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Hey guys need some advice here. First off im not trying to spark a debate about marijuanna.
Anyway I have gone back to college and made new friends and i was hanging out with one of these new friends on friday. He asked me if i wanted to smoke some pot. I said sure no problem. The first time i went to college i smoked it a good bit and it had been a few years so i figured whats the harm.

Anyway so i smoked some and i had a terrible trip. I got really dizzy. My face contorted and became paralyzed. I passed out. when i came too i couldnt focus my vision and then i threw up before i passed out for the rest of the night. This has never ever happened to me, nothing even close has happened to me, sure it made me sick once or twice, and i did get dizzy off of it a few times and had to sleep it off but nothing ever as intense or as horrible. and this all happened after one whole joint (so two shared between us) My friend was fine btw didnt effect him much

So the next day we are talking and he tells me there was a chemical in it that could cause paranoia and im like yeah no shit. But then he says that they were little crystals and anyway made it sound like it was dipped in a harder drug. I pushed him on it and he didnt say anything more so now i am worried that he is trying to get me on to harder stuff.

So my question here is does what i described sound like a bad reaction to the pot or could it have been on dipped in something harder? Like im not going to smoke with him again, just not worth it but i kinda need to figure out if i can trust the guy anymore.

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Well I could say just stay away from drugs but you’re a grown man so the choice is obviously yours. (I don’t mess with drugs so I’m a little biased.) But since this “friend” won’t tell you anything more about what y’all were smoking I’d say keep him at arms length. Consider what you have to lose if he IS trying to get you into “harder” stuff and you fall for it. The idea seems a little like something out of an after school special but those shows were inspired by something so its not out of the question.

That’s just my take.

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Hey dolphins, I think you were right. I used to be a regular smoker and never really got the greens before so i thought that i may have enough of a resistance to it that the greens just wouldnt happen. Anyway after talking to a few guys who have had the greens they all said thats what it was.

I panic way to easy.

Thanks for the support Wildkarde and Dolphins

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Now I dont actually smoke the stuff but know enough people who do,

from what they say modern day bud is 10s of times more potent than the old weed of the past
if yours had crystalised THC in it (rather than whatever the dealer cut it with to make it go further (sugar is apparently the norm here) ) then it will be even more potent

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I’ve had a lot of similar experiences. The last time I smoked, I felt like I could feel my insides. My heart raced wildly. My mouth went completely dry. I felt this awful sensation around my inner upper lip and could sometimes feel like my veins were pulsing and throbbing. I don’t know how to describe it except to say that I was completely unable to handle the experience. Trembling, overwhelming paranoia, extreme self-consciousness.

This is actually a fairly common problem with people who smoke, stop for a long time, and then pick it back up. A lot of my older friends, especially friends who have had children and just haven’t had the time to smoke pot, have told me that they picked it up a few years later and just had negative experiences, and many of my friends who still smoke have said the same thing.

One thing to keep in mind is that marijuana is a mild hallucinogenic, and everyone’s body chemistry is different. Many people just feel mellow and hungry when they smoke, but I’ve noticed that I’m extremely susceptible to the hallucinogenic side effects. I’ve found that I get really bad somatic hallucinations, so I just stopped altogether.

Ironically, while I have occasionally dealt with bouts of terrible anxiety, I have also noticed that if I was able to come to grips with my thoughts and move past some of my fears, I would later find the experience highly rewarding. For example, the fear that I would be randomly drug tested (even though my job doesn’t drug test civilians) used to come on really hard, and at some point I came to realize that I was clutching so hard to this job that it was like it was a part of my identity. Before my experience could get better, I had to acknowledge that even if I lost my job, my life would go on, and once I realized this, I felt incredibly liberated.

I also can’t help but wonder if some of the psychosomatic hallucinations I’ve experienced aren’t my body’s way of telling me that there are some health issues I need to address. My wisdom teeth are impacted, and sometimes when I smoke I could swear I could feel my teeth growing (even though I know that would be impossible.) Still, I should probably get them pulled, no? Another issue that I have is my weight; the feelings of throbbing veins and congestion around my chest might be warning signs that I need to seriously consider a regimen of diet and exercise, and I have since made serious attempts to change the way I eat and the degree of my activity. Baby steps.

As for whether or not your drug was “dosed” with anything…I couldn’t say. Dolphins is probably right. It might have just been some fire shit and your body might have just been unused to it. These days there are also a lot of different lab chemicals that people use during the growing process that might have just triggered an adverse reaction. It’s entirely possible to experience hallucinations from marijuana, so I wouldn’t necessarily jump to any conclusions.

Just be careful. Always know your dealer. Always make sure you’re in a safe place, with people who genuinely care about your well being. Never get behind the wheel while you’re inebriated. And remember that marijuana is not for everyone. You seem like you’re intelligent enough to know these things, but I felt like it couldn’t hurt to reiterate them.

Anyway, best regards. I hope this was helpful.

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reply sounds like you got pot mixed with designer drugs they called them bath salts to get around the DEA regs. this stuff has some really nasty aftereffects

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well I don’t smoke any more, though like has been said it was most likely just thc crystals. though bath salts is another good possibility. or it could have been straight up spice and not week. spice known as fake bake or a bazzilion other names tends to have super intense highs that can smack even an experienced smoker down on their backside like it was a joke. though it tends to be a shorter high for the most part once the super intense high is gone it kind of lingers for as long as a day in my experience. bad stuff so I wouldn’t touch it again. only other thing i know of is back home people lace weed with crystal meth, though i think you would be feeling the addictive effects of it already so you would know if that was the case.