Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now" By: Lizzie

Potty Problems Part Two.

Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now”: Chapter 1

Melissa Winters snuggled up in bed with her teddy bear and the remote control. She turned down the volume on Letterman and hit the sleep timer option so that the TV would shut itself off in an hour. Melissa would be sound asleep well before that. Recently she’d be so busy at work that she could barely make it through Letterman’s monolog before falling asleep.

Melissa had taken a Job in Manhattan as an administrative assistant at an Internet Startup. The company had a website which was designed to help people find great deals on airline tickets and hotel fares. Tonight she would sleep well; it was a rainy Friday in the city, not a night that she wanted to be out in. Melissa decided to head home after a few happy hour drinks with some friends from the office. After arriving home she showered, slipped on a pair of GoodNites, and jumped into bed to watch TV before falling asleep.

Melissa didn’t always wear GoodNites to bed, but tonight she thought she may need one. She had become mostly dry at night in her early teens. She did wear Pampers at night until she was 14 as she would still occasionally have night-time accidents. Years of being diapered at night had also built up a dependency for Melissa, she had trouble sleeping if she wasn’t wearing a diaper. The comfort and security the diapers provided would take longer for Melissa to outgrow than the bedwetting.

By 15 she was dry almost every night, the random bedwetting only occurred when she was sick or getting her period…(or when she had had a few alcoholic beverages as she found in her later teens and college years). By 16 Melissa had out grown the largest size Pampers. She could still get them on, but they were tight and uncomfortable at the waist. Pull-Ups had just become popular around that time. They fit better than the Pampers, but not by much. GoodNites hit the market a few years later and Melissa fit into those just fine. As the product developed and became better, so did the sizing.

As Melissa grew up and became independent, the subject of her bedwetting had passed into quiet family history. It was rarely spoken of and Melissa managed to get through college with nothing more than the use of an occasional Pull-Up after parties involving excessive drinking.

One time during her college years, she had gone home with a boyfriend after a few too many drinks and wet his bed in her sleep. Surprisingly enough her boyfriend woke up before she did and began apologizing to her profusely. The couple had slept in the nude, and he had believed that he was responsible for wetting the bed. As it turned out, the boy had also been a bedwetter when he was younger. He suffered from the same alcohol induced night wetting that Melissa had. Melissa however did not tell the boyfriend of her own bedwetting issues. At the time she hadn’t completely decided if he was “the one”.

Melissa felt that having her boyfriend believe that he was the midnight wetter worked to her advantage. The relationship didn’t last. Melissa had a few other short lived relationships in college before finally deciding near graduation that finding a job and developing a career were more important than her love life for the time being.

After a summer of traveling around the country with friends, Melissa settled back on the East coast and landed her current Job. She didn’t like the idea of being an administrative assistant after four years of college, but knew this was temporary. She hoped to be able to move into a position in the Marketing department as soon as something was available.

Melissa set the remote on her bedside table and turned out the light. The glow from the TV filled the room. She looked beneath the covers at her GoodNite and smiled, turning slightly on her side she gently rubbed the curve of her behind, feeling the soft lining of her goodnight and grinning. The GoodNites were comfortable, but they were not the thick soft diapers of her youth, Melissa missed the crinkly sound her Pampers would make when she wiggled her bottom in bed. On occasion, she thought of buying some thicker adult diapers instead of the GoodNites, but had always chickened out before doing so. Melissa closed her eyes, smiled and drifted off to sleep.

Timmy closed his eyes and smiled as he snuggled close to Linda on the couch. He had just told her about his new experience while wearing his diaper, he had told Linda about how he now knew why he would become enlarged down below and had figured out how fun it could be.

Linda had been conflicted about discussing Timmy’s new feelings, part of her knew that she shouldn’t be encouraging him to talk about such things, but Linda had curiosity about her own desires too. She had discovered how to achieve the ultimate pleasure while wearing a diaper, now Timmy had made that discovery and Linda wondered what it was like for a boy. She knew that it was wrong, but her curiosity had gotten the best of her.

That night as she babysat for Timmy, Linda had brought over a new supply of Pampers for Timmy to play with. Shortly after Timmy’s parents had left for the evening, Linda diapered Timmy, she grinned from ear to ear at Timmy’s obvious excitement. Later that evening after Timmy had told Linda about his new discovery, Linda pulled the diapered boy close beside her on the couch. She gently began to rub the front of Timmy’s Pamper; soon afterward Timmy moaned and twitched with pleasure as he erupted into his diaper. Linda smiled at her ability to do this to Timmy. She hugged him and held him close as he smiled and fell asleep in her embrace.

