Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

THIS IS NOT MY “NORMAL” TYPE OF STORY. Please read that again.

This thing is a COMMISSION. I was asked to do things I normally wouldn’t write about. Yes, there are times in my deepest perversions I MIGHT “allegedly” think something up like this. BUT I assure you, if it wasn’t for MONEY I wouldn’t put it into words.

This sucker contains adult women, (yeah I know) acting like babies. But then this thing does a 270, then a 180, then a 35, and finally some kind of fractal thing coupled with hawking radiation. It ends with shit. A LOT of shit. I think I wrote “shit” more times in this story than ALL my others combined.

DO NOT READ THIS if you’re not a fan of my OTHER stories. Fuck, let’s get right off the bat and say if you ARE a fan of my stuff DO NOT READ THIS.

THIS was/IS a fun little diversion that allows me to do one more humiliating thing to a person I’ve never before written about, and I ASSURE you that’s getting pretty dam hard. I had to go rather dark for this one. Probably my second or third darkest ever.


I’m FUCKING serious here. Look, I’ve wrote FUCK two- THREE times already. And I hate to say it at ALL usually. And we’re still in the WARNING!

This was supposed to be a 5 pager. A little quickie. Then my buddy CS did a “quickie” on his own that was just…. Well you’ve read it(Felicity and the Creature in the darkroom). And if you haven’t…. FOR SHAME!

I took the freedom of “liberating” a part of a sentence from his little “quickie”. I basically wrote the whole second part around it. It was just that GOOD of a sentence. I felt it was bordering on MY level of sadism, so in order to help him stay “above” my level I decided to lower the bar for myself. I took his idea and expanded it to parts hitherto unknown.

Now you’ve been WARNED. This story is DARK, DIRTY, DISGUTING, NOT FAIR, and borders on a FECAL (Poop, Manure, Count Duku, Shit, Shyt, Shat, Butt Fudge, Turd, Sphincter Cheese, Anal Gravy) Fetish. And I KNOW it! I’m making it quite clear I know it, and that everyone else knows as well!

Any posting of “It’s to DARK, DIRTY, DISGUTING, NOT FAIR, and borders on a FECAL (Poop, Manure, Count Duku, Shit, Shyt, Shat, Butt Fudge, Turd, Sphincter Cheese, Anal Gravy) Fetish.” comments will only mark the poster as an Internet Asshat, and as such has a genetic propensity towards sub-optimal performance. And they will be ridiculed accordingly.

So…. On with the show.

Popular By Long_Rifle

A gentle wind blows along a large city. Through trees, past cars, over roofs, and finally in the hair of a young lady hurrying along one of a dozen similar looking streets. She doesn’t notice the chill in the air, or the clouds gathering in the sky.

She has a look of determination on her face. And a spring in her step. She had been told to park 2 blocks from her destination. And while she didn’t like having to walk so far it was going to be worth it.

“Finally!” she said with a whisper. “I’m going to be one of the popular ones.”

The red head had worked her butt off over the summer to get enough cash for a new wardrobe. She had begged to be allowed to live away from her parents for her first year in college. Had agreed to all their rules, just to break almost all of them for what she was about to do.

“But it will be worth it.” She said with a smile.

A final turn and she’s staring at her destination. She stood still in awe at the beautiful home. The red bricks of the building made it look solid. It seemed to exude power. And that was why she was here. She wanted to be popular, and all the power it would give her.

The door looked like it was solid oak. She slowly reached up and grabbed the brass knocker. Two solid raps and she waited. She turned and looked behind her at what looked like an old bank. Before she could turn back the door clicked and swung open.

She heard a muffled voice. “Karen?”

Karen turned and nodded.

“Get in. Hurry up.”

Karen stepped inside and marveled at how nice the inside of the home was decked out. The paint was perfect. The carpets looked like something out of a museum. The air smelled like lavender. “Man this place looks great! Who’s house is this?”

The girl that opened the door cracked a smile, “Just a friend’s. Her parents are cool for a couple of old farts. You must have really made an impression on Mary. She wouldn’t stop talking about you. I guess she really thinks you’re going to fit in with us.”

Karen didn’t answer, she couldn’t. She was tongue tied with the idea that she was finally accepted. She followed her newest friend through the massive house back into a hallway that seemed to turn dozens of times, then she was led upstairs to a small dark room, it was filled with furniture under sheets and a group of giggling girls.

