Polly Training 1-10

author notes: some of the chapters are a little short, their is an awful lot of duolouge with no description in places and it takes a long time to get to anything abdl other than that any critisism is welcome, including any spelling and gramma mistakes i’ve made in the story (not my notes) and i’ve based it loosly on an english school and i’ve used alot of phrases that i think are local to me (i might be wrong) so if there are terms that you don’t understand (or where i’ve messed up like using one word most of the time then accidentally using another [eg. daiper most of the time and nappy once or twice]) please tell me and i’ll do my best to change it or tell you what it means as soon as i can
i plan on writing more to this story but i think it would fit to end where it is… since i’m a bit of a flake when it come’s to stories i needed to do this because i would end up never writing any more and it’d only ever get half done
to move me allong … i’m also thinking about writing the story so that at the end of each chapter readers can make a choise (by poll) on an event that will effect the story in some way i’d like to know what your ideas are on this because if i did it it would make for alsorts of fun … also how many options do you think i should include if i did that, 2 or as many as i could think of or somewhere in between
ok that’s all my random woffle done so now here’s why your really here my first story posted on the foum:

Polly Training

Chapter one

“Polly, wake up, time for school,” Shouted her mum up the stairs, “Polly!”

Polly rolled over and replied, “I don’t want to go to school!”

“Now Polly!!” called her mum one last time.

“Ok,” she got out of bed and got ready for school, Polly was 9 years (year 5) old, had beautiful, long blonde hair which she tied back with two pink ribbons and large deep brown eyes behind small rectangular glasses. She finally brushed her hair and went downstairs for breakfast.

Her mum gave her a bowl of cereal so Polly demanded toast with peanut butter which she then didn’t finish before being told to get in the car to go to school and being nearly 10 refused to sit on the booster seat that was in the back and the argument which meant she was running late for school. At school Polly jumped out of the car and slammed the door, and ran into her school, stopping just out of sight to hide her glasses in a case in her bag.

Chapter two

When she finally arrived at her classroom she just burst straight through the door with her teachers name, Miss Lance, on it into the room not knocking or caring about disturbing and made as much fuss getting sorted in her seat as she dared. When she was settled the teacher came over and sorted her with the maths work everyone else was doing in silence so she started did two questions gave up because it was “too difficult” and started humming to herself so the teacher, Miss. Lance, an average height red head in her late 20’s, told her to go and wait outside the classroom so Polly went out and sat on a bench in the communal area outside her class room.

Finally the head teacher walked by, Mr. Ball was a tall man with a very commanding jaw line and greying hair and sat next to Polly, “third time in two days Polly do I need to talk to your mum again this week I thought you said you were going to behave this week.”

“I know sir, but…”

“Polly you know my policy on butt’s you sit on them not talk about them,” Polly didn’t dare to even giggle although she knew he was talking, “So why are you out here then?” Polly remained silent, still suppressing the giggle, “if I have to ask Miss. Lance your punishment will be much worse.”

Polly gulped and slowly spoke up, “I was late for school missed the starting talk so I didn’t know what to do and we were working in silence so I couldn’t asked my friend and I accidentally started humming so my friend whispered stop humming then miss told me to leave even after I told her I didn’t know what I was doing” by the end she was going almost to fast to understand.

“Ok, now breath I’ll go and talk to Miss. Lance,” he went into the classroom and talked to the Miss Lance and came out again went into another room to talk to another teacher then came back out, all he said was “come” as he walked past her back to his office. Outside his office he opened the door and allowed Polly in first and told her to sit as he reached for a folder in a cupboard most of those in there were flimsy plastic wallets without allot of entries in them but Polly’s was a small ring file packed almost to burst “do you have anything else to tell me Polly?”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir, I didn’t tell you that I made a load of fuss when I went into the room and that we were just continuing from yesterday.”

“Your mum told me yesterday that she’d picked up you glasses over the weekend to help you read, where are they?”