Timmy awoke with a start, he found himself lying on his couch with the TV on. It was late, well after midnight. Timmy grabbed the remote and switched off the TV; he picked up the empty beer bottle and walked into his kitchen. The apartment was small, but it was all he needed for now. Timmy, or Tim as he was now called, had signed the lease six months ago after landing a new job at a reputable publishing company in New York City. He was an editor’s assistant for now but hoped to move up the ladder quickly.

The dream had felt real, perhaps because the events in the dream had actually happened years ago when he was a boy. Linda, his favorite and only babysitter had taught him about masturbation, and had helped him to indulge his diaper fetish. In his late teens, Tim had discovered the world of Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers on the then expanding internet. He had become a regular visitor of a diaper chat room he had found, and was so thrilled to discover that he was not alone in his desires.

Tim had long since outgrown the Pampers he had enjoyed in his childhood. Recently he had driven well outside of the city to purchase a supply of Attends adult diapers. He was nervous, but filled with excitement after he successfully completed his purchase. Tim would diaper himself at bedtime at least two or three nights a week. He enjoyed wetting his diapers, and on occasion would even mess in them, however he didn’t enjoy the smell or the clean up involved with messy diapers so most of the time he would only wet.

After brushing his teeth and drinking a glass of water, Tim retrieved a diaper from the bag of Attends in the back of his closet; he smiled with excitement as he jumped into bed and prepared to diaper himself.

Linda lay in bed; light from the New York skyline crept in through the blinds and danced on her lovers bare shoulders. Linda cuddled up beside her girlfriend; both girls were diapered and happy. Linda stroked her girlfriend’s hair as her lover slept. With her other hand she gently reached between her lover’s legs to feel the girl’s diaper. It was soaked. Linda smiled; her own diaper was warm, wet, and squishy.

Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now”: Chapter 2

Tim lay in bed, secure in his diaper. He closed his eyes and smiled; his erection pressed into the soft lining of the diaper and filled him with excitement. He reached beneath the covers and began to massage himself through the diaper. Tim smiled and let out a soft sigh, his pleasure was building; he desperately wanted to bring himself to orgasm but eventually slowed the pace of his rubbing and stopped. Tim knew if he finished, the pleasure would subside, and he would feel shame, embarrassment, and a strong need to remove his diaper immediately and clean himself up. Tim wanted to wear the diaper all night and wet it; he would enjoy it in the morning after wetting it at least twice during the night. He would have to wake up to wet the diaper as he could not wet in his sleep.

Tim couldn’t explain why he felt shame and embarrassment after ejaculating in his diaper. It was almost as if someone had flipped a switch and turned off his fetish. It would happen almost immediately after he felt his orgasm subside, and it had always happened, ever since his first “diapergasm” as he liked to think of them. Tim had accepted his fetish and was determined to get beyond the shame, but tonight he knew that he was not ready to climax and leave the diaper on. Tim needed encouragement, perhaps that’s why he had dreamed of Linda after falling asleep on the couch.

Way back in his childhood on that night when Linda had rubbed the front of his diaper bringing him to a diapergasm, he had remained diapered afterwards and even fallen asleep in Linda’s embrace. She made him feel safe and loved. “That’s what I need” Tim thought to himself.

Tim’s mind wandered once again to his childhood. Linda had helped Tim as a child to accept his love of diapers; she had even tried to let Tim wear diapers with Melissa while babysitting one night. It hadn’t gone well, and ended in embarrassment for him.

It had happened during a complicated babysitting situation. Oliver, Melissa’s brother was injured while riding his bike; he had broken his arm and damaged his right eye. The arm needed to be set and the eye needed emergency surgery to repair the damage. Oliver was taken to the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Winters did not want little Melissa to have to wait in the waiting room for hours while Oliver was in Surgery, they needed a babysitter.

Unfortunately, Linda had already committed to babysitting for Timmy that night and the Winters were unable to find a sitter for Melissa at short notice. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson couldn’t cancel their plans at short notice so they suggested that Timmy go to the Winters’ house for the evening so that Linda could watch both Melissa and Timmy.

That night, while diapering Melissa for bedtime, Linda whispered something in the girls’ ear. Melissa giggled and nodded at Linda. Shortly afterwards Linda called Timmy into the bathroom. Tim remembered as if it were yesterday.

