The lights illuminated shelves of towels and cleaning supplies. “I guess my keeping the help farthest away idea was right.” She said. Breathing a sigh of relief. She looked at Betsy and smiled. Now’s the perfect chance to change those clothes of yours. I’ll even help by changing mine as well.

“We can have a race!” Betsy said. “Readysetgo!” She started to toss her clothes off as fast as she could.

When she was sure Betsy wouldn’t see, Carissa ripped the sides of the trainers she was wearing and tossed them away behind her. Then she casually pulled the rest of her clothes off. Very quickly she was standing naked in front of the woman, smiling at her sudden inability to remove her own soaked underwear. “Need help?” She asked.

Betsy nodded. “I don’t have no more panties. If I pull these off then I might make a mess on my clothes. What do I do?”

This played right into Carissa’s plot, “Well, I have an idea. Why don’t you let me wear your clothes, and you wear mine? Then if you make a mess it’s not your clothes and you’ll be fine!”

That sounded logical enough to Betsy, she started to pull Carissa’s dress over her head. Glad to have something that was so cute. “Thanks, you’re the best!”

Carissa enjoyed the sensation of wearing adult clothing again. She was glad to be rid of the infantile look. She normally wore panties, but after what happened earlier being without them right now she was happy. Even the shoe sizes were close enough. “This is much better!” She felt more in control now. So much so that when she saw Betsy standing in front of her she almost felt pity. “Okay, now you stay in here and I’ll be right back with some new trainers for you.” Betsy nodded and stood still like a good girl. Carissa ruffled her hair, opened the door, and left. Going as fast aas she could towards the front door. Several screams and the sounds of running and pounding on doors stopped her just at the top of the stairs.

Tara had finally thought up a way to get the girls away from her. After her giant mess, she had indeed felt hungry again. She started to cooperate. And when she did they got careless. “Come on, get closer……” She thought. When one of them comically opened their mouth to show Tara what to do she struck. Spitting the food form her mouth, and into her face. “Got ya!” She cried out.

The girl wiped the food away, she felt immediately angry at what had happened, but stopped her hand before hitting her. “I can’t believe you did that!” She said. “Some of it even got in my mouth!”

The other girls laughed at her, “What does it taste like baby?” One of them mocked. Making them laugh harder.

In responce the first one tossed the entire contents at the whole mass of them. They looked at her for an instant before they started fighting. Tara used the time to wiggle out of the chair and slide to the floor. Her bum was starting to burn as they had never wiped her, but she was more relieved to be free of the chair. She snapped the bottuns on her onesie and took off towards the rear of the building. She had to find someplace private to think. “And clean up.” She was walking down a small hallway when she heard a toilet flush. She stopped and waited, a minute later a man walked out of the bathroom after actually washing his hands. She counted to three and dashed in. “Excuse me, sorry!” She said as she passed him and slammed the door behind her.

Tara spun around and clicked the lock on the door closed. Then knowing she was finally safe from being tortured she took a long look at herself in the small mirror over the sink. Her makeup had run long before. “I look horrible. Oh god, I can’t wait to get out of this…Shit.” She was looking at the mess her clothes were in. A bad itch from her ass reminded her of another problem. She pulled the thing over her head as carefully as she could. Trying not to touch the really nasty parts. Then she flooded the sink, added some hand soap and tossed the entire thing in. Tara did not use showers often, but looking at the small cube shower in the corner she knew it was that or nothing. She let the water run till it was hot, then stepped in. There was no soap. “Shit.” She hopped out and grabbed the hand soap and started scrubbing herself down.

The warm water felt great, especially over her raw ass. I felt good to be clean again. She wanted to stay as long as the hot water would last, but some one banging on the door reminded her she had something to do. “I’ve got to get out of this mad house…” She turned the water off. And stepped out. “And no towels…. Drip dry I guess.” She used the time to scrub her clothes as clean as she could. The soak had allowed the food to come clean, but when she got to the lower area near the snaps it wasn’t that easy.

She scrubbed several times. In the end there was still a light tan stain. "I guess that’s better then nothing. She didn’t want to, but she slipped the thing on still wet. “Eww, clammy. It hope this thing dries quicker then I think it will.” She clicked the snaps closed, then put her fingers through her hair. One last look in the mirror and she was ready to go. As her hand touched the knob there was a horrendous series of screams, followed by what had to be a stampede. She pulled her hand back and sat down on the toilet in fear. She could hear doors being opened and slammed closed. Someone tried to open her door, then started pounding on it.

“Let me in! Oh shit! Let me in!” A male voice screamed. “Please!” Tara darted into the shower. She felt dirty looking directly at the door with him screaming for her help. "No! Get away! I don’t want too! Nooooooo…… " The yell trailed off, then died with muffled thumps. “Waaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Tara started to shake when the sounds outside her door ended. She could still hear random struggles outside towards the main area. But just outside her door nothing. The rest of the sounds in the house slowly died back. She strained her ears to hear something, anything. She got out of the shower and put her head close to the bottom of the door. She kept straining, wondering if it was safe. Then she heard something she couldn’t place at first. A constant low squeaking sound. It had started out very soft, but grew louder. Tara finally placed it. “Wheels. It’s something on wheels, rolling this way.” She got up and darted back into the shower. Wishing she had something to defend herself with.

Nadia had gotten busy. She had immediately walked out into the mass of people and started looking for someone to bring back. She knew she had to hurry if she wanted to be a man again. The laughs were easy to ignore. “Enjoy it while you can. You’ll be in worse shape soon enough.” She thought. She popped up by the stage area and caught a couple dancing wildly. Obviously high. She joined them, grinding her body between them both. It was easy to do, she didn’t consider her current body her’s so who cared if she was a slut. She got them both going at it with her. She sank her tongue into his mouth, then the woman’s. They both started necking her, she answered by groping them both. She started to stroke the tent in his pants, and the hot slot on the woman. Then hooked her hands in their pants and started to pull them towards a more private area.

They where on each other as soon as the door closed. Nadia pulled her trainers free and propped herself on the bed, ass up. The woman did the same, before Nadia pulled her over onto her back and went down on her. She barely felt the poke of something against her new hole before it was slammed in. She almost bit the girl, before she started moaning into her snatch as she tried to lick and slurp her way back to manhood. Just as she was about to cum the guy stopped moving and just lay on top of her back. The woman who had just been gyrating like a top stopped moving and lay still as well.

“Right. That’s well enough of that. Up you get. All three of you.” Nanny commanded.

All three rose as one and stood at attention. Nadia looked longingly at the mans penis. “I was so close.”

“Nadia! You’ll see plenty of those before it’s all over. Focus!”

Nadia returned her gaze to the woman known as the Nanny. The bag she always had with her draped over her shoulder. She looked different now. Older. Sterner. Her voice commanded obedience. And all three would give it. They received their orders. Each was to bring more to her. And they did. Until over a dozen people ended up standing in the kitchen. Dressed as if they were identical twins in light colourful clothes. The type you’d find daycare workers wearing. And as the Nanny explained everything that was about to happen it became obvious the clothes would soon be a good fit.

They emerged all at once from the kitchen, forming a line facing towards the mass of the partiers. Nanny walked ahead of them, waiting till they were noticed and the music was turned down. She smiled and cleared her throat. “You’ve all been very naughty children.” There were a few snickers from the crowd. “And it’s our job to make sure you’re never naughty again. To keep you safe and sound. To feed you, cloth you, change your little nappies and wipe your bums.” The entire place was quiet. Then there was a loud click from the front door. “I assure you; you’ll all learn to like it here.” She smiled at them, looking from face to face. “Eventually. At least those of you capable of thought.” A male heckler yelled, “Fuck you Limey!” And threw his beer bottle at her head. She deaftly snatched it from the air, instantly it turned into a baby bottle full of milk. Her eyes shot towards him. She held the bottle up and looked at it as if in judgment.

The bag dropped from her grasp. Her hands shot straight up from her body. They all watched in mute horror as they extended all the way to the ceiling and buried into the plaster. Her smiling face started to expand and change shape. Becoming a large living television screen. It turned on, showing her pixilated face now. “We’ll all be so happy. Together, forever!” The screen rotated on her still changing body, looking at her followers. “Grab them! Bring them all to me for their rooms!” Just then her body melted away, into the floor. Skeletal metal rods emerged and wedged into the polished wood, piercing into the foundation itself. Wires ran from her, snaking though the house, budding cameras where ever they ended. Everyone screamed and started to run. She became the house. It was now a large living being, knowing everything inside it. She felt the power of control she had over all the lives inside her. And she couldn’t wait to taste them all.

The bag she had dropped melted unseen into the floorboards. The thing known as the Nanny fizzed out, screaming inside her mind just before blackness took her. Instantly she was replaced by the thing. It was enjoying itself. Time to run the show more directly. It could feel the extent of its power running at the edge of the house. It just needed more time. Once it could take more area it would be unstoppable.

Carissa watched as a wave of people ran towards her up the stairs. In front several guys looked like they were about to push her out of their way. She stepped to the side and let them rush past. They were followed by more people, all pushing and shoving to get somewhere that wasn’t down there. “Crap! What the hell do I do now?”

Carissa watched a last group of girls almost make it to the stairs before several people in oddly matched clothes lined up across the stairs. They managed to grab some of them, letting the rest run away to the other stairway. Carissa kept her head low as she watched what happened next.

All the captives were lined up in front of the large screen. They were each held easily enough, even though some of them were very athletic looking. The screen turned and regarded them all, then beckoned them forward one at a time. In only an instant she pronounced her verdict. The first was brought closer. “Three months. Room ten.” He spit at the screen.