Karen’s escort looked at a familiar face and spoke, “Hey Mary. Karen’s here.”

“Great! Come here Karen. I can’t wait for you to meet the girls!”

Karen walked closer to the center and smiled at the only face she knew. “Hey, great house you got here!”

“Yeah! It’s perfect for what we need. Everyone this is Karen.” There were a few hushed hello’s. But everyone of them seemed to be watching something in the corner.

“Yeah, Hi!” Karen said, she looked towards the corner herself, “Er, what’s going on?”

Mary cracked a smile and pointed towards the corner, “Take a look.”

Karen muttered a thanks, then stepped closer to the dark corner. She could just make out what looked like a low ledge. Another step and she could see it was a portable playpen. She wondered what was so interesting, then she saw that there was something in it. She leaned over the rail and looked right in the eyes of another woman.

She backed away, and bumped into Mary who had walked up behind her. “Pretty cool huh?”

Karen was confused. “What’s so cool?”

Mary looked stunned. “You mean you don’t know about the new drug ‘D’? All the best cliques know about it. The best high in the world, and no letdown afterwards.”

Karen cracked a smile, “Of course I’ve heard about it.” she lied. “So why’s she in that playpen?”

Mary knew Karen was lying, but she played along. “Well, we don’t want her to get hurt do we? This way she’s in one spot and the rest of us are able to have some fun. There’s room in there for two so we do it in pairs.”

Karen stepped back up to the playpen and looked inside. “Er, yeah sounds about right.” She looked closer at the person inside. She was naked except for a thick pair of panties around her waist. Karen looked closer and realized she was wearing a diaper. And from the smell of it she had already used it. She stood up and moved back from the girl. “Wow, so you all do that?”

Mary slapped her on the back, “Of course! It’s all the rage.”

Karen looked back at the darkened corner and stared for a few seconds. Then she turned back to Mary. She couldn’t believe they considered sitting around high in a diaper as cool. But she didn’t come this far to chicken out now. “So does she need that diaper or what?”

Mary looked surprised, “Of course! Didn’t you use them when you did it back home? You didn’t just piss all over the place did you?”

Karen blushed at the idea of wearing diapers, but she had to lie to keep the truth silent and she hoped a bluff would cover her “Well, honestly we didn’t do enough at once to need them.”

Mary smiled as if she understood. “Oh. Well you really missed out then. I guess it’s time you got the real experience.”

Karen’s blush returned. “What? Me?”

“Yeah, drop those pants and you can have some fun. Here,” Mary turned and grabbed something one of the other girls held out to her. “You want to put it on yourself, or would you rather I did it for you?” She pushed the thing into Karen’s hands and it flopped open to reveal it was a thick disposable diaper.

Karen felt bile rise up in the back of her throat. The girls seemed to surround her almost instantly. She looked down at the diaper in her hand and back at the corner. She wanted to be popular, not be sitting in a diaper. Karen took a closer look at the diaper, then looked back at the woman sitting in the playpen. She tried to think of a way out. “Is the higher dose safe?”

Mary laughed, “Of course. The worst thing that can happen is you end up wetting your bed for a day or two. Now come on, the rest of us want a turn at it.”

Karen looked at Mary and decided she could trust her. She tucked the diaper under her arm, and unzipped her pants. She kicked off her shoes and started yanking her jeans off. She liked them tight so she hadn’t worn any undies that day. She finally had them peeled off, so she let the diaper slide down into her hand and started unfolding it, but Mary stopped her.

“The shirt too. Sometimes there’s some drool, and you don’t want to ruin that nice shirt do you?”

Karen hesitated but Mary just grabbed her shirt and started pulling it up, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing we’ve never seen before. Hurry it up.”

Karen let her shirt get pulled off and finally stood in front of everyone in nothing but her socks. She started unfolding the diaper again, listening to the plastic crinkling as it opened. She tried to block out everything else as she sat down on the floor and pulled the diaper under herself, then folded it forward over her womanly parts. The tapes seemed to open like gun shots to her. She quickly pulled the front of the diaper tight and pushed the tapes into the plastic. Karen rubbed the now closed diaper and started to sit up. A firm hand on her shoulder stopped her.

She looked up and saw Mary looking down at her, a plastic cup in one hand, and a small white pill in the other. “Bottoms up girlie!” Mary dropped the pill into Karen’s mouth, then pushed the sippy cup in. “Drink it all, it really helps.”