“Timmy” Linda said. “It’s going to be a late night, no one is in the house but you, me, and Melissa” She said.

“I know you and Melissa are both worried about Oliver…but he’s going to be fine, I’m sure of it.” She told Timmy, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Timmy, if you want to wear a diaper tonight…to help you relax and take your mind off of it…I’ll put one on you” Linda said, giving Timmy a smile.

Timmy immediately forgot about Oliver, he was surprised by Linda’s suggestion. “What about Melissa?” Timmy asked. “She’ll see me…She…She’ll find out that I…that I like to wear diapers?” Timmy stammered nervously.

Linda gave him a hug. “Shhhh…don’t worry baby” she whispered softly in his ear. “Melissa knows about your secret…and she has made a pinky swear with me to never tell anyone” Linda told him.

“You told her about my diapers?” Timmy practically shouted. “Why! How could you!” He whispered angrily.

“Timmy, control yourself!” Linda said sternly. “Melissa has had a crush on you for a long time, and she has been embarrassed by you and Oliver about her diapers and accidents on more than one occasion.” Linda explained in a commanding tone.

“Even after all of the pranks you and Oliver have played on her, Melissa still talks about you as the nicest boy she knows, she cares about you Timmy!” Linda continued.

“I told her about your secret one night when she was in tears about her own bedwetting.” Linda explained.

“She thought you would never care about her because she had to wear diapers.” Linda said. “I told her about your love of diapers to cheer her up…and she promised to never tell anyone about it.”

Timmy was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to say.

Linda put both hands on his shoulders and looked him in his eyes. “Timmy Melissa is sad tonight, and you wearing a diaper with her, and showing her that you are the nice boy she believes you are…maybe playing with her and her dolls rather than watching TV…that might help her out as well as you”

Timmy was quite for a moment as he thought about it. His strong desire to wear diapers was winning out over any embarrassment he felt…after all, Linda had already told Melissa about his love of diapers, “How much worse could it be?” he thought to himself.

“Ok” Timmy said softly.

Linda smiled, “Ok sweetie, take off your pants and undies and lay down on the floor”

Timmy did as he was told and moments later Linda was pulling a Pamper up between his legs over his embarrassing enlargement and fastening the tapes securely at his waist. Timmy changed into the PJs he had brought. The winters didn’t know how late they would be returning and had offered to let Timmy spend the night. Timmy’s parents had agreed.

“Ok sweetie” Linda said as she helped Timmy pull his PJ bottoms up over the Pamper. “Let’s go join Melissa in the playroom” she said with a smile.

“umm…what about my…you know, my boner?” Timmy said nervously.

“Just try to relax baby” Linda said with a smile, giving him a gentle pat on his diapered bottom. “Lissa doesn’t know about that sort of thing…she probably won’t even notice” Linda added, she smiled as Timmy’s diaper crinkled loudly while he walked.

Linda stopped Timmy just before he headed down to the playroom. “Remember, Melissa knows I’m letting you wear one tonight, she’ll expect it when you get downstairs” Linda said. “Don’t be nervous” she said, giving him one last pat on his bottom. Timmy blushed.

He was nervous as he walked down the stairs and into the playroom. Melissa was in the corner playing with her dolls and teddy bear. She turned and stared at Timmy as he entered the playroom.

Timmy held his hands in front of his groin, attempting to hide the bulge of his diaper as best as he could. It was no use though, the top edge of the Pamper stuck out at his waist and the obvious thickness and crinkle were clearly visible.

Melissa stared at Timmy, her eyes went right to his diaper region, and she didn’t say anything for what seemed like an eternity.

“Hi Timmy” she finally said softly.

“Hi” Timmy said.

Linda stood on the landing with a smile, quietly observing the moment.

“How does your diaper feel?” Melissa asked shyly, staring down at her own puffy PJ bottoms.

“umm…ok I guess” Timmy said nervously.

“It’s ok that you like them, I won’t tell anyone…I swear…I’ll even pinky swear with you if you want…I already did with Linda.” Melissa said, holding out her pinky.

Timmy walked slowly across the room towards Melissa, his crinkling Pamper seemed to drown out all other noise. Timmy held out his pinky and interlocked it with Melissa’s.

“You swear?” he asked.

“Swear” Melissa said.

“Ok then” Timmy said. “I guess we have a secret together now”

Melissa smiled. Timmy smiled.