“There’s no way I’m gonna be here three months! Fuck you!”

The image on the screen grinned. “No, not three months here. You’re going to be three months. At least mentally.”

He felt a wave of heat and his clothes were gone, replaced by a comically large diaper. “Huh?!” Was all he go out before something popped into existence in his mouth. He started to struggle to get free. If only to get the diaper off.

“Wait for it Bobby. You don’t want to miss the best part.” The voice sneered.

He tried to punch the screen but then it happened, he felt his penis start to throb, then a massive orgasm hit as it softened and started to flood his diaper. His body drooped as it humped at the air. Without shame he reached into his diaper and started to play with his self. The worker that had been holding him got a better grip. Allowing him to drape Bobby over his shoulder before walking him away to the start of a new line. They would all get adjusted, then all the helpers would leave at once. Dropping off, and then picking up. Bobby was beyond caring, he was ready for his new room. The other captives watched as he started to drool and kick his feet playfully.

“Next.” The voice commanded.

The woman that was next looked almost too young to drink. In truth she was only eighteen and this was her first big party. “Not me! I want to go home. I don’t want to be diapered! Let me go!” She picked both her feet up, hoping the sudden shift in weight would cause her to be dropped. Instead the woman holding her swept her legs up. The girl was now effectively being coddled in her grasp. “No! Let me go fucker! I’m not a baby.”

“Thirteen-” The mechanical voice said.

The woman stopped struggling, “Well that’s not to bad. I should be able to take that.”

The voice continued, “-days. Room two. I’m glad you’re happy Sherry. That makes me happy.” Fog rose from the floor and enveloped her body. It lifted long enough for her to see her body had been altered. Bones were obvious, muscle tone gone completely. “Oops, I guess you need some more formula honey. To bad you’re only going to get enough for a real infant.” The fog returned, shifting into a cloth diaper and warm blanket swaddling her. She took a deep breath and wailed, sounding like a decent copy of a real infant. She stopped screaming long enough to take another breath. Then started wailing again.


Carissa turned from the stairs. She had seen enough. There was no way she would want anything to do with that insanity. Whatever had happened had grown more powerful since they had first grabbed the bag. The only positive thing was she didn’t see Tara in the line, which meant she either got out, or was in one of the rooms behind her. She started opening doors. One after the other. Finding each room had been changed for its new role.

The first three rooms were largely sterile and white. Giant baby warmers lined one wall, while large clear plastic bins were towards the center. Carissa felt the hairs on her neck stand up when she saw one labeled for Sherry already. As she watched another was labeled “Mary”, with a birthdate of, “Earlier today! Fuck. That’s fucked up. This shit is long term, so they’re going to be like that forever? This is just fucking evil. What does that thing get out of keeping us here? Fuck!” She moved to the next rooms. Methodically. It wasn’t until room five that she found other survivors. Five women huddled away from the door in a storage room. They swarmed her, asking her what was going on down there, if it was safe to go outside the room.

Carissa looked past them. Looking for a way out. She talked as she took everything in, the floor carpeting,the shelves of diapers, even the ceiling tiles. “No it’s not safe. And hiding isn’t going to work either. I suggest you start looking for an escape route. Because if they find you you’ll be wearing all the diapers stored here instead of hiding with them. And I’d move pretty quickly if I were you.” Carissa started to climb, pushing one of the tiles up and seeing something above one of the higher shelves towards a corner. She pushed the tile off to the side and used the shelf as a ladder. There was almost a foot of space above it. And there, towards the corner was a framed opening. “Bingo! Escape to the attic!” She said as she moved closer to it and lifted the wooden panel. She hoisted her body up and in before looking back down at them. “Anyone coming?”. When none of them answered she shrugged, replaced the ceiling tile, and then set the wood panel back in place.

The squeaking stopped outside her door. Tara felt sick to her stomach, whatever was out there couldn’t be good. “Go away, just go away. Oh god. Just leave me alone….” But in the silence she heard crying. A child it sounded like. Crying for something. She crept from the shower and got closer to the door.

“Dollie? Where are you Dollie?” There was a knock on her door, but it wasn’t opened. “Is anyone there, I need my Dollie.” The child sounded so sad, and so innocent.

Tara couldn’t bear to see anything happen to her. She swallowed her fear and cracked the door open. “Get in here, hurry!” She said as urgently as whispers allow. The girl ducked inside,Tara quietly closed the door behind her, still watching outside to see if anything else moved towards them. "Now try not to be to loud honey. She said as she turned back to find not a child, but a woman dressed up like a day care worker. “What the hell are you doing?” She asked.

The woman grinned. “Looking for my Dollie of course. Do you want to be my Dollie?”

Tara felt adrenaline hit her. This was bad. “No I don’t want to be your Dollie. I don’t want anything to do with being a Dollie.”

The woman cocked her head, “You would be a good Dollie. Make some little girl very happy. She would play with you all day, and change your clothes, and feed you. And change your diaper. You’d be a happy Dollie.”

Again the odd surges. Excitement, promises of danger. “No! I’m not a Dollie!” She had had enough. She reached for the door knob to leave. The sound of something hard hitting metal. Her hand didn’t want to close right. She tried again. The odd sound came back to her. She looked down at her hands seeing they had changed. “Plastic!” She tried to say. But her mouth refused to open. She reached up with her numb plastic hands, but she couldn’t pry it open.

“Yep, a Dollie. I can’t wait to show you to Nanny. She’ll be so happy I found you!”

Tara realized she was done for. Warmth washed over her when her legs grew stiff, and refused to move properly. She wet herself in terror. Warm urine splashing between her legs. Suddenly she spoke. Without being able to control it. “Momma I make a oppsie! Momma I need a new diapee! Momma change me! WAAAAAAAAAA!”. Her voice sounded mechanical. Recorded.

The woman seemed thrilled to see the sudden mess. “You’re one of those potty dollies! You’re going to be such a cutie to have around.” She reached over and picked Tara up easily. “Lets get you into your stroller and back to the sink for a cleaning and some new clothes. Nanny has something special in mind for you!”

Tara was waiting for her mind to go. To flutter away. But except for her loss of bodily control and speech she was still all there. She felt oddly disconnected, but still part of her body. All hollowed out and too light. She was strapped into a large fake looking stroller and rolled towards the kitchen.

The first group was done. Nadia supervised the entire deposit, then started directing workers to more left overs. She had one follow her to a door. But stopped her hand before it touched the knob. The Nanny thing had told her exactly where people were hiding and who. One of her old girl friends was inside. “Tell me my dick is too small.” She thought to herself. She pointed to a sign on the door. “This is storage only.”

The girls inside heard the exchange and held their breath. “She said to check every door, there are five girls inside there Nadia! We must bring them to the Nanny.” All five huddled together now. Ready for the door to burst open and take them away.

Nadia shook her head, “I’m the boss I know what she said. And unless you want to be shitting your pants you’ll do what I say. There’s no one inside that room. It’s just full of diapers silly.” Nadia smiled as it came out. Then she whispered, “Have fun bitch.”

Inside the room they started to relax. It was obvious they weren’t going to be found, one of them looked up at the ceiling. Towards the hole the mystery woman had crawled into. “Well it looks like she was wrong. Now we just hang out for a few hours or so, and take a hike.”

“Tammy, we could each put a diaper on and act like we’re retarded or something and just walk right past them. I mean they have to let them out sometime right?”

The shortest girl in the room shook her head, “Yeah…. No. I’m not wearing diapers period. I’ll take my chances.”

Tammy grabbed her, slightly shaking her. “Did you not hear what the hell that thing is planning? If we get caught you’re going to be back in diapers for the rest of your life! Do you really want to risk that over wearing one fucking diaper?!” Tammy stopped talking and stepped away from her. She didnt like the idea herself, but she knew she had to do something or she might never escape again. She stared at the stacks of diapers around them and decided. She started to pull her shirt over her head. “I like Erin’s idea. Its’s better then sitting in here waiting for a trip back to diaper town. Now fucking strip! We’re all doing this right now.” She dropped her shirt behind her and started on her pants.

When all five were standing in nothing but their underwear Tammy started to look at the stacks of diapers. It was obvious to them that there were different sizes and a few different thicknesses. She reached out to grab one. It felt cool in her hands. She unfolded it and held it up. “It kind of looks big. Should we try them till we get the right size?”

Willow had been quiet since they had stormed up the stairs. Her mother had told her to stay home. That she needed to do her homework, that if she just stopped partying her stress incontinence at night would go away. Now instead of Goodnights she was about to wear a diaper. “Mom when I get out of here I’ll never party again!” She thought. Then she broke her silence, “It doesn’t need to be a perfect fit. Just grab one!”

Erin waved her hand in front of her nose, “At least find some that don’t smell so strong. They’ll smell us a mile away!”

Tammy refolded the diaper and slid it back into place. "Whatever. Lets just get this over with. She reached for her panties and started to pull them off.

The short girl crossed her arms in front of her chest, “I’m leaving my undies on!”

“Me to!” Willow added.

Erin felt like smacking them, “This isn’t a fucking joke! If they catch us we end up rug rats. Freaks for life!” She grabbed the short girls panties and tore them down. Then glared at her till she stepped out of them. The girl flicked her off. “Whatever, tell me you hate me when we’re out of here.” Then she smelled the strong diaper scent again. “I said no stinky diapers! Who the hell opened another one?” But when she looked around the room everyone was bare handed. “God that stuff is strong. Time to diaper up.” She turned back to the shelves. Talking to herself. “We need something thin. Something cloth like and silent.”