Karen’s heart raced as she drank the sweet liquid. “What have I done?” She thought to herself. When she felt air suck in from the cup she dropped it, and was helped up and to a soft seat. She heard a soft crinkling as she sat down onto the soft cushy diaper. She looked at the girls standing around her and asked, “Now what?”

They all looked like they were shocked. A few were hiding their mouths, trying to stifle a laugh. The others almost looked scared. Mary’s face had a blank look to it. “Now you go on a little trip. And the rest of us get to see what happens.” Mary walked closer to Karen and leaned over her. “Anything yet?”

Karen shook her head. She felt normal. She stood up and walked around the room, listening to plastic crinkle with every step. “I think that pill was a dud or something.”

Mary walked up behind her and gently touched her back, right above the diaper. “Really? So you don’t feel anything?”

Mary’s touch felt electric to Karen. “Oh…. I like that… It feels so goooodddd.”

Mary let her hand wander up the small of Karen’s back. In a voice sweeter than sugar she slowly asked, “Really?”

Karen almost couldn’t answer. Her back arched away from the Mary’s caress, but not so far that she couldn’t keep touching her. “Yesss.” She softly whispered. She was starting to feel light headed. She spread her legs out for better balance and felt Mary stop rubbing her. She started to catch her breath, but then Mary’s fingers returned, gently touching the back of her thighs.

Karen’s legs bucked out at the touch. The light headedness seemed to get worse. She could barely stand. Then as Mary started to rub higher towards the diaper clasping her bottom a quiet squeak came from her ass. Karen tried to stop herself. But she really didn’t care.

The girls watching stopped laughing and stood with mouths open as Karen freely farted in front of them. As the seconds went on and Karen kept passing gas they started to laugh again.

Mary didn’t even mind as she put her face a few inches from the source and loudly sniffed. " I think baby Karen needs a new diapee!" She pulled the diaper away and took a look inside, “Nope! I guess she’s just gassy!” She stood up and scratched lightly on the top of Karen’s head. “Is baby enjoying herself?”

Karen turned her head lazily towards her and nodded, a big wet grin on her face. Her entire body seemed to be super sensitive. She had started to softly bounce herself up and down while the feelings increased. She tried to talk, but moving her tongue slowly over her lips felt to good to stop.

Mary stepped in front of her and motioned with her arms for Karen to come towards her. “Come to mommy baby. You can do it! Be a big girl for me…”

Karen’s head felt like it was floating, and stuffed with cotton all at once. She looked Mary in the face, but her gaze started to drop lower. The bulges of Mary’s breasts under her shirt suddenly made Karen tingle between her legs. She took a step and the tingle grew to a warmth. Karen couldn’t stop herself as she took another step towards Mary. She almost lost her balance, and stood still swaying gently while she stared at Mary’s chest.

Mary noticed where Karen was staring and pointed at them, “Does baby want to see mommies boobies?”

Karen’s eyes opened wider as the idea. Saliva started to run from her mouth, and the place between her legs started to burn with heat.

Mary smiled as Karen started to drool. “Well, here. Take a closer look.” And she pulled her own shirt off.

Karen hunched forward as the bare breasts caught her eyes. Her entire body sang with pleasure as the heat between her legs suddenly grew to a flood. All she could do was slowly open and close her mouth while she softly moaned.

The room was silent except for the sound of soft hissing coming from Karen’s diaper. Mary stepped forward and pushed her chest out into Karen’s face. One of her breasts dragged across her open mouth, when she pulled back a line of drool stretched between Karen’s mouth and Mary’s nipple. Mary reached out and set her hands softly on Karen’s shoulders, causing her to moan louder and twitch.

Mary pulled her hands back, leaving only her finger tips touching. Then dragged them slowly down the side of Karen’s chest. The hissing sound had stopped, and the girl gently bucked every few seconds while she touched her.

Mary slowly squatted as her body and hands went lower and lower. Tracing a few circles around her pierced belly button, then going over the diaper, and down it’s sides causing the leg gathers to crinkle and Karen to twitch every time her fingers went from plastic to skin.

Karen stood lazily wobbling back and forth. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She looked down and smiled at Mary as she watched her reach up and squeeze her diaper.