Linda had a tear in her eye; she had finally gotten her favorite two diaper kids together. Little did she know; the boy wasn’t quite ready for this moment. Timmy’s arousal beneath his diaper was driving him crazy. While he sat on the floor and played dolls with Melissa, he gently rocked back and forth on this bottom, forcing his arousal into the front of the Pamper. He tried hard to resist the urge to do so but sitting there seeing Melissa in her diaper, and having the soft thick crinkly diaper between his legs was too much for him. He was too excited and dangerously close to having a premature diapergasm.

Melissa noticed his arousal, she had never seen a diaper poke out like that before, and she wondered why it did that.

Timmy was in his own world, the pressure was building and he was close to losing control.

“Timmy why is your diaper so thick in the front?” Melissa asked as she reached over to touch the front of Timmy’s diaper through his PJ bottoms.

Timmy was brought out of his trance by this but it was too late, Melissa had just put her hand where it didn’t belong. She quickly pulled her hand away at Timmy’s surprise. Timmy’s diapergasm was tremendous, and the look on his face and spasms of his body could not be hidden.

Melissa watched in confusion as Timmy finished.

Linda had been watching TV; she heard Melissa squeak in surprise and turned just in time to see the look on Timmy’s face.

“Oh Timmy…don’t worry sweetie…it’s ok” Linda said as she got off the couch to go comfort him.

Timmy’s diapergasm subsided and he came out of his trance. The feeling of shame and embarrassment hit him immediately; he stood up and ran all the way to the second floor bathroom where he locked himself in before Linda could stop him. Linda let him stay there for a while before trying to convince him to open the door and talk to her.

“Did Timmy wet his diaper?” Melissa asked. It was the last thing he had heard as he left the playroom.

Tim lay in bed thinking about that night from long ago in his childhood. Why had he run, why hadn’t he let Linda help him? Melissa had kept her promise, she had never told anyone about that night. Tim wished now that he could have it back…he wished that he could go play on the floor with Melissa again, happily diapered, without feeling embarrassed.

“I need Linda again…and Melissa, I need to try again” he whispered softly before drifting of to sleep.

Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now”: Chapter 3

Linda gently shifted her weight away from her lover and pulled the covers over the sleeping girl’s shoulders. She carefully rolled herself out of bed and walked to the window where she stood quietly and stared through the blinds at the city’s skyline.

Linda had done very well for herself in a very short time after college and Law school. Now approaching her 30th birthday her thoughts had often been of the future. She had a good job in a well known firm in Manhattan, the hours were hell, but the salary was fantastic, allowing Linda to afford the spacious 3 bedroom apartment in an up and coming area of Brooklyn. Her view of the city across the river was much desired in the rental market. Contract law paid well, even if it meant late nights and occasional weekends. Linda was happy, and loved; Emily, her girlfriend since college shared her apartment as well as her bed.

Linda had known Emily since childhood. Emily’s family had lived across the street from Linda’s and the two girls would have sleepovers regularly before Emily’s family relocated to another state. Linda now believed that it was fate that the two girls attended the same college, met each other again and fell in love. Linda’s first memorable diaper experiences came from playing in diapers with Emily during sleepovers.

Linda reached down and felt the seat of her diaper, she was soaked. She didn’t want to change yet but knew that she would leak if she wet one more time. After a moment of thought she decided to risk the leak, relaxed and emptied her bladder into the waiting diaper. She could feel the warmth of her urine spreading between her legs and around her bottom, the diaper began to sag…a change would be needed soon.

Linda walked back to the bed and carefully crawled beneath the covers without waking Emily. She knew her diaper would leak now but didn’t care; the sheets would need to be changed in the morning anyway. The two girls had made love several times before diapering each other, snuggling and drifting off to sleep. Emily typically fell asleep first. Linda loved to stroke her lover’s hair and watch her sleep.

Linda closed her eyes and thought of her childhood. Memories of Timmy Johnson and Melissa Winters, children she had babysat for, filled her head. Her mind drifted back to a time in her life when things were simpler, and her diaper desires were new. She had discovered Timmy’s interest in diapers in her early teens, and had helped him to discover masturbation. For years after she had struggled emotionally with her actions, she felt at the time that she shouldn’t be playing with the boy in such a manner, but her curiosity had won out. Linda didn’t have a strong attraction to boys at the time, nor did she ever; but she wanted to know what it was like for a boy to experience the pleasures she received from wearing and wetting diapers. Timmy gave her that opportunity and she was grateful…no regrets.