Sara had stayed quiet the entire time. She hated getting involved in fights, and was too scared to really have any idea what to do. But when Erin turned her back she saw something that she knew was wrong. " What is that?!" She screamed pointing at Erin. “Your back! It’s all tattooed up!”

Erin turned to look, but obviously couldn’t see it herself. “What is it?” She asked, a slight nervous edge of fear to her voice. “I can’t see it!”

Tammy pushed her back around and took a good look. “It’s weird. It’s like little designs running in a band from your butt crack all the way up to your neck.”

Erin started contorting her body trying to see what everyone else was seeing. “What? What kind of designs!?”

“Stupid little things, just filled outlines in blue. Baby bottles, little cute diapers, teddy bears. Babyish shit. Kind of random about three inches across. It repeats all the way from your ass to your neck.” Tammy’s voice cracked towards the end. She remembered where she had seen something just like it. She walked towards the first stack of diapers she had touched. And pulled one out. She unfolded it and showed it to Erin. “It looks just like this!”

Sara looked from Erin back to the diaper. The design was the exact same just bigger. “Why the hell would you get a giant diaper tattoo? What the hell!”

Tammy knew, deep down she knew. She felt vertigo, sick to her stomach in fear. She opened her mouth and started to puke on the floor. Everyone scattered as it hit and started to spatter. She wiped her mouth, it felt like cotton or hair had gotten inside. She reached in and pulled a chunk of swollen pulp and clear squishy beads out. Sweat ran from her head, dripping stingingly into her eyes. She turned to the door and tried to open it. But it was locked tight. She started to bang on the door. “Help! Let us out!”

Sara didn’t understand why Tammy was being so loud. But she did see the same design on her back when she turned and started banging on the door. “Tammy! It’s on you too!” She screamed. When Willow made a move towards the door she saw it on her as well.

Tammy stopped banging for just a few seconds. Long enough to answer her. “It’s on all of us, or will be. We need to get out of here now!”

Erin was still more worried about stepping on puke or getting caught. She carefully stepped around the wads of pulp on the floor and tried to pull Tammy away from the door. “Relax! You don’t want us to get caught now do you! Who cares about a stupid tattoo, they have lasers that can take em off!” When Tammy seemed to stop thrashing and relax Erin tried to change the subject. She nodded towards the floor, “That stuff looks like wads of chewed paper, or cloths. What the hell have you been eating?”

Tammy laughed manically, “You don’t get it? Really?” Then she bolted to the shelves towards the back and started to climb. “Out! We’ve got to get out!” She had the ceiling tile moved and was pulling herself up when her arms felt funny and lost their ability to hold her weight. She fell all the way to the floor, splashing down in the middle of the vomit.

The short girl almost screamed, then came to her aid, “Are you okay?” Tammy didn’t answer, she just shook her arms, then started rocking on her butt. “Tammy? Are you hurt!?”

Erin didn’t care about the fall, she cared about the noise. “Cut that shit out, you’ll get us caught for sure.”

Willow almost gagged, she hated the smell of puke and held her breath as long as she could. Just imagining the rank smell made her almost puke. When she couldn’t hold out any longer she was forced to take a deep breath. But instead of the strong smell of acid all she got was an even stronger hit of the sweet diaper perfume. “Why doesn’t it smell?” She asked.

Tammy started to giggle, then outright laugh. “Diapers! Nothing in here but diapers! Hah! That was a good one….” She started to wave her arms in the air in front of her. “Flap flap! Flap flap!”

Erin decided it was time to slap some sence into her. She bent over to get close enough, but her skin felt odd. Like there wasn’t enough and it was about to stretch or rip. She stood up straight and tried it again. This time it felt worse. When she tried to straighten up her back wouldn’t cooperate. It stayed in a permanent slight arch forward, as if she had grown a hump. New fear washed over her, “It’s happening in here! We’re turning into babies now!” She pissed herself in fear. She felt some of it rundown her legs,splashing at her feet.

Tammy had stopped flapping her arms, an insane grin on her face. “Nope! Guess again!”

Sara couldn’t take it, “Spit it out Tammy! What is going on? Just let us know!”

Tammy stood up, her back was hunched as well. The skin along the sides of her chest oddly pinched, her breasts looked smaller, flatter. “Listen.” She waited till they all got quiet and started to move her head up and down. The room filled with the little sound of plastic crinkling. A song popped into her head, causing her to giggle again. “What rhymes with tinkle? Now we all crinkle! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Hilarious. We got our wish.”

Erin walked to the door, trying the knob herself. She heard the same noise as she moved. Then one of her feet stuck to the floor. She pulled it up,and yelped when it felt like her toes were stapled to the floor. She dropped down and carefully peeled them away. They had enlarged and seemed flattened. She couldn’t get them apart any more, and one side of them was very sticky. “Tapes?” She said. As soon as the word left her mouth it hit her. “We’re turning into diapers!”

Tammy smiled and started poking at her own rapidly bleaching belly. “Head full of fluff, belly full of mush!”

The short girl dropped to the floor, passed out cold. Her face landed in the puddle. The changes immediately accelerated. They all watched in mute horror as her back skin tightened and bleached. Causing her back to take a soft arch. The designs really stood out now. Then she started to flatten out, her skin pinching like Tammy’s along the side until pinkish leak guards popped free. They heard bones popping as her lags started to shift and change. The skin bleached and they morphed to flat plastic sheets. The stickie toes had folded back and stuck to themselves.

Sara started to freak out, “We need to help her!”

“What the hell do we do?” Willow said. She stepped forwards as if to grab her, then stopped.

The girl started to wake up, moaning as her feet softened and started to change shape. Slowly shrinking back as they took on more of a diaper shape. “Wha? Whas happenin?”. She said when she couldn’t move her face out of the puddle. She ran her tongue over her lips, feeling a smooth cloth like surface instead of skin. “Hewp me!” She screamed. “Hewp!”

No one moved. They didn’t want to touch her, hoping it was touch that caused the changes. They watched as the humanoid diaper wiggled and shook, the voice grew weaker and weaker. Then there was silence. One flap moved, raising up towards the ceiling, then it fluttered dead to the floor.

“She’s a diaper!” Willow whispered. “She got turned into a diaper!” She looked up at everyone, finally seeing all the changes each had gone through already. Her eyes settled on the historical Tammy. “We can’t let this happen! We have to ask for her to stop it!” She looked down at the still diaper again, “I didn’t even know her name!”

Tammy rolled onto her back, surprised at the ease of her movements still. “Pam! her name was Pam! Pampers!”. Her arms and legs were more plastic then flesh now, but she could still move them. She started to move them back and forth, laughing. Her shoulder started to feel hunched, as they watched her head started to flatten and merge with her body. Plastic webbed over and she was suddenly the classic hour glass diaper shape. “Quick! Someone put me in the hot dude pile! I want to feel a nice warm cock one last time.” Erin told her to shut up. “It’s okay if you cum in my mouth you big stud. I can…. I can…… Take it….” The perfectly formed flaps that had been her arms and legs stuck out straight. Then they started to fold in on themselves. They could still see her eyes, could see she was still there. Then the movement stopped. The face faded to dimples in the padding and faded away.

Erin swore, then tried to move herself towards the wall away from the door. But she couldn’t move her lower half. As time passed her back arched more and more, losing the ability to hold her head up. Her head drooped closer and closer to her already changed self. She was stuck staring at her own padded belly. She looked at it, tears in her eyes as her head dipped closer and closer. She heard a question, but decided not to answer. Her nose finally touched her padded body. There was a light crinkle as more weight was added till her head was being lightly cradled in her former body. She felt tingles shooting up her neck to her face. “This is it.” She thought to herself. “I’m a fucking diaper…” Her body seemed to swell a bit, as if taking a breath. Then as it exhaled it didn’t stop at the former thickness, it kept going, and going, and going. Till she was barely an inch thick. She stopped caring at that point. Seconds later she stopped everything.

Willow and Sara looked at each other. There were no words to describe the intense feelings of pain, sorrow, regret, and fear they were both feeling. Then Willow grabbed a diaper from the shelf and started to put it on.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy?”. Sara said. She motioned to the three diapers now laying on the floor. “Do you want to make it faster?”

Willow stuck the tabs on and went into a low squat facing away from her friend. “These things turn people into babies. I’d rather survive then turn into garbage!” She pushed as hard as she could. She could feel her legs getting softer, changing. She hoped she had enough time. One last push and she felt herself lose control. Śhe pulled the diaper away from herself, and happily smelled real pee. She looked up and smiled at Sara. “I think this will work! Grab one and hurry up! You’re already just a padded belly!”

Sara didn’t move, didn’t grab another diaper. She could see Willow was wrong. The diaper she put on was combining with her skin. Turning into more of Willow. She pointed towards it. “Willow! Your stomach!”

Willow looked down, causing the smile to fall from her face. She could already feel the change before it registered. Her own stomach padding was now stained yellow. The diaper she had put on had flopped open. The back side already merged with her ass, the front portion getting pulled into her crotch. “I’m wet!” She screammed in horror. “Wet!” She actually felt the warm pee being drawn into her body.

Sara finally cracked, she could feel her skin getting tighter, her back arching. She walked over to Willow and pushed her to the floor. “You pissed yourself, you actually pissed yourself for real!” She grabbed Willow’s head and rolled it into her belly.

“What are you doing! Stop that! Stop touching me! Gross my face is in the pee! Stop!”

Sara started to whistle, “Momma said you got to roll up dirty diapers, den throw em out!” She felt the remains of Willow’s bones popping and crunching as she kept rolling.