“In my bag I didn’t want to wear them they make me look like a geek.”

“You can see me can’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then you only need to wear them to read not all the time.”

“But it’s such a pain.”

“Ok, I’m going to talk to your teacher and if you put a toe out of line or don’t use your glasses during any lesson for the rest of the day, I’ll find out and then I’ll phone your mum.”

“Ok, Mr Ball, sir.”

“Now it’s nearly break so you are going to sit outside my room till break time and then go and stand by the wall.”

Chapter 3

Mr Ball wasn’t wrong less than 5 minutes past and break started Polly went outside and stood by the wall. The wall was a small stretch of the outside wall of the school which any of the kids who were naughty at break had to stand by, half way through break the on duty teacher came over and told Polly she didn’t need to be by the wall and that she could go Polly didn’t argue and went off to play with her friends, Cassie and Yasmin. At the end of break everyone went to English. Polly as promised dug her glasses out of her bag; Miss Lance noticed them and asked the rhetorical question “is that why you were struggling then?” Polly just nodded while Cassie sitting next to her giggled, “I never thought I’d see the day you’d be caught in glasses,” she remarked, “you look like a geek and I thought you were stupid.” Polly gave a shy smile to her before giggling too.

“Class, today we are going to learn how to use A-POS-TRO-PHES correctly” she wrote apostrophe on the whiteboard as she said it “dose anyone know what an apostrophe is? … Anyone? … Chris? … Emma? … Polly? … No? … An apostrophe is used in words like WE’RE which is shortened from WE ARE can anyone tell me any other words on the board with apostrophes in them?” some one said, “I’m,”, “yes, good,” Miss. Lance replied, “and it’s,” Cassie spoke up, “yes, very good, and its’ of cause” writing them down as she went after another minute or so she finally stopped and asked “Ok, can any one tell me the difference between it’s and its’ and the rest of those on the board? … Nope ok it’s and its’ aren’t shortened from it is but actually come from belonging to it, because it’s is still a shortened version it needs the apostrophe and its’ is belonging to a group of it. You can also do it with almost any noun: Ian’s, scouts’, students’, ella’s …” she wrote them on the board as she spoke. The lesson continued and, eventually, miss stopped droning on and the class were asked to write 10 sentences of their own including words with apostrophes Polly jotted down a few and copied the rest off Cassie and before long it was the bell rang again so she put her glasses away and headed for lunch.

Chapter four

In the lunch hall she pushed her way to the front of the queue as usual so that she could get chips and had the best choice of puddings which didn’t go unnoticed. Part way through lunch after Polly had eaten her chips and pudding and left the rest someone started a food fight and Polly ended up throwing food at a teacher and very quickly she found herself outside Mr. Ball’s office staining to hear what he was saying to her mum on the phone.

“… late … maths … copying … food fight … ok,” Mr ball came out of his office, “come in,” she entered, “we have a problem don’t we,” she nodded, “now you’re not behaving in the class your in so I think we should move you to somewhere more suited to your behaviour don’t you,” she nodded, “so your mum has agreed that until you learn to behave you can move into a lower year group.”

“Ok sir, which year group?”

“Nursery,” he said rather plainly.

She sobbed “no please, please, no not that low please” she cried.

“Well that just proves that nersey is where you’re supposed to be, you’ve already agreed and when you’ve calmed down and realised that I’ll take you to your new class to meet your new class mates,” Polly just sobbed for the next 25 minutes and had just calmed down when her mum arrived at reception with two bags of stuff, so Mr Ball had no chance to show Polly to her classroom before the receptionist allowed her mum through to the heads office.

“Mr. Ball, hello nice to see you again sorry it’s on such unfortunate circumstances I had to get a few things from the shops before coming here.”

“That’s ok, you are aware that the uniform policy was lifted for nursery and reception, aren’t you?”

“Yes I brought Polly a change of clothes before she goes down there to day, talking of changes I know that there are certain things children must have grown out of by the age of 5 to continue to attend this school can we make an exception in this case?”

