Potty Training


Potty Training was a short story written to support an image I created from comments made on another forum. It was a “what if” you got caught urinating in someone’s garden. This was my version of that “what if”.



Potty Training begins when John’s aunt catches him using her garden as a bathroom. He’s there for Fall to help clear some of the foliage that is overgrowing the nearly three acres his aunt owns. He was right near the fence at the back when the urge to potty came over him and he wasn’t about to walk all the way back to the house. He should have.


When John’s aunt caught him urinating in her garden she was furious, warning him that he’d better never, ever do that again. Outwordly John seemed attentive and remoresful. Inwardly John, as he often did, ignored his aunt’s raving.

That was unfortunate for John, because his aunt never gave a second warning, so when she caught him doing it again there was silance this time. He’d thought he won a sort of victory given his slightly sarcastic remark that he didn’t always have control over nature’s calling.

That too was unfortunate because it was that remark that set the stage for what happened that following day. John, as usual rose just after his aunt and, as usual, was dressed and ready to go outside. Only she stopped him, saying not yet as she told him to follow her to her room. He did so curiously.

His questions on why were not yet asked, but answered in an instant when he saw the changing pad, diaper and pair of plastic panties neatly arrayed on her bed. John, she noted, would be wearing those from now on since he didn’t always have control over nature’s calling. At least this way, she added, her garden was protected and looking on the bright side it wouldn’t matter when nature called.

John, not one to panic, thought she was kidding at first. Another warning but this time done to make her point. She had and John promised he’d use the bathroom from now on. Only it wasn’t just another a warning as told him to remove his jeans. He’d had two warnings she said as she slipped a rubber glove over her right hand.

John’s jeans and shorts were on the floor as he sat over the diaper before laying back. He closed his eyes when his aunt twisted the baby powder open and a second later it was clear why one hand had a glove on it. He felt the tug of the diaper under him then the softness of the cotton slipping over his hips as she brought it up and over. It was soft and grew snug when she pinned it closed, but then loose again just slightly when he brought his feet up for the plastic pants.

Those plastic panties were tinted pink she said because he was less lightly to pull his jeans open in the yard wearing pink, and there was no doubt of that John thought as his aunt allowed him to stand for his jeans again. Those jeans were far more snug than they had been as John struggled to close the zipper and top button.

She noted one more thing when John was dressed again. She didn’t want him developing a diaper rash so she didn’t want him in a diaper that was wet for too long. That was why she wanted him to come to the patio door on occation and show her that he was still dry, or not.

She would be ironing in the family room so he didn’t even have to come inside. In fact, since he was use to exposing himself outside, she wanted him on the other side of the door when he showed her his diaper and baby pants. Of course if he was wet that was a different story and she smiled.

John struggled that morning and lasted almost till nine before he couldn’t hold it back any longer. He had already been “checked” twice that morning with each time a kind of humiliating ritual as he stood at the door to show his aunt he was dry. This time John stood at the doorway without opening his jeans and his aunt nodded her understanding as she opened the door.

There were four diaper changes that day and three the next. John was able to hold himself enough for only two diaper changes that third day and his aunt complemented him. She was sure, his aunt noted, that before too long, John would be wearing big boy pants again.

Meanwhile, his aunt also noted, a few more days in diapers wasn’t going to hurt. It was then, right then as his aunt twisted away to pick up the baby powder that John smiled. John didn’t think a few more days in those soft cotton diapers and nosiy pink baby pants was going to hurt either.

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I would say cute story.

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And I would hug you if you did! Oh, and I’d also say thank you.

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