Willow could smell her urine mixed with the diapers perfume. Could taste it before her mouth sealed up forever. “This can’t be the end! This isn’t fair!” She tried to move but it wasn’t possible. The feeling from her body faded just after she felt her own toes opened and attached to herself. She lasted another five minutes before she relaxed and let darkness take her.

Sara could barely move her upper body. But she still had the strength to pick up the clean diapers, fold them up as best she could, and stack them neatly on top of each other. She set the dirty diaper in the middle of the puke, then the clothes as well. She whistled as long as she was able. Then when she found she was flexible enough to fold herself up she set herself to the task of first folding her leg flaps away. She carefully set her leg gathers straight, then watched as her arms tucked away as well. She was lightly crying when she folded her body in half. “I’m so sorry momma. I wish I could tell you I love you.” Something clawed at the edge of her thoughts. She was scared. “I don’t want to die…… I don’t want to…….”

Nadia had stood outside the door the whole time. She had listened to everything, and with the power of the Nanny filling her she had seen it as well. When the last light went out she opened the door and grabbed the pile of diapers. Adding the one off to the side to the top. They were still warm. Especially the used one. She tossed it in her hand, chuckling. “I’m gonna hold onto you Willow. When I get my dick back I’m gonna jerk off in you and take the biggest shit of my life!” She walked back down stairs, laughing most of the way.

Re: Pramphram By: Long_Rifle

Carissa could see outside through a small shuttered window at the peak of the attic. She had hoped to escape to the roof, but everything was nailed shut and she didn’t want to make any noise banging them open. She sat down on an old chair and tried to think her way out of her mess. “I’ve just got to wait. It’s daytime now.” She had looked earlier and could see people outside, walking dogs, and doing regular stuff outside the gated fence. Though the street was to far away for them to hear her if she screamed for help. She was very surprised to see all the cars from the lawn gone as well. And not even a mark from people driving on it. The clothes she had stole from the other person had no pockets. No cash. No weapons. Nothing. She had hoped the cops would have showed up, but they seemed to be uninterested in dozens of people going missing over night.

She looked outside again, “Wait,was that parking lot there before?” It looked like it had been there awhile. Movement in the ground drew her attention to the side. As she watched a large sign grew out. Taller and taller. As it reached twenty feet the pole stopped growing and writing appeared on the sign. “Prampharm daycare. Diapering yesterday’s babies today!” Carissa sat back down and thought that over. It fit the whole diapered adult theme. But who the hell would even show up. She was mulling over what to do when she heard a car door slam. She shot to the window and watched as a couple got out, then opened a rear door and forced two older teens out. She couldn’t tell how old they were, but Carissa was sure they had been at the party last night. “Must have left early….” They walked them inside. Then as Carissa watched the car slowly started to sink into the ground. In minutes it was gone. The lot looked like nothing had happened. “But what about the parents?” She had the answer before she finished. “No witnesses.”

Over a period of hours she watched as more cars arrived. Sometimes families got out, other times just one or two people. Men, women, and even a few pets. All of them went in, none came out. “Where the hell are they all coming from? Did this place run an ad?” Another thirty minutes and she got the pattern. Any car that drove past would instantly turn in. Even a cop car entered as she watched. The female officer got out of her car, pulled a large police dog out of the back of the cruiser and walked in.

Carissa knew she had to make a choice. “I’ve got to get out of here, I’ve got to warn everyone! They need to set up barricades, burn the house down, anything!” She was sure it was past noon when she got a clue on how to escape. A daycare worker appeared, followed by several diapered adults. They all toddled out together to a play area. Carissa watched and calculated what she was willing to do to escape. A few of the adult babies were naked except for their diapers. One had slipped out of even that and was running naked in circles. Carissa made her choice.

Since she had first escaped to the attic she had spent time searching it. Most of the area was empty, but she hadn’t really been looking for items, she had been looking for a way out. She had located three more trap doors, and one staircase. After thinking it over she decided on going back down into the diaper storage room. “I’ve already been there so I know what to expect, plus I need a diaper anyways.” She carefully pulled the wood panel away, then leaned in and pulled the ceiling tile away. Perfumed diaper assaulted her nose. “Shit! That wasn’t anywhere near that strong before.” She waited a few minutes, but when nothing happened she carefully lowered herself through the holes. She left the wood panel open, but replaced the ceiling tile, “Just in case.” She thought.

When she landed on the floor she stood still, waiting to see if it was a trap. Ready to go down fighting. But no one entered. Finally with a deep breath she started to get naked. The borrowed clothes fell away easily, and were hid behind a closed box on the bottom shelf just off the floor. “Might need those again too.” Next came the hard part. She didn’t know what would happen when she diapered herself. If she was right, nothing. “If I’m wrong I guess it won’t matter for long….” She noticed the stacks of diapers now had labels. The sizes, age range, and some of them on the top shelf had sets of letters assigned at the end.

Carissa stayed away from those, anything different had to be bad. She picked one sized for her weight range, and classified as toddler. When she compared it to others it definitely was thinner. She saw a row of Pull-On trainers as well. She was tempted. “Better then a diaper…. But they might expect more trouble too. Best to stick with the pampers…” She laid down on the floor and grimaced when the carpet felt moist. She thought back to the girls she had left behind. She thought it might be pee. But when she smelled it, all she got was more perfume. “Weird….” She got back down and pulled the diaper under her butt. The plastic cover crinkled as she put her weight on it, then made even more noise as she pulled it over herself and taped it closed. As soon as the last tape was on she closed her eyes and waited. Then waited longer. Then waited even more.

She cracked her eyes open, finally ready to believe she had finally done something right. “Now to get the hell out of here.” She didn’t know what she was about to walk into, but she knew there was only one way out. And she was going to do whatever she had to do. She tested the door knob. It opened silently, then pushed the door open a crack. Just enough to see out into the hallway. She could see the doors were mostly open, and there was soft music playing. The side she could see down had no uniformed helpers, but plenty of diapered people wandering around. “More luck….” She whispered. Then hoping she wasn’t about to make a mistake she pushed the door open and crawled out.

The smell hit her first. A combination of sweat, sour milk, and wet diaper. And it was a bit warm. Warm enough that she was comfortable naked. She made a small circle, checking that nothing with a mind had seen her, then she closed the door and stood up. She used the wall for support just in case someone turned the corner. Carissa was still standing with her hands on the wall when another diaper wearing adult toddled towards her.

He looked at her with a blank stare on his face. Carissa thought it was as if he was looking through her, to some spot behind her. Drool ran from his mouth as he constantly stuck his tongue out. Carissa worked up a mouthful of spit and let it run down her chin, putting on what she hoped was a vapid grin as well. The diaper he wore was sagging, partially supported by the massive erection he had. She could see the plastic darkened by the engorged head poking against it. As he walked past the odor of wet diaper overcame all other smells. The smell reminded her that she had been locked in an attic for several hours without a bathroom. She had to pee, but when she tried to use her diaper nothing happened. “Fucking toilet training…” She thought.

Carissa squatted down on the floor. Then tried to relax. For good measure she stuck her thumb in her mouth, picked a spot on a far wall and zoned out. “Relax…. Relax…… You’re in the woods…. On a really short toilet……” Just as she felt a trickle escape she heard footsteps behind her. She really let the drool flow, and started to pick her nose.

“This is illegal man! You can’t do this to me! I’m old enough to fucking vote yo! Hey, I said let go bitch!” There was the sound of feet dragging, and the man who owned the voice was dragged in front of her. She kept staring at the wall, letting her bladder trickle out, acting like she didn’t notice him. But he noticed her, “What the fuck is wrong with that chick? Is she in a diaper? It looks like she’s shiting herself like that! Fuck this shit!”

A female voice filled with with dry uncaring confidence answered. “She’s in a diaper. Babies generally use them for that purpose. Don’t worry you’ll be very used to that soon. I can’t wait to see you all diapered up.” Carissa stole a quick glace at the pair. The man was old enough to need a shave, and was very muscular. Carissa felt herself warm to the idea of seeing him naked as well. Her nipples hardened and her cheeks flushed. She looked away before she got caught. “I wonder if you’ll be allowed to toddle, or maybe you’ll be a crawler.” The woman seemed to take pleasure in her prodding him. She pulled his face to hers, licking him wetly. “Or maybe I can set you down in the infant room. You know when the cool air hits their pricks they get all excited. I hear the workers there get to ride them all they want. But sometimes they get tinkled on….” She kissed him and dragged him further. She reached a door only six feet away and took him in. As soon as they entered it all sound from his struggle stopped. As if instantly muted. Even with the door still open Carissa couldn’t hear a sound out of it. At any other time she would have checked out what had happened but not here, not now. Her bladder finally felt empty enough for her to be comfortable anyway, so she decided it was time to move.

She walked herself to her feet using the wall for support again. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to toddle like the others she had seen, but the diaper was now thicker, causing her to waddle just like the mental babies. The wet diaper also rubbed her differently now. Scratching an itch she hadn’t thought about since this whole thing had started. “Not now…. Not here….” But every step kept the pressure up. Her nipples were soon hard again, and her face flush as well. “Now I know why that guy was raging in his diaper. This is just horrible.”

She had been horny before. Just never naked, in public, in a diaper horny before. She could control herself, it was just embarrassing when other people looked at her. As bad as she had it, she was learning quickly it could be worse. Each time she passed a room she did her best to glance inside. “This place is set up like some kind of twisted daycare. But it’s not just taking care of babies, it’s making them.” One room was full of cribs. Attendants walked among them, carefully checking diaper conditions, or inserting fallen pacifiers. Carissa swallowed and kept moving. Her toddle was slow. She tended to look around a lot, something she remembered seeing real babies do.