As a teen, Linda loved to wear and wet her diapers, and in discovering Timmy’s attraction to diapers, she loved that she had found someone else who appeared to enjoy it just as much as she did. At the time, it gave her comfort to know that she was not alone.
As much as Linda enjoyed playtime with Timmy, her real interest was in Melissa Winters. Melissa had worn diapers out of necessity, as a child, the girl had a sever bedwetting problem, and often had daytime wetting and occasional messy accidents as well.

Melissa loved Linda, she looked up to Linda and the two girls remained close friends even after Linda had gone off to college. Melissa’s daytime problems eventually subsided as she grew, however her bedwetting lasted well into her teens, and as far as Linda knew, Melissa never completely outgrew the problem.

Linda had helped Melissa with her problem by being a caring babysitter. She would change Melissa’s diapers, and listen to the girl’s problems, encouraging Melissa, and ensuring her that her diapers were nothing to be ashamed of. Linda would also listen to Melissa when the girl talked about her secret crush on Timmy. Linda loved to hear Melissa talk about this, in those days Linda often imagined what Melissa would think if she knew of Timmy’s diaper interests.

Not long after she helped Timmy discover how much fun wearing a diaper could be…Linda decided to tell Melissa about Timmy’s love of diapers. She eventually got the two children together…in diapers. Unfortunately it did not go anything like she had hoped.

Linda stared at the ceiling while Emily slept beside her, in her mind she drifted back to her early teens…to the night she had told Melissa about Timmy’s love of diapers…

Linda held Melissa, the girl sobbed into Linda’s shoulder. “Shhhh….it’s ok sweetie, don’t be sad…” Linda told the girl. Melissa was crying because she had just had her second accident of the day and was about to be put into a diaper earlier than usual.

“Shhhh…there there, you’re ok Lis” Linda said, patting the girl on the back, being careful not to come into contact with Melissa’s wet crotch and bottom.

“I couldn’t help it” Melissa said through her tears. “I tried to get to the bathroom but it was too late.” She stammered.

“I know you tried sweetie…don’t worry, lots and lots of little girls have accidents.” Linda said, consoling the girl.

“But not two times in a day” Melissa sobbed.

“Oh yes they do!” Linda said reassuringly. “I’ll tell you a secret…” Linda whispered in Melissa’s ear. “One time when I was your age I had two accidents in one day” Linda was lying, but she wanted to cheer Melissa up, so she made up the story.

Melissa sniffed, pulled her head away from Linda’s shoulders and looked in her eyes. “You did?” she asked.

“Yup” Linda said.

“Really?” Melissa asked.

“Uh huh, just like you did, I pooped in my pants, and then later that same day I wet my pants” Linda whispered to Melissa.

“Did you get in trouble?” Melissa asked.

“Well not really, but my mommy did make me wear a diaper just like your mommy does.” Linda answered. It was all a lie, but she didn’t care, all she wanted was for Melissa to cheer up.

Melissa giggled as Linda gave her a raspberry on her cheek.

“Let’s get you upstairs and clean you up” Linda said, taking Melissa by the hand and leading her upstairs. The two girls reached the second floor bathroom where Melissa’s diapers were stored in the linen closet. Linda closed the door behind them and turned on the water to fill the bathtub.

“Ok sweetie, lets get those wet pants off of you” Linda said.

Melissa did as she was told, and removed her soaked pants and panties. Linda helped her remove her shirt and soon a naked Melissa was anxiously waiting while Linda poured bubble bath in the tub and checked the water temperature.

Soon after, Linda was washing Melissa’s hair while the girl played with a plastic boat in the tub. After rinsing Melissa off, Linda lifted her out of the tub, dried her with a towel and then lay her down on a dry towel to diaper her. She retrieved a Pamper, and powder from the Linen closet while Melissa lay waiting on the towel, still holding the plastic boat and humming softly to herself.

Linda knelt beside Melissa and opened the bottom half of the Pamper. “Ok sweetie lift up” she commanded, gently patting the side of Melissa’s leg. Melissa lifted her legs in the air and raised her bottom off of the floor. Linda slid the open half of the Pamper under the girl’s bottom; she then sprinkled some powder on Melissa’s bare behind and gently rubbed it in with her hand. Melissa smiled as Linda lowered her back down onto the Pamper. Melissa then spread her legs as Linda powdered her front side and brought the front half of the diaper up between her legs and then fastened it snugly at her waist.