Mary could tell it was soaked. “I guess baby really had to go. But I think we should wait to change her.” she pushed the wet padding into Karen. “I think baby likes her wet diapee to much to change her now.”

Karen could barely understand what Mary was saying. She seemed to be talking to fast. Somehow “wet diaper” sank through and she dumbly smiled at the idea of pissing herself. She didn’t really understand what was going on, she knew the diaper felt different and wanted to know what it felt like wet. Her face took on a look of surprise while her right hand dove into her sagging diaper.

Mary laughed while she watched Karen exploring. She walked around her back and put her arms around her in a soft hug. Then, while Karen was concentrating on her warm wet diaper, Mary pulled her back and off center. Karen started falling, and Mary held on and gently dropped her onto the floor. She stepped back around to look Karen in the eye and whispered, “I think baby would be safer on the floor.”

Karen grinned when Mary spoke. She tried to concentrate on the words but they didn’t sound right. Instead she reached up with her wet hand and tried to grab Mary while she stood up and took a step back. Karen realized she wasn’t able to grab Mary anymore, so she dropped onto her back, and started to put her hand back into her diaper.

Mary grabbed the wet hand and held it away. “No! Bad baby! You don’t put your hand in there! That’s pee pee! Bad!” She pushed the hand under Karen’s nose. “See? Smell your pee pee!”

Karen looked at Mary confused again. It sounded like she was speaking a foreign language. Then as her hand was pushed under her nose she smelled piss. She giggled at the smell. She started taking several exaggerated sniffs, then started laughing loudly while she moved her body back and forth on the floor. Her head still felt odd, but her body didn’t feel as sensitive as before.

Mary let go of Karen’s hand and stood up. She took one last look at Karen then walked over to the group of girls who quickly formed a line. Mary turned her head back to the darkened corner and yelled. “Okay Sam, you can come out now!”

The naked woman stood up. An angry look on her face. She stepped easily out of the pen and pulled one of the tapes from the diaper. It slid wetly to the floor. She stepped out of it, and grabbed a towel that was draped over a nearby couch. She wiped herself as she walked closer to the group. “About dam time!” She looked at Mary, “Your turn in the diaper next year!”

Mary gave Sam a playful slap on her ass then turned her face to the line of young ladies. Her demeanor changed from playful to serious. “Ladies. You’ve chosen to be a part of our little order. You know we produce some of the most powerful women in the world.”

Several of the girls swallowed and cleared their throats. Others looked straight at Mary, then stole glances at the babbling woman in the wet diaper on the floor, wondering if it was real.

“We open doors that otherwise would remain closed. But know that what you see here in front of you is the punishment for breaking our rules and our silence.”

She started to walk closer to Karen, then beckoned the rest to follow. “This wretch wanted to be part of us. But we would never take her. So I decided to use her as an example.” The girls all stared in pity at Karen, who smiled at them, and waved from the floor. “She wanted to be popular. And to have the power that popularity gives. Instead all she’ll get is a ticket back home in diapers.”

One of the girls cleared her throat, “Um?”

Sam looked at her and sneered, “What?”

The girl suddenly felt afraid, and wished she hadn’t said anything, but she found her mouth opening anyways. “Is this permanent?”

Sam looked from the girl to Mary, who nodded. “No. This part isn’t. If she was left alone she could crawl in a few hours. After a day or so she’d be almost back to normal with a bad bed wetting problem and a childish attitude.”

The girl seemed satisfied and looked back down at Karen. “Oh.” Was her only response.

Mary stepped away from Karen and grabbed a small glass bottle from a shelf. She loosened it’s top and squeezed the air out of a built in dropper. “Take a good look girls. This is what you look like after your first and only punishment. We’ll videotape you pissing yourself. Maybe let you lay around in your own mess till you get a diaper rash. Then you’ll spend the rest of the year learning to keep your pants dry at night.” Mary pulled the dropper out and let the girls see the amber liquid inside the small glass pipette.

“If you fuck up again then you take the ride from Training pants to Pampers full-time.” Mary squatted over Karen’s head and held the dropped over her mouth. “Now watch closely girls.”

Karen had been enjoying the attention. She loved everyone looking at her. She even enjoyed the feeling of her diaper as it cooled. She didn’t understand everything that they were saying but she heard her name mentioned a few times and it made her feel special. She was smiling and trying to get Mary’s attention when she had squatted over her head and held something over her face. Karen got excited and felt herself leak into her diapers more. She opened her mouth and squealed when Mary something between her teeth and filled her mouth with something sweet.