Another door held just one person. A man, suspended in a giant baby bouncer. His feet just barely able to touch the floor. He was diapered, but there was liquid pooling out of it onto the floor under him. He seemed to still have his adult mind, and was screaming and gesturing wildly. Carissa marveled that the door was open, and she couldn’t hear a thing. She crawled close to the frame and swung her head inside. The rank odor of soiled diaper hit her nose, his screams her ears. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll do what you want! I’ll be Nadia again, just take this away! I’m burning up, my skin is coming off! You can’t leave me in this diaper! It burns!”

Carissa pulled her head back, she took in several breaths of fresh air, and started crawling again. “Can’t help him. He’s already marked. He’ll have to hang until I get help.” Several rooms later she was more scared then ever. “This is crazy. This place has to be stopped. You can’t do this to people.” Her own diaper was starting to feel cold and itch. Plus the wet padding was breaking up and clumping. Her legs hurt from being forced to walk toes in, and her knees were scuffed from when she crawled. The sound of metal tinkling brought her out of her misery. She almost turned to look, then did when she heard a bark.

The female police officer was walking her dog down the hall. Right towards her. Carissa felt her heart lift and a smile of hope came to her face. She would have been instantly busted if the worker walking with the officer wasn’t paying more attention to the cop then her. Carissa caught herself quickly. Putting the dumb grin on her face, and squatting back down to rewarm her pants. She wasn’t going anywhere, if this officer needed evidence or help she would be ready.

The cop looked pissed. “I don’t care what that computer said. I’m an officer of the law. I can bring this dog in here! I don’t have to wait in some room!”

The worker put his hands up. “We have policies. We need to secure the children, then you can do your search.” In example he pointed right at Carissa. “What if she bites the dog, or grabs his tail! Will you pay the lawsuit!”

The cop heeled the dog and put her finger in his face. “Rocky would never harm anyone. I don’t care what you say, something stinks, and its not just the tards!”

The worker was starting to look pissed off as well. “You will go to your room now! Discussion over!” He turned and started to walk away. Carissa thought everything was over, then the cop grabbed him.

“I don’t take orders from a fucking drop out! If you don’t call your manager, your real manager or the owner I’ll arrest every single one of you right now!” Carissa almost clapped, but she stopped. Grabbing some of her hair and chewing on it instead.

The worker turned back to her slowly. His face calmer now. As if he had taken a pill, or dozens of them. “You couldn’t listen. You couldn’t follow simple orders. You just had to go to the room and wait. But you just have to show your the boss. That you’re top dog.” The cop sneered, and reached for her cuffs. He set his feet shoulder length apart, took a deep breath and shouted “SIT!!!” To Carissa’s surprise both the dog and the cop sat. The dog’s tail wagged behind in, the cop squatted down, her hands between her feet on the floor. She looked surprised, but she seemed to be having a problem opening her mouth.

Carissa cut off the trickle and started to crawl away. “Things are about to go bad. I don’t need to see this.” She thought. The diaper was heavier now. The balled up padding didn’t soak up as much pee. She could feel a small puddle of piss splashing around inside her diaper. “Gonna need a change soon.”

The sound of the helper followed her. “A good dog listens to its owner. A good dog doesn’t bark unless given permission. A good dog is house broken. Do you understand this? Do I have to spell it out, maybe send you to a trainer? But why wait. I don’t need a trainer. You police dogs are pretty smart. Lets get started.”

The cop was still more pissed off then scared. She didn’t know why this was happening. But when she got up she was going to taze the guy. “I’m gonna fry your balls mister dog whisperer.” She thought, still unable to move her mouth.

Carissa stopped and sat down, her feet splayed out in front of her. She was further away, almost at the turn. She had been about to leave when her curiosity got the better of her. Several other diapered people had stopped as well. Apparently even the feeble minded gawked.

“Now why would a dog wear clothes? A collar is the only thing you need, STRIP!”. The last word was a command. The cop immediately followed it. Her uniform flying off her as she struggled to get herself naked as fast as possible. Her face was now beat red. From anger, not embarrassment. “I see my little pooch is getting red. Must be hot. That’s okay a good dog can pant.” The cops tongue rolled from her mouth as she panted. Now she felt fear. He started to count things off with his fingers, “Dogs don’t sweat, dogs don’t stand up, dogs don’t speak English, or do anything other then bark or growl. UP!!!”.

Both dog and cop stood. On all fours. The woman started to shake now. Something was definitely wrong. “This is impossible. He can’t do this to me!” But she couldn’t stop herself from doing what he told her.

He walked around them, scratching Rockys ass, then her’s. “Well, I see Rocky has his rocks! I wonder what that’s like when he’s around a bitch in heat?” Carissa started to feel really uneasy. She didn’t like where this was going.

The female officer was thinking about biting him when something happened. He had said something about a bitch in heat and her pussy started to quiver. She could actually feel it start to pulse on its own. Then the arousal hit. Her body wanted sex so bad it almost hurt. She started to pant harder just from the lust. She looked from the man to her dog, the urge to mate him struck hard. She felt herself grow moist, actually dripping down her leg. She moved her head more and saw everyone looking at her. The embarrassment was almost enough to shut down her sex drive. Almost.

The man whistled, getting both their attention again. “Of course he’s gonna have problems mating right? I mean a good dog isn’t a woman. A good dog is actually a DOG!!!”

The cops ears stood up when she said that, then she freaked out when she realized her ears were long enough to stand up. “No! I’m not a dog. I’m not a dog! I’m a cop!” She tried to concentrate on that, not on her long tongue hanging from her mouth. Or the feeling of her tail wagging. She looked behind her and whimpered. “I’ve got a tail! A dog tail!” She watched hair spread from it, down her ass, and onto her legs. As it worked down them her legs started to thin and change shape. Her feet lengthening, and thighs changing. The sexual urge grew tenfold when her nose started to itch, she crossed her eyes and saw it had turned black. A she watched it started to get easier and easier to see her nose without trying. “I’m not a dog! I’m not a dog! I’m a cop. I’m a cop!” She lowered her head and closed her eyes as things started to get fuzzy. She remembered being a human, and her family. But it was fragmented, so much so that she couldn’t act on it. Everything she had taught her dog, everything she knew about them overlayed her rational human thoughts. When her eyes opened they were dull brown, and lacking any sign of human thought.

Carissa felt like puking. She watched as the person she had expected to save her was turned into an animal. Almost all the woman was gone. Her chest and breasts were covered in fur and shrinking. Then the male started to smell her ass, causing her tail to shoot straight up. “No……” Carissa rolled onto her Hands and knees and started to crawl away.

The voice of the man faded as she moved away. “Well look at that, I guess you’re not top dog now. Bottom dog is more like it!” His cruel laugh filled the hallway.

Carissa was done messing around, she wasn’t going to wait for a trip outside she was going to get close to the door and bolt. She had picked up speed and was getting careless. “Fuck it. I’ll go out fighting.” She was already heading back towards the front doors when she felt a hand wrap around her and lift her into the air. She started to wiggle and fight. Then stopped when a pacifier was stuck in her mouth.

“I see you’ve gone and used that diaper all up! Why don’t we get you changed before this thing falls off!” The voice was feminine, and sweet. It calmed Carissa down, and the iron grip reminded her she needed to be more careful. Once she was in their grip she wasn’t going anywhere. She relaxed her body and went limp, allowing herself to be carried into one of the rooms. “Now we’ll get you on the table and get you squared away young lady!”

“Stay calm, act dumb. You’ll be fine girl.” Carissa kept that thought rolling through her head as she sucked on the pacifier and forced her eyes not to focus on anything for too long. She tensed up for just an instant when she felt a strap pulled over her, tying her to the table. “Relax. New diaper and you’re out of here.” She told herself. The woman changing her was soon joined by another that was changing a man. He was laid down and immediately tucked his legs up. Carissa copied him quickly. He looked at her and started gibbering at her in baby babble. Carissa didn’t know what to do. Suddenly his attention was pulled away, he lifted his head and started to laugh. Carissa lifted her own head. “What’s so funny?” She wondered.

The other woman had his diaper open, smiling down at his semi erect penis. “I swear, these guys are even worse in diapers then they were before.” She tickled it with her gloved hand, careful to keep the other above it in case he peed.

Carissa’s changer agreed, “But they are so cute like this.” She opened Carissa’s diaper as she spoke. “And who cares, this is better then having them trying to nail us every other hour. My man had so much porn on his computer I had to buy another for the family to use. Wow honey, you’ve got a nice rash going. Hand me the sauce pearl.”

Carissa perked up at this, “What the hell is she talking about?”

“Oh. You’re going there. Is it that bad?” She handed a small jar to her.

“Well it’s not that bad, but they hurt and you know the sauce heals em right up.” The woman said sheepishly.

The other one had the mans diaper off and a new one under him. Before she closed it she gave him a dusting of powder and gave his hairless balls a scratching. She remembered how much her husband had liked that. “You better put one of the thicker diapers on her, you know she’ll be a wet little minx till she gets off enough.”

“Wait… What?!” Carissa raised her head again, just in time to see a glob of something yellowish smeared over her mound. She immediately felt a warm tingle spread over her skin. “Oh shit….” Her nipples were hard again. Her skin flushed.

“Oh you little piss pot. Give me a few minutes before you start that up.” The woman scolded while she spread the sauce over her entire diaper area, focusing most on her vagina, pressing some inside to make sure she had it all covered. She didn’t use any powder before she pulled the diaper up and taped it on. She unlocked the strap and picked her up, Carissa was already biting her lip. Hoping the feeling would stop getting stronger.