“There we go…all better now” Linda said, lifting Melissa up off of the floor. “Now lets go to your room and pick out some jammies to wear”. Linda opened the door and Melissa pamped off to her bedroom. Linda stifled a giggle, she loved the crinkle sound that the diapers made and thought Melissa looked adorable wearing nothing but a thick crinkly Pamper.

When they reached Melissa’s bed room Linda helped the girl into a pair of pink PJ’s with white flowers. She then sat Melissa on her bed, and snuggled up beside the girl with a book to read. It was still early and Melissa would be up watching TV for quite a while before bedtime, but Linda felt that Melissa needed to spend some quality time with her babysitter.


“Yeah sweetie”

“Do you think Timmy will ever like me?” Melissa asked.

“Oh sweetie, you know he’s older than you are…and he’s at a goofy age for boys…they don’t really start liking girls until they’re a bit older” Linda explained, knowing full well that Melissa wouldn’t really understand.

“Yeah but do you think he doesn’t like me because of my diapers?” Melissa asked.

“Oh sweetie I wouldn’t worry about that” Linda said, giving the girl a hug.

Melissa looked sad again, she snuggled close to Linda and her eyes began to tear up.

“Timmy will never really be nice to me because of my accidents…he still teases me whenever Oliver does” Melissa mumbled, beginning to sob softly.

“Oh Lissa…don’t be sad, Timmy doesn’t care that you wear diapers” Linda said. “You know what sweetie?”

“What?” Melissa asked with a sniffle.

“I’m going to tell you a secret about your boyfriend Timmy” Linda responded.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Melissa said sternly through her tears.

Linda giggled, it was clear that Melissa liked Timmy but the girl was a child and still easily embarrassed by her crush.

“I’m just being silly Lis…I’m sorry…but I will tell you a secret about him if you want to hear it.” Linda said.

Melissa looked up with curiosity.

“Now this has to be our secret…you can’t ever tell anyone else and you can never talk about it unless I talk to you about it…this has to be a pinky swear” Linda told Melissa in a serious tone.

Melissa stared at her with wide eyes, the girl loved to have secrets with Linda, it made her feel special.

“I swear” Melissa said, holding out her pinky.

Linda interlocked her pinky with Melissa’s “Swear?” she said.

“Swear” Melissa replied.

“Ok sweetie….you don’t have to feel bad or embarrassed about wearing diapers around Timmy…because…he wears them too”. Linda said.

Melissa put her hand to her mouth and giggled.

“You’re being silly!” Melissa whispered.

“No, I’m not kidding, I baby sit for him too, you know that, and I have even put his diaper on for him” Linda said.

“Does he have accidents like me…you know, when he sleeps?” Melissa asked.

“Not exactly” Linda said. “You see Lis…Timmy only wears diapers when I’m babysitting for him, it’s a secret between me and him…and now you” Linda explained.

“But if he doesn’t have accidents, why do you put him in a diaper?” Melissa asked.

“Well…he likes them” Linda answered. “He thinks they feel good and they make him feel happy.” She continued. “There are lots of kids all over the world that like to wear diapers for fun.” Linda said.

“Really?” Melissa asked.

“Yup” Linda said. She didn’t know if what she was telling Melissa was true, but she had to believe it…“how could Timmy and I be the only two kids in the world that like diapers?” Linda thought to herself.

“Can I tell you something?” Melissa asked.

“Sure Lis” Linda responded.

“I like the way the diapers feel too” Melissa said with a blush and giggle.

Linda hugged Melissa close and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “It’s ok to like them sweetie, I won’t tell anyone” She told the girl.

“And I like it when you put them on me” Melissa said again with a blush.

“Oh…thanks sweetie…I love taking care of you.” Linda said.

“You’re my favorite babysitter” Melissa said, hugging Linda back.

“And you’re my favorite little girl” Linda replied with a giggle. “Now sweetie, you have to remember, what I told you about Timmy is our secret, you can never talk about it with anyone else” Linda said.

“I promise” Melissa said. “But…?”

“But what?” Linda asked.

“Do you think maybe Timmy can wear a diaper with me?” Melissa asked with a blush.

“Oh well Lissa, I don’t think Timmy wants anyone to know about it or see him wear one…especially not Oliver…if Timmy wore one here with you, Oliver would defiantly find out” Linda said.

“Well maybe…maybe someday if Oliver isn’t here or something?” Melissa asked.