The girls watched in horror as Karen greedily sucked every drop out of the dropper and seemed to want more. Sam had dropped her towel and was openly touching herself. “Oh…. This is the… best part…” She started panting as went moved faster and faster.

Karen had grabbed a video camera and was taping while she narrated. “Look at her eyes. Look at what they look like. You can see she’s still in there. Just high as a kite and loving it. Watch this: Karen!” she suddenly yelled.

They all watched as Karen looked right at Mary and smiled. Mary reached out and tickled her. “See? While she can’t understand much else she still knows her name. Keep watching.”

Karen’s smile started to fade. She started to look like she was concerned about something. She picked her legs up and held them tightly with her hands to her chest

Mary continued. “The feelings from before are coming back. This time faster, and stronger.”

Karen started to mover her body side to side. She dropped her legs and started rubbing her breasts. Inside her head she was screaming. The pleasure didn’t stop. It kept building. All she could hear was the pounding of blood beating in her ears. She tried to move her body faster but her muscles couldn’t do it. She realized something was wrong as she started gasping for air but couldn’t seem to get enough.

Sam didn’t miss a beat, she stepped closer to Karen. She didn’t watch anything else but her eyes. She kept staring into Karen’s eye’s. Sam was moaning as Karen’s breathing became more ragged.

Karen’s pelvis started to buck, causing the soaked diaper to flop up and down. Mary pointed to the diaper and grinned. “She’s so gone now that she doesn’t even realize she’s pissing again. Soon you’ll start to hear those farts to. When you do I want you to pay attention to her diaper.”

The girls watched for several seconds before the squeal of another fart cut the air. Karen looked at the girls and loudly said: “Now! Kneel down next to her! Three to a side!”

The girls frantically followed her orders.

“Now get those faces over her, get close to the diaper and watch it!”

They did as instructed. The smell of urine was strong, and the odor from the fart still hung in the air. But none dared to disobey. Karen’s movements became more uncoordinated, her pelvis stopped bucking and settled to the floor. Karen’s arched back seemed to melt, till she was flat on the floor. Another sound came from her diaper, louder then before.

Mary laughed, “That one sounded wet, won’t be long now.”

Karen couldn’t even put together words, much less talk. She felt humiliation as she lost control. But worse off, she felt like she was getting smaller. She could barely keep her eyes open, but she could see her body looked the same. But when she concentrated it was as if she was floating above herself. She tried to rationalize what she was seeing but she couldn’t.

Her body tightened and pushed, she could feel every muscle in her body clenching from the effort. She didn’t want to shit her pants, even if she was in a diaper so she tried to stop it. But her control was shot. Karen’s arms went straight out from her body as her hands clawed at the carpet underneath. Another push and she felt herself move. At the same time she felt the carpet under her stay still. Karen could feel the heat from her own chest warming the back of her head. “That’s…. Im… Impossible!” she thought. Then her body convulsed and she felt herself grow even smaller along with another burst of intense pleasure.

The girls watching only saw Karen twitching and moaning, besides her shallow breaths she wasn’t moving. Sweat dripped put of every pore and pooled in the carpet around her body. Mary pulled Karen’s diaper away and saw a brown smudge inside, a wicked smile came to her lips she grabbed the diaper and yanked, wedging it up, and tight against her ass. “This is it. After she shits her pants she’ll be gone forever.” A small bulge started to form and push out. “It’s as if everything about her, all her memories, all her intelligence, all her adulthood ends up in the back of her diaper.”

Karen was scared. Her body was acting on it’s own. She felt a push and then the feeling of shit pressing up against the inside of her diaper. But through the haze she could tell something wasn’t right. Her body felt like it was convulsing again and she swore she felt herself shrink again. She got hold of her self enough to focus her eyes.

Everything looked wrong. She saw mounds of flesh rising to either side of her face. And still felt the heat on the back of her head. Then her body pushed again. Her feet felt like they were being pushed against something, at the same instant she realized she was pooping again. As her body pushed her head felt like it was sliding down, she focused her eyes and realized she was looking at her own breasts.

Mary could see the look of terror in Karen’s eyes. She always wondered what it felt like. But as the bugle in her diaper grew bigger she decided being a bed wetter for a few months was far better than what was happening to Karen.