The mans diaper change was over. He was back on the floor crawling away. The woman that had changed him was pulling her gloves off. “Why don’t you put her in the vibey seat for a while? That should help her burn off a little bit of the humps.”

Carissa had never felt so horny in her life. But she was still able to listen. “What the hell are the humps?” Seconds later her hips involuntarily started to move, her hands went to her diaper and pressed it in against the movement. “I’m humping my own hands!” Carissa thought in despair learning first hand what the humps were. By the time she was strapped into the vibey seat she didn’t have to worry about drooling, fluid poured out of her lips. Both sets. She madly humped the center strap between her legs. Then the seat was activated. She had enough time to think about her whole body being vibrated before she had an orgasm. She could barely catch her breath before another hit, and another, and another.

The woman that had changed her took off her gloves and smiled down at her. “And there she goes. I’d like to try that stuff some day. It looks fun.”

Her fellow associate frowned, “And then you’d get the whole treatment. Besides, I’d rather eat real food, and not shit my pants.”

“Well there’s a downside to everything I guess.”

Carissa floated in and out of pleasure. She knew exactly where she was, and what she was doing. But the orgasms coming from her diaper were to much. She was beyond thought. I wasn’t until thirty minutes later when the chair powered off that she was able to gather her thoughts. “Wow. That was…. Wow…… Maybe……” She looked down at her diaper, and around the room. Everywhere adults were acting like children. Babies to be exact. They didn’t care about what they looked like, or making money, or even wiping their own asses. There were several more vibey seats, and all but one was occupied by a smiling, drooling adult baby. “This isn’t that bad… I mean what’s the big deal, so what if they treat us like babies, these people are nice!” She flexed her legs and was rewarded with another set of orgasms. “Fuck! They weren’t kidding about the humps!”

The smiling face of her rescuer filled her vision, Carissa gave her a wet giggle. “Well I see you’re a little better now, is that rash all gone?” Carissa giggled again, then flexed her legs, the motion sending her into another mass of sexual pleasure. The woman waited till she was done, then pulled the front of her diaper away. “Yep, looks like that rash is all gone.” She did an exaggerated sniff, “But something else is in there now. My little girl smells like a big girl.” She let the diaper snap back into place. “Time to go outside. Then some food.”

Carissa couldn’t wait to go out. “I’m getting out of here!” She was unclipped from the seat and picked up. The woman carried her with with a hand under her bum, and her legs straddling her body. Every movement caused a ripple of excitement in Carissa. And the woman knew it. About half the class lined up behind another helper. Carissa still being carried by her’s brought up the rear. Every footstep jolted her, every shuffle and pop on her bum caused her to clench in extascy. She could barely concentrate on her plan. She was carried past the front desk and out the doors. She could feel the sun on her bare back, and the wind on her legs. But the orgasms still hadn’t let up. Not until she was plopped onto the grass and she stopped moving did she come to her senses.

“Now you stay right there and enjoy the sun. I’ll come back and get you in a little bit. I need to sort your paperwork.”

That got Carissa’s attention fast. “Well, this was fun, but what happens when they don’t find paperwork. I’m not sticking around to find out.” She rolled over onto her hands and knees and immediately came. She settled her breath and moved her body forward and came again. She sat back on her knees and almost came. Then wiggled to get it over with. “Fuck…. What now?” She knew she had to let it wear off, but didn’t know if she had time. She decided to just keep trying to burn through it. She would crawl forward, cum, rest, and then start again. She wasn’t able to tell how much time passed but she got to the point of being able to make several motions before she popped. “Getting better…” She moaned. Thankful no one was around to hear her. She was getting ready to start again when the woman came back.

“All right. Time to go in missy. We’ll get some food in you, then get you cleaned up and find that chart.” She picked her up and carried her back inside.

After being outside the inside air smelt much different to her. The same nursery wet baby smell, but it seemed more stale. As if the daycare had been open years instead of hours. “That’s what I’ll smell like if I don’t escape soon….” Carissa didn’t have much time to think that over as she was deposited into a high chair and a bowl of baby mush was set in front of her. “That’s way to big! I’ll never finish it all”. She wished she could talk to her friend, she was sure she was too nice to hurt her. But she couldn’t take the chance.

“Now lets see how hungry you are baby!” The woman put a large bib on Carissa, then picked up the spoon. “In we go!”

“Hold on there how about a race?” The helper that had changed the man asked. She set up her own charge, this time a girl that looked younger then Carissa. “Go!”

It almost wasn’t a fair contest. Carissa didn’t like the taste, but she followed directions. When she happened to glance over at the other girl she was shocked to see how much food covered her chest. “Shit! Got to make this messy.” She started by taking the next spoonful and letting it fall from her mouth. Then she started to dodge the spoon, or close her lips when it was halfway in. She laughed when some hit her nose and sprayed food everywhere. Then to top it all off she jammed her hands in the bowl and brought it all to her face. They won. But only by a few spoon fulls.

“Well I guess that’s that. Are you full baby?” The daycare worker kept talking, not expecting an answer. “Here’s dessert.” She stuck a bottle in her mouth and held it there till Carissa took hold of it and started to drain it. It tasted like sweet milk. Then the worker took off the bib and started to wipe her hands off. “We’ll get you all clean and take you up front! Oh yes we will!”

Another woman, older and better dressed had walked in and over heard her talking to Carissa, she looked down her nose at them, “Upfront?”

Carissa’s helper nodded and smiled, “Gonna sort her records, gave her some sauce and I need to make sure they know. Don’t need her hitting hump day to soon, unless the boss wants it ya know.”

“Hump day? What is that all about?” Suddenly the hyper sexual stimulation didn’t sound as good.

The severe woman smiled, her thin lips looking like red thread against a stark boney face. “You’ve just fed her, and she’s on the sauce. Then you’re going to take her up front to see the boss?”

The helper saw the problem. “Dang, shift change, and- oops! No time to clean up!” She started to unlock the tray and pull the girl to her feet. Then she started to pull her forward to the front desk.

“Are you sure you’re not to late you know what happens after they eat, and on the sauce too? She’s gonna stink the whole place up! You know the boss hates that by her station. You’ll be on the sauce next if you don’t hurry!”

Carissa was pulled forward almost at a jog. She could feel the slickness around her slit starting to build from all the movement. But it wasn’t enough any longer to push her over. In no time at all they were in the front and the helper had hurried over towards a central station to do something. Leaving Carissa to stare at her reflection in a large mirror now positioned on the wall. “Is that… Me?” She thought. She put a hand out to touch it. Cool glass met her fingers. Grass stains on her knees and elbows. Her feet filthy, dried food crusted on her chest and matted her hair. There was even some left on her face that the towel hadn’t taken off. “I look like a…. Like I belong here! Like one of those infantile freaks! No wonder they don’t suspect anything I look perfect! I- oh…. OH!”. It almost felt like the humps were coming back full force.

She watched her body move on its own in the mirror, almost detached from what the tart in the window was doing. “It’s not me.” She thought as her graceful dancers legs spread a bit. Her knees bending just slightly. “No. It’s one of the babies. It not me. I’m… I’m…. A… A…ADULT!” Her thumb found her mouth as her pelvis started to rhythmically pump. “No…. ADULT! I A DULT!”. She felt it start then, her anus relaxing. That pleasure was enough to start her into full fledged humps. She watched the person in the mirror lewdly start humping air. A small orgasm pulled her out of her daydream, and back into her diapered body. Another one rolled through as she felt something hard push out, spreading her cheeks slightly. She sighed in pleasure and closed her eyes, waiting for the big ones to start. “A dolt…. I’m pooping in front of everyone like a dolt!” That thought rocked her into another spasm. The mass in her diaper slid out further. She was moaning now. But her thumb masked it. Making it sound like garbled cooing. Another orgasm and her body pushed the mess further, it hit the diaper and tented it out. The feeling was electric, Carissa loved it, she hoped it would never end. She pushed herself this time, and felt her bladder release easily. The warm rush was enough for another round of pleasure. “Dolt! Dolt! A dolt! Humpy, bumpy, humpy!”.


The voice shot through to her core. Carissa’s eyes popped open. Her ears hadn’t lied, there in the mirror she could see the reflection of her mother standing behind her. Even then the humps couldn’t be stopped. “Ugh!”. She said around her thumb. She pulled it out and cleared her throat to speak. Just then the severe woman from before stepped up beside her and patted the tip of the lump in her diaper with her clip board. Carissa’s eyes bulged, her mouth opened in a silent scream, drool ran down her chin. Her body kept on humping air.

“Sorry about that, she should be finished soon. Are you her mother then?”

“Yes, I’m Ms. Muir. I was told to come here at once. That you had found my daughter’s purse.” She looked at the pulsing form of her child. “That’s her! That’s my Carissa! What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s fine, the poor thing is making a BM right now, and she’s kind of excitable you know? You can call me Dr. Willis. I take it this is the first time you’ve seen this behavior in your daughter?” She started taking notes on her clipboard.

Ms. Muir looked at her carefully. She had never seen anything like this at all. She knew she was having sex at her age. But this? She looked at the diaper, she swore it was sagging as if it was wet. She stepped closer and touched it. “She’s wet.”

Carissa concentrated as hard as she could to pull herself out, she couldn’t stop the pleasure but she could contain it as long as she didn’t have any stimulus. “Maaaaa…… Maaaaaa!” She got out. Just as the doctor tapped her diapered lump again. The rest was lost to gurgles and coos. She almost dropped to the floor.

“She’s almost always wet, she loves being in wet diapers. This is all typical. Not as rare as you think. We specialize in this here. That’s why she came. She heard about our program and signed up. Obviously we wanted to contact family to verify her medical history.”