Understanding her exactly he responded “I’m sure provisions can be made but unfortunately not until the end of the week.”

“Perfectly reasonable Mr. Ball, I will see you again on Friday for a more in depth discussion” Polly was very confused she wasn’t to sure about what they were talking about and had finally whipped all her tears dry, “come on Polly you need to be changed into something a little more suitable for class” her mum took her by the hand.

Chapter five

In the school’s guest toilettes Polly’s mum started to strip her naked, “Mum,” she whined “I can do it my self” reaching to take off her skirt her mum slapped her hands away.

“If you are going to be in nursery I’m going to treat you, Polly, like you were really at nursery.”

“Awww, mum, I really can do it myself, I’m not really in nursery. I’m nearly 10.”

“No arguing, full stop, end of story.” She finally had her completely naked and reached into one of the bags and pulled out a pair of Barbie Pink panties and slid them up around her, which Polly pulled her face at, she hadn’t much liked Barbie since she was 7, so her mum loving the reaction reached back in the bag and pulled out two outfits “you can either wear this Barbie ballerina outfit that matches your panties or this pink onesie for which you’ll need help to go to the loo?”

“Barbie, please” she said thinking to herself "it’s going to be bad enough without having to ask to be helped to go to the loo or have the possibility of not getting out of it fast enough and wetting my self

“I thought so, arms up,” Polly did as she was told

Chapter six

About 15 minutes after lunch ended she was meeting all the 4 and 5 year olds she’d be spending at least the next week with the girls all wore dresses or pink t-shirt and trousers and the boys were in dungarees with various t-shirts undernieth. The girls had decided Polly was cool because she was big and liked Barbie and the boys ignored her just like they ignored the other girls, when her mum had finished talking to the nursery teacher about why she was there and what might be expected and made sure that Polly had settled in before kissing her and saying see you later.

Polly wandered about finding out what was where things were since she hadn’t been there for 5 years and allot had changed except the loos hadn’t moved but they did seem much smaller now. At 2 it was nap time everyone was given a bottle of milk and all those not in nappies, except Polly, were put into pull ups in case of accidents, and they all found somewhere to sleep and drank their bottles to help them doze off. Polly tried to protest, “miss I’m 9 I don’t drink from a bottle and I don’t have nap time in fact I’m not sure that I even had a bottle when I was 4.”

“your mum said to treat you as far as possible like everyone else and that you might not do as you are told and I was told that I could lock you out of the toilettes as a punishment for disobedience or if you’d prefer I could take you to get your work of Miss. Lance!” said the nursey teacher pausing for effect and seeing Polly’s face turn white, “this is just a warning find somewhere to lie down drink the bottle and go to sleep … or do I have to make good on my threat?”

“No miss, its ok miss, I’ll do as you ask.”

“… and call me Mrs. Homes if you want to be treated like a 9 year old by me, you’ll need to prove to me you are a 9 year old not the baby I’ve heard about, ok Polly?”

“Yes Mrs. Homes” Polly went and lay under a radiator and drank down the bottle she didn’t know whether Mrs. Homes would carry out on her threat but she didn’t want to take the risk.

Chapter seven

Polly woke up way after everyone else desperate for a pee so she ran to the loo and only just made it in time and when she’d finished it was story time Mrs. Homes read Cinderella to them and by the time she’d finished it was home time, Polly’s mum was chatting to the other mums, standing with an over sized baby buggy, one by one the other mums left with their child Polly’s mum chatting to each arranging several play dates before she came in and chatted to Mrs. Homes and finally getting to Polly.

“Polly you want to get in the buggy or would you prefers the reigns?” she asked Polly, she didn’t even answer she just climbed into the buggy because it was easier to hide in, “good Polly, want a biscuit?” just nodding, “here you go,” she gave Polly a ginger bread man and did up the restraints and pushed her to the car, “so you going to climb into the car seat for me?”