“Well sweetie, I don’t know how that would work out…and I’d have to talk to Timmy about it first, but who knows, maybe someday” Linda said. “And you know…maybe someday when you and Timmy are older, maybe you can talk to him about it if you go out on a date!” She added, teasing Melissa and messing up her hair.

Melissa blushed and giggled.

“Ok kiddo, that’s enough silliness for now…lets go back downstairs and get you some dinner” Linda said.

“Yay!” Melissa shouted as she leapt of the bed with a crinkle.

…Emily shifted her position in bed beside Linda but did not wake. Her movement brought Linda out of her walk down memory lane. She hadn’t seen Melissa since a visit home last Christmas. Linda knew that Melissa planned to look for work in the city after her post graduation summer plans. She wondered if Melissa had found a job.

“I should track her down, it would be nice to catch up…and introduce her to Em” Linda thought. She snuggled herself close against Emily, pulled the covers up and went to sleep.

Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now”: Chapter 4

Melissa shifted in her sleep. In her dream she was back in her childhood bedroom, yet she was her adult self. Timmy Johnson or Tim as he was now called was there too. Melissa stood beside her childhood bed on which Tim was lying…in the nude. Melissa however was not nude. She wore a tight pink tank top and a Pamper. The diaper was a giant sized version of the Pampers she wore as a child.

In her hand, Melissa held another giant sized Pamper. She smiled down at Tim who lay on the bed with a scared and nervous look on his face. Melissa bent close beside Tim and whispered in his ear. “Don’t be afraid Timmy…I can see that you can’t wait to get your diapers back” she giggled, pointing at his aroused state. Tim blushed and smiled nervously.

“You’re such a sweet baby boy…yes you are” Melissa said, giving Tim a hug and then kissing him on the cheek. “Do you want your diapers back baby?” Melissa asked. Tim nodded and blushed more.

“Ok then baby, lift up for mommy” Melissa said with a giggle as she opened the bottom half of the giant diaper. Tim lifted his legs in the air and raised his behind off of the bed as Melissa slid the diaper beneath him and then lowered him back down onto it. She then spread Tim’s legs apart and climbed onto the bed with him. Tim let out a soft moan as Melissa reached for the front half of the giant Pamper, opened it up and pulled it up between his legs.

“Not yet baby…hold on just a bit more…you can do it” Melissa said reassuringly as she gently placed the front half of the Pamper over Tim’s erection and began to fasten the tapes securely at his waist.

“Ohh…” Tim moaned again as he felt the soft lining of the diaper in contact with his arousal.

“Oh Timmy hold on baby…you can do it!” Melissa said as she fastened the last tape.

“I…I don’t…Ohhhh Ahhh Ohhhh!” Tim moaned, his eyes rolled back into his head and his body twitched as he exploded into the diaper.

“Oh Timmy it’s ok sweetie” Melissa said as she moved her position beside him. Snuggling close to him she placed one hand on the front of Tim’s diaper and gently massaged him while kissing his ear softly. Tim lay motionless beside her with a look of embarrassment on his face. Melissa smiled as she felt her diaper becoming warm and wet.

She woke with a start to find her GoodNite soaked. The dream had been so vivid that Melissa wasn’t sure where she was at first but the warm wet feeling between her legs and around her bottom forced her to glance beneath the covers, bringing her mind back to reality. She brushed a hand across the mattress around her rear end. Finding the sheets dry she smiled. “No leaks” she whispered to herself.

The dream had been strange, she hadn’t seen Tim Johnson for several months, but remembered he looked good. Thinking back to her childhood she remembered the night when her brother Oliver had been in the hospital and Linda had babysat…bringing Tim over and putting him in a diaper. At the time Melissa hadn’t known why Tim had run from the room after only a short time of playing with her. Years later she understood what had happened and there had always been an awkward secret between her and Tim ever since.

Over the past several years Melissa would often see Tim during holiday breaks from school. They would make small talk, and on occasion get together with Oliver and other neighborhood friends for drinks at the hometown bar…but the secret past…the one Melissa knew about, was never spoken of. Often times Melissa and Tim would have moments of uncomfortable silence between them where Melissa thought that perhaps Tim might want to talk about “things” but those moments had always been broken by a quick subject change.

Melissa rolled out of bed and changed into a dry GoodNite. “I wonder if he still thinks about it?” she thought to herself as she climbed back in bed and turned out the light. She lay in bed staring at the ceiling, thinking back to a period in her early teens, remembering a particular night when she had spent time with Timmy alone. She smiled at the memory and drifted back into sleep.

Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now”: Chapter 5

Linda sipped her coffee and glanced at the morning paper. Emily stood at the counter fixing toast and pouring her own cup of coffee. “You were restless last night love” Emily said.

Linda looked up from the paper “Oh?” she replied.

“Yes…I peeked at you out of the corner of my eye while you were staring out the window” Emily answered.

“You little sneak!” Linda said. “I thought you were sleeping.” She added.

“I was half asleep….you tired me out” Emily said with a smile. She walked to the table and set down a plate of toast and gave Linda a kiss on the cheek. Linda smiled.

“What were you thinking about?” Emily asked.

Linda didn’t answer at first, she thought about her trip down memory lane from the previous evening. Emily had moved away before the Winters or Johnson’s had even moved to the neighborhood, explaining it all to Emily would take some time. Linda wondered what Tim Johnson and Melissa Winters would think about her relationship with Emily.

Linda wasn’t quite out of the closet yet. While their friends and some co-workers were aware of it, Linda and Emily had agreed that they would wait until well after the holidays to announce the relationship to their respective families. “I was thinking about my childhood…growing up back home” Linda answered.

“Wearing diapers will have that effect on a person” Emily said with a giggle. Linda smiled at her response.

“I never told you about the neighborhood kids that I used to sit for…” Linda said.

Emily looked up from her cup of coffee with interest. Linda looked across the table at her girlfriend. “Timmy Johnson…and Melissa and Oliver Winters…” Linda began to recount her babysitting adventures to Emily who listened intently.

Tim woke early; his diaper was warm and squishy. He had woken twice during the night to wet the diaper, as he lifted the covers he caught the scent of urine from the diaper. He would have to air out the room later.

Tim smiled and rolled onto his stomach, he began to press his groin into the mattress, his erection felt wonderful in the warm squishy lining of the diaper. “mmmmmmm….diaper diaper diaper” He muttered softly to himself. Just hearing the word “diaper” was enough to excite him.

He sat up on his knees with his lower legs tucked beneath him and began rubbing the front of his diaper. “mmmmm diaper diaper you’re a baby you wear diapers!” he whispered softly and smiled as he continued to rub himself through the wet diaper.

Moments later he reached climax, and unloaded into the soaked diaper. The feeling of shame came on quickly; as soon as the pleasure had subsided Tim removed the diaper, rolled it up and dropped it in a waiting trash bag. He would get it into the garbage chute after he was showered and dressed.

It was only 7:30; Tim could never sleep late on Saturday mornings when he had worn a diaper all night. The anticipation of his morning diapergasm was too much; as soon as he woke he would lay in bed fantasizing. Soon after the excitement would overwhelm him and he would relieve himself into his diaper. It was practically a normal routine now and it had turned him into a morning person on weekends.

As he showered, Tim remembered his thoughts from last night. He desperately wanted to get beyond his shame; he wanted to find someone who understood his fetish…someone who could help him to indulge himself without feeling shame. He thought of Linda, and of Melissa. “Melissa looked really great last summer” Tim thought to himself, remembering the last trip home on Memorial Day weekend of the previous year. He wanted to see them both again, most of all, Tim wanted to find the courage to ask Linda if she still enjoyed diapers. He wondered if Melissa would want to talk with him about their past as well.


Re: Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now"

i wish someone would finish it. it is such a lovely story.

Re: Potty Problems 2 “Big Kids Now" By: Lizzie

I’ll post what I stated about this on the original story thread in completed stories as it makes more sense here:

Thanks Kita, I do appreciate that.

I don’t mind it being posted, I had always thought that it was floating around somewhere on the internet. In any case, I’ve said this in the past to others who have asked: I discontinued the story because I just felt that the direction part 2 was going in was turning into a sex fest and just wasn’t appropriate for the forum. In that same respect, I also got to a point where I felt uncomfortable writing it. I felt that to continue part 2 would have wrecked what many have told me (when speaking about the original) was one of their favorite diaper stories.

I haven’t written anything in ages as I’ve had a horrible stint of writer’s block. One day I hope that I can finish “The Banyon Sisters” as I really did enjoy writing that one. Perhaps someday. I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently which I’m hoping might spark my own creativity at some point. But until then, I do enjoy reading other’s stories on this Forum, there is some good talent here and it’s always fun to see what people come up with.

Also I wouldn’t want anyone finishing my uncompleted work, I wouldn’t do that to someone else, I just don’t think it’s right.


Did you ever consider re-writing part 2 from scratch?

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