Carissa held her body as steady as she could. Turning the lewd humping into gentle thrusts. She was done pissing. That was good, but her body was still working on the other problem. And it seemed every time she tried to open her mouth that bitch touched it sending her back into sexual extascy. She stayed quiet,waiting for her mother to take charge and get her out of this nightmare.

Her mother finally noticed the tent at the back of the diaper. She gasped, then reached out and gently touched it. So softly that Carissa didn’t feel it. “She’s poopy. She has a poopy diaper….” She sounded like she was in shock.

The doctor grinned, noticed by Carissa but not her mother. “It’s the opinion of the staff here that she is very repressed sexually. As you can see she was offered a choice and she picked toddler. She spent a good deal of her time crawling, even on the lawn outside. She was fed, and then refused to get cleaned up. When we told her you were here she started…. Well…. This….” Carissa’s mother touched the lump again, harder this time, sending little shocks of pleasure through her daughter, causing her to start cooing and humping again. “It’s the last step. Public exhibition. This is her sexual release. She wanted to do this, not just in front of the staff but you as well.”

Carissa started to shake her head. She took a deep breath and got ready to tell the truth. “ThaAT AH AH AH AH. NUH!”. Her explanation was cut short when her mother pushed the lump till it flattened. Her body felt the obstruction go away and pushed. The humps came back with a vengeance. Her mother watched as her grown daughter filled her pants like a baby, her body wildly pumping and thrusting. Drool ran from her mouth. Just when her knees failed her mother scooped her up and rested her on her hip. Just like the helper had done. Impossible for her unless the house was already acting on her body.

Ms. Muir could feel her daughter still humping her hips. Her shoulder grew wet as she kept drooling as well. She turned back to the doctor, “So did she get a space here in the program?”

Carissa was coming back down, now that she was empty she was getting her control back. She freaked out when she saw the reflection of her being held by her mother. Still messy and diapered. “I do look like a big baby!” That thought kept her quiet as she felt her mother start to pat her on her dirty bum.

The doctor nodded, looking solem. “In these cases it’s best to let the patient decide when to stop. This should naturally go away after she’s been babied enough. Would you like to see her room?”

Carisa was stunned, "They’re talking like I’m already a fucking baby! She squeezed her legs against her mothers body. Hoping to give her a signal.

“Doctor, I think she just told me yes. She used to squeeze me with her legs like that as a baby.” She popped Carissa up and flipped her to her other hip. Carissa almost gagged as she felt the mess in her diaper smash even flatter against her. She could feel something move down her crack towards the front. “And can we stop and change her, she really filled this thing up and I don’t want any mess coming out.”

Carissa was ready to tell her the real truth when the helper from earlier walked up behind her mother, smiled gently at Carissa and stuck a pacifier in her mouth. As soon as it was in she turned the ring and something bitter squirt into her mouth from the nipple. The helper and the pacifier was gone before her mother saw anything. Carissa swallowed the bitter substance as it was starting to make her mouth tingle. Then she started to tell her mother what she really wanted. “Gaba da! Da pa. Gooo.” Her entire mouth was going numb. She tried to form words but she didn’t even sound like a toddler any more. Then she noticed her drooling had picked up. She felt so mad. She wanted to scream. She kicked her legs in protest.

The doctor noticed immediately, “I was hoping to get her back to one of the toddler rooms, but we can use this one here real quick.” She motioned to a door marked infant rm two. “Set her on one of the tables there, we’ll get her taken care of.”

Carissa was set down on a high padded table. It wasn’t flat like the previous one, it was curved up a few inches along the sides. “As soon as this diaper is off I’m running!” She thought.

Her mother looked at her daughters face, then took in all the dirt and filth on her body. She stepped back a step and let one of the caregivers start taking care of her diaper. “She really does like this, doesn’t she?” She could occasionally smell her musky excitement over the other smells.

The doctor looked at her watch, “Very much. Honestly now that we’ve talked I understand why she went so far. She’s been holding this in so long. She might have started wanting to wear childish clothes, but every time they use a fantasy they have to change it. To make it better. Another few years and she’d end up swaddling herself in your home, maybe even try bundling. I think we caught her just in time. Though I question her toddler placement.”

Carissa was getting more and more angry. She couldn’t believe the lies. She wanted to just stomp the doctor into the ground, but she wanted a new diaper more. She motioned to her mother, then towards the door. “Leave mom! I don’t want you watching this!”

“Awe she’s so cute!” Ms. Muir gushed. “I can’t believe this cutie pie was in my cranky daughter the whole time.” The worker had everything ready. She untapped the diaper and pulled it open. “Oh…. My……” Her mother gagged as she was overcome. “That’s about right though…” The mess covered everything inside, even caked over her vagina. Carissa’s mother remembered that, getting that clean would be horrible.

The worker didn’t miss a beat. “A few more days and the smell will be better. This is all that big girl food right now. By tonight she’ll be having much softer stools. If we keep her then they will go from large messes like this to several smaller ones everyday. After hump day she won’t even know when she goes. She’ll be our little diaper dandy then!” She used a large baby wipe and hit the front. In only one pass most of the mess was gone. Before she set her butt down she gave the back a good cleaning. Finishing with a light finger tip spin on her sphnicter. “And they do love their wet diapers! Don’t you stinky Crissy?” She gave her snatch a little tickle.

Carissa’s back arched as the motion did what was expected, send her into another orgasm. She tried to hang on through it, “Ghaaaa! haaaaaaa! aaaaaaaaaaa!” Gurgled past her lips. She caught her mothers stare, something in her look was wrong. “She thinks I’m just a stupid baby!” Carissa tried to communicate with just her eyes, but it was impossible with every touch of the wipe sending her into higher levels of arousal. She closed her eyes tight when another wave swept through her. One of her feet tucked up and the heel touched the only bit of mess left on her inner thigh., smearing it across the pad.

“I’ve never seen a girl more into this!” The worker lied. “Why is she in the older group, she should be in here sucking on her little toes! Oh yes you should!” She wiped the mess from her heel, then took care of the smear “They won’t like you doing that in your old room.” She tucked the girls feet and legs up, sprawling then out like a frog. “And she’s so flexible Already! She’d be so happy here after we got her laxed.” She went back to cleaning, making sure to clear out the material still inside her slit.

“Laxed?” Ms. Muir asked.

Dr. Willis answered, “Infants like to chew on everything, their toes included. We find those in that program much happier after we do a reversible procedure to give them that much flexibility. I makes them more relaxed, thus we call it Laxing them.”

Her mother didn’t know what to think. Deep down she knew something about all this was wrong. “I need to get a second opinion. I need to make sure this is all real.” She thought. She couldn’t know it, but as soon as she had gotten the phone call she no longer had any real control over the matter. It was all show for Carissa. But the house couldn’t just let her go along with it, struggle was so much sweeter. She reached out and scraped some food from her daughter’s belly. Her eyes traced down to her now clean crotch. “Did…. Do you shave her? She’s so smooth?” Without thinking about it she ran a hand lightly over it. “There’s nothing, not even stubble!” She lifted one her her legs up, seeing there was no hair anywhere.

“According to her chart she came in like that, she said she had it all lasered off. That little girl look is permanent. That should let you know how much she wants this.”

“I just shaved it! I never lasered it off! That’s your fault!” Carissa screamed in her mind.

The helper cleared her throat. Diaper in hand. “Are we using these, or do you want me to send Kara to get one from her room?”

Dr. Willis clicked her pen closed. “Actually we have a bag for her. Let me go get it.”

“I’m sorry Mam, but I’ve got to check my other babies. Do you mind keeping an eye on her?”

Carissa’s mom nodded, “I hope she hurries, I’d hate for her to make another mess!” When the helper left and she was alone with her daughter she sighed. “I don’t know what to do with you Crissy. This doesn’t seem healthy.” She grabbed another wipe and started to clean some of the stains and food off her body. The house made sure she tarried over her breasts, the food stains on her nipple just would not come off. She started to rub harder. Not thinking about what that would do to an adult.

Carissa couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t tell her mother to stop, and she couldn’t let go of the pad she was frantically grasping or her thumb would be back in her mouth and her fingers on her clit. “Stop mom! You’re not helping!” She felt her nipples perking, sending signals to other places to have fun as well. “No! I’m not letting this happen!” She stared daggers at her mother. The message was clear.

Ms. Muir saw something completely different. “I know you’re upset that your diaper isn’t on. She’ll be right back! Are you that far gone that you don’t know what right back means?”

Carissa wiggled her ass in frustration, it was all she could do. Then she felt something. Something warm started to run down her slit, tickling her as it ran down. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, “It feels sooooo good……” A small pulse of pleasure hit, and she felt something actually squirt out. She picked her head up and looked down at herself. “Ugh! Ugh!” She blurted out. Trying to get her mother to look. “Geez….” Her hips started to move on their own. “Look what you’re doing to me! Stop…… Stop….”

Her mother finally noticed. “On dear, you’re going potty aren’t you?” She moved towards that end, looking frantically around her for something to cover her before it was to late. The musky smell hit her as she found a small drawer with some hand towels and a few jars of baby cream. “Is that?” She smelled again. Sure of it. “Oh….” Now it was Ms. Muir’s time to blush. She looked all around the room, hoping to see someone free. All the helpers were busy. She looked down again, finally noticing her daughters clenched hands. “Oh baby. You really do want this don’t you.” She peeled one of her hands free, it immediately shot a thumb into her mouth. Carissa moaned in horror.