“Ok, mum” she tried to undo the restraints, locked tight, so her mum reached down with a key and let her out, “oh, right, I’ll take it the car seat is locked too,” her mum just smiled and nodded as she folded the buggy away and put it in the boot of the car as Polly climbed into the car seat she knew she had no choice and she buckled up so her mum drove them both home, “mum where did all this stuff come from anyway?”

“Your cousin Helen’s friend’s mum, Katie’s mum had the idea and prepared for it when Katie was your age, she used it once or twice before katie grew out of it, kept in mint condition and saved all the bits just in case someone else wanted to use the idea about a week ago I asked her about it and she said I could have it if needed and you gave me the perfect opportunity to start although I had to shop for the clothes and a few other things but you’ll find about that later.”

Chapter eight

At home Polly’s mum contemplated whether or not to diaper Polly, “if I do then she might have an accident at school and I don’t really want that, yet, but if I don’t when I do she’ll be a more of a pain than now because she seems to be behaving maybe I give her the choice again,” she thought to herself.

Mean while Polly was wondering what would come next, “just as long as I don’t have to humiliate myself I’d hate to have an accident and my mates don’t find out” Polly’s mum came in with a bottle of juice and asked Polly to sit on the sofa with her.

“Polly while you drink I’m going to tell you a few things, on Monday things will change at school now you can either get used to the change now or it’ll come as a shock on Monday the choice is up to you it doesn’t bother me but your decision might change the total length of the punishment. Wow you did finish that bottle quick, good girl.”

“I want to try it now mum” she said thinking “I hope this is the way to get brownie points to shorten my punishment.”

“Ok I’ll get the supplies and I’ll be right back” she went out to the car and brought in one of the bags and grabbed a scarf from the coat rack in the hallway, “sit on the floor,” Polly sat down instantly so her mum blindfolded her and asked, “are you sure?” Polly nodded, “can you see?” she shook her head, “good, lie back” her mum put a dummy in her mouth, took off her shoes, lifted her dress and slid off her panties, before long Polly had worked out what was happening and reached out to her mum, “there, there only a few more seconds … lift … good girl a-n-d done, now you do realise that the potty is now off limits except at school don’t you Polly?”

“Uh-huh, I understand mummy,” she managed to whisper past the dummy, thinking, “maybe I should have waited till Monday, but it would have been embarrassing wetting or pooping for the first time in front of that bunch of 4 year olds come to think about it I don’t want to poop full stop that’d be dirty,” finally she asked, “will I have to poop too?”

“Only if you can’t find me, I’m going to tell everyone else only I am allowed to take off a clean daiper and I’ll find out if you try it your self” she smiled at Polly, Polly smiled a nervous smile back, “oh-ooh, I don’t want to, yuk and what if she decides no, arghhh!”

“Don’t be worried baby, Katie learned to like it why do you think she had a second session and not a third, she never stopped, she out grew all the stuff but never stopped, now as for babysitters, since you’ll be needing one, I hear 2 girls who go by the names Cassie and Yasmin are very responsible.”

“No mummy, please no, anyone but them please” she cried, spitting out the dummy.

“But they’re already coming over for tonight, not to babysit you but to find out why you weren’t in last lesson,” Polly cried even more, “baby come here it’ll be ok I could tell them your ill but I’d prefer for you to really get into character and FYI its nearly bed time so you might be in bed before they arrive.” Polly sniffed her last tear.

Chapter nine

In the bathroom, but instead of doing the usual her mum took off her Barbie outfit, then brushed her teeth and helped her to wash her hands and face before taking her into the spare bedroom which had had some conversion and now looked like a baby’s nursery her mum got out the pink onesie and locked it shut before popping her in a sleeper and then in the crib, she couldn’t sleep, it was claustrophobic and she was hungry she had a feeling it wasn’t going to work when she looked over at the clock she saw it was 5pm – only two hours after school, it wasn’t bed time at all … it was nap time and her mum had tricked her.

She didn’t sleep and when her friends turned up her mum told them nap time was over they could go and wake her up, they were confused by this but accepted it, Polly heard them try her bedroom “She’s not here,” shouted Cassie down the stairs.

“In the spare room,” her mum replied, the two of them crept in and tried to sneak right up to the crib before flicking the reading lamp on Polly heard them get close the only light was the digital clock and when they were almost close enough to touch her she opened her eye’s and SCREAMED the girls SHRIEKED and wet themselves Polly’s mum bounded up the stairs and turned the light on in the room.

“Girls, girls, girls, why did you sneak up on a sleeping baby? And look you’ve both had accidents, tut, tut, tut. You know what I have plenty of spare stuff at the moment but I got rid of all Polly’s old clothes and you can’t go any where like that so would you like plain baby pink or the other option?”

“what’s the other option” they chorused.

“Find out when you chose it, with the first option you know your staying until 8:30 you’ve got no big girl clothes and that you will wear nothing but daipers, oh and I’m not going to let you just waste them.”

They whispered to each other, “option two please” they asked together.

“Stay here” she picked up what looked like a toy phone from a holder on the top shelf of a cabinet full of various daipers then left the room locking it from the outside “girls careful what you say I can hear everything and you don’t want to make anything worse” she went down the hall back to the bathroom and run a warm shallow bath, she could hear them whispering over the baby monitor she went downstairs and phoned Cassie’s and Yasmin’s mums when they arrived she told them thier mums exactly what option two was and left them with the baby monitor from the nursery and a second from the bathroom so they could hear everything “Yasmin, you first for a bath Cassie since there’s just enough room in the crib for both of you, you can sit in there with Polly,” she lifted her into the crib and took a disposable nappy from the cabinet and walked her to the bathroom, “get undressed Yasmin, now,” she didn’t “do you need my help?”

“No, I can do it myself” she got undressed and was lifted into the bath, Polly’s mum started washing Yasmin.

“I can do it myself you crazy…” Polly’s mum shook her head as Yasmin and put a finger on her mouth.

“You don’t want to finish that sentence Yasmin”

“When I tell my mum you’ll be in so much trouble”

“Ok, when I’ve finished you can talk to her see what she says,” she continues to wash her clean when she was clean Polly’s mum lifted her onto the toilette “now go potty before I put you in that daiper … done?” Yasmin nodded, “good,” she towelled off Yasmin covered her in talc and secured the daiper, “all done, back to the nursery while I do Cassie.”

Cassie was pretty much the same just slightly faster to nearly swear, back in the nursery Polly was taken out of the onesie before they were sent to the living room.

Chapter ten

Downstairs the three of them shrieked when they saw Cassie and Yasmins’ mums, “yes they heard all of what went on upstairs, didn’t I tell you their language was inappropriate for 9 year olds and that’s without what they get up to at school, anyway I believe it’s tea time don’t you?” Polly’s mum informed them once they’d all stoped shrieking.

The mums chorused, “Yes, I agree,” and so did the kids but they were less enthusiastic.

“I think because that was appalling they only deserve Rusks and a bottle,” the other mums nodded as Polly’s mum went and fetched 3 bottles and 3 bowls of Rusks and gave them to the mums, and they each called their daughter to be fed Polly came instantly knowing that she had it worse than the other two at the moment and saw no reason to make it even more worse Cassie followed her example and eventually so did Yasmin, Polly didn’t like the Rusks or the milk but at least it wasn’t totally embarrassing because her friends were in the same situation. Finally came the words “Bedtime Polly,” just as she and the others were dozing off, “just added a little camomile and see what happens, it looks like you’ll have to get your babies to bed too see you again Thursday, ok?”

“Ok,” they replied as they left for home, Polly’s mum found her daughter wet when she was putting the onesie on Polly so she changed her, and placed her into the crib, “night, night, polly baby”