Karen felt the pleasure wave start to return. She braced for it as it washed over. The room suddenly seemed to balloon. And when it was over she could barely focus on the tiny hairs on her own belly. The heat from her body felt like it was burning her. It was almost to much. She could still feel the carpet she was laying on, and her hands clenching at it. But she could also feel the fine hairs on her stomach, and her hands slipping on her sweat soaked flesh.

The pleasure started to fade and Karen felt her body bear down again. This time she felt like she was racing down her body. Her feet were still pushing against something, but now her legs felt like they were folding and pushing against her feet. At the same moment Karen could tell she was still filling her diaper.

She expected her body to stop and breath, instead it kept pushing, and her slide continued. She couldn’t believe she could have so much inside her. She watched her belly button ring zip past. Then it stopped.

Karen knew she didn’t have long, she tried to take stock before the shrinking started. She was surprised that she could smell things now. A mix of sweat, shit, stale piss and something musky. She had time to see something white just in front of her when an intense wave of pleasure hit her. She felt herself shrink more, her belly became a vast plain to her, there was an instant of relaxed silence. Then her body took a breath and pushed.

Mary was always surprised at how much they would expel, the diaper was actually starting to pull away from Karen’s ass. She was very glad she didn’t have to change them.

Karen slid down fast. She could feel her body curving down, then suddenly the white thing went over her and she was in darkness. The musky smell overtook the others and she felt like something was pushing against her clit. Her body felt like it was folded at an impossible angle over her waist ,and her head felt like it was being squeezed down and flattened. Her head slipped farther down and off her body completely, it felt like it was laying on something soft. The smell of shit overpowered everything else now.

Karen could tell she was done pooping. She could feel her anus closing tight and pinching off what she had pushed out. As it did she felt something squeezing her head more, till suddenly all feeling from her body was lost and all she could feel was a strange heat enveloping her entire twisted body.

Mary patted the diaper. “That’s it. Karen has gone bye bye girlies. Take a look at her eyes.”

The six crawled and moved till they could look right into her eyes. They were shocked at the entire lack of intelligence they showed.

Mary smiled at Sam who was wiping herself off. Mary then looked back down at Karen, “See this? Watch. Karen! Karen! Look at me!” Karen didn’t do anything she continued to stare at the ceiling. “She doesn’t even know what or who she is now. And never will.”

Several of the girls gasped. It was horrible. But Sam just laughed. “I prefer a better test myself.” She squatted over Karen and let a stream of urine run down and onto her chest. Several girls gagged. But Karen barely seemed to notice. Sam looked at the girl that had asked the question earlier and pointed as she stood up. “You! I want you to clean her up. Change her diaper, and feed her a bottle.” She walked up to another girl and grabbed her arm. She pulled it down and used it to wipe herself off. “The rest of you help her get the baby bundled up and ready for her trip to the nursery! The elders will be here tomorrow, and they want her gone as soon as possible!”

Mary put her arms around Sam and gave her a deep kiss. They both laughed as they walked out of the room. But Mary stopped at the door and gave one last bit of advice. “And ladies? I just want you to know that for the last 22 years at least one of the new girls have ended up taking the same trip Karen did. I want you to think about that. I’d hate to break our streak this year….”

The girl chosen to change the diaper vomited in the diaper pail after Mary and Sam left. But after that there was no talking. She started to clean Karen. Wondering if the prize was worth it. The silence was broken by the sounds of her ripping off the tapes on the teen babies diaper.

Karen didn’t understand what was going on. She could only feel one of her body now. And it felt all bunched up. She couldn’t move, and all she could hear was loud plastic crinkling like a diaper. She felt something pushing on both sides of her body once in a while, but other than that nothing. All the pushing and pulses of pleasure had stopped, and now she was starting to feel cold.

She was starting to think she was crazy when she heard two muffled tearing sounds. The wet mass on her face was lifted away and she was suddenly back in light. As her eyes adjusted she felt terror like she had never felt before.

She could she a giant shit stained asshole, and above that the bottom of a vagina. All it’s hair had been shaved away. And she could clearly see the ring she had pierced into her labia. “What the fuck is going on!” she silently screamed.

Karen looked to her side and saw the while ridges of a diapers leg gatherers. She could see they were marred by shit. She closed her eyes and tried to will herself awake. When she looked again she was staring straight ahead and saw nothing but the warm pile she had pushed out.