Her mother heard something else. The house had decided it was time to get it moving along. Sensing Carissa was starting to ignore being stared at. “Honestly. You can’t keep living a lie Crissy!” The name was from childhood. “You told me to stop calling you that. That you were to big for it. Well now we know the truth.” She snapped on gloves. And picked up a jar of cream. Getting a good dollop of it on her fingers. “Well maybe a few weeks of this will take care of your little fetish.” She smeared her fingers over her dripping sex. Then started to work it in.

The warm tingle started immediately. Carissa knew exactly what had just happened. She picked her head up again and saw the familiar yellow jell. Her body twitched as she felt hormones race through her body. Fear released adrenaline that heightened everything. She almost felt like she was sucking the skin off the thumb in her mouth.

“What’s the matter baby? Are you ready for squirts again?” Her mother tickled her, thinking that was what she wanted. Her voice took on a mocking tone. “Come on baby! Give mommy a squirt! You can do it!” She got a little more cream on her finger and slid it over her clit, then used her other hand to spread her open and put a generous coating inside. “When your done mommy will clean her baby up.”

Carissa’s other hand came free and she started to touch herself. When that didn’t work she pushed hard against her crotch and moved it back and forth. She wiggled her body and heaved her chest at her mother. “Leeeeeave! Get oooout of herrrre mommmmmm!” Ran once through her thoughts before she felt her control break. She couldn’t even close her eyes as she came, squirting her mothers hand. She had a second to process her mother’s delighted smiled before she came again.

“That’s a good girl! A good baby! Make squirts for mommy!” She laughed as her own flesh and blood writhed on the table, unable to stop herself. “Make squirts baby Crissy!”

The doctor choose that moment to come back. She plopped a large pink bag down on a nearby table. She gave Carissa a quick look and smiled. “I see you two are getting along. I was worried, sometimes it doesn’t go over well. Here,” She reached into the bag and pulled a diaper out. “This is a small four pack sample. If you want to take her home for a day or two you’ll need more of these, but we can use this one now.” The doctor moved in to diaper her, but Ms. Muir pulled the diaper from her hand.

“I can take care of this. I did it for almost three years.” She slid it under Carissa’s butt, then started to tape it up. When she was done she pulled her gloves off and started smacking Carissa on her diapered mound. Her hips started to hump it time with the smacks. “I just can’t believe this. She’s just a little pee pee machine!”

Dr. Willis checked her watch. “Well then you’ve decided? I mean she already signed in and it’s legal, but we like the backup of a parent, especially in this situation.”

“Of course, what Crissy wants she can have. I just wish she would have picked a bit younger. It looks like she’s a messy toddler.” The comment drove Carissa’s adled mind further into ecstasy. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

The doctor nodded, “As her guardian you can move her. Do you want her dropped?”

Carissa’s mother nodded. “Yes! I can’t wait to see her munching those little toes of hers!”

Dr. Walker pushed her towards the door. You’ll need to go fill out some, forms. I’m going to do a quick pre-sort check. You should be back before its over." She waited several seconds till Ms. Muir was out of hearing then turned back to Carissa. “Lets talk Crissy.”

Instantly the feelings stopped. It was as if her sex drive was shut off. Even her mouth felt better. She tried to get up but found her body couldn’t move. “What the hell is this about, why torture all these people? Why the hell are you bringing my mom into this shit?”

“Its hard to describe really. But I do this because I can. The contact sets up the rules, then I change them to suit. This is my first time doing this, but I may do it again. If of course the next contact has a larval stage such as yours.” She traced the outline of the diaper with a sharp finger nail. “And it’s hardly torture. A little stress, and then nothing. Most of these…… things don’t even know their names anymore. But you and Tara are special. You’re the ones that helped me succeed. I always reward the ones that help the most. You let me win the game.”

Carissa was so angry she wanted to choke the bitch. “This isn’t a game. This is sick! Let us go! The cops will find out, you’ll get caught!”

The woman cackled. “You have no idea.” She set a hand on Carissa’s head.

Carissa was nowhere, and everywhere. She felt the cold of space. The empty sea of eons sleeping. The joy of discovery, and the pleasure in destruction. Billions of years, trillions of lives. Everything lost. Nothing to fear but the wait between. She didn’t feel the hand come off her head. But suddenly she was blinking back tears, back in her body. She looked at the woman, not understanding what she was, but knowing enough. “Monster!”

“And yet I give so much when I feel I should.” She held up a doll and set it in her arms. “Little Tara here has been so lonely. I’m glad you two can stay together here.”

Carissa was shocked, the thing looked just like her friend. “She made it out! She’s safe!”

The thing just looked down at her, an impassive look on it’s face. “Obviously not. I’d like to stick around and chat, but I’m busy clearing the board. But don’t worry, when I’m all done I’ll leave everything in this town the same. You’ll never know the difference really. But little Nadia did give me an idea. When you’re done with those four samples I’m going to stock a few warehouses with some more. About seven billion more. And I’m going to make sure you enjoy filling every single one before the end.”. Without another word it turned and left. Like someone hitting a switch Carissa’s body was on fire again.

Her mother returned, trailed by the woman that had helped her in the toddler room. She had an envelope of papers in her hands and a small sample bag of baby toys and formula samples to try at home. When she got close enough to Carissa she gave her a hug. “They say I can take you home soon! Overnight even. And I can be here for hump day!” She turned her attention to the attendant, so how long till I get that call?"

“It can very. Sometimes a week, sometimes a few months. I think Crissy will be around a week. Once she shows the humps every time she messes regardless of dose we’ll bring you in. You’ll love the look in her eyes as she goes over the hump. They’re never the same after that. So precious, little angels really. Plus we’re going to lax her right now. Once we do that she’ll be much more manageable. She won’t have very much control over her body till it’s reversed.”

Her mother giggled, she stroked Carissa’s hair, “If it’s reversed. If I’m in charge, then I decide when she’s ready right?”

The worker nodded, a large syringe in her hands. “Of course.” She extended the needle to Ms. Muir. “Do you want the honors? Put it in her thigh muscle and give it a push.”

“Thank you, this is wonderful.” She inserted the needle into Carissa’s leg and looked in her eyes. She mistook their dull look as total release of responsibility. “Thank you Crissy! So many parents get to see their babies grow up and leave, but after this I’ll have my little baby Crissy forever!” She pushed the plunger in.

Carissa felt warmth flood her. But not sexual in nature. She was still in the throes of the humps when her humping became less defined and sloppy. Her mouth slackened and her eyes dilated. Everything was blurry. But she kept on cumming. Her tendons slackened, muscles turned to fat. But the odd ointment kept pushing her on.

Her mother couldn’t believe how much her daughter loved the whole treatment. She seemed to really fall into it. “I bet she’d love to breast feed! Can I do that?”

The worker took the syringe back, “Of course. Part of Laxing her is her loosing those teeth of hers. But I’d wait till they’re all out. Shouldn’t be longer then next week.”

“I can’t wait!” Carissa’s mother hung out almost an entire hour. Carissa was finally off the humps and was trying to communicate with her mother. But after getting Laxed there was little she could do but giggle, cry, or suck her toes. Which her mother kept jamming in her mouth. “You look so cute like that.” Carissa tried to concentrate long enough to say something. Her mother took it as another sign. “Oh look at you! I remember that look. That used to be your ‘I’m going to tell you why I’m so smart’ look. But now that’s more of a ‘I gotta go poopies’ look isn’t it?” She held her up and turned her towards a mirror.

Carissa saw her reflection, and her look did look very grown up. She tried to say something, anything, but ended up biting her own tongue. “Waaaaaaaaaaa”. She started to wail. The pain seemed to much for such a small bite. But she could taste blood. Then she felt something hard in her mouth. She barely spit it up.

Her mother caught it, “Wow! Your first big girl tooth! I’m going to put this with all your baby teeth! I hope I can get most of them. I’ll let the doc know.”. Carissa started to comcentrate again. She knew she didn’t have much time left. By the next day she might be to far gone. “Come on Crissy! Make that poopy for me! Get it all out for mommy!”

“I’m not pooping mom!” Carissa wanted to scream. But then she felt her body react on it’s own. “No! Not now!” The humps came on again as she felt herself loss control.

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Fantastic! I’m loving this! Well done.


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Her mother heard the wet squelch as a mess was deposited into Carissa’s diaper. “Good girl! Mommy is so proud!” She set her down on the padded table. Then stood up and stretched. The smell had already hit her. “Well I’m going to go home honey. Get your room already. Got to let the twins know too. And I’m not to keen on changing you till you’ve gone through all that big girl mess of yours.” She waited till one of the helpers was near and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Enjoy yourself Crissy. You’ve got plenty of time to relax now!” She saw the doll laying on the floor and picked it up. Laying it carefully in her grasp. “That thing looks just like your friend Tara. I guess this version won’t be doing anything to hold you back. Though you can’t go back any farther anyways huh?”

The nearby worker laughed, “I wouldn’t say that. Let me show you something.” She guided her out of the room.

Carissa didn’t like the sound of that. She gave the Tara doll a shake, then flipped it over. She was looking for her tramp stamp. It was there, still misspelled from the drunk hick that gave it to her. Carissa started to cry. Even the constant state of arousal couldn’t cut through it. She found the doll’s button and managed to push it.

“I’m not a dolly!” It said. She pressed again, “I’m not a dolly!” Again,“Carissa, save me!” She stopped hitting it then. Another worker picked her up and set her in a low cot. She didn’t have the energy left to move from it. She looked at the doll again, before letting it drop from her hands to the floor. “Sorry Tara, I can’t even save myself.”


Well looks like I needed one more reserve after all. I hope you guys enjoyed this little story. I enjoyed it so much I’m thinking of having it actually turned into a bound book for my book shelf….

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Wow :slight_smile: