Pool Day

The late days of summer were coming to a close, so Sabrina and I decided to get one last day at the water park in. It was great to see her again after a few weeks away. Holding hands and catching up as we walked, we were inseparable. Surrounded by shade trees, we stopped to lay out a blanket near some picnic tables overlooking the pool.

“Did we bring—”

“Lunch?” She patted her backpack.

“I forgot to pack it I think,” I added.

“Noo…” She whined, pulling the pack off to look inside. “I should have checked! Why didn’t you remind me?”

“Could always get something from the food court.”

“All those carbs—I’ll feel tired and gross.”

“Same. Maybe we’ll swim them off though.”

“That’s true.”

“So, Lazy river or—”

“Can we dive first?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Sabrina slid down her shorts and took off her shirt. Leaving our things in a pile on the blanket, we set off across the hot pavement towards the pool.
With water glistening on her tan skin, she got ready to jump in again. I watched from the water below as she dove. The waves rippled her figure beneath in a wondrous dance of color and light. She surfaced beside me, smiling.

“I’m getting tired, wanna head to the river?”

“Sure. Food first?”


We grabbed some fries and ate at a table in the sun with the heat of the concrete radiating up to us. I watched the sweltering mirage and distant people passing through it absentmindedly. The fries were too warm on such a hot day.

“You feeling okay?” I asked.

She pushed her fries away. “Hmm—” She yawned and closed her eyes. “Belly ache.”

“Would ice-cream help?”

She shook her head.

I held her close while swallowing my last bite. “Let’s just lounge in the shade for a while—it’ll pass.”

She looked up at me wearily, our bodies pressed together. I knew that look.

Standing up, I lifted her onto my hip and carried her back to our spot in the trees. It was far from the first time I picked her up and let her lay on my shoulder this way. It probably looked a bit odd to strangers, but this is what she wanted. I set her down on her feet once we got back to the shaded grass. Smiling weakly, Her gaze said it all. Walking barefoot through the cool turf as my arms recouped was relieving.

“Thanks,” she said quietly.

“How do you feel now?”

“A little better, but sleepy.”

“Don’t sleep here though…”

She gave me a playful push. “I know.”

We laid down and I gazed up at the branched swaying of leaves. Resting my hand on her belly, she rested hers over mine. Contented, I watched fragments of clouds pass between the glittering green of leaves on the move. Her belly raised my hand up and down slowly and it seemed like time stopped for a while.

“You wanna head home early?”

No response. I looked over—she was fast asleep! Though her hair was drying out, she was in danger of getting soaked again… How careless she was—maybe other girls could doze off in the shade in their bikinis, but not Sabrina. I sat up and saw a noticeable wet patch had already formed—as I gazed a glimmering trickle waterfalled down towards her butt and onto the towel below us.

“Hey—Sabrina?” I gently shook her awake.

“Huh?” She came to her senses gradually.

“Wanna head home? You were asleep.”

“Yeah—” She yawned.

I felt a yawn coming on but suppressed it. “You’re making me tired.”

She stood up and put her hair back while I wrapped up the towel quickly. I didn’t want to bring her down by telling her she had an accident. Everyone here was wet anyway, who would know? Soon I was carrying her again—we made our way to the stalls to get changed.

I helped her out of her bikini and grabbed something from my bag.

“I brought this.” I said, holding up one of her diapers. “Let’s get this on you so you can sleep on the way home.”

She nodded and I began to fasten her brief on where she stood. She leaned into me sleepily. “Thanks for looking out for me.”

I slid her shorts over the diaper, which covered it well enough. Soon we were on our way back to the exit. I could tell she’d fallen asleep again as I carried her.

When we got to our apartment, I boarded the elevator and was greeted by silence. She took a deep breath and sighed; not long after I heard a faint trickling sound. Just Sabrina being leaky. I held her bottom as she rested into me and made a mental note to always bring a diaper for her when going out—just in case. I opened our door quietly and set her down in bed gently. I didn’t want to wake her when she looked so peaceful. Slowly, I slid down her shorts, revealing her squishy wet protection. The fabric around her crotch was stained now, but it looked like she could leak a few more pees into it. It was a good thing we decided against pull-ups months back. She’d be safe and warm in bed for hours without needing a change this way.

As I tucked her in she stretched and sighed. With the warm comfort of her blankets surrounding her now, I was sure she was letting whatever remained inside leak out. How could she resist?

I laid down next to her. Getting out a book, I read quietly. I was distracted by the thought of the warm wetness she was sleeping in. With each passing hour, she would continue filling her diaper with total abandon—there was something oddly arousing about it. I turned to look at her tangled hair and sprawled state. She was the cutest thing. I was lucky to be able to care for her and have her in my life. She was perfect, lying there just as she was.

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