She slipped into insanity as she watched a giant hand with a wipe come into view and start cleaning above her head. Suddenly the vagina and ass rolled up and she felt herself move. Something wet and soapy landed on her face, then several seconds later she felt another impact. She felt herself squeezed tighter, then the world went dark as the diaper was rolled over her.

As the last of her mind slipped Karen felt herself swinging back and forth through the air. Suddenly she felt like she was falling. Just before she hit the ground she permanently blacked out.

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

….Interesting, a little vulgar for my tastes but it was well written.

  1. When Sam pees on her…. That just comes out of left field and feels kinda forced.
  2. So did they throw her off of the roof or something? Or is the ending supposed to be a metaphor.
  3. I was expecting much worse with that kind of intro. I liked it… Does that make me a bad person? LoL

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

I followed the warning; the moment I saw the word ‘gravy’ I just shied away!

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

Nemo, I’m glad I saved at least ONE person from reading it that probably wouldn’t have liked it.

Though the warning is a bit over the top, I didn’t want to be blamed for not giving enough of a warning.

And you’re not a bad person if you liked it. You’re a bad person if you “loved” it…

Thanks for the posts!

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!


psst… hey Alex655321… about your question 2) … re-read the last several paragraphs. Should lend a new meaning to the phrase “shit for brains”.

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

man that story was twisted, i liked it. but man is it friggin dark

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

I’ve always been curious to know how you got to be so dark Long Rifle?


Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

Well screw you buddy. The ending is vary vague and cryptic so I think it’s a valid question.

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

It’s simple, really. That second drug that Sam gave to Karen literally dislodged her complete mentality and essence from her mind, and her body expelled it as solid waste, or poop. She literally pooped herself out, and the last few paragraphs were the last few things that Karen was able to comprehend and see before she was quite literally rolled up into a dirty diaper and thrown away, just like any other dirty diaper would be.

Her body wasn’t thrown away. Her body remained ‘alive’ in the sense that her body functioned as a normal body would, but without the mind and essence of Karen herself to drive it, it’s an empty shell, or as anyone from a different perspective in the story would see it, a woman in a permanent vegetative state, albeit active. Just not responsive. Because there is nothing there with the ability to respond.

Does that clear things up? If you read Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom you’d get the reference to the ‘pooping out her mind’ bit. Except Long_Rifle took it to a more extreme level.

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

Thank you Nighthawk for explaining it. I didn’t make that connection. Wow, that’s fucked up.

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

Alex, your reply makes me worried you think I was saying YOU had shit for brains… I was just trying to lead you to LongRifles’ meaning without explaining it all (as nighthawk kindly did).

So I reject your screw me :). I wasn’t bein’ mean, just so’s you know.

Now, back to praise for LongRifles’ work! Great, twisted stuff dude. I hope you don’t tell us what drives you to your evil penmanship; it would probably freak me out. Perhaps, you saw a man dressed in Telletubies footy pjs’ giving a lobotomy to a college girl some time; see, that sorta info we just DON’T need :).

Keep on writing!

Popular By: Long_Rifle And READ the warning!

Sadly my “evil” origins are much more normal then most assume.

Back when I got the “nets” I had no idea there were other’s that liked this kind of thing. And when I found the great, great grand-dad of this site there were dozens of stories that tickled my fancy.

But ONE writer above all really wrote what I liked. His name at the time was Tainted X, or just plain tainted, he changed it a few times. Now he goes by Tainted Sins.

Everyone else wrote stories where no matter what happened during it, or to the characters, everyone was happy by the end. And that bugged the crap out of me. Tainted didn’t give a damn about being “fair” when he wrote. And I LOVED that.

I decided to write along that vein.

When I first started I didn’t write such horrible endings. But it seemed every damn time I posted a story there were people that commented on how it wasn’t a nice ending, or it wasn’t “fair” what happened. Well, at first I pointed out they could read the OTHER NINETY NINE F’ING percent of the stories on the board if they wanted “fair”.

After that proved pointless I decided instead of debate, I would just wear my “evil” proudly. I take a perverse pleasure in knowing I am known for my “style”. I think that’s all a writer can ask for. When a person sees my posts they know they are in for a wild ride.

And I hope I can keep giving them.

Thanks again for the replies. And